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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Well played by Gavin. He probably fought as effective a round as anyone can against Emma. Sure, he might be a giant douche willing to use some tried-and-true heel tactics, but it was a smart round. He made this fall all about the fighting, not the fucking, and largely broke Emma down with wrestling. Emma's gotten better during her time in the League, but her offense is pretty basic and leaves something to be desired...which allows her to be pushed around physically, like we see here. She might not kick a lot of ass, or rack up submission wins, but Emma's sexual skills are pretty deadly, and she's still got time to take the match into her wheelhouse. When things start getting hot and heavy, I can't see Gavin winning that kind of battle, not against Sexkitten.

Despite not seeing Gavin that much in the story (I once thought he would solely be an off-screen joke character) I always think you do a good job writing him. You've given him this strong, smarmy voice, and even if it is classically heelish, it just works. He's so easy to root against, and him winning a battle here only makes me want to see him lose the war that much more. Still not sure which way you'll go here, but I can't wait to see Emma go off in the second round. (Fingers crossed.)
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I look forward to TZA's analysis almost as much as the stories themselves. Thanks, mate.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Bad Kitty

“God, she really doesn’t have to try hard for that body, does she? I mean, Jesus, you could just get lost in those tits all night lo-”

“Uh George, cameras are rolling again.”

“Oh they are….oh shit- welcome back, folks! If you’re just tuning in, Gavin the Great has just secured a first fall submission over the Sexkitten in this qualifying match to determine who will fill the next slot in the Intercontinental Title tournament. But, as always, it ain’t over until it’s over, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see if Emma can end this match in her favor and finally put a gag on Gallagher for the time being.”

Chuckling, Kevin adjusted his headset some as he nodded towards the ringside area, “Yeah, and kinda going back to what my partner was alluding to just a few seconds ago, we also have a special guest watching the action right close and personal: The Vixen. For whatever reason known only to her, Megan has taken a very particular interest in seeing who’s going to come out of this matchup on top. We can only speculate of course, but it’s safe to assume that’s gotta be throwing off Emma’s performance, if only slightly.”

“Emma may be ‘fun-sized’ as the kids say, but she’s every bit a fighter as the toughest of our women. She’s probably had to grow an extra set of eyes in the back of her head with Megan in the vicinity, granted, but that shouldn’t take away from her focus on her real opponent. Right now, she’s gonna have to-”

The ringing of the bell cut off George’s verbal pondering as the rest period officially ended.

“Well, guess we’ll find out right now.”


Gavin Gallagher waited through the entire break without saying a single word, a rarity for him.

He stood in his corner with both hands on the top rope, and his eyes directed straight ahead.

The object of his stare, Emma, had managed to reassemble herself on both feet over the course of the entire rest period.

It was evident to everyone that his initial strategy of throwing her against almost every hard surface on the outside still had its lingering effects as the Sexkitten was visibly still favoring her spine while standing.

Trying to self-motivate herself, her muttering assurances were also cut short by the ringing of the bell as the match resumed.

And when it did, Gallagher went into attack mode.

Coming out of his corner with clear intent behind his movements, the ever-outspoken young man was like a lion drawn to fresh meat as he looked to zero in on his wounded prey.

Staggering forwards with one hand on her back, she seemed wide open for whatever running attack the Great One was planning.

“Get ready to-ugh!” Gavin’s enthusiastic opening taunt was disrupted by the Sexkitten suddenly sidestepping his lunge.

Proving her limping outwards appearance to be somewhat of a feint, she let him run shoulderfirst into the middle turnbuckle pad, his momentum not taking him all the way into the metal ring post, but stunning the young man just enough to buy herself a few moments of respite.

And with those moments of respite, she straightened out her back as he lurched backwards with one hand clutching his shoulder.

“.....can’t make things too easy for you,” she purred, waiting until he had turned around before performing her own lunging motion.

Colliding her torso against his, Emma succeeded in initiating another smaller, more sensual collision: her lips against his.

Pressing against the Great One with a powerful kiss, she forced his back to the corner while making out with him.

Deep down, she didn’t really get any personal pleasure exploring the inside of the male sexfighter’s motormouth, but hence was the beauty of the art form that was sexfighting: you can fake passion as much as you’d like and the recipient would be none the wiser.

And such, she intensified the liplock, keeping him on the defensive with her tongue clashing against his.

Implementing the second part of her strategy, Emma’s hands deftly dropped down to around his waistband.

Slipping inside his briefs, she found his cock and with that, made him well-aware of that fact.

Her fingers facilitated the traditional stroke-and-squeeze motions as she fondled his flesh with her sexfighting experiences more than speaking for themselves at the moment.

Muscle memory of the Ruler of the Ring tournament immediately came to mind as she worked his cock the same way she worked her opponents there: firm, flirtatious, and focused all at the same time.

Gavin’s trembling breath against her lips gave her more than enough indication that her handjob strategy was working, but she didn’t dare slow down.

Manipulating his flesh towards its fully erect shape, Emma eventually got him hard enough to pull his dick out into the open.

Instinctively, he tried pushing her away but that might have actually worked to the brunette woman’s advantage.

She couldn’t prevent herself from being shoved back a few steps, but in him creating a momentary break, it allowed a small window for her to lunge at him again.

Only she angled her approach much, much lower this time.

Sliding down to her knees without a word to announce the transition, Emma took his visibly erect cock into her mouth, fitting her oral opening comfortably around the crown of his cock and then pumping in and out much to the delight of the fans.

Normally, Gavin would’ve been over-the-hill to have an attractive woman on her knees putting some polish on his sexual instrument, but Emma was clearly the one in exchange of the sexual act of her giving, and him receiving.

Stroking his shaft with one hand while she focused orally on the head of his manhood, Emma couldn’t help but give some Top this, bitch side-eye to the Vixen, who again, wore an unreadable expression as her reaction was briefly captured on the JumboTron.

Unreadable to anyone but her.


“Not even two minutes in, and Emma’s already pulling out blowjobs on Mr. Gallagher. I don’t know about you Kev, but that seems like a winning strategy to me.”

“It’s a sound strategy, yes. The first fall was for the majority of time Gavin playing to his strengths. He removed the sexual element entirely, and just focused on physical dissection of her body. That obviously bore some fruit for him in the end, but you had to assume Emma wouldn’t want a repeat of that. So, on her part, it was smart to bait him in with her faking weakness still, then trap him to her usual devices,” Kevin reasoned.

As both men watched her head bob up and down on his cock, a loud chant eventually broke out amongst the masses….


“Suck and fuck! Suck and fuck!” The crowd began to chant in accordance to the sensual pumps that the Sexkitten was giving to the Great One.

Having devoured more than half of his erect sex-pillar, she more than obliged to their verbal urging with her soft mouth fitting in smoothly around his lower member.

Gavin’s body language was as stiff as a board as he could only look down at the short-haired woman blowing him with such ease and expertise to the sex act.

Her dislike of the Great One, ironically enough, played more to her advantage as she focused that energy sexually into her oral efforts.

And once she got a hand gently squeezing around his dangling spheres, well, that made his lower half tremble even more visibly than before.

That trembling might’ve signaled for the end to the outside eye, but unfortunately for Emma, Gavin was as stubborn as he was arrogant.

“Nnngghh….fuck off me, cunt!” A particularly defiant growl came out of his lips as he closed his fingers around her dark hair and freed his cock of her oral snare.

