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Old 14-Jan-12, 07:08
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Default Femdom Families

Wow that she is gorgeous! I'm going to try and screen capture some of our videos to put some of our stills up as well. Most of our videos deal with family femdom, so think it would be great here. You can see the videos at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. I am uploading a page from an e-book me and a partner did that is along this topic.
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Default Re: pc77's Femdom collection

I'm sorry I don't think my upload went though, I am going to try it again.
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Default Re: Girl vs boy / Sister vs brother videos


I have an e-book with some illustrations based on the story Tim's younger sister makes his life miserable.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

we are also making a video about it at ... [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

If you are interested in the story... here it is please enjoy!!!

Tim's younger sister makes his life miserable
by "The Rascal"

The evening had started out pretty good for Tim, he made it through school and
was able to keep to himself not giving the bullies an opportunity to give him
grief. Tim's short stature and timid nature had always made him a walking
target for the "rough crowd" but luckily he was able to make it home without
too much aggravation. It was a good time to start his studies he thought to
himself. Tim shut the door to his room to focus on his extra credit
assignment. His goal was to see if he could actually earn an A in anatomy as
science his weakest subject, all of his other classes were going well because
frankly he had nothing better to do after school then come home and study. He
didn't have friends to distract him from his studies, and no plans for the
weekends when he came home, only him and the books.

I'll let Tim take it from here.

The only real distraction I have is my younger sister who always flaunts her
athletic body in front of me and makes me feel inferior to her in every way.
The years she's spent training in gymnastics have made her body look strong
and intimidating, and I'm glad that most of the time she goes out with her
friends and has better things to do then associate with me, but there are the
few times when I'm not so lucky. When I see her I am constantly reminded that
I may have the book smarts, but that in the real world I will have to work
hard for everything while things are just handed to her because of her beauty
and charm. Even im my own house this fact is painfully obvious as I sit
uncomfortable in jeans that are too tight and press up against my crotch, and
riding up so high when I sit that you can see my socks up to my ankles ...
whereas I know her closet is filled with nice things. I know whenever there is
money to be spent in the house, she get first dibs from expendables to new
clothes, while I get nothing, she truly is the favored child.

As I try to memorize the bones of the human body I am jarred from my
concentration by her listening to music loudly in her room. I yell from my
desk, Sara turn it down I'm trying to study, but she keeps it loud, clearly
ignoring me as I know very well she can hear me. I really need to get this
studying done, so I think about going to her room to ask her in person to turn
it off, but I freeze as I think of the consequence which is probably going to
be her telling me to fuck off and laugh at me as I leave tail between my legs.
As I have felt many times before I'll feel emasculated by not being able to
tell my own little sister what do to. I decide that the music is unbearable
and that I should probably take my chances and ask her in person, I really
need to get this studying done.

I go to her door and knock as hard as I can, and again she ignores me, I am
already starting to feel a little inferior not to mention intimidated. Asking
her to turn the music off is like a nerd asking a bully for his lunch money
back, the result is usually humiliation and more pain, but I decide I have to
try. I open the door and see her sitting there legs crossed on her bed reading
one of her teen magazines. Her legs look gorgeous and intimidating to me. She
sits there with her green knee high athletic socks extended all the way up but
they do nothing to conceal the clearly defined leg muscles under them. I have
to find my voice and say Sara please I have a lot of studying to do can you
please turn it down"? She looks at me for a brief second and tell me, "No, and
close the door on your way out loser." I expected a little bit of
consideration and feel powerless by how quickly and abruptly she dismissed me.
At the same time I can't feel a little turned on by how little she cares about
my feelings and how defiant she is towards me, whereas most sisters would
respect their brothers feelings and try to be somewhat accommodating she
clearly don't give a shit about me.

