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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Oh did I say Ruby was 5'9? Oh wow that has got to be a error on my part! Yeah I always imagined her to be 5'4 or 5'5!

And yes in theory Amy's weakness sems easy to exploit, but between her grappling skills and dirty/catfighting background, I would think she's taken steps to make ir difficult to take advantage of. But yes good catch on remembering Hunter's comments from early in his story!
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Originally Posted by Valen [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Oh did I say Ruby was 5'9? Oh wow that has got to be a error on my part! Yeah I always imagined her to be 5'4 or 5'5!

And yes in theory Amy's weakness sems easy to exploit, but between her grappling skills and dirty/catfighting background, I would think she's taken steps to make ir difficult to take advantage of. But yes good catch on remembering Hunter's comments from early in his story!
Someone must have. I also remember thinking Ruby was 5'4 or 5'5 until her height was revealed, and then my image of her changed to someone a lot more physically capable, especially along with that last match against Dan. Actually was it in that match the height was revealed? I don't recall. I do remember taking her more seriously as a top end competitor after though.
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Well first off: Not sure hoow exactly I missed the first part of the match as I checkon these pretty often but I'm glad I finally see it and part two. Fun match thus far!

2nd: I like the matchup and the style but I kind of wonder how big of a win Amy actually is? Like I know, she's an ex-tag team champion, she's Hunter partner, she's part of his group. But...have we seen her win? She lost the tag match against Brad and Nicki, I'm pretty sure we saw her lose against just The Wildcat, we saw her get eliminated in the Survivor Series match, she lost to Justin so...yes she's a name for sure but she's a name that never win and seem to be riding her boyfriend cocktail to some degree so I'm not a 100% sure about how much of a big boost she is for Ruby. I feel like Amy gonna be hurted more by losing than Ruby will be elevated by wining (if she does win). Not saying it'sa a useless match, it's stiill a fun one and it's two characters we know. I just think Amy would have needed a couple win to be seen as that very difficult to beat person.

I do also enjoy the attention to detail with Tigress love to be restrained playing against her. It is a major flaw to have in a sex fighting league and it could be explained as the thing that stop her from really reaching her boyfriend level, but it's not also something she can't ever win because of it. Excited for round 3, I hope you continue to have fun writting these!
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

As we started the third fall, Amy and I locked eyes. I could see a wariness in hers, and I'm pretty sure she could see the same on mine. Because, I was wary as hell about her trying to abuse my tits again.

However I was not about to rest on my heels and let her make the first move. Lunging forward, I struck at the Tigress with a forearm, but she ducked.

I figured that she would though. I mean such a straightforward move right off the get go? Most people on the roster would dodge it.

So I leaned forward and kicked backwards, trusting that the Tigress would be coming at me. And my instincts were proved right as I felt my foot collide with her stomach!

"And the Ryder connects with a no look kick!" I could hear George calling the action.

Whirling around I would grab Amy's head, holding it steady before I slammed a knee up under her jaw, sending her down to the canvas on her back!

Running to the ropes, I rebounded off them back towards the Tigress. But she would roll towards me, forcing me to hop over her and head towards the ropes on the other side. Amy had risen to her feet faster than I expected, and when I came back I was greeted by her feet in my chest as she dropkicked me!

Sent sprawling to the canvas on my back, I looked up as I felt Amy grab my left leg. Before I could try to yank it back, the Tigress kicked me in the back of the knee drawing a yell of pain from me.

Then again, this time in the back of my thigh! She followed that up by delivering a crushing elbow drop, right on the knee!

"A flurry of offense from the Tigress here! She seems to be going after Ruby's leg!" Kevin chimed in. "Smart move on her part, limiting the Ryder's mobility."

"Well, I guess she got some of Hunter's smarts. Probably through osmosis." Nikky commented as Amy hauled me to my feet.

Lashing out, I would swing wildly at Amy with a roundhouse right cross! But the Tigress nimbly swayed back, while delivering a kick at the side of my left knee!

With a cry I hobbled away from my opponent, hand clutching at my battered leg.

"Where are you going Ruby?" Amy asked in a taunting voice as she grabs me from behind, arms around my waist!

Realizing from my match with Dan that she was going for a German suplex, I swung an elbow back into the side of her face!

However, she hung on, managing to work through the pain I guess, and then lifted me up with a loud yell!

Arms flailing, I was sent up and over, landing on the back of my head as Amy bridged backwards!

