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Default The Ascension

Ethan hoped against hope that the beautiful blonde was coming towards him:

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I mean where else would she go right?

"Ethan Jones?," She inquired while he was still lost in her eyes.

"Yes...but what are you doing here?," He managed to blurt out after a few awkward seconds.

"Beg your pardon?" Becky kept her tone polite despite raising the frequency of her voice just a little.

"I am sorry! Where are my manners, the name's Ethan," He threw out his hand for a quick shake.

She responded in kind.

"Becky Rider! Arnold Lane sent me"

"He did eh? I must say you lot are getting younger!"

"What a douche!," Becky thought as she bit her tongue to try not to fuck this up. She was a little desperate.

In the real world, Becky Rider was a student, pursuing history. In real life, Becky Rider was something else. Young women like her were the latest in a strain of biotic mutation, granting them invulnerability.

Over time, some of them developed a strange need to fight the opposite sex. Women like Becky Rider didn't age, they evolved. With each fight, they grew stronger. The moment of ascension was what turned them on.

And for Becky, it had been over a month since she last fought. The need gnawed away inside her, her body called for a brutal no-holds barred competition. For now, she only had Ethan and he knew about women like her.

"Don't worry toots! I can hook ya up."

"I swear if I hadn't..." Becky muttered under her breath.

"What was that?," Ethan responded with a cocky quip.

"Nothing...nothing...as I was saying Arnold Lane sent me and..."

"And you were wondering if I could do you a solid and dig some contacts to see if I can help you get off!," Ethan smiled. Several of his front teeth were rotted or gone.

Ethan saw the look of shock on Becky's face and sighed.

"Look kid! Why do you think Arnold sent you to me? eh?," Ethan snapped with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

Becky just stared at him.

"It's because I get things done! I maybe a rough pan but that don't mean I ain't gotta good heart! Relax!," Ethan tapped her shoulder.

"I got your back and in return, you gotta do something for me!"

There it was, it was always there, that question at the back of her mind. Burrowing deep, eating away at the conversation.

"What do you want?," She hated saying it but Becky was out of options.

"A facefuck, some bdsm and rough sex! You in?," Ethan stared at her unflinchingly and watched Becky take a gulp.

He laughed at her reaction and watched her smile and breathe a sigh of relief.

"Relax! We aren't perverts, not much anyway!"

The uncomfortable tone didn't sit too well with Becky.

She had little choice but to do what the old man said.

"Now, Follow me!"

He led her into a large outdoor area with a ring in the center. Becky watched as the man was tightening his grip on the match, with a brutal move:

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"Oh my!," Becky exclaimed audibly. There was a tone of excitement in her voice.

"Now that might look painful but here watch this," He discreetly made eye contact with the woman. Becky saw her wink back and smiled.

"That woman is willingly signed on to take punishment from the man," He quipped before directing her eyes toward the man.

"That man is THE Red Silver," Ethan noticed a glint in Becky's eye.
He stared at her and smiled.

"What?!...I have watched my share of maledom wrestling," She smiled.

"Then it is easy for you to understand that he is now 62 years old," He looked at Red Silver.

"That man was once top of the food chain in the hardcore intergender division. Now, this is the first time he is setting foot in the ring in 5 years," Ethan had a glint in his eye.

"Of course! The concept of age alludes you. You don't age, you evolve but men..." Ethan pointed at Red Silver, "Die!"

"It's so unfair, we get just one lifetime! One!," Ethan bought up the number on his finger.

Becky stared at Red Silver, she had remembered from various videos she watched in her teens. He was fit and muscular back then, now he was overweight and undesirable.

The industry built on women like her had chewed and spit him out. He had nowhere to turn but here.

"Whether to just relieve his glory days once again or a little tinge of that nostalgia, he is in the ring knowing that the woman next to him will be alive and young, when three generations of his sons pass," Becky put a arm on Ethan's shoulder and he looked back with a smile.

