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Default AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

This isn't a continuation of my other story seen here:
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

But it is in the same universe and I'm planning on making more so I thought I would just make a new thread and post them all here. They're all gonna be single stories like this one and I'll update sporadically, but I hope you enjoy!

Joe Smith had always dreamed about being a hero. At an early age, he was rescued by the world renowned King Super from a villain, and ever since he’d looked up to them. Growing up through middle school he always kept track of his favorite heroes, including King Super, getting all sorts of action figures and watching all of their fights. In high school Joe was teased for his obsession with heroes, but he didn’t care. He kept his grades up, he worked out, and kept learning as much about heroes and villains as he could. As soon as he graduated, Joe was determined to become a hero.

Finally, the big day arrived. After graduating high school Joe moved out of his parents, knowing that if he stayed with them he’d only get them in danger. This whole time he had been keeping a secret from them – he had an incredible healing ability. He couldn’t use it on anyone else, but Joe found that he could sustain serious injuries and still heal himself. He had practiced throughout high school to discover his limits, even using it to lengthen the time he could work out, and how intense he could make himself work.

Joe knew he wasn’t unbeatable, his strength was only as strong as the strongest of regular men, but with his determination and ability to self heal he wanted to stop as many villains as he could. He decided to take the name Super Prince, after his number one hero, King Super.

Tonight was the first night of Super Prince’s heroism. He made himself a costume, similar to that of King Super’s – it was all black, black pants, a black long sleeved shirt, black combat boots, and a black mask. The mask and the low quality were the differences between Joe’s and King Super’s costume, but one could definitely tell what it was inspired by.

Joe had been gifted a motorcycle for graduating high school by his parents, and he rode it around the city looking for trouble. It didn’t take long before he heard the ringing alarm of a break-in and he floored it over, running cautiously into the building. Joe’s heart was pounding, he seemed to be the first one there.

“Hello!? Is anybody in here!?” he shouted out into the silent building.

Suddenly from behind him, the gates that sealed the bank shut down, locking him in. He began walking around the bank, looking to see evidence of a break in. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find anything. The thief must’ve gotten scared off, he thought to himself, before turning around deciding to find a way to open the gate.

“Well hello there, hero,” a sultry voice said right behind him.

He immediately turned around to see a fist flying his way and he leapt back, barely dodging the blow. He looked up to see a villainess standing in front of him, one that he didn’t recognize. She looked middle aged but shockingly pretty, with brown hair. She was wearing a shiny black leotard covering her torso but leaving her arms, legs, feet and head uncovered.

“Who’re you?” Joe asked her.

She smiled and laughed, “I go by Ms. Malicious. Nice to meet you, hero!”

Joe looked her up and down, but he lacked the experience to read anything off her. He reached around to his back and cursed, realizing he left his bag with his motorcycle, which held some weapons and tools for his heroism. He was gonna have to beat her on his own merit.

“Well, hero? Aren’t you gonna let me know your name?”

Oh, right, Joe thought to himself, “I’m Super Prince! I’m gonna take you in, villain!” Joe was nervous and tried to seem confident, not wanting her to know he had absolutely never done something like this before.

“Oh, Prince, eh?” she laughed, “You don’t look royal to me!”

Joe got mad at that as lame of an insult as it might be and charged her. She stood there smirking as he ran at her, crouching and throwing a kick at her legs. She smirked and jumped over his leg before launching her own kick to his stomach. She hit him hard and he fell back a bit, coughing, before bringing himself back to full health and rushing her again. He launched punch after punch but none of them connected, she was just a little too fast each time. She smirked as she dodged before finally launching one quick punch of her own, an uppercut to Joe’s chin, sending him flying back and slamming into a wall.

The wind was knocked out of him as he sank to the floor, and he took a second to recover, healing himself once more. Shit, he thought to himself… Am I too slow? Why can’t I hit her?

“No, hero, you’re not too slow. Well, maybe a little slow in the head for thinking you can beat me, but physically you’re pretty fast.”

Joe blinked. Was he thinking out loud?

