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Old 09-Jul-20, 07:20
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

So, taking it back to the last chapter for a moment, I thought that was a pretty cool showcase for Chelsea. While her last two wins against Bunny and Danger were good notches on her belt, they weren't without their own shenanigans, shall we say (especially vs. Dan). Not trying to take anything away from her necessarily, I just think it was good to have a little reminder of what Chelsea is capable of, even when the match is completely on the level. And I know the Thriller isn't the greatest of competition, but she was still able to walk through him pretty easily, and even show a new wrinkle or two to her game. Now, I wonder who she'll draw for her qualifying match...

Oh, and as I said before, I'm pretty interested to see how Gavin vs. Sexkitten goes down. Tricky one for me to try and predict. Half of me thinks you're just gonna play it straight, and have Emma put him in his place. But the other half of me expects some kind of bait and switch...he's just so much of a douche that you feel like there's no way he could win...right? So many questions, too. Is Emma going to be pissed or depressed after her loss to Vixen? Does Gavin actually have more skill than he showed against Honda? Match-up wise, Gavin's right that Emma's wrestling offense isn't that threatening...he should be able to push her around some...but once she eventually and inevitably gets her hands/mouth/ass on his dick...there's no way he lasts against her, right? These are really just a lot of scattered thoughts, but for me, so much of the fun in this one comes from not knowing.

Finally, I like the questions you pose at the end of the "Heaven Awaiting" chapter. My answer is that the latter creates the former. Dan's crisis of confidence (which, ironically enough, arguably began with his loss to Cherry Kiss) can lead him to overanalyze things and make him susceptible to his opponent's mind games. In this case, it's Cherry trying to convince him that he secretly wants to lose to her, that he craves the perverse rush that comes from humiliation. If he's to overcome her, he must see through her mind games, and become who he wants to be...not who she wants him to be.

Who do you want to be, Dan Danger?
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Lots to unpack recently so let me try my best to comment about it. I jsut got done moving into a new place and got interrnet yesterday so had some catching up to do.

1)Seeing the Siren again was fun, she had a really good first match and this one was also entertaining. A bit surprised she lost again considering that she tried so hard in both matches yet she has nothing to show for it but I guess you are making her morre of a fun competitive underdog and she does it well. I do wonder when we gonna see more of that strong man too, I hope we see him win at least once more at least before someone gets the credit of taking out a monster like that! So that was a very fun unexpected match.

2)Chelsea is a lot of thing but I wouldn't dare to say some of them to her face. Thriller tried but he definitely was outmatched and unprepared for her. It wasn't a competitive match like the Siren one but it was a good showing of her skills once more. The trainign she received from Kenzie definitely makes her more dangerous than back in the days she lost to Gavin.

3)Talking of him, not sure whats your plan for him are. Is he gonna get destroyed again and soon be nothing but a thing of the past to show that in the SFL you always have to get better than before?Is he actually gonna put in aa fight and give SexKitten a run for her money? I don't eexpect him to win excepted if Kitten is too taumatised by the Vixen experience, like she's not at a 100%, he scre a win get super cocky and his next opponent prove to be more complicated (or maybe he gets a couple of easy opponent to really boost his ego before being destroyedby someone) so I am intrigues on what it will be.

4)Cherry...Boy do I love her. I personally feel like it would have fit the character betterr if she wasn't ehanced, like she's so proud of herr sexual skills and ability, she's a natural at sex so in my mind would make more sense if she would have kept her body a 100% natural but I still really really enjoyed her promo, the way she talk and tease. She's my favorite character rbut I don't know how much usage you still gonna get out of her depending on how it goes but man you write her so good.

So as I said before I don't know how much sense it would make forr Dan to be able to score a a win by outfucking her. In a way it does seem to be her weakness, the way he was analysing her previous match and the one with Justin made lot of sense and it was solid continuity. On the other hand however he just got his cherry pop'd and it was a big deal. If he just goers out there and trriumph with his cock it can kind of ruin that. Now obviously there's always a possibility of she win round 1 somehow, he wins round 2 by fucking her but he lose round 3 sexually and that continue to put doubt in his head.

There's many ways I can see the match go, frrom Dan wining to losing, I don't quite expect a 2-0 from either side but you have surprised me before. I am as excited for this match if not even a bit more than I was for the Chelsea and Dan match. Obviously I am still interested in Gavin/Kitten and the tag match, seeing more of our hero fun girrlfriend and Silk against new opponents will be great. But man, you really did great building up to this match.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Meet the New Boss...

“Okay, we are live in 5....”

“Is my makeup done yet, Mary? Mary, I need my perfect face and I need it now.”


“Mary, why am I paying you this much if you are this careless with the moneymaker?”

“Um sir, you’re really not paying me much at all.”

“Precisely. Because there’s better use of the budget than to spend on washed up old ladies who can barely even open a freakin' makeup kit.”

“Okay, 3…..2….”

The camera opened on a well-dressed man sitting on top of the rectangular table in one of the backstage conference rooms with a brunette woman frantically hovering above him with her eyes squinting at his polished-up face.

With his jet black hair slick back and an obvious wrestler’s physique protruding from underneath his light blue, tailor-made suit, the Miz of World Wrestling Entertainment fame showed off every sparkling detail of his teeth while his French-Canadian wife, Maryse, clung ever so diligently to his left forearm dressed to impress in a skintight cocktail dress.

Captured in an ‘amicable’ enough pose for at least the first few seconds, he finally spoke through his teeth still clenched together, “Mary, get out of my picture.”

The makeup woman, finally realizing that they were live on the air, turned around to see a cameraman standing right in front of her, shouldering an HD broadcast camera.

She then started to scramble a hasty apology to the-

“He said get out of our picture,” the beautiful blonde woman to his right suddenly snapped out of her, revealing her clipped accent from the northern province of Montreal.

The woman quickly vacated the room at that, prompting Maryse to once again resume smiling for the camera in her best ‘glamour model’ pose.

“Thanks babe,” he mouthed at her visibly, their lips meeting in a brief smooch as he turned to address the audience watching the on the JumboTron.

“Good evening, boys and girls. My name, for all those who have been living without a television for the better part of your entire lives, is Mike Mizanin. Better known, of course, as the Miz. The most must-see champion of the modern era, and in short, one of the greatest wrestlers you’ve ever had the privilege of paying money to see. I could go into my resume some more, but let’s face it, you all know who I am. But you don’t know why I’m here. Not yet.”

Getting off the table, the Ohio native straightened out his tie some, and then proceeded with his speech. “To get right down to brass tacks, I’m the guy who’s gonna shake things up around here. The Commissioner currently is working outside the protective bubble of our quaint little community to build relationships with other organizations in our industry. I’d tell you why, but that would be spoilers. So for now, she’s assigned me, naturally, to make sure the SFL stays at Number 1. Can’t have an A-Show without an A-Lister at the head of the ship, am I right? Trust me, I’m right.”

