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Default The Breakup (wre, femdom, pegging) v1.1


23 year old Eric have come over to Jennys and Nancys
house to tell
Jenny he wasn't gonna date her anymore.
It was a late wendsday evening when Eric came over.
Jenny and Nancy's parents was away and shouln't be
home until friday morning. Eric rang on the doorbell
and soon the 22 year old Nancy opend. "Hi Eric, you
must be looking for my sister."
"Yes, i need to speak to her." Nancy showed Eric the
way to her room, and all the way Eric stared at her
nice butt and beatuful face. Nancy stopped before one
door "Be nice to her." she said before she went back
to her room.
When he went into the room, Jenny looked up a bit
"Hi Eric. What are you doing here in this late hour?"
"I have to tell you one thing, Jenny."
"OK, what ?"
"Jenny, we have been on one date and i hope you
enjoyed it, but i won't date you anymore."
"What! You promised a new date on friday, and you said
you loved me."
"First of all, you lied about your age. You said 21
but you are only 19, and i can't date a girl 4 years
younger than me."
"Why not?"
"Beacurse you are too small, anyway i dated you just
to get in contact with your sister Nancy, who is in my
Jenny didn't know if she was going to get angry or
start crying.
"Well Jenny, i now must go and talk to your sister."
With that he left the room.

On impulse, Jenny ran after Eric and punched him in
the arm as she
caught up with him. He whirled around at her and
said, "Whaddya think you're doing!!" in a threatening
"You are not going to see my sister.", Jenny said
The stunned boy glared at the small girl and said
"Sorry, but you are too small to stop me."
then shoved her back against the wall. But Jenny
didn't cry, she
just stepped forward and punched him again! Before
Eric could
shove her a second time, she anchored her own feet on
the carpet,
placed a hand on his chest, and pushed as hard as she

There was no wall behind Eric, just the open door to
Jenny's room,
and the little girl's eyes opened wide in delight and
as she watched the big boy stumble backwards nearly
six feet
into her room. And she had only pushed him with one
arm!! She
followed him inside and approached him just as he
regained his
balance. Furious and embarrassed he put his hand on
her small chest and shoved her back.
Jenny stumbled backwards, but only a foot or two, and
nowhere near as far as he'd stumbled when she shoved

"You're kinda weak for a 23 year old big boy!" Jenny
"You just caught me off balance!" Eric stammered, but
she heard
the doubt in his voice, "now get outta my way!!"
Eric shoved her again and she stumbled back roughly
the same
distance, despite the fact that he'd shoved her much
harder this
time. Both his shoves hadn't regained the ground he'd
lost to
her one, they were still inside her room. Giggling,
Jenny stepped
forward, placed her palm flatly against Eric's chest
and pushed
him again. She laughed out loud as the larger boy
stumbled back
nearly another ten feet before the wall of her room
stopped him.

Eric stood there, clearly looking shaken. He was
confused by the situation. How had this young girl
to shove him so hard? He decided again that she'd
simply caught
him off balance, but he couldn't explain to himself
how. Trying his
best to regain his composure, he started walking
towards Jenny's
doorway with a determined, nonchalant expression.
Jenny stood in
the doorway, but as he approached she didn't stand
aside, so,
without saying a word, Eric placed his hands on her
shoulders and
started pushing her.

Remaining silent also, Jenny responded by reaching up
and placing
her small hands on his shoulders. He only managed to
force her
back three or four inches before she matched his
strength and
firmly held her ground. Eric was totally baffled. He
was four
years older than Jenny, he was 35 pounds heavier and
four inches
taller, but he couldn't push her out of his way!

Eric moved his feet back and anchored them so he was
leaning into
Jenny and started pushing harder with renewed effort.
She reacted
by placing one leg back and slightly bending the other
to better
position herself but remained essentially erect. He
closed his
eyes tightly, drew breath, and gritted his teeth as he
put all
his effort into a mighty push, but Jenny stood
immobile. Even
worse, when he opened his eyes and looked at her, she
was smiling
at him with a totally relaxed expression on her face.
There was
no sign of strain anywhere! Without saying a word she
forward and began forcing him back into her room.

