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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Originally Posted by himari [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I assume that's the end of this arc?

Love the movie references. Gladiator is one of the best of all time. Thanks for incorporating AW too!
It’s certainly the end of his relationship issues for a while. Want to get back to the fight scene. Suki’s rising through the ranks, Rachel is resurgent and Keela is more of a powerhouse than he realised. There’s also Alex’s score to settle with Marie and of course…the ex cop.

‘Quintus’ your sword, give me your sword!’

‘Sheath your swords!’
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Hotel Scuffle/Saturday Night Tournament
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The Terror Twins
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

For the first time in SNT history, someone submitted to her opponent while kicking his ass. Oh, Marie, you are the most emotional character in this series. You are tough, dangerous, and ... crazy but also emotional.

And Pheobe has a weakness too. He literally used her Kryptonite. Props to our narrator (and of course to our author). He paid attention and used a very important knowledge about Pheebs. Twins talked about in the social event at Riley’s and he used this situation of Pheebs. Well done.

In my previous comment, I questioned Nic’s advice. I take it back. I overlooked something very important that Nic witnessed first hand. Our narrator can (at least sometimes) create miracles when he really needs them. He took the beating but he also used the love of one sister and the fear of the other. I am impressed.

At least for a while, he will have no problem with the twins. But probably Riley would have preferred the former situation. It might be harder for her to manipulate her sisters and him from now on.

There aren’t surprising match results. But I had some hope for Amber to be honest. If she loses to Leanne I think my hope is misplaced.

The big match was indeed Jane & Leela vs. Nicole & Alex. 6-0? It’s a big win. On paper, any team would have won. But I wouldn't expect such a high margin. No photos? No information? No comment? What’s going on between Jane and Nicole I am dying to learn

He should find a way to watch the tag team title match by the way. They might need a referee or something

He is going to face Rachel but before that another tag team match? Amber and Leanne? Come on. That will be the easiest fight ever

Alex should stay away from Marie. She is not in her league. And she definitely shouldn't trust a fake cop.

Loved the movie references too.

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Don't mean to sound impatient...but I am. Been over a week. What's up?

Added after 7 minutes:

Comment on Sky Ladera. Not sure that Amber&Leanne versus Narrator and Stella could be a hook. They might be underestimated like Becky and Laura were. What powerhouses they turned out to be. Maybe Jane and Nicole are Training Leanne and Amber to beat Narr and Stella. And so the secrets.

NOT Sky Ladera. Sky Blader!

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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Originally Posted by Caliboy65 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Don't mean to sound impatient...but I am. Been over a week. What's up?

Added after 7 minutes:

Comment on Sky Ladera. Not sure that Amber&Leanne versus Narrator and Stella could be a hook. They might be underestimated like Becky and Laura were. What powerhouses they turned out to be. Maybe Jane and Nicole are Training Leanne and Amber to beat Narr and Stella. And so the secrets.

NOT Sky Ladera. Sky Blader!

Finishing up the next instalment over the next week.
Don’t get as much time to write as I’d like.
Stay tuned.
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Hotel Scuffle/Saturday Night Tournament
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The Terror Twins
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Hello all, here's the first part of the next installment. Sorry it takes so long but I don't get much time to write lately. Still, I'm happy that my avid readers are keen to read, give me motivation. I'll be trying to release a new update each month as much as possible but more if I can manage it. Have the next 3-4 entries planned out and I'll be asking for some reader input in a few fights time, going to try something 'meta' within a story. Anyway, here's the build up to the next fight. Fight and aftermath on monday/tuesday.

Can Crushing
Part 1

This time I really did take it easy.

As per Karens warning and demand I didn’t do anything to agitate my injuries over the following week. I stayed home for a few days, nursing the still twinging pain in my shoulder and hobbling around on my crushed feet before I decided I needed some…professional help.

It meant a trip to see Alex in a professional capacity as a physio but it would at least allow me to scope out Riley’s concerns over her meeting Alissa Franks on the side…if indeed she was.

‘Name?’ asked the receptionist.

‘Oh, here to see Alexadra Ellison,’ I replied.

‘No, your name.’

‘Oh, it’s-‘

The door to Alex’s office opened and Alex peeped around, ‘I got this one, he’s next,’ she said before I could answer.

I shuffled in, still wincing a little where I had to put my weight on the toes that Phoebe had crushed under her heel. Alex ushered me into her office and closed the door, pointing me to a seat next to her desk. The slender women with the dark pixie cut was dressed in loose fitting green top an trousers in keeping with her profession. She patted me on the shoulder as she walked past, ‘How’s it going? Haven’t seen you in a while.’

‘Well, when you’re the champ you generally only fight the other top fighters,’ I replied.

‘Touche!’ she grinned as she eased back into her chair, ‘So you look like shit!’
It was true. My face was still pretty puffed up and the bruises on my arms and legs were purple and clearly visible. The claw marks and bite marks from Pheobe were also still pretty prominent on my neck and shoulders.
‘Yeah, got in a fight with my girlfriend and her sister. They are…pretty rough customers.’

Alex smiled and leaned forward in her chair, ‘I know!’ she whispered.

I’d forgotten that Alex was now well aware that it was Phoebe and Marie who attacked her outside this very hospital after our last fight, the fight where Alex had continued past the final buzzer, deliberately and cruelly dislocating the same shoulder I was here to see her about.

‘Oh…yeah, right,’ I replied sheepishly. Alex had at least gotten to clash with Pheobe at the last bondage tournament and although she had been knocked out clean by the cheerleader terror twin, she was at least satisfied to have got a few good shots in and put Phoebe on her ass at least once. I knew, however, that she was still looking for a shot at Marie to complete her own pride recovery.

‘I met them right outside here,’ she continued, ‘of course, they were dressed in black and had their faces covered. Perhaps I should have relied on my FRIEND to tell me about them or at least warn me?’

‘Friend?’ I replied, ‘Perhaps I should have relied on my FRIEND to follow the rules of the league and stop when the buzzer went rather than callously pulling my arm out of its socket?’

Alex sat back, ‘Fair enough. I apologise. I get that I acted badly and I paid for it didn’t I? I guess I was pissed that you won that fight and I reacted like a spoiled brat. It was wrong. Forgive me?’


‘I’d like us to try and be friends again…like when we were kids.’

‘Me too. After all, I did introduce you to the league as well.’

‘Yeah I remember that, I think you introduced your cock to the back of my throat after our first fight?’

We both laughed. Yea, that was a fun little tussle over in Alex’s living room. Seemed so long ago.

‘Anyway, you’re hear about your shoulder? Is it the one I pulled?’

‘Yeah, it didn’t pop this time but Marie held it on the edge for what felt like ages.’

‘That can be worst, ligament damage maybe. Let’s have a look.’

Alex checked me over, gently manipulating my arm until it hurt and testing out different ranges of motion, ‘What happened to your feet?’ she exclaimed looking at the crushed and bloody nails poking out of my sandals.

‘Phoebe did the toes…the fingers…the knuckles and the scratch marks. Marie did the shoulder…and these scratches and this…and this,’ I said, pointing to my black eye and loose teeth.

‘She’s you’re girlfriend? Isn’t she?’

‘Yeah…it’s complicated. But it’s cool now. Won’t happen again…shouldn’t…I don’t think. Probably not. Unlikely.’

Alex made some notes and gave me some advice on exercises. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t substantial and would probably get much better within a few weeks. Good, because I had a title to defend, and Rachel would come knocking at around that time. I still had the tag match to get through before that, but I wasn’t worried. My African tank of a partner could shoulder (pun intended) the lions share of the work in that match.

As she was writing some notes, I took the opportunity to ask. I didn’t think there was much point in beating around the bush. If Alex was in contact with ex cop Alissa Franks then she would know why I was asking since it was connected to Riley.

‘Alex…have you met Alissa Franks?’

She didn’t even blink, ‘Why do you ask?’

Again, there was no point lying. I might as well be honest with her in the spirit of our rekindled friendship, ‘She’s got some kind of personal vendetta against Riley and the twins. I think she accused them of various things she couldn’t prove. Ended up getting kicked of the force over it.’

‘Murder, wasn’t it?’ said Alex without looking up from her notes, ‘and for the twins, violent assault, torture, maiming?’

‘So she thinks,’ I replied. There was no need to confirm or deny things I didn’t actually 100% know about. I was personally in no doubt that at least Marie was guilty of that, Phoebe probably too, Riley…? I didn’t want to think about it.

Alex didn’t say anything else. The silence was uncomfortable.

‘Alex, what did she ask you?’

Alex closed her book and leaned back in her chair, ‘Why should I tell you? It’s private.’

‘Alex please don’t mess about with this. Franks isn’t what she seems, and she’ll be pulling you into some serious shit. I’m not going to say it, but I will say that Riley is not to be fucked with. Underneath that amenable posh princess there’s something else, something you don’t want to awaken.’

Alex smiled, ‘Tell you what. I’ll tell you what I know, if you do something for me.’


‘I want a fight with that pretty little girlfriend of yours. One on one.’

‘Alex,’ I said quickly, ‘you really don’t want that.’

‘Oh, but I do. We have a score to settle.’

‘Alex, Marie is a stone cold killer. She did this to me and she LIKES me. What do you think she will do to you if you push her into a fight.’

‘I did ok with Phoebe.’

‘Under rules, with lots of other people around and you still got knocked the fuck out. Phoebe has a lot more self control than Marie. Believe me Alex, you’ll get an absolute beating and she’ll almost certainly break a few of your bones. She'll twist you like a pretzel and tie you in a knot.’

Alex shrugged, ‘Maybe, but it’s my beating to take. I want a chance to get in at least a few shots at that little imp after what she did to me. My pride with Phoebe is satisfied. Now I want Marie.’

I was still reluctant, but Alex had a deal maker.

‘Tell you what. You can be there, as ref?’

‘You want me to referee you vs Marie?’

Alex nodded.

I suppose with me there I might be able to take the edge off Marie’s violence, at last as far as causing permeant injuries were concerned. I guess I could make that work.

‘Ok. I’ll…set up a beatdown for you,’ I replied, ‘so…Franks?’

Alex sat up, ‘She came here a few weeks ago, flashing her badge…at least, what looked like a badge. Said she was investigating a few cold cases involving someone she thought I knew.’


‘Right. There was something off about her, so I didn’t say much. Then she started talking about investigating an underground fighting league. I said nothing again and she left. Last week she contacted me again and asked to see me, claimed she had some information about the people who assaulted me, asked again about the league. I didn’t let on that I already knew it was Phoebe and Marie but I went anyway cos I was curious. She gave me a pretty complete run down on them, their past…I suppose you know well enough. Asked me if I would help her to take them down?’


‘I was suspicious. So, I said I would think about it. When she left, I called the local force, found out she doesn’t work there. Haven’t known what to think since.’

‘I don’t know what she’s up to, but it can’t be good. She must have some goal.’

Alex shrugged, ‘Beats me. But I doubt I’m the only member of the league she’s been speaking to.’

I hadn’t thought of that. It would make sense for Franks to speak to as many of Riley’s associates as she could. Who knows what she’d told them or what her endgame was. I would have to tread carefully and investigate a little myself. What we were doing in the league was not strictly legal since we were actually fighting and causing injuries and, lets be honest, the post fight activities, although fine with all of us, probably didn’t look too good out of context. Was she planning to disrupt the league? Get revenge on Riley? The twins? Something else? I had no idea.


I really did take it easy for the rest of that week. Marie stayed over a few nights, I spent a few days resting up, doing my exercises as suggested. By the time I went back to work the following week I was no longer hobbling and I was able to lift a few weights again. The arm still twinged, and I could only hope it would be up to fighting Rachel in a couple more weeks. As if to tease me I received a text from Rachel showing a picture of her. Dressed in jeans and a half length flowery tank top like thing, it looked like it was taken from the floor, looking up at her back while she flexed a bicep, head turned to look over her shoulder and down at the camera. The caption simply read, “Coming soon”.

I texted back a middle finger emoji. I didn’t fear Rachel. I’d beaten her last time out and I knew I could get the better of her again. Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t taking her lightly, I knew what she was capable of, but I had a lot of confidence right now. I was on my longest singles win streak in the League and I didn’t see Rachel as anything but another opponent. Time would tell if that was the wrong attitude.