Grinning some after those comments, the legendary loudmouth kept going in an energetic tone, “I won’t take up much time away from the kickass action out there, so I’ll jet right through the corporate routine and hit the agenda. First, one of the qualifying matches scheduled for tonight, between Mastodon and a mystery opponent, has, due to some intervention from yours truly, been rescheduled to next week. His opponent for tonight, unfortunately, called in ill the night of the show, leaving the new guy in charge to improvise. But fret not, because I have already secured a very worthy replacement for Mr. Keith Johnson. Someone who I’ve personally had flown first-class straight from the European leagues to test his mettle for our little tournament that's shaping up. I’ll let her introduction speak for herself, and that’s not even the biggest A-list superstar I’ve got coming here.”

A subtle self-congratulating gesture on behalf of Mizanin preceded his next announcement, “Courtesy of the man with the magic pen to make ironclad contracts out of thin air, the SFL will be open for conquest because I am personally, and proudly, responsible for welcoming the Conqueror to our gilded mats. The man recognized as a multi-time World Champion in leagues all across the United States, as well as a former Intercontinental Champ in one of his early campaigns of sexual destruction in the SFL, is bringing his war paint to Monday nights, full-time. What’s he gonna say? Who’s he gonna fight and/or fuck in that very ring? Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out. Once again, compliments of the GM.”

Maryse looked on with a knowing twinkle in her eyes as her husband kept on listing off the amendments to the ongoing card, “But that bag of goodies we can open up next week. Let’s talk about tonight’s main event. On one side, we’ve got the Duchess, a former Intercontinental Champion and someone who’s always been just on the cusp of getting that permanent main-eventer nametag. Then, we’ve got her partner….probably the male star with the best win-loss record in months, as well as the newly crowned Ruler of the Ring. Personally, I would’ve already had a World Title around my waist after getting the crown, but let’s not make this about me, shall we?”

“Facing off against them will be the current Intercontinental Champion, Mandy, who is set to defend her title against the #1 Contender to be crowned in a 16-person tournament, as well as her long-term bestie, the Empress. Already, the dollar signs scream out PPV, but out of the goodness of my heart, we’re blowing this sucker off on free TV. You’re welcome, world. But wait, there’s more…”

“As per the stip agreed upon last week, should Kendra and King Hunter win the match, then the Duchess gets a write-in ticket to the tournament, no questions asked. That’s all good and well, that can stay,” he was quick to establish for the fans, much to the visible chagrin of his wife.

“Now, being vested with the awesome power that comes with being a general manager, I can still exercise a little executorial wriggle-room here. So, after hearing some input from our current reigning Intercontinental Champ, I’ve decided to incentivize their side some, just to keep things interesting,” he revealed, going on to specify, “Bottom line, if Kendra and company wins, she’s in. But if Mandy’s team wins, the Duchess is not only disqualified from ever qualifying for the tournament, but also disqualified from ever challenging for the Intercontinental Title as long as the woman of the hour currently has a claim to it. In layman’s terms, Kendra can look, but she sure as hell won’t be touching that kind of gold for the foreseeable future should she fail to win in our main event.”

With an exaggerated sigh, the Miz clasped both hands together and beamed back at his wife, “So babe, how was that? Cool or what?!”

“C'était parfait,” she purred at him in her native tongue.

“Not as perfect as you,” he smiled at her with a wink, turning back to face the cameraman.

“I believe there’s a show still patiently waiting to run off the rails, so I’ll shut my mouth- for once, and let you guys keep on enjoying all the awesomeness coming at you….right…..about….”

Aiming a finger-gun at the camera, he mouthed out “now” just as the music of the next competitor hit the loudspeakers.


Awesome he is, indeed...

- Appreciate the patience as always! These truly are very difficult times we're living in, but if this ongoing story through the ins and outs of the SFL are of any escape to you, then I'm glad for it.

- @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] introduced the Miz and Maryse as the new power couple stepping in for Commissioner Stillwater scaling back on her day-to-day duties to focus on some other projects, so full credit to him.

- The Conqueror is a @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] creation, and one that I've got a feeling you'll love. That's all I'll say; your speculation is more than welcome down below.

- There's plenty of action coming up next, so please stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

You managed to capture just the right blend of self-absorption and arrogance for the Miz to sound just like.... well... The Miz. Sounds like the stakes are pretty high for the Duchess in the tag match. She is pairing up with one of the best ring generals in the SFL, so her chances are pretty good, but I definitely wouldn't dismiss Mandy or the Empress, as both have shown how dangerous they can be and neither is averse to cheating their way to victory.

Mastodon vs the Conquerer could also be interesting. My preference is for females dominating in mixed wrestling, but I always enjoy your match stories and I am sure this one will be just as gripping.

Never apologise for how long it takes you to write stories for us, mate. You are very generous with your time and your talent and it is really appreciated. Thank you for continuing this epic thread.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Firstly thank you for keeping the stories coming!! They are a great distraction these days.

Secondly I just wondered if you were still working on some of those alternate endings like Dan vs Ruby and so on?

Thank you and stay safe!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I've got to agree with mixfightor: under normal circumstances you don't need to apologize for how long writing takes. With the way things are at the moment, you are a champ for continuing at all.

Thank you so much for continuing to write, the escapism from reading this is fantastic. But always put yourself first, especially now.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Just wanted to chime in and also thank you for continuing to write. Your writing is something I always look forward to, and is a wonderful escape.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: State of Shock

When the show came back from commercial, the match was well into its second act with a very familiar situation to many long-time viewers playing out in the middle of the ring.

A well-muscled, studly male was in a seated position, his arms stretching out in front of him in distress while the toned crook of Shock’s forearm was pressed tightly underneath his chin.

Positioned behind him with her knee to his back, the powerhouse half of the former titleholding tag team had a reverse chinlock cinched in with almost no breathing room at all spared for her opponent.

The man in question was a grunting, long-haired specimen of a competitor with raven locks partially obscuring his struggling expression.

Wearing Levi jeans and a pair of work boots as his only outwards apparel, the man was trapped in place for the moment as Jenny had all ten fingers clasped together to further intensify the grounded submission.

Dressed in a black top with the taunting slogan Your Boyfriend’s New Crush across in white letterings, as well as pink bottoms wrapped snugly around her hips, the woman put her deceptively powerful upper half to good use keeping him at bay.

Compressing his neck, the short-haired blonde woman wore a determined scowl as the camera showed her from the side applying pressure to him.

The ever-smug Awe watched gleefully from ringside, dressed in a lacy bra with an unzipped pair of short-shorts hugging her waistline.

Utilizing her forearms to their full capacity, Jenny squeezed at his neck like she was trying to uncork a screw, not letting up as the seconds continued to count down to another minute….

“Ohhh, bitch boy’s gonna be real soft for you in a little bit, babe,” her partner-in-crime encouraged the blonde brawler, dusting off her usual cheerleader role on the outside.

Responding with a half-smirk, Shock strengthened her vice on him, waiting for his neck muscles to eventually grow lax and limp against her forearm-

“Ngh…...nngghh!” Suddenly coming to life like a wild animal thrashing its way out of a precarious situation, the man got a leg under him as a sudden adrenaline boost found him.

Flexing his fingers out, the long-haired sexfighter powered through the chinlock and started to bring himself up off the mat, forcing Jenny to go along with him.

Re-applying her submission as a sleeper hold, the blonde woman kept on squeezing away at his carotid arteries, despite being brought up into a standing position.