"Guess what, big boy?" she began speaking in a low,
voice as Eric gasped and grunted in his efforts
against her.
"Guess what, big boyfriend?" she repeated as she
continued forcing
him back at a steady pace, step by step, "You're a
puny weakling,
big boy!!" she teased as her progress continued,
"you're a
puny weakling, and your little girlfriend is STRONGER
She spoke the final three words aloud with great
emphasis as she
pushed him against the wall and held him there.
"You are not my girlfriend anymore."
"I'm gonna make you my boyfriend weather you like it
or not!"
Eric couldn't believe it; Jenny had pushed him nearly
fifteen feet across her
room and pinned him to the wall!! This small girl had
overpowered him, and from all appearances she'd done
so easily!

Desperate to escape, Eric grabbed her wrists and
yanked her hands
off his shoulders. Jenny didn't resist, but as soon
as he tore
her hands away she yanked her wrists free and locked
hands with
the larger boy. With their fingers interlaced she
allowed him to
force her to the center of the room before resuming
her efforts
to push him back towards the wall. Eric was leaning
her to increase his leverage advantage but it didn't
help. As
they stood apart with their arms extended and their
hands locked,
and she again began to force him towards the wall.
Soon she had
overcome his resistance and forced his back to the
wall for a
second time.

Eric concentrated all his strength on trying to keep
his arms
extended, but little Jenny looked up at him and smiled
as she
deliberately took her time forcing his arms back until
she had
his hands pinned securely against the wall. Eric kept
and struggling, so she allowed his hands to move
forward a few
inches and then forced his wrists back. His eyes
glazed over in
terror as Eric realized that now Jenny was forcing him
down and he
didn't have enough strength to stop her.

She released his hands and stepped away from the wall
to the
center of the room. As Eric meekly looked at her,
and humiliated, she flexed her chubby arms in a dubble
biceps pose, who expose two small but well rounded
biceps, and exclaimed, "Girl
Power beats big boyfriend, film at eleven!!" Then,
she started to
laugh and put her hands to her stomach and soon she
was laughing
so hard she dropped down on her own knees. Seeing his
chance to
get passed Jenny, Eric jumped to his feet and made his
move, but
she simply reached out and firmly grasped his ankle as
he ran by,
causing him to topple to the floor.

Before he could get up Jenny leapt upon him and they
started to
wrestle. Soon they were laying on their sides, face
to face,
with their hands locked again. Eric used the last of
his energy
and strength trying to prevent Jenny from pinning him
but failed.
Laughing and smiling, she forced him onto his back and
slid her
hands out of his as she grasped his wrists and pinned
his arms to
the floor, her legs straddling his lower chest. Try
as he might,
Eric couldn't lift his arms an inch. The 23 year old
boy had
been repeatedly overpowered and was now securely
pinned by a 19
year old girl.

Jenny was sitting on Eric, savoring her victory when
she became
aware of laughter and giggling at her doorway. She
looked over
to see Nancy in a pajama. Seeing Nancy caused Eric to
renew his struggles to escape, but Jenny was clearly
stronger and
held him pinned to the floor with minimal effort. The
girl entered the room and watched whith amazement the
girl and her defeated older boyfriend. Nancy began
clapping her hands and Jennys face broke up in a big

"Bravo, dumpling, bravo!!" Nancy exclaimed, "I've been
at your door a minute or so. I didn't see the whole
show but i
caught the grand finale!"
"I'm just showing what happens to boys who tries to
dump me. I've done this to a boy before but i never
thought i could do it to a boy four years older than
me. But it was just more fun!"
Jenny released Eric's wrists, flexed her arms again
and beamed up
at her big sister shouting, "Girl Power!!"
"Outrageous!" Nancy chirped, "hey champ, ya wanna have
some real fun!? You can have my new dildo for the
night. Then you really can show him who's the boss."
"It sounds fun, i really i wanna try it." said Jenny

The older girl laughed and turned to leave but before
she did Nancy kneeled down and tweaked Eric's nose.
"Well, little boy, you better forget about me and pack
some more muscle before you even try messing around
with Jenny!! Now you will have your punishment for
trying to dump her."
Eric couldn't belive his ears, he just watned to get
out of this mess, but he didn't know how.

