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Default BBQ Party Humiliation

It was a perfect summer day and the Brooks family was cleaning their backyard to set up for a BBQ party they were having later that afternoon. Mr. Dave Brooks was blowing leaves with his leaf blower, his son Alex was carrying heavy bags of ice to the coolers spread out onto the lawn, and his daughter Rachel and her best friend Kelly were helping to move foldable tables onto the lawn. On a whim, Dave turned his leaf blower at Rachel and Kelly who were walking by balancing glass cups and plates on a table. Rachel, who was wearing a shirt tucked into a pair of shorts was unaffected, but Kelly was wearing a dress, and the sudden burst of air lifted her dress straight into the air and everyone in the backyard was exposed to her white cotton underwear. Kelly screamed in horror as her dress was blown into the air. Mr. Brooks turned the leaf blower off, but the dress was pressed up against her shirt and wouldn't fall down. She was carrying the table with glass cups on it and couldn't just drop it onto the ground, and it seemed to take an eternity to set the table onto the grass and finally pull her dress down. When she stood up her face was dark red and tears were forming in her eyes. As she stormed away Mr. Brooks was half laughing, half apologizing. His wife glared at him, but the half dozen other witnesses were rolling with laughter.

Several hours later and the party was in full bloom. Twenty or so friends and family were in the backyard drinking beer, eating hot dogs and playing games. In the corner of the yard Mr. Brooks was smoking cigars with a couple of close friends. Kelly was on the other side of the yard, still fuming with anger at what Mr. Brooks had done to her.

“Can’t you just let it go?” Rachel asked her best friend.

“Are you serious?” Kelly shot back. “No way.”

Rachel shrugged her shoulders in defeat. Her Dad deserved what was coming to him.

“Come on, let’s do this.” Kelly said and pulled on Rachel’s arm towards Mr. Brooks and his group of friends. On the way she picked up a cup of water and held it casually. As they approached the group of older, distinguished men smoking cigars the small group stopped talking and smiled at the two young, very attractive women.

Mr. Brooks edged his way to the front of the group and said hello to his daughter Rachel and Kelly.

“Hey there, can I help you two lovely young ladies.” Mr. Brooks asked as he took a puff on his cigar.

“Yea.” Kelly said, speaking up. “I want to show you something.” She held the glass of water up, “take a look at this.”

Mr. Brooks was confused, seeing nothing more than a glass of water. He took a step closer, and as he did so Kelly quickly tipped her glass over and poured half the glass onto his cigar. It was extinguished at once and completely ruined.

“You brat!” Mr. Brooks screamed at her. He opened his mouth to say something else, but Kelly splashed the rest of the water directly into his face.

“Now were even.” Kelly said and tossed the glass onto the ground.

Mr. Brooks cleared the water from his eyes and looked up angrily. Kelly gave him a mocking smile, then bolted away. He ran after her, but after only three quick strides Kelly dropped to the ground and crouched herself into a ball. Mr. Brooks was right behind her and unable to stop in time, and he tripped over her body. He fell onto the soft grass with a hard thud. Kelly quickly got up and pounced on him. They were now in the middle of the lawn and everyone at the party was watching them. Kelly climbed onto his chest and pinned his right arm beneath her left knee. Mr. Brooks was struggling wildly beneath her, but Kelly was fighting violently on top of him.

“Get off of me.” Mr. Brooks yelled from beneath her.

“Not until I get a sufficient apology for what you did!” Kelly answered back.

For a moment the two were in a stand still. Kelly was still on top of his chest and had his right arm pinned, but she couldn't manage to pin his left arm to the ground. He kept moving beneath her and thrashing his body from side to side. Then, with one quick movement she jumped her body forwards so that she was sitting onto his neck. She let go of his trapped right arm, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into her crotch. She then fell to her left, falling softly onto the grass and keeping his head pulled tight to her crotch. As she landed she crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs tight around his face. Her white dress was forced up to her crotch, which was pressed tight against his neck.

In a matter of seconds it became clear that Mr. Brooks couldn't escape from Kelly’s scissor hold. He tried pulling her legs apart with his hands, but they wouldn't budge. He tried pulling his head free, but her legs were too strong and he was trapped. Worse for him, Kelly kept grabbing his head and forcing his face tight against her crotch. He kept pulling away from her and freeing his head an inch, but she kept grabbing his head and pulling him back into her crotch.

“Kelly, let go of me. Now!” Mr. Brooks shouted at her.

Kelly pulled his head into her again, smiled at him, then did nothing.

“Kelly, let go!” Mr. Brooks snapped at her. But Kelly sat up slightly, balancing herself on one arm and smiled at him. She kept her legs tight and forced his face into her crotch. Then she looked up at the group of on lookers. They had expressions of complete shock on their face. Then Kelly spoke up, raising her voice so that everyone could here.

