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Wrestling Mask Moms surprise

This is my first story in this site . I am glad to be able to contribute something. I hope ya'll enjoy! Sorry, for the silly mistakes that I might've done. And DM me or reply what you would want to see in the next chapter of this story.

After playing video games continuously for four hours I finally came out of my room for a snack. I slowly dragged myself towards the kitchen adjusting my eyes to the light of the real world.

When I was a couple of steps away from the kitchen entrance something like a blur appeared out of the entrance and hit me. And I got hit hard. I got pushed back and fell on the ground on my Butt. I felt like I got hit by a raging car or something like a motorcycle. I looked around dizzily and rubbed my shoulder where I got hit trying to figure out what happened. And then when I slowly looked upwards, I saw My mum standing there and turning back at my side.

“Oh, honey! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I was in a bit of a hurry to mail these letters.” she said, giving me a hand to get up.

“Geez, why do you need to run so fast? I almost got knocked out.” I complained while trying to get on my feet.

“I wasn’t running honey. I was just walking a little fast, that’s why I didn’t see you. You must’ve tripped out or something” she said.

I was wondering why I got hit so hard if she was just walking. I tried to remember whether I tripped myself but I was quite sure I did not. I literally felt like hitting on a moving wall.

“Nah, it must be because of all the gaming” I thought, my mind was a little off.

“But, whatever. What’s the rush about? Do people even use mail these days? We are not in the 80s anymore.” I said while dusting off my knees.

“These are some important order requests from my office. They still need officially mailed hardcopy letters for approval” She replied, getting back to her journey.

“Pfft, yeah. You and your Old ways. You should get an old school pro card. I was wondering: It must have sucked to be living back in your days. Eh? With all the letters, newspapers, walking miles per a day. Geez” I said.

She stopped “We had a really good and a very healthy childhood back in the day, living in the outdoors and playing in the real world other than hiding inside a room in front of a tv till a human body rot.” she shouted near the main door.

“You're just jealous that you didn’t have these facilities back in the day.” I replied and sat at a small table hoping to unpack some snacks. After some happy munching time of a couple of cookies she came back still with the letters in her hand. In her face I could still see the ruins of our last conversation. “Mrs. Winston told me that the mail van is out of service these days, so we have to deliver this to the post office by ourselves” an explanation came out of her before I bothered to ask. I did not like the sound of the “WE” part in the story. Before the task fell upon me, I tried to escape back to my room with my snack.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Back to gaming.” I muttered and still stayed on my escape route. Then things got a little intense.

“What are you doing all summer long? Playing games all day inside a room. Look at you! You look like a weak old statue that got dug out from some ancient ruins.”

That phrase got on my nerves.

“Weak!? I’m doing fine and I’m happy. I’m a one fine young and healthy man. I don’t need to do running and hiking things to stay strong unlike you old people” I replied in a high voice.

“Did you just call me old?”

“Ah...we..well that’s the truth”

Her tone changed. “So, you think you think you are stronger than my ‘old’ self just because you’re younger and cause you’re playing ps4 all day?”

I knew I messed up at that moment and I just asked for a grounding for the next two weeks by myself.

“Come back here mister” she demanded.

I came back and sat at the table..

“So, I guess you have no problem beating me in an arm wrestling match?” She asked, staring right at me, and sitting in front of me with her elbow on the table.

At first, I was like Whaaat? And then she told me that I could carry on my gaming If I win and no disturbing. Pfft, the worst negotiation ever I thought. So, I agreed at once. I mean every bone in my body knew I could win easily. But I was wondering why she gave me such an odd challenge.

Then she smirked and rolled up her dark pink color blouse sleeve. A very good and defined forearm appeared under her sleeve and that made some ripples in my forehead.

She said in a teasing manner “ I hope my gym work is going in for good use” and curled her arm and flexed her bicep. A gigantic proportion of muscle popped, expanding her skin until it came to its stretching limit. The ball of muscle swelled up , compressing a huge amount of muscle mass into a full cut bicep, while maintaining a diamond cut peak on its top.

My eyes couldn’t believe what I’m seeing. I was in a full shock for a couple of whole seconds.

Then she leaned forward with her elbow on the table in the arm wrestling position saying “shall we?’

I gulped and extended my arm and took hold of her grip. And It felt wise and strong.

I said 1 , 2 ,3 and we went off.

I quickly got a good grip and gave my full force to her arm. And the moment I started giving pressure, her forearm exploded and veins started to appear out of nowhere and began to run everywhere on her skin. And on top of that the bicep rose up and started giving power to her arm. I pushed and pushed and pushed with all my might but her arm didn’t budge. And from the edge of my eyes, I saw that her bicep hasn’t risen up to the limit it was when she was showing off before. It was just half flexed. That made my whole spine numb for a second. My arm was literally shaking from the effort I was giving. Then I took a deep breath and gave it my all. My whole face was turning red and I was grunting. That power surge from my side made her arm budge a little downwards but when her bicep began to expand some more, It all stopped. My face was now red and I was sweating all over my forehead. My mum then looked at me in surprise. Even her face was covered with signs of full shock.