I take a step closer and say "Sara I really need to study turn it down!!" She
gets up off the bed and steps right up to my face, I have to look up because
puberty is a bitch and even though 2 years younger she stand 2 inches taller
than me. Her beautiful face looks like a goddess "I told you no, now go fuck
yourself!" I start to feel a little intimidated at this point and try to back
up a little ... she yells at me, "not quick enough" and push me, her strong
arms and athletic body sends me crashing into the wall and I get a glimpse of
her whole body, her sexy legs, and small shorts, she looks like an amazon
beauty, a hottie that I have no control over at all. As I tryy to recover from
the shove against the wall she comes right up to me and brings her strong leg
full force right into my crotch. I yelp out in pain, and began to slink to the
floor but am grabbed by the throat held up, she tells me "you're not bowing
out that fast bitch, you had a lot to say earlier didn't you, but just not man
enough to back any of it up loser". She presses my throat hard against the
wall, and I have trouble even breathing. All I can do is look at my beautiful
sister who now is completely dominating me. I try to push her back but her
muscles are so hard it has little affect, she doesn't even budge, she just
laughs at me and asks "is that all you have loser."

She then mocks my struggle to breathe and my muffled groans before unleashing
a hard slap across my face, the impact of her palm knocks my glasses off my
face, I have no idea if they broke or not. I can't see the face of my
beautiful tormentor anymore, but that doesn't make her assault on me any less
brutal. I hear her ask in a mocking voice h is the poor widdle baby going to
pass out, is he not getting enough air?" I can't believe how easily she
manhandled me this time, and how helpless I've become in her strong grip but
somehow I can't help but get hard at how quickly she has taken my power from
me. I am taken out of my daze and my humiliation is pushed a step beyond
anything I've experienced before as Sara tells me to open my mouth. I have no
choice at this point but to listen to my superior, I think how much smoother
life would have been if I just quietly kept studying despite her disrespect
but it's too late for that now. I open my mouth, and hear Sara coughing up her
mucus. I flinch, knowing I can't breathe and how much more brutal her assault
will be if I don't keep my mouth open ... she then spits her warm luggy right
into my mouth almost making me gag, my humiliation is now complete or so I
think. Never before have I been treated so bad, and the fact that its my
younger sister who made me feel like this makes it worst. She finally releases
her grip on my throat and I fall to the floor, crying. She then demands I
swallow it, and I have no choice but to obey. I try to look for my glasses and
feel around on the floor, one hand accidentally touches her firm leg, the one
that brought me such excruciating pain moments earlier. I can't believe how
taunt and firm it is beneath your sock. I try to use her leg to stabilize
myself and she immediately uses her foot to step on my hand causing my mind to
go blank from pain and me to yell. Before I know what to do she gets on top of
my back with her sexy legs on either side of me and her full weight on my
feeble frame too weak to support it. My back starts to hurt, but my attention
is immediately distracted from that as Sara grabs my hair and kick her heels
into my stomach.
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Default Re: Femdom Families

Femdom Families takes a look at the lives of different families where the guys suffer at the hands, and more often the feet of the females in the families. There is a lot of brother/sister wrestling, ballbusting, and facesitting. We are currently working on our second batch of films which includes forced foot and boot worship. There is also an e-book based on The story "Tim's younger sister makes his life miserable" Take a look at the videos at:
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
and the e-book at :
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

A second e-book is being written about a sister who physically dominates her weak older brother after she inherits the family business and he looses control. Without giving it all away he ends up at her feet I'm uploading a picture from that e-book...
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Old 15-Jan-12, 21:19
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Default Re: Femdom Families

Thanks, great stuff you got there.
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Old 16-Jan-12, 11:07
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Default Re: Femdom Families

Looks interesting!
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Old 17-Jan-12, 18:55
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Default Sister Beats up Brother

New site with Sisters usually younger wrestling and beating their brothers up.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

The attached picture is from the scissoring series.
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Old 17-Jan-12, 20:17
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Thumbs up Re: Sister Beats up Brother

Wow, just look at those rib crushing thighs on sister, I would love to get scissored by those lovely looking thich powerful thighs, thankyou
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Old 17-Jan-12, 20:25
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Default Re: Sister Beats up Brother

you're very welcome, thanks for commenting on the post
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Default Re: Sister Beats up Brother

Since you liked that photo I thought you might enjoy this scissoring one
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brother, chocking, facesitting wrestle milf, family, fighting, husband, school girl pin, sibling, sister, wife

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