The following Saturday seemed to roll around pretty fast, and I was feeling around 80%. More than enough for the worst League fighter paired with one of the newest. Stella and I arrived early to the large suite at the hotel and prepared the mats before squeezing into our attire. Stella, as usual wore a pair of ridiculously tight long black neoprene pants that were as figure hugging as a wetsuit, sucking into every contour of her powerful legs and thighs leaving literally nothing to the imagination. Her top half was covered buy a short sleeved midriff baring top of the same material that left only her lower arms and belly exposed. It was just as tight as the pants and left my tag partner looking like some kind of chiselled statue of dark, toned muscle. The clothes were her choice and had a secondary purpose. They were so tight; it was hard to get your hand into them. Stella’s weakness was now well known in the league. She could be easily sexually teased and wound up, blunting her usually formidable firepower. She didn’t want any wandering fingers getting into her pants or up her top…at least not until she won or lost. Her hair was a little different. The dreads were a little shorter and lacked any colour at the tips, which they usually had. Stella said she was going to get rid of them and try another style in the weeks to come. For my part, I had a pair of the tight long pants that, although less than comfortable, certainly made my bulge look larger.

We had a few moments before our opponents arrived, so we sat at the table and hydrated.

‘Do we need a name?’ said Stella.

‘A name?’

‘Yeah. Some teams have a name huh? Ladies of Leather, South Asian Invasion, Slinky Sex Kittens. Maybe we should have a name too?’

‘What, like, Ebony and Ivory?’

Stella laughed, ‘That’s wayyy to obvious, gotta be somethin more snappy.’

‘Well…hang on, who are the Slinky Sex Kittens?’

‘Riley an Ruth. SSK fo’ short.’

I nodded, ‘SSK? I suppose that fits them. Rachel and Suki?’

‘Pro Crush. On account a Suki being a pro wrestler and Rach crushin people.’

‘Nicole and Alex?’

‘Black Ice.’

‘Black ICE?’ I laughed, ‘How long were they coming up with that?’

Stella shrugged, ‘Dunno. Black Ice. I should be fuckin Black Ice! Never mind. We need somthin.’

‘I’m still thinking Ebony and Ivory.’

We resolved to think about it for our next fight. Any ideas readers?

We sat in silence for a few minutes before Stella extended her leg and poked her toes into my leg, ‘You know, after we win…you gon fuck me, ok?’

I smiled, ‘You certainly know how to motivate a guy.’

Stella had a thing. When we won, she liked to fuck in front of our defeated opponents. Hey, I was NOT going to argue with that. Who the fuck would!? Given the quality of our opponents, I had very little doubt that I would be nuts deep in that tight pussy pretty fast after the final buzzer.

Leanne and Amber arrived shortly afterwards.

To be honest, I’d never had a great deal to do with Leanne. She was by far the weakest fighter in the league with limited abilities in pretty much every area. She was associated with Nicole’s clique for a time which I thought might have accelerated her training but nothing substantive changed.
Generally, she seemed to fight exclusively on defence and once gassed, was easily taken down. Although, she had defeated her current partner Amber in a bondage fight the other day. I was still curious as to how that might have happened. Leanne stood a few inches shorter than me, light chestnut coloured hair worn in a mid length pony tail. She had come to fight wearing a pair of black short shorts and a red boob tube across her relatively flat chest.

Amber was the newest addition to the league, unless you count Keela as a returning member. The ju jitsu white belt stood about as tall as Leanne and now sported wavy flame red hair loosely tied back behind her head. She wore a rash guard from neck to ankle, almost completely covering all her skin. Mostly white with splashes of black all over she looked like she’d been rolling in paint such was the randomness of the designs all over it. It was pretty tight around her body, accentuating her breasts firm ass. Amber was a bit of a slow starter. Despite being trained by Jane she was not progressing as fast as most other new starters and despite a recent win over Kelly, didn’t seem to be much of a threat. I wondered if that was because she seemed to be stoned most of the time. I checked up close and her eyes appeared clear at least, as opposed to bloodshot as I’d last seen them, she didn’t seem stoned tonight, even if her speech was a little flat and monotone.
As we were stretching on the mat I said, ‘You guys got a name for your team?’

‘Undercats,’ said Leanne.

‘Like Thundercats?’

‘No, like Underdogs but cats…since we scratch.’

‘Lame,’ droned Stella.

‘Oh yeah, what’s yours? Ebony and Ivory or some stupid shit?’

I stifled my nervous laugh and shot a look at Stella who was trying to hold in a laugh of her own, ‘No, obviously not. Dumb name. We haven’t chosen one yet.’

Stella leaned back on her palms, ‘Was tinkin maybe wes called “Yous gonna get fucked ladies!”’

Leanne scoffed, ‘Funny.’

‘Won’t be for long,’ said Stella, dropping her tone a few octaves.

‘So Amber,’ I said, ‘how are you finding the league?’

Amber sat opposite me, reaching forward and pulling on her toes to stretch the back of her legs, ‘It’s fun. I’m enjoying rolling around with everyone…would like to win more but I need more training and practice. Jane taught me a lot, but she was a little tough to learn from.’

‘Sounds like Jane,’ I replied.

‘Not sure how much of a challenge we can give you but…I’m always up for a grapple.’

We finished stretching and faced off for a quick photograph. Karen was asking for before and after pictures now and also more detailed records of fights with more aftermath pics, what happened, who did what. She was asking a few people to film the fights. Only the actual combat, not the forfeits, but hadn’t asked us tonight. I wasn’t sure why yet, but there was a meeting to tell us in a few weeks time so the reason would soon be revealed.

Stella grinned, ‘Yous ladies better not be hoping for any fun after. That’s jus for him and me.’

Amber seemed more amused than Leanne, ‘Aw shucks, and I was hoping for a good seeing to.’

‘Stella eats first,’ I replied, ‘you can have what’s left.’

Stella and I hi fived, ‘Damn right!’ she slapped my ass.

As per the new addition to the rules, there was some arm wrestling to start. We had discussed it at the rules meeting the other week and decided that at the start of a tag match, each team would put one of their members up to arm wrestle the other. The winner would be able to decide who started on each side and no tags would be allowed for two minutes at the start, unless there was a point scored. The headline for the arm wrestling addition was that in the event of a tie score after 20 mins, the arm wrestling would then add one point, deciding the winner. If the league membership liked it, it would be incorporated into singles matches as well to prevent any further draws (excluding title fights that would still go to sudden death) I liked it, and it made the arm wresting less of a gimmick and gave losing it real potential consequences.

The other rules remained the same. 20 minute fight, last five minutes was power play where scores would count for 3 and fighters could be eliminated. No double teaming outside the power play period and tags were to be made from the edge of the mat only.

The choice for the arm wrestling was obvious, I gave Stella a look and she stepped forwards, laying down on her belly on the mat, planting her elbow into the soft surface and flexing her fingers. Leanne and Amber talked it over before Amber nodded and went to her knees. I stepped over and seated myself on Ambers back, taking her other arm and holding it against the small of her back to prevent any cheating and to keep her planted on the mat in the same position. Leanne did the same for Stella and the two wrestlers clasped hands, looking defiantly into each others eyes. Stella wore a confident grin and winked up at me.

‘Ready?’ I said.

‘Ready,’ they both said together.

‘Ok, 3…2…1…GO!’

Both women were wearing long sleeves but even under them you could see their arms tense up as they locked against each other. Stella’s bicep bulged through her top as she barred her teeth and growled. Amber resisted hard, dipping her head and exhaling sharply as she strained to hold the much more powerful women at bay. I felt Amber’s whole body tense up between my legs and she clenched her other fist tightly.

‘Come on Amber, you got this!’ said Leanne, doing her best to encourage her team mate.

Amber made a fight of it…but let’s be honest, she very much did not “got this” She was never going to hold out for more than a few seconds. I don’t think Stella was even really putting her full strength into it but after only a moment, she slowly and methodically levered Amber’s arm over, smiling the whole time and breaking into a laugh as she forced the back of the redhead’s hand to the mat with an audible thud.

‘Stella wins,’ I declared.

‘Fuck!’ exclaimed Amber, rubbing her arm as we all got back to our feet. Stella and I returned to our side of the mat. We had the choice of who would start against who.

‘Wan me to go?’ said Stella.

‘No, I’ll go first,’ I replied, ‘Leanne, you’re up,’ I called across the mat.

‘Good luck,’ said Stella, ‘just keep ma pussy in ur mind and you be fine ah?’
I smiled, shaking my head and stepping onto the mat. Leanne exchanged a few final words with Amber before walking onto the mat and squaring up for the final picture before the fight.

‘Don’t hold back,’ said Amber.

‘Oh I won’t,’ I replied.

Call me a shithouser, call me a bully, call it in bad taste if you like, but I’d had some tough fights recently and a few heavy beatings. I wanted to crush someone…and Leanne was the one stood in my way.

The timer buzzed. 20 mins on the clock.

‘GO!’ called Stella.
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Hotel Scuffle/Saturday Night Tournament
SNT fighters gallery > https://www.malevsfemale.org/album.php?albumid=1205

The Terror Twins
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

I am happy to see Alex again. I hated her for a long time but I have been losing this feeling. She is still not among my favorite people but the hate is almost gone. But they still have a long way to reestablish their friendship. I think their closure is not yet done. She is a smart person. She didn’t blindly follow Franks. But she is obsessive about the twins. She must know that she can not beat either of them. Asking for a beatdown makes me question her intelligence.

His presence might be good for Alex’s safety but he should make a really good deal with Marie. And he has intertwined Marie and Pheebs fights too many times so far. He might need extra security for this one.

So Franks is talking with other members? Interesting.

Ebony and Ivory is a nice name. I’ll think about suggestions. If I find any I'll let you know. Dumb and Dumber might suit them if they continue to fight like they did against the champions. They weren't so smart during that fight.

Stella is a bit overkill at this arm wrestling matches. Their opponents were too weak compared to her. They can use him against some opponents maybe.

I am expecting an easy win against Amber and Leanne. But who knows? We never saw them fight as a team.

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Can Crushing
Part 2

Ok readers. You know by now that, even when I’m on good form, my fights tend to be at least competitive. Some more than others. Some are last gasp wins…or losses, some are clear victories or crushing defeats but there’s always a fight to be had.

I can’t say the same about today. Amber and Leanne were just not up to the required level.

Leanne was rightly nervous as Stella stood fast, arms by her side, casually resting her weight on one foot while Leanne raised her fists and flinched, expecting a rush on the buzzer. She sidestepped slowly with Stella just turning her head to follow her path. Stella was smiling, knowing she was the vastly superior fighter and Leanne posed very little threat. As Leanne moved almost to Stella’s side she edged forwards, Stella suddenly turned, ‘BOO!’ she barked, waving her arms at the shorter fighter and laughing as she hopped a few steps back in fear.

‘C’mon Stella, don’t play with her,’ I laughed.

‘Spoil sport,’ she said, looking over her shoulder at me. She raised her own fists and began moving in a slow sideways step, closing the gap on her target as Leanne circled around and put her back to me.

The first clash, as you might imagine, was pretty nasty.

Leanne came in gamely, aiming a punch low at Stella’s breast but the black women twisted a shoulder back to avoid the strike and counter punched her opponent square on the nose. Leanne seemed to pause in shock before Stella flung her other hand and caught her open palmed on the cheek, half spinning her and sending her back a few steps before she slumped down on her ass. Leanne wore a look of glazed shock on her face as she repeatedly blinked to clear her vision. Stella laughed, ‘Come on, get up, you can do better than that!’

Leanne was at least angry at the taunting and got back to her feet pretty quick. Shaking the fog loose and putting her hands up again. This time she was far more cautious, missing her punches but being mindful enough to avoid the counters. Stella began to walk her down, keeping her self between Leanne and Amber to prevent the tag she knew the girl would try to make as soon as she was able. Leanne tried to semi-circle around but Stella moved with her, keeping her pinned to our side of the mat and occasionally throwing out long jabs that, to her credit, Leanne kept out of range of.

Stella cracked her again, driving her backwards and running her clean off the mat past me.

