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Default It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

The birth of this particular story is a little different. I recently took on my first commissioned work, a male vs male/male story featuring a younger fighter dominating two seemingly more experienced older men. What was supposed to be a 6000 word piece actually came in at over 14,000 words, though still for the original agreed price. After all, it wasn't the customer's fault that I haven't quite got a handle on editing yet! And for anyone that's read my work here, you'll know I can get a little carried away when I get into a story.

Anyway, with the work now finally finished, it occurred to me that I now have a story which I could rejig into something more along the lines of my own preferences. So after a few pronoun changes, renaming/redefining the characters and changing some of the action (as much because of anatomy as for narrative reasons!), here is the first chapter. With all appropriate credit to the customer who supplied the character descriptions and plot of the story for the story in its original format.

It's his party and they'll cry if they want to
Noah vs Britney and Lauren

Chapter 1

They had come to spar. That had been the plan when Britney and Lauren stepped into the ring in the seemingly deserted Gym. Wearing nothing but white thong panties and black muay thai gloves, physically the two women were well matched. Both were in their mid-twenties. Both had lean, athletic physiques like those of an elite gymnast. The differences between them were all in their style.

Britney was every inch a product of the social media generation. Her long blonde hair would not have looked out of place emblazoned on the packaging of the products that had created it. Many hours spent watching online make-up tutorials enhanced Britney's already naturally beautiful features, elevating her to a level that would likely garner thousands of followers on Instagram. In actual fact, that number currently stood at 356,732. A number that had risen significantly, when Britney had increased her own "figures", going from a 34b to a 36d. Now the subject of constant admiration and praise from thousands of people, almost every minute of every day, it was perhaps no surprise that Britney's beauty was not necessarily skin deep.

Whilst Lauren did not have Britney's immediate 'wow' factor, she was far from being a Plain Jane. Her short red hair was styled in a pixie cut, which suited her cute, elfin like features. Bright green eyes shone with an intensity that suggested a sharp, keen mind. Where Britney could be seen by some as arrogant and cocky, Lauren was the more subdued of the duo. Though it was a foolish fighter who mistook her reserve for compassion.

Between them, Britney and Lauren had defeated every challenger, both male and female, who had faced them in the Gym over the last six months. And whilst they had enjoyed every dominant victory, it had recently left them with a notable lack of capable opponents. With nobody else willing (or daring) to step up, Britney and Lauren were now forced to spar together. And whilst it was not in either of their natures to hold back, both women were willing to go easy on the other, simply because a dominant victory would inevitably leave one of them with nobody left to fight at all. It wasn't the ideal solution, but for Britney and Lauren, it was the only option available to them. Or so they thought.

Britney heard it first. A steady slap of leather against leather, coming from a far corner of the gym. Lauren turned her head towards the sound and they saw him. Another fighter, working a heavy bag with powerful punches. The two women glanced at each other, sharing the same thought. Fresh meat.

"Excuse me," called out Britney. "Yes, you at the bag. Are you looking for a real workout?" She pushed her ample chest out as she spoke, a technique that usually proved effect when fishing for opponents.

The figure stopped punching and began walking towards the ring. As he drew closer, Britney and Lauren got a clearer look at their guest. He was younger than them, considerably so. A little shorter too, but no less impressively built. Each muscle on his toned torso was smooth, clear and perfectly defined. His attire was similarly minimal too, just a tight blue thong speedo and white boxing gloves. Noting his boyish good looks and short, impeccably styled blond hair, Britney immediately dismissed him as a vapid pretty boy, someone that was more obsessed with his looks than anything else. Britney's sense of self awareness was not especially strong.

The young man climbed through the ropes into the ring and addressed the two older women. If he was fazed by their bare breasts and otherwise skimpy fighting attire, he didn't show it. "Yes, I'm looking for an adequate challenge," he said, matter of factly. "Do you know where I could find one ?"

"Oh, please," sighed Britney, rolling her eyes. "I mean, like seriously, how old are you? You don't look a day over eighteen."

"That's because I'm not." said the young man.

"Not what?" asked Britney, the contempt in her voice tangible.

"Not a day over. Today's my birthday."

"OK, so like Happy Birthday or whatever. Look, do you want a match or not?"

"Sure, if you think you can handle me."

Before Britney could continue arguing, Lauren interjected. "OK. I'm Lauren. And this is Britney. What's your name?"


