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Post Convenience Store Fight

Convenience Store Fight

Here’s a fun, goofy but erotic story that I hope you enjoy!

Derek was in a hurry: he had realized he had nothing left for dinner so he scrambled his way to a local convenience store to get himself a microwave tv dinner.

The problem was it was already 5 minutes past closing time and so he would be lucky if anyone was still there.

He made it to the store where from the window he could see only a worker who was probably tasked with locking the door when he leaves. The worker caught Derek’s eye as he can audibly hear him saying, “Oh not another one!”

“Hey! Please can I get in for just a second? I need to get just one thing, please!” Derek pleaded to the worker.

The worker contemplated for a moment and finally deeply sighed as he opened the door, “Make it quick, I already have another one in here who’s looking for something.”

(Another one? Who else is here?)

Derek was thinking who else would be dumb enough as to wait last minute to get something as he sprinted through the store to where the item was located. He all of a sudden ran into someone who popped out of nowhere not looking where they were going.

“Aghh! HEY-.........Hey….!”

Derek stopped short of yelling at the person he had bumped into until he saw who it was: a gorgeous girl.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m just in a rush to get something!” The pretty girl said.

She had long black hair and silk, smooth skin. She wore a tight white LEVI’s crop top t-shirt under a flannel that hid her large boobs. She had on cut-off denim shorts that emphasized her hips as well as her slender legs. All that showed a curvy figure quite nicely. She stood apologizing to Derek, who was awestruck.

“O-oh no! It’s fine: accidents happen.” He stuttered to get out as he was too embarrassed to look at her.

“Oh, thank you….ummm.”

“Derek, it’s Derek. You?”

“Carla, it’s Carla.”

“Oh Carla, that’s a cute name.” Derek unconsciously responds with.

“Oh-oh, thank you!” The girl said as she started to look the other way, seemingly embarrassed. She seemed to have taken a liking to Derek likewise.

“Well, I better get to looking for my thing.”

“Oh, yeah, me too.”

The two awkwardly ended their meeting as they started walking.

Except….they were both walking in the same direction. Then, they turned the same way, Finally, they both went down the same aisle.

“Oh, your thing is here too?”

“Yeah, it is.” Carla said as she moved the hair out of her face.

Derek finally arrives where his soon-to-be dinner was...as well as Carla.
But something was wrong: there was only one microwave dinner left.

The two stared in shock as to there only being one left, neither thinking as to what to do next. Both had come with the only plan as to get a microwave dinner, but it seems only one will.
Finally, Derek nervously laughs as he goes to reach for it, until Carla grabs his wrist.

“Ehh! What are you doing, Carla?”

“Shouldn’t you be a gentleman in this situation, Derek?”

“Well, sorry, but I’m too hungry and need to eat so I can’t think of being a gentleman right now. Besides, why don’t you be a nice lady and let the obviously famished man have it?”

The two’s former brief but flirty atmosphere had disappeared in exchange for two people who were crazy hungry that they soon turned antagonizing to one another.

They start to banter as to who gets the last dinner until the worker hears this and yells: “Hey! I’m way past closing time so you two better settle this. I don’t care how, just fight or whatever so I can go home.”

Both stopped when they heard those words. Fight? Here?
There was no one around to see them except the worker who seemed to turn a blind eye to them as long as they got out of the store soon.

But who would dare land the first blow: well, Carla would.

Carla sent her fist towards Derek right in the cheek as he backed away, Carla had landed the first punch.

“What was that about?” Derek yelled at Carla who he had seen slowly taking off her flannel, revealing her large boobs, and wrapping it around her waist, still showing her skin.

“We need to settle who gets this dinner, right? So how about this: We have ourselves a little fight, whoever manages to incapacitate the other gets to leave with the dinner.” Carla said while popping her neck and loosening her shoulder. It seemed beneath the cutesy act was a confident girl who knew what she had to do. “Unless you be a good boy and let me have it.”

Derek smiled as he readied himself for what was about to happen. “Not a chance.”