“OH!my god” she said while cracking “You are really giving your best, eh?. My god! look at your face” . she was cracking into small intervals of laughter while understanding the whole situation. She was overpowering me! Then she shook her head in disappointment and slammed my arm down to the table in a second.

The thunderous slam made my hand vibrate for a second and the intense strength fight did a number on my wrist. I quickly took back my arm from the table which it was laid to waste, and started rubbing it while wandering what had just happened.

There was a very thin silence, in the room afterwards. And then still shaking her head in disappointment mom spoke "My god! look at you jake. You cannot even go against your good old ma, in a strength battle. Your mom is stronger than you jake"

She went on "I mean it wasn't even a narrow escape. Did you see what happened? " Her voice changed into a more teasing and yet a very wise manner "I could completely handle your whole-body strength with ease! in a single arm. It is not just that your weaker than me or I'm stronger than you,

I'm like twice as strong as you".

I still managed to make an expression in my face which said otherwise, but deep inside I was wandering how true her statement was. I felt it on my bear hands. I felt an immovable strength. How did she get so strong? When did she develop such a brute strength? and the bicep! Geez!

Jolts of thoughts ran all round my brain.

"I was just sore, and I hit my shoulder in a wall, while running down the stair in school yesterday. That's why" I finally spoke trying my best to get out of the place I fell into.

She stood up.

"ho, again with the excuse! really? How did you get all sore? By playing games the whole morning? Don't try to fly away with excuses, Jake." she continued, fiercely "You were babbling big talks about How you're such a strong young man and stuff , and about my boring childhood. I had a highly Active and a healthy childhood. and look what your lazy childhood has done to you "

As she was talking I saw how her forearms expand according to her voice tone, making its thick muscles buldge with all the veins running around it. Damn! I thought. A felt as if a part of me was really not offended in loosing to that. I have never seen anything so muscular, in my life. And the lightly flexed bicep were hugging the sleeves, showing a good bicep muscle separation through the sleeves.

But then I got my attention back to the real deal.

" Ok!ok! It's just an arm wrestling match. Geez! And I mean it's not fair, judging me with that. I mean for Golly sake, you are going to the gym every week. and you weight train. So, clearly you just have some better stiffness in your arms. and you're arms are a bit... well stronger than mine" I said, although I had to channel some of my inner guts to say the last part.

Still, I went on "So, logics! You are going to the gym that's why you won. Anybody could get a little stronger if they hit the gym. big deal. If i go to the gym I'll be thrice as strong as you"

"pfft" she smiled, at me looking at me as if I'm some kind of a non-worthy loyal subject of hers. "You three times stronger than me? The one who lay around all the time in front a gaming set? I'm pretty sure I could've given you a good battle even before I started gym. I still jogged then, you remember? And Do you think You get these just by going to the gym? These are the result of hard work. every day, nonstop challenging, hard work. Not by just sitting there on a bench in the gym"

She said still standing, and rolling up her sleeve. As I was looking something hit me. I never realized how different her overall appearance has become. I could clearly see, evidently from her standing figure, that her figure had totally changed. The whole body looks so fit and athletic. And I couldn't help noticing how wide her shoulders look.

Even with the T-shirt, I could see the enhanced roundness of the shoulders. And the perfect V Shape falling towards the lower body. The resembles the shape of the exact human muscular structure taught in the biology class. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or have the legs really added some size into them. Then when I came back to my normal senses, I saw her slowly curling her arm into a fist. Even though I've seen the show before it again took my surprise factor off guard.

The only time you took any kind of actual work from your body must be during you Karate practices. But that is only 2 hours per a week and as I can see that is clearly not enough. "Yeah, ok . Now stop with the teasing." I started." That is more training is more than enough for me to take care of myself. I didn't want a show off physique with fake muscle. I know how to take care of myself in an emergency, in case of an attack by someone. And I'm capable of taking down most of the boys in my class without breaking much of a sweat"

"Oh! Really. It doesn't look like you can handle yourself against someone with the incidents that took place now." She said while putting back her sleeve to its normal length. "Maybe, those boys in your class are just like you. Some lazy bears."

"Whatever, the bottom line is I can take down anyone in a hand to hand combat or at least get out some nasty trouble without any broken bones." I declared proudly.

"Well, If you say so. Let's test it now. Try to take me down" she said standing straight, with her spine full stiff and her hands on her hips, which made her Lats bloom up from her body making her look more wider and fierce and way more intimidating specially with her delts pumped up inside the attire.