Yanking her off his shaft with a desperate move, Gavin then gave the young woman a shove with both hands to deposit her just under the middle rope and to the outside next to him.

Out of the ring she indeed went, but to the padded floor on the outside…..not quite.

Hanging on to the cable for support as soon as she was forcibly jettisoned to the ring apron, she kept her legs close to her and quickly used them to stabilize her position just outside the ropes.

Kneeling first, Emma latched on to the top ropes to pull herself up fully while her opponent stumbled forward momentarily with a lustful cloud over his head.

That cloud only lasted a matter of seconds, but that was more than the ideal window of time for the Sexkitten to root her feet on the ring apron as he finally twirled around to grab-

“Ooof!” Gavin didn’t grab much of anything except another forearm right to the jaw as she stood up on the bottom rope to smash her weaponized limb right into his back molars.

Creating a distinct pop as the blow connected, the Great One staggered back even more so towards the ring center.

Deciding to keep going upstairs, she used her booted feet to continue climbing up the ropes on the outside, carrying her slender form up to the very top.

It was a very unique position for the Sexkitten to now be perched atop the turnbuckle- a position the fans had seldom seen her in before.

But nonetheless, she made that possibility very much a reality once she had ascended up into a prime position- right as Gavin stumbled right back into range.

Eyes widening as he saw her on the top rope, the Great One made a lunging effort to knock her offbalance….

….. instead running headfirst into another stiff elbow the second he went for her ankles.

Staving off his attempt, Emma primed herself for liftoff as he grabbed at his jaw again, reeling just on the edge of her range.

Without warning, she came off the top rope with a flying crossbody, slamming her naked chest against his in an amazing maneuver!

He grunted out heavily as they both went down to the mat with Emma rolling off his sternum just as quickly as she first landed on it.

Ending up on all fours with her bearings just barely intact, the Sexkitten tossed her hair back as the Great One painfully absorbed the impact on his end.

Taking just a second longer to match her position, he got his head above the mat just in time to inadvertently feed right into her next play.

“C’mere!” Growling at him with sudden assertiveness, she gripped him hard by the hair, keeping him in place while swinging her body around to his upper half.

Sliding even closer, she snapped her petite legs around his neck in a firm headscissors, her calves criss-crossed to implement that dreaded bodily squeeze on his airways.

Forming a triangle on his carotid artery seamlessly, Emma rested back on her side and let her legs do the rest of the work.

“Let’s see you fucking talk now!” she continued to snarl, pulsing her lower limbs against his struggling upper body with barely anything held back there.

Gavin’s usually big-worded, braggadocios vocabulary was restrained for now to only strained grunts and barely intelligible winces as the Sexkitten kept on intensifying her submission hold.

Keeping her concentrated grimace, she started to pull on his hair for further leverage as his legs kicked out furiously away from her.

Gavin didn’t have much to say, that much was true.

But instead of talking-

“Ahhhhh!” A sudden shriek ripped from her lips as the point of the male sexfighter’s desperate elbow nearly punctured her right in the kidney region.

She didn’t loosen up the headscissors, but then another elbow hit her in the same area.

Then another one.

Opening up his closed fist, Gavin grabbed a breastful of one of her bare tits, and then delivered a vicious squeeze to further shake her focus.

Forcing another howling cry from the Sexkitten with a particularly cruel nipple-twist upon the same womanly orb was more than enough to rattle her focus, though.

Exploiting the break in her concentration, Gavin balled up the same fist and smashed it down like a blunt object right on the bruised curve of her naked spine.

That shot finally ended her choking attempt on the Great One, putting her in a vulnerable position on her belly.

Slipping his head free of her legs, the male sexfighter re-established his own grip over her brunette locks, staggering up to his feet and taking her with him.

At first, he moved with a certain sluggishness that could only come from nearly being sucked dry by a woman especially notable for her blowjob techniques.

Due to this, it took Gavin a step or two to actually build forward momentum.

But once he did, he eventually led the Sexkitten right to her most excruciating destination yet….throwing her backfirst into the corner turnbuckle!

Hurling her with such force and velocity that the young woman practically somersaulted forward, he watched as she crashed right against the middle pad and then slumped down with only a pained cry to accompany the collision.

Frazzled locks of raven hair shrouded what was an obvious mask of agony worn clearly on Emma’s face.

And she didn’t even have that long to sit on the pain inflicted to her back.

Gathering her up by the hair before she could even begin to heal from that, he entered another level of malevolence by whipping her across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle with a focused yell, throwing her body up against the same cruel surface for even more damage!

The back-to-back Irish whip increased the fans’ sympathy for the Sexkitten, definitely, but it also increased Megan’s level of enjoyment at what was happening.


“The aggression on display here from Gavin….quite the 180 from his performance on the PPV. There, he clearly underestimated Kanami, and well, the match speaks for itself. Here, he’s not taking any chances. Emma quite possibly getting an early pop out of him, that obviously got to him. And-”

“And he took back control, simple as that,” Kevin continued the thought George was working through. “He sensed the pendulum starting to swing back hard in her direction and did what he could to keep it favoring him. What have we always said? There's only winners and losers here. Right now, Gavin knows exactly which side he wants to end up on...”


“Don’t take this the wrong way, Kitty, but you suck…..”

Breathing out as he came down from the brief adrenaline spurt that allowed him to throw her from corner to corner, Gavin’s smiling expression returned to his face. “You suck….so good.”

With one hand, he shamelessly masturbated himself while watching her writhing form on the ground before him.

It seemed like every single move she made put her in even more pain than before, and she was already smarting considerably from the first fall alone.

What she had just suffered….was just adding on to the invisible burden on her back.

Smirking some at what he deemed ‘clever’ wordplay, the male sexfighter calmed himself down- both physically and sexually, before finally slipping his member back into his trunks.

“I don’t usually give advice, but you really should just stay down. ‘Cause when you get up, this is what you have to look forward to.” Going down while he finished taking, Gavin dragged her back up to her feet, again without giving her a moment to rest.

Seizing her in a front facelock, he flung her over him in a snap suplex, hurling her overhead without a single care.

Emma was hurled through the air, and landed right on her tailbone, giving off the usual wincing response.

“That….” Sitting up, Gavin cocked a smile as he leered over his shoulder down at her, “....and whatever else I feel like doing. I’ve had a lot of time to think the past few weeks about this little match, so you can bet my imagination runs pretty damn deep.”

Rising to his feet altogether, he rolled his neck around some, sauntering over to her legs with smugness outlining every step.

“So, what’s it gonna be, slut? You gonna keep getting that back fucked up, or you wanna just save the chiropractor bill and-ugh!”

Emma answered him promptly with a kick right to the gut, just narrowly avoiding his groin.

“.....think I'm gonna keep kicking your ass,” she instead said with a grunt, peeling herself off the mat and trying to get back up.

Well, she tried to, at least.

Gavin didn’t even let her do that, recovering quickly enough to seize her from behind and lace her lower back with a forearm shot to further weaken her stability.

And once her voluntary assent had been properly halted, he instead did the rest of the work, lifting her up not just on her feet, but in the air with his belly against her back.

From there, he fell backwards to complete the back suplex, dumping her in yet another hot vat of mental anguish and physical suffering.

They both went down on the canvas, but the Great One didn’t stay down for very long, if at all.

“God, we are not making good decisions tonight, Emma,” he playfully chastised her, leading her up by the air as to inflict even more harm.