"Here's what I want you to do! I'll get you your matches with hard opponents but in between help us out here by losing a few, if only for the enjoyment of these old souls," Ethan looked at her with passion.

Becky smiled and held out her hand, "Deal!" she said as they both shook on it.

Radiant Green looked at his old photo, his metal wrestling gear that was framed to his body. He had been the terror in the hardcore intergender leagues, known for hard fought fights.

Now he was just a has-been, a nobody who thrived only in isolation. He had lost his touch at the age of 40 and by 50, he was just dragging along.

"It was wise to stop when I did!," He told himself as he rubbed dust off the photo frame.

"But still...once more maybe," He looked at the photo again, "Before I die!"
Ethan was sound asleep in his office, when he was startled awake by a phone call.

"Jimmy! Of course, I remember you...How have you...oh...oh I am sorry!...of course pal! I got you at a 50% discount, on the house...don't worry about it! Goodbye and take care!," Ethan got up off his chair.

"What a day! WHAT a day! Becky! Rider...where are you?" He screamed down the hallways as Becky emerged from her room.

"Pack your bags, we got a gig!," He laughed as took her by the hand and spun her around.

"About god damn time!," She mused as Ethan put on some music and they danced.

"Beautiful!," Jimmy said as he watched her stand there:

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"I bet you say that to all the girls," Becky smiled.

"I was talking about the view..." Jimmy quipped.

"How is it?," She winked.

"Still taking it all in," Jimmy stared at her in silence.

Suddenly, they both burst out laughing.

"I am sorry...I truly am! I mean no offence! Simply a force of habit..."

"No offence taken! I was admiring the view as well," She said.

"Nonsense! Idle flattery will get you nowhere," He smiled.

"A girl can try!"

They walked around the wide, open field, hand in hand.

"The last girl I tried this with passed out!," Jimmy rubbed his hands while saying it.

"You won't have that problem with me, I come equipped to handle anything you desire!," She smiled.


"Let me put it this way! I have watched every maledom you ever made, I know what I am in for..." She had a wicked grin on her face.

"Anything you could possibly do would not damage me. To you, my body is a brick, a stonewall. None of your attacks will be able to penetrate it."

Jimmy looked broken at her frank dismissal.

"I know how that sounds!," Becky looked at him with sadness. "It wasn't my intention to hurt you..."

"But you have, dear girl, you have!," Jimmy spoke with anger.

"Ethan told me everything. The only reason I told you was because I don't want you to hold back!"

Jimmy was speechless.

"My body can take anything you throw at me, there is nothing you can do to hurt me!"

Jimmy shivered with anticipation, his thoughts racing like trains trying to get out of the way.

Becky kissed him deep and long, staring into his eyes.

"Now!," She said with a jog in her step, taking his hand and walking back toward the empty arena.

"About the match, Ethan has hooked up cameras starting from the backstage area. Now you come in and grab my hair or whatever...and lay the beatdown on me, Ethan takes close-up shots and then when he cues you...you move on to the next thing we rehearse!"

Jimmy barely listened to a word she was saying, he just stared at this beautiful blonde in front of him.

The day of the shoot finally arrived. Jimmy nearly lost his mind, when he saw Becky in her outfit:

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She was busy putting in a few last minute sets at the gym.

"You're wearing that?!," Jimmy exclaimed.

"Keeping it simple!," She said letting go of the barbell.

"Simple suits you just fine!," Jimmy grabbed her by the ponytail and
slammed a hard knee into her gut, doubling her over.

"Action!," Yelled Ethan as the lone cameraman with him began to take some shots.

Jimmy followed up with a hard punch to her stomach, throwing in few more for good measure.

She grunted with the impact of each one as the cameraman zoomed in to her face for close up shots. She winked to the camera as Ethan smiled.

Jimmy ran Becky's face into the wall behind them as she pretended to be hurt.

"You are selling it too much! Settle down will you?!," Jimmy whispered into her ear.

