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Default Mom's Challenge

This is my first shot at writing a story. I wrote the ending first so I think that's the best part, but I think the whole story turned out well. I also attached 3 pictures to help create a visual of what the narrator is seeing. Enjoy!

It started as a normal Tuesday. My name is Richard, it was the summer and I had just graduated from high school. Having turned 18 the month prior, I was off to college in the fall. My friend Anthony was staying with us for the summer as his parents, who were both in the military, were stationed overseas. We spent most of the summer partying and enjoying our last few months before heading off to college but were told to make sure to mow the lawn today by my mother. Since my father died of cancer 5 years ago, I tried to help out my mom where I could but today, I really didn’t feel like doing anything. We had WWE wrestling on in the living room and it was about 95 outside so lounging in the A/C sounded like a better idea.

We heard the front door open which meant my mom was probably back from her bike ride. Today was her “long day” as she called it which meant she was going on a 15-mile ride. She picked up biking when my dad passed to blow off steam and to stay in great physical shape. I had noticed over the years that her leg muscles have grown to look like those pro cyclists you see on TV—not overly ripped, but thick. Mom walked in and grabbed a towel since she was drenched in sweat from head to toe. She had on her cycling gear, equipped with her full peach colored riding suit. I don’t want this to come across as creepy, but she really looked great. At 45 years old, she still was very well-kept.

Mom was a track star in high school, so she’s always had an athletic build. I couldn’t help but give her the once-over as she walked through between us and the TV into the other room. If I had to estimate, I would say she was about 5-8 and weighed around 165 lbs. She had her black hair down and had a face that did have some years on it but was still extremely attractive. She had a small to average chest size as you do when you grow up a track star—her specialty the 100m dash. Her arms had some muscle on them but were not overly big. Her size was really from the waist down. I already mentioned her thighs which had to measure around 28 inches if I had to guess. She had some massive calves on her which bordered on cartoonish, sculpted through years of cycling. And then there was her ass. I feel weird describing it like this, but it was perfect. You know how sometimes you see an attractive woman walk by and think, “Damn, that girl has a cute butt!” Well, that doesn’t do my mom justice. I can’t even really call it a bubble butt. This woman had an ASS!! The best way to describe it is two bowling balls squaring off against each other. My mother was built for power and her massive lower body was the engine that drove her.

“Have you boys mowed the lawn yet?” Mom called out from the other room.

“Nah, I don’t feel like doing it today,” I replied.

“Anthony, how about you?” Mom questioned as she re-entered the living room toweling off her face.

“I don’t think so,” Anthony retorted.

“You know, you boys really haven’t been helpful and this isn’t going to carry on the rest of the summer.” Mom said with a more stern tone. “All you do is lounge around all day and then go out at night and party and I’m getting tired of it.”

Mom was staring down at us with a glare, her arms crossed showcasing her veins in her forearms still pumped from her cycling.

“Mom, just chill and let us watch our wrestling. Have one of the neighbor kids do it or something.” I said with a sarcastic tone.

With this mom walked and stood between us and the TV, blocking our view.

“I’ll tell you what, since you boys seem to like wrestling so much, how about we have a little challenge. If one of you two can beat me in a wrestling match, you don’t have to do any chores or tasks the rest of the summer. However, if I win, you have to do anything I say, whenever I say it. The winner would be the first to 2 falls: one by submission and one by knockout.” Mom looked down at us with an eyebrow raised standing with her legs spread wide, her massive quads flaring with power.

“Don’t be ridiculous mom!” I said. “You just went on a 15-mile bike ride and must be tired. Plus, we’re 18 and in the prime of our lives and you’re 45! It won’t be like when I was younger and you used to beat me when we’d wrestle. Anthony and I would destroy you!”

When I was in my early teens, my mother and I used have submission matches. They would usually end with her putting me in either a schoolgirl pin where I couldn’t get up or squeezing me in a scissor hold. Those were always playful, and we’d always end the matches laughing with each other. This was when I was 10 though and now, I’m a fully grown man so I don’t think there’s any chance she could beat me or Anthony. I’m about 6 ft tall and weigh around 180 lbs and Anthony was the star quarterback of the football team, so he was in great shape as well.