Carla started with a jab to the face,which was quickly blocked. She then sent a barrage of punches targeting Derek’s upper body, swiftly sending them to him as he barely had enough room to dodge.

Derek knew he couldn’t underestimate Carla, she wasn’t just another pretty face.

He powered through and pushed away all her attacks and shoved her body to the shelves of cereal the frozen section was a few feet away.

Derek then sent several hits to Carla’s midsection where the crop-stop stopped covering as she winced in pain. Even in fighting he noticed how smooth her skin was as he punched it. He even felt her breasts contacting with his head as he shoving his body into hers onto a shelf of cereal.

He barely had enough time to enjoy it as she grabbed a box of POPS behind her and blinded him with the corner of it. He stumbled away as she threw several brands of cereal at him. He finally catches one box of CHEERIOS, opened it, and sent flying hundreds of cheerios at Carla, blinding her.

He ran to the frozen section again and grabbed a carton of milk.
“Here, you need some with that cereal.” He said mockingly as he threw one at her that hit her right on the noggin.

This only pissed her off.

Carla, now looking furious, ran towards him as he swung towards her, only for her to duck and jump behind him on top of the open air coolers. She balanced herself as she went towards him, kicking him as he turned his head.

Derek nearly went off his feet as he held on to the cooler for leverage as he heard her coming at him again. He turned around expecting a kick but instead met her entire body as she jumped onto him, hooking her slender legs around his neck (hurricanrana) then turning their force to send him the other direction, hurdling onto the chips and soda shelves, which collapsed on him upon impact.

For a moment he lay motionless.

“You had enough Derek?” Carla said with her hand on her hip.

Suddenly, much to her shock, Derek exploded from the wreckage with a bottle of coke, which he opened when in front of her, spraying it all over her and drenching her with soda.

Derek took a moment to notice her shirt was now covered in soda, which sealed the shirt tight to her body, showing an even better look of her figure.
He smiled as he ran towards the now blinded Carla and started to lay some hits of his own. He punched her in the right cheek, then to her left. She backed away as he went up and punched her in the stomach. She tried her best to block but was overpowered by Derek’s new found strength as he moved away from her arms to punch her over and over again.

He looked to finish things as he went one final right, however, Carla managed to block it and in mere moments elbowed Derek in the gut.

Only given a few seconds to grab his gut, Derek had tried swinging to Carla who had unhooked her flannel that she wrapped around her waist, jumped onto his back, and had wrapped the sleeves around his neck.

Derek was trying to get her off but to no avail. He was losing oxygen to the brain and losing consciousness.

“Come on, big guy, just fall already!” He heard Carla shout as she used all her might to put him to sleep.

He fell on one knee. He started to lose strength in his muscles.

“Come ooon!” His opponent grunted.

He felt his belly all of a sudden grumble. He remembered why he had to win.
Using all remaining strength left, Derek got up and slammed to the left side of the aisle with Carla’s side.


He did it again and again until the left side of the aisle gave way to their weight, causing them both to roll onto the tile floor of the store.

The two slowly got up to their knees as they both stared at each other, heavily breathing, sweating, and prone.

“All this fighting has really worked me up an appetite, Derek, I need that dinner now.”

“Sorry angel, but I need it more than ever too.”

The two got up as they both had a look of determination to not just win that microwave dinner, but to defeat the other.

Derek grabbed a handful of candy bars from the fallen shelves and threw them at Carla, who got distracted by blocking away the flying candy bars that she didn’t notice Derek running through, tackling her off the ground and back onto it.

They fell back as Derek began a full mount on Carla as she tried her best blocking. She finally decided enough was enough as she kneed him in the groin.

Derek grunted as he held it, allowing Carla to headbutt him and kicked him off her.

He knelt down trying to ease the pain as Carla did a kick-up off the ground and moved her long hair out of her face.
“Now that was just dirty.”

All Carla could just do was smile and give a shrug to him. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

Derek, now barely recovered from the dirty move, got up as Carla charged him this time, sending several high and low kicks at him as he tried his best to protect himself.