‘Back on the mat!’ I called as Stella laughed and stepped back, giving her space.

‘Pathetic,’ she said, ‘fuckin fight me!’

Leanne might have been one of the worst fighters ever to grace the league mats, but she was also one of the oldest members. She had fought and suffered some rough stuff and it appeared all she needed was a little anger to get her going. She bounded back onto the mat with a cry of fury and launched herself at the ebony amazon, swinging her fists wildly and forcing her opponent to back up and block the incoming. She forced Stella back to the middle of the mat and…yep, I saw it, she landed a good body blow on the exposed midriff of her opponent, knocking a little wind out of her.

‘YEAH, COME ON!’ cried Amber as Stella kept her hands high to deflect the onslaught. Amber kept coming, putting full hip twists into powerful hook shots that I had no doubt would be damaging if she could land them on flesh rather than Stella’s arms. Then, out of nowhere, she switched stance and swung her foot low, catching Stella outside her knee and almost…almost buckling her leg.

Stella backed up a little more. Leanne poured forward again, looking for another kick. I was impressed by her resolve to fight but I was also aware that fighting at this pace was BURNING through energy while Stella’s breathing was barely above normal. It might have looked impressive but Leanne was achieving nothing except to gas herself. Leanne moved in once more and tried for another kick. Stella checked it with her own leg, getting a yelp from Leanne, before she unloaded a one two punch, once to the chin, then across her cheek. Leanne span almost 180 degrees and fell to all fours. Stella wasted no time in diving on her opponent back and flattening her to the mat before working her over onto her back. Leanne kicked and struggled but Stella was easily able to take her wrists and pin them to the mat over her head.

Leanne bridged and twisted, managing to turn her hips a little but Stella spread her own legs, keeping the smaller women under control and gradually forcing her onto her back again. There was a moments pause before Stella lifted her chest and quickly scooted up to sit on Leanne’s chest and released her wrists, her arms staying pinned over her head, kept there by Stella’s thighs either side of her head. Leanne tried another bridge but could not move the muscled women on her chest who casually flexed both her biceps and smiled down, ‘1…2…3,’ she started counting.

Leanne’s feet swept across the mat, trying to find some kind of purchase but she was trapped in a tight pin, ‘4…5,’ Stella kissed her own left bicep, ‘6,’ then her right, ‘7.’

Leanne gave up, letting her legs drop out straight and releasing a sigh of resignation. Stella finished the count.

‘Pin!’ she declared. Stella dropped her arms and patted Leanne on the cheek as she lay between her legs, ‘Good effort. Can you eat ma pussy wit the same energy huh?’

‘Fuck you,’ said Leanne.

‘Maybe! Maybes I’ll let ya, in like a million years!’

Stella stood and walked back over to me, a confident smirk on her face and we hi fived. Leanne took a moment and rolled onto her side before getting up and walking back over to her partner.

‘Good to go?’ said Stella to me.

‘Sure,’ I replied, giving my injured arm a little flex and feeling good. Ok, Amber was stepping onto the mat as per the rules since Leanne had been pinned. Stella officially tagged me in before stepping off the mat.

This was at least a new experience for me. I’d never fought one on one with either girl and it was time to see what Amber was made of. The redhead took her stance, hunkered over, arms out like claws. Predictably, she was looking to grapple and despite her relatively low standing in the league, she had some proper fight training. I’d never take anyone lightly who could claim an actual belt around their waist, even if it was only white.

I matched her stance. As we met in the middle she tried to reach out and lock up with my arms, but I kept clear and slapped her limbs away, looking for an opening which she duly gave me. I darted between her guard and flung an arm around her shoulder, pulling her down into a side headlock and cranking her neck under my arm. She attempted to trip me with one of her legs, but I stayed on my feet, keeping my feet wide and resisting her attempts to bring the fight to the floor. I was surprised by how strong she actually was as she did manage to sprize her head out from my headlock and dive for my leg before I could react. I dragged her back to a standing position and shoved her back, moving after her quickly and delivering a hard slap to the side of her face. She responded with a slap of her own that I blocked easily with my arm. Again, she dived for a double leg takedown but I was able to sprawl as Marie had taught me and force her face down to the mat with me on her back, facing her feet. I moved for a guillotine choke but the ju jitsu girl was alive to that technique and defended well, keeping her neck protected and working her way back to her knees where we flailed arms, trying to grip each other.

I broke the stalemate with another sharp jab to the face, knocking her back off her knees. Amber recovered fast though and spread her legs as I moved in, trapping me in her guard even as I tried to land a hammer punch on her head. She took my wrist and held my hands together against her chest as I got to my knees. Amber defended well and was clearly trying to work her legs up towards a headscissor or triangle but I got to my feet and lifted her off the mat. She was smart, expecting me to lift her high and powerbomb her back down so she released her scissors and let her feet back down to the mat. Still holding my wrists, she tried to land a few knee strikes, but again, I was able to block them easy enough.

It may seem like I was going slow, but I was working things out. Learning her strengths. She was clearly a capable grappler and had a very tactical mind in that respect. She anticipated well on the ground and was able to protect herself from obvious attacks in a way that a lot of other league fighters couldn’t. Still, her weakness was on her feet, so that’s where I tried to keep her.

Stood up again, I pulled us close together, preventing any further knee strikes. A little breathless, we stood for a moment while I tried to twist and wrench my wrists from her grip. Amber bent and turned with me, her ninja grip on my wrists biting into my bones. She tried to trip me again, but I was easily able to kick my foot out of her hook attempt. I pushed against her, driving her back across the mat towards Stella and making her think I was going for a tag. She released one wrist and tried deliver a close punch but missed. I countered with the elbow of my free arm and cracked her across the chin, breaking her grip on my other arm and separating us. Amber windmilled back, trying to keep her feet as I dived after has, swinging a hook that swept a centimetre short of her nose and causing me to over rotate. Amber was able to escape and hop back behind me, her back to her partner again. Ok, she was mobile, fast, and could grapple on the ground but not much else. Her strikes were not likely to be a threat and she hadn’t even attempted any kicks yet. What the hell did Jane, one of the best kickers besides Phoebe, teach her?

Amber backed up and tagged out with Leanne, stepping off the mat as her partner jumped on and charged at me. I guess Leanne knew she had very little chance with either of us to stand and exchange so both would be looking to close the gap and take the fight to the floor.

I sidestepped Leanne’s obvious takedown attempt and she slid onto her knee, quickly turning and getting back up again before I could attack. She quick stepped at me again, winging at wild punch at my head before trying for another of those low kicks. Both shots were avoided, and I kept backing up, content for her to come forward and burn her energy.

‘GET HIM, GET HIM!’ yelled Amber.

Leanne tried to feign a move on way, but I spotted the trick. I played along before delivering a straight punch as she came in again. Now I went after her, breaking her momentum and landing two more clean shots, knocking her down and going to the mat on top of her as Stella had.

Uncharacteristically, Leanne was able to bridge up and toss me off over her head. I guess I was just sloppy, overconfident. As I put an arm out to break my fall I landed awkwardly, straining my weak shoulder a little and feeling a stab of pain in my arm. I didn’t let it show and tried again to get hold of Leanne on the mat. She crab scooted away as I reached for her and made her way back over to her partner and tagged Amber back in.

‘Ok?’ said Stella.

‘I’m good,’ I replied, standing to face Amber again. I guess this was going to be their tactic, high energy, short time, regular tags to try and offset our superior strength and firepower.

Amber was predictable, diving again for a takedown right out of the blocks. I sprawled and head locked her again before transition to back control. Once more, Amber anticipated a choke attempt and dropped her chin, allowing me free reign to turn her over onto her back and go for a pin. She bridged hard but I rode her easier than Leanne, dropping a few blows onto her face and chest as she covered up, expecting full on ground and pound. I worked around the outside, catching her on the cheek with a full power hook punch that clearly stunned her judging by the teeth gritting and screwing up her eyes. I took her exposed wrists and stretched her arms out wide, flopping down on top and working my legs around hers, looking for a grapevine.
Even if she anticipated the move, she was in no position to stop it. I wrapped my legs around the outside of hers and hooked my feet over her shins, getting a good grip and pushing her legs out straight to avoid her simply kicking out. With the hooks in nicely, I forced her legs apart quickly, halting her struggles from the waist down as I loud groan of surprise escaped her lips. I brought her arms together over her head and crossed her wrists before spreading her legs further and feeling the natural resistance of her muscles as they were stretched uncomfortably.

‘OWWWW!’ she cried, pressing her head back into the mat and resisting the spread as much as she could. I was pleased to find I had the stronger legs and holding her in place was easy.


Amber threw her head from side to side and twisted her hips, but I flattened down on top of her smaller frame. The feeling of her body writhing against mine was an instant turn on and I hoped she could feel it against her…down there 😊

‘Got you!’ I laughed.

Amber’s lips peeled back over her teeth as she strained angrily against the grapevine and the arm control. I forced her legs apart a little further and it instantly broke her. Her mouth opened wide, and she cried out, struggles instantly ceased, ‘NO NO NO!’ she gasped.

‘Submit?’ I asked.

‘YES YES!’ she cried.

I eased the grapevine before unhooking my legs and working to my knees. Amber rubbed her face and propped herself up on her elbows, ‘Fuck!’ she whispered to herself, clearly disappointed.

I helped her to her feet, ‘Tough hold to survive,’ I offered sympathetically.
‘Yeah,’ she replied, turning to walk back over to Leanne.

This was going as expected and I couldn’t see either fighter giving us much trouble.

The next fall was over pretty fast. I started on the mat against Leanne as per the rules. Stella offered me the tag at the start of the fall, but I refused. I wanted to stay in a little longer and get a proper crack at Leanne since she had tagged out so fast last time.

This time I quickly reversed our positions with good footwork and trapped her on our side of the mat before forcing her into an exchange of slaps and punches that she could not withstand. She covered up and turned away, exposing her back in an almost criminally bad move in a fight that allowed me simply to step behind her and force my arm around her throat. Even Stella seemed surprised as I worked Leanne into a rear naked choke, pulling her upright and bracing my other arm behind her head. She feebly pulled and tugged at my arm while I got into the exact position I wanted, stood right in front of my tag partner before cranking on the choke and lifting Leanne up to her tiptoes in a display for Stella.

‘Ooooh, nice!’ she laughed as Leanne began to gag and choke in my grip. It took her only a few seconds to tap out on my arm.

I released the choke and turned, shoving her back across the mat to her partner. Leanne didn’t even look back, walking despondently, rubbing her neck and tagging Amber back in.

I was disappointed with Leanne’s effort so far. Amber was at least willing to try but Leanne seemed to wilt under the slightest pressure. Not really what we needed in the league to be honest and how, the fuck, may I ask, did Leanne beat Amber in their bondage match? I could only assume that Amber was high as a kite or unconscious!

‘Ma turn!’ said Stella.

‘Hang on, I want a few more minutes!’ I replied.

‘Make em count!’ she replied.

Leanne was not really willing to fight but Amber certainly was, and she seemed to be even enjoying it!

There was steel in the look now as she advanced, carefully picking her punches and feigning a dive for the occasional takedown. Her bunched red hair thrashed about behind her head as she advanced, tanking hits from me as she came in and desperately trying to get her hands on me. I landed another few good shots to her face and her skin was starting to bruise but she kept coming forward. I stepped left, then right as she mirrored my movements, edging back and forward, looking for that opening. I decided to go on the offensive again, not because I was worried about the score but like I said at the start, I wanted to crush someone, and it was time to switch it on.

I shifted my stance and aimed a kick to the side of her ribs. To my surprise, Amber caught my leg mid kick and trapped my ankle under her arm before sweeping my standing leg out quickly. I was too far away for a tag so we both went to ground in a scramble again.

Amber had top position as she dropped into full mount and started reigning punches down on me as I covered up and blocked. I wouldn’t rate her power as that high but nonetheless, hits like this can do damage if they get through. I bucked my hips, trying to unseat her but she rode me easily and stayed in top position, edging up a little higher on my chest and reducing my ability to block the incoming shots. Taking one of my arms and pinned it over my head and began trying to hook shots past my remaining arm into my cheek. Again, I thrust my middle up but she stayed on. Two hits got through before I could catch her fist and flick my legs up, bicycling my feet in the air and trying to get my feet under her arms to flip her off. Amber tried to hunker down to avoid it but that only allowed me to grip her throat and shove her back upright where I got my right foot under her arm and rolled her off.

