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Default The Mayors Party

Chapter One

The Mayor’s Party

Mayor Jeff Beasley was turning fifty years old, a landmark birthday. To celebrate he was throwing the grandest celebration Logan County would ever see.

His house on 16 West Lake Avenue was the largest in the county, and easily the most lavish. The three story, eight bedroom mansion was situated on a plot of land that included a detached one bedroom guest house, an in ground pool, a ten person hot tub, a basketball court, a tennis court, and three par three golf holes.

The party’s guest list included a hundred people, including friends, local businessman, neighboring politicians, and even several reporters. The party was being catered by one of the fanciest restaurants in the county, and a strict formal dress code was being enforced. A hip jazz band was playing light music, and it was a perfectly warm spring evening. All of the guest had arrived and everything was going smoothly. Tonight would be a night for the books.

Kristen Baker was only lucky enough to secure an invitation because of her friendship with Liz Beasley, the Mayors daughter. There were only a handful of guest under the age of 21, and they were only permitted if they were the children of one of the invited guest. For the most part, this was an adult party, 21 years and up. A year ago a drunk driving accident by an underage minor had rocked Logan County. Ever since that accident Mayor Jeff Beasley took a hard stance on underage drinking. And he wasn’t taking any chances on his big day. He had instructed all of the caterers to ID anyone who looked anywhere close to 21 years old.

This was a thorn is Kristen’s side. She had just returned from a two month vacation in Europe, where the drinking age in most countries was 18 years old. She had been sipping wine in France and chugging beer in Germany. Why shouldn't she be allowed to drink in the US? She was twenty years old after all. In three months she would turn 21. What did 3 months actually mean? After an hour at the party she needed a drink. But having been rejected twice already by two different caterers, she knew she needed to get creative if she was going to get her hands on something to drink.

Kristen Baker drifted through the party, thinking of how she was going to get her hands on a vodka martini or rum cocktail. As she walked, heads turned discreetly to chance a look at her while their wives weren’t watching. Kristen was both young and very beautiful. She had light blonde hair, smooth tan skin and an athletic shaped body from years of volleyball. Tonight she was wearing a peach skirt that ended just above the knees and a white blouse. Her family was wealthy and she had both the look and charisma of the financial elite.

After another twenty minutes of scouting out the party and searching for a loophole in the zero tolerance underage drinking policy, a plan was slowly forming in her mind. She walked alone for another five minutes putting it all together, then smiled mischievously. She was ready.

Kristen made her way to the back of the party where only a few of the guest were mingling. Most everyone stayed close to the house where the band was playing, but a few of the guest were in the back smoking cigars. Behind them there was a barrier of several oak trees, and behind them was one of the golf holes. Kristen glanced at the group of men smoking cigars, and with a sigh of relief Mayor Jeff Beasley was one of them.

Kristen hovered around an older man who was almost finished with his bottle of beer. She discreetly followed him, and when he took his last sip and tossed his empty bottle into the trash, she quickly scooped it out and tucked it into her purse. She looked over her shoulder to check if anyone saw, but it looked like the coast was clear. Then she walked towards the back of the party where the gentleman were smoking cigars, but veered left into the trees and out of the party. She waited a moment to make sure Mayor Jeff Beasley could see her, then she pulled the empty bottle out of her purse and casually flashed it in his direction. Then she turned away and disappeared through the tree’s and onto the golf course.

“I’m sorry, will you excuse me for a minute.”

Jeff was furious. He had explicitly told his daughter that her and her friend Kristen had better not even think of touching any alcohol. If anyone found out that underage drinking took place at his party, on his property, it would be a huge scandal. And despite his repeated lectures to his daughter, her friend Kristen had the nerve to sneak off with a bottle of beer. He followed her into the woods and would give her a stern scolding.

“Kristen, where are you? I saw you with that bottle. Hand it over.”

Jeff couldn’t see her, but he knew she was close. He walked through the trees then spotted her further in the distance, standing in the center of one of the golf holes. He walked over to her and was confused when she simply smiled at him.

“Kristen, hand it over. You know there is zero tolerance for under age drinking at my party.”