Hauling her up with no resistance, he slingshot her off into the ropes with his next move in mind.

That maneuver ended up being a reverse elbow greeting her mouth the second she came off the cables and re-entered his range.

Delivering the move smoothly with even a slight spin in his footing, he flexed the same arm some and let the crowd provide their ‘feedback’, feedback that of course consisted of heavy booing and chanting for the Sexkitten.

But it was still noise, nonetheless, and Gavin utterly relished their hostility to him.

Stopping to initially taunt one quadrant of the fans, he found himself briefly drawn to the Vixen, who still remained seated and voluntarily removed from the action.

He only kept his stare for a moment longer before switching his gaze back to his opponent….who by now was groaning, grunting, but ultimately trying to get back up to her feet.

Unsurprisingly, he was greatly amused by her efforts.

“So, this is just the song and dance we’re gonna be stuck on, huh? You get up, I put you down, you get right back up, rinse, repeat….?” he taunted her, holding his arms out.

“....something like that,” she mumbled out, trying to keep on one knee while he approached at a leisurely pace.

“Sure, no problem. We can keep making me look awesome,” he shrugged, turning behind him. “We can keep doing that all night.”

Hitting the ropes on his rear, Gavin gave himself enough momentum to catapult forward right into delivering a big boot directly to her head…..

…. or at least where her head was two seconds ago.

He missed her entirely as she threw herself back, baiting him in.

And that same momentum carried him right to the ropes in front, his chest touching the cables just as her petite arms wrapped around him from behind at the same time.

Giving him an added push to get the full bounce off the ropes, she interlaced both fingers to form the waistlock while performing a backwards roll to send them both back towards the center of the ring.

The crowd cheered as the smaller yet resolute Sexkitten managed to pull off an O’Connor roll, dumping Gavin on his shoulders while she ended up sitting on top of his legs!

Battered and bruised as her outwards appearance may be, there was no denying Emma’s heart and internal fortitude.

And that was on full display as she reached down and pulled down his trunks some so they were around his knees.

Baring his cock now in near point-blank range, it was almost too easy to continue where she had left off.

Grasping his masculine stalk again, she glided her soft hand up and down his length in a soothing manner very few within (or even outside) the SFL could replicate.

The lessons from Dana again showed their fruit as she worked him with just five fingers, curling them around his dick and then letting the friction build and build with every stroke.

Gavin couldn’t form a single word as he felt those conflicting feelings within him bubble back up to the surface.

The way her hand captured his erotic mood with soft, satisfying movements, especially her sporadic fondling of his lower spheres after every other down stroke….

“Mind sharing a little bit of that spotlight with me?” she purred back at him, trying to recapture her usual spunky attitude that had been largely absent tonight. “I promise I’ll make it worth it, Gavin.”

Her thumb rubbed against the underside of his crown, teasing the veins that only helped make her offer that much more enticing.

“Oh, and since you just loved my mouth so much….” Still holding onto one leg with the arm she wasn’t jerking him off with, Emma lowered herself down to orally savor his cock once more.

Lashing out with her tongue to stimulate his tip, she began ramping up her pumps, urging the Great One to completion.

Megan’s smile diminished somewhat as she looked up and saw the petite brunette pleasure the Great One while still partially pinning his shoulders to the mat.

She had kept a somewhat perpetual smug leer on for the majority of the match, but seeing Emma threaten her opponent’s sexual center with her hand and mouth working in tandem to take down the Great One.

It almost gave her reason to get off her chair.


“....nngghh...fuuuck!” came Gavin’s almost helpless groan as his dick kept on enjoying the erotic delights that Emma was gifting it.

His voice was a far cry from how he just sounded moments earlier.

Emma kept on milking him with just the one hand, keeping him on constant edge as every stroke up and down his cock threatened to launch him right over that same precipice.

“Fuuck…...fuck….OFF!” Yelling out the last word, Gavin suddenly and vehemently kicked out with both legs before he could indeed reach that point of no return, powering out of the pinning predicament.

Sending her toppling over to the side due to the force behind the kick, he just barely managed to free himself from what was undoubtedly a close call at the hands (and mouth) of the Sexkitten.

Rolling over on her side as to not let the impact jar her too much, Emma dragged herself up, sensing her opponent do the same just out of her periphery.

Getting to her feet, she had another forearm primed-

“Ughh!” But it was to no avail as Gavin managed to score first with a desperate clothesline knocking her right back down.

Falling down to a knee as he delivered upon the strike, he stopped himself from falling even further with the hazy effects of her handjob still lingering in his head.

It lingered, but he was eventually able to bring his libido back down with a few strokes of his erect pillar.

“Fuck…” Cursing himself as much as he was cursing her for nearly making him cum, Gavin visibly refocused himself on correcting that oversight on his part.

The first step was once more tucking his cock back inside his trunks.

As for step two…

Again taking a cruel fistful of her brunette hair, he angrily lifted her off the canvas and back to a vertical base.

“I’ll level with you, Emma….” Standing side-to-side while facing in the opposite direction to her, he reached around her torso with one arm across her chest and under both of her armpits.

Ducking his head under her near arm, he took a deep breath, and then lifted her up high in the air as if delivering a side slam.

Only when she was brought down, he suddenly kneeled with his right leg thrust forward, slamming her back across his extended knee.

The sounds that came out of her mouth with that backbreaker variation by far were his favorite ones that he had forced out of her thus far.

And he was still determined to get even more out of the Sexkitten.

With one hand pressing down ever presently-on her chest, he began to utilize the maneuver as a submission attempt at the same time.

Keeping the small of her back maliciously pressed up against the agonizing point of his kneecap, he elected to keep talking while she suffered, “I really was gonna go easy on you tonight. Well, maybe easy-ish given that you popped me in the beginning, but believe it or not, all that went out of the window when I saw your super-hot friend over there.”

She couldn’t help but cringe, despite wincing heavily at his backbreaker-turned-submission.

“Man, I know I’ve missed some time, but I didn’t even know it was possible for a chick to advertise that much hotness on the open market around here. I mean, sheesh…” Remarking candidly about the allure of Megan only seemed to keep his dick hard, but that was the furthest thing from Gallagher’s mind at the moment.

“So get this. Right before the match, she shows up- stealing some of my thunder but that’s beside the point- the point is that she comes out here, plants her cute little ass on that chair, and has just been looking at me own you this whole time. Giving me those ‘fuck me, Daddy’ eyes.”

“.....pretty sure, between you and her, she’s ‘Daddy’,” Emma chuckled out painfully.

He punished her by bending her against his extended knee even more, but kept on, “So obviously, she wants some one-on-one time with the Great One. Not surprising, since about every bitch here- even the ones with loser boyfriends like yourself, wants five minutes on their knees to contribute to the ‘Greater Good’ around here.”

A coy grin adorned his face as he finished, “Now, you’ve got a pretty important role in all this, Emma. See, I need her horny as fuck, and your pain and suffering, well, that seems to really do it for her. So, you keep making me look good, and well, maybe she’d like to make this a threesome after I win this.”

Emma didn’t much like the sound of that, but she didn’t have any time to protest as he suddenly lifted her off his knee and brought her back into a standing position.

Re-tucking his head under her near arm while hoisting her up in the side slam position, he directed them both towards the center of the ring.