‘Ok good boy, come on!’ said Stella, clapping her encouragement.

I rolled over, pushing Amber onto her back and ending up in her guard. We held a wrist each and both tried to cling on and rip away our captive limb at the same time. Amber tried to move her legs up, looking for a triangle but I kept my elbow out, blocking her attempt. Stalemate followed for a few seconds before Amber released my wrist and sat up a little, reaching around my head and pulling my face down to her chest, hugging my face against her top and trying to squeeze with her legs. I didn’t feel any danger from the legs and her smother attempt was going to fail since the fabric of her clothes wouldn’t give a good enough seal as bare skin. I started bringing my knees up under me and planting my hands on the floor. My intention was to get to my feet, with Amber clinging to me and drop her hard on the mat, this time not allowing her to disengage.

Amber, however, had other ideas.

The redhead twisted her upper body to the side and pulled my head into her armpit, switching the smother for a front headlock. I assumed she might try for a guillotine again, so I reached blindly for her free arm to stop her. She leaned over my shoulder and caught my wrist, working my arm behind my back before releasing the headlock and swinging her full weight to the side, switching her position to side control with me trapped between her legs. In an instant she was bending and flexing my arm behind my back! The ju jitsu girl had a kimura locked on and I was seconds away from a broken arm!
I slapped the mat frantically, ‘SUBMIT!’ I yelled.

Amber released the armlock and flopped back down onto her back as I sat up, ‘Yes!’ she gasped up at the celling.

To be truly honest, I was shocked. That came out of nowhere and I couldn’t help but be impressed. As I stood, I patted her thigh, ‘Good one,’ I offered. She returned a smile and held out her hand to be helped up to her feet.

‘Can show you a lot more one on one!’ she winked before stepping backwards over to Leanne. I walked back over to Stella.

‘What happen?’ she asked, smirking.

‘Didn’t expect that, was a good move. Careful Stella, she does know some stuff that we don’t normally use in the league.’

Stella pounded her fist into her palm, ‘Why don I sho her what we do know in the league.’

I raised and eyebrow and tagged her in, squatting down by the mat edge.
Amber’s confidence boost was predictably short lived.

Stella marched onto the mat and unleased a flurry of hard shots to the body that doubled the redhead over several times and forced her to back up repeatedly. Amber’s counter punches hit air as did any low kicks she threw out. Desperate, she dived for a single leg takedown on Stella’s leading leg and wrapped her arm around her thigh, planting her feet and trying to lift the bigger black women off her feet. She almost succeeded until Stella planted her other foot and brought her knee up right into Amber’s face, smashing her nose and splatting blood across her thigh, Ambers face and the mat. Amber stumbled back and Stella moved in, delivering a heavy step kick that folded her opponent up and sent her to the mat at her partners feet. Leanne looked scared as Amber weakly raised her arm for the tag, her mouth and chin were stained with blood from her nose.

Leanne steeled herself and tagged in. Ok, I suppose I can credit Leanne with some guts if nothing else. She resorted to type, running at Stella and going on an all out attack. Stella backed up and covered up as Amber pounded her arms and swung in some kicks aimed at her shins and thighs as she came forward. Amber dragged herself off the mat and wiped her face on her towel, leaving a deep red smear across the white hotel towels.

Leanne had nothing to trouble Stella and even the punches that she landed were doing little damage. I saw a few strike Stella in the side of her ribs and a few kick wobble those massive thighs but Stella was unfazed, soaking up the hits as Leanne ran down her energy. As she started to gas, Stella made her move, halting Leanne’s momentum and kicking her legs clean out from under her. As the smaller women scrambled to get back to her feet, Stella caught her in a front headlock and snaked her arm under her throat for a guillotine. Casually walking the captive fighter back, she began cranking the neck and choking her. Leanne punched weakly with her arms as Stella forced her to her toes, wrenching her neck so badly it even made me wince in sympathy.

Stella locked eyes with me and stuck her tongue out, beaming her smile over at me, reminding me of the incredible fuck to come at the end of the match. Leanne’s struggles started to fade as a faint gurgling noise escaped her throat. I thought it could only be a matter of seconds before she passed out.

Amber tagged in and jumped on Stella’s back, throwing her arm around Stella’s unprotected neck!

Stella had idly drifted back over to their side of the mat holding Leanne in the headlock and Amber, poised and waiting, had slapped Leanne’s flailing hand and tagged herself in! Stella went wide eyed with surprise, and it took a second for her to realise what had happened. She released the guillotine and Leanne collapsed to the floor in a coughing heap. Amber got her arm fully around Stella’s throat and wrapped her legs around her body, using her other arm to complete the rear naked choke before Stella could even think about defending herself.

‘’Shit!’ I muttered. Amber had the choke on tight and I could already see her arm biting into Stella’s neck. The ebony tank responded correctly, keeping her neck as tight as she could and reaching over her head with one hand, trying to unlock the bracing arm while trying to force her fingers under the choking arm. Amber locked her ankles around Stella’s torso and gritted her teeth, squeezing her opponent’s neck as hard as she could.

‘STELLA, OVER HERE, COME ON!’ I called, slapping the mat and beckoning for her to get over to me and tag out before she passed out.

Stella didn’t immediately respond, she bent over and continued to try and break the choke. I guess she thought she would be strong enough to do it, but Amber was wiry and determined, squeezing her eyes shut and holding on to the RNC for all she was worth. Stella wobbled and staggered a few steps.

‘STELLA!’ I cried. If she lost her feet and went to the mat, she would have to tap or pass out.

‘NOW! COME ON!’ I added, slapping the mat again.

Finally, the black women seemed to realise she couldn’t prise the redhead’s arm away from her neck and stood up, taking a few steps back over to me with Amber on her back like a monkey. Amber sensed the intent and tried to force her legs between Stella’s with the goal of tripping her to the mat, but she couldn’t quite get the hooks in. Stella’s eyes were bulging as she crossed the middle point of the mat and staggered a few more steps before flopping to her knees. Amber now managed to get her legs between the black women’s and topple them both to the mat, rolling onto her back and taking Stella with her still with the RNC locked on tight.

‘COME ON, ROLL!’ I said.

Stella was still keeping her neck tight and threw her weight to the side, rolling sideways before Amber was able to brace with her feet and pull her back over.

‘THAT’S IT, AGAIN, COME ON!’ I said. Stella was only a few feet away and I could almost tag in if she could just edge a little closer. Again, the black women managed to roll to the side, then onto her front before getting her knees under her. Giving up trying to peel Amber’s arms off her throat she used the last of her energy to crawl a few paces on her hands and knees and stick her arm out for me to tag.

As soon as out skin touched she flopped to the mat. I scooted behind Amber and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her off Stella’s back as she released the choke. I lifted, twisted and threw her to the floor with a heavy thud, following up and a swift kick to the stomach as she got onto all fours, knocking the wind out of her and rolling her over onto her back. Shooting a glance behind me, Stella was ok. She didn’t pass out, but it must have been as close as the choke she had on Leanne.

With both women recovering, Amber and I were left to duke this fall out.
I got mean, kicking her again on the mat as she rolled onto her front again and stamping on her back and side while she covered up in a foetal position. It’s times like this that I feel like a bit of a scumbag in the league, literally kicking a woman on the floor but this was a fight and we ALL knew what we signed up for.

I didn’t let up, pulling Amber to her feet with both hands around her throat and driving a knee into her stomach. Stunned and shocked by the sudden onslaught, Amber spat blood in my face and brought her knee up between my legs, detonating a bomb of pain right in my groin. This was turning into a real street fight all of a sudden, but in that event, Stella and I had the advantage. I dropped her on the mat and stumbled back, clutching my groin and groaning through the dull ache spreading up my body. Leanne’s legs were shaking, and she backed up to Leanne again for another tag. Stella was back on our side of the mat, rubbing her throat but looking none the worse for ware given that she had almost been choked out a few moments ago. She gave me a nod and held her hand out. I didn’t want to tag out so soon after tagging in, but that nut shot from Amber left me needing a few moments to recover, so I slid back over to my partner and tagged her back in.

Leanne and Stella on the mat again now and both were a little light headed. Still, Stella was several levels above Leanne and she quickly made it count. Circling around her opponent to cut off her retreat back to her partner, Stella stepped through a heavy straight right hand and smashed her fist into Leanne’s face. The crunching, snapping noise were sickening and Leanne waddled backward to wards me. Stella wasted no time, reasserting herself by quick stepping to Leanne and wrapping her arms around her opponent before lifting her off the mat into a tight bearhug.

‘Oh, you’re done now!’ I laughed, still trying to rub some feeling back into my balls.

Leanne’s arms were free and she immediately began the futile exercise of trying to escape the specialty move from the women with the most powerful arms in the league. Stella clasped her hands behind Leanne’s back…and squeezed.

‘URGH!’ grunted Leanne as she let her head fall back, reaching behind her back and tugging uselessly at Stella’s wrists. I’d been where she was right now and I can say with no exaggeration, it’s brutal. Stella has arm power unlike anyone else in the league and her bearhugs are fight ending. The black women lifted Leanne clear off her feet and crushed her in her powerful arms, gritting her teeth and snarling with anger at her opponent as she wriggled and squirmed in her grip.

Leanne struggled frantically for several seconds before letting her head go back again, squeezing her eyes shut and gasping for what little air she could get. There was no escape, no hope of a tag, no chance Stella was going to tire and let her down. As I watched, Stella’s arms somehow constricted again like a python, the ring of her limbs contracting again and clicking Leanne’s back loudly.

‘Oh…shit!’ I muttered on hearing the noise from Leanne’s bones.

A few more seconds passed, and Leanne seemed to go limp. Her arms dropped to her side and her legs flopped out straight. Stella growled again and began jerking from side to side, shaking her opponent like a rag doll and sending Leanne’s arms and legs flailing about like a crash dummy. There was nothing from Leanne…I think she was unconscious.

‘She’s out! I said, ‘STELLA, SHE’S OUT!’

The black amazon released her opponent and Leanne flopped to the mat in a heap before tilting over and slumping on to her side. The incredible looking, tight black neoprene clad west African women stood over her opponent, fists clenched, chest pumping as she caught her own breath, looking down at the women she had just literally crushed into sleep mode.

I edged onto the mat at her feet and rolled Leanne onto her back, lifting her feet in the air for a moment until her eyes flickered open again. It wasn’t too bad to be honest, she was only really out for about 5-10 seconds, and it was more of a pain paralysis than a genuine knock out. She was simply so overwhelmed with agony that she shut down. I’d seen it before with poor Suki trapped in a babyswing bow and arrow hold at the hands of Alex.

Stella continued to stand over us like a titan. I have to say that looking up at her right then, she was one of the most impressive physical forms I had ever seen. Exquisite!

Leanne sat up, clutching her chest and wheezing for air. Every breath seemed to hurt her a little and she flopped back on her back and wiped her face.

‘Did you pass out?’ I asked.

She shook her head, ‘Not quite, *cough* almost, but not quite.’

You might think Stella shouldn’t have hung on for as long as she did. That she should have eased up when it was clear that Leanne couldn’t escape, but to be fair to her, Stella was caught up in the moment and probably didn’t realise. The rules are pretty clear as well, you are responsible for tapping out. It’s not for your opponent to decide when you’ve had enough, you decide. Leanne may have intended to tap but passed out before she could? Who knew, but she obviously did nothing to let Stella know she wanted to stop, so Stella quite rightly continued until I realised Leanne was incapacitated.

I helped Leanne up and she walked back to her own side, tagging her partner in for what was a now almost certainly a downward trend to defeat. We were 4-1 up now and there was a little under 2 minutes left before the powerplay.
Stella stayed on the mat and Amber stepped on, hands on hips taking a series of deep breaths. It was pretty clear now that she would be finishing this fight largely alone with little support from her partner. I actually felt a little bad for her. She was pretty good, and I felt that if she was fighting with Suki, Alex, even Kelly, she would have a chance to be effective, but Leanne was just not up to standard. I suppose every league needs its whipping boy…or girl.