“Yea Mrs. D, I don’t think that would be fair or a good idea!” Anthony interjected. “We wouldn’t want to hurt you. Knocking you out sounds dangerous!”

“Hurt me?” Mom looked down at us quizzically. “I’ll tell you what, to sweeten the deal, I’ll throw in tickets to Wrestlemania next year for you two.”

I looked at Anthony and thought this was too good to be true! No chores for the summer and tickets to Wrestlemania and all that had to happen was for one of us to make my mother submit and then knock her out. I too was worried about the knockout part but since she suggested it, I assume it could be done safely.

“Easy money!” I said as I accepted the offer.

“Yea, I’m game!” Anthony said as well.

Mom had a bit of a smirk on her face as she replied, “Perfect. Let me go shower and change. We’ll meet downstairs in an hour. You two boys just made a MASSIVE mistake!” Her voice raised a few decibels as she emphasized massive.

I watched mom as she turned to walk upstairs to her bedroom. I saw her huge calves ripple as she took each step. Her huge ass bouncing and flexing almost over-emphasizing her walk as if she knew we were watching and was putting on a show for us. It left me to ponder how she could be so confident. Winning a match back to back against two fully-grown 18-year old’s after a 15 mile bike ride seemed impossible? Didn’t it?
Antony and I had made our way downstairs and awaited my mother’s entrance. Our basement was fixed up and could pass as a home for most people. We had a full gym and entertainment center. Built within the gym was a separate room with workout mats wall to wall and mirrors from the floor to the ceiling. The exception being one large panel which was just glass so you could see outside the room. This is where mom and I used to wrestle when I was younger and where we would be having the match.

“So how do you want to do this?” Anthony asked.

“I really don’t want to wrestle my mom, so maybe you can go first?” I replied.

“I don’t really know any moves, though. Sure, I watch the WWE but don’t know how to get someone to actually submit in a real hold, let alone knock someone out.” Anthony said.

“Well, all you really need to do is get my mom in a head lock and then squeeze as hard as you can. That should probably get her to submit. As for the knockout…”

“Hey boys! Are you ready?” Our conversation was interrupted by the sight of my mom standing in the doorway with one arm leaning against the wall like she was a supermodel posing for a magazine. But that wasn’t all that caught my attention—mom looked hot! I glanced over at Anthony and he was speechless as well. Mom had her hair tied up in a bun accenting her high cheekbones and dimples as she smiled. She had on a purple sports bra that showed off her toned abs. She also wore matching tight purple shorts that rode high up her legs due to the size of her massive quads. She looked like a machine of destruction, capable of annihilating any teenage man in her path.

“So, which one of you two is going to be my first victim?” Mom sauntered past us before we could even muster a response. She leaped up into the air, came crashing back down to the mat with her legs extended and hit a full front split. I had no idea my mom was so flexible! She brought herself up and did a full stretch grabbing her toes. It was an extremely lewd stretch with her huge ass pointed right in our face, the striations in her hamstrings popping out.

“I would try to avoid her legs.” I deadpanned to Anthony, still in shock at what we were witnessing.

“Uh, ya think!” Anthony replied.

Mom then spun around and repeated her question, “So which one of you two is my first victim?”

“That’d be me.” Anthony said as he raised his hand.

Mom chuckled. “Fine by me. You boys know the rules, one fall via submission and one by KO. Richard, you can leave the room and watch us through the glass panel.”

While the room was covered in floor to ceiling mirrors, there was one section that was glass where you could through into and out of the room. The only other way to see in was through the small window in the door. I left the room shutting the door behind me. I walked over and pulled up a chair to view the match through the glass. Mom turned around and walked over to the door and threw the barrel bolt lock.

“Why are you locking the door, Mrs. D?” Anthony asked.

“When I start the process of knocking you out its going to be brutal. You’ll be screaming and hollering for help and I don’t want my son getting any ideas on running in here to stop it.” Mom replied with a dead serious look on her face.