The crowd instantly recognized the not-so-subtle homage in booing fashion as he placed his other arm against her back, steadying her with a relishing grin before launching off for lift-

“Aargghh!” He got her up, but a sudden elbow right below his ear brought her back down.

Fighting back with new life coursing through her veins, the Sexkitten retaliated with another elbow to the side of his head, then another, and so forth….

…… with the consecutive blows all culminating in her finally breaking the body slam attempt as his focus was repeatedly jarred just enough.

Freeing herself from potentially hitting a whole new level of rock bottom, she gave a desperate shove to keep him at more than an arm’s length away.

Creating that distance, Emma looked first at him reeling back from the consecutive shots to the dome, then turned over her shoulder to see the Vixen.

“Watch me, cunt,” she muttered intently, her determination palpable as she took to the ropes behind her.

Though her aching spine slowed her speed down some, it didn’t dull her instincts one bit as she easily ducked under a desperation clothesline thrown by the Great One.

Whirling back around with his body language still reflective of his internal grogginess, Gavin’s virtually undefended head was well-scouted as the Sexkitten grabbed him around the back of his head while launching herself forwards.

Spinning him around with her right arm now firmly nestled around his neck in a snug headlock, she planted him face first on the canvas while falling into a sitting position herself, executing the running bulldog out of some miraculous spurt of adrenaline that had inhabited her battered frame.

And that adrenaline continued coursing through her veins as she was able to ignore the pain still shooting up her spine and attempt to clamber up with Gavin rolling over on his back.

Nowhere near close to the ropes, she had to establish a foundation herself by pushing up on her lower limbs to stand.

Getting up now was slightly more difficult than it would usually be, but it was a task she managed through gritted teeth and perseverance, nonetheless.

And as she got up, she slowly but surely solidified her footing just in time for Gavin to get up to a knee.

Shaking his head some groggily after the bulldog rattled his teeth some, his vision came back into focus with Emma now standing before him.

Her chest naked and heaving with a light sheen over her pert feminine flesh, she may be visibly massaging her back with one hand, but she was still far from the wounded kitten that others had written off in the past.

“How’d the mat taste, sunshine?” she deadpanned at him, chagrin in her voice as she leered at the kneeling Great One.

Scoffing out as he realized his current position, Gavin started to raise one hand- but not to attack her.

True to form, he slowly uncurled only his middle finger to brandish right at her.

Grinning like a clown, he taunted her, “This finger’s gonna make you cum, slut.”

Rolling her eyes, she rolled her right shoulder around some, relaxing the joint as a subtle precursor to what was about to happen.

“I can think of a few places that finger could go, Gavin. All on your end,” she smirked right back at him, before leveling him with a certain forearm to the face.

And then, another one just because she felt like it.

To his credit, Gavin remained upright, despite the visible welts forming all over his face as he absorbed her feminine bursts of physicality.

Smug as he was, that was just a testament to his stubbornness.

“Right now...though….” Gripping his hair with her other hand, she decided to lean in some so that they were nearly right in each other’s faces.

“I think I want to see just how long you think you can last inside me,” she purred challengingly at him, her closed fist keeping him nice and stead-

“God, will you just do it already?”

Emma’s lips started to form another sentence, but that wasn’t her voice that was picked up by the ring microphones.

It certainly wasn’t the referee’s.

But who it was…

“The anticipation is killing me,” came Megan’s condescending tone as she stood on the outside now with both hands resting on the ring apron.

Standing up from her seat, the voluptuous brunette’s eyes were both sultry and intense as they locked onto the now incensed Sexkitten.

Putting all of her negative emotions towards the Vixen in yet another forearm smash directed at Gavin’s very red face, she turned around with images of the PPV no doubt replaying in a fresh reel within her mind.

“Really, this is just soooo beneath you, babe. Taking this long against…...him?” she continued to say, almost chuckling as she gestured towards the Great One.

“I’ll win the match however the fuck I want to,” Emma nearly exploded at the brunette, taking a few purposeful steps towards her.

“Awwww, feelings still raw from….?” Smiling from corner to corner, she suggestively felt up her breasts with both hands, enjoying the roundness of her globes against her bra while. “.....our last little get-together?”

“Fuck you!” the Sexkitten stormed, her attention fully on Megan now.

“Fuck me?” Playing coy, Megan tossed her hair back. “Well, it has been a while since I’ve really had fun around here, especially with a girl. But you know I have my preferences, don’t I Emma?”

The petite woman fumed.

“Oh yeah, you know my type by now….” Relishing every word coming out of her mouth, the Vixen leered at her, “There is just nothing that really gets my engine roaring like having a big, strong blonde stud with his big cock inside me, doing everything he can to just fill me up-”

“Shut up,” Emma growled.

“Make me, you little shit,” Megan sneered right back at her.

“Wait until I- whooaa!” She didn’t have much long to wait as Gavin suddenly hooked his right arm between her legs and pulled back, knocking her offbalance with a startled yelp.

Frantically capitalizing on her distracted state, he rolled up the Sexkitten in a schoolboy pin, stacking himself atop her legs to keep her shoulders flat to the canvas.

Then, peeling back her panties, the Great One would attempt to make good on his earlier promise, licking the same middle finger before inserting it inside her now naked womanhood.

Wriggling the sole digit within her feminine flesh, he began plucking away at her feminine core with rushed intensity.

Lacking the polished form and specialized nuance as the more experienced of his colleagues, the male sexfighter just went for broke, fingerfucking her with nothing but desperation.

Forced to stare up at the lights, Emma already had to deal with being confronted by the very face of her insecurities, but now, she was now enduring a very pleasurable reminder that Gavin’s threat had not yet been extinguished.

His barely focused fervor had just stimulated her lustful centers, but without any of the methodical precision or exceptional finger work as someone like the Wildcat, it didn’t wholly destroy her concentration.

Trying to zero in around her clit at the same time, Gavin was doing everything in his power to hurriedly put a bow on this match by sexually submitting the Sexkitten.

But, in this case, even that wasn’t enough.

“No!” Now, it was her turn to power out as Emma kicked out furiously with both legs, breaking the attempted pin/fingering combo.

The impact sent her flopping over on her belly while Gavin fell on his backside, indignation flooding his face.

“FUCK!” he cursed out loudly, a hint of petulance in his voice as he smacked his open hand against the canvas. “Fucking gotta be shitting me!”

Emma panted as she lay on the canvas, but it was evident in her eyes just how closely she came to letting Megan ruin her night yet again.


“I hope that the referee's keeping an eye on the Vixen so we can make sure we can end this qualifying match without any shenanigans. Her being on the outside is a distraction enough- not just for Emma but of course with all men and women with good taste,” George exclaimed.

“Go get her number, why don’t you?” Kevin dryly remarked, with Gavin’s loud cursing forming the background of their impromptu sidebar conversation.

“Hey, I’m a professional, always have been, but think about this through my lens. A man can admire art in an art museum, can’t he? So, what’s wrong with admiring the living equivalent out here in the arena?” the older man justified himself to his partner.

“Admire away, my friend. Right now, though, Emma needs to get Megan out of her mind. She has to focus on neutralizing the Great One first, or maybe next time that close call won’t just be a close call. It’ll be the end of the match.”


Gavin Gallagher finally calmed himself down as the seconds began to tick away on the timer.

Forcing himself to focus again on the bigger picture here- obliterating fan expectations with a clean sweep over the Sexkitten, he got up with more than a clear mind to do just that.

