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Default First it was tennis!

I am Steve and Having just turned 40 I was enjoying myself and happier than I had ever been.

I was single and in a new town. But life was good. I had spent nearly 10 years teaching tennis, but then changed careers. My new life in sales had proven very lucrative and I was enjoying spending my new improved income.
Once I had settled into my new apartment and begun to know the area I thought I would use my former career and tennis expertise to meet new people. So I joined the local tennis club.
It was a lovely friendly club.. Although a qualified teaching pro I had never been a great player. I'm only 5’7” and very slender build. The only tournaments I had ever won were very low level club competitions.
But when joining in with social players I was still going to stand out.
The club had great mixers where everybody could play 3 nights per week and I began to be friends with Aurora, a very attractive Dutch lady. I thought that she was probably the best female player at the club and although inconsistent, she hit very hard... She and I became a formidable team.

After a few weeks I was at the club and Aurora approached me.
“Shit, Christine is here” she said, obviously displeased.
“Who” I said looking around.
She pointed to a player I hadn't seen before.
The new player was tall... Blond and probably mid 30s. She was dressed in a light blue sleeveless sports top and darker blue shorts. She looked athletic and was pretty with long blond hair. But she was also a little overweight. I noticed that her legs were big and the shorts were tight on her.
“What’s up with her?” I asked “don't you get on?”
Aurora scoured.
“No... It’s not that.. It's just that she always, always beats me... No matter who I play with.. She always wins”
I was confused...
“Is she an ex pro or something?” I asked... She didn't even look that athletic and her clothes were not even really tennis clothes.
“That's it... She's only been playing a couple of years... She doesn't play a lot.. But she's no 1 in the first team and always wins..I hate her” said Aurora.
“Let's you and I try to get to play her I said.. Maybe we can play against her and Peter”
Peter was a very good player and always challenging to play against.

The games were arranged by an old lady who organised everything at random. It was only for fun and we didn't play sets, we played for 35 minutes, so usually 5 or 6 games. In the last match Aurora and I finally got to play against Christine.
Unfortunately the fourth player was Jean, a tiny older lady who was a near beginner..
We all introduced ourselves and Aurora explained that I was a former Pro coach and so I should play with Jean.
But Christine laughed and said “no that's not fair... They are both small... Why don't we have Jean and I... I'm the tallest and she’s the smallest!”
I was annoyed, I'm very conscious of my small stature and didn't expect to be reminded of it in this way. Also Christine was assuming she was the best player. When as an experienced player and former Pro coach, and the only man, it was obvious I was stronger.

We began warming up...I hit with Christine... Her technique was not great.. Fundamentally ok, but with a lot of room for improvement.
Finally we began. I served to Christine and she sliced her backhand short. It was awkward and I ran and pushed it back to her. Then she lobbed the ball over Aurora.. I sprinted back and topspin the ball back. Now she drove her forehand fiercely at me. Her forehand was weird. It was flat, with almost sidespin and very fast. I was late and missed badly.
Then I served to Jean...I was gentle but she couldn't return the ball.
This time I served much faster and wide to Christine’s forehand. She hit a great Crosscourt return. I just got it back and then she lobbed Aurora again.
I sprinted over and just returned it. Now she gently dropped the ball into the open court on my side. I sprinted again and just reached it... Then Christine drive the ball between us for a clean winner.
I stopped to get my breath and Aurora came over.
“ Don't go easy on her... She's horrible to play”
I walked back wondering how to play her.
Again Jean simply couldn't return even my gentler service.
As I prepared to serve I looked at Christine.
Her preparation was good and now she really did look athletic and strong.
I missed my first serve . She moved much closer. I hit a very good topspin second serve. But very annoyingly Christine hit a very hard accurate forehand down the line for a clean winner.
We stared at each other and she grinned...I realised this woman was already beginning to dominate me.
Again Jean couldn't return my serve.....
This pattern continued for several points until by chance jean blocked my serve back.
I drove it back to her, only to see Christine move much faster than I expected and intercept my ball. She hit a good volley.. Aurora reached it and her shoe luckily hit the net and rolled over.
The score was deuce again.
Christine laughed “next time Stevie” she called to me.
I hit a good serve down the middle. She sliced it back. I drove to her Forehand and she hit a drop shot.
I ran, reached it. Then I began to sprint back as I was sure she would lob Aurora. But instead she hit another drop shot and laughed loudly as I was moving in the wrong direction.
I already disliked this woman immensely.
I served harder to Jean who missed again.
I was getting desperate. I served to Christine and then hit the ball hard down jeans line. This was bad manners in social tennis but I didn't know how else to win a point of Christine.
“don't worry Jean. He's tiring now” Christine told her partner.
I said nothing, I was feeling very frustrated.
I missed my first serve and was very nervous about double faulting. It had taken so long to win one single point from Christine. I really didn't want to serve to her again.
My serve was much slower than normal but at least it was in. Annoyingly Jean returned it. I very carefully played it to Jean, we had a slow, very low level rally as my only concern was keeping the ball away from Christine. Finally Jean missed and we were 1-0 ahead.

