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Default Brotherly love (read full story)

This is the true story happened with me, few days back, i m a 12 years old boy writing this story who has a knowledge of internet from last year, i live in Hyderabad (India).

The story,

I have an elder brother who is 30 years old, and newly married recently 3 months back, i studied in 8th standard in School and good in studies too, every year my family celebrate my birthday and on my 12th birthday few days back i got the gift which i desired of since i was 7 or 8 years old, and was so special for me which was really unexpected for me, which i really wish to share with you all.

My elder brother always so sweet with me, on my birthday he tooks me for shopping in car, and he is very free speaking with me, he always behave like a friend to me not elder brother, he is too good looking and has a good physique because of attending gym regularly, and his wife is more beautiful than him, who i called 'Bhabhi".

On my birthday, he asked me about my present gift, and i said him whatever he wants can take for me, so he said me that u r grown boy now, tell me what i bought for u. I was silent.

Do u have a girlfriend? he asked me.

What bro, i m only 12 now, how should i have a girlfriend, i replied.

You don't have a crush on any of your classmate girls. ? he asked me.

I have, as u said, i m growing, i have but i m too small for this.

You should not let your feeling down? You have a feeling of girls i know, common tell me no need to shy, i can help you.? he asked me very freely.

I have a feeling but strange. i said to him.

What kind of feelings? he asked.

I have feelings and desire of grown girls sit on me. i said without hesitatingly.

What, grown girls sit on you? am i heard u correctly.

Yes, i said to him.

Strange, i had a feeling of same, when i was at your age. he said.

Really. i asked.

Yes, but i haven't fullfill my desire, that time.

But i will try for you to do so, because today is your birthday. he said to me.

Please bro, that will be the special gift you present to me if u help me in this. I requested him.

But how u manage to bear grown woman weight, ? he asked me

As u said, i m grown boy now? i replied him

Ok, i will think about it, what to do. he said me.

Ok, now, only that gift i want, and nothing else. i demand him

Ok, i will try.? he said.

With that we returned home.

At night, i was waiting for my brother response, that what he will do to fullfill my desire. i was waiting eagerly, and i went to my bed for sleep.

At midnight my brother return from his in-laws. and came to my room, when he came, i was awaken and happy to see him, that what news he get.

Where u have been bro? i asked him.

To my inlaws to drop your bhabhi. he replied.

So i will sleep with you tonight. Is that fine with u, he asked me.

What problem should i have, it will be my honour. Ok u can.

So he went to bath and came back.

Then i asked him.

Bro, what about my gift, u promised. i asked him.

You will get your gift after 2 days, he said to me.

Really, does anyone agree to sit on me. i asked him eagerly.

Yes, but i manage that only for u, because i love you. He remind me.

Ok who she is? i asked him.

You will get to know after two days, Rest assured. he replied.

But before that you have to give one test to me.

What test? i asked him.

You should pass this test, because if you fail in this test, you will not get your gift. he said to me.

And the condition of this test, is you should not ask any question to me, only follow what i said to you, if you not then forget about your gift after 2 days.

Ok bro, i will pass that test to get my gift.

Ok now, are you ready? he asked.

Yes, i replied.

Lay down on your back on floor. he ordered me.

What? but Why? i asked him.

You r again asking question. he remind me.

ok, ok , sorry bro, i will not ask any question. from now. i said to my brother.

With that he said me to remove my t-shirt, and i did.

And told me to lay down flat on floor and i did.

You should not ask anything, just follow what i say u to do silently, otherwise u will fail, and meanwhile i will also tell you who will sit on u after 2 days. He suggested me.

Ok bro, I understood. i replied.

And i laid flat on floor.

With that my bro, removed his towel which he is just folded after bath, he was wearing very tiny black colour, V-shaped underwear, he was looking hunk, because of going gym. His thighs look very muscular and fair, he has no hairs on his thighs.

So he came towards me and stand over me with both legs astride, with hands on his hips, and asking me, get ready, and i was wondering what he will do.

With that he sat on my stomach, i was laughing, and again he put his all weight on my belly.

Am i heavy on you, he asked,

Yes, a little, i said him.

Look if you passed this test of my weight, than i u will get your present 2 days back, because if you can't bear my weight and u can't bear her weight too. he suggest me.

Ok bro i will pass your test, put all weight you have. i provoked him

Ok now, don't open your mouth, keep your mouth close, and be silent, till i tell u to speak then only speak, when i tell u to speak than u'r test will be over, meanwhile if u r not manage my weight than u can tell me to get off, otherwise i will sit on u continuously but after u say me to get off, the test will over and u get fail, he explained me in details.

Ok i understood, i zipped my mouth,? i replied to him

With that again he bounced on my belly, i was about to scream, but managed that.

Now he stretched his legs and sat fullweight on my belly, i was almost fully coved in his legs, he was heavy but i have to fullfill my desire too.i thougt to myself.

now with that, my bro moved to my chest, and he was more heavy there, he sat there for about 5 minutes.

I was just silent watching my brother sitting on me, he too not speaking anything while sitting on me.

then he ordered me to open my neck, and i did.

With that he slid more forward and sat on my throat, with fullweight, i was getting breathless, but he if i tell him to get off i will lost, and not get my gift, so with too much difficulty i managed his weight.

He was squeezing my head between his huge thighs, and i m fully managing his weight, and he ordered me to massage his thighs, so he free my hands and i was massaging his huge legs.

Now last test, with that he sat directly on my face with full weight, my little face buried in his huge ass in underwear he sat for almost 1 minute and sat back again on my throat, and he stretch his legs on my throat, and he again squeezed his thighs on my face with all the weight he can, i was now started coughing, but he saw me i was coughing but he was not release his weight from me, and with that he got off from me and put one foot on my chest, now he stood fullweight on me with his both feet on my chest, i was about to scream and tell to get off, but just before i tell him to get off he himself got off from me. I was gasping for breath. Now, he without informing, jumped on my chest, and bouncing and again sat on my throat, and counting number from 10 to 1, after finishing counting he ordered me to speak.

And he released his weight, but he still sitting on my throat.

So i passed the test. i asked him.

What do you think? he replied me.

I think i m? i replied to him.

Yes, you have passed the test, you r very strong, in age of 12 and you r weighing only above 30 kgs, are managed to bear my weight which is almost 70kgs. I m impressed. he said to me.

So i get my gift 2 days after, i reminded him.

Yes, you will, you deserve that.

But just how u sat on me, i want that woman to sit do that to me same, no different.

Yes, she will? you don't worry. he told me.

So brother, can u please tell me who that lady, is? i asked him.

You really want to hear? he replied.

Yes. i said.

So, that lady will be my Wife and your Bhabhi. he answered me.

What, Bhabhi, ? i was shocked.

Yes, your bhabhi, and i m doing just for you.

But, i think she will not agree to do it. i asked him

don't worry bro, she already agreed, she said, she will do anything what i say her to do, and plus i m getting golden necklace for her, so i made a condition to her that if she sit on you then i will present her golden necklace, and she happily agreed.

But she can't sit on me, as you sat on me now,

Bro, i explained her that she has to sit on you fullweight mercylessly, and she agreed because i confessed her, i also told her that if she not sat mercylessly on you, the present will be cancel, she said if you r telling me to do it, i will. She said and i also said that u can bear her weight. He explained me.

Now, still i m sitting on you chatting, u beared my 70 kgs, then there will be no difficult for u to bear your bhabhi weight, so after 2 days every 1 is out of home for some reason now only we 3 people left, that time she will sit on you, well she is returning tomorrow. he said to me.

With that he got off from me and told me to go for sleep.

That night i was sleepless, and waiting that day to come.

so finally that day came, and all my family members went outside to see my ill grandmother, and on same day my brother went to take her wife from inlaws, and i was alone in the house and waiting for both brother and bhabhi, and eventually they came, and my bhabhi was smiling watching me after meeting me, so my brother and bhabhi went inside their room and i was on my room, then brother and my bhabhi came in my room, and looking each other face and talking.

You say, my bhabhi tell to her husband.

No you say, because i already promised him.

So my bhabhi came towards me and sat beside me on my bed and said, u'r brother said something to me which was very strange, is that correct? she asked me.

Yes, bhabhi, i replied.

Look u are only 12 years old and just 3 days back u turn 13, and your brother said that u like when woman sit on u, am i heard correctly? she asked again.

Yes bhabhi, i again replied.

Now, your brother said me to do that favour with you, because he said he already promised you, so bottomline is i will sit on you but i will sit according to my way on you and you don't have to be object on it and complain your brother that he didn't fullfilled his promise, so if u agree then it is ok, otherwise i m sorry. she said to me.

I thought that something is better than nothing that time, so i agreed and i told my brother who was standing in front of us that, its ok brother u fulfilled your promise and giving my gift that's all, ok bhabhi sit as u want.

Ok, i too have to go to see my grandmom so, you sit on him and i will return in 1 hour ok, ok bro, he told both of us.

Ok we both said simultaneously.

ok bye and he left us.

My bhabhi having a short height but she is very fair, and she was wearing that time a black saree and black blouse.

So she said me to start soon and finish soon things, before everyone came, and told me to lay down, and i laid on my back on the floor, then she said me to not to lay on floor and told me to lay on sofa, and i have no choice to agree and i laid on sofa then she came and sat side saddle on my belly, and asked me its ok, i said he fullweight, and she put her fullweight on my belly.

we have only half and hour only ok, she said me, no long, and i will sit till half hour as my wish ok,

I said ok.

then she sat like that till 15 minutes on my belly, and i was feeling very disappointed that half and hour will finish like that only.

Then she got off from me and took the remote of the television and came back and stand beside me and again she sat on my chest, same as she sat on my belly, and i was not feeling her weight there.

Are you ok with this? she asked me.

Yes, i replied her with disappointment in the heart.

Now she sat 10 minutes there watching television.

Only 5 minutes left, she was reminding me.

And finally i asked her, bhabhi one last thing i want to tell you?

What? she asked me while sat on me

Well its only 5 minutes left u said, so one last favour please bhabhi can u slid more forward and sat on my face. i request her.

No, no i will not, please don't insist, i m sitting on you because your brother said so, otherwise i will not, she replied me.

Its ok, i said her.

Now half and hour was finished.

Time up? she remind me, and got off from me, and said HAPPY NOW.

Yes i replied with low mood.

She then read my face and understood i m not happy, she again told me.

Ok i m giving more 5 minutes to you, only 5 minutes tell me where u want to sit me and don't make your face like a joker, she said to me with smiling.

On face, i told her.

Ok, she said, then withing a moment she sat on my face same as she sat on my belly and chest side saddle on sofa in black saree, but she was not putting her weight, then she got off from me within few seconds because she was sitting on my face, i told her to sit fullweight this time, are you sure? she asked me, and sat on my face this time fullweight for full 10 to 15 seconds and got off from me and said, ok finish only 3 minutes left with that she again sat on my chest, then i told her to get off from me and she did.

Then i got off from the sofa and lay flat on the floor, and told her to stand on me.

Are u crack, she asked me.

Soon bhabhi, only 3 minutes left, now i was reminding her.

Ok if u insist. she said.

With that she put one foot on my chest and with slowly other foot on me and sat fullweight on my chest, i was not feeling her weight much as i felt when my brother stood on me fullweight. Now she stood me for full 2 minutes and got off from me and said.

Ok its over now, she said.

Are you fine? she asked me.

Yes i m fine, i replied.

Ok i m going to my room for little rest, because i have to prepare dinner for all.

OK bhabhi, and thanks for it.

Your welcome, she replied and went to her room.

Then few hours later my brother came to me and asked about everything, then i told him how she sat me.

I m sorry bro, u said mercilessly, but later she changed her mind to sit on you, with great difficulty i convince her again to sit.

Its ok brother, u finished u'r promise and given the gift of my birthday.

thanks for understanding, my brother said to me.

And gone outside my room.

I was so much disappoint that what i was thinking of sitting as i thought, but as i thougt before, "SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING".
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More saree facesitting stories bro, please
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