Continuing to psyche himself up in a muttering tone, he wiped away at his slightly bloody mouth while glowering down resentfully at the still moving brunette.

It wasn’t just that she was just still in this match somehow, but the fact that she was impolite enough to not let him score that easy layup with the fingering that really pissed him off.

Her panties still down around her ankles, Emma didn’t look half as threatening as she was just moments earlier when she was rocking him with the forearms, but that didn’t mean he would ease up on her now.

No, the Great One was going to keep his foot on the gas pedal and floor it all the way to the finish line.

“Get up,” he growled under his breath, watching her try her damndest to rise above the mat.

Still recovering from his rough-and-rushed digital attack on her vagina, she did eventually get her feet under her- inadvertently providing the ideal stance for him to capitalize.

Grabbing her in a double underhook the second her head was nearly level with his waist, he dragged her up the rest of the way.

No more time for patience, Gavin lifted the Sexkitten up for a butterfly suplex….

….. hoisting her up in a vertical upside-down position, though with her legs quickly dictating her landing.

Shifting her weight forward in mid-air while he was still lifting her up, she managed to maneuver her lower half over his shoulder so that she landed on her feet behind him.

He thought he had her. Then, he didn’t.

And when that thought dawned on the Great One, he twirled around with a vengeance to catch….of all things, her panties!

Having hastily snatched them off her body upon landing, she threw them right at him the second he turned as a hopeful play to distract him.

And that play paid off perfectly as he remained distracted just long enough for her to nail him with a discus forearm, spinning around a full rotation to put even more power behind the strike this time.

The move absolutely staggered the Great One, nearly rendering his legs jello right there on the spot.

Certainly, the crowd responded as if it was a game-changer, but again, to his credit, the young man didn’t go down.

Sharing a bit of frustration, the now fully naked Sexkitten delivered another forearm to the jaw- then another one leading right into-

“Ughhh…” A gut kick, thrown with pure desperation, cut off her momentum instantly as the sole of his boot slammed against her belly to cause that loud grunt coming out of her lips.

Teetering in place, she was further susceptible to him suddenly bending down and hooking both of her legs to knock her down to the canvas altogether.

Seizing control of both limbs, he tucked her ankles under his respective armpits, then dragged her back towards the closest corner.

Booing followed him, of course, but the fans’ disapproval was irrelevant to Gavin by this point.

What was relevant to him, was just nailing this next move.

Grunting out with exertion, he fell backwards to slingshot the Sexkitten right into the turnbuckle, propelling her entire body up and over him!

She went from flat on her back to flailing in the air within a single second, catapulted chestfirst into the corner.

Gasping out painfully as the violent impact upon her upper sternum reverberated throughout her entire frame, she found herself instinctively clinging on to the ropes for support.

Again, smugly applauding himself while getting up, her opponent seemed to have a fresh layer of smugness on him as he saw her with her back to him, her buns in particular exposed.

“God, you sure know how to tease a fellow, huh slut?” he remarked tauntingly, striding forward as the Sexkitten was vulnerable now in more ways than one.

She didn’t respond as she was too busy trying to assess her bruised collarbone while also trying to stay upright.

But she did respond with a shiver as his masculine hands firmly groped her lower cheeks, caressing her ass with a playful roughness.

The Vixen looked on with crossed arms as the Great One indulged in the nude roundness of her posterior.

“Man, no wonder Megan’s on your case when you’ve been showing this kind of merchandise around,” he commented with a whisper, adding on, “....the things I could do to this booty….”

Ending his cursory exploration of her bare ass with a taunting smack, he then backed up some to prepare for a final assault on her back.

Touching the opposite turnbuckle corner with his back, he took a steadying breath, then wasted not a second longer.

Sprinting across the ring in a focused dash, he aimed himself towards her lower back as the focus of his forward momentum.

Whizzing right past the referee, Gavin finally threw his entire body into a shoulder tackle….

…. spearing nothing but the metallic ringpost!

Emma may have been hurting in a lot of different areas, but she was not about to be a sitting duck and just wait for him to hit his big move.

Her ears had been listened in to his impending footsteps the entire time, and with a mix of instinct, timing, and just a dash of luck, she was able to throw herself to the side just in time for the Great One to whiff her spine completely, instead throwing himself between the ropes with his shoulder impacting the ringpost instead.

That stopped Megan right in her tracks.

Panting visibly against the ropes, Emma whipped her hair back as she had to will her limbs to action yet again.

Swearing loudly as he practically ran himself into the hard, cold surface, Gavin eventually extricated himself from the corner, but with the caveat of ending up on his knees.

The worst possible position for him.

Still using the ropes for support, Emma brought both legs up and ensnared his neck, twisting her hips to the side to flip him over on his back in a relatively smooth headscissors takedown.

Going down with him, she immediately earned the roaring approval of the fans as she had successfully emulated one of Dana’s own signature transition moves.

Practice makes perfect, after all.

From there, she re-tightened her legs into a reverse headscissors while laying on her belly staring away from him.

The constricting vice was implemented as tightly as possible, utilizing every ounce of her much superior lower body strength to make sure it was as uncomfortable and disorienting as possible for the Great One.

What made it even sweeter was her flexing glutes that were just within his reach, but also being responsible for increasing the pressure now all around his throat.

Kicking out fruitlessly with his body going into thrashing overdrive, he tried to reach for the ropes but the severe diminishing of oxygen already had tapered off his most energetic of efforts.

While focusing on just choking him out, she also had her eyes burning right into the unimpressed glower of her nemesis at ringside.

Megan, though not through her words, communicated through just her facial expression how familiar she was with Emma’s deceptively lethal legs now in their most dangerous usage.

Wanting to drive the message home even more, she cranked up the pressure up another notch with her thighs clamped around his neck, solidifying the airtight seal of which there was only one way out.

“....fcccccckkk!” Straining with his voice, Gavin finally did the smart thing and tapped out on her leg, his physical surrender seen and recognized by the official.

The crowd cheered, and Megan kept on staring as the Sexkitten reluctantly released him from her leggy prison.

Grabbing at his throat, he rolled under the bottom rope while Emma sat up, still staring at the slender brunette on the outside.

“Winner of the second fall with a reverse headscissors submission….THE SEXKITTEN!!”

Naked, and even more determined than ever, the petite woman was now ready to end this match on her terms.

It was time to give the fans their money’s worth….


Author's Note: Final fall coming up soon. Have your predictions changed? As always, thanks for reading and appreciate the feedback! Please check out the amazing stories also set in this universe by: @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] and @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. More soon!!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Damn, you had me going, mate. I really thought that Gavin was going to pull off an upset clean sweep over Emma because of that bitch Megan's mindgames. I am glad she came back to win the fall... with a very hot reverse headscissors... but I have to worry how much she is going to have left for the deciding fall. Come on, Emma, shut up that loudmouth with your ass on his face!

Thanks for continuing this, mate.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Bad Kitty

Megan’s sleek black painted fingertips tapped passive-aggressively on the ring apron in a most unpleasant pattern with the scoreboard now reflecting that both competitors were tied going into the final fall.

Still standing up, the Vixen hadn’t uttered a single word past her distracting outburst directed towards the Sexkitten in the previous fall.

Her sultry eyes communicated exactly how she felt without further need for her lips to provide a verbal aid to them.

Drumming her knuckles impatiently against the hard material, she looked on as the rest period tersely came to an end.