Standing himself up, the man turned his body slightly against her chest, remaining in her forearm triangle- but not much longer.

With a grunt, he drove his right arm back in an elbow shot to her gut, eliciting a sharp sound of acknowledgment from Jenny.

Another elbow strike loosened up her hold some, then, as he reared back for another one, Jenny suddenly grabbed him by the hair and violently slammed him down to keep her upper hand.

Throwing him flat on his back to disrupt an offensive start on his part, she cast a dismissive scoff down at him before stepping on his sternum to get to the other side of the ropes.

Bouncing off of them, she leaped over the man once he flipped over on his belly, hitting the ropes once more only to encounter something even more impressive: a leapfrog over her head!

Springing to his feet within a splitsecond, he jumped the entire height of Jenny’s admittedly short stature just in time to clear her head as she was forced to duck under him.

Recharging her momentum one more time, she came back to the middle of the ring to experience something and much more painful….

Hooking his closest arm underneath and behind her left armpit, he lifted Shock up with that same arm, flipping her over on her back in a standing hip toss.

A slight frown took to Katie’s face as her tag partner hit the canvas, but didn’t stay down long enough for him to take any kind of advantage.

Getting up, she cried out as he attacked her chest with a straight-forward knife edge chop….followed by an open-handed slap with the same hand!

She gritted his teeth as he repeated the same one-two combination with his other arm, before starting to alternate to repeat the same motion.

Unfortunately for him, Shock had him well scouted out this time and stunned him with a harsh kick to the gut.

Capitalizing on his brief pause to change hands, she lit him up with an even stiffer forearm right to the jaw, jolting the dark-haired male.

Readying her striking arm again after impacting his jawbone, she delivered another forearm to actually bring him down to a knee.

Then, she cocked her elbow back one last time to smash down on him….

…. only to get popped and dropped by a sudden headbutt right to the nose, his head racing up to her like a blur of motion!

Their heads collided together for the briefest of moments as the man stood up straight, his eyes widened with eerie realization, and a single line of crimson trickling down his lower lip.

Jenny instinctively rolled on her belly as she kneaded the bridge of her nose, feeling a little shaken herself by the impromptu skull-to-skull action.


“You probably have to have a doctor’s note for insanity to accept Shock and Awe’s Open Challenge at this point. Especially if you’re going against Shock, the decidedly less dick-friendly opponent of the duo. Then again, this is Krazy Steve we’re talking about here, so I guess it makes sense,” George remarked bemusedly.

“Sure, it’s never advisable for your health to take on any one of those two, but I’m pretty sure that guy’s an exception when it comes to making decisions here for your continued well-being. Nonetheless, looks like that headbutt may have turned a second gear for him. ” Kevin would note, keeping a closer eye on the changing demeanor in the male sexfighter’s body language now.


With his eyes bulging open, he clenched and unclenched his fists together as he stared down at the downed blonde woman with a refocused glint now occupying his pupils.

“FOUR CORNERS TIME!!” he suddenly shouted out down below, seizing her by the hair and bringing her up to her feet.

Without hesitation, he suddenly bounded off to the northwest corner, taking a slightly groggy Jenny with him.

Growling out, he came to a stop within striking range of the turnbuckle and emphatically smashed her face into the hard vinyl material of the top pad.

Keeping a grip on the back of her head as her footing was threatened, he then made a beeline over to the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring.

Awe looked on in disbelief as her partner was dragged against her will across the squared circle before having her forehead stamped into the corner padding once more.

This time, he smashed her face into the turnbuckle again for good measure, before heading to the third corner.

Jenny opened her eyes only to see the third now familiar black padding rapidly approaching her face, and then….

“Grrr!” With a grunt, she braced one foot against the middle rope to stop her impactful descent into turnbuckle padding for the third consecutive time.

Fighting back out of pure veteran instinct, she blindly slammed the sharp point of her elbow into his ribcage: one, twice, with the third blow having the most power behind it.

Accomplishing her goal of stunting his offensive flow, she turned to face the lurching Krazy Steve with her mind put back on track.

Clasping her hands together behind his neck in a three-quarters facelock, she stood up on her tiptoes to get a better grip over him before bending forward to drive him facefirst into the corner with an improvised snapmare!

Maneuvering behind him as he ended up with his back against the padding, she put her well-seasoned knuckles to destructive use on his ribcage.

Lunging in like a lightweight boxer taking her shots, Jenny pounded away at his abdominal region with a series of punches, hammering away at the various weak points that she knew by experience comprised a man’s sternum.

His long hair covered his face as she landed shot after shot, jab after jab to his midsection, not stopping, not relenting even at the referee’s eventual behest.

Assurance returned to Awe’s face as she stood by and watched the powerhouse exercise her brutality all over him, eventually bringing him down to a knee.

Having long since shaken the effects of his headbutt, Jenny’s eyes were glowing with a fierce malice as she kept on raining down fists on his abdomen, hitting him even when his hands were lowered and he could barely even defend against her furious offense.

One last shot to his collarbone was the final blow allowed before the official finally ushered the blonde woman back with one arm, keeping the match from ending in an impromptu disqualification.

Jenny would go along with her, though, cracking her slightly red knuckles and sauntering over to the corner diagonal to the now kneeling Krazy Steve.

Making her way down the padded floor on her high heels, Katie pulled herself up on the ring apron and sat right next to the corner post where the male sexfighter was now leaning against.

Reaching into her jean shorts, she unwrapped a roll of chewing gum and casually popped it in her mouth.

“Spoiler alert: this is gonna hurt,” she taunted him with a wink, coming off the ring apron just as the short-haired blonde inside the ring made her move.

Rushing at him like a soccer player measuring up her shot on the field, Jenny came at him with one leg thrusting forward to smash directly into his temple.

A downright uncomfortable slapping noise hit the ring mics as Shock snapped his head to the side with a running knee strike.

Collapsing even more, his head was tilted back against the bottom rope while the outside of her thigh rested against his cheek.

“Excellent form, babe,” Kate naturally applauded her from the outside, clapping in such a way that her infamous rack was jiggling against her shirt.

“Maybe that knocked some sense in him to stay down,” Jenny smiled at her, easing her leg off of his drooping head and taking a step back.

“Don’t hit him too hard, ‘kay? Wouldn’t want bitch boy to forget how to eat pussy after all this is done, right?” Katie joked with her.

“Yeah.” Grabbing him by the hair, she gave an unsympathetic tug to get him out of the corner and in a lurched position at her feet.

Taking his wrist with the other hand, she brought him forward to inflict more punishment.

Guiding him under her arm in a traditional facelock, Jenny eagerly rotated her neck while dragging up what was in essence dead weight.

Dragging up Krazy Steve so he at least had his knees under him, she brought one leg back for the wind-up, and then swung it forward….right into his armpit.

Catching her upper thigh with his forearm before the knee strike could hit home, the male sexfighter suddenly stood up, all pretenses of being out of it dropped entirely as he towered above the (no pun intended) shocked sexfighter.

Grunting like a reawakened animal, he also ignored the visible bruise under his eye while staring right at her.

Then, with his lips moving, he growled out, “Ouch.”

