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Default Cheater

I'm happily married. I have never once thought about cheating on my wife, she is just the only women I could ever hope for. But now, I guess I can't say I've never cheated on her.

It was just an ordinary day, I had the day off and was relaxing by the neighborhood pool when I noticed two very attractive girls arrive. I had no real intention of staring but the next thing I know, I caught the eyes of one of the girls and she winked at me. Realizing that I was being creepy I started to pack up my stuff to leave. At that point one of the girls approached me. Assuming she was coming to tell me off for staring, I tried to pack up a little quicker. To my surprise, she introduced herself as Amy and told me that her and her friend Sarah had accidently locked themselves out of their Air B&B they were renting and had accidentally left their phones inside and were wondering if they could borrow mine. Normally I would think it was weird that they wouldn't have their phones on them, but I also left my phone at home to try and get away from it for a bit.

So I let Amy know that I had left my phone at home but if they wanted to wait a bit I could run and grab my phone and bring it back to them. Amy said that they were in a hurry to call their host and wanted to know if they could come back with me so they could just leave from there. While I thought it was fairly odd they would be in that much of a hurry, I decided to just let them follow me back.

A short drive later I arrive at my house with them right behind me. We head inside to get my phone and I just really noticed that they were still wearing their bikinis as they were getting out of their car and man they were attractive. Amy was a dirty blond with with a cute smile, she had a pink top on that highlighted her small breasts and a yellow thong style bottom that really showed off her cute ass. While Sarah had a small all pink bikini that really showed off her toned figure. Now I felt really uncomfortable being along with two cute girls in bikinis, I decided that I just needed to get them my phone so they could make their call and leave as soon as possible. But as I head into the open living room I suddenly get tackled from behind finding that the two girls on top of me.

Sarah then yells at me "You think you can just stare at me you pervy piece of shit?"

"It's not what you think!" I respond, "I was just zoning out! I wasn't actually starting at you."

"Bullshit!" Sarah says, "And now we are going to teach you what happens when you don't know your place."

Now here's the thing, I'm a pretty big guy, I work out and I am in shape. Normally I'm fairly confident I could win this encounter even if it's two on one, but they just caught me so off guard. I wasn't sure who did it, but one of the girls was holding my arms to my side while I feel another set of arms snake around my neck and start squeezing. As much as I struggled, there was just nothing I could do to get away. I start to feel myself fade into unconsciousness, I hear Amy whisper in my ear, "sleep tight bitch."

I'm not sure how long I was out, but as I wake up I just feel out of it and incredibly groggy and a weight on my chest. I am on my back with Sarah straddling my crotch and pinning my arms to my sides, and I look up to see Amy's back as she is sitting on my upper chest facing towards my feet. "Good morning Bitch" Amy says to me, "since you wanted to stare at us, we felt it would be nice of us to let you experience what you were starting at." Before I can say anything, she scoots that amazing ass over my face. With just my eyes peaking out from under her, I can see Amy looking over her shoulder and laughing at me. It starts to get hard to breath and I can feel that familiar feeling creep over me when Amy lifts herself off of me and lets me breath. As I am taking deep breaths Amy sits back down on my face cutting off my supply of oxygen again. Sarah then says "It seems like you have learned your lesson, if you want us to leave, next time Amy gets off of you, your going to kiss her ass and tells us that your sorry and you are our little bitch, got it?" Losing air quickly, I shake my head yes and Amy lifts herself off of me. No unfortunately I am a stubborn person, instead of swallowing my pride and doing as they asked the only thing I could think to say as I was gasping between breaths was "not a chance bitch!" Clearly this was the wrong answer as Amy slammed her ass back on my face. Once again as I was about to pass out Amy gets all the way off of me and I feel her stand up, but unfortunately that was only to allow Sarah to slide forward to settle herself on my face looking straight down at me, as Amy replaced Sarah on my crotch.

At that moment I could feel Sarah's crotch right on top of my mouth only separated from by her very thin bikini. With her knees spread wide, she was putting all her weight on my nose and mouth I once again couldn't breath. Sarah then says, "We were going to be nice to you, but you just had to ruin that. I noticed some pictures of you and a cute girl that I assume is your wife. Well unfortunately for her, she is about to get cheated on. Now in just a second, I am going to get up and you are going to admit that your our bitch, then you are going to cheat on your wife and kiss my pussy. Once you do that, we will let you go and you'll have to live knowing you are a cheater. If you don't kiss my pussy, I am going to pull your face so deep in me that if you don't kiss me, I will knock you out with just my crotch." She gets off of me and as she just hovers over me, with the crotch of her bikini just barely skimming my mouth all I think to say is "I will never cheat on my wife!" Once again, this was the wrong answer and Sarah aggressively sat back down on my mouth, she then leaned over and grabbed the back of my head with both of her hands and pulled my face so tight against her that it was impossible to get any sort of breath. As I start to pass out to her pussy, I just see her smiling down at me.