Massaging his throat while in a seated position leaning up against the corner, Gavin’s external demeanor was much more reserved this time.

Reserved….and ready.

“....fucking bitch.” Muttering in an increasingly loud tone, the male sexfighter made no attempt to lower his volume as the rest period eventually came to a halt.

He would utter that same angry taunt again, and again in an even louder tone with the disorienting effects of her headscissors apparently wearing off.

And once the fog over his eyes cleared, Gavin just saw red.

Emma slowly rose up from her corner, hearing his disgruntled muttering but just ignoring them entirely.

Gavin the majority of the match thus far showing off all of his moves, and well….

Her lips curled in a small smile as she sauntered forward proudly in the nude, knowing that he had yet to ‘suffer’ through the full gauntlet of her erotic arsenal.

“Don’t start pouting now, Gavin. I’ve still got the rest of this fall to really embarrass you,” Emma purred at him, shades of her usual confidence showing through in her tone.

“You’ve got the rest of the match to try and fail, sweetheart,” he shot back at her with a scowl, keeping at a distance while they began circling each other.

After a quick glare at the ever-observant Vixen, he further added, “Bet you’re used to that happening, though, right?”

“I’ve lost matches, smartass. But at least I’ve never lost relevance,” she kept the verbal jousting going.

“You’re only relevant because you’ve been clinging on to other people’s coattails.” Gavin’s eyes narrowed as he sought to cut even deeper with his words, “But unfortunately for you, dollface, talent isn’t sexually transmitted. Either you’ve got greatness in you, or you don’t.”

“And you do?” was her challenging retort.

“Bitch, I was born great,” he scoffed at her with confidence bursting in his tone.

“Then show me,” she cajoled him on, giving him the hook…..

…. which Gavin predictably swallowed all the way up to the roof of his mouth the second he surged forward to break up their circling dance first.

One ducked clothesline later, and Gavin twirled around to receive his just due in the form of an absolutely seething knife edge chop right to the right pectoral muscle.

Not pulling anything on that strike, she repeated the same slicing movement, getting an even louder smack! as the back of her open hand impacted his chest flesh.

A third knife edge chop, accompanied by the traditional Woooo!, was almost too much to resist for the Sexkitten, so she overindulged there just to further annoy the Great One.

She made a movement to modify her stance and go for a forearm- which was soundly interrupted by him lashing out with a knee lift right in her lower abdomen the second he sensed a brief pause in her movement.

Wincing out as his momentum-stopping knee nearly doubled her over, the Sexkitten would be vulnerable next to him grabbing around the back of her head with his leading arm.

Grunting out in both exertion and frustration, he proceeded to slingshot her into the ropes in front of him.

Anticipating her return, Gavin primed his own forearm- waiting, then striking with a clothesline to catch her across the neck.

He performed the move, but his much smaller opponent ducked underneath his attacking limb before continuing to run towards the ropes behind him.

Voicing his frustration once more, he twirled around and this time shaped his other forearm like a blade to deliver a knife edge chop- which, again, swiped through empty air as she ducked him.

Running the ropes one more time, Emma looked like she was about to maneuver her body into a crossbody attempt, but the Great One seemed to have an answer for that.

Picking her up as soon as she came into range, he exhibited another surprising feat of upper body strength by spinning her in front of his body, eventually hefting her over his shoulder in his attempt to deliver a tilt-a-whirl slam.

An attempt that, unfortunately for him, did not fully materialize.

Kicking out with her legs as she was swept off her feet in the sudden motion, Emma made enough thrashing movement with her entire body to shake the grip that he tentatively had over her.

Nearly unbalancing him even more with a few stiff elbow shots delivered freely to his unprotected jaw, her efforts finally bore fruit once she was able to slip free behind him.

Only half-done with her strategy, however, she wrapped her arms around his neck in what seemed like a sleeper hold.

But instead of applying pressure, she instead leveraged her weight in a sudden descent, falling to the mat and taking Gavin down with her.

“Fuck!” Taken by surprise, he grunted out even louder as she drove his upper back and skull into the mat.

Now, that was more her style.

Rising up to her knees, the Sexkitten tossed back her hair as she enjoyed the groaning sounds coming from his mouth instead of the usual hyperbolic trash talk.

But as much as she enjoyed those sounds…

…. she would enjoy hearing his muffled grunts even more once she suddenly crawled over his face, trapping him under her naked ass in a reverse facesit!

With both legs tucked against either side of his face, Emma began pouring on the pressure in a much more sensual way with her lower cheeks taking their turn fully ‘appreciating’ his greatness at face value.

“Mmmmm, what did you say earlier about what you wanted to do to my booty, Gavin?” she taunted him, feeling his facial features being twisted into a panicking grimace under her.

In response, he cursed at her, or at least, tried to, with his muffled voice being nearly unintelligible to the ring mics.

Just the way she liked it.

“I appreciate the ambition, really I do, but I think just appreciating my cuteness from down there is more your speed,” she continued taunting him, rolling her hips to continue smothering him in her petite flesh.

Again, muffled shouting formulating the basis of his incensed response.

She tried her best to avoid Megan’s slender figure on the outside while still talking down to him, “Speaking of getting things up to speed….”

Traveling one hand down his heaving chest, she kept the facesit still applied while slithering her fingers under his waistband to find his manhood.

Gripping his flesh seductively, she resumed her stroking pattern, experiencing informing her wraith flourishes as she calmly stimulated him.

“Just relax,” she soothingly cooed, gently tweaking and twisting at his stalk to solidify his erection.

That didn’t seem to be difficult even with her bare ass grinding ever-so forcefully on his face.

Bringing his dick out of his trunks, she continued stroking him, no doubt earning the ire of the Vixen at least by tenfold.

If anything, that fact only further galvanized the Sexkitten as she worked his flesh, enticing him first to full hardness, then-

“Whoa!” All of a sudden, his hips violently bucked up, leading to his upper body getting enough momentum to throw her off of him in a desperate effort.

Sending the brunette woman toppling on her side, Gavin immediately chose to retreat away from further action, rolling across the ring and under the bottom rope.

That was the unpopular route to take, but the Great One was naturally used to pissing off the fans, as well as his opponent.

And speaking of…

“Want a time-out already, babe?” she called after him in a taunting leer, gathering herself up as he took a respite out on the ring apron instead of toughing things out between the ropes.

Swinging her nude figure around with pure confidence, the Sexkitten closed in on the gap between them just as Gavin pulled himself on the outside.

She was nearly on him when the Great One, acting with surprising ring awareness, suddenly launched his upper body halfway between the middle and top ropes, stopping her with a shoulder thrust right to the gut.

Emma would grunt out even louder as he reared back and connected with another shoulder thrust, this one nearly stealing her breath all in one violent flourish.

On his feet now still on the outside, Gavin took immediate advantage of her doubled over posture.

Wrestling her over the top rope in a front facelock, he seized her near arm, draping that over his shoulder in the process.

The crowd stood up as the Great One seemed primed to unleash his most ambitious- and potentially catastrophic, maneuver yet on the Sexkitten.

One moment of fully securing her neck later, and he lifted her up in a vertical position, her petite body leaving the safety of the canvas and being lifted dangerously close to over the threshold to the outside.

And on the outside, there was nothing but padded floor and pure misery to meet her.

That, alone, was motivation enough for Emma to not allow herself to just be lifted over the top rope.