"Sorry..." She replied softly.

Jimmy pulled her straight up by Becky's blonde hair and proceeded to rain down hard punches to her belly.

After a few minutes, Becky frustrated at his slow pace, nearly screamed in his ear.

"You know there is a lot more you can do beside belly punching, you know that...right?"

"Like what?," Jimmy shrugged.

"I don't know! Tear off my top and gives my tits a squeeze or something...I don't know!"

Jimmy did as he was told, it was astonishing. Astonishing that this young Amazon was right, there was nothing he could do to her. He was squeezing her tits with all his strength but she merely smiled and winked at the camera.

That's when it hit him. He really could do anything to her.

His eyes went wide as he stopped and stared at the ceiling seemingly lost in a daze. Jimmy's body shifted and began changing, a golden aura dancing around him. Jimmy's body enlarged and morphed into a giant muscular frame and his eyes glowed red.

"What the..." Ethan shouted.

"He Ascended! Jimmy Ascended!" Becky shouted.

"How in the..."

"How do I know? Quick! grab the camera, shoot. I am going to fight him!"

Ethan ran over to the startled cameraman and dragged him to start filming.
Becky rushed Jimmy as both of them met in the center.

They locked up in a test of strength. Becky soon found herself down on one knee and then the next as Jimmy kept pouring more pressure.

"The things I am going to do to you!," Jimmy's voice had a deep growl to it, it sounded almost demonic.

By this point, he had her flat on the ground. Becky's body was bent backwards, she felt her toned back touch the soles of her sport shoes.
Suddenly, Jimmy let go of her and stomped her hard in the stomach, eliciting a grunt of pain.

Jimmy smiled, a wicked grin across his face.

"Not smiling or winking now are WE?"

He wrapped his arms around her throat and lifted her up. Becky's feet dangled in the air as Jimmy laughed.

"I am going to beat you till you orgasm!"

"Looking forward...ungh!" Jimmy punched her stomach hard, mid-sentence. "To it!," She completed, clutching her abs and falling down, as he let her go.
Jimmy now focused on her back, kicking it hard with glee. Again and again the tip of Jimmy's shoes found their way to her spine.

Becky's loud grunts filled the room as Jimmy jammed his knee into her back.
He picked her up and tried to send her headfirst into the steel of a barbell but Becky blocked it at the last second and bounced his head off instead. Jimmy staggered back, clutching his face.

Not wanting to concede her advantage, she jumped up and kicked him hard in the head. Jimmy's body cartwheeled sideways to the floor. Becky tried to follow up with a stomp to the side of his head but Jimmy grabbed her foot and bought her to her knees with a kick to her hamstring.

He sent punches flying into the sides of her stomach, watching her body jerk from the impact.

Jimmy kipped up and sent a knee to the side of her face, sending her head flying to floor so hard that it cracked the marble on impact. He stomped the side of her face till it went in and attempted to follow up with another kick to her side.

Remarkably, Becky caught his foot and freeing her head from the marble smashed him in the jaw with a hard punch.

Jimmy's head sprang back from the impact and his body left the ground. Becky spun in the air and kicked him so hard in the chest that he flew to the other side of the gym, crashing through the wall.

Jimmy's body left a trail as it slid through the open field, finally coming to a stop a few feet away from the building. In the distance, he saw Becky running toward him picking up speed till she was nearly upon him.

He snapped out of his daze and blocked Becky's kick to the side of his head.

Jimmy replied with a hard counter punch that snapped her head to the side and another that snapped her head the other way.

Jimmy couldn't get much done with a punch to the stomach that Becky absorbed and replied with a high-flying fist to the side of his face. It floored him and left him defenseless to a stomp at his back.

Jimmy flipped around in time to grab Becky's foot before the second stomp and punched her hard in the crotch.

Becky grabbed her womanhood and doubled over on the grass.

"There's lots more where that came from!"