After that rather blunt comment, he draped his arm over her neck, trapping one of her arms while he pulled her captive thigh close around him.

With Shock in full grasp, he fell backward, flipping her up and over in a mightily impressive exploder suplex.

Jenny was catapulted overhead, landing with her tailbone impacting the bottom turnbuckle first.

Crumpling down on her side, the blonde woman grabbed at the discs in her back achingly while rolling under the ropes to recover.

On the ground also, Krazy Steve stared up at the lights for a moment, and then, just like a horror movie villain, sat upright.

Rolling his shoulders, he spat out a crimson glob on the mat, and then, looked back over his shoulder.

With Jenny sprawled out partially on the ring apron, even with one leg dangling fully on the outside, he had a sudden reason to smile.

Rising up to his feet, the long-haired man put one boot up on the bottom rope, reaching between the cables to grab her by the hair.

Getting his other foot on the bottom rope, he quickly dragged Jenny up from the outside, using both hands to bring her up while he got his other foot on the middle rope.

Situated himself on the middle cable, Krazy Steve draped one of her arms around his shoulder, then took her head in a tight front facelock.

Now in an elevated position on the ropes, the male sexfighter pulled upon some invisible reservoir of Herculean strength to do what he did next.

Summoning said strength with a grunt of exertion, the long-haired man lifted her off the apron and into the air in a vertical position, surprisingly keeping his balance on the thick cables while doing so.

And then, came the explosion.

Hoisting her right back into the ring, he fell backwards towards the canvas, in turn ensuring that Shock would land right in the dead center of the ring.

A tremendous thud filled every corner as they both landed backfirst, immediately compelling everyone in the front rows to stand to their feet in stunned amazement at the completion of the rare in-ring maneuver.

The superplex.


“Holy- wow, he actually pulled it off!” Kevin exclaimed. “We don’t see something like that every match.”

His partner would concur, “Because it’s so freakin' devastating. Take one suplex, fine, shake it off! But taking one from that elevation? You gotta think Shock’s gonna be feeling some aftereffects from this for the remainder of the match.”

“Well, the score table is to her advantage thus far. A first fall win via sleeper hold submission to her name would protect her from anything this fall. But all because she has a safety net to fall on, doesn’t mean she wants to fall on it if she has to.”


Awe was frozen in place, her mouth partially open in mid-chew as she witnessed her best friend go up in the air, and then crash down below.

It was an almost unreal visual that she had to come to terms with, seeing Shock sprawled out with her limbs spread out around her.

But she had more time to deal with it than the blonde battler herself, for Krazy Steve, almost as a reflection of his ring name, was somehow insane enough to actually sit up from the momentous move!

Though a grimace was painted across his face, there was nothing but excitement lighting up those eyes of his.

Moving gingerly, he brought himself up while Jen remained on the mat, writhing against the canvas still.

Once he was on his feet, however, there was another noted shift in his demeanor.

Stretching both arms out, he started to pump his hands up and down, hyping up an already riled up crowd while intently walking around the downed blonde.

Katie, finally snapping out of whatever trance she was in, began shouting out at her partner to recover as Krazy Steve commanded the audience to get behind him through his sheer excitable body language.

Finishing his rousing rotation around Shock, he finally grabbed her with his intentions clear in mind.

“TIME TO GO FOR A RIDE!” he shouted out, hoisting her up in a single flourish and then taking her over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

Jenny’s body was almost limp in the air as he proceeded to travel around the ring once more, getting a fair degree of momentum in his roundabout.

Then, nearing his destination, Krazy Steve threw her off of him while falling along with her, driving her down neckfirst in a rolling Death Valley Driver.

Completing a cartwheel while delivering the throw, he rolled right off of her and ended up on his feet all in one surprisingly smooth motion.

Applause met the dark-haired sexfighter as he leaned against the turnbuckle, his hands continuing to wave up and down to galvanize a very receptive crowd.

Grunting out against the mat, Jenny’s writhing movements carried her over on her belly just a few yards away from the corner.

An apparently workable distance for her opponent.

Pushing himself up on the pads suddenly, Krazy Steve ascended up to the top perch, once more captivating the fans to stand up and see what he was about to do.

And what he was about to do…..was take to the air.

Launching himself forward, he fell down buttocks first on the blonde woman, taking an aerial leap of faith to land directly…...on the bare canvas.

Rolling out of the ring a literal splitsecond before he splashed down on her with the flying senton, Jenny came to a stop next to the ropes while Krazy Steve crashed into the mat feeling every bit of that whiff.

Not as much playing possum as she was reacting to pure instinct, the blonde woman nonetheless escaped a painful reckoning from above.

Drumming his heels into the mat briefly, the male sexfighter groaned and remained faceup in his momentary misery while Shock recovered some distance away from him.

Then, again rising up with a sobering grimace on his face, Krazy Steve started to clamber up to his feet.

Breathing in and out with his adrenaline presumably kicking in again, the male sexfighter found his way upright while Jenny had barely raised herself up to a seated position up against the bottom turnbuckle.

Staggering around in a circle, the man eventually came back around to face his blonde adversary.

And when he did, his face once more glowed up like a human Christmas light.

Pointing at her, he turned to the crowd and then bellowed out, “TRY AGAIN?!”

Their response was an overwhelming “YEAHHH!”, much to the visible chagrin of Shock’s tag team partner on the outside.

Nodding at their affirmation, he took a few steps back, squaring himself like a bull about to take off towards its target.

Zeroing in on her, he indeed went all in on his second attempt, charging at her at top speeds!

Coming down on her fast and furious, Krazy Steve primed himself to literally throw his upper body at her in another variation of the senton, until Shock’s legs had something to say about it.

Darting out of the corner, she tripped his ankles in a swift and sudden drop toehold, pitching him forward without any time to slow his momentum.

Steve gave a disorganized cry as he crashed right into the middle turnbuckle, his legs tangled together to prompt his abrupt descent into the vinyl material.

Dragging herself away from him as her hastily-made trap worked even more in her advantage, Jenny crawled along the mat albeit somewhat sluggishly.

Perking up somewhat to the sound of her best friend rooting her on outside the ropes, she continued on her hands and knees in an attempt to gather her bearings….


“Smart, strategic play there by the veteran in this match. Shock may be a tag team specialist used to having someone watch her back, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hold her own against her perhaps overzealous opponent.”

“Taking a dive right into a turnbuckle landing would stun almost anyone for the count, but this Krazy Steve guy isn’t just any readily-made stud off of the assembly line. He’s something else, I’ll tell you that much….”


Bringing one knee up, Jenny pushed up into a standing position, nearly half a minute after her opponent had an unfortunate encounter with the corner.

Staggering forward with one hand still massaging the soreness lining her spine, the short-haired woman took a few steps towards the ropes, and then turned around-

“Huuh!” Steamrolling right through her with an out-of-nowhere shoulder block, Krazy Steve stomped forward with yet another bruise adorning his forehead, yet no sign of slowing down in his eyes.

Seething with his entire torso, the long-haired man had recovered from the corner bump a lot quicker than either one of the blonde duo could’ve possibly anticipated.