This was starting go south, I realized dimly. Seeing that the move left me near the ropes, I decided to follow Amy's example from earlier and rolled under them, exiting the ring.

Holding my hand to the back of my skull, I rubbed it as I caught my breath. However the sudden roar of the crowd got my attention!

Looking up I saw that Amy had also left the ring, also going under the ropes and was striding towards me, and probably with nothing good in mind for me.

Keeping an eye on her as she approached from my left, I played up how hurt I was, groaning while leaning against the ring apron. But when she got to me, I went into action!

Standing straight suddenly, I fired a forearm into the side of Amy's head. Then, before she could reel backwards, I grabbed her head in both hands, and leaped up while tucking my knees under her chin!

Falling down to the mats outside the ring, the impact drove my knees up into the Tigeress's jaw, using the double kneed facebreaker that was one of my harder mainstay moves!

However, the thing I had not taken into account was those mats outside the ring were nowhere was springy as the one in the ring. I came down on my spine and the back of my head!

"And Ruby hits with the High Side Crash!" The announcer George called in excitement.

"Yeah but she made an error in judgement there." Caroline spoke up. "That mat cushioned her fall but not by much. It's apparent that Ruby doesn't leave the ring too often during a match…"

After a few moments, I staggered to my feet. I hate to say it but Caroline was right there. I had come close to knocking myself out on the harder mats, all because in the spur of the moment I went with my instincts, which didn't have my current location in mind.

Still, Amy had taken a rougher ride than I had. Even after my brief lie down, she still looked out of it.

I decided I had pressed my luck enough, fighting in the lawlessness outside the ring. Grabbing the Tigress by her hair, I hauled her up and then rolled her into the ring!

Darting in after her, I pulled the former tag champion to her feet, and sliced my hand across her breasts in a knife handed chop, making sure her soft orbs caught the impact!

The crowd let out a 'woooooo!' at the sound of my hand hitting her flesh, so I repeated the strike, again and again, driving her backwards into the corner!*

As her back pressed into the turnbuckles, Amy crossed her arms, protecting her chest. So I went higher, slamming my forearm into the side of her face! Her guard then went up to her head, as I had hoped. My hands darted forward, repaying her earlier breast claw by grabbing her nipples and twisting!

"Oh wow, are we seeing Ruby breaking out a titty twister!?" Kevin exclaimed. "When was the last time anyone ever did this in the SFL?"

"Apparently Ruby wasn't a fan of the 'catch a tiger by the tail' part of ennie meenie miney mo as a child." George replied. "She opted for another part of the Tigress's anatomy…"

"Ugh I hate you so much right now…" Nikky sighed.

Amy would shriek in agony, shaking her head wildly as she stood up straight, on her tip toes no less!

"Yeah, how do you like this shit, huh?! How do you like it!?" I called out.*

Not content to simply stand in the corner like this, I would pull on her nipples, hauling out of the corner by my grip on them! Swinging her to the side, I would stick my foot out, tripping her with it and forcing the other woman to go head over heels in an impressive flip to the mat before finally releasing her nipples!

I heard the crowd give a roar as I sent Amy down!

"I've seen a lot happen in the ring in my time….but this… Did Ruby just throw the Tigress by her tits?" The ex SFL wrestler turned announcer Kevin said, rubbing at his own chest in sympathy.

"Do Ruby and the Tigress have some kind of problem we don't know about?" George asked Nikky.*

The Wildcat shook her head no.

"Maybe, like it was when I met the Tigress, it's a case of hate at first sight...."

In the ring, Amy groaned as I pulled her to her feet. However, she suddenly raked her nails across my eyes!

Half blinded, I let out a yell, turning and staggering away while rubbing at my eyes! Before I could get my vision back, I felt a hard impact into the back of my knee as the Tigress chop blocked me!

Falling onto the mat, I grabbed my leg in agony! The bitch had even clipped the knee she had been working on earlier!

Seizing my leg and prying it out my hands, Amy forced me onto my back. Then she took the other one, and then crossed them.

Oh shit! I had time to think, recognizing what she was setting up for.

She fell back, finishing the figure four! I sat up with a scream of pain as Amy applied pressure to the leg she had been working on earlier.*

"Do you give up?" The ref asked. "You can make it stop."

I seriously considered it. The pain coursing through my leg was almost unbearable!