“Relax, it’s empty, and I didn’t drink it.” Kristen spoke clearly and with confidence, but inside her heart was racing.

Jeff frowned and held out his hand. Kristen gave him the bottle.

“I didn’t drink anything. I swear. You can smell my breath if you want.”

She opened her mouth, then smiled and burst out into giggles.

Jeff turned to head back to the party, but Kristen stopped him.

“Come on Mr. Beasley. I turn 21 in three months. Just let me have one drink. I was just drinking all across Europe for the past two months.”

Jeff looked over his shoulder, frowned, then walked away.

Kristen’s heart was racing. This was her chance. She took a deep breath then took four long strides over to him. With her right hand she reached out and grabbed the back of his pants and wrapped her fingers tight around his belt.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff said loudly, not hiding the shock from his voice.

“I’m not letting go until you agree to get me a drink.” Kristen said and then dug her feet into the grass and started to pull him back further away from the party.

“Let go of me!”

Kristen ignored him and continued to yank him backwards, further away from the party and onto the golf hole.

“I said let go of me!” Jeff was getting really upset now. He swung around to face Kristen, but she held on tight to his belt and she swung around behind him.

“Kristen, that’s enough. You let go of me now. I caught you with alcohol, it’s time for you to go home.”

Kristen took another deep breath, then stuck out her foot and gave Jeff a hard pull. He tricked over her leg and went crashing down to the ground. She let go of his belt, but jumped on top of him and straddled his waist.

“Come on Mayor Beasley. Just get me one drink, and I’ll let you go back to the party.”

“You are in no position to tell me when and if I can go back to my own party.”

Kristen was sitting on Jeff’s stomach, straddling his body. She put her hands on her hips and frowned down at him.

“I think you’d be surprised. I’m really not going to let you go until you agree to get me some alcohol.”

Jeff couldn’t fathom what was happening. Was his daughters friend seriously straddling his midsection, trying to physically restrain him? For a split guilty second he took a secret pleasure at having such a young, beautiful girl on top of him, but then the reality of the situation kicked in and he knew he had to put an end to this.

“I’m warning you. If you don’t get off of me, I’m going to physically remove you.”

Kristen smiled and shifted her weight, as if accepting a challenge from him.

“I’m warning you Mayor, the more you struggle, the worse it will get for you.”

There was a moment of pause where the two didn’t move, but then Jeff lifted his right shoulder and tried to sit up. Kristen responded by dropping her weight onto him, bringing her shoulders level with his and pressing him back down to the ground. After a minute of struggling, Jeff finally conceded that he wouldn't be able to use brute force to throw Kristen off of him. He went still and let his body recover. Although it was just a brief struggle, he was already breathing heavily.

“I think a vodka on the rocks sounds good right about now.” Kristen said as she continued to press her full weight onto Jeff. As Jeff went still she took advantage and grabbed both of his wrist and pinned them to the grass. But once she did this Jeff immediately put up another struggle. He twisted his body to the left, then the right, but Kristen wrapped her legs around his midsection and pressed her hips hard into his. Jeff couldn’t push her off of him and he was slowly starting to realize that Kristen might in fact be physically stronger then him.

“Maybe I’ll have champagne. It is a celebration after all.”

Jeff was breathing hard and struggling to come to terms with his situation. Was this girl really going to pin him to the ground until he gave her what she wanted?

“Kristen, get off of me. I’m not going to get you a drink.”

Kristen twisted her head to look him directly in the eye. She was still lying on top of him and there faces were inches apart. Jeff half heartedly tried to escape again, but Kristen pressed her weight down and forced him still.

“Ok, this is getting silly. This is your last chance. Are you going to get me a drink or not?”

“Absolutely not.”

Kristen blew a strand of hair out of her eyes, took a deep breath, then quickly jumped, swinging her hips forwards so that she landed with a thud on Jeff’s chest. He let out a “Oomph”of pain, and while he was out of breath Kristen grabbed both of his arms, forced them straight over his head and pressed them flat against the ground. Then she scooted forwards until her crotch was pressed against his chin and her thighs pressed tight against his arms and face, trapping him completely.