Nancy retreated to her room leaving Jenny
sitting proudly astride her conquered, captured
trophy. She
placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward
again to
reestablish her pin. Eric grasped her wrists and
yanked at them
but failed to dislodge her hands from his shoulders.
He was
clearly tired from the struggle while Jenny,
amazingly, seemed to
be even stronger than before. Jenny looked straight in
his eyes and said "Well, who is your girlfriend?" Eric
tried to avoid her gaze and said nothing. Jenny
pressed her hips hard against his and said "I'm gonna
lay here and torture you until you say it." Eric's
fighting spirit was now completly broken and he said
"You are my little girlfriend, Jenny."
"And you will always be my boyfriend, won't you?"
"I want you to say it" said Jenny and start pressing
his body with hers again.
"Yes, and you will always be my girlfriend." said Eric
Jenny's face burst up in a big smile "Oh, i love to
hear those words from you." she said and start to give
him a deep long kiss. Eric tried to push away her lips
from him but she took hold of his hands firmly and he
couldn't move them.

She heard a gentle knock on her door and saw Nancy
there again with her brand new dildo to Jenny to put
on. When Jenny saw her she looked down smiling on Eric
and said
"Now your little girlfriend gonna fuck you for the
first time."
Jenny released her boyfriend, stood up and walked over
to Nancy in order to receive her dildo. "You have done
well for someone your age. I'm so proud of you, my
little sister."
"I never thought i could be stronger than Eric, but i
clearly am."
"Well, most boy's are not at all so strong they
thinking they are, and many girl's are stronger than
they think they are. I've notice this myself. I think
it's becourse nowdays there are more girls than boys
active in sports. Many girl's train today to keep
their body slim and fit, while most boys interest are
motors, computers and TV-watching.
Now," she continued, "go and obtain your well-earned
Jenny began taking all of her clothes off except for
her now wet sweaty panties. With that, Nancy helped
her strapping on the mid-size dildo onto her sweaty
Eric looked at her almost naked body from the floor.
It was a strange view, in front of her panties the
black dildo where hanging,
her young body have already developed some niceshaped
breast and she looked beautiful and strong at the same
time. He was turned on by her beautiful body but a bit
afraid of what whould happend next.

Nancy stood in front of her "There you go, now it's on
the right place. I'm sure you gonna enjoy this and,
who knows, maybe he will enjoy it too."
"If i like it, he better learn to like it too." Jenny
said with an evil smile.
"Oh Nancy, i'm so excited. When you told me you have
fucked a boy like this i knew i wanted to try it, but
i never thougt it would happen so soon". She looked
over at Eric and was excited to begin.
"Eh, would you now please leave me with my
"Are you sure, they usally get mad and maybe i should
be here if there is any problem."
" Thanks Nancy, but don't worry big sister, i know i
can handle him."
"Ok Jenny, but promise you tell everything tomorrow."
"You know i will." said Jenny and locked the door
after Nancy left.

Eric couldn't hear what the two girls was saying to
each other but he was releafed when he saw Nancy left.
He didn't want her or anybody else to see him like
Jenny then once again straddled her now vanquished
foe," It's more private now when we are alone." Jenny
said and began stripped Erik of his clothes.
Jenny first slowly untied Eric's belt. Eric couldn't
get his eyes off the black thing in front of her
"What are you doing?" Asked Eric and tried to sound
"You know what i'm doing, and don't try to resist me,
it will only make it worse for yourself." Jenny said
with a confident voice and pushed down his pants to
his ankels. Jenny then removed Eric's shirt,
revealing a broard chest. Finally, she removed Eric's

boxershorts, revealing a long but soft cock. She took
it in her hand and said " Your cock don't seems to be
ready , but don't worry, you don't have to use it
tonight." The site of
her boyfriend helpless nude body under hers aroused
Jenny. She then start forcing Eric legs apart with her
own tights and slowly
inserted the dildo into Eric's ass, as she began her
victory rape
of Eric.
Jenny spread out her beautiful body on top of the
Eric, starting to rocking her pelvis against Eric's
crotch. Jenny quickly became aroused and began a rapid
intense pumping
thrust with her hips, producing a consecutive
self-enjoying orgasm.
Eric was just thinking of surving this experience. At
first it had hurt a lot and when she had started to
pump so fast he was afraid of her powerful thrusts
would make an injury, but now, the dildo was still all
the way in it almost felt nice.
After removing the dildo from her opponent's ass,
Jenny just laid there, straddling the larger Eric, and
rocking her pelvis in a rocking fashion.