But I didn't want to give the Tigress the satisfaction of making me tap again!*

"No! Noooo goddammit!" I cursed loudly in denial!

Still the longer I spent in this hold, I knew the more damage was being done to my knee and leg! Remembering lessons from my first wrestling trainer during my younger days, i started to twist my body to the right, trying to turn onto my stomach.*

Amy saw what I was doing and braced herself,* pushing against me, blocking me from reversing the move.

Shaking her head Amy would say "Nun-uh. Its not happening, you old slut! Tap or I'll-agggh!"

I cut off whatever she was about to say by giving her a swift backhand across the face, since we were both sitting up! God that felt good. By the end of this match she was going to learn to stop pushing that button….

As she reeled from the shock and surprise of the blow, Amy's resistance faded to nothing, allowing me to roll her over!

The pressure on my leg lessened dramatically, and I could hear the Tigress let out a scream as that pressure transferred to her leg!

"Suck it you fucking bitch!" I yelled over my shoulder.

However, when I did I saw that Amy must have made plans in case this happened. She had positioned us so she was near the ropes!

Reaching out, she grabbed the lowest one! The ref quickly moved to untangle our legs, both of us giving relieved gasps. Although I admit, I was worse off. Trying to get back to my feet, my leg almost buckled out from under me!

Turning around to face that bitch, I saw that the Tigress had already gotten to her feet and was turning towards me.*

She looked exhausted. Her chest heaved as she took deep breaths.

But I was hurting. I could feel my leg aching, around the knee joint. Even my tits hurt, having been subjected to the Tigress's claws. If I were on the outside looking in on this, I would bet on Amy.

But, since I wasn't, that left little choice except to win this thing...

"You're looking a little tired there, pussycat. For all the talk about me being an old lady, you're the one looking old and busted." I told her with a smarmy grin.

"Cheeky. How's the leg?" Amy shot back. "Why don't you quit before you end up in the hospital …."*

She paused.

Oh don't you say it.


Some people don't learn.

Lunging forward, pushing off with the good leg, I drove my fist into Amy's face while trying to protect my bad leg!

She reeled but came back with a punch of her own. Staggering a step I fired back, punching her with a solid right to the face! Back and forth we went, the crowd cheering as Amy slugged me, and booing when I struck her! The ref threw her hands up in the air, letting us trade blows!

But eventually she began to fade! The Tigress didn't return a punch, and then another, and then a third, stumbling backwards! I had her!

After taking a step back, I dashed forward to deliver a lariat, ready to knock her head off if need be!

But it turned out I wasn't the only who could feign being hurt more than she was. Amy suddenly lashed out with a kick to my battered knee as I rushed in!

Crying out in surprise and pain, I dropped to my good knee while clutching at the wounded one!*

Grabbing my arm, the Tigress extended it and then flung me over with...some sort of flying armbar takedown. I'm still not sure what to call it. All I know is I was flipped end over end after she grabbed my arm!

But then I felt her flow into another hold, my arm tucked under one of hers! One of her legs swung up over my head, fitting it under the back of her ankle! She pushed with that leg, while pulling on the arm she trapped, putting intense pressure on my shoulder and neck! It was like a version of the octopus hold, only done while lying on the mat!

Luckily Amy had been focusing on wearing down my leg, or else I would have been tapping to this hold, fast! It felt like she was trying to take the arm right out of the socket!

"Nnnnyaaahhh!" I cried out in agony!

"And the Tigress has locked in her signature submission, the Call of the Wild!" George called out.

"And in the middle of the ring, no less!" Caroline added.

Indeed, a quick glance saw that I was in the center of the squared circle!

"That's right, you know where you are…" Amy crooned in almost tender voice. "Nowhere to go...nowhere to run. You are my prey now…"

Her free hand grasped one of my heavy tits, and I braced myself for more pain. But that hand didn't claw or pinch or slap. Instead it squeezed with a firm but gentle pressure as her palm rubbed across some of the reddened flesh. My nipple hardened up quickly as her hand brushed against it...

"You….ohhh I guess you got advice from the Phenom…." I gasped in defiance and growing arousal. This was indeed similar to how the Phenom abused my tits early in a match only to be gentle and take advantage of their sensitivity to arouse me in the later stages.

"Please, Ruby." I could feel the smarm dripping from her words. "Who do you think taught him that?"

Oh I believed that. Especially as her hand caressed the sensitive underside of one of my breasts, with a touch more sure than Justin's.