Ms. Malicious laughed, “No, you idiot. God you really are slow… I can read minds, hero. I know everything you’re doing before even do it. And, now I know about your little healing ability! Isn’t that fun, hero?” she tilted her head at him, smirking.

Joe stood up, slowly. Shit, he thought to himself again… How am I gonna beat her? They began circling each other as Joe kept thinking of a way to win. He decided his best bet was to try and clear his mind… Until he got a kick to the chin, stunning him.

“You really are dumb… you’ve gotta watch what I’m doing, too ya know. Otherwise, well, that happens!” she laughed again.

Joe got angry again and decided to leave all thinking behind, relying purely on instinct. He began launching punches, kicks, and tried to grab Ms. Malicious as she effortlessly dodged everything he did. As Ms. Malicious twirled to dodge a punch, she smirked and jumped up while her back faced Joe and launched her ass at his face. Joe, not expecting the move, didn’t have enough time to dodge as her ass rammed into him, sending him flying back into a wall where he slowly slumped and fell to the floor.

Ms. Malicious giggled, “How did you like that, hero? I call that my signature Butt Bounce attack! Nobody expects my big ol’ booty flying at their face, I can tell you that much!”

Joe groaned in pain, peeling himself off the floor and healing himself again. He stood up once more, raising his fists. Ms. Malicious for the first time of the night frowned.

“Hey hero, how many times can you heal yourself? Is this gonna take a while?”

Joe tried to stop himself from thinking about it, but his brain failed to do so as he figured he had about 90% of his healing left in the tank.

“Wow, that’s quite a bit…” Ms. Malicious began tapping her foot and rubbing her chin. “Oh well, guess it can’t be helped. You should get ready to heal yourself a lot, hero. I’m letting you know now so I don’t kill you on accident.”

What? Joe thought. What did she mean by that? Ms. Malicious smirked, hearing his thoughts. He had no idea what was coming as she rushed at him and began to throw punches at him. He barely dodged each one as she smirked at him and launched a knee into his stomach, causing him to fall to his knees. He looked up at her, clutching his stomach, and she gently grasped his chin.
“Ready, hero?” She looked him in the eyes and as he looked back he suddenly felt thousands of volts of electricity running through his body. His whole body shook tremendously as she kept ahold of his chin and laughed.

“I never said reading minds was my only power, hero! Why do you think my outfit is so skimpy? I need touch in order to shock!”

Joe couldn’t respond as his body kept involuntarily shaking, and realized if he didn’t start healing she really would kill him. He felt his reserves begin to drop, from 90% to 80%, 70%... all the way down to 10% and lower. He was keeping track of his healing in his mind hoping she would stop at zero, and thankfully, she stopped just shy before letting go of him, causing him to fall backwards.

She left him with a little healing power left and he used the rest, allowing him to slowly get to his feet, albeit a little wobbly. He definitely wasn’t at full strength, but at least he wasn’t dead.

“Much better!” Ms. Malicious exclaimed. “Now we can finish this, okay hero?”

Joe put his hands up, still wobbly, as Ms. Malicious laughed and slowly approached him. Joe threw out a few weak punches, but he was already done for. She easily dodged his attacks and started slapping him, and it only took a few slaps for him to sink to his knees once more, only now he lacked the ability to get back up. He looked up at her and she smiled once more before pushing him over with her foot.

As he lay on the ground she waltzed over and dropped on top of him, her ass sending the air from his lungs. He couldn’t even raise his arms to defend himself as she sat on top of him, looking down at him, smiling.

“So hero… that was fun, eh?” she asked, tilting her head as she looked at him.

He groaned and went to respond but didn’t have the strength, not that he needed to.

“No? You didn’t have fun? Oh well, too bad, being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,” she said as she began cackling. “Anyways, let’s take that mask off now, shall we?”

Joe’s eyes widened in horror as she reached for his mask and he couldn’t resist. She peeled it off his face and as he looked at her she could see how scared he was, and she started laughing again.

“Wow, you’re young! I could be your mom! Young heroes like you aren’t supposed to be getting beat up by old folks like me, you know.”