Anthony scoffed at the idea and removed his shirt. Anthony was a good-looking guy. As I mentioned before he was QB on our high school football team. Looking at him and my mom side by side he had the advantage in upper body strength, but my mom’s lower body was way more formidable than his. I could see a sheen of sweat begin to form on both of them. The one problem with the workout room was that there was no air conditioning. Leaving the door open was the only way to keep it cool and I have no doubt that the room temperature was going to be extremely uncomfortable for them as the match wore on.

“All right! Let’s go!” Mom exclaimed.

The two competitors faced off against each other and Anthony grabbed a side headlock right from the start. My mom slid her leg behind Anthony and the both tumbled backwards to the mat. The pace was fast and furious and if you didn’t know any better it looked like two experienced grapplers going at it despite neither of them having any formal wrestling training. There were multiple reversals and scrambles as both tried to gain an advantage. Finally, Anthony tried to transition into a front face lock to get a quick tap but mom squirmed out and both of them arrived at a stalemate.

Both combatants were drenched in sweat as the match was now about 10 minutes old with neither gaining a submission this point. They didn’t speak a word to each other as their bodies once again collided as they sprung into action. This time, mom made a mistake by trying to grab the back of Anthony’s head and fall backwards to try and pull him into her guard. Anthony swatted her away and instead leapt over her prone body in an incredibly athletic move and locked in a north south choke. Mom began to panic and tried to swing her legs up to catch Anthony’s head but to no avail. She tried swinging her hips to the side to get them to roll over but that didn’t work either. Mom’s face began to turn crimson red as Anthony sunk the hold in deeper until mom could finally take no more and signaled her submission by tapping out on Anthony’s back.

Anthony popped up on his feet and swung a fist in the air to celebrate winning the first fall. “Hell yea bro! Just gotta put her to sleep and we’re heading to Wrestlemania!” he exclaimed to me.

I could see behind Anthony that mom had made it up to her feet and had an extreme look of anger and determination spread across her face. Her muscles in her legs bulged as she sprinted towards Anthony.

“Look out!” I hollered, but it was too late. Right as Anthony turned around, he was greeted with a football style tackle from my mother. The form of tackle was perfect as she drove Anthony to the ground.

Her tackle knocked the wind out of Anthony as he tried to scramble to get out from underneath my mom. In a flash, my mom snaked her feet inside Anthony’s ankles and tore his legs apart in a grapevine.

“YEAAAOOW WHAT THE FUCKKKK!” Anthony hollered as pain tore through his body.

From my vantage point, I was staring directly into my mom’s ass as her and Anthony were facing away from me. Her lower body dwarfed his and as her ass cheeks rose up so high that I couldn’t even see her head past it.

“All right, hotshot, let’s see how you handle this!” With that, mom snapped her hips down rapidly onto Anthony with the speed and elegance of a pornstar.


She snapped off 10 thrusts in about 5 seconds that left Anthony stunned and disoriented.

“GUUHH! OH JESUS!’ Was all Anthony could mutter as he hung on for dear life, clutching at my mom’s overwhelming ass.

“Still with me? Ok, let’s crank it up a notch!” Mom lifted her ass about 2 feet above Anthony and drove her body into him as if she was trying to fuck him through the floor this time at a slower, deliberate pace to make sure Anthony felt each thrust.


“Who’s tough now!”


“Am I too much for you!?”


“Just tap out and save yourself the pain!”


Finally, Anthony in a sense of desperation and with whatever strength he had left, encircled his arms around my mother and tried to power my mother to the right to stop her onslaught. His idea right in thought, but poor in execution, because as Anthony and my mom rolled to the right, she released her grapevine and locked her legs around Anthony’s ribs.

SNAP! The sound of my mom’s ankles locking together around Anthony’s ribs filled the room as she began to squeeze. At the same time, she also grabbed his head and pulled him into her chest so he was unable to move. All I could see was the two combatants lying on their side, facing each other, with my mom’s huge lower body attempting to engulf Anthony.

The action brought me to my feet as I leaned up against the window to get a better look. Mom unlocked and relocked her ankles attempting to get a better grip. It must’ve worked because Anthony frantically tapped on my mom’s shoulder signaling his submission. We were even 1-1 with the final and deciding fall to occur via knockout.