"Wow, this was fantastic." Jenny said merrily. "Are
you ok, Eric?"
"I think so, but my butt hurts a little."
"Not to much, i hope, beacourse i'm not finish with
you yet."
"Please Jenny, i can't take anymore tonight."
" We can have a final naked battle, if you can defend
yourself 3 minutes
i will leave you alone rest of the night. Are you in?"
Eric looked at her, this is my last chance, and i
should stand up against her for
3 min, i'm older and bigger than her. He nodded his
" Fine." Jenny said and rose up.

They where standing in front of each other in the
middle of the room, both
comleatly naked except for Jennys strap-on, still
hanging before her.
" I thought we should be naked."
" This is not a cloth, so it stays on." Janny said
smiling at him, grabbing the strap-on with her right
hand "And it seems a lot harder than
yours." looking at Erics small penis who was hanging

Eric felt anger swelling up inside him and thougt he
attack her when she wasn't readt to get a fast pin.
He decided to go all out with a football-style
tackle. His quick charge caught her by surprise as he

rammed his shoulder into her solid stomach and knocked
to the ground. He leaped on top and straddled her
his extra weight would keep her down and he could
off a quick pin. But he hadn't reckoned on her
legs. Jenny arched her back locked her legs around
his waist
in a vicious scissors. As she squeezed with all her
considerable strength the breath left his body and he
dizzy and weak. She rolled to the side without
her grip then grabbed him in a headlock and crushed
head against her firm breasts. "Are my arms too strong
for you, boyfriend?"
" I can't belive how you can be so strong."
Jenny just smiled down at his red face and tighten her
headlock even harder. After squeezing him until he was
unconscious, she rolled on top and pinned his wrists
to the floor. Eric felt the strap-on pressing against
his stomach.
Then she suddenly bent
her head down, gave him a deep sensuous kiss on the
then Jenny rose from him and where standing up beside

Eric quickly got to his feet, and tried to get away,
but Jenny slipped
behind Eric and swiftly moved her hands up to Eric's
neck, trapping
him in a perfect full nelson, even though she had
no idea what a full nelson was.

"Ha, try to break this grip if you can."
Eric started to try get free but there was no chance.
Jenny started
lean backwards and slowly Erics feet lifted from the
floor. Jenny then
slowly began to walk towards the bed, one step at the
Eric could't belive the sight he saw when he looked at
the mirror next
to her bed. His body has all up in the air and Jennys
beatyful naked body was alone supporting his weight.
Jenny also looked at the mirror and
saw Eric's body stretched before her, and she also saw
his penis has grown a bit.
" Oh, look at you, Eric. Do you like your girlfriend
carry you like this?"
" No, I don't. Can you please put me down."
" Don't worry, i will." Jenny and dropped him on her
bed still holding
him in a full nelson. Jenny climbed up behind him and
they there both
sitting on their knees, she holding him in a full
Applying her full power she slowly pressed his head to
the bed.
"Now I'm going to rape you again! I won and
can do whatever I like. When i hold you like this, you
have no chance
to escape."
Eric knew he was beaten. He felt her strap-on on top
of his butt, but
when she wiggled her crouch back a little, the tip of
the dildo slid
down between Erics ass-cheeks and was now pressing
directly against
his naked rectum.
Jenny moved her mouth close to his ear. She whispered,
"I love you and I want to fuck you, Darling. I want to
fuck you
and enter you and fill you all the way."
Jenny placed her cock against his anus
and gently but firmly began to shove it in.