At the mention of mom, Joe, scared as he was, began to fear for his parents. Was this the end for him? No way…

Ms. Malicious smiled again, “Aww, sweetie… Of course I’m gonna let you live! Why would I kill a handsome fellow like you? Plus, as I’m sure you know, if I kill you that means another hero can kill me, and I definitely don’t want to die either… No, I’m not here to kill anyone, hero.”

Joe began to calm down, although he was still nervous, not knowing what she wanted from him.

“You see hero, I knew you were a rookie before I even set the alarm off. I was roaming the streets too, for the opposite reason you were. I’m a villainess hired to crush newbies like you before you start to become a problem for everyone else! Tonight’s your last night of heroism, kiddo.”

Huh? Didn’t she say she wasn’t gonna kill him? Joe started to get scared again.

“Man you really are slow, it’s a good thing I’m the one you ran into… Hero, what’s your name?”

“Joe,” he responded.

“Oh good you can still talk. I meant your full name, hero.”

He tried to stop himself from thinking about it, but once again he couldn’t.

“Joe Smith, huh? Where do you live?”

As Joe tried to not think of his parent’s house, it brought it to the front of his mind, and Ms. Malicious smirked. All of his private info that he tried desperately to stop thinking about flooded forward.

“Well, that was easy. You know why I asked you that, right?”

Even Joe was beginning to understand her plan.

“That’s right! If I catch wind of you doing anything as a hero, your parents, friends, everybody you just tried to stop yourself from thinking about will be in danger. They’ll be kidnapped, tortured, and killed, mmkay?”

She looked at him and he realized she was expecting a response. He wanted to fight back, or to think of a plan to stop her, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

“I understand, Ms. Malicious… I won’t be a hero anymore.” Joe wanted to cry as he said it, knowing his years of dreaming were over.

Ms. Malicious smiled as she read his thoughts, “Ooh you were pretty excited for this whole hero thing huh? Too bad! At least you’re not dead hero, this could’ve been way worse for you! Anyways, if you understand, we’re done here. Nighty night, hero!”

Joe looked up in surprise as Ms. Malicious covered his face with her feet and giggled. He couldn’t raise his arms or get his face out from under them and slowly he passed out under her feet. She giggled as she felt him pass out under her before leaning over to his face and giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Good night, hero, sweet dreams!” she whispered quietly, taking a quick picture of him before leaving.

Once outside she sent the picture to her boss as well as his information. As she walked away into the night she smiled thinking of Joe’s fate. I really do love my job, she thought to herself, listening to the thoughts of others, looking for another hero to crush.
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Thumbs up Re: AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

love ur prior story and this one just may have made me your biggest fan. Glad you decieded to start a path where you will post the continuation of the heros vs villians battles,looking forward to reading about new characters I'm sure you'll be introducing us too...
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Default Re: AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

Any update? I love how you write and describe every installment! And also love the fantasy that you put on villains' superpowers so that they can serve as a tool to dominate their opponents.
Looking forward to this!
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Default Re: AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

Originally Posted by makenneso [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Any update? I love how you write and describe every installment! And also love the fantasy that you put on villains' superpowers so that they can serve as a tool to dominate their opponents.
Looking forward to this!

Glad you're enjoying! I've been pretty busy with work and I write for work so haven't been feeling like writing for fun much lately but I'll probably have another chapter for this in the next week or so
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Default Re: AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

Dr. Light was no rookie to the scene. He’d been around for quite a while even, getting up there in years, which he was often teased for. His friends and co-heros often joked about his gray hairs, asking him when he would retire, which he tried to brush off. He knew they were joking, but on the inside he had slowly begun to realize his age really was impacting his hero work, he could feel himself getting weaker every year.

Unfortunately for him, the same was not true of his rival, Pandora. Dr. Light and Pandora had been fighting for longer than many of today’s heroes had been alive, leading to a rivalry more famous than either of its members. Unlike Dr. Light, who had basic light manipulation powers, Pandora had no powers at all. Instead she was a brilliant scientist, whose works got better every year. While Dr. Light got weaker every year, Pandora made herself stronger every year despite her age, and what was once a one-sided rivalry had become even, and now it was becoming even worse for Dr. Light.