The pain in my shoulder lessened somewhat. Thinking she might be distracted enough that I could power out of it, I suddenly pulled and twisted my upper body. But I was held fast.

"Ohhh….shit…." I groaned out loud.

"Did you think my attention slipped?" The Tigress growled in my ear. "I told you, you're my prey. All mine. I fought you...brought you down."

Her hand drifted down from my chest, over my stomach, to cup my pussy. Her fingers found my clit, rubbed over it with quick and efficient strokes.

"And trapped you." Amy said. "And the beauty of this trap, this hold, is that I can end this how I want. Pleasure or pain."

Her hand suddenly clawed my pussy, nails digging into the lips of my sex! I screamed, my hips squirming, my feet drumming against the mat until she stopped.

"And that choice is mine. What is it to be?" Amy asked, eyes boring into mine. "Agony, or ecstasy? The lady….or the tiger?"

Her fingers dipped into my pussy, and I readied myself for pain. Those nails would lance into the inner walls of my vagina, I knew it.

But to my surprise, those fingers made stirring motions inside my pussy, caressing what I feared she would claw.*

Her thumb flicked back and forth over my clit as her fingers explored my sex. My hips shook and quivered. She was as good at pleasing a pussy as she was at bringing pain to one, I realized as time went on in this hold.

"Ohh...god….no…" I moaned in erotic despair as Amy stepped up her efforts. The fingers in my pussy moved faster, still in circular motions while moving in and out. I could feel my walls shuddering around those digits as they worked me over!

"That's it….your pussy is mine now….." Amy's smile was triumphant as I shook my head back and forth, trying to hold back my climax!

"Now cum!"

With that she drove her two fingers as deep as she could into my pussy, and the dam trying to hold back the tide broke!

"Ouuuhhh god you fucking bitch….fucccckk, oh, yeesss!" I screamed out, cumming on her fingers as my hips bucked and thrust against her hand!

After the orgasm ripped through me, Amy pushed me away, letting me roll onto my back. I cupped my hand over my still spasming pussy, groaning in the aftermath of my womanhood's submission.

"The winner of the match, via orgasm from a pussy fingering during her Call of the Wild signature hold, the Tigress! She now qualifies for the Intercontinental title tournament!"

"Yes!" Amy yelled out, raising a fist in triumph as she heard the announcement!

The Tigress rose to her feet as the crowd cheered her erotic victory. Posing, the East Indian woman put a foot on my chest, making sure it was on top of a breast, giving the crowd an alluring yet dominant image.

Fuck. She gets a shot at competing for the IC title, and I get nothing. Nikky won't even cough up the info on who's been tutoring her in handjobs and fingerplay! And to top it, my knee was hurting. Hopefully it was something I could shake off quickly.

Then Amy motioned me to come up to a kneeling position as she stepped off me.

Looking down on me, Amy took a hold of the back of my head as she stepped close.

"Now, I finally get to take my time and enjoy putting that mouth of yours to good use." She said. "And it had better be worth the trouble you put me through, you cheeky cunt."

The Tigress looked over at Nikky, smirking as she guided my face towards her waiting pussy. The Wildcat looked on, an impassive look on her face.

Well, at least I liked eating pussy as much as I liked sucking cock. I just wished it was in more…..victorious circumstances. But losing a shot at a title. That stung.

I settled in to fulfill my tribute obligations. But then I was suddenly grabbed by the hair and roughly yanked to my feet, and not by Amy judging by the startled, pained yell from the Tigress!

"What the fuuu-ahhhh!" I exclaimed.

For after being pulled up, I was given a traveler's check….what we called being tossed out over the top rope!

Crying out, my hip smacked against the apron before tumbling to the outside of the ring, which didn't do anything to help my aching knee! I also wound up smacking my head for the second time on the mats outside the ring. Again, far better than hitting concrete, but still, I was a little loopy as I got back to my feet….

Looking up, I saw my not so favorite mother son team, Alisha and her son Alex, along with the two women, Hope and Gianna. The fucking Outaiders. Later, after looking at the footage, it was Alex who had ejected me from the ring, as the three women brutally attacked the Tigress! Hope had started the attack, giving Amy a vicious low blow while the unsuspecting woman's legs were spread in anticipation of my oral servicing, allowing Alex to grab me and throw me from the ring.