Jeff began to panic. Kristen was not practically sitting on his face. He tried pushing her off of him, but she pressed her weight down on him and he was forced flat on the ground. He tried pulling his arms free, but she had them tucked between her legs and forced flat against the ground with her hands. He arched his back to try and unbalance her, but she was sitting so high onto his chest that it didn’t work. He collapsed back to the ground and Kristen scooted even further onto his face, and squeezed her thighs even tighter.

He was completely pinned, and he knew it.

After a minute of silence where Kristen stared down at Jeff and he was forced to look back up at her, he finally broke the silence.

“Alright. So if I agree to get you one drink, you’ll get off of me?”

Kristen didn’t respond. She simply stared down at him.

“Alright, I’ll get you a drink. But not at the party. In side the house I’ll fix you one drink. And you’ll drink it there then you won’t return the party. You can stay in the basement and watch a movie or something.”

At this Kristen chuckled in amusement.

“And why should’t I return to the party?”

“You know why. Kristen, get off of me and we can discuss this.”

“Wow, do you really think I’m that stupid. First of all, I’ve changed my mind. I want more then one drink. Second, I’m definitely not staying in the basement and watching TV. Third, how can I trust you to keep your word?”

Jeff didn’t have a response. He thought of his career and what would happen if Kristen got drunk and a reporter took notice. Would he publish that in the paper? Would he confront him about it? No, he couldn't take that risk. But what could he do with Kristen practically sitting on top of his face and refusing to get off of him?

“Let me tell you my idea.” Kristen said as she bounced lightly on top of him. “We’re going to go into the house together. You are going to get me a bottle of champagne or vodka or whatever. Then the two of of us are going to come back out together and drink it right here.”

Jeff stared up at her, unable to believe what was happening. Then a burst of anger swept through him and he put up a huge struggle to escape. He pressed all of his strength upwards, trying to use brute force to remove Kristen. He managed to lift Kristen slightly off of him, but then she shifted her weight and pressed him flat against the ground again. She squeezed her thighs tight and he was completely trapped. He was breathing hard and starting to worry that some guest would note his absence from the party.

“Alright, whatever you say. Get off of me and I’ll get you your drink and you do whatever you like. Just don’t get drunk in front of the guest.”

Kristen smiled down at him.

“And how do I know you’ll keep your word?”

“I’m the Mayor. I always keep my word.”

Kristen opened laughed at that.

“Sorry, that’s not good enough.” She then spread her knees apart, pulled his arms wide, grabbed his head and pulled upwards. She then fell to the side and landed softly onto the grass. As she fell she wrapped her legs around his head, pulling his face tight against her crotch.

“Kristen, stop!”

But it was too late. Kristen already had her legs wrapped tight around his head and was slowly starting to squeeze. Jeff put his hands on her legs to pry them apart, but found they were immovable.

“What are you doing?” Jeff gasped, unable to keep the discomfort out of his voice. She was squeezing her legs hard and the pressure was hurting worse and worse. “I promise. I’ll get you the drink.”

“I” Kristen squeezed her legs. “Don’t” She squeezed harder. “Trust” She held her legs tight. “You.” She tapped his nose at her last word and pressed her thighs tighter together. Jeff squealed in pain but Kristen kept her tight hold on him.

For a minute Kristen squeezed him senseless. He could hardly breath, and when he tried speaking she squeezed harder so that he couldn't speak. He continued pulling at her legs, but couldn't budge them an inch. After what felt like an eternity for Jeff Kristen finally relaxed her legs a bit, but kept them squeezed hard enough to keep him trapped.

“Come on Kristen, what do you want from me?” Jeff was begging now. He no longer spoke like a man who comes from authority. His only concern now was for Kristen to stop squeezing him so hard. He couldn’t believe her legs were so strong.

Kristen smiled at him. “I have an idea.”

“Ok, you have an idea. Let’s do it. Just let go of me.”

“No, not yet. I need some insurance to make sure you keep your word.”

“I promise I’ll keep…”

But Kristen squeezed her legs tight and cut him off.