However, instead of fully letting Anthony out of her clutches my mom still held him loosely in between her legs.

“Nice fall, Mrs. D. Damn your legs are strong!” Anthony said.

Mom just looked at him, smiled and gave him a kiss on the forehead. In a flash, mom crossed her ankles and began powering down the bodyscissor on Anthony once again. She must not have used full power to gain the pinfall because from where I stood, her legs and ass seemed to swell to another level and completely engulfed Anthony’s torso to the point that it looked like a fully squeezed tube of toothpaste. My mom’s back muscles flared and I could see her clench her teeth as she powered into Anthony with everything she had. Anthony had a shocked look on his face as he couldn’t mutter a word as it appeared as if his face was turning white. I stood up and began pounding on the glass.

“Hey that’s not fair!” Mom immediately released her death grip.

“ARRRRGHHH!” Anthony yelled as his ribs fell back into place. His torso was pale white from the brutal squeeze my mom had just administered. He laid on the mat clutching his ribs barely able to get to his knees. The left side of his body began to form a bruise as my mother had inflicted some serious damage. I don’t know if he had broken ribs or something worse, but Anthony wasn’t at 100%.

“Well, do you want to give up Anthony? There’s no shame in admitting that a 45-year-old woman kicked your ass. I don’t blame you if you just want to forfeit and save yourself the pain of getting knocked out.”

Anthony was able to make his way to his feet but was clearly not all there. Always the competitor, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. “Hell no! Now this is personal. I’m going to enjoy knocking you out!”

“Ok, I’m going to make this quick because I’m really looking forward to wrapping these babies around my son!” Mom said as she slapped her massive quads.

Mom and Anthony stood face to face with Anthony still clutching his left side. With a stealth quickness, mom grabbed Anthony’s head and shoved her ass into his mid-section. She executed a perfect judo throw as Anthony tumbled to the ground, looking up at my mother. Mom immediately dropped her ass down onto his face. Her ass cheeks molded around his face so well that they just about touched the ground on either side of his head. Mom then hiked up her shorts, revealing more ass meat as she continued to grind herself down on Anthony. She then looked to her right and looked me in the eyes. “Time to end this!”

With that she began to lie forward and extended her legs back behind Anthony’s head. I could see what was coming and there was nothing Anthony could do to stop it. It was almost like watching an object in an assembly line go up a conveyor belt. Mom casually scooped up his head in a figure four and then extended her legs, Anthony’s head slowly making its way from the floor up to about a foot above the ground, face to face with my mom’s ass. It was over. Once she extended into the full reverse headscissor I knew Anthony was done. He put up as good of a fight as he could, and along with walking away with most likely some broken ribs, was moments away from being knocked out. Mom’s quads bulged to almost their full capacity as I could barely see the top of Anthony’s head between her massive pillars.

“AHHHHH FUCK STOP!” Anthony began to scream at the top of his lungs. I could barely make out the words emanating from between my mom’s unrelenting thigh flesh.

I looked away from her legs for a moment and saw that mom was staring directly at me with the coldest stare I’ve ever seen. She was emotionless. It was so terrifying that I sat back down in my chair, cowering in fear. At this point I noticed Anthony’s erection was at full staff. I looked back at my mother and she hadn’t broken eye contact with me. She continued to squeeze without emotion, an executioner carrying out the final sentence. Anthony’s erection began to bob up and down. I knew what that meant, he had cum. My mom had extracted an orgasm from Anthony despite relegating him to a worthless, crippled mess.