Gavin only managed to perform the vertical suplex halfway before her slender body, coming alive with thrashing motions, managed to offset his efforts.

Making it harder and harder for him to focus on getting the job done, she eventually forced him to put him right back down inside the ring, much to the relief of the crowd, as well as the commentary team.

Disengaging from the facelock hold, obvious frustration tore at Gavin’s face as he reared back with one fist to hammer her across the back in direct retaliation for her struggling.

“What’s the matter, bitch? I thought all cats landed on their fee-ugh!” His sneering voice quickly became a loud groan as she launched her torso forward to deliver a shoulder thrust of her own.

Threatening his grip on the ropes now, she popped him in the jaw with another forearm.

“Only when they want to, jackass,” she snarled right at him, unleashing another strike on his head.

Now, it was Gavin’s turn to be teetering on the edge, his fingers visibly straining to cling onto the cables with his back precariously facing the outside.

Seeing that as well, she took a step back, then delivered a gut kick to further destabilize him.

That would….almost do the trick, but not quite.

Not yet.

“Oh, don’t be a big baby,” she tauntingly chided him, taking a few more steps back to wind up for the big push.

And once she felt things line up her way, the Sexkitten surged forward- combining both forearms like a riot shield to knock him off.

She got to the ropes….but didn’t accomplish her objective due to a last-second sidestep by the crafty male sexfighter.

Able to avoid her lunging push, he responded in his usual tact with a thumb to the eye once she was within range.

Dirty by SFL standards, but perfectly acceptable by his, his hand flashing against her naked retina was more than enough to send Emma staggering back towards the center.

Still on the ring apron, he scoffed dismissively at the booing fans behind him before deciding to try something more uncharacteristic.

Making his way over to the nearest turnbuckle, he actually climbed up to the top rope, perhaps looking to copy, if not overshadow completely the Sexkitten’s earlier flight.

Perched up overlooking the entire ring, he waited impatiently for her to stumble back towards him.

Then, rising up, he pumped one fist up in the air with a Check this out! look straight to the hard cameras, and then jumped.

With both hands interlaced together above his head in an axe handle, the Great One came down on the Sexkitten….

…. or, perhaps more specifically, came down hard on her closed fist.

Now, it was her turn to sidestep him, but not before she landed a counter uppercut right in his abdominal region as suitable payback for the eye attack.

Unbalanced immediately by the gut punch, his own momentum forced him to somersault through the air as he landed aptly on his tailbone.

“Fuck!” was his wheezing shout, a particular word that gave the Sexkitten all kinds of ideas.

Standing tall while he took his sweet time attempting to get up, she narrowed her eyes with focus at the opportunity to capitalize off of his spectacular misfire.

He was only one knee off the ground when she gripped his hair with both hands, wrestling him into a front facelock.

Then, falling backwards, she nearly spiked him headfirst on the canvas with a great DDT!

His entire body went slack as the impact resonated...but she also felt some residual, indirect effects from the maneuver at all.

Taking the bump on her already hurting vertebrae certainly did the Sexkitten no favors, and she was forced to accept the painful price for violently introducing Gavin’s ever smug mug to the mat.

It took her a precious moment or two to pay that price in full, but eventually she was able to roll him over on his back mainly using her shoulders and head with one hand tenderly massaging her lower back.


“Man, I don’t think we’ve seen a Sexkitten match run this long- and get this nasty. As the crowd had indicated earlier, sex is her primary expertise, and at this point and time, there is a very well-founded reason for why her reputation is so solid there. But in this qualifier- and correct me if I’m wrong, Kev, Emma’s had to almost reinvent herself with a lot more aggression than maybe the fans have been used to.”

Kevin nodded in affirmation. “Well, you just have to look back at her previous opponents. Justin. Nikky. Hunter. All established and well-established masters of sex, not just sex-fighting. With them, she fought on an even playing field. With Gavin, she’s fighting a guy who fights only on his terms. He talks himself up even if he can’t always back it up, takes the easy way out, and most of all, just doesn’t seem to care about giving the fans what they want. If playing her game gives her any kind of edge over him, then you can bet good money he’s gonna keep things squarely in his lane. Plus, you’ve got to still factor in Megan retaining one hell of a lease in Emma’s head right now…”


The aforementioned Vixen was still as sultry yet enigmatic as ever with her eyes watching everything that went on following Gavin’s aerial misfire and the subsequent DDT that followed.

Groaning on his back, the Great One’s lips were momentarily sealed as he felt her nimble fingers pulling on his wrestling briefs once more.

His lower coverings were pulled all the way to his ankles, and his dick was nakedly revealed once more.

Naked, and in her petite yet firm grip.

With five fingers around his cock, she dialed up the erotic pressure immediately with her stroking hand showing its efficiency right away.

Already, the handjob put Gavin at ease (at least physically) with Emma’s experience showing through with every wrist flourish and thumb teasing of his crown.

“Mmmm, what do we have here?” she teased him seductively, jerking him just right to hear the wet sounds of his precum-slick foreskin against her open palm. “Kitty does love her nice, hard cocks….”

It was a sound that she loved to hear….the prelude to the real fireworks.

He didn’t seem to have much of a snarky comeback for that.

“Looking good, babe. You really want this little prick to perform well, don’t you?” she continued taunting him, settling right into her comfort zone.

His lips quivered as her fingertips rubbed against the sensitive ridge just underneath his bulbous head, an especially sensitive spot that Dana had instructed her on earlier.

And of course, she had Justin to thank for providing a means for her to hone her erotic touch even more.

Opening her mouth wider, she then added her tongue to the proceedings, sucking his cock gently in her oral opening much to the continued enjoyment of the crowd.

Everything that the World Champion taught her in the past few weeks of free time came right out: the curling of her tongue along his dick, the gentle sucking of her lips around his reasonably thick girth, even the firm fondling of his manly spheres in a subtle way unique only to Dana.

The blowjob was more focused than her earlier efforts as she knew she had his libido right where she wanted it.

He was physically shaking, shuddering along to the wet, wonderful journey that her tongue was undergoing all over his sex-pillar.

The visual allure was made even sweeter as she raised her bare ass up in the air, mimicking her namesake as she went to town on his cock.

Bobbing her head along his throbbing member, Emma sensed the pulsating beat of his meat.

The douchebag could run his mouth all he wanted, puff himself up with as much confidence as he would like, but all those words and bravado melted like ice cream in the scorching hot sun the second she put her mouth to dick.

She learned from the best, after all.

And while she attended to his package, the Vixen was making moves….

… but not against the Sexkitten.

Rather, on herself.

With two fingers, she softly rubbed them up against the cameltoe in her jean shorts, touching her vaginal lips as she watched Emma work.

As all the cameras were trained on the Sexkitten, she enjoyed a little private time with herself while also watching.

“Make him beg, Kitten,” Megan whispered out in a voice only really audible by her ears only.

Rubbing against her clitoris with even more fervor, she let out an aroused breath, an act that again, the Sexkitten was completely oblivious to.

But what Emma wasn’t deaf too was the moans and murmurs coming from the Great One’s piehole.

She could hear him whine for more all night long.

Making sure her other hand was squeezing his balls just right for the added sensation, Emma flicked her eyes up to study his expression.

“...f-f-f-f-fuuuck,” he stammered out, his shaking cadence reminiscent of someone who had just been thawed out of an iceberg.