He managed to catch one of her incoming kicks and grabbed hold of her with his two hands. Fully stopping her from kicking, he elbows her slender leg as she hobbles on one foot back.

He sends a kick of his own to her stomach where she catches that one and, like before, hits him in the groin; this time using her foot to do so.

“Whyyyyy?!” Derek screamed as he held it.

The fight had become almost completely one-sided since Carla had started targeting his privates. Derek had to think of some type of strategy to gain the upper hand or something in the area as effective as Carla’s.

Carla smiled as she knew she had the fight won. “This has been a nice midnight exercise and all but a girl's gotta eat.” She said as she walked slowly then started sprinting towards Derek.

Derek was too out of breath and in pain to attack or defend himself precisely: he tried throwing a punch but she gracefully dodged it before grabbing his arm and nearly bending it the wrong way as she twisted it.

He tried swinging at her but she grabbed that one and sent Derek in the direction of a freezer, slamming onto the shut door.

Derek only made it a few feet away from it before Carla ran towards the freezer door and jumped off it to send a superman punch straight to Derek’s face.

Derek was now, from Carla’s point-of-view, nearly out of it as he was swaying back and forward, seemingly dazed.

“Aww, what’s wrong? I thought you were hungry.” Carla smuggly said as she went up to him.

He wasn’t even defending himself anymore as Carla kept punching him over and over before getting hold of him and giving him a knee to the gut. She still had hold of him as she ran towards the freezer one more time, jumping on the door and sending the two of them rolling to the ground as Carla rolled onto Derek in a full mount.

Derek had no time to enjoy the beautiful woman laying on top of him; Carla had started punching him over and over with extra leverage with her grabbing his shirt and lifting it closer to her. Every punch, while gradually losing momentum and impact, swayed Derek’s head from left to right as he just lied there. It seemed Carla wouldn’t let up until he was KO'ed at this point.

Finally, after multiple shots to the head, Carla took a quick second to give Derek one last remark before putting his lights out: “You’re good; but I’m better.” With that, she clenched her fist tight and slammed it directly onto Derek’s face, seemingly putting him out for good as his eyes shut and his head limped backwards.

Carla was left sweating and breathing on top of Derek, who stopped moving all together after that last punch. She looked at the carnage the two of them had made just for that one dinner. She stared at her defeated opponent in a position that looked like she was riding him as she still had one hand grabbing his shirt and another ready to attack if he moved again.

After waiting to see if he moved again, Carla led out a sigh of relief as she put her hands away after slowly releasing him from her grasp. She pulled her hair back, getting it out of her face.

She smiled. “You put up a good fight, Derek, but I just seem to want that dinner more I guess.” She gave a shrug to his unconscious state.

Carla put her soft hands on Derek’s face as she spoke to him again, “You were really good-looking, sad we both wanted the same thing.”

This sentimental moment was cut short however, when Derek’s two arms tightly grabbed Carla’s wrists and, with such speed, headbutted her.

It was all a ruse.

Derek needed to find a way to gain the upper hand in defeating her after she targeted his privates, so he, very risky, decided to play as if he was defeated. He needed some way to get his energy back while waiting for an opening, so he played as if he was actually unconscious to stop her barrage of attacks that never seemed to end; helped tire her out while giving him even just a few moments to regain his stamina.

Carla immediately realized this as she held her nose: “That was dirty!”

Derek however just smiled as he took a page from her book and grabbed the neck of her shirt with such force that it stretched the neck, showing her large breasts.

Paying that no mind, he brought her closer to him as he sent a flurry of punches to her face; Carla not having enough in her to block.

He stopped after a while before seeing her in a now dazed state as she sat on top of him.

Seeing an opportunity, he grabbed her by her shoulder and rotated her with her back now on top of him, giving her rear-naked choke hold.

Carla was struggling to breathe while she gasped for air as she tried removing Derek’s arms from her neck to no avail. She had moved her legs rapidly due to her struggle to breathe. She had tried to sway back and forth in an attempt to roll out of hold, however, Derek fully locked the hold by hooking his legs around her waist tight, cutting off any opportunity for her to get air.