"Very well Noah," said Lauren gently. "Well here's how it works. You take us on, one at a time. Rounds to a KO. Best of three fights, unless you're unable to continue after the first round. In which case, you forfeit the entire contest. If you win, we allow you to keep coming to the gym. When you lose, you don't show your face here again."

"Seems acceptable." replied Noah. "Just one condition. I want her first." Noah waved a glove towards Britney, who broke into a smile.

"Aw, sucks for you Lauren" she giggled, sticking out her lower lip in faux sadness. "I guess you won't be getting a fight today after all."

* * * * *

Ten minutes had passed for the fighters to prepare themselves. This had included Noah signing a number of release forms which allowed Britney to photograph and share his image on her Instagram account in the event of his defeat. Or as she had put it, "So like, when you lose, I'm gonna make you famous. But only until I post another picture of me." With the paperwork completed, Noah faced Britney in the centre of the ring. The older woman looked down at her young opponent, already anticipating what she might do to him. Right now, Britney's main intention was to make the fight last. She had no doubt that she could KO him in about three seconds, but where would be the fun in that?

There was no bell to start the bout, so Lauren would begin the action with a verbal command. Standing on the ring apron, outside the ropes, she was reluctant to start the fight. Lauren knew that Britney could end the match in a matter of moments. After which, Noah would be in no condition for another round. It was always the same, whenever the two women issued a best of three challenge. No opponent ever made it past the first fight. Lauren considered asking Britney to go easy on Noah, to save a little something for her. But she knew it would be a futile request. Plus, such a request would likely only cause Britney to gloat even further when she had destroyed the boy. With a heavy sigh, Lauren spoke. "Round One. Begin."

Britney swung a fist at Noah's head and waited for the inevitable sound of contact. When she heard glove smack into skin, two things came to Britney's immediate attention. Firstly, the sound seemed to emanate from the wrong place, coming from somewhere below her midsection. Secondly, and more notably, she was in considerable pain.

"FUUUUUCK!!" exclaimed Britney, her crotch throbbing from Noah's smart counterpunch. Britney might have launched into further expletives, but for the three jabs to her face that quickly arrived in rapid succession. A dazed "....Whaaa?..." was the only response Britney could offer, before Noah's glove slammed into her gut, mashing her toned abs as though they were cotton wool. Air billowed from Britney's lungs with a wheezed "OOOOOOUUPPPPHHH!!!" and she doubled over, winded. In her stooped position, Britney felt a glove gently touch the back of her head. But this was not a gesture of comfort from Noah. Simply control.

Holding Britney's head in position, Noah drove his knee upwards, smashing it into her nose. Two more knees followed with equally devastating impact, and on the third strike, Noah released his hold on Britney's head and allowed the force of the blow to knock her back to an upright position. Although now, it was a somewhat bloodier and considerably less steady position than Britney had occupied just moments previously.

At ringside, Lauren tried to make sense of what she was seeing. The young fighter had decimated Britney in less than a minute. How was that even possible? Surprised though she was by the events in the ring, Lauren was not entirely sorry to see Britney be so comprehensively battered. Whilst she had some sympathy for her friend, it now seemed possible that Lauren would be getting a fight after all. And there was obviously no way she would be suffering the same fate as her outclassed friend.

Britney tried her best to shake off the stupor that threatened to overwhelm her. Bloodied though she was, she was still in this fight. One punch, she thought, that's all it would take. One punch and this nobody was going down. She swung a wild left, but Noah evaded it with ease, and countering with an uppercut to Britney's underboob. Britney winced, the pain both intense and sustained. Although her breasts weren't necessarily all Britney, they were hardly invulnerable. If anything, heavy blows hurt all the more since her surgery. She had just never actually experienced it until now. Desperately, she tried another punch. The outcome was the same, Noah's glove smacking the underside of her left tit so hard that Britney was almost slapped in the face by her own boob.

To Britney's pained fury, a cheeky smile had spread across Noah's face. He wasn't just destroying Britney. He was having fun. This was easy for the dork, Britney realised with some sense of concern. So easy, that he could relax, take his time and enjoy himself. All at Britney's expense. Driven only by arrogance, Britney tried to fight back, At this point, she would have considered just successfully defending herself to be a small victory. Noah's elbow cracking into her chin quickly curtailed those lofty ambitions.

Now Britney wanted out. To give Lauren a chance, she justified to herself. Certainly it was nothing to do with the pain which now racked her body. No, this was all about letting her friend have a shot. And then, when Lauren inevitably failed, Britney would be back, refreshed and ready to put the kid down. Eager to call a time-out, Britney searched her brain for a suitable excuse to bring this round to a conclusion. However, she needn't have bothered. Noah already had it covered.