After Amy dropped to her knees, cupping her crotch, Alisha would strike with a superkick to the defenseless woman's face, driving her to the mat on her back.

My initial, kneejerk dislike of Amy and her shit-talking me at the start of the match took a backseat to my standing rivalry with Alisha and her people. I started to step towards the ring to climb up into it, only to be restrained from behind. Turning my head, my surprised eyes met Nikky's cool calculating gaze.

"No." She told me simply as she draped my arm over her shoulder so I could lean on her.

"What!? They're going to take her apart!" I protested. "Get the others, so we can put an end to those guys here and-"

"No. They're not here for you." She said into my ear. "Now come on, we're about to leave….wait here a second."

I blinked in surprise, turning my gaze back to the ring at the heavy thump of something hitting the mat. Gianna had leaped from the top turnbuckle, executing a flying frog splash onto Amy's midsection!

"Ah there's the goof troop, just in time to be ineffective." Nikky said as the SFL champion, Dana, ran down the ramp and to the ring, with Justin and Emma in tow.*

For a moment, me and Dana's eyes met, but she continued on into the ring. However Alisha and her son had already left, bailing out into the crowd, Hope and Gianna right behind them.

Well, that cinched it. Dana had to recognize me…

I had to put that thought aside, because Nikky not so gently half walked, half dragged me around the outside of the ring, and up the ramp, all while The Killer Queen, the Phenom and the Sexkitten all checked on the Tigress.

'They're not here for you.' Nikky words repeated themselves as she lent me her shoulder as we got to the curtain. I looked over at the Wildcat.

How did she know who they were there for?

Confusion and suspicion began to bloom in my mind as we stepped through the curtain, the crowd's boos chasing after us...

(And there it is, the conclusion of Ruby and the Tigress! I hope you enjoyed reading it! As always do check out more of @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] and @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]'s stories in the SFL setting. Both are talented writers inmy view, and I would like to thank them both! Anyway, as always thank you for reading and I hope to be able to work on the next match soon!)

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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Would you at any point do a Male vs Male match?
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Honestly, I've thought about it. After all, why should the women be the only ones having to pull 'double duty' in the league? ^_^ The main reasons I haven't is the fact that I don't know if that's even allowed on this forum. I mean, I 've seen male vs female and female vs female c9ntent here, but I haven't seen male vs male. I haven't gone really looking though so I could be wrong. The second is, I don't know how much interest there is for it. The third is, this is a setting I share with Lac and Batman4life, and if I write a match involving two of the SFL men against each other, I worry that they might be expected to do the same, and I don't want them to do anything they wouldn't want to.

I mean, as a sexfighting fan myself, I like the idea of male vs male matches, or even mixed tag matches where male vs male sexfighting can happen. So....chances are I might wrote some eventaully, but they probably won't be a main part of the SFL....

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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Do you like idea of private matchs ?, by example mixed tag team champion vs female tag team champion, or wrestler vs bóxer .
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

I would love a few MvM matches, or even FMvMF where the guys make some sexual moves rather than just try to beat each other down. I realize they probably wouldn't be for everyone but I think it would add to the realism. If Hunter got a Brad into a hold, but needed to win by orgasm to take the title, I feel like he would jerk him off. I know this is not the usual place for that type of thing, but i really like your writing so if you want to write that type of story I know i would love to read it.
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

I liked being able to see more of the Tigress here, and I'm cool with her winning and advancing to the tournament. She's a former tag champion and the wife of this universe's central character, but it feels like we haven't actually seen her that much in the ring. It was good to see her be fleshed out even more—I loved that finisher she used on Ruby! And speaking of Ruby, I don't think a loss here really hurts her at all. She's had a really good run since her return (I think she's only lost twice before this match), but it makes sense for her to go down here. Ruby's faced a lot of fighters that don't have the experience she does, but Amy's a different story, she's a woman in her prime who's been fighting some of the best in the League. It was a good back-and-forth match, but Amy coming out ahead feels right.

As characters go, I think the Outsiders are pretty annoying. They don't feel threatening individually, and do the bulk of their damage through surprise gang attacks. With the way you ended the chapter, it certainly seems like you're setting up something more with them, so I wonder where you'll take them.

Looking forward to more, though, whenever you feel up to writing it!
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Maybe FMvFM tag team matches where the male wrestle until one weakens the other physically before tagging in his female partner to finish him sexually.
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lesbian, mixed, sexfight, wrestling

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