Carla had little to no energy left in the tank to fight back against the hold.
Carla was simply too tired; Derek was gonna put her to sleep.

“Come on, beautiful, just go to bed already!!!” Derek grunted to her as he put all his energy left to choke her out.

(He called me beautiful….!....That’s sweet of him….)

Carla had thought to herself that as she was losing oxygen to her brain.
Carla slowly but surely stopped resisting as her long slender legs had stopped flailing around as they soon settled down and stopped moving themselves.

Her gasps progressively became more and more quiet until, nothing.

Finally, not too long after her gasps had stopped, she herself had stopped trying to sway out of the hold as she closed her eyes before her whole upper body along with her head had gone limp, her arms lost their grasps from his as they fell to the tile floor. Her entire body was now motionless.

The fight was decided: Derek had won.

After continuing to keep the hold on just to be safe, Derek got up from the ground, taking the hot girl that had been laying on him and leaving her body laid out on the floor, her being KO’ed.

“I...won?” Derek had mumbled to himself in disbelief. He could not believe he had finally taken down his female foe who dared challenge him to a fight for the last microwave dinner.

He limped excitingly to the lone dinner he had fought so hard for. He got it, it looked more delicious than before, and walked to the cashier’s desk past Carla’s at-the-moment unconscious body that laid on the tile floor.

He stared at her for a bit: her beautiful curvy body that was on display with her lying down, her long black hair that was spread out around her head and laying on the tiles, her silk smooth skin that now in some parts had bruises from their fight, and last but not least her gorgeous face that was in a sleeping state.

“Thanks for the fight, but in the end it seems I did want it more.”

He walked past her motionless body as he made his way to the cashier's desk where the worker had waited annoyingly at.

“Took the two of you long enough.”

“Yeeeeeah, about that, we kind of, ummm-”

“It’s fine, I’ll just say I don’t know what happened if they asked me; I’m not cleaning that up.”

He looked at Derek. “Now, the item?”

He gave the item to him as he scanned it. “Okay, that’ll be $3.50.”
Derek reached for his wallet until a scary realization came to him:

He didn’t bring his wallet.

Derek was so focused and in a rush on getting to the store before in closed that he completely forgot to grab his wallet.


The unspoken truth soon dawned on the worker. “You gotta be kidding me. You two made me wait forever to close the store way past my shift as you two fought for a 3 and-a-half dollar frozen dinner only for the winner, you, to not have the money to pay for it..!”

Derek was now sweating more bullets than he ever did fighting Carla.
He stood there being berated by the worker until,

“Here, it’s on me.”

Carla, who had just woken up after being put to sleep, had come out of nowhere from behind with enough cash to pay for it after hearing the problem.

Unlike Derek, she actually remembered to bring money.

(Thank god) The worker thought as the two traded.

Derek and Carla stood outside the now closed convenience store as the worker walked away, both of them contemplating how stupid the whole thing was.

Derek had the dinner in a bag as he embarrassingly glanced at Carla, who she herself embarrassed at the whole situation: her white crop-top LEVI shirt’s neck was stretched out and now showed the upper tip of her breasts, her hair was messy unlike before where it was neatly combed, her flannel that she had used previously in an attempt to choke Derek out was now lying on her shoulder. She still looked beautiful.

Derek tried to break the ice. “So...you’re a good fighter. ”

“Yeah...thanks...You too.”

“Sorry for um...choking you out.”

“No it’s fine...I was the one who initiated the fight first, sorry about hitting

The two’s flirty atmosphere had returned from before.

“Do you want to, um, come share it over at my place...You know… for having you pay for it.”

Carla moved her messy hair out of her face. “Yeah, sure.” She smiled.

The two walked to Derek’s home, finishing this story.

What happens after they share the dinner is up to your imagination.