He kneed her hard in the crotch and picked Becky up by her hair.
Jimmy attempted to crush her in a reverse bearhug but Becky sent the back of her head crashing into his nose.

He grabbed his nose and staggered back. A hard kick to the chest sent him flying back into the building, crashing into all the gym equipment.

"Are you getting all of this? Hurry! Hurry!," Ethan jumped up and down.

He emerged almost instantly from beneath the equipment, levitating over the ground.

"Holy shit!," Ethan exclaimed.

"Aw...fuck yeah! This is awesome!," Becky quipped as she took her fight stance.

Jimmy flew to her so fast, she could barely react to the brutal drive-by punch that sent her careening face-first over the grass till her body stopped a few feet from where she was.

Becky lay there for a few seconds before stirring awake and flipping over, only to find Jimmy's feet collide into her chest. He had jumped high in the air and landed so hard that Becky found herself in a large crater.

She just lay there with Jimmy standing on her chest, coughing and breathless.

Becky's clothes were in tatters from the abuse and whatever garment remained Jimmy ripped off with disdain, leaving her nude.

Jimmy punched Becky in the stomach so hard that she sat up from the impact, only to receive a hard knee to the face that sent her down again.
Jimmy picked up Becky over his head and threw her into the building, laughing as her body crashed into more gym equipment.

He dragged Becky out by her hair from underneath the carnage and smashed her with a punch to the face so hard that she flew into a nearby wall, engraving herself from the impact in a body sized hole.

Becky felt pain like she had never before as Jimmy's knee crashed into her back, sending her nude body flying over the field, bouncing before it came to a stop.

Jimmy stood on top of her and watched her almost out cold. There still wasn't a scratch on her magnificent body. She was right, He really could do anything to Becky.

He picked her up and stood her straight, threading his arms between her armpits till they locked at the back of her neck.

He had her in a full-nelson, squeezing hard to pour on the pressure.

Jimmy spread Becky's legs apart and smashed a knee into her vagina. Becky expected pain but she soon found herself numb. Another knee into her crotch jolted something awake in her. Another knee finally set it free.

It began at the pit of her stomach and another knee to her cunt moved it upward, till it reached her chest and exploded. Becky felt pleasure wash over her body, it had begun.

Something snapped, Becky felt the connection to her body drift away as her vision now floated in front of her. The world around her seemed different, slowly spreading away like pastel colors.

Becky could see herself at Jimmy's mercy, his knees slamming into her crotch. It was then she saw herself wink at her, then everything went black.
With a blast of white light, Becky broke free from Jimmy and levitated off the ground.

Tears ran down Jimmy's eyes as he saw the golden goddess before him, floating serenely in the air.

Becky opened her eyes and Jimmy saw them glowing white.

His body slowly transformed back as he passed out and collapsed.

Ethan rolled the most perfect joint sitting on the couch as Becky joined him after depositing Jimmy on the bed.

Ethan played out the video they shot today in front of them on the TV.

"Sexy isn't it?," Ethan said as passed the dobbie.

"Yeah, pretty smooth, doesn't hurt my throat or anything!"

"I was talking about the video," Ethan sighed.

"Oh..yeah that too!"

"You know what would make this even hotter?"

"Let me guess..." Becky looked at him and bit her lip, playfully.

"I can't wait to hear this!" said Ethan rubbing his hands.

"A facefuck, some bdsm and rough sex?" Becky said playing with his ear.

"What do you think?"

Becky laughed and took her top off.
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Default Re: The Ascension

Thread approved
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Default Re: The Ascension

I generally don't like seeing girls punished or hurt in mixed wrestling, so it was a different feeling to be reading this story where Becky was utterly indestructible and nothing Ethan could do to her hurt in the slightest. That was an interesting dynamic, and the beautiful pics you chose to represent her were great, too.

Thanks for writing this for us, mate.
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Default Re: The Ascension

Thank you so much @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], really glad you liked it.
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