It seemed like both Amber and Stella were content to go easy before the power play round. Neither of them made any real effort to take the other down. Amber made a few moves go for Stella’s legs but found herself punched or kicked back by the more powerful black women.

As the clock ticked down, Leanne got back to her feet and each side retreated back to their partners.

‘Which won do yu wan?’ said Stella.

‘I’ll take Leanne if you like,’ I replied, ‘looks like she’s had enough of you.’

Stella smiled, ‘Kay baby, les finish them.’

The five minute buzzer went. Powerplay.

I’d like to tell you it was an epic last stand by “The Undercats” but it really wasn’t. That bearhug had BROKEN Leanne and as we all stepped back onto the mat she looked totally beaten already. Normally the power play would have been a more spontaneous affair as with previous fights but this time, there seemed little point. We paired off with our opponents and engaged once more for the final time in the fight.

I decided not to bother striking Leanne. She was already bruised up and I actually felt sorry for her. In fact, for the first time in the fight I felt like we shouldn’t have taken it. This was too easy really and probably a bit shitty from two obviously superior fighters to beat up on the two of the weakest in the league. Still, I wanted to finish it quickly, so I did.

I moved to Leanne and grabbed her, dragging her into space and tripping her to the mat. She didn’t even really try to punch or kick back and by the time we hit the mat, I was easily able to force her over onto her stomach and sit on her back. With almost no resistance, I slipped her into a full nelson, linking my fingers behind her neck before planting my feet either side of her shoulders and lifting her into a full nelson camel clutch. I took it slow, seeing as how she seemed to have failed to tap out to Stella despite obviously being trapped. I didn’t want to have to explain how she got a broken back if she “forgot” to tap out again. I kept the clutch low for a few moments as her arms hung limp over mine before lifting her a little and pausing again, ‘Submit?’ I asked.

‘No,’ she said simply.


‘Go fuck yourself!’ she hissed back.

Fair enough. I rocked back a little and pulled her up further, bowing her back slowly while keeping her head pushed down in the full nelson. I felt a little squirm from her hips but that was all. I pulled back a little further until I could brace my elbows against my knees, locking the camel clutch in place so I could watch the rest of the fight while slowly draining Leanne into submission.

Amber was STILL making a fight of it, despite the hopelessness. She and Stella were on the mat with Stella in Ambers guard. Both women were struggling for position, but Stella looked pretty comfortable. Amber kept her arms up and close, expecting punches from the black women but Stella was content to hold her there and drop the occasional elbow into her stomach.
Amber squirmed in my grip again, flicking her lower legs up and letting her feet drop to the mat again. She did reach behind her head with her hands and try to unlock the full nelson but after failing to pry my fingers apart she made a few seconds effort to tug at my wrists before letting her arms drop limp again with a loud sigh.


She didn’t answer. Fine by me. The arrogant bitch could just suffer in the half camel clutch until she decided she’d had enough. I could bend her back harder any time and force it, but this was easier and much more dominating.
Amber made play for another armlock but Stella was not having any of it, sitting upright and twisting her wrist our of Ambers weak grip. Both Leanne an Amber were tired and beat. Amber having shouldered most of the work tonight and taking a hell of a beating from both myself and Stella. On the other side of the mat, Stella got to her knees, tucking Amber’s ankles under her arms and stretching her legs out as she stood. She looked to be trying to turn Amber over into a boston crab.

Leanne squirmed again and let out a weak moan before flapping her hand, ‘Ok, ok, I give up.’

‘Sure this time?’

‘Yes, I submit.’

‘LEANNES OUT!’ I called. Stella nodded and smiled, twisting Amber left and right, trying to force her over at which the redhead was resisting as best she could. I lowered Leanne back to the mat and unlocked the full nelson.

‘Good effort,’ I said, trying to offer some encouragement after such a pathetic effort. Leanne slipped her hands under her head and rested her cheek on them, ‘Thanks, but I was shit.’

I casually unhooked her boob tube and slipped it out from under her, ‘You need to train with someone who knows that they are doing. Hands behind your back.’

Leanne complied, crossing her wrists for me to begin binding them with her own boob tube. I had restraints in my bag, but I was content to just sit here and watch Stella win. The thin red strip of fabric would be enough for now. I could add more later if I felt like it.

‘Yeah right,’ she sighed, ‘Hope you’re proud of yourself, beating me.’

I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head up sharply, ‘You took the fight bitch, not my fault you can’t throw a punch is it?’

Leanne didn’t answer.

‘Any anyway, she’s pretty good,’ I pointed across the mat at Amber who had now been worked over onto her front. Stella had swung her legs over and was now gently squatting down into a boston crab with Amber reaching back, pushing against her ass trying to stop her, ‘Maybe train with her, then you wouldn’t get FUCKED so much, would you?’

‘Prick,’ she whispered back.

‘Such a mouth on you Leanne. Don’t worry, I have something I can shove in it to shut you up.’

‘Lucky me.’

I released her ponytail and she rested her cheek on the mat again. Why was she so pissed at losing? It couldn’t be an uncommon feeling for her these days…or ever. Whatever, I didn’t care. I sat comfortably on her back and watched Stelle start bending Amber’s back in the boston crab. The redhead grimaced and balled her fists, straining to resist for a few seconds before slapping the mat, ‘OK, SUBMIT!’

It was over. Stella and I had run out 10-1 winners in a margin that was fully expected. Leanne had not even really shown up and left her partner to duke it out with two of the league’s best resulting in a lopsided scoreline. Despite the big win however, Amber had to a tap out from me, so there was hope for her at least.

‘Wooooo!’ said Stella, releasing Ambers legs and throwing her arms in the arm. She looked over her shoulder at me, short dreads swishing around her head and beaming a wide toothy smile at me.

‘Good job Stella,’ I clapped.

Amber buried her head in her hands and breathed heavily as Stella turned on her back to straddle Amber facing her head. She gathered up the bunched red hair and pulled the ju jitsu girls head up roughly, getting a yelp from her victim while she flexed her other arm and kissed her own bicep.

‘Feels good?’ she asked.

Amber reached behind her head to try and pull Stella’s hands out of her hair, but the black women was ready, taking Amber’s wrists and quickly overcoming the redhead’s resistance to pull her arm behind her. She leaned down to whisper in her ear, ‘You fought good. Maybes we fuck you aftah all huh?’ Stella stuck her tongue out and ran is across Amber’s cheek, licking a small quantity of blood that had trickled across it. Amber winced at the display of dominance and turned her head. Stella simply went to the other side and licked her other cheek. Amber squirmed but got a double hammerlock crank for her trouble, ‘OW, OW, OK, OK!’ she cried. I have to admit, it was a hot moment.

I pulled Leanne’s pony tail again, ‘You want some of that?’ I laughed.
‘Not like I have a choice, is it?’ she replied.

I jerked her head back a little harder, ‘Don’t get pissy with me,’ I said, detecting the continued annoyance in her voice, ‘you lost and you can’t blame anyone else, not even Amber. You practically ran away several times during that fight.’

Leanne sighed, turning her head as best she could with me still pulling on her hair, ‘I suppose I need better training. You interested?’

Training Leanne certainly would be a challenge. Could I turn the leagues worst fighter into at least a half decent scrapper? It was certainly an interesting prospect.

‘I’ll think about it,’ I replied, teasingly pulling on her hair sharper again to force her head back, ‘but first, I think Stella and I deserve our reward.’

‘No argument here,’ said Leanne.

Amber was stripped of her rash guard and Leanne of her shorts. Stella dug into her bag and retrieved a pair of leather buckle cuffs which she used on Amber’s wrists. I decided not to leave Leanne tied with her own boob tube and swapped it out for my pair of fixed bar cuffs than I applied above her elbows, leaving her lower arms free but pretty useless. We spent a few minutes taking pictures for Karen, posing over each of the defeated fighters. We even managed to get a shot of Stella carrying BOTH of them on her shoulders. I got a few nice shots of Amber with her face in my crotch and Stella put Leanne into a camel clutch and double fishooked her, forcing a smile into the camera lens while pouting over her victim’s shoulder.

‘Oh, that’s a nice one,’ I said, squatting down and taking another picture while Stella pulled Leanne’s head left and right with the fishhooks in her cheeks.

‘Gonna behave for us?’ said Stella, pulling Leanne’s head back a little tighter in the camel clutch using only her fingers.

‘Uh-huh,’ grunted Leanne submissively.

A few minutes later, both losers were placed on their knees at the end of the bed while Stella, now stripped of her bottoms, directed me to the bed to lay with my head towards the bottom. I smiled when I realised, she wanted to look at both losers while she rode me. Stella crawled onto the bed and swung her legs over, getting into a deep squat over my cock and spitting on her palm before reaching down and stroking my meat. I don’t know why she bothered, I was already hard as a rock in anticipation of what was to come.
As she had last time, she didn’t bother removing her top but some reason, it just made the whole think so much hotter. She eased down and slipped me inside her, dropping one knee, then the other before sinking her pussy all the way down my shaft. The tight, warm feeling washed up my body and I placed my hands on her thighs, pushing her legs apart a little to get her impaled a little deeper.

Stella looked up and clapped her hands loudly, ‘Now watch how the winners fuck huh!’

This was as good as any reward for victory I could think of…except perhaps fucking Jane in the ass that first time I did it. Stella was one extremely sexually capable and sensitive women, gripping me tight between her lips, leaning forward and gently grinding up and down on me while I struggled to keep my composure between her legs.

‘Don’t go on me too quick!’ she said, leaning down and licking the tip of my nose, ‘Mama wants hers first!’

‘No promises!’ I grunted, switching my grip to her hips to try and control the speed a little better so as not to blow in less than a minute.

‘HEY!’ said Stella, clicking her fingers and looking up at Leanne and Amber, out of my view, ‘eyes up ladies. One off yu might get the chance to ride next, so pay attention!’

It was a blissful few minutes until I sensed Stella getting more and more het up. She was sprinkling me with her sweat as she huffed and puffed, eyes closed as she rocked up and down on my cock, occasionally sucking and biting her lower lip. She planted her hands either side of my shoulders and spread her legs a little more, getting right over me, ‘Grab somthin!’ she whispered, ‘mmmmm!’

I ran my hands from her hips up her sides and smoothed them over her breasts, taking the weight of the not inconsiderable melons still pinned firmly behind her neoprene top.

‘Squeeze em!’ she whispered.

I did as instructed but it clearly wasn’t enough, ‘More! Crush um, get ya fingers in, HARD…HARDER….FUCKIN HARDER!’

I gripped and crushed her tits as hard as I dared but Stella still wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t want to hurt her, but it seemed that was what she wanted, ‘COME ON, HAARRRRRDER!’

I let loose and dug my fingers in as hard as I could, crushing a handful of each tit until she gasped, ‘YEAH, YEAH KEEP GOIN!’

She was close and I could hear the moist squelch of my cock sliding in and out as her pussy started to flood, ‘MORE!’ she looked right down into my eyes, wild black hair falling around her face, ‘ITS OK, SQUEEZE EM! COME ON BABY, MAMA WANTS TO CUM!’

My fingers were almost hurting but I put on one final claw of her tits to get her over the line, feeling her pussy lips clench around my cock as she plunged in deep and bowed her head, splaying her hair over my face and letting out a long shriek if pleasure as she came, ‘TAKE IT, TAKE IT!’ she gasped quickly. I didn’t need an invitation and gripped her hips again, pushing her down roughly and bucking my own hips up to rapidly push myself into orgasm. Our pleasure overlapped as we shuddered together, Stella almost collapsing on top of me but barely keeping herself propped up with her arms. I pushed my head back as I exploded inside her and felt her fingertip on my chin, pulling my head back down to meet her lips with mine and silence my moaning with her mouth. We kissed aggressively as our orgasms ran out and we kept our faces connected as our breath blasted out of our noses. I felt my body go limp as the blissful relaxation washed over me and let out a long moan of pleasure into her throat.

Her lips parted mine and she carefully eased into a sitting position, keeping me inside her all the way. She swept her hand back over her hair, brushing the black dreads out of her sweaty face and we each took a moment to catch our breath.