She slurped enthusiastically down on his dick, practically deepthroating him by now.

“....fu-fu-fuuck that’s fucking amazing!” Again, his mouth opened, and she enjoyed even more verbal confirmation of her talents.

She kept on at it, if only to draw out his whimpering voice even more.

That somehow made all the aches and agonies of the entire match up to this point worth it.

Just to hear Gavin beg her without even forming the words for full completion.

And she was going to give it to him. In spades.

She had taken him far enough to allow her pussy to overwhelm his libido completely.

As such, the Sexkitten released his cock from her oral clutches, letting the warm arena breeze caress his throbbing pillar while she raised herself up from her provocative position.

Placing both hands against his hips, she eventually drags himself to straddle his waist.

Her pussy against his cock.


Reaching down between them, she gave his cock a few encouraging strokes to keep him hard while raising herself up just a few inches to ease him inside.

Grinning from ear to ear, the Sexkitten gave a soft purr as she felt the tip of his dick start up her inner thigh, led by her careful hand right into her vaginal-

“Arghhh!” Emma had her gaze so narrowly focused on the grand prize that she failed to notice the sly movement of his hands just out of her periphery, shooting up just in time to rake across her eyes.

She didn’t see it in time, but she did feel the sting of his desperation momentarily blind her, preventing the full joining of their respective sex.

That fact alone angered the fans, and they of course booed his underhanded strategy with the Sexkitten falling backwards to try and regain her sight.

On his back still, Gavin went from whimpering and wanting to all grinning and guileful within a flash of emotions on his face.

Sitting up, he practically patted himself on the back while watching the Sexkitten frantically dab and rub away at her pupils.

“And they said Acting 1 was a useless elective,” he remarked, sounding more like his old self with his apparent deception revealing itself now.

Gavin would eventually clamber to his feet, though more gingerly than before with his dick obviously still feeling the heaviness of her sexual skills.
He couldn’t quite fake his horniness there.

It took him clinging on the ropes with one hand just to fully restore his balance, but with a confident toss of his sweat-drenched raven locks, the Great One seemed to be coming back to normal.

Emma had managed to crawl and drag herself up to her feet as well, though several seconds behind him.

Still half-blind from his eye rake, she stumbled her way- perhaps inadvertently, right into his next on-the-spot plan.

With opportunity now in clear view, he surged forward to take it.

Lifting her up by her right leg, Gavin fell backwards to throw Emma neckfirst into the ropes behind him.

Getting her windpipe painfully caught up on the top cable, she nearly went limp right then and there as the rope-assisted hotshot resonated through her entire body.

It was only the ropes that were seemingly holding her upright as she found herself leaning against them for dear life.

Coughing audibly, she turned herself around groggily to see the grinning Gavin rearing back with one arm-

“Auuughhhh!” She howled out as his own knife edge chop was delivered with even more scathing viciousness than her version.

Digging right into her bare chest with malice, he made sure every inch of his sharpened forearm connected viscerally.

“Gotta love karma, Emma. You hit me…” Another knife edge chop violently swatted her chest, nearly causing her to collapse right then. “I hit harder…”

A third knife edge chop just felt needlessly cruel, but the Great One delivered it, nonetheless.

Blowing a mocking chef’s kiss to her, he finished, slightly panting, “And I mean every bit of that shit. Compliments of the-ughh!”

He was soundly interrupted by her left foot shooting up and nailing him right in the ribcage.

Beaten and tired as she was, Emma still was in no mood to endure whatever he felt like saying at her expense.

Trying to rally off the ropes, she went for another kick- but this time Gavin was prepared.

Catching her ankle with one foot, he pulled her forwards using the same leg, to the point that she was off the cables and within his reach.

Positioning himself side-to-side and slightly behind the Sexkitten, he reached around her torso with one arm across her visibly blistered chest and the other under both of her legs.

From there, he pulled upon an exceptional source of internal strength to lift Emma up off the ground, spinning partially around to face the hard camera before finally dropping her spinefirst against his outstretched knee.

The wail that came out of the short-haired woman brought a sinister grin to the face of her kneeling opponent….and an even bigger one across the smug sneering expression of her slender nemesis at ringside.

Watching the Sexkitten slink off of his kneecap and immediately go into a writhing fit on the canvas, Megan began touching herself yet again.

And this time, one of the legal competitors did notice it.


“Your girlfriend’s really enjoying herself over there,” he tauntingly observed for the groaning Sexkitten, his smile deepening even more as he saw the Vixen’s fingers slide inside her shorts now for better access. “God, she’s so fucking hot…”

Emma was too busy alternating between grimaces to even bother with a response.

That, and her cardio was nearly completely shot by this point, with most of her energy seemingly dedicated just to making sure she could still stand upright with her ailing back.

“Yeah, she wants more. I think I’m gonna give it to her….” A sudden and violent tug of her hair by the Great One preceded him dragging her back up to her feet yet again.

Closing his fist around her hair, he turned to the Vixen, who was flashing him a smile with implications behind it.

He liked those implications.

Giving her a wink, he threw her into the ropes again but quickly pursued her to implement his strategy of continually wearing her down.

She bounced off the cables chestfirst, right into a cruel forearm that caught her right in the small of her back.

He shoved her forwards into the ropes, and back she returned only to receive the same treatment to her spine.

An almost lazy push this time sent her into the ropes again, sending her back, but with a vengeance on her end.

Gavin went for the same strike but was met with physicality instead as she blindly threw a back elbow back and managed to connect right off the bridge of the nose.

He fell back a step, and she fell forwards...right into the ropes.

Grabbing at her spine, she was half-slumped against the cables while the Great One rubbed his nose sorely.

“Bitch!” Acting impulsively before he had much, if any, time to think, he stomped forward to capitalize on the brunette woman being on the ropes.

He attempted to clothesline her over the top and to the outside, but it was suddenly very difficult to do so when she disappeared under his swinging forearm, leaving nothing but empty air to meet him.

Pulling from pure reserves now, the Sexkitten dragged herself around him in a strategic sidestep- leaving the Great One to instead take her place on the ropes in a sudden turnaround.

He hastily twirled around but didn’t like what he saw. Not at all.

Launching herself at him full throttle, she sent them both over the top instead as she delivered a running splash!

Their torsos clashed with the rest of their bodies briefly intermingling while flipping over the ropes and to the outside.

Gavin, this time, took the brunt of the fall, virtually missing most of the ring apron and hitting the padded floor hard.

Emma was able to soften her unceremonious impact by still clinging to the middle ropes while descending, but just her tailbone contacting the apron was enough to jar her upon landing.

The crowd almost didn’t know how to react as both competitors ended up sprawled out on the outside, the Sexkitten’s momentous leap of faith doing damage to both of them at the same time….


“She got him close, but she needs to try again. If she can get Gavin back into the ring, she’s got the match practically giftwrapped if she can go all the way with him,” Kevin said.

“Even ‘if’ is a mighty strong word, given her present condition. This young lady has been through the ringer tonight- physically, sexually, emotionally, you name it. She has been a trooper without a doubt, but there’s only so much the human body can take. There’s only so much before something gives.”

“It won’t be her heart that gives, I’ll give her that much. I had my doubts, but Emma has not made this easy on Gavin at all. Even with the Vixen close by, she’s done her best to make sweet lemonade out of sour lemons. Talk about her size all you want, but you can’t seem to quantify the determination and grit she has to see this through to the end.