“So, I’m guessing everyone here is wondering what’s going on? We’ll, there is a perfectly good explanation for this. Isn’t that right, Mr. Brooks?” She squeezed her legs tight as she asked him.

Mr. Brooks kept silent. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had stopped struggling now, knowing fully well that he was defeated. His face was trapped, and he could see Kelly staring coldly at him, but he could also see the people behind her, the party guest looking on at his humiliating position.

“I said,” Kelly squeezed her legs tight, “that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what is happening.”

There was a long pause, with only small whispers from the group of onlookers.

“Tell them what you did today.” Kelly ordered him and squeezed her legs again.

“Come on Kelly, I’m sorry, let go of me.” Mr. Brooks complained.

“Tell everyone what you did first.” Kelly answered him.

There was a long pause.

“Tell everyone what happened.” Kelly said again. “They all want to know what kind of pig you really are.”

At this Mr. Brooks started to struggle again. He jolted his body to the side and managed to get onto his knees. But Kelly tightened her thighs together, pulled her hips to the ground and slowly forced Mr. Brooks back onto his side. She continued to squeeze her thighs tight until Mr. Brooks was gasping for breath and completely defeated. He tapped her thighs in submission but she kept a tight hold on him until he went completely still.

After she eased up she waited a moment, then told him to tell everyone what he did.

“I’m not letting you go until you tell everyone exactly what you did today.” Kelly said, not squeezing her legs hard, but squeezing enough to keep him completely trapped.

Mr. Brooks looked around as much as he could with his head framed between her thighs, grunted slightly in pain, but kept quiet.

“Just tell us what happened.” Someone shouted from behind Kelly. Mr. Brooks looked at the onlookers again, and to his horror he saw someone holding up their phone, obviously recording the whole thing. Instinctively he put his hands on Kelly’s thighs and tried to pry them apart. He was so embarrassed and couldn't believe what was happening to him. He wondered how long the girl had been filming him. But as soon as he started to struggle, he realized there was no escape. Kelly’s legs were squeezed tight around his head and he couldn't budge them an inch.

“Just tell us already.” Another one of the onlookers said.

“Yea, tell everyone what you did.” Kelly said and squeezed her legs quickly.

Mr. Brooks was completely defeated. He didn't know what to do. Every time he tried to escape, Kelly would squeeze her legs painfully and it only caused him more pain.

“I’m going to give you three seconds.” Kelly said sternly. “Three, Two, One.” As she finished counting she pulled his head tight against her crotch and started to squeeze. She crushed his head between her thighs and he started to struggle violently. She could feel the pain and humiliation in him. He slowly started to lose energy, and after a minute he was completely drained and his body went limp with exhaustion.

“Tell everyone what happened, or I do that again. Three, two, one…”

“Wait.” Mr. Brooks shouted, but when he kept silent for a moment, Kelly squeezed him again. After a minute, Mr. Brooks was gasping for breath and racked with pain and embarrassment.

“I’m going to keep doing that until you tell everyone.” Kelly said as she pulled his face tight against her crotch. “Three, two…”

“Ok! Ok!” Mr. Brooks shouted. “Just stop squeezing me.”

Kelly raised an eyebrow. “Are you ready to speak up.”

Mr. Brooks kept quiet.

Kelly squeezed her legs and said, “Are you?”

There was a short pause, but before Kelly squeezed him Mr. Brooks started to confess what he did.

“Earlier today, I turned the leaf blower…”

Kelly squeezed her legs tight so that he couldn't speak. “Louder.” She said. “So everyone can hear.” She then eased up the pressure on his head.

“Earlier today, I was blowing the leaves, then I pointed the leaf blower at Kelly and her dress was blown into the air.”

There was a rumble of conversation and a few gasps from the crowd.

Kelly smiled, almost completely satisfied. She then squeezed her legs tight and pulled her body up into a sitting position. She sat down onto his neck and pinned his arms to the ground. Mr. Brooks struggled for a moment, but she slammed her butt onto his chest and forced him still.

“Now apologize and I’ll let you go.” Kelly told him.

“I’m sorry.” Mr. Brooks mumbled.

“Louder!” Kelly ordered him.

“I’m sorry.” Mr. Brooks said, his voice loud and clear, but with complete embarrassment in his tone.

Kelly smiled satisfactorily down at him, then looked up at the crowd. “I think that’s enough.” She then slowly got off of him and stood up.

Mr. Brooks got to his feat and brushed the grass off of his clothes. He stood there, red in the face and completely embarrassed. He looked lost, not sure what to do next.

Kelly came to his rescue.

“Why don’t you go man the grill.” Kelly said, making it sound like an order as opposed to a suggestion.

“Um, alright. Ok.” Mr. Brooks mumbled. Then, with his head down and his shoulders slumped, he walked away, completely defeated.

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Default Re: BBQ Party Humiliation

Nice story and very humiliating for Mr. Brooks
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