Dr. Light crept into the now abandoned hospital, slowly creeping around every corner. He had been tipped off by a local who had reportedly seen Pandora in the area. Dr. Light taking no chances followed up immediately and was now slowly searching through the massive building. Upon arriving, he found the abandoned building’s power on, which he assumed meant Pandora was definitely here, and definitely planning something.

On his way through the hospital, he found things to be surprisingly quiet. He heard the low humming sound of machines and lights, but couldn’t hear any walking, talking, or anything. Pandora had managed to acquire more than a few followers over the years, so he was surprised he couldn’t find any security. To him, that likely meant one of a few things: Pandora had a plan she didn’t want her followers on, Pandora was confident that nobody would find her and didn’t need security, or in the worst case scenario, this was a trap. He made sure to be extra cautious, just in case, as he made his way into a room to look around.

“Hello, Dr. Light!” he heard a bright and cheery voice from behind him. He turned rapidly and saw not just one person, but three, standing at the doorway he just walked in from. He recognized them as three of Pandora’s followers, Persephone, Mara, and Nyx. He had actually never interacted with them in person before, but ke kept constant tabs on Pandora’s activity and knew the three were fairly new followers.

Not one to be rude, he responded, “Hello girls, where’s your boss?”

They giggled, and Persephone responded, “She’s not here right now, but we’ll take a message!”

“Ah, unfortunately I’ll need to see her face to face, you understand I’m sure,” he said as he brought his fists up, ready for them to strike.

“No problem! I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you once she’s back! We’ll just have to make sure you’re not a problem for her, we don’t want you bothering the boss!” Persephone responded again, as the three also got ready for combat.

Dr. Light looked at the three of them, he wasn’t entirely sure what their powers were. All three were clearly pretty young, probably in their early twenties. Persephone was tall with long black hair and had a loose blue dress on. Mara was almost as tall wearing a brown long ponytail, combat boots, a tight top and short shorts. Nyx was the shortest with blonde hair, wearing a simple green spandex suit. None of their appearances clued him in on their powers, so he decided to take the offensive approach.

The three began to approach him slowly, closing the door behind them, and Dr. Light took the opportunity to strike. Using his light manipulation he turned off the light in the room and reflected away the light from the windows, making it nearly pitch black in the room.

“Ooh, Pandora told us about this! How fancy!” Nyx responded, with a sultry voice.

Dr. Light was able to see in the dark, and he watched with a bit of surprise as they continued approaching him.

“Thankfully our boss is smart enough to know you’d come eventually, and helped us out by enhancing our bodies. Not everybody is born with superpowers, you know? But now we can see in the dark, just like you!” Nyx said, as the three continued giggling.

Dr. Light backed up as they slowly walked up to him, smirking. They were clearly confident in their ability to beat him, so he decided to take no chances. He focused light into his hand, taking aim, and sent it as a beam attack flying toward Persephone, who he suspected would be the strongest.

Persephone smirked as Dr. Light aimed his hand at her, and as he shot the beam Mara jumped into the way and Dr. Light watched in shock as she put her hands up, catching the beam and absorbing it.

“Not all of us were born with powers, but I was!” she laughed, “I can absorb any sort of energy attack sent my way! All you did was make me stronger!”

The three laughed as they began to run at Dr. Light, and he realized he had no choice but to fight them with his fists. Mara was the first to reach him, diving at him with a punch, which he barely dodged, launching a knee into her stomach. She flew back as Persephone and Nyx attacked, both launching a kick from each side of Dr. Light. He hesitated for a split second dodging and they managed to both kick him at the same time, closing their kicks in on him like a pair of scissors as they sent the air flying out of his lungs.

Dr. Light crouched to the ground as he caught his breath and Persephone and Nyx sent another kick at him. He jumped under Nyx’s kick, then sprung back up with a punch to her chin that sent her backwards, knocking her out.

“Nyx!” Persephone cried out as Mara flew back into the fray, managing to drop kick Dr. Light who was caught off guard.