Jenny found herself on her belly (a recurring position for her this bout) as he further pumped himself up by beating his bare chest like an ancient warrior about to become unleashed.

“.....shit, shit, Jen get up!” came Katie’s urgent cry as she beat her hands against the ring apron, trying to make her best friend aware of what was happening.

His amped-up growls had graced Jenny’s ears by the time he bounded back towards her with a stance that almost mimicked an enraged primate.

Getting another fistful of blonde hair, he hauled her up to her feet, and with a determined growl, shoved her head directly between his thighs.

Then, as she was brought up with her legs just barely above the ground, he reached forward to pull her into a more stable position using the backside of her panties.

Blowing strands of hair out of his face, Krazy Steve then wrapped both arms around Jenny’s midsection, telegraphing his next move.

However, judging by Jenny’s near slumped over posture, she wasn’t making much of an effort to free herself.

She wasn’t, but…..

“Oh, the girls are not pleased with you, Stevie.”

He paused, mid-move, and then turned around.

Standing on the ring apron, Awe had her eyes (as well as cleavage) trained on the male sexfighter.

Gripping the top rope, she leaned forward, strategically revealing a closer look into her seductive bust that was already testing the very limits of her bra.

“Not at all,” she continued on in a sultry tone.

“I DON’T CARE!” he promptly roared back at her, showing a resistance to her words.

But, of course, though his mouth rebuked her, his eyes were watching her.

“Mmmm, now you’re just being hurtful,” Awe pouted towards him, suddenly cocking her hips backward as to not only tease the fans watching behind her, but also present him with another angle of her jutting rack.

An almost confused look flickered through his features at that.

“You’re so forceful, Stevie. So rough on your women!” she playfully admonished him, though her next comment presented a more appealing challenge to him, “Why don’t you come here, and be rough with me?”

Indecision broke through his expression now as he regarded the blonde woman between his legs, and then the one almost offering herself to him on the outside.

“This is an Open Challenge, remember Stevie? And in these kinds of things, we want to weed out the bitch boys, from the real men around here. So, then….” One hand reached up to grope one of her round orbs, squeezing the flesh firmly. “Be a man.”

Krazy Steve turned his body even more to face her, the next words already on the tip of his tongue….

….. only to never come out as Shock took out his foundation with a surprise double leg takedown, exploiting his hesitation on the part of her majestically-endowed partner.

Mounting the emotionally mixed up man, she proceeded to pummel his face with another hard-hitting series of rights and lefts.

Getting her own mojo back with what little yet precious time Awe bought for her, she went from 0 to 100 immediately.

Anger and frustration all were violently expressed from the brawler all over his unsuspecting face and upper body.

Satisfied at her diversion, Katie gracefully lowered himself down to the floor and watched with almost doting eyes the ground ‘n pound on full display in the middle of the ring.

Again and again and again, Shock punched and elbowed every opening she could take, bypassing at various points Krazy Steve’s instinctive forearm guarding.

Beating on her opponent until her knuckles threatened to bleed from the grounded aggression, Jenny stopped her onslaught.

Calming herself after completely letting loose for a few moments, Jenny pushed up on her palms, and, using his face as a platform for her bare foot, stepped off of him.

Walking with a slight stumble with the superplex still slightly fresh on her mind, Shock stretched out her back some to alleviate the kinks in her vertebrae.

And while she was doing that, the living, breathing pain-glutton somehow flipped himself over on his stomach.

Seconds would pass, and while Jenny took that time to catch her breath, her opponent was doing something truly peculiar.

He was actually starting to get up!

Sure enough, the short-haired woman turned around to see Krazy Steve kneeling right in front of her, his face bloody in various places, but pictured uniquely with a wide grin from corner to corner.

“You just enjoy being a punching bag that much, huh?” she remarked sardonically, making her way back towards him.

Still smiling, he told her genuinely, “More, please.”

“Oh, I’ll give you plenty.” Grabbing hold of one shoulder to hold him, she rocked him with a vicious forearm to the cheekbone.

He teetered some on his knees, but came back into range to receive yet another hard elbow to the dome.

And then, as she reared back her arm, he suddenly attacked her chest with another open-handed slap!

Knocked backwards, though not off her feet, Jenny was quick to retaliate with a forearm shot to his bruised flesh, just in time to receive a chop to her chest in immediate response.

Getting one leg to straighten out under him, Krazy Steve sharpened his palm and stunned her in place with a knife edge chop.

Capitalizing on the advantage he made for himself, he delivered one more chop to her chest to nearly topple Shock over altogether.

She just barely got herself balanced and put back together when he grabbed her around the neck, and reared back.

Clenching his teeth, he then shot his head forward….right into her raised knee!

Intercepting his headbutt attempt this time with an equally brutal counterattack, Jenny relished in the thudding of flesh against flesh as her leg slammed right underneath his chin.

It was a strong answer to everything that Krazy Steve had given her, so strong in fact that it made the usually durable and pain-friendly man actually stagger and stumble on his own two feet.

But at the same time, the fans could tell that the young man was attempting to psych himself back up, using the disorientation as some internal fuel for another comeback.

Only this time, Shock didn’t give him the time of day to do so.

Backing into the ropes, she built up enough momentum to focus into a bicycle kick that smashed her foot dead center between his eyes.

That move, however, sent him spiraling back down to a knee.

And, by the now groggy look on his face, he wouldn’t remain upright for much longer of his own free will.

That’s when Jen delivered her true coup de grace.

Yanking at his long locks like they were lengths of rope, she squeezed his head between her thighs.

The man didn’t resist at all to her positioning him under her crotch, though he would wish he did as she grabbed the belt loops on his jeans for support.

An uneasy feeling swept through the crowd as they all slowly realized what was about to happen.

Everyone, except Krazy Steve.

Wrapping her arms around his midsection in a mirror of his early attempt at a powerbomb, Shock exercised an upper body power and control that she usually reserved for her more….difficult opponents.

And unfortunately for him, her current opponent now belonged in that very exclusive category.

Lifting him up so that his body was held upside down, she quickly dropped backward into a sitting position, spiking his head right between her thighs!

The sitting piledriver sent a collective cry of distress and disbelief throughout the audience, though the greatest impact was of course felt on the male sexfighter.

Crumpling like a piece of paper the second the top of his head fell against the canvas, Krazy Steve collapsed over on his back next to Shock, his eyes just open wide, but with barely anything behind them.

With the back of his head resting under her shoulder, he gave only a soft, barely audible grunt.


“Holy shit, she actually did it! The Shockmaster piledriver, ladies and gentlemen! We haven’t seen that particular maneuver since their tag champion days,” George nearly lost his mind over the emphatic unveiling of the blonde woman’s signature move

“Talk about storing something for a rainy day. You want to take down any man, regardless of how good they are, you break this out. You break it out, and watch the magic unfold,” Kevin further opined.


Krazy Steve was flat on his back by the time Shock lifted herself off the mat some, observing his groaning outward appearance.

Awe was pleased and nearly beside herself in joy as her partner delivered her endgame.

Taking his head with one hand, she shifted herself over him, her legs firmly scissoring his neck while the rest of her midsection lay on top of his heaving chest.