Stella raised a finger at the two defeated fighters, ‘That’s how you please a man. Get wet, get on top, giff him a good view.’

We shared a glance and laughed. It was a great reward for us both after a fairly easy fight.

Stella’s breathing slowly returned to normal, and she rested her hands on her hips, ‘I suppose…we should gif them something…for their effort? What do ya think?’

‘Well…I suppose we shouldn’t be mean. We should be good winners, right?’
‘Hmmm, right,’ said Stella, ‘So, which one you want?’

I lifted my chest and looked over my shoulder at the two defeated fighter, naked on their knees at the end of the bed. Leanne looked pretty despondent but Amber had a little smile on her lips, ‘Let’s take the redhead for a spin,’ I said.

Stella laughed and pointed at Leanne, ‘Not so lucky fo’ you miss. You gonna eat his cum outta ma pussy!’

I heard Leanne scoff with disgust. Stella eased off my cock and swung herself off the bed. She snapped her fingers and pointed, ‘Amber, get up there and do as your told,’ she looked back at me, ‘I’ll take the little one into the other room, giff you sum privacy.’

Amber climbed onto the bed and walked over on her knees, keeping her balance pretty well given her restraints. She got alongside me and swung her leg over to sit on my stomach, ‘I guess you need a minute?’

I slipped my hands behind my head to look up and admire the new fighter in all her naked glory, ‘Yeah, just sit there while I decide what I want.’

Amber was pretty pale skinned, even more than Nicole. I guess as a genuine redhead it was only to be expected. I can say that the downstairs hair matched the upstairs, in colour of not quantity. Stella had untied Amber’s hair, leaving the deep red curls to tumble down to her shoulders around her had. Her breasts were a little more than a handful, just about the right size in proportion to the rest of her frame. Obviously sporty in her private life, she really was quite the hottie.

‘You have some skill,’ I said, ‘some good moves there…and that armlock was out of nowhere!’

‘I’m still learning,’ she replied, ‘I try to apply some of my ju jitsu skills but it’s hard. The League is a really different kind of fighting and I’m just missing a lot of the pieces. Can’t box for shit huh?’

‘Didn’t Jane teach you anything like that? She’s one of the best strikers in the league.’

‘Yeah she did but its trying to do it in practice. Just feeling my way through it.’

‘Would probably help if you weren’t high before every fight?’

Amber laughed, ‘Yeah, true I guess. I’m fairly clear headed tonight though, but I am coming off a pretty hard bender from last night so maybe I was a little slow. I just enjoy a burn to take the edge off, you know?’

I smiled and slipped my arms under her legs, pulling her up on my chest a little, ‘Let me take your edge off huh?’

‘Oh!’ she went wide eyed as I pulled her and lifted my head to her pussy.

Amber didn’t take long to gently work into a hot mess. Within a few moments her breathing had picked up and she was panting softly. I reached over her thighs and gently parted her pussy lips, slipping my tongue in deeply before pressing my finger to her clit and rubbing gently, ‘Ohhhh, ok!’ she whispered between breaths, ‘Not…sure I….urgh…deserve t-this!’ she shuddered. I didn’t answer, concentrating on working her up. Amber spread her legs a little wider, looking down between her legs as I gently worked my tongue in a circle inside her, ‘but…o-ok…soooo good! I…I-I should lose more often!’ Amber popped a few minutes later, screwing her face up and snapping her thighs closed around my head as she flooded on my face. I pressed and rubbed her clit as she powered through the orgasm, thrusting her hips involuntarily and almost smothering me with her snatch. When she had calmed down I pushed her back a little to sit on my stomach.

Amber couldn’t stop smiling, nervously laughing as she tried to catch her breath. I flicked my legs up and hooked them across her chest. ‘Oh, fu-‘ she exclaimed before I pushed her backwards to the bed and sat up, working my legs out and getting to my knees, pushing her legs open wide and edging up on my knees into position, ‘Now I think it’s time for me to take what I’m owed?’

She nodded, blowing out a deep breath, ‘You earned it I guess!’

It was nothing fancy from me. I slipped into her and forced her knees wide open almost to the sheets. Amber arched her back as I plunged in deep, gritting her teeth and gasping as her sensitive pussy, fresh from orgasm, was punished with my cock. ‘Fuck…oh fuck!’ she winced as I went in to my balls. She looked down, wide eyed at her split legs and impaled pussy, ‘Oh….fuck!’ she squealed again. Now you know that different league fighters have different…things, during sex. Some are adventurous, some dominant, some submissive, a few are even rough. Amber’s thing…was noise. Pretty much every thrust was accompanied by a loud groan, a sharp yelp of an expletive shouted at the top of her lungs. I was surprised since she seemed so reserved and polite outside of the fight and she didn’t make too much noise being eaten out. Now she was like a fucking soprano, shaking the window glass with the pitch of her pig yelps. It was so bad that after a few seconds, I clapped my hand over her mouth to silence her. She didn’t seem to mind, rolling her eyes and moving with me as I ploughed her repeatedly. It took me a little longer to get there, since it hadn’t been that long since Stella, but I eventually speared her deep and pumped another round of weaker cum into her pussy. When I was certain she wasn’t going to yell or scream anymore, I uncovered her mouth. Amber gulped in some deep breaths, once again unable to hide her smile.

‘Is it…is it always like this?’

‘Better if you win,’ I said, ‘then you can do what you want.’

‘With…with Kelly it was different…I haven’t…been with that many girls,’ she said, still trying to refill her lungs between words.

‘What about Jane?’

‘Jane…phew…holy fuck…I’m so HOT. Jane…she was good…taught me enough about after fights anyway that I wouldn’t be surprised.’

‘Noisy bitch though, aren’t you?’

Amber laughed, ‘Yeah, sorry. Got a gag in that bag of yours?’

‘Next time,’ I replied, lowering my lips to hers and slipping my tongue between her teeth for a long make out session to finish, occasionally pushing my cock in again to get a squeak from her.

I had no motivation to fuck Leanne tonight and Stella seemed to have spent herself forcing the brunette to service her. By the time the two returned to the main bed we were all ready to just watch some TV before we slept. Stella and I gave the losers some water, Amber being shocked (but accepting) that her restraints wouldn’t be removed until the morning.
‘Nope,’ I said, squirting her in the face with the water bottle.

‘PFFT!’ she shook her head and blinked the water out of her eyes, ‘I have to sleep in these?!’

‘You do. I’m going to want another round in the morning.’

Amber scooted back to the end of the bed and rested against the wall, ‘I have some pills in my bag…if you guys want to chill a bit more?’

‘No way,’ I laughed, ‘I’m chilled enough and if you want another servicing, you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow.’

Stella sat up against the wall end of the bed, Leanne slumped between her legs looking utterly exhausted. We watched TV for an hour and posted our pictures on the group chat before we all settled down in the massively oversized bed to sleep.


The following morning, I didn’t feel like another round of Amber screeching so when she woke, I pushed her under the covers between my legs to see how she performed with her mouth. It was no surprise that’s she was fairly far off being Phoebe in that department, but she got me there. Stella grapevined Leanne from the rear and teased her into another orgasm to finish her off before we removed restraints and took turns to shower.

While I was waiting, I checked the group chat. There had been another tag team match last night. South Asian Invasion were going for the titles against The Ladies of Leather. I’d almost forgotten and scrolled quickly to see the result.

‘Oh,’ I exclaimed.

‘What?’ said Stella, stood a few feet away with a towel wrapped around her.
‘Ladies of Leather…won, against Jane and Keela.’

‘Are you surprised? They are a hell of a team, as we found out, remember?’
‘Yeah, but I really thought Jane and Keela would have their number.’

The result was, however, razor close. The final score was 2-1, which indicated that there had been no scores during the power play round. All four women had remained in the fight for the full twenty minutes and it looked like Laura had nicked a score against Jane sometime around the eleven minute mark to nose her team ahead. They had then held on for the remaining time to win. I had to admit, they weren’t just solid fighters when they were together, they were extremely tactical. They always had a game plan, tailored to each opponent, and they stuck to it. I suppose the fact that they trained together twice weekly whereas Stella and I rarely met up outside of the fights counted for their ongoing success as a team. Maybe Stella and I needed to put more effort into out practice.

The pictures that went with it made me smile, if for no other reason than to see Keela a little humbled for the first time since I’d met her. The pictures were a series of schoolgirl pins from in front and also from POV. Laura’s ass engulfing Janes face and Keela’s head between Becky’s thighs.

‘Looks good in cuffs,’ I mumbled to myself, seeing Keela in a compromising position finally. I still wanted a piece of the Pakistani women at some point, determined to get her back for her two “wins” against me since she returned. I let my thoughts drift to what I would do to her. Oh, she was going to GET it soon enough with no room left to cheat her way into winning!
We cleaned up the mats and left the hotel, I dropped Amber at home, receiving a peck on the lips for a great night. Leanne might have been indignant at losing but Amber seemed like a good addition to the league. If she could just develop some striking skill, she could be a mid level force.


I made my way to Karens place later that day, sitting opposite her at her kitchen table while she compiled the latest results. I didn’t need her to tell me who was wating next. There was no more delaying, no more putting it off, no more final eliminators. Rachel wanted a rematch for her title, and I was feeling well prepared to defend it from her.

‘How’s the arm?’ said Karen.

‘Much better. A few twinges here and there but it’s as good as it ever was. Feeling pumped up and ready to fight.’

‘Good, because Rachel is your opponent next weekend.’

‘I’m ready.’

‘I’m lining you up with another tag fight after that, the following weekend,’ she said, eyeing her laptop screen.

‘Cool, who have we got?’

Karen smiled and dramatically spun her laptop around as she liked to do with these reveals. The picture on the screen was of South Asian Invasion. Jane and Shakeela’s headshots stared back at me from the screen.

‘Tough fight,’ I said.

‘They are coming off the back of a loss. If you and Stella can win, I’ll give you another shot at Laura and Becky.’

I was actually quite happy with that. It would be my opportunity to get my hands on Keela again.

‘Something else I wanted to talk to you about,’ said Karen.


‘You know how, on tournament nights we have non members come to watch. Some of them are associates of mine, some from other leagues, some just curious. All vetted by me of course, all safe.’

I nodded.

‘Well, I’ve been exploring the idea of recording some matches and having them available to watch. The fights would even be available to other league members. Should be interesting and might encourage some new members, if we can put on a good show. What do you think?’

I nodded again, ‘Sounds good. But I don’t think every member would be cool with it. I know Laura is fairly private about the league, remember she wore a mask for her first few public fights.’

‘I know, and it will be strictly agreement only. Each fighter would have to agree, and I would control all content to make sure it stays available only to a select few people outside the league. Only the fights would be filmed. The cameras stop rolling after the victory poses.’

‘I think it could work. I’d be up for it,’ I said.

‘I’ve still got some things to work out, but I’ll try to get it set up in time for your tag fight with South Asian invasion. They are already in agreement.’

Again, it was no problem for me. I’d enjoy rewatching a video of me kicking Keela’s ass over and over again. Karen showed me the reviewed league standings table for singles. After Rachel, Ruth had risen to be next in line. After that, Nicole and Riley would fight to be next. It was fair to say I had a series of tough fights to come whatever happened.

That reminded me…


Kaminski Manor

It was refreshing to go to the house without worrying about Phoebe anymore, at least, not as much as I used to. She had been nothing but amenable since we last parted, and I think she had developed some genuine respect. Her attitude of the sisters towards each other hadn’t changed much though. Marie arrived at my place last week with a massive bruise on her left side that she said was from on of Phoebe’s crunching side kicks. It seemed that they were fighting again the next day, but at least it was no longer over me, so I was content.

When I pulled up to the house, Marie was on the porch, reclined in one of the easy chairs using her vape. Dressed in a blue vest top and stonewashed jean shorts. I climbed up the steps and leaned in for a kiss, ‘What’s that this time?’ I asked.

‘Lemon sorbet,’ she replied, ‘Heard you won last night?’

‘Sure did, wipeout, for a change.’

‘That Amber a good fuck?’

‘Not even close to you, pigtails,’ I replied, easing into the seat beside her and draping my arm around her shoulder.