She kicked him hard enough to send him flying into a wall, where he felt an explosion of pain on impact before falling to the ground on his hands and knees. He cursed his old age, knowing that 10 years ago he could have dodged that, as he looked up to see Mara flying at him with yet another drop kick. He managed to almost dodge, getting nicked by Mara’s foot on his stomach as he moaned in pain before following up by grabbing her neck and slamming her into the wall, managing to knock her out too.

He breathed heavily as he slowly stood up and looked at Persephone, who was the last one standing, and running right at him. She tackled him to the ground before he could react and began throwing punches at his face, which he barely blocked with his arms. Remembering that Mara out of the fight, he focused light on his hand again, hiding it from Persephone before launching it at the last second into her chest, sending her flying off of him, and knocking her out as well.

He stood up slowly and shakily. They were all surprisingly strong, albeit lacking in durability. His own endurance was the thing to fall the most over the years, and it was taking effect now as he felt himself worn out. He took out his phone and sent a quick message requesting back-up and police to arrest Pandora’s followers while he tried to recover from his wounds.

After a while, having tied up the three villainesses, he heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was his back-up, he stood up, walked over, and opened the door to find a vaguely familiar looking woman standing in front of him.

“Hello, Light, did you miss me?” she asked with a sly smirk.

“Oh, um,” Dr. Light racked his brain to think of who he was looking at, thinking it was maybe an ally’s sidekick or something, but he couldn’t quite place her. He looked up and down at her, she was wearing an impossibly bright white latex catsuit that covered her from almost head to toe. Her face was stunningly beautiful, a face he was sure he recognized, looking around her early thirties. “I’m sorry, have we met?” he asked her.

She laughed, and Dr. Light began to get a horrible tingle at the back of his neck, “Oh come on, it hasn’t been that long since I’ve looked like this!”

Dr. Light couldn’t figure out what was going on, so she explained, “Can’t you recognize your one and only rival?”

Dr. Light gasped, “Pandora!? What!? How!?”

She laughed as she began approaching him, her hips swaying almost hypnotically as he backed up away from her. “You see Doctor, this whole operation here has had one focus. I’m sure you too have felt the dreaded effects of old age, haven’t you, doc?” she continued smirking at him.

“Well, thanks to my new research, I don’t have to be old anymore! I figured out how to absorb vitality from some, ahem, subjects, and it makes me younger! Isn’t that wonderful?” she tilted her head at him, still smiling.

“That can’t be possible!” cried Dr. Light.

“Oh, but it is! If only you weren’t such a nitwit you could have been on my side as I take the world by storm with my new technology! Alas, instead we must fight. Get ready Doctor, my new suit is going to rock your world!”

She put her fists up, and ran at Dr. Light, who responded by sending a beam of light at her, attempting to take the offensive approach again. The beam flew at Pandora who smirked and stood still for just a moment. As the beam reached her, it reflected off of her suit and bounced back at him, sending him flying back into a wall.

Pandora laughed, “Can’t you see all the light reflecting off my suit already? It reflects all light! Even if your beam was a hundred times stronger, it would bounce right off!”
Dr. Light barely stood up as Pandora reached him, and they both grabbed each others’ hands in a test of strength. Dr. Light was shocked as Pandora easily began to force him on his knees before placing her latex-covered foot on his face, smothering him.

“Isn’t this suit nice? I’ve been making plenty of these lately, but this is definitely the strongest one! Soon enough there’ll be a hundred villains for every one of you heroes, all of them wearing these suits!”

Dr. Light, unable to breathe, let go of her hands and her foot forced him to the ground, but freeing his face to get some air. He looked up at her who stood above him with her arms crossed, smirking down at him. He got to his hands and knees and tried to get up, but she pushed him back down with one foot.

“It’s over, Doctor. You can’t possibly stand up to me anymore, you’re too old and I’m stronger than ever. Submit to me, and I won’t have to kill you.”

Dr. Light became increasingly more and more frustrated as he tried harder and harder to push up off the ground, before realizing he just couldn’t do it. Pandora laughed as Dr. Light sunk back to the ground, thinking he had given up, when suddenly he pulled on her other ankle sending her the ground with him.

“Oh, you’re not done? That’s okay, you can take your time, I’ll have some fun with you!” Pandora laughed.