Grunting noises and unfocused breathing tickled her inner thighs as she put an authoritative squeeze on him, trapping Krazy Steve in a reverse headscissors.

Crawling down his sternum with ease, Jenny unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, revealing the prize of all of her efforts up to this point.

“Fuck yes,” Katie almost purred with excitement as she watched her partner go for her real trademark.

“You’re welcome,” she grunted at him in advance, a begrudging enthusiasm to what she was about to do.

Preparing herself for the plunge, Shock flashed a knowing grin at her ample-breasted bestie, and then went all in.

Taking his manhood in her mouth, she displayed her blowjob skills almost immediately with her lips sucking him in with a sensual suction to the motion.

Moaning audibly for the usual effect, Jenny gave an instinctive pulse of her thighs against his neck while sucking more and more of him in her oral cavern.

Krazy Steve’s eyes finally went back to normal at that very point of her oral insertion, only to shoot wide open as what felt like a sudden shot of euphoric bliss was injected into his veins, and ran wild in his nervous system.

Using only one hand for assistance, Jen pumped his hardening stalk with almost flowery flourishes of her wrist, massaging his flesh with her fingers to encourage its speedy growth.

He started to grab around her waist- right as she traveled all the way down to the hilt of his cock.

From then on, Krazy Steve’s lips quivered like he was drowning in a pool of overwhelming bliss.

Jenny’s eyes were visibly rolling as she continued bobbing her head up and down, sensing the familiar signs of a man well and in love with her traveling tongue.

With his dick fully hard, she intensified her deepthroating, swallowing more than just a fair serving of cock and performing an oral masterwork on pleasuring with what she had inside her mouth.

Groping his ballsack with the same hand, Jen went for a lustful embrace of his flesh that far and away obliterated whatever facade of resistance Krazy Steve had left.

With his hips bucking up and down, the male sexfighter couldn’t transfer the raw passion that Shock was delivering right to his loins.

It instead consumed it entirely, sending him into a euphoric…...state of shock.

“Nnngggh….nnnnn-fuck!” was about all he could muster, all he could manage, before the blowjob took him over the edge.

Exploding right into her mouth, Krazy Steve convulsed wildly as she sucked in his leaking seed, decorating her lips with his milky white discharge.

The referee called for the bell as Katie went against the grain of crowd disappointment with her joyful shrieking.

Done with her professional ‘courtesy’ to him, Jenny removed her lips from his defeated cock, disdainfully spitting out his cum out on the mat with her legs still wrapped around his neck.

“Winner of the second fall with a blowjob/reverse headscissors submission, and winner of the match…...SHOCK!”

“Remind me to get some mouth rinse in when I get back,” the short-haired woman smirked to Awe as the busty woman sauntered through the ropes to congratulate her.

Letting the official raise her hand in victory as her music blared, the blonde brawler finally relinquished the headscissors, dismissively pushing his gasping face off of her with the heel of her foot.

Rising to her feet, she accepted a high-five from Awe while rising to her feet.

“Babe, did he hurt you?” she purred worriedly at the triumphant woman, leaning in close to examine her face.

“I’ve been hit on worse,” Jen brushed her off, sauntering around to stop next to Krazy Steve’s sexually wiped out face.

“Bastard has a thick skull, I’ll give him that.” Remarking about him, she stretched out her back some. “He’s lucky I needed to brush up on my BJ skills.”

“He should be.” Crouching down next to the beaten man, Awe ran a patronizing hand down his cheek. “Thanks for playing, bitch boy. Now, I want you to wake up some for dinner.”

Grinning knowingly, Shock pulled down her panties, and straddled his face, preparing to enjoy her oral delight for the evening.

On her terms, of course.


“Another Open Challenge answered, another challenger vanquished in convincing fashion as Shock adds a clean sweep victory to her singles record here. Her opposition tonight was no slouch, but in the end, experience trumps toughness. And boy did this character, Krazy Steve, have that in spades! I tell ya, Kevin….”

Elaine Adonis rolled her eyes as the commentators went back-and-forth on a ten-minute match that surely did not warrant another ten-minute discussion between two geeks who don’t even wrestle.

Dressed in her workout clothing, the well-built brunette turned around from the mounted television monitor, and then faced the blonde woman she had been passively (to put it nicely) listening to for most of the match instead.

“Well?” Charlotte West asked impatiently, crossing her arms together in wait for the bodybuilder’s official response to her minutes-long pitch. “What do you think?”

“I think you’ve got the wrong woman, sweetheart. I don’t break bitches….for other bitches. When I do shit, it’s to benefit me. Not you, Princess,” Elaine would answer her bluntly.

“First of all I do not appreciate you addressing me in that way. Look, I don’t care how many dumbbells you push up. I am and will always be someone you address with respect. ‘Kay?” Charlotte was quick to reprimand her.

Adonis sized up the blonde woman in her stylish outfit- red dress, purse, heels and all.

Then, she spoke again with the same lack of tact. “I’ll respect you when you can get in that ring and show me something other than a mouth that won't shut up. Even better, I’ll respect you when you get in the ring...with me.”

Charlotte took a step back at that. “When did this become about me against me, Elaine? This is about me helping you, helping you to climb the ranks here and maybe, just maybe, get an opportunity to become a major player around here and really make your wins matter. Did you literally forget everything I just told you?”

Elaine again, forcing the smile on her face by this point, said her piece. “Look, I don’t give a damn who your mama used to be. I don’t care that you can’t get over how your first match turned out. I especially don’t care that you’re too scared of Lady Cop or whatever the fuck her name is-”

“It’s the Enforcer,” Charlotte told her through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, sure. You want someone to handle this Danger punk, get with those two blondes. They’ve been trying to sign me on their little revenge parade all week. As for the cop, well, sink or swim time, Princess.”

“I’m really not a fan of your tone, Elaine,” Charlotte responded crossly. “I offer you a chance to rise above squashing nameless losers on the bottom of the card, and you respond to my kindness, my concern for my fellow woman, with this? I do not deserve being spoken to in this way, do you understand me?”

“Yeah, good luck tonight.” Moving away, the bodybuilder promptly sauntered away, leaving the fuming Charlotte right back at square one.

The blonde woman’s face was once more the picture of pent-up annoyance.

“Fine!” Twirling on her heel, she stomped away, brushing through some racing ringhands and then turning around the corner to see-

“Whoa!” Tiffany Laurence stopped just in time to avoid coming face-to-face, well, more so than she was comfortable, with the aristocratic young woman.

Holding a beer in one hand, she paused her casual conversation with her stepbrother, Johnny, who was dressed in ring gear for his match later tonight.

“Um, howdy…?” the busty blonde started to greet the visibly terse woman.

“Get the fuck out of my way,” Charlotte snapped at her.

Not even waiting for a reply, she pushed past both of the Laurence siblings, crossing the hallway with her high heels click-clacking until they eventually faded off in the distance.

Turning over her shoulder, Brandy looked at her tag partner, then took a quick swig of her alcoholic beverage.

“Uptown cunt,” she finally said, nodding in the general direction of the now departed West.

Johnny, the (slightly) more level-headed of the two, replied, “Girl needs some serious dick in her life.”