We changed ends, I was sweating and tired. But at least winning.
Christine served and her first serve was fast and a kind of skidding ball... It was difficult to return.
The first 3 we couldn't return.
The 4th point I returned her second serve, it was much easier than her first serve. But she drop shot me, then lobbed me, then drop the ball into the space .. She laughed and tossed Aurora the balls.
Aurora is normally a very reliable server. But clearly Christine unsettled her.
She hit two double faults and made mistakes and we lost all 4 points. We were losing.
But then Jean served 4 weak double faults in a row we were back to 2-2 .

Christine came close and gave me the balls.. She looked at me and said
“i think the ladies team with the beginner are a bit too strong for you Stevie”
I gave her a mean stare.
“your lucky to be level Chrissie” I said.
Then I heard a voice from behind the court.
It was a stunningly beautiful tall blonde... She was dressed in short, shorts that showed off her incredible legs.
“Hey Chrissy darling, remember I'm the only one who calls you Chrissy!” she called.
Christine grinned at her and blew her a kiss.
“Don't mind her” she said.
“that's Diane my girlfriend” she said and winked at me.

I stared at Diane....I couldn't imagine ever dating such a beautiful woman. She was probably late 20s. About 5’8” tall. Very beautiful in a kind of sophisticated way.
She looked me in the eye
“You must be gentle with Christine.” She said grinning
“I'm watching you!” and she blew me a kiss.

Feeling very self conscious i went to the baseline and prepared to serve.
In the last game I had served to Christine about 9 times and won one point... So I had to change something.
Taking my time I hit a really good serve. Down the middle, fast, with heavy slice. She was much too late and her bad technique suddenly looked more obvious. Her attempt to return my serve was useless and the ball hit the bottom of the net.
I couldn't resist a fist pump, this was the first point I had really won against her.
I followed up by serving to Jean, who this time managed to pop the ball in the air... But it cleared to my partner Aurora who hammered the volley away.
This time my first service was out...I hit an ok second service but Christine hit it back very powerfully. I blocked it back and she played a drop shot, I ran in and pushed it back only for her to lob it over me yet again for a winner.
Behind the court Diane cheered...
I could see Christine smiling at her.
Again Jean couldn't return my service.
40-15 I only needed one more point to hold serve again.
I hit a good first serve, but it was just out.
My second serve was very safe and slow.
Christine drove her forehand way to my right...I thought it was going out, but it just dropped in. I scrambled it back. Then she drove down the middle. I just reached it and sliced it back... Then wide again. Now I lobbed it high..
She came forwards and played a trick shot.. Spinning the ball short and back to herself..
Diane cheered from the back... Some people watching applauded her.
I felt miserable.
The match ended when they rang a bell...
I looked over and saw the old lady who organised everything going towards the bell.
I began to serve to Jean...I served slower than normal, but just out.
“be careful you don't double faults Stevie” said Christine grinning.
I felt stupidly nervous and was sure I was going to double faults..
Just before throwing the ball up, the bell rang...

I caught the ball and walked to the net.
“ah, what a pity” I said “i was just about to play for real!”
We shook hands.. Christine's handshake was gentle, I don't know why, but I expected it to be crushing.
But I noticed her hand was much bigger than mine.
“Good game” she said “that was fun, if all the games were like that I’d play more tennis”
She didn't seem remotely interested in whether she had won it lost.

Everyone headed to the bar and Christine bought drinks for me and Jean.
While we were waiting I asked Jean if she played tennis.
“Only a bit” she said “i love sport, but my sport is basketball, same as Christine. She only plays tennis for fun.
It was humiliating to think how hard I had to work to compete against her.

We chatted over the drinks and I asked Christine if she played singles.
“i play anything” she said “why do you want to play me?”
On one hand I didn't, yet on the other I did..I was almost fascinated by her... Also at singles, technique is far more important so I really was sure I would win.
“If you want” I said.
She laughed and turned to Jean
“what do you think Jean? Do you think it'll be a good game... Me and Stevie”
Jean laughed.
“no” she said. “sorry Steve...I think she'll make you cry”
She got up and patted me on the knee..
I felt belittled.
“ok, what about tomorrow., say 3pm we will probably have the club to ourselves... Are you up for it”
Christine laughed...
“3pm it is..... I hope your a good loser!”

Eventually i headed home....
I kept thinking how strong she was.. how even with average technique she still hit so hard and do accurately.
I think tomorrow could be interesting...
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Default Re: First it was tennis!

Great story so far...
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Default Re: First it was tennis!

Great start! You found another very nice setup.
And by the way, I expect Christine to just hammer a couple of first serves past our poor friend. Just for fun. And then, and then...
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