“I need more insurance that just your word. Here’s the plan. You’re going to take off your pants.”

She paused for a moment, enjoying the look of horror on Jeff’s face.

“You heard that right. You’re going to take off your pants…”

Jeff erupted in protest. He punched her leg with his fist and thrashed his body wildly. Kristen was caught off guard and he almost slipped his head out from her legs. But she squeezed hard just in time and kept him trapped between her thighs. Jeff continued to struggle, but Kristen squeezed her legs hard until he calmed down. In less then a minute Jeff was breathing hard and squealing in pain.

“You can’t escape Mr. Beasley. And if you hit me again.” She squeezed her legs tight again and Jeff squealed. She squeezed hard for a long time, and it wasn’t until Jeff looked like he was going to faint that she eased up.

“About my insurance. You’re going to take off your pants and leave them here. The two of us will make a wide circle of the house. All of the guest are in the backyard. No ones in the front of the house. We’ll sneak in through the front door, go get a bottle or two, then we’ll both sneak back here to our hiding spot.”

Jeff hesitated for a long moment, grimaced in pain and the tightness of Kristen’s legs, then continued to beg.

“Come on. That’s ridiculous. There’s no way I’m doing that. Why on earth would I take my pants off?”

“Mayor Beasley, you’re a smart man. Surely you can see why I want your pants off.”

Jeff for a moment thought she was making a pass at him. The smile in her eyes was enchanting. But the moment passed and he saw the logic in her plan. With his pants off, he couldn't simply make a run for it as soon as she released him. But still, what if someone saw? He couldn't risk that. Surely it would be better to have underage drinking at his party than to have him caught pant less at his own party. But Kristen wasn’t giving him a choice. His head was trapped between her thighs and there was nothing he could do to escape.

“Alright, so do we have a deal?” Kristen asked as if she were making an ordinary agreement.

“No.” Jeff answered immediately. “I can’t risk it. I’m not taking my pants off and sneaking around my party.”

Kristen sighed, then slowly started to squeeze her legs.

“Don’t” Jeff begged, but it was too late. Kristen pressed her thighs together and Jeff was squealing again. Every breath hurt and the pressure in his head was unbearable. He pried at her legs, desperate to open them. But he couldn’t. She was too strong. After several minutes she eased up.

“Ready to take off your pants?”

“Kristen, you know I can’t…”

But Kristen had enough of his begging. She squeezed her legs again, harder this time. After a minute she eased up and stared coldly at Mr. Beasley.

“You can manage to get your pants off without me releasing you. When you want me to stop squeezing, go ahead and take your pants off.”

“No, wait…”

But Kristen didn’t wait. She squeezed her thighs relentlessly. She grabbed his head and pulled him in tight against her crotch, now both smothering and crushing his head. Jeff struggled furiously, but couldn't budge his head an inch from her hold.

The pain was getting worse and worse. He needed release from her legs. But she was showing no mercy. Finally, his hands betrayed him. In his mind he knew he absolutely shouldn't take his pants off. But his hands unbuckled his belt and he slowly pulled them down.

Kristen smiled, keeping his head trapped firmly between her thighs.

“Keep going.” She ordered him.

Jeff kicked off his shoes and snaked his legs out from his pants. He was now left wearing only underwear and socks from the waist down.

“Good boy.” Kristen said as she patted him affectionately on the head. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Let go of me.” Jeff barked at her.

Kristen raised her eyebrows and kept her legs locked around his head.

“Not so fast. One more thing before we go. She reached over and grabbed his pants and slipped the belt out from them. “Put this on.”

“What?” Jeff asked confused.

“Put this belt on around your waist. It’ll act as a sort of leash for me to hold onto you.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yep, now put it on before I start squeezing again.” She tightened her legs, but just slightly. Jeff grabbed the belt and fastened it around his waist.

“Alright, good. Now just so you know, if you try pulling a fast one or anything, I’m going to scream. Then everyone’s going to come running over and see the of us, and you’ll be the one half naked.”