His bare sole mashed across Britney's face. First from right to left, then in the opposite direction. A spray of blood and spittle surrounded Britney's head as Noah moved in with a barrage of punches. Lefts, rights, jabs, the teen fighter battered Britney's cheeks, jaw and nose with unrelenting power and precision. Britney's responses were reduced to drooling grunts, as Noah played with her head like a Harlem Globetrotter with a basketball. When Noah finally stopped, Britney's head seemed to continue reacting to invisible punches, as though she were coming off second best in a shadow boxing bout.

From her vantage point at ringside, Lauren could scarcely recognise her friend. She had never seen Britney looking so beaten, both figuratively and physically. Britney's usually stunning face, one that made in excess of $3K a month on her OnlyFans page, now resembled that of a nut allergy sufferer after eating a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. Britney's eyes were puffy, already darkening, and for once it wasn't because of her make-up. In the same vein, Britney's cheeks were a bright red, almost as though she were blushing. Which would not have been an inappropriate reaction after being so effortlessly decimated by the younger, smaller fighter. A single thread of drool hung from Britney's lower lip, and Lauren began to wonder if it would fall before Britney did.

Noah allowed Britney to sway on the spot for a moment, clearly only seconds away from hitting the canvas. Turning to a still bemused Lauren, Noah smiled. "Your turn next." he said, and nailed Britney with an uppercut so powerful, it lifted the fitness model off of her feet before slamming down onto the floor of the ring, completely out. Britney landed flat on her back, arms and legs splayed wide, as though she had been KO'd midway through attempting a snow angel. Her eyes were open, but staring blankly at the gymnasium ceiling. Only the slow rise and fall of her expertly enhanced chest gave any indication that she might be able to fight another round.

Not that Britney would get that opportunity. At least, not as far as Lauren was concerned. She looked at Britney's inert form with a small degree of pity, but mainly with a sense of anticipation. It was Britney's typical arrogance that had cost her this fight, and Lauren had no such affliction. Plus, she had the advantage of scouting Noah before their bout. Lauren knew his moves now, and was supremely confident of her imminent victory.

In the ring, Noah placed a bare foot over Britney's bludgeoned face, pushing down hard for no other reason than he could. The sensation of Britney's formerly perfect features mashing under his sole was a pleasant one, something that was soon reflected in the ever-tightening bulge of his speedos. Starting a wholly unnecessary ten count, Noah took his time, pausing for a few seconds between each number and grinding his foot ever harder across Britney's face. For the entire duration of the slow count, his gaze never left Lauren. Taking in her every taut muscle, every chiselled ab, Noah's enthusiasm for the next round was growing as quickly as the contents of his trunks. This was a body that he would relish breaking down.

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Default Re: It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

Chapter Two

When Britney regained consciousness, she was seated on a chair, just outside the ring. It was not a gentle awakening, the bruises to her face stung like the ringing of a bell which would not be silenced. Someone, she assumed Lauren, had removed her gloves, presumably to make it easier for Britney to tend her own injuries. A bucket of cold water and a sponge had been placed alongside the chair. Reaching down, Britney ignored the bucket and went straight for her purse, pulling out her smartphone. Turning on the camera, Britney surveyed the damage to her cheeks, nose, lips and eyes. Fighting back the immediate instinct to start sobbing at the battered image of herself that was looking back at her, Britney focused those feelings into anger.

That dumb kid had cost her at least a month's income. Sure, with her impeccable make-up skills she could cover the worst of the bruising, enough to get by in everyday life. And photoshop could restore her perfect face for her Instagram. But any video work would definitely be on hold, and a few lucrative advertising companies would definitely have second thoughts if Britney arrived at the shoot, looking as she did now.

Despite the physical pain, along with financial the losses that would now ensue, Britney consoled herself that Lauren was up next. No part of Britney believed Lauren could possibly succeed where she had failed. But maybe, with a little encouragement from the sidelines, Britney could spur the boy on to make this round last a little longer. Sure, that would mean Lauren would have suffer a bit more, but it might also tire the kid out. Then Britney would demand a second round against him dish out some much needed payback.

Glancing towards the ring, Britney was pleased to see she had not missed any of the fight. Noah and Lauren were standing in the centre of the canvas, facing one another. From Britney's vantage point looking up into the ring, the height difference between Lauren and the smaller Noah was even more obvious. Britney felt a mix of anger and shame overwhelm her. How the hell had this little rookie put her down so damn easy? "I was too soft on him" muttered Britney under her breath, and finally reached for the sponge and water to begin nursing her many, many bruises.

