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Default Fairview High Freshman

“Let’s go, Lyss!”
“Hook his leg!”
This guy was proving himself to be a tough match. I was comfortably ahead on points at 11-2, but I really wanted to get this pin. My team was counting on me to win my match to win the meet, so this bout was highly competitive. Plus, like most guys I wrestle, I imagine he really didn’t want to lose to a girl.
“Turn him over!” Yelled my coach.
The gym was packed as we were facing our crosstown rival. It might have also been partly due to the media attention I have received lately for being a female wrestler. My friends came out in droves to watch me compete, and I liked giving them a show. As a girl wrestler, I often had guys forfeit rather than face me. It wasn’t so bad when I first started, but as I racked up wins my reputation grew and I think guys were afraid of losing, which I guess is understandable. I mean it’s kind of disappointing considering the progress that’s been for women’s equality and girls in sports that it’s seen as shameful to lose to a girl, but I don’t take it personally, and I try to console the guys I beat who get upset or even cry, which has been a lot.
“Yeah Alyssa!” I heard from the stands.
“Finish him!”
I was in complete control of the match with him playing defense on his stomach while I angled to flip him over. While he was strong, I had the advantage in speed and technique, despite him being two years older. Finally as I leveraged his right arm behind his back he was thrown off balance and I hooked my legs around his to secure the grapevine. The crowd went crazy as the ref checked for space under his back and counted down. This ref kept starting his count over, even though I clearly had him pinned at this point, probably trying to give the guy another chance. However, I had him completely immobilized and grimacing in pain while the ref smacked the mat and blew his whistle to signal the pin. The crowd erupted in cheers.
“Atta girl!”
“Waitta go, Lyss!”
As I popped up and waited at center mat, I noticed my opponent was slow to get up. His head was down and he looked to be wiping away tears. Ah damn, that doesn’t make me feel good. I never set out trying to embarrass or humiliate anyone. I’ll find him later and try to cheer him up. As he slowly makes his way toward center mat with his face covered, I notice a serious bulge in his crotch area. This actually happens quite a lot with the guys I wrestle. As we shake hands he’s avoiding eye contact with me looking down and away with a tearful expression. As the ref raises my arm I remove my headgear letting my brown hair down as the photographer takes his pictures. Then I run over to meet my girlfriends Amy and Cassie to celebrate the win.
“Nice job, girl!” Said Amy, as I hugged each of them.
“That was badass,” said Cassie.
“Aww, thanks for coming guys,” I said. “I was extra motivated to win for you.”
“Another cryer, huh?” Said Amy, grinning.
“Eh, it is what it is,” I said.
“He looked to be enjoying it though,” said Cassie, giggling.
“C’mon, Cass,” I said. “Don’t be mean, it’s hard for them”
“Yeah, I bet it’s hard. Like really hard.” They both chuckled. I couldn’t contain my laughter.
“Well it makes sense,” Amy said. “You going out there looking all cute, rolling around with them.”
“Oh stop,” I said.
“It’s true,” said Cassie. “I mean look at that ass!”
I giggled. “You’re embarrassing me!”
“Just saying, girl. We still meeting up tonight?”
“Yeah, for sure,” I said. “I’ll text you later.”
I went back to my bench to join my teammates who showered me with praise. With one match remaining for the night my team was up two points, my victory having secured the win for my school. After the last match I got changed and waited on a bench outside the opposing locker room waiting to see my opponent. As their team filtered out I couldn’t find him so I asked their coach.
“Excuse me,” I said. “I just wanted to talk to..”
“Ben?” He asked. “He’s still in the locker room. He’s pretty upset.”
“Do you think you could bring him here?”
“I can try.” He said.
He walked back in while I continued waiting, thinking of what to say to lift his spirits. I knew from seeing his record that he was a pretty good wrestler, having made all-conference and advancing to regionals the previous year as a sophomore. But today just wasn’t his day. The coach came out after a few minutes.