‘I wasn’t expecting you today,’ she said, ‘something you need? Nobody else is home,’ she winked.

‘Do I need and excuse to come see my girlfriend?’

‘Hell no, but you’re sweating, I could smell it as you came up the steps, and I can feel a little twitchiness in your arm around me, and your voice is just a tad lower than normal.’

‘You can sense all that?’

‘Remember who you’re talking to babe,’ she grinned, pulling on her vape again.

I nodded, ‘True. And you are right. I have something to ask you, a favour.’
‘Ooooh, do tell,’ she said, turning a little to face me and draping one her legs over mine.

‘I need you to fight someone for me.’

Marie patted her chest, ‘Oh, this is a milestone for us. You are hiring the Kaminski sisters for a hit! Babe, I’m so happy. Who do you want trashed? We can do a warning beatdown or break fingers or if you really want to send a message, I’ll hold them down while Phoebe –‘

‘No! I don’t want anyone…” hit” What the hell was that?’

‘What was what?’ she smiled.

‘What you just said?’

‘What did I just say?’ she grinned.

I shook my head, ‘Actually I don’t want to know. No, I have…a fight for you to take…if you want to but…there’s a catch.’

‘Go on?’ she eased back into the chair, twirling one of her pigtails around her finger.

‘It’s Alex. You know Alex.’

Marie rolled her eyes, ‘Oh…Alex…hmmmm.’

‘You know her pigtails. You and the psycho kickboxer beat her up a while back. She and Phoebe clashed in the bondage tournament.’

‘I do seem to remember grinding someone’s face into a carpark. Might have been Alex.’

‘Well,’ I sighed, ‘she wants to fight you.’

Marie frowned, then burst out laughing, ‘She wants to fight me? Are her affairs in order?’

‘She wants to try and, I don’t know, get some pride back. She had a crack at Phoebe and now she wants to have a shot at you. Kind of, complete the set kind of thing.’

‘How did she do against Pheebs?’

‘Knocked clean out.’

‘And you want me to fight her?’

‘I do, but I want you to fight fair, I want you to accept tap outs and…WHEN you win, I want you to be gracious, not sadistic.’

‘You ask a lot,’ she said, pulling on her vape again.

‘Will you do it? For me?’

Marie exhaled a cloud of sweet smelling lemon vapour and thought about it. She narrowed her eyes and shook her head, ‘Ok, I’ll do it.’

‘I’m going to be referee.’

‘Even better,’ she said, ‘when?’

‘I don’t know, I’ll set it up in a few weeks.’

‘Fine. Now, I think since I’m doing that for you, you can do something for me.’


Marie stood and offered her hand.

‘Oh. Well, that’s not a chore!’ I said, allowing myself to be led into the house.


I spend the next week doing light gym work and cardio. I was determined to leave nothing to chance against Rachel. She was a dangerous fighter and I think she had been really hitting the gym herself over the last few months. I had to be as ready as I could be for Saturday.

Author note.
As always, thanks for reading.
My stories

Hotel Scuffle/Saturday Night Tournament
SNT fighters gallery > https://www.malevsfemale.org/album.php?albumid=1205

The Terror Twins
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Victory against the Undercats was of course expected. Amber was promising. She even won a point. Different fighting styles and real martial arts training are valuable skills. Riley has Judo, Suki has pro wrestling. Even Nicole has ballet (that’s a valuable skill they are strong and flexible after all) and she has some Jui-jitsu. When fighters combine these skills with the league’s proper fighting style, they can be something.

He and Stella have a genuine problem. I am starting to think that they are not a good match. They are not compatible. Even in this fight, they showed a lack ness of harmony. They rarely train together. Jane and Keela will eat them alive. Sorry, but they must start training together.

Can he really make Leanne a better fighter? Is he going to able to succeed where apparently Nicole failed? That would be interesting.

Filming the fights is a great idea by the way. We will be able to see some of the fights he is not present.

Fighting with Rachel is going to be a tough one. It will be an amazing run if he can beat her too.

Alex vs Marie? It’s going to be very exciting. I have mixed feelings towards Alex.

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Hello all. Amber is now available in the gallery!

The Rematch

I didn’t know it yet, but we were only three weeks away from an existential crisis for the league. One that would bring the whole things to its knees and maybe even end us. The architect? Well, I suppose you could guess by now, Alissa Franks. It was clear by now that she was speaking to league members, for what reason, I didn’t know. I started asking questions, Alex first as you know, but I had no idea that she had already got everything she needed from everyone and was perfecting her master plan to get her revenge on Riley and her sisters. Every one of us would be in her crosshairs in some way.

I reported back to Riley that Alex was not doing anything against her. I didn’t feel like I should have to do that, but it was clear that Riley felt very strongly about anyone messing with her business and it was also alarmingly clear the lengths she would go to in order to protect herself and her sisters.
Rachel loomed large in my mind though and I didn’t bother to do anything else that week. Maybe I should have.

Saturday – The Hotel

I felt good and fresh, even after a session with Nicole on the Thursday. I guess she knew I would be defending against Rachel on Saturday so she went easy on me...or as easy as you can be being used as a footstool for an evening. She was going up against Riley this weekend at the same time as well as a few other fights including Suki vs Ruth, Kelly taking on Alex, Jane going up against her own tag partner Keela, and Laura was in singles action against Stella. The rest of the league had the weekend off. No doubt they would be waiting for the result from the title fight to see who Ruth would face.

I had a little nervousness in my gut but that was fairly normal these days. I suppose I had more to lose now with the title, but a few butterflies kept me on my toes throughout the day at work. Jane wished me good luck before letting me leave early to get ready. I would say that was uncharacteristic of her, but as you all know, there is very little love between Rachel and Jane. Rachel had even used to try and put the moves on me romantically, but this had really dropped off over the last year. I suppose she was only interested because I was with Jane at the time. Possessiveness? It seemed to be a thing that ran right through the League ladies where I was concerned.

‘Thanks boss,’ I said. I knew that little honorific pleased her no end.

‘Just make sure you put some hurt on that pudgy slut,’ she replied.

‘Will do. Ah, Jane, can I ask you something?’ I said, tugging her into an empty office behind the reception desk.

‘Oooh, what it this? Looking for a fumble before the fight?’

‘Hardly. I need to ask you about something.’


‘Do you know someone called Alissa Franks?’

Jane frowned, ‘Yeah, I’ve met someone by that name.’


‘Last week in fact, why?’

‘Where? What did she want?’

‘She stayed here, at the hotel. Said she was representing some company looking to buy hotels, asked me something about the current hotel owners, how long they had run the place, asked how long some of the staff had been here.’

‘Like who?’

‘Ruth, Kelly, Becky, Dani, me, you.’

‘She didn’t ask you anything about Riley? The Twins? The League?’

‘No. Why? Is there something wrong with her?’

‘She’s an ex cop. She investigated Riley some years back, the Twins as well. Got to the point of harassing them and she ended up losing her job. I think she’s up to something.’


‘No idea. But she’s asked questions about the League to me and to Alex before. She hates Riley and the Twins. I think she’s looking for something she can use to get back at them.’

‘Well I can’t see what she’s going to get from any of us. Indulge me though, Riley is…pretty shady as fuck, isn’t she?’

I sighed, ‘You don’t know the half. In the business world she’s like Lex Luthor with tits. At home…not much better. The Twins aren’t particularly clean either, but…I don’t know…Franks is up to something. Will you let me know if she comes back?’

‘Sure, I’ll keep my ears open. Good luck tonight, focus, ok?’

‘I’m focused. Don’t worry.’

I went up to the small suite to prepare, giving the mats a quick clean down and changing into my shorts to wait for my opponent. Rachel was, as you know, one of my first victories in the league. I’d fought and decimated her during our first encounter and defeated her in the tournament that followed shortly afterwards. She had turned the tables in the next fight and laid a hellish beating on me and we had traded wins and losses ever since. She was a real enigma of a fighter, sometimes good, sometimes not. I suppose in a way, she was a lot like me, prone to overconfidence or sometimes lack of the same. Where we differed was cruelty in victory. Rachel delighted in inflicting pain and humiliation, and it was even worse in front of a crowd. I still had memories of her sticking her finger in my…well, you know where, while she had me in a tight lotus lock once.

No crowd tonight. Just her and me.

She was late. Typical. About twenty past seven she knocked at the door and let herself in a moment later, ‘Hi!’ she said cheerily, closing and bolting the door behind her.

Rachel wore ankle length dark blue jeans and a red/blue flowery blouse that was left just a little baggy. Her dirty blonde coloured hair was down and loose around her neck, and she had white trainers on her feet. You all know Rachel pretty well by now, so you know about her angular facial features, the sharpness to her nose and cheekbones, the shorter, dumpier stature but still with an hourglass shape, the nicely sized and firm breasts behind her top and the clipped, official tone to her voice.

She walked over to the bed and dropped her back, letting out a deep sigh, ‘Oh what a day!’ she said, letting her head fall back, ‘but it’s going to end nicely, with me getting my title back.’

‘If you say so,’ I smiled back, getting to my feet.

Rachel smiled widely at me and rested her hands on her hips, ‘I’ve got some pretty bad news actually,’ she said.


‘Mmm-hmmm. It’s been a really loooong day. I got to the school at 8, worked classes all day. My feet have been marinading in my socks the whole time, and one of the gym teachers was sick so I had to throw on a tracksuit and take his class. I haven’t showered. I stink!’ she walked up and grinned up at me. I could smell the dried sweat on her clearly. Rachel was rarely clean anyway. I’d experienced her disgusting feet in my mouth many times but today it was deliberate.

‘Yeah, you reek,’ I replied, trying to sound unfazed.

She lifted onto her tiptoes until her nose almost touched mine, ‘You can clean me later, with your tongue,’ she giggled and turned to grab her gear from her bag to change.

‘Maybe I’ll fuck your face in the SHOWER!’ I called after her as she slipped into the bathroom to change, flipping me off before slamming the door.

Rachel always had an angle. If it wasn’t her stinky feet, she was putting the temperature of the room up or trash talking or sexually breaking her victims, anything to shake confidence and give herself and edge. Tonight though, it only made me more determined. This was MY title now. I’d won it from Rachel, and I had no intention of handing it back.

After a few minutes, she emerged. Her tits were now wrapped behind a navy blue sports bra with straps over the shoulders and behind her back, building just a little cleavage for her chest. As usual now, the word “SUBMIT” was splashed in large white lettering across the front of her bra. Her shorts were equally tight and low waisted, leaving her belly and thighs well exposed and containing the junk in her trunk nicely, the word “SUBMIT” was also splashed across the back of her shorts like a tramp stamp. She had pulled her hair back tightly into a small knot at the back of her head, stretching the dark blond strands taut across her scalp. I noticed something else. Rachel was always a little overweight. Not as big as say, Becky, certainly not as big as Keela, but she always carried a bit around her belly and ass. I noticed she seemed a little more toned and her skin was tighter across her frame.

‘Been working out?’ I asked.

‘Daily,’ she replied.

As I watched her rummage through her bag, I let my eyes drift across her biceps. Yep, there was definitely a little more there than before, and her ass seemed tighter above those melon crushing thighs. I would have to be careful. Rachel had come to fight.

Rachel lifted a strap on harness from her bag, giving me a sideways look and blowing a kiss, smirking and giggling before dropping it at the side of the bed and taking out a few leather cuff restraints and a nasty looking spiderly metal contraption I realised was one of those dental gags used to hold a mouth open. I really was going to have to be careful. I didn’t want to experience any of those things.

‘I always worry about someone looking in my bag at work,’ she laughed, ‘what would they think?’

I shrugged, ‘That Miss Smyth the English teacher is some kind of dominatrix.’

‘Wouldn’t that set the teenagers off,’ she replied, dropping her bag out of the way, ‘maybe it would help them concentrate a little more in my class?’ She glanced into the adjacent room where the mats were waiting, ‘Shall we?’ she smiled.

I stretched, Rachel, as seemed to be her thing, spent the time sat cross legged, palms upturned on her knees, eyes closed. She once told me she liked to “centre herself” before a fight. I think stretching made much more sense but…every league member had their own thing.