“She needs a real spanking, more like,” the blonde woman told him, taking another drink. “Somebody needs to teach that brat how to live in the real world.”

“Not our problem, stepsis,” Johnny reminded her, tapping her on the shoulder. “C’mon. The others want to meet with us before my match in a bit.”

Remaining rooted as he kept going, Tiffany muttered under her breath, “Not until she makes it our problem”, before joining him.


So, a few things:

- The alternate endings compilation is coming this week. It honestly slipped my mind to finish it, but thanks to my readers for reminding me.

- The model for Krazy Steve is Brandon Katz. For Shock, it's the ever-illustrious Pink!

- Next up: Mel and Keiji versus Ramon Ramirez and Maria. That is sure to be a very interesting bout.

- Thanks for the support!
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Dirty Dancing

Earlier Today....


Melanie's roundhouse kick thundered against the kick shield that Daniel had strapped around his forearms.

Keeping his feet planted to contain the impact, he watched as she winded back her back leg for a repeat maneuver.

“And you’re sure he’s Brazilian?” Daniel asked her, receiving an immediate response in the form of another kick to the absorbing pad.

“Yeah, both of them. Why?” the blonde woman answered, a focused determination in her voice as she centered herself again.

“It’s just….when I was in college, I had this Spanish professor. Nice lady, but couldn’t actually speak Spanish that well, which was pretty damn unfortunate for my GPA. Anyways, she was Brazilian too, and half of the time in class she would switch to Portuguese, not even know it. Heck, if she was teaching a Portuguese class, maybe I would’ve actually picked up something useful out of that class.”

Mel, wiping her forehead, glanced at him now. “Daniel, what has this got to do with my match tonight?”

He shrugged. “Nothing, I guess. Just a pretty interesting point that he was talking Spanish to you in here.”

“So he speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Good for Ramon, I guess.”

“Think about it, though,” he started to point out, absorbing another kick. “Didn’t you tell me you did pretty well in Spanish? Like, you actually understood what those ‘telenovels’ were saying.”

Telenovelas,” she corrected him with a sigh, but ultimately agreed, “I had a lot of tutors, but yeah. That was one of my few ‘okay’ classes.”

“Well, that seems like a pretty good game plan to me,” Derrick went on. “Brush up some on your Spanish today, maybe surprise Fabio’s long-lost brother from south of the border with some of that sexy Español.”

Switching feet, she slammed a fierce thrust kick into the padding, then paused to ponder what he had said as some sexfighters passed behind her to access the weight machines.

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. How about you and Cherry?” she changed subjects.

His response was a predictable one, at least to her. “I’m working on it. The session with Viktoria helped a lot, but….”

“You got this, babe. Fight sexy by being sexier, remember?” she advised him.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Speaking in a slightly softer, almost distant tone, he had one last point. “What about this Maria woman? You haven’t said much about her.”

Melanie's eyes were almost beaming with determination as she slapped one of her slender yet weaponized thighs eagerly. “That’s why I’m training with you now, Danny. This bunny doesn’t just hop around. She can squeeze cum out of cocks like toothpaste, and…”

Another hard kick into the pad this time almost sent him back a step.

She cocked a confident smile. “She can kick a bitch’s head off when she needs to.”



Keiji Miura sat with his legs crossed, Indian-styled, for the better part of the entire commercial break as the show came back on air after Shock’s singles triumph.

Having handed his robe over to a ringside attendant, the Japanese sexfighter had, through some brief meditation, blocked out the external stimulus all around him, focusing only on the internal within.

Controlling his breathing patterns, he waited patiently for his music to eventually take a bow, setting the stage for the recognizable beat of female laughter to usher in his tag team partner.

The crowd immediately came alive, with almost every man or woman on their feet and making their voices heard for the always exciting entrance of one Bux Bunny.

Sauntering out at the top of the stage, Melanie had the crowd in her petite palm the second her music kicked into its usual energetic gear and kept them as she unveiled her new entrance lingerie.

Wearing her iconic bunny ears, she showed off a lacy snow-white bodysuit, a decorative cotton lining around the V-Neck of the one-piece.

With her legs bare other than her usual fashionable choice of high-heeled footwear, she pursed her glossy lips together while staring out into the sea of appreciating faces- both male and female, screaming at her.

“And introducing his tag team partner, from Miami, Florida, and weighing in at 112 lbs., she is the one…..the only…..BUX BUNNY!!”

Signs from the various levels of the arena were briefly showcased on the JumboTron as Melanie came down the ramp looking every bit the burgeoning starlet that had quickly stolen the hearts (as well as wet the pants) of a very sizable and vocal chunk of the SFL fanbase.

Click-clacking her way down, she rode out that roaring response all the way down to ringside.

Removing her bunny ears before coming up on the steel steps, Mel handed them over to a female fan wearing an I’m A Believer T-Shirt and then did away with her stylistic heels on the floor.

Fluffing up her hair some, the Miami woman took her dainty feet up the steel steps, and then right across the ring apron.

Walking down to the middle, she slowly swung one leg inside and then bent over between the top and middle cables, wriggling the faux bunny tail on the cheeky cut of her bottoms for the cameraman below her.

Then, she brought herself into the ring, a sultry assuredness highlighting her every step in the squared circle.

Keiji remained in a seated position, though there was a visible uptick in his bodily confidence with his much more experienced American blonde strolled around him.

The ring announcer patiently stood by as the female sexfighter gripped the top rope and briefly stood up on the bottom cable with her tiptoes, bouncing up and down to provide another photo-op for the crowd before finally coming down to take her place beside the meditating Silk.

She was enjoying another chorus of her entrance music when the lights went dim, and then, out of the darkness….

“Ohhhhh me gustaaaa!”

The cooing outburst of a Hispanic woman overwhelmed her music and introduced with it a brand-new aesthetic for the JumboTron.

Immediately, a blast of Latin American music serenaded the curious masses packing the SFL arena.

A leading acoustic guitar would quickly kick in, dominating the soundtrack with a stirring solo that immediately evoked the soulful rhythm of Brazilian musical culture.

Rising to his feet now, Keiji looked first to an observant Bux Bunny, then to the top of the entrance ramp as their first opponent revealed himself.

And in unsurprisingly bombastic fashion, no less….

Instantly, an excited hush swept through the crowd, predominantly the female-dominated sections, when a pair of polished boots first stepped into a circular spotlight shining down from above.

Those boots were followed upwards by some silvery pants that extended all the way to a black waistline.

What came next only further riled up the female fans in attendance.

His bare chest was covered in a vibrant jacket that showcased the signature colors of Brazil: green, blue, and yellow.

With his hands behind him, the Hispanic man impressed even more with a well-muscled, SFL-standard physique that was perfectly accentuated against his chest wear.

Showing off a shaggy mane of jet-black hair to go with his bearded expression, he wore a smile that could light up any issue of Men’s Illustrated.

But of course, he was only half of the package.

Exploding into the spotlight was a fiery blur of black hair and womanly movement.

The music, as if on cue, kicked into a higher gear as his brunette partner presented herself dressed in a Brazilian flamenco dress with the skirt containing a predominantly crimson design with black stripes along the hem.

Her top was solid black, but another source of visual flair could be found in her decorative headpiece.