“You can go in there,” he said. “He doesn’t want his teammates to see.”
“Okay,” I said. I stood up and entered the empty room, scanning the area for my opponent. As I passed the second row of lockers I saw him with his head buried in his hands.
“Ben?” I asked.
“What do you want,” he said angrily.
“I just wanted to talk,” I said. “You seemed upset earlier.”
He turned his back to me. “Come on,” I said patting his back, “That was a good match, you almost had me at a couple points there. You’re good, you know?”
“Thanks,” he muttered. 
“You just shouldn’t have let me get that single-leg,” I said, smiling.
He looked up at me. “Yeah, I guess that was my downfall.” He said, now looking quite handsome in his street clothes with his wavy hair.
“You’ll bounce back,” I said. “Don’t take it too hard. I know it might feel bad because I’m a girl but I’m pretty good too, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed.”
He sniffled. “Yeah, you are pretty good.”
“Thanks,” I said, extending my hand. “Alyssa, by the way.”
“Ben,” he said.
“Umm,” I said, “so listen, maybe if you want, I could show you some moves like on the weekend or something, if you’re free.”
He paused for a second. “Uhh,”
“I mean if not that’s fine I guess..”
“No,” he said. “I mean, sure, we could do that.”
I smiled at him. “Great!” I said. “Can I get your number?”
“Sure,” he said, taking my phone. “There,” he said.
“Cool,” I said. “I’ll text you. Well my friends are waiting on me, it was nice to meet you Ben.”
“Nice to meet you,” he said.
I exited the room and started my walk home, feeling better that I had consoled him. He seemed to be doing okay now. He was really cute too and I was looking forward to meeting him sometime soon.
I spent the night with Cass and Amy watching movies and laughing about our dorky math teacher at school.
“So I talked to that guy I beat,” I said.
They both laughed. “Yeah? How did it go?”
“Pretty well, actually. He seemed upset at first but I cheered him up. We might hang out soon.”
“What? You’re talking about the dude you pinned, right?” Asked Amy.
“Yeah, why?” I asked.
They raised their eyebrows. “Oh no reason, just making sure,” Cass said, giggling.
“He’s cute!” I protested. “And he’s not some kind of wimp if that’s what your’e thinking.”
“Hey, I’m not judging!” Said Amy. “I’m sure you could teach him a thing or two.”
“Whatever,” I said, annoyed. As if their taste in boys was superb.
I woke up the next day and made my way downstairs for breakfast.
“They posted your article last night,” said my mom. “I shared it on Facebook.”
“Oh yeah?” I asked. “Did they do an alright job?”
“I think so.” She said. She leaned over and kissed my head. “I’m so proud of you.”
I pulled up the article on my phone:
__________________________________________________ __________________________________
Many teenage girls are wrestling with issues about growing up. Often it’s about school, friends, or what outfit looks best to head to the mall.
Fairview High School freshman Alyssa Young wrestles with these issues but also wrestles for real.
“I started doing gymnastics when I was five, and in seventh grade decided I wanted to do something different and tried wrestling.”
Alyssa wrestles in the 148 lb. weight class for Fairview High’s varsity squad. She has enjoyed great success at the high school level, having won her first three matches of the season by pin.
Young says her background in gymnastics and soccer helps her when facing older and bigger male opponents. Most are stronger but she relies on her speed, technique and lower body strength. But what about the boys that get beat by Alyssa?
“Sometimes if I win a match against a guy, they might get upset and storm off or go cry in the corner.”
She helped her team win their meet against crosstown rival Jefferson Memorial High earlier this week.
“It’s great to go out and compete and help my team win,” she said. “The coaches and teammates have been so accepting of me. I feel like our team is really close and they’re like brothers to me.”
Her high school coach Doug Wadsmith says she is treated the same as any other wrestler on the team.
“Alyssa has been great so far. She always competes her hardest, whether it’s against a freshman or a senior boy, she goes out there to win.”