Thank you so much for reading this fun little story of mine. I tried to make the fight itself longer than my previous one so I hope you enjoyed every second of it. If you have any ideas for a situation that leads to a fight you can request them and I might do one that I like.
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Default Re: Convenience Store Fight

thread approved
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Default Re: Convenience Store Fight

You promised a fun fight and really delivered, mate. For some reason I was sure that as Carla and Derek were pounding away at each other, somebody else would walk past and buy the frozen dinner out from under tham. Your idea of having Derek forget to bring his wallet was a good touch, too. I liked the two of them together, so hopefully they go on to have more competitive fun together.

Thanks for sharing this with us, mate.
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Default Re: Convenience Store Fight

This was really fun. Thanks for the story.
Let The Dragon Ride Again On The Winds Of Time!
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Default Re: Convenience Store Fight

great story , hope the rematch would be great as well.
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Post Re: Convenience Store Fight(scrapped ending to fight)

So here’s a deleted ending to Derek’s and Carla’s hard-hitting fight where it shows Derek defeating her in a different way. Why did I not go with this one instead? Well that’s a personal preference as I liked the idea better of him beating his hot foe by putting her in a sleeper hold, knocking her out more slowly. But I also thought that others might like how he beats her more meticulously in this version then the sudden turn as the original, also that it would be a waste to just not show this ending to anyone so here you go:

Seeing her in a dazed state, Derek looked to finish his gorgeous opponent for good.

Again grabbing her stretched shirt’s neck, Derek sent Carla rolling over him and to the tiles, where she barely had enough to even get up.

Derek got up and looked at his opponent: she was staggering and swaying back and forth, her hair was in her face that covered her now droopy eyes. She was already beaten, though Derek looked to emphatically finish this.

Derek, with no remorse, walked to his stunned opponent and layed a beating on her: giving her repeated lefts and right over and over, even getting a hold of her to keep her still as he punched her directly in the stomach again and again, all while she was too damaged to defend herself.

Finally, he pushes her back, standing in front of a pile of: cereal, chips, candy bars, soda and other store items the two hadd caused to fall and slowly pile up, as she looked to be one hit away from being knocked out.

Derek smiled. “This was nice, beautiful, but I got a frozen dinner to win.”

He charged towards her, clenching his fist as tight as it can go.


The compliment he gave to her in the spur of the moment had lingered in her head until her thinking stopped along with her consciousness as Derek gave her one final punch with a large thud ranging through the isolated area.

The punch was so powerful that it took Carla off her feet a few inches as it sent her flying onto the pile of convenience store items that did little to break her fall.

Carla layed on the pile attempting to get back up, however this attempt became fruitless as all strength left her body before all her limbs went limp, leaving her motionless body laid defeated on the pile of items.

Derek had to check to make sure she really was out: he cautiously walked towards her and moved the hair out of her face that had covered her. He checked and, to his relief, Carla was most definitely unconscious.

Carla was beaten, leaving only Derek to stand before her unconscious body claiming the victory and his reward.

There will be rematch including these 2 soon don't worry
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Default Re: Convenience Store Fight

It would be nice to have breast smother in the rematch. Stating that her breasts are large in the first part can't be for nothing
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Post Re: (Update) Poll winner

Thank you to all who voted, I'm glad many liked it and wanna see more. Apologies for taking a bit but after dealing with personal matters, I'm ready to write more. As for the winner, and the next story scenario, as of this posting it is...






3. Straight up rematch invite(apartment)!!!

I'll have the rematch posted in a new thread so look out for it over the next day or two (by me, of course).

(Title: Carla vs Derrick 2: Rematch)
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Default Re: (Update) Poll winner

Originally Posted by Competitive MvF [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I'll have the rematch posted in a new thread so look out for it over the next day or two (by me, of course).
It's a good idea to post it within this thread - forum rules are that a story and its sequels should be contained in one complete thread.

By the way, the first was a great read and I look forward to whatever the second part brings!
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Thumbs up Re: (Update) Poll winner

Originally Posted by AngryGoat5 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It's a good idea to post it within this thread - forum rules are that a story and its sequels should be contained in one complete thread.

By the way, the first was a great read and I look forward to whatever the second part brings!
Thank you, forgot. Will be posting in this thread the sequel so look out soon!
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