The brunette woman wore a multi-colored feather crown hat, with the feathers sticking in all directions.

Showing off her exotic, Latin apparel to the impressed crowd, she further enticed their eyes by launching into the flamenco dance itself.

Becoming inspired by the male cantaor delivering a Portuguese ballad over the accompanying music, she uses her body to move and maneuver along the swaying beat of the song.

Drilling her high heels into the floor with a bewildering intensity, the woman contrasted those intense steps with light, graceful arm movements that evoked the fiery dance floors of her home country in the heart of Central America.

Standing by the side, the male sexfighter watched on with his eyes hot with desire as the woman spun around to a sensual halt right next to him, her dress a blur of crimson as the announcer was given the cue to speak.

“.....introducing their opponents. First, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and weighing in at 198 lbs., he is…..”

Taking a slight breath, the official boomed out with his Rs rolled, “RRRRRRRRAMON RRRRRAMIREZ!!!!”

Smiling appreciatively at the tuxedo-wearing man, Ramon would then engage with his lover in the flamenco routine, moving vivaciously with his hips to the belting notes of the male singer in the Brazilian song as they both built off of one another in a subtle competition of both passion, emotion, and sexual tension.

And that tension would build and build as they came together finally.

With one hand against her back, the brunette arched her back with one leg raised up around his thigh as the announcer continued, “....and, also from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and weighing in at 121 lbs., MARRRRIIAAA!!!”

Leaning forward, the two converged this time in a steamy kiss, their lips interlaced for a strategic snapshot by one of the SFL photographers.

“Interesting,” Keiji noted aloud.

“The only thing you should be taking note of is how they fight in here. Not what they do out there,” Melanie reminded him, her arms crossed as the two ventured down the ramp.

Maria practically cackled with sexual electricity as she neared the ring apron, circling the steps ahead of Ramon whose body language again portrayed a calm, cool confidence despite his newcomer status.

Bux Bunny’s eyes never left either one of them as they walked outside, perhaps acclimating themselves with the arena they’re due to engage in sensual warfare.

The music served as a disarming enough soundtrack as Maria finally stopped on the ring apron facing the referee and the rest of the in-ring participants.

A close-up on the camera would reveal a slightly mature look for the woman, perhaps placing her in her early 30s, a similar age bracket as her partner, presumably.

But even still, her womanly beauty was a drink to take in for all lookers.

She had the toned legs of a dancer, the lean build of a trained gymnast, and a fair bodily gallery of tattooes adorning her misection in between.

Coming up behind her, Ramon gently unzipped the back of her dress, removing her outer clothing to reveal her real evening wear.

Keiji’s eyes widened as the brunette impressed once more with a bandeau floral green top, with no sleeves over her olive-skinned shoulders, as well as a matching pair of low-cut bottoms with strings on the sides.

Resting one foot up on the ring apron, she elegantly undid the strap to her shoe, removing her footwear and then doing the same to the other leg.

With Ramon now bare-chested, he grabs the slender brunette around her hips, plants yet another enthralling kiss on her lips from behind, before lifting her up so that she was now standing on the ring apron.

Rolling inside with his own subtle flair, they both entered at the same time.

“Follow my lead,” Melanie muttered under her breath at Silk, who definitely wasn’t doing much to hide his extended glare at Maria.

“Ah, conejita, so good to see you in your natural habitat,” he greeted the petite blonde, his soothing South American voice once more in Mel’s head.

“Hmmmm.” She took a step forward. “Nice moves out there, Romeo. I was almost disappointed you didn’t break out the old red rose routine.”

This time, it was Maria who spoke for the duo. “Ha, the Puerto Ricans take credit for everything. Even our art.”

“Forgive her, my love. She does not know our culture very well,” he told his lover, remarking in Mel’s direction, “But she will surely come to appreciate…..other aspects, soon enough, I imagine.”

“Doubtful.” Mel narrowed her eyes, “Y’know, for a guy from Brazil, you sure do love your Spanish.”

“What can I say? I’m a man who was born with two tongues,” he almost laughed, flexing his pectorals some. “My first love is to the country that birthed me. In Brazil, I speak the words of those who grew up in its jungles. But up north, like here in America, I find that you respond more to the Spanish language. So, Ramon adapts to where he is.”

“Oh, Ramon….” Touching him on the shoulder with a cooing voice, Maria would whisper something in Portuguese to him, causing him to smile at her appreciatively.

A linguistic secret between the two.

“Well, introductions at this point are pretty moot considering we’re about five minutes from trying to tear each other’s hair out. But….” Gesturing to her partner, Mel began, “This is Keiji Miura, and he-”

“He is very guapo,” Maria finished for him, her eyes gleaming with sudden curiosity.

She stepped to him, her height near identical to his.

For once, Keiji was a bit stumped on the best opening line to give to this beautiful vixen standing before him now.

That left Maria to fill the space then.

“I feel you are the dessert I can’t have just yet, not until…” Her hazel eyes cut briefly at Bux Bunny, “Until we’re finished with the main course. Skimpy as it may be.”

“Skimpy. Yeah, let’s go there.” Melanie sarcastically rolled her eyes.

“But I will resist, Keiji Miura. I will work for my treat,” she almost ‘assured’ him with a cheeky grin, bringing up one finger to his chin bemusedly.

Standing on her tiptoes, she whispered into his ear, “I can already tell you will satisfy me well. Just as she will please my amado.”

“Don’t make him too excited, Maria,” Ramon would playfully admonish her. “In this game, we must make them hurt, before we can make them heal, remember?”

“Such a cute face though, Ramon,” she protested in equal playfulness, clinging on to his sides. “Do I have to hurt him bad?”

“Pretty sure you should be worrying about me hurting you,” Melanie chirped in, maintaining her presence.

They both exchanged glances, with Ramon massaging Maria’s shoulders behind her.

“I should wish you luck, then, Melanie,” he smiled at her, somewhat ominously.

“Yes.” The brunette echoed his sincerity. “We will do our best to return you to your lover as you left him.”

As Ramon turned to go to his corner, Maria’s smile turned somewhat devilish. “On the outside, at least.”


Author's Note:

- And here we go. The model for Maria is Abby Lee Brazil. For her dashing male partner, it's actor Adam Rodriguez.

- Predictions in now, if you'd like. Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I'll never say no to some more Daniel/Melanie content. Fun little scene at the beginning, there. Love seeing them help each other out, not just physically, but mentally, as they work through game plans and even banter a bit. Just always deepens the relationship that little bit more, you know?

But it's prediction time again, and well, there's not much to go on here. We've never seen Ramon/Maria fight before, but I think it's safe to assume they've tagged together outside of the SFL. Silk also seems more than a little distracted by Maria, so couple that with Mel/Keiji's inexperience tagging together, and I think that Mel/Keiji will dig themselves into a hole by the end of the first round. I expect a somewhat rocky start for them, but I do think that Mel/Keiji pull it out in the end and win the match. Not too much behind that prediction other than a gut feeling and blind faith in Melanie. She's been in tough situations before, and, at this level, is the most experienced person in the match. She'll find a way somehow.

Looking forward to this upcoming match, the alternate endings, and beyond.
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