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Default Keri Daniels: The Black Puma

Tyrone Gibson smiled as his punch connected with the young blonde's stomach. He smiled watching her bright blue eyes go wide in shock, a groan of pain escaping her red lips.

"Ungh!" She winced as he punched her again, his knuckles feeling up the pecs of her hard six-pack as his black fist impaled her. The impact of the blow bent her over and knocked the small black buttons of her expensive white formal shirt right off, sending them flying like little springs halfway across the room and giving him a tantalizing view of her gorgeous teardrop breasts.

He smiled again and grabbed her at the center of her white satin bra, holding her steady on her feet. The blonde's head whipped to one side as a fist crashed into her jaw, her long golden hair freezing mid-air for an instant before gravity took over. This was their fifth fight against each other and he was still amazed at her incredible endurance. His punches could knock out a bull and here stood 20 year old Keri Daniels, all wobbly on her feet with nothing to show on her beautiful face for all his brutal blows. She had endured far worse and come out with barely a few scratches.

With a primal yank, he ripped off her bra giving him the joy of her beautiful round breasts in full view. His beady little eyes focused intently on their next target and his palms closed to form a fist.

Massive cries of pain filled the small apartment they were in, as Tyrone smashed into her chest with a vicious one-two, his large arms flexing with muscle and exerting maximum force. He felt the soft skin of her breasts succumb to the blows and cave in as blood rushed to the area of impact, reddening her breasts for an instant before they went back to their usual splendor. After taking in the sight, he unleashed a kick, each muscle in his thick legs flexed with intent.

He smiled as he watched her fall to her knees, her eyes pointing to the ceiling and her muscular arms crisscrossed over her breasts, her hands cupping her crotch while her face flashed a grimace of pain. The little black micro skirt that she wore was driving him wild. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he sent a knee into her nose, whipping her head back and sending her body stumbling to the floor.

She lay there, breathing hard and staring at the ceiling. Her long and muscular legs were spread eagle giving Tyrone a tantalizing view of her white, soft-satin thong. He ripped off his pants revealing his massive erection and straddled her chest, his knees pinning her arms and his long member snaking its way in between her full breasts.

With another smile, he grabbed a handful of Keri's blonde hair and yanked her head upright before unleashing hell on her face. Fist after brutal fist knocked her head sideways from left to right. He slowly began moving his large erection in between her breasts, Tyrone's pelvis methodically picking up speed to match the intensity of his punches.

Keri lay there taking it, whimpering and groaning in pain as he bruised her cheeks purple. He punched her till he saw a small trail of blood run down the side of her lips before he stopped and smiled.

Tyrone wouldn't get to enjoy the feeling for long, Keri bought her legs up behind him and clamped her thick thighs around his neck. Tyrone choked and coughed, prying at her thighs but it was only going to get worse. Keri slammed the back of his head to the floor with brutal intensity and waited as the rest of his body followed. Matching her movement with his, she sat up just Tyrone's feet pointed towards the ceiling and grabbed his ankles, holding his body upside down before sending her forehead between his legs.

His erection bent at impact and sent pain rippling through Tyrone's body as he cupped his phallus, hoping to alleviate some of it. Instead Keri flipped him over and straddled his back, placing her feet on either side of his face and trapping his arms above her knees. Keri locked her palms under his chin and yanked his neck back with brutal force.

"Got to hand it to you, you had me going there for a second..." Keri said as she poured more pressure into the camel clutch.

"But as always, you let your guard down. You had four fights to look back on and yet you did not do your homework!"

Tyrone screamed as Keri almost bent his body in half, his back struggling to handle any more exertion of force.

"You had your chance and you blew it...Just like you are going to blow your load all over the floor!"

Keri slammed his forehead on hard concrete as she let go of the hold and grabbed his short black hair, yanking Tyrone up to his knees. Through hazy vision, he could see her face, surprised that he still felt shock at her regenerative ability. Keri's face was as good as new.

Tyrone felt her shin connect on the back of his head. As his body began obeying gravity and falling forward, Keri smashed him the nose with a harsh knee that sent him to propped him up for a second before his body collapsed back to the floor, out cold. Keri smiled as she watched his erection pulsate and shoot his seed in the air.

"Right! That's another fight done, better check my phone!"

Keri reached for her smartphone on the table, annoyingly dismissing a million notifications before she got to the one she wanted. A small tap on the notification shade opened the app and an all-black chat window came up on the screen.

"Money Transfer complete! Congratulations on another splendid performance!"

She smiled and closed the app before panicking as she saw what the time was. She quickly changed into a new set of formal clothes before grabbing Tyrone's unconscious body and placing it in the drop-off zone in her basement.