In the ring, Lauren did not try to intimidate Noah. What would be the point, she surmised. After his destruction of Britney, he would clearly be full of confidence. And that was exactly what Lauren wanted. Let him be the cocky one this time, and Lauren would counter anything Noah threw at her. As they faced off, Britney gave the word to begin. Lauren kept her eyes fixed on Noah's boxing gloves, her gaze unflinching. Even the sight of Britney's blood, which now stained much of the surface of Noah's gloves, did not break her resolve. Lauren was waiting for a movement. Any movement. When the punch came, it would be anticipated, evaded and countered. Lauren was ready.

Noah's heel cracked into Lauren's jaw with enough force to loosen teeth. Staggering backwards from the power of the kick, Lauren tasted blood on her tongue. Wait, said a panicked voice inside her head. This isn't how this was supposed to go. Indifferent to Lauren's careful planning, Noah pressed his advantage. Closing the gap between them, Noah turned a full three-hundred-sixty degrees, coming out of the spin with a devastating backfist that caught Lauren flush on the left side of her face and sent her sprawling away again.

"Uhnn... N-No. This is wrong," slurred a confused Lauren, "You have to let me -" If Lauren's intention had been to finish her sentence with "- repeatedly hit your boxing gloves with my face", then she was very much in luck. With a steadying arm against Lauren's back to prevent her from stumbling away again, Noah used his right glove to drill jab after jab after jab after jab into the centre of Lauren's gradually reshaping face. Without hesitation, Noah switched his attack to Lauren's gut, firing an identical staccato of punches deep into Lauren's belly. With her nose already bleeding, the stomach-churning strikes caused Lauren to grunt and retch, creating a tsunami of blood, snot and drool running down her face.

In her front row seat, Britney looked on in utter disbelief. Although she had already been a recipient of Noah's brutality, it was an entirely different experience to actually witness it. Much of what had happened to Britney in the ring was already a blur, vague memories formed only by the feelings of intense pain and fear that she associated with them. But to watch Noah in action, to see his combination of fluid skill and relentless barbarism, Britney found herself equal parts impressed, resentful and slightly traumatised.

Lauren's gloved fists hung loosely by her sides, her arms dangling like vines in a breeze. Noah placed his own gloves on Lauren's shoulders, a gesture that might have seemed like he was comforting her, though only to anyone that didn't know better. Lauren wasn't sure what was coming next. Still both dazed and winded from Noah's previous onslaught, she dreaded taking another strike to the head or gut. And in that regard, Noah was at least accommodating. He drilled his knee between her thighs with such force, the reason he had held Lauren's shoulders was immediately apparent. It had been to stop her potentially hitting her head on the gymnasium ceiling.

If a scream is a reaction to pain and a wail is a response to more emotional suffering, the noise Lauren made might best be described as a "scrail". She made no effort to fight back the tears which began to stream down her face, washing away some of the blood and leaving two clear vertical trails on both of her cheeks. As the agony in her crotch spread throughout her whole body, the only other sensation was aware of were Noah's gloves, still holding her shoulders firmly. Lauren knew what that meant. She was already screaming in anticipation when Noah's knee powered into her pussy again. And this time, he didn't stop. Noah hammered his knee against her tender lips, over and over again. Holding Lauren securely in place as he did so ensured that the energy of each knee-strike would not be dissipated in any way except directly into her crotch.

From ringside, Britney watched Noah's brutal onslaught with some concern. Not for Lauren, of course. As far as Britney was concerned, Lauren should have expected this. After all, if the kid had managed to get a few lucky shots in on as someone as skilled herself, then Lauren clearly wasn't in his league. Britney's worry was that this round was going to be over too soon and she still needed time to... not recover, she told herself... but just some time to think of all the things she was going to do to Noah the next time she faced him. "Hey, dork!" she called out. "Is that all you've got?"

There was no pause in Noah's assault. Each knee was delivered just as brutally as the last, Noah seeming to relish the sensation so much that he simply had to do it again. And again. And again. It was a pattern of behaviour familiar to anyone who has ever used the phrase "OK, just one more." And in such a loop of pleasure, it was unlikely Noah would be stopping any time soon.