Pandora fell on her ass right in front of Dr. Light, putting her legs perfectly around his head, which she took full advantage of. She instantly pulled his head between her thighs and began to headscissor him, and his face was completely surrounded by her thighs. He couldn’t breathe as her legs crushed his head and neck, and as much as he tried to pull her legs apart, he couldn’t do it.

His arms got weaker and weaker as he ran out of air, and as he began to give up, when suddenly she loosened her legs and let his face fall to the floor. His body was completely limp as he was completely drained, and he just lay there, trying to think of a way out of things. Pandora pushed him over with her foot so that he was facing up before stepping on his throat, choking him with her foot.

“Do you submit to me, yet?” she asked, no longer smiling, looking almost bored as she looked down on her rival.

Dr. Light began to move his hands to her foot, to push it away, but already knowing it was pointless, his hands didn’t even reach her as they fell back to the floor.

Pandora laughed, “Well it looks like your body has, even if your mind hasn’t! I’ll keep going I guess, you just tell me when to stop!”

Pandora picked up the broken man off the floor by his shirt, lifting him into the air, before slapping him. Over and over she slapped his face, sending it to the left, then the right, then the left, so many times he lost count. When he still hadn’t submitted, she threw him at the wall where he coughed up blood and sat looking at her. She sauntered over to him and began kicking him in the face, basically slapping him with her foot, again for so long Dr. Light lost track of what was even happening.

Slowly she stopped, frowning. Then she smirked, having thought of an idea. She turned around and bent over, “I have been told I have quite a figure, Doctor! Now I am going to put it to good use!”

Dr. Light looked up, still dazed, as her massive ass came toward him and she began smothering him with it. She circled her ass around his face, smothering him, before smashing his face into the wall a few times, again using her ass. After a few smashes, she went back to smothering for a while, and then stopped.

“You may have a broken body but your mind is quite resistant! I’ll give you a deal, because I know your hero friends are on their way, and we’re almost out of time.”

Dr. Light, in a mental fog from the beating he had taken, zoned back in as he listened to her.

“Choice one! When I leave this hospital, which I no longer need, I bring you with me. I will use you as a training doll for my followers, allowing them to get stronger as you are beaten. I will keep you until you grow too weak to be useful, keeping you as my personal servant after you become unable to fight.”

Dr. Light’s eyes widened in horror at the thought of this, and Pandora smirked before continuing.

“Choice two! You submit to me right now. You kiss my feet, beg for forgiveness, before doing the same to those three,” she pointed to the three tied up in the corner, who were beginning to stir, “and then I leave you here. From here on you will no longer challenge me, attempt to stop me, or watch me in any way shape or form. If you do, I force you into choice one. Now go ahead and choose, doctor!”

He knew it wasn’t really a choice, but he didn’t have anything else to say or do to get him out of the situation.

“I choose two…” he said in a quiet, defeated voice.

She smirked, “Good! Tell me you submit to me. Tell me you lose!”

“I submit to you, Pandora… You’ve beaten me.”

“Good boy! Now kiss my feet!”

Dr. Light complied as he began to kiss her feet. Persephone, Mara, and Nyx all woke up as he did, and Pandora forced him to untie them before forcing him to submit to them, kissing their feet as well.

“Well, I think it’s about time for us to go!” giggled Pandora as she had Dr. Light licking the bottom of her foot. “It was great seeing you again Doctor, remember the deal! Have fun being old!”

Pandora wiped her foot off on his face as he lay on the ground and took it. The other three laughed as they followed her, Persephone and Nyx doing the same as Mara followed last.

“Nighty night, Doctor!” she cheered as she kicked him in the face, knocking him out cold, allowing for the four of them to get away, having completely and utterly defeated Dr. Light.

Upon waking, Dr. Light knew there was nothing he could do about her anymore. She wasn’t one to break promises, and if she intended to keep him as her slave, he knew she would do it. She had completely won, having reached a level beyond Dr. Light.
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Default Re: AilingSquirrel's Femdom Superhero Stories

Amazing stories
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blackmail, femdom, humilating, superhero, superpowers, wrestling

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