At first it hurt for Eric. It hurt like hell for him.
Eric pulled
forward, trying to get away. Jenny understood and
backed off
for the moment. She tighten her nelson hold hard and
whisper in
his ear "Take it easy, you must relax, darling."
Soon she begin to pressing her dick into his ass
again. This time, it fit just fine.
Jenny realeased her hold on his arms and grabbed
both of Eric's hips and rammed her cock home - the
six inches up his ass. Eric gasped as the cock pushed
into his ass
and Jenny rolled her hips forward until she had pushed
it all the way within him, her pelvis up against his
Jennny pulled her hips back slightly and the cock
moved with
her, pulling back out of Eric's ass most of the way.
pushed back inwards, Eric gasped once again, and then
emitted a low moan; Jenny pulled back; She thrust
Eric moaned again. Slowly and gradually she began to
Eric with the cock she wore, in and out of his ass in
deliberate but steady rhythm.
Soon Jenny had a rhythm going.

Eric tried to get up on all four, his anal passage
becoming accustomed to
the length and width of the cock. The stimulation of
fucking motions was getting to him, and he was
starting to
develop a rockhard erection. Jenny looked down on Eric
saw he was moving one of his hands between his legs
and began
to pump his cock .
Her hands released his hips, and she took his arm away
from his cock
and twisted his arm over his back. Eric's head fell
down on the pillow
" You're not allowed to do that yet!" Jenny whisperd
in his ear
and she resumed the rhythm of her
thrusting moving the cock smoothly forward and back,
and out of his ass. Jenny spoke again, expressing the
excitement this was causing for her. "I'm fucking you,
Eric. My cock is moving in and out of you, in (I
forward a little harder) and out (I pulled
back)...fucking you like you fuck the girls you had
before...do you want me to *fuck* you? Do you like it
when your little girlfriend *fucks*
you?" "Yes," he moaned, "fuck me...yessss..."

Jenny was getting more and more excited, the outside
of her
vaginal area being stimulated by the rubbing of the
harness she wore. She pushed the cock deep into her
again and kept it there, pushing her pelvis firmly up
against his ass so that the harness pushed back
her. Jenny began to move up and down, masturbating
with the leather patch over her pussy as the cock's
movement inside her boyfriend's ass stimulated him. He
grunted in a little pain as the cock drove deep inside
him. Jenny grabbed his hips hard with her hands,
pulling him back
against her as she rubbed herself up against him, and
he felt she
fucking him and holding him as she fucked him and her
thighs were pressed
against the back of his thighs as they rocked together
and he groaned out loud. She felt him jerk as he
spurting and she was burning and rubbing as she was
cumming at the sound of his loud groaning and she
fucked him as
she came and came and came and came.

Jenny came so hard her arms and legs were twitching
afterwards as as subsided. Eric was hanging against
bed , exhausted and limp, his belly and knees damp
with his ejaculate. Wary of hurting more
than she had to Jenny put her hand around the base of
latex cock and began to withdraw it slowly, slowly,
ever so slowly. It slid out smoothly, still lubricated
after their furious fucking, and with a final
careful tug it emerged from Eric's ass, none the worse
for wear, and she leaned back. She discoverd a drop of
around Eric's anus, she must have cut him at some
point. Worried, she pulled Eric back to her and
for hurting him, saying she was sorry for not taking
easier, asking if he was all right.

Her boyfriend smiled at her, his eyes still
and caressed my chin with his hand. "That must have
the best orgasm I ever had," he said quietly."
Jenny laughed, " It sure was my best too.
I love to penetrate you, hon," she said as she
continued. "I'm so happy you came too, becourse this
the way I want it to be. I mount you and I use you
and you
just lay still and take it."
" We should switch places, so I am on top one night
and you
the next night and so on." Eric said.
"Well, little boyfriend, you better pack on some more
before you try that, becourse i will not move down
from the top
if I can avoid it."
" We'll see about that." Eric said.
" We must buy a new strap-on so we don't have to
borrow my
sisters everytime we have sex." Jenny said to herself.

With that they slowly went to sleep, Jenny's chubby
arms holding
Eric's slender body tight to her.
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Default Re: The Breakup (wre, femdom, pegging) v1.1

Muhteşem bir çalışma. Devamı olsa etkileyici bir seri olabilirdi. Eline emeğine sağlık
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Default Re: The Breakup (wre, femdom, pegging) v1.1

Wow, the first feedback to my cute litte story here in 11 years.

I dont understand a word, but thanks anyway , LOL
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Default Re: The Breakup (wre, femdom, pegging) v1.1

Deepkick, I have never seen this story before today. Thanks for writing this. Have you ever considered doing a second part?
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