Way past the point of being capable of screaming, Lauren's responses to Noah's knee strikes had become a guttural retch, choked gasps which occasionally interrupted her constant and piteous sobbing. Noah's knee thudded into her cunt again, crashing into a network of overworked nerve endings which were all vying for immediate attention in the pain centre of Lauren's brain. Soon even Lauren's grunts had begun to fade, as though she had resigned herself to the agony each impact created. Her whole face seemed to sag too, to lose all of its colour. As her skin grew paler, it provided an even starker contrast against the deep red streaks of blood still steadily pumping from her disfigured nose.

Lauren was not given the benefit of a demeaning comment or a patronising speech. Anything that might have given her a few precious seconds of peace, a moment to be alone with the pain she was already suffering, without the acquisition of yet more. Finally releasing his hold on her shoulders, Noah stepped back. Before she could fall, Noah unleashed a flurry of face-kicks, smearing his soles with Lauren's blood and drool as they pulverised her features. For two full minutes, Noah's feet ravaged Lauren's face, crushing her nose, twisting her lips and distorting her face into expressions that were sometimes comedic, sometimes horrific and frequently both.

Britney watched the onslaught closely, the speed of Noah's fast feet pummelled Lauren's face with such speed and precision that the action became a blur. It was only when Noah's kicking frenzy finally ceased that Britney was able to get a good look at her friend. And take a good look she needed to, because under any other circumstances, Britney doubted she would have recognised the disfigured shell in the ring. The blood from Laurenís nose now ran all the way down her neck and chest, branching off into smaller tributaries around her defined abdominal muscles. Had Lauren owned an instagram page, Britney was convinced that no amount of make-up or photo-editing would be able to salvage the mangled arrangement of features that were now Lauren's face.

Unlike Britney, Lauren had never put much stock in physical appearance. For Lauren, what mattered was her brain. However, at this point, there was very little to differentiate between Lauren's physical state and the condition of her mind. Certainly conscious thought was long past her current capabilities. She could only feel. She felt the blood running down her face and body. She felt every throbbing bruise in her cheeks and jaw. She felt the pulsating, aching throb in her pussy, which exploded with agony again every time that she moved, even just slightly. She felt Noah's heel smash into his chin and felt her brain physically shake inside her skull.

And then she felt nothing.

Lauren's body stiffened as she fell back, her body remaining rigidly straight as it plummeted towards the canvas. As a result of her position when he fell, Lauren's back landed atop the bottom rope, catching her like an accidental trapeze artist. Her arms hung limply behind him over the ropes, her head lolling backwards. By chance, Lauren had come to rest directly in front of Britney's seat. A look of discomfort crossed Britney's face as her battered friend's sightless pupils rolled back, leaving only the whites of Lauren's eyes staring vacantly towards her.

In the ring, a triumphant but unsurprised Noah surveyed his latest practice dummy. Lauren's prone position meant the soles of her feet were now facing Noah. "Oh, so that's what they look like," said the young warrior, addressing his unresponsive opponent. "I imagine you already got a very good look at mine." Lauren remained still, save for her legs which would twitch and jolt at regular intervals, an apparent result of her brain attempting to reboot.

Whilst the majority of Laurenís body was limp and flaccid, Britneyís eyes were drawn to one area where the opposite of that was in full effect. Noahís speedo seemed even more defined than before, the contents as visible through the stretched material was an obviously wrapped Birthday gift. The impressive sight gave Britney an idea. However fast and skilled he may have been, Noah was still a horny teenager. And Britney knew exactly how to deal with those.

Resting on the ropes, Noah now turned his full attention back to Britney. "Round Two, then?" asked the teen. "Or do you need another minute. Or hour? Or a few weeks and hospital treatment maybe?"

Britney rose to her feet defiantly, using every ounce of her will-power not to display even the slightest hint of the discomfort she still felt. "I'm good," she said through gritted teeth." And this isn't over. But how about we raise the stakes?"


"Winner takes loser. Anything goes."

"Sure OK," responded Noah, nonchalantly. "That works for me."

"And why's that?" asked Britney, her bravado faltering.

"Well, because that means I can stop going so easy on the two of you."
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Default Re: It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

Wonderful work as always, FootPower. It made me “scrail!”
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Default Re: It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

I really, really, really hope Noah teaches them a lesson! I dont really like the idea of bruising womwn, but damn, these girls are arrogant! Go Noah!
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Default Re: It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

This is amazing! Can't wait for Lauren's second fight... and her second defeat!
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Default Re: It's his party and they'll cry if they want to (Maledom)

wow, this was just awesome
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