"Impressive!," A voice echoed across a dark room illuminated only by the florescent flickers of computer monitors. Keri and Tyrone's five brutal fights played out on five of them at the same time. The videos were professionally edited and sold at various online stores. Keri, in particular had been a fan favorite. The young blonde's emphatic victories and harsh defeats both drew large numbers. A hand reached out and pressed a button before the voice spoke again.

"Promote Ensign Keri to a new level and double her pay, I expect great things from her!"

The clock in Keri's system tray read 16:55, "Only five more minutes to go" She thought.

Keri's lumbered under the heat of the dreary summer afternoon, her cheek resting on her palm as she slavishly typed away on the computer. Around her, the office was animated with people moving, walking to and fro in between small cubicles like sheep.

The notification light on her phone peaked her interest somewhat, she was hoping it was another fight.

"Next encounter available!" The message read as a smile formed on Keri's lips, she clicked on the message.

SUBJECT: The Black Puma

"No losses, how interesting!" Keri mused as she scrolled down, flicking the screen with her finger.

REWARD: $120,000 guaranteed amount, applicable on either win or loss ($200 bonus if total domination of target is achieved before the allotted number of fights + $100 bonus for any fights won)

LOSS PENALTY: Puma's sex slave for a week

"Always the same thing!," Keri smiled as she read the repercussions of even a single loss out of five. She would be at the whims and fancies of her opponent for a week.


"Why the hell not? Wouldn't hurt if my opponent's were actually challenging and I made more dough" Keri mused and clicked on 'yes'.



"Well...well! How unfair is that?," Keri said as she looked at the message and a wry grin formed on her face.

"I like it!"

Attached with the message was a small quick-cut compilation of The Black Puma's fights with his female opponents. The large black man covered his face in a plain black ski-mask and his body was huge and made of muscle. He had gained a reputation for being sadistically brutal in his fights and was often seen battering every inch of his opponent's bodies, leaving them bloodied and bruised.

"Well Mr. Puma, looks like we have a date!" Keri said as she playfully bit her lips.

The clock soon read 17:00 as Keri wrapped up her work for the day and headed home. Keri made her way through the office parking lot and was surprised to see only her car still there. The security guards normally patrolling the premises weren't there either.

"Strange..." She thought to herself and walked towards her car, wary and a little creeped out by the empty parking lot. Her car also seemed like it was parked a few feet away than where it normally would be.

"I don't remember parking there..."

She walked up to the door and began the process of unlocking her vehicle. Annoyed by the low battery beeps her keychain was making.

"Keep forgetting about these stupid keys, who wants to use a button to open a door anyway? Give me the old fashioned lock and key any day!"

Occupied by the tedium of figuring out what was wrong with her remote lock, Keri failed to notice a shadow move behind her.

"Do you need help with that?"

A gruff voice behind Keri drew her attention behind her and before she realized who it was, it was too late. A punch to her mid-section bored deep with intensity of a freight train, reducing Keri to all fours and coughing violently.

"Well...you sure..." Keri coughed before finishing.

"do...pack a punch!"

She was on all-fours, her palms and knees planted to the ground and stomach still a little caved in as she looked up at her large, muscular, black opponent. The Puma wore only small purple briefs and a pair of white canvas shoes.

"Not much of a dresser though!" She mocked before Puma grabbed a handful of her golden blonde hair violently and yanked Keri to her feet.

Keri's forehead bounced off the bonnet of her car and her head sprang up from the violent impact, sending her hair into a frenzy. He smashed her forehead into the car two more times before Keri slumped to the floor on her back and in a daze. The brutal blows had cut open her forehead and blood poured down her face.

Before her body could even attempt to heal, Puma yanked Keri by the hair and to her feet. Still a little hazy from her forehead meeting steel, Keri's blurry vision took a little time to clear up.

"Come on! You can do it! Focus!" Keri thought to herself as she saw something move on the edge of her vision.

It took time for her bright blue eyes to focus but when they did, they went wide in shock. Puma's fist had almost reached its destination.

Keri yelped in pain and staggered back towards the bonnet of her car as Puma clocked her hard in the chin. Her upper body collapsed on top of the bonnet, her legs still on the ground while one of her muscular arms lay sprawled across the windshield and the other dangled limp in the air.

The Puma pounced on her her, raining hell down on her stomach while tearing her clothes off. All Keri could do was lie there and take it, her body needed some time to heal, time Puma wasn't giving her. Fist after fist pounded the young blonde's six-pack stomach as Puma stripped the last of her clothing off, leaving her nude.

Keri yelled and gathered some strength as The Puma busied himself with her clothes and punched him hard in the jaw once he was done, sending him staggering back into a concrete pillar. Keri's magnificent muscular body was now in full view and the nude goddess grabbed Puma by the top of his mask and sent him face first into the car's windshield.