This time as I wake up, no one is on top of me and I look over to see both Amy and Sarah sitting next to me. "I'm sorry I stared at you, It was wrong and I promise to never stare at anyone else again!!" I exclaimed. Amy smiled down at me and said "Oh honey, we know your sorry, but we really need to drive home that you are our bitch. So we are going to give you two options. You are going to wrestle one of us, one on one and we promise that the other one won't interfere at all. If you chose me, when I win, I am going to absolutely humiliate you. Sarah is a little more mean than I am, while she won't humiliate you, she is definitely going to hurt you." I know that I really don't want to get hurt and I don't feel like I really have any chances of winning at this point after getting knocked out twice. Also, I don't think I could get any more humiliated than I already am. I chose to wrestle Amy.

Giggling, Amy gets to her knees in front of me and I slowly get to my knees to face her. "Alright so first to give up loses." As soon as she says that she shoots forward pushing me down and moves into a tight school girl pin. I have no energy and just decide to let her do what she wants and hopefully this will all be over soon. Amy looks down at me while smiling and says "So I'm sure you were sad that you have only gotten to spend time with Sarah's pussy, so I felt it was only fair to give you some time with mine." She then moves forward and places her crotch directly on my mouth, but instead of just sitting there like Sarah, Amy starts to grind herself on my face. I am absolutely humiliated as this little girl has overpowered me and is now using my face for whatever she wants. It's also hard to breath but I can get the occasional breath as my mouth is sometimes uncovered. I start to cry a little as I watch this beautiful girl riding up and down on my face, and I try to give up but Amy doesn't stop grinding. Eventually, like Sarah she leans over and grabs the back of my head and pulls me tight into her, but once again she doesn't stop grinding. At this point she has starting moaning and is really getting into it and just as I am about to pass out from another girls crotch I hear (and feel) her orgasm on my face. She then gets off of me and I roll over onto my stomach and start crying as I was just used as a tool by this little girl. At least thinking everything was over, I feel Amy straddle my back. I tried to tell her that she had won, that I was already humiliated, but all she said was that it was not nearly enough yet.

I then feel her sit on my back and she pulls each of my arms over my knees and then leans forward and pulls back on my chin. She had just put me in an incredibly painful camels clutch. As she pulls back on my chin I just close my eyes and try to deal with the pain till she decides to let me go. Eventually the pressure relaxes and I open my eyes to see Sarah lying in front of my with he legs spread apart staring directly at her crotch. "What do you want from me?!?" I yelled "you have already won!" Sarah then responds "Oh I know we've won, but Amy did say she was going to humiliate you and you still haven't kissed my pussy." I could only weakly respond "I am not going to cheat on my wife.... please." "Too bad." Amy whispers in my ear. I then feel her put me in another rear naked choke and presses my mouth into Sarah's crotch again. and once again, I lose consciousness with my face in Sarah's crotch.

I woke up in the same position, unable to move with Sarah's crotch in front of my face. "Just stop, I'm not a cheater...." I weakly say. Sarah then laughs and says "not yet, but you will be." She then pulls out a phone and shows me a video of my face in Sarah's crotch while she is lying on her back and one hand pulling my face into her. She must have taken the video as I was unconscious. "Kiss my pussy, or I send this video to your wife." It was over I had no options left. I close my eyes and my face is gently pushed into Sarah, and I kiss her. I have just now cheated on my wife.... "Is that really how you kiss pussy?" Sarah asked while laughing "I would be surprised if your wife hasn't already cheated on you if that's all you got. Make out with my pussy or I send the video." I had nothing left, I start making out with Sarah's crotch, kissing and licking her, just hoping they would let me go. Amy then whispers in my ear, "I still don't think it's enough, I am going to give you back one of your arm and you are going to jack yourself off. Also, while your licking Sarah's pussy you are going to tell us how big of a bitch and a cheater you are." I had already given up, I was already a cheater. So I reached and and started stoking my already hard cock has I licked Sarah. I did as they asked as Sarah used both of her hands to pull my face tighter into her. I yelled how I was a bitch and how I was a cheater and about 30 seconds later as I started to cum, I hear the front door open as my wife walks in...
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