Alyssa stretches before her upcoming match
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
“I can’t believe they used that picture!” I said.
“What, you look cute in it!” Said my mom.
“The media just loves to sexualize female athletes,” I said shaking my head in disappointment. “Just put my butt front and center for the whole world to see. Oh crap, I’m running late for school. Bye mom.”
“Bye, sweetie, see you after your practice.”
I left the house and started walking to school. As I neared the school entrance I heard my phone vibrate. I looked down to see I had received a text from Ben.

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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

Ohhhh... This is interesting. Very ggod man. Looking forward to the next part
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

Yeah, I can't imagine why Ben might have been struggling with an erection problem during his match with Alyssa.

I always enjoy reading stories written from the female perspective. Thank you so much for this one, mate. I can't wait to see what Ben texted her, and where the story goes from here.
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

This is really great, I love the female perspective and the unintentional humiliation aspect of it. She definitely has the perfect build for a humiating figure 4/reverse headscissor that I think would be really good with her character, as it’s probably the most embarrassing move in high school wrestling
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

Hey, would love to see if you could continue this
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

So far I’m really liking your writing and the character of Alyssa. I really hope she uses that lower body of hers for lots of head and body scissors!

You’re off to a very good start. Best of luck with the next chapter, I look forward to it
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman

So far this as been an amazing story keep up the good work. When is the next part going to be posted?
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Default Re: Fairview High Freshman


I was dreading going back to school. After so many had watched me get beaten and reduced to tears by a freshman girl, I was sure to be mocked by my classmates. My identity as a strong, proud athlete had been shattered in humiliating fashion. I tried to tell myself that I took it easy on her, that I was distracted and nervous, but there was no denying the truth. She was simply better, faster, tougher. That was hard to come to terms with. Not to mention she was a very hot girly-girl, which only compounded my embarrassment.

And now she was wanting to hang out? Normally this would excite me but given the circumstances I figured it was some kind of trick, although she did seem really nice and sweet when we talked after the meet, which somewhat eased my pain. Knowing that she’s beaten a lot of other guys also takes away some of the sting, but it’s still a shock to have it happen to you personally, especially since I’m considered a pretty good wrestler. I just couldn’t fathom a girl being seriously competitive with me in a sport like wrestling, let alone one two years younger, and in my weight class. It really fucked with my head.

Aside from simply getting bested by the girl, the weirdest and most confusing thing about this is that part of me found it really sexy. Sure, it’s understandable that the close physical contact with a hot athletic girl would turn me on, and it did. But there was also something undeniably sexy about being dominated like I was. I couldn’t have imagined that this cute girl with the most gorgeous ass would come in and completely turn my world upside down. Yet she seemed really cool about it. I’ve seen many girls rubbing in their victories over boys by posting their matches online and generally relishing in their humiliation, which worried me going into the match. I was appreciative of her being a gracious winner and consoling me later on. I figured it would be nice to send her a text saying thank you and to ask for her weekend plans.

“Hey Alyssa, it’s me Ben. Good match last night. I just wanted to say thanks for being cool about it. You’re very talented and I could definitely learn from you if you still wanted to meet up. How about this weekend?”

There we go. Now to get through the school day. My parents had done their best to be empathetic but I could easily sense their second hand embarrassment. My teammates were the same, some supportive while others smirked and wouldn’t look at me. I expected the general school public with its share of obnoxious kids would be the worst to deal with, but
it wasn’t as terrible as I’d thought. My friends and I talked about it and joked around but they were pretty understanding, but there were a few random guys who came up to me laughing, and several groups of girls that were glancing at me while chatting and giggling, but all in all I figured the worst was behind me. There was still a long wrestling season ahead of me, and with it opportunities to improve and restore my reputation. During lunch period I checked my phone, which had a notification from Alyssa.


“Hey Lyss, who you texting?” Asked Cass.
“Oh no one,” I said, finishing my reply to Ben.
“Oh really?” Said Amy, reaching for my phone.
“Stop!” I said, pulling my phone away.
“Let me guess, its Captain Boner from Jefferson,” Said Cass.
“His name’s Ben, and he’s actually really nice,” I said.
They giggled. “I don’t understand,” said Amy, “don’t you want to be with someone who can match you physically?”
“I’m perfectly capable of protecting myself, in case you haven’t noticed,” I said. “Besides, when have you ever known me to need a guy to feel safe?”
“We’re sorry, it’s just that we want what’s best for you, that’s all,” said Cass. “Like you could have any guy you wanted, you know that?”
“I don’t know about that,” I said.
I finished typing the response into my phone.

“Hey Ben! Yeah I would like that We could meet at a park or something if you want? Let me know when you’re free
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