Puma's face bounced off like a tennis ball as the glass cracked and cut open his forehead. There was still a little smear of blood on the crack as Keri grabbed the now bloody Puma and stood him straight before kneeing him hard in the balls. Puma's body sprawled on top of the cracked glass again as Keri spread his legs behind him, unleashing brutal blows to his groin.

His cries of pain echoed through the parking lot as tears formed on his eyes.

Keri picked him up from the car and attempted to send him running facefirst into a pillar behind her but Puma reversed the hold mid-way and sent Keri's back crashing into the pillar instead. As her body sprang forward from the impact of the blow, Puma ran into her, connecting with a hard shoulder at the center of her chest, knocking the wind out of her.

Puma grabbed her hair and sent her headfirst into the passenger side window. Half of Keri's body broke right through the glass and her head collided against the steering wheel. With Keri's feet still planted on the ground, Puma spread her legs and began delivering vicious blows between her legs.

Keri threw her head up, screaming as punches and kicks abused her crotch. Satisfied with his punishment, Puma grabbed her hair and pulled her out of the door and led her towards the security room nearby. He smashed her head into the wall and let her slump to the floor as he adjusted the open door to his liking.

When he was done, he positioned the groggy young blonde exactly where he wanted her and attempted to shut the door in her face. Keri stopped the metal door at the last second and sent it back the way it came, smashing into Puma's face and throwing his back to the wall behind him.

Keri grabbed his ski mask and led him inside.

"Oh yeah baby!" She mocked as he positioned him near the security monitor.

"We are going full throttle with this shit, aren't we?"

Keri watched with a sly grin as The Puma's bloody lips cracked a small smile for an instant before she smashed his head into the monitor. Little shards of glass lodged themselves in Puma's forehead as he screamed in pain.

With a wicked smile, Keri pulled him out before smashing him facefirst onto the hard wooden table. Her body had now completely healed. The only traces of combat left on her body was her dried blood that had painted itself onto to her breasts.

The Black Puma, however, wasn't done yet. Gaining second wind, he quickly picked up the shocked Keri on his shoulders, draping her body along the length of his arms before sending her back crashing on top of the monitor. Keri's back collided with the steel monitor with violent impact. As the equipment broke, the harsh steel scraped her back sending pain rocking through Keri's body.

Keri's head dangled upside down from the edge of the table, her blonde hair touching the ground. Puma bloodied her nose with a brutal knee before sending a hard punch into her stomach. Keri sat up on the table from the impact of the blow, grunting in pain and leaving her back open to an attack from the Puma. Her raked her muscular back with his fingernails, starting at the back of her neck and all the way down to the tip of her spine, leaving claw marks in his wake.

He repeated the move to the front of Keri's body, raking from her six-pack abs, making his way to her breasts before finishing at the sides of Keri's neck. The Puma's hands grabbed a handful on top of Keri's shoulders and squeezed, threating to tear skin from bone as Keri screamed in pain.

In desperation, Keri grabbed Puma's mask and bent him forward, crushing his nose against her knee and almost breaking it. As he staggered back grabbing his nose, Keri pinned him to the wall with a hard shoulder to his chest and kneed him hard in the stomach.

The Puma screamed in pain as he felt Keri's fingernails dig deep in his balls. In desperation, The Puma grabbed Keri's nipples and twisted them hoping his attack would weaken hers. He heard her scream in pain as he twisted her nipples like knobs but Keri gritted her teeth and hung on to his balls.

Both of them stood there, their bloody and battered bodies locked in pain. It was a test of endurance to see who would give out first and the Puma was struggling to recede the pain in his groin any longer. As a last ditch effort, he freed one of her nipples and cupped her crotch, squeezing it with all his effort while his fingers continued to twist one of Keri's nipples violently.

Their screams of agony filled the arena as neither of them wanted to give in. The Puma knew he was fading, a small smile flashed on his face before he dropped limp to the floor, unconscious.

Keri collapsed to the floor herself, breathing softly as her body healed itself.

As The Puma woke up he found himself facefirst on the bed. His arms and legs tied together where his ankles met his wrists. He looked around to see himself in small apartment and before long he saw a nude goddess walk in through the door.

"Up are we?," smiled Keri as she walked towards him.

Before Puma could speak, Keri spread her legs and forced his tongue between them. She grabbed the top of his mask and grinded against his mouth. Keri's movements were slow and methodical at first before she picked up the pace and her hips swayed at a fast rhythm.

With a loud moan of pleasure, Keri's body convulsed and winced as she orgasmed, cumming hard in Puma's mouth. After she was done, she bent over and kissed him on the forehead.

"Keri 1, Puma 0," She whispered into the Puma's ear before Keri turned around and walked away, her cum dripping out of The Black Puma's mouth.
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