Jeff froze at the image she painted in his head. That was a situation that would be unexplainable. No one would believe that he was being forced to do this. He would be humiliated. His position as Mayor would probably be over.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

Kristen released Jeff’s head from her legs but quickly got a firm grip onto his belt. She nodded in the direction they would be going, backtracking wide around the party before veering towards the front of the house. For a moment Jeff’s legs wouldn't move, but Kristen gave him a sharp pull and he started walking.

They made their way along the golf hole away from the house. When they were well clear of the party, Kristen pulled on Jeff’s belt and they slowly walked through the trees. Kristen poked her head out of the clearing, then nodded at Jeff.

“The coast is clear. The quicker we move the better.”

“Kristen, don’t do this.” Jeff begged. But Kristen smiled wickedly and pulled on his belt.

The two walked quickly, almost running. They could see no one, but the sound of the party behind the house was loud and clear. All it would take was one guest leaving early and they would be spotted. Several dozen cars were parked along the street, and they walked past them briskly. They made it halfway up the driveway when they heard a car door shut. They froze in shock, then sprinted for the front door. They hid behind a barrier on the porch and looked back to see who was there. It was one of the guest, but he was walking around the side of the house back towards the party, away from them.

“Phew, close call.” Kristen said as if this was all a fun game. Then she peeked in through a window to see if anyone was there. There wasn’t. The front of the house was empty. She quietly opened the door and they slipped inside.

“Where’s the alcohol?” Kristen asked.

“Basement. In the basement.” Jeff whispered.

Kristen pulled lightly on his belt and they tip toed their way to the stairs. They slowly walked down, listening for the sounds of any guest. But there was no one. It seemed they were completely alone in the house.

“Where?” Kristen asked when they made it to the foot of the stairs. But as she scanned the basement, she needn’t have asked. In the corner of the basement she could clearly see a bar with a dozen different shiny bottles of alcohol.

“Bingo.” Kristen whispered.

They walked over to the bar and Kristen scanned the bottles for what she wanted.

“Do you have any champagne?”

Jeff nodded and pointed at the fridge. Kristen opened the fridge and grabbed the bottle.

“Ok, let’s go.”

They started to walk back, but then Kristen yanked on Jeff’s belt.

“Wait, I forgot something.” She went back to the bar and grabbed two glasses and handed them to Jeff.

“Why two?”

Kristen gave him a puzzled look.

“To drink to your birthday of course.”

They quietly made their way back up the stairs and to the front door. But just as they were about to leave they heard footsteps outside on the porch. They both froze in shock. They were trapped. The door would open in a second and they would be caught like deer in headlights.

It was Kristen who acted first. She yanked on Jeff’s belt and pulled him backwards. They were practically sprinting and ducked into a bathroom as the door opened. Quietly Kristen closed the door and held her breath. They heard two people talking, then were relieved when their voices and footsteps died away.

“Close call.” Kristen said as she smiled from ear to ear.

Jeff was breathing hard, thinking he almost had a heart attack. He couldn't believe how close they were to getting caught. And the smile on Kristen’s face only made him angrier. This was all a game to her.

“Alright, let’s go.” Kristen said with a pull on Jeff’s belt.

“Wait, no. You’ve already got what you wanted. Go by yourself. I’ll run upstairs to my bedroom and get changed.”

Kristen frowned, then smiled. “Oh come on, that’s no fun.”

“This isn’t fun. This is serious. I’m not going back outside with you.”

Kristen twirled a lock of her hair silently, as if pondering this. After a minute she spoke up.

“Sorry Mayor, we’re sticking to the original plan.”

“What are you talking about? Listen to me. I’m not going back outside without my fucking pants on!”

Kristen smiled, tightened her grip on his belt, then carefully opened the bathroom door.

Jeff braced himself, but Kristen still had her shoes on and Jeff was only wearing his socks. He couldn't get any traction and Kristen pulled on him with all her strength. She managed to get him halfway out of the bathroom before she paused.

“Are you really going to fight back and make a loud commotion? Trust me, your chances of getting caught are less likely if you behave.”

Jeff gripped the door handle and tried to pull himself back into the bathroom, but Kristen pulled harder and forced him back into the hallway.