‘I can feel you looking at me,’ she said, her lips curving into a smile and peeling back over her teeth, ‘Scared?’

‘Nope,’ I replied, truthfully, ‘Just eager to fuck you up again like last time.’

‘Yeah, you did get a nice clean win, didn’t you? Maybe I took you a bit lightly that night but tonight…different story.’

‘You know Rach, you talk a tough game, but I’ve beaten you enough times to know it’s all shit talk. I’m not the fighter I was that time you-‘

‘When I popped your cherry? Fucked you in the ass for the first time? HA! Think I’ve started a trend huh? I’m strangely proud that I was the first to shove something into you. I marked your…A-V card in a way. Something that will always be with me, and you.’

‘I’m going to enjoy tonight,’ I said, ‘think I was rough on you last time? Just wait.’

‘Your shit talk is ass!’ she laughed, finally opening her eyes and taking a deep breath, ‘Shall we arm wrestle then? You might have a chance there at least.’
I nodded. Although the arm wrestling was not required for a title match, I saw no reason not to get into the habit…and practice of doing it. Tonight, if the scores were tied between us after 20 mins, we would go to sudden death for a winning score so the arm wrestling now was just for pride and psychological impact.

I lay on my belly and planted my elbow on the mat, Rachel mirrored my move, giving me a view down her chest as she rested her elbow on the mat and clasped her hand around mine. She gave me a sly smile as we locked eyes at close range.

‘On three?’ she said. I nodded.


I gripped her hand tightly and pushed against her palm. Our clasped hands shook with our combined effort and Rachels smile switched into a narrow eyed grimace as she bit down on her teeth and fought against me. I started to move her arm, going from the 12 position to 11 (by my perspective) Rachel strained again, halting my progress and trying to force my arm back. I felt my muscles start to protest but I poured another hard pushing effort, levering her arm to 10. Rachel’s resistance faded after a few more seconds and I was able to slowly push her arm to down until her strength broke and I slapped the back of her hand against the mat. First blood, at least psychologically, was mine.

Rachel seemed unfazed, getting back to her knees and sitting back on her heels, ‘Enjoy that feeling,’ she said, ‘cos you won’t enjoy the feeling of me in your ass later!’

Bravado from her, I decided. I got to my feet and walked to my side of the mat, giving my arms a last stretch and shake out. Rachel got to her feet and did the same before facing me and raising her fists.

‘Ready?’ she asked.

I set the timer, 20 mins, and nodded. We listened to the ten second countdown, eyes locked on each other. The buzzer went.

Time to fight.


Rachels fighting style had evolved a lot since we first clashed. When I first battled the blonde bomber, although she was one of the best technical wrestlers I’d ever come across, she had no striking skills whatsoever and no kicks at all. She had slowly begun to address those areas over my time in the league, surprising me with her boxing a few times during our recent fights. She still had inferior reach though and I was fairly confident, as I was with fighters like Keela, that I could stay out of range and land at will, breaking her down over time. I didn’t want to go to the mat with her unless I had to. Rachel had THE meanest pinning technique in the league and if I gave up my back, she would almost certainly secure a lotus lock, a hammerlock or a camel clutch in seconds. From there, I’d be sucking her toes. I had to keep the fight standing as much as possible, or at least until it was favourable to hit the floor.

I wanted to assert myself quickly, edging across the mat, leaning forward and winging a hard slap at the side of her face. Rachel ducked it but I moved in again, swinging again and getting the shot blocked on her arm. She tried a counterpunch but I was able to weave back out of range. Rachel was cagy, eyes locked on mine, watching for my moves and looking for an opening. She switched sidestep direction, closing the distance and launching an attack of her own that I slapped away with my clawed hand and returning her strike with interest, whipping her head to the side and backing her up. I didn’t follow up, plenty of time, no need to rush into anything dangerous.

We circled a little, feigning and lunching with our fists, each trying to get that first clean hit on the other. I noticed Rachel was controlling her breathing well, not gassing quickly as she tended to in a stand up fight. I caught her again on the side of her head, but her counter landed right on my lower rib, knuckles slamming home for her first clean hit.

Wow! I thought. There was power behind her shot like I hadn’t felt before. She wasn’t kidding about working out. She had never hit me that hard and while it wasn’t anything like Stella or Phoebe, it was still a solid hook strike with real force behind it. Another warning about her evolving fighting capabilities.

Rachel tried to run me down but I backpaddled quickly, trying not to show that I was hurt. A few more wild swings came my way but the shorter women had misjudged the range. As I sidestepped I caught her on the nose with a fairly weak shot but it was enough to unbalance her. I moved in, pumping two blows into her stomach and just missing with a tight uppercut. I shoved her back with my other hand and moved in again, throwing another jab and a straight right, both of which she absorbed on the arms. Rachel planted her foot and came again. We were see-sawing at the moment and I judged that she would run out of energy for that kind of fight first.

Still, Rachel didn’t come without a plan and as she retreated from my next counters, she surprised me by ducking low and moving inside my guard. We locked up with a mutual wrestling collar tie with a hand over each others shoulder and tried to twist and pull each other around the mat. Damn she was still really strong and I found myself being walked back a few steps. I released my grip and slipped under, driving my shoulder into her chest and grabbing her upper leg, lifting the limb off the ground and pitching into her to take her down. Down she went and I folded her up, ramming her knee towards her own head and pinning her shoulders. I didn’t bother to count, Rachel powered out of it anyway and we both ended up on our knees, locking up another collar tie. This time however, I delivered a hard right hook to the side of her head and threw myself into her, bowling her over backwards and landing on top of her in full mount. We flapped and slapped at each others arms, trying to find an opening until I was able to pin one to the mat. I used my free hand to drive down a couple of hard shots to her breasts and shoulders while she bucked and bridged under me between strikes.

I felt like I was taking control of the fight and decided to try and force the first submission. I rammed my forearm hard across her throat and pushed down, aiming to crush her neck into the mat. Rachel glared, wide eyed up at me as she tried to push my elbow away with her free hand, hoping to lever my choking arm off her neck.

‘Submit?’ I asked.

Rachel didn’t answer, she merely gave me an angry glare and pushed up on my elbow again, getting a little lift and respite from the choke. Sadly, I should have secured her other arm before trying this as she proved more than capable of chest pressing my arm off her neck. I decided to change tac, sitting up quickly and backhanding her hard across the face, whipping her head over. Rachel waved her free hand in a vain effort to block but I caught her again with another slap. While she was still reeling, I span around on top of her, scissoring her trapped arm between my legs and throwing myself off to the side for a straight armbar. Rachel realised the danger and clasped her hands together, trying to prevent me extending the arm. I sat up and hooked my arm around hers, trying to throw myself back and break her grip but she was clinging on like a ninja. I sat up again and dropped a few hammer shots to her head. Rachel turned her face away and they landed on her temple, but the effect was enough. Her grip broke and I was able to lay back and take her captive wrist with both hands, thrusting my hips up to hyperextend her elbow. Rachel made a fight of it, trying to turn into the armbar but after one failed escape attempt, I felt the sweet sensation of her tapping out on my leg.

I released the armbar and quickly rolled away, knowing of Rachels perchant for starting falls before I was ready. I got to my knees and shuffled back but Rachel remained laying there, flexing her arm and rubbing her elbow.

‘1-0 Rach!’ I said.

She smiled up at the celling before getting back to her own knees, ‘Good start, but I’m just getting started,’ she replied.

She didn’t seem to have lost any confidence and more worryingly, didn’t seem out of breath. The Rachel I used to fight was red faced by now and gasping for air. She had clearly been pushing her cardio.

We got back to our feet and nodded our readiness at each other. Fists raised, we advanced again.

Rachel showed me something else new in the second fall. Her kicks.

I continued to be surprised by how she had seemed to add to her repertoire. I mean, Rachel can kick, I’ve seen and felt if before but she was generally so bad at it you had to stand perfectly still or be on the floor and give her a run up to do any real damage. The one that swung in and slapped me on the upper thigh was unexpected…and painful. Again, like the punch, I had to move out of range and try to pretend like I wasn’t shocked by the sudden turn of skill. Rachel walked me down and alternated left and right punches, trying to sidestep and catch me in a corner of the mat where I couldn’t run. Another heavy kick caught me on the inner thigh of my leading leg, forcing me back again. Ok Rachel, I thought, I can do that too. I countered with a series of kicks of my own. Rachel tanked the first few before she blocked another, then returned one with interest, catching me on the side of my leading leg again. She had been practicing with both her left and right legs as well and, given how chunky those legs were near the top, she was carrying power there too.

I didn’t let it phase me. Ok, she was better, but she wasn’t better than me and I was 1-0 up. Time to put some hurt on her.

I forced her back into the middle of the back and we traded. Fists and feet flew and landed bone and flesh. Rachel targeted her kicks at my legs, slamming her instep and heel against my shins and thighs while I tried to catch her on the head with some of my heavy punches. My leg buckled under on of the kicks and I retreated. Rachel came after me and closed up to clinch. We wrapped our arms around each others shoulders and began turning and shoving in a nasty up close dance to try and unbalance each other to the mat. Even now we hooked and knees at each other, trying to land any kind of shot that damage the other. Being shorter, she took the worst of the exchange in the punches and elbows while I caught the knees. We clinched tighter, now trying to prevent the other from getting enough space to throw. Inevitably, our legs tangles and we fell like entwined trees to the mat with a heavy thud.

Rachel landed on top, her weight driving the air out of me, but I used the momentum to roll over, forcing her onto her back. Rachel had me between her legs and immediately gripped my hair, trying to pull my head down to her crotch, looking for a triangle. I dug an elbow into her thigh to stop her legs and began trying to lift my head off her sweaty stomach.

Just to add at this point. Yes, you are right, she did fucking reek of sweat. She wasn’t lying about not having showered after she took the gym class. Fortunately the “fresh” sweat was beginning to slick her body which made it at least bearable.

Rachel gave up with the triangle and instead employed the more tried and true tactic of locking her legs around me and CRUSHING my torso with her thunder thighs. I grimaced and planted my hands on her thighs, trying to push them apart even as she continued to pull and tug at my hair. This was not a good position, and it was about to get worse.

Feeling my ribs creak under the pressure I sat up, pulling Rachel up with me into a sitting position om my knees while she continued to try and crush my body with her legs. I turned and tried to shove her sideways, wanting to turn my body a little and ease the pressure on my sides. This was a mistake. As I turned sideways between her legs, she released my head and slung an arm around my neck, pulling me down into a side headlock while maintaining the scissors. She locked my head against her side and threw herself back, mashing the top of my head into the mat and restoring the crushing pressure around my body. I let out a pained groan as she flexed and pumped power into her thighs while wrenching my neck like she was trying to twist my head clean off.

‘SUBMIT!’ she demanded.

I made a weak effort to pull my head out, but I had to admit that she had me good. I followed my own advice now, if you can’t get out. Tap. Don’t be an idiot when there’s nothing at stake. We were only seven minutes in and there was a long way to go.

I tapped on her shoulder, ‘Submit!’ I croaked.

Rachel released me and slumped on to her back, grinning up at me as I sat back up on my knees and shoved her thighs apart, ‘Fuck me!’ I gasped.

‘Soon enough!’ she laughed. I slapped her belly and stood, ‘Dream on blondie!’ I replied.

I helped her back to her feet, forgetting for a moment that she might just wing a haymaker at me with no warning. Thankfully, she didn’t. I stepped back and took a moment to compose as she kept her eyes on me like a hawk, pacing back and forth on her side of the mat.

‘Ready,’ I said. Rachel nodded and raised her fists.

1-1, Ok, now we had a battle.


Conclusion on monday! Happy weekend readers.
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Default Re: Saturday night tournament

Battle so far has been great! Love the arm wrestling as well as the inital exchange between Rachel and our Narrator. They might be the most evenly matched, both fighting style wise and power wise in the whole league.

Super excited to finally see what Alissa Franks is cooking here. Been waiting for a big overall threat to the League for just over a year now!

We're also at the point where having our Narrator lose his title might be great for his character development. But another part of me also wants to see the Narrator as the champ, leading the League to victory against Alissa.

Can't wait to see how it all ends! Thanks as always
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