I looked back at my mother’s face and slowly her stare turned into a sideways grin. I then heard Anthony yell the most blood curdling scream coming from my mom’s ass. I looked back and saw that her left ass cheek began to close in on Anthony’s head. She was bringing her most lethal weapon into play to deliver her ultimate victory. Anthony’s hands were flailing all over the place and I thought I could hear him sobbing. Her left ass cheek fully clenched, I looked back at mom and in addition to her smirk she raised an eyebrow to me as if to say, “Impressed? Watch this!” She then began to flex her right ass cheek. It looked like one of those car compactors relegating a full-size car to a heap of scrap metal, Anthony’s head playing the part of the car. Her right ass moved slowly inward until she finally locked it out to it’s full crushing capacity, meeting her left ass cheek at the summit. Her ass had swelled to unhuman proportions and I saw Anthony’s eyes look like they were about to bug out of his head. I banged on the glass for her to stop. “You’re going to kill him, STOP PLEASE!!!”

I ran to the door and started pulling on it but remembered that mom threw the barrel bolt. Instead I helplessly looked through the small window in the door. I peered in and it looked like a softball was being squeezed between a pair of thighs. Mom’s legs and ass were so massive it made Anthony’s head appear irrelevant. Her ass swelled to the size of two basketballs clenched so tight that I was worried Anthony’s head would explode. I looked in the one of the mirrors and saw my mom looking directly at me.

She didn’t speak and only mouthed two words, “You’re next.”

It was done. Anthony began making snoring sounds and his arms locked in a straight-out position, the sure sign of a knockout. Mom carelessly dropped his head from between her thighs. She got back up to her feet, her back still turned to me as she looked at me through the mirror. She was a sight to see, even as terrifying as the last minute or so was. Her body drenched in sweat, a true warrior who just thoroughly defeated a capable male. I couldn’t help myself to look away from her stare to see her clenching her ass cheeks together, taunting me as if to indicate that this was my fate.

I sprung from my trance which must’ve lasted about 30 seconds to the sight of Anthony scrambling to his feet trying to exit the room as soon as possible. Steam escaped the room indicating the heat of the battle as he hurriedly exited his den of torture. His shorts were stained with his cum, his ribs most assuredly broken and just having suffered through one of the most obscene knockouts you can ever witness. He brushed by me and mumbled something as I watched him disappear from view. When I turned around, I wasn’t ready for the sight I was about to see. My mom had removed her sports bra, her breasts set free from their restraints. Her chest fit perfectly with the rest of her body. They weren’t huge but were still imposing, enough to cause a stirring in any man’s pants. Still looking at me through the mirror she seductively said, “It’s a little warm in here, isn’t it?”

With that she also began to lower her shorts revealing a thong that was barely visible in the canyon between her ass cheeks. Mom stood back up straight and gave me a full view of her immaculate ass. I honestly almost buckled at the knees at this point. It was the most spectacular sight I’ve seen. She then turned around to face me. Her hair was out of place and her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her now rock hard abs were pulsing taking in breaths from the excitement and torture she just put another human being through. Her biceps showed definition and her forearms had veins protruding. I looked down at her quads and they were spasming from the ruthless full power squeeze she just put on Anthony. I could see the veins in her quads pulsing pumping blood back into them, ready for another victim. I knew if I went forward with this that I would ultimately end up between them. She shook her right quad and then locked it in place, the huge muscle bulging and popping to probably over 30 inches. I had no shot at beating her. Anthony was a far better athlete and based on what I just saw, any reasonable man would be terrified to give it a try.

“Well, I’m waiting.” Mom proclaimed.

I should’ve just turned around and walked back upstairs saving myself the embarrassment and torture. But something inside me wanted to go through with this. I wanted to feel her strength and power. I stepped into the room, shut the door behind me, and threw the barrel bolt lock sealing my fate.
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Any idea when the Lefarr story will be done/posted?
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Originally Posted by nadiablack [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Any idea when the Lefarr story will be done/posted?
It's going to take a while. Probably another month or two as it's really long.
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

WOW! looking forward with more of this incredible story
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

WOW first part is great thanks for the effort.
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Wow; I am looking forward to the sequel
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Nicely done! Thanks so much... I could *feel* that bodyscissor.
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Great story. Hope there is a part 2
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

Hopefully there’s some foot domination in the next part
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Default Re: Mom's Challenge

I'm not generally a fan of stories that focus exclusively on scissors and lower body strength, so a story like this ordinarily wouldn't be my cup of tea. But God damn this had me hooked. Wow.

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mom vs son

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