Jeff stopped struggling and looked around to see if anyone was there. The house was silent and he saw nobody. Kristen continued to pull him towards the front door and he reluctantly followed her. She looked out the window, saw no one, then opened the door and they quietly slipped out of the house. They sprinted across the front lawn and around the driveway. They took the same route back as they had come, circling wide around the house. Nobody saw them as they darted around the trees and back to the golf hole.

“Mission accomplished.” Kristen said enthusiastically.

Jeff grunted, then tried to take a step towards his pants, but Kristen jerked him backwards.

“I’m going back to the party Kristen. Let go of me.”

“Wait a minute, let’s toast to your birthday.” Kristen then yanked hard and forced Jeff backwards. She stuck out her foot and he tripped onto the ground.

“What are you doing?” Jeff snapped at her, but Kristen was already on him. She wrapped one leg over his waist and straddled him again. Jeff started to fight back and gave her a shove.

“Stop, or I’ll scream.”

Jeff froze completely.

“Don’t!” he whispered. If she screamed, and people on the other side of the trees heard and came running, they would find him pant less, with a young girls and a bottle of champagne.

Kristen smiled as he realized the gravity of his situation.

“Give me the two glasses.”

Jeff handed them to her without a word. Kristen set them down on the soft grass next to the bottle of champagne, then moved higher onto Jeff’s chest.

“What are you doing?” Jeff asked in panic.

Kristen smiled at him. “Just relax.” She moved forward until her crotch was pressed up against his chin. Then she pinched her thighs shut so that she had his face completely framed.

“There, perfect.’ Kristen said as she picked up the bottle of champagne. “I’m going to open this, let’s hope it doesn’t make too much noise.”

Jeff’s heart froze. Of course it would make a lot of noise. It was a bottle of champagne. The cork always shoots out and there’s a loud ‘pop’ sound.

“Don’t open it.” Jeff pleaded helplessly, but it was too late. The flicked the bottle open and a loud ‘pop’ screamed into the air. Jeff thought it was the loudest sound in the world. Someone would surely hear. He needed to escape. He lifted his shoulder and Kristen glared down at him.

“I’m not bluffing, I’ll scream if you move again.”

Jeff froze, then reluctantly returned his shoulder to the ground. Kristen reaffirmed her pin, jammed her crotch tight against his chin and closed her legs tight against his face.

Kristen then poured one glass of champagne and held it in front of Jeff’s face.

“Happy Birthday.” She downed the glass then poured another. “Here’s to a successful mission.” She took a sip, then set her glass down and picked up the empty one. She poured the champagne into it and held the glass up to his face. “Have a drink with me.” And before Jeff could protest, she carefully tipped the glass over and slowly poured a mouthful of champagne into his mouth. He swallowed dutifully, and she tipped the glass again to pour more champagne into his mouth.

When the glass was empty she tossed his glass onto the grass and picked up her own.

“Are you going to get up now?”

Kristen looked down at him, smiled, then took another sip of champagne.

“In a minute. When I’m finished with the bottle.”

“Kristen come on. I’ve been gone from the party forever. Surely people have noticed my absence.”

Kristen shrugged. “Five more minutes won’t make a difference.”

Jeff was about to counter, but just then Kristen lifted herself up, moved forward, then sat down again. Her ass now completely enveloped his face. Instinctively he struggled, but then he remembered her threat about screaming, and went still. Kristen wiggled herself slightly, fitting the crack of her ass around his nose, then she poured herself another glass and continued drinking.

“Happy Birthday Mayor. Happy Birthday.”
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Default Re: The Mayors Party

Another terrific story, mate. As with previous stories, this is chapter one with chapters two and three included only in the ebook on Amazon.

It is very hard to feel sorry for Mayor Beasley. Sure, he is being overpowered and used by his daughters friend for her own sexual enjoyment, at the risk of being exposed and losing his political career or ruining his marriage, but Kristen seems happy to keep her sexual domination a secret so long as he does what she instructs. Some part of me likes the dynamic of a girl using an older man in this way. Thank you again for writing another exciting story, mate.
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