"I don't think you have any trouble giving your old mom a good self -defence lesson and showing her how it's done" she grinned. I got startled by that invitation. "wait! What? To do what now? You must be kidding ...right?" I asked back wandering what kind of a situation I put myself into.

"Nope, I'm all serious. Try to take me down. You said you have no problem doing that to someone." she said. "what? seriously? What if I hurt you" I asked. "well, no need to worry about that honey. Let's try out a lil friendly wrestling match. That way you can prove your point without any risk" she said smiling.

I got lost in my thoughts for a moment. Then I thought that if I really did this I could get away from the humiliation I had from the previous incident. And I got nothing to worry about for I'm more than confident that I can execute a good pin without any trouble.

"ok, let's do this" I said. "Ok! nice" she said" let's do it here on the floor. we have space and the floor mat is soft enough"

"Ok: I replied and got myself into a stance, ready position. As I look up I saw her still standing straight with her hands on the hips, but with a sharp pair of ready eyes. I waited a little to see if she got some sense enough to get into a stance position but she never did. "Amateur..mistake" I smiled and told to myself. Then after a couple of ticks on the clock echoed through the silent room I sprinted at her in my full speed to get this over as soon as possible.

Even when I was charging at her she did no change of her position and stood still in the classic superman pose. I maintained my speed with thetactical plan running in my head furiously to tackle her down a bit above her hips and to get her into a submission or a pin. With my raging momentum I extended my left arm broadening and stiffning my left shoulder to execute the tackle. and BHAM!!

The moment my shoulder hit her mid-section my momentum got shattered into pieces. The tactical simulation I had in my mind got stuck like a stick in a gear making my eyes question What happened was real. My shoulder felt like it hit a fricking brick wall. It was hard as steel. I couldn't believe that I hit on a human body or not. And when looked up from the floor with the sudden change of motion I found my sorry self stuck in the position with my left arm around her mid-section, struggling so badly for motion against the mount of human muscle in front of me.

She was still in her straight pose but with all of the muscle fibers in her body stiffened, tightened to the maximum and trembling with power while the veins were pumping strength to them furiously. I couldn't believe my eyes. She stopped my raging self without even lifting a finger!! My fragile body was stopped just by the shier strength of her muscles. When My shocked consciousness settled down to a normal state I felt four or six, very hard , brick like blocks of muscle touching against my shoulder, longing to appear out of the t-shirt fabric in her mid-section.

"Are those abs!! My word...." I have never seen or felt abs for real in my entire life. Not just abs but a six pack!! Holy Shi.. And god they are strong. Various shocking facts started proving their selves in my mind. But then I got my self together and and after taking a long breathe, I again started to push her with my legs rapidly running on the floor. I felt her going back a little. But that was it. As felt the muscles tense more thicker from the other side , my legs found themselves running in the same position, almost slipping on the floor mat.

The strength difference was majestic. I've never felt anything Like that. I've never felt this much weaker against someone ever in my life. Then I gave up and got up found myself now standing infront of her. "You finish?" she asked with a grin on her face. I shook my head soberly. Then another great tactic came falling down on my brain. If I can't over power I will go to a more techinical take down. So, I thought about going for a submission. Suddenly, without thinking twice I went for a headlock even without me knowing. But, then a powerfull pair of hands came out

of nowhere and caught my hands in the mid air. And again after a little strength test my hands went down trembling with lack of strength . "Well, honey. I can't say I told you so but you saw this coming and you should pay bit more respect from now onwards" She said smilling while making my hands staydown with sheer power. "Now, It's my turn. I guess" She said and made my self turn around by wing my hands by force and then a couple of steel like arm came and wrapped around my neck. Even before I know it I was in a headlock!!

In a flash I used my now freed hands to free me from the mass pythons wrapped around my neck. And That's when I first noticed how big my moms arms were. or at least how big and strong they have become. I grabbed one them from the bicep and started pulling out where I found her bicep covering the whole surface area of my hand, and on top of that it's unnatural hardness. I did my best to pull them out but they did not budge! I felt a large proportion of thick muscle pressing against my throat , the bicep peak trying to block out my air supply with excessive strength. I was now slowly fainting.

I was afraid cause I clearly knew she doesn't know much about what she is doing and about the limits of her own strength. And then I felt half of my body passing out and I heard her saying something probably some top notch advice but my weakened ears could only take in a murmur. And Then I felt my whole body going into sleep mode. And then I felt the grip being removed and more scared and worried face coming in front of me. My blurred vision couldn't see much but I heard some words before going into a full sleep. "Oh! honey what happen...to you...ar..you..al..righht....."

DM me or reply what you want to see in the next chapter.
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Default Re: Moms surprise

He asks for a best of 5 where she puts him out in various different holds, scissors etc. Slowly breaks him down mentally and maybe some foot dom stuff if you're into that.
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Default Re: Moms surprise

If you could add tickling in it too. That would definitely be an ultimate humiliation tactic for his mom.
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