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Exclamation Forum rules

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1. Content of the forum & general guidelines

1.1 This is an adult forum and you have to be 18 or older to participate.

1.2 Mixed wrestling & fighting are the main topics of the board. Female vs Female wrestling is allowed and discussions are encouraged.

1.3 Female domination topics that do not include wrestling or fighting are allowed only in the appropriate subforums.

1.4 Each person can only have one account on the forum.

- 1.4.1 Using two accounts from the same computer (same IP) is prohibited, unless you can provide visual proof of ownership of two different individuals.

1.5 Please be courteous and polite towards others. We are all here to share content that we like and discuss our predilections. Avoid political or religious discussions. Racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or chauvinistic behavior will not be tolerated. Neither will fat shaming, or any other superficial bigotry.

- 1.5.1 If you have nothing positive or at least constructive to add to the discussion, please avoid responding to a topic. There is a vast array of topics here, not all of which will be up your alley. Please skip the topics that you have a dislike for. Criticizing other people's preferences (fetish shaming) is dumb, and will result in a warning or a ban.

- 1.5.2 Engaging in a respectful argument in a discussion topic is welcome. However, one member should not take over a thread by confronting or arguing with everyone who replies, or repeatedly expressing their views over an extended period of time. This is considered trolling and might result in a ban. Once you have made your point in a discussion, it is best to move along.

1.6 Please use the "search" function before requesting something that may have already been posted.

1.7 Please use the "thanks" button to show your appreciation to the author of a post that you liked or found interesting.

1.8 Topics over 6 months old should not be resurrected unless you have something of value to add.

1.9 Your first post at the forum shouldn't be a request.

1.10 When creating threads, use descriptive titles, unless there is a surprise element to a thread. Threads titled "Please help", "Thinking about", or titled misleadingly might get deleted.

2. Sharing

2.1 Sharing videos: attaching a preview when sharing a video file is mandatory. If you do not know how to make previews of your videos, [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. Your video share must adhere to rule 3.6 below.
Recommended filehosts: mixedwrestling.video, mega.co.nz, mediafire.com, depositfiles.com, zippyshare.com, sendspace.com

2.2 Sharing images: please use legitimate imagehosts for your pictures with as less advertisements as possible. Imagehosts with pop-ups and temporary ad pages are not allowed (imgchili, imagetwister, etc.).
Recommended imagehosts: pixtress.com, imgur.com

2.3 obsolete

2.4 When posting a story other than your own, please indicate the author and give a link to the source.

3. Prohibited content

3.1 Discussions, images, videos or stories concerning animals, necrophilia, snuff, child pornography and real rape are forbidden and will result in an immediate ban.

3.2 Child pornography is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate ban. Staged videos and photos involving minors fighting or wrestling (FK, etc) are also prohibited and posting such content might result in a ban.

3.3 No trading of any kind is allowed on the forum.

3.4 Password sharing / trading is prohibited.

3.5 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] is prohibited.

3.6 Do not post full-length videos, links to such videos, more than 10 pictures from any single image set, or more than 10 video stills from any particular video from producers that are active (that sell their content).

3.7 Advertising other websites in order to drive traffic from the forum without admin approval is prohibited.

3.8 Outing or asking for a wrestler's real name, or any other personal information that she has not made publicly available, without having prior permission from her is prohibited. Offenders will be banned.

3.9 Linking or promoting the following websites is prohibited at the forum:
- reseller of pirated content (R*****-R******)
- piracy forums (Sar***s, Saf*)
- session wrestlers portal for stealing content and profiles from competitors (F**Match)
- any sites that promote the idea of abstaining from fetish / porn

4. Contributors section


5. Producers section

5.1 Producers are welcome to share their updates in the Producers' Section. If you are representing a production company please drop a private message to myself or [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. Advertising here is free of charge for production companies, but a link back to the forum on your website is mandatory ([Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] with accompanying text "mixed wrestling forum").

5.2 Any link sharing to commercial sites by a producer without prior permission from the administration is prohibited.

5.3 Please read [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for an extended version of the rules for producers.

These rules are general guidelines and are not intended to cover every aspect of participation in the boards. Please use common sense when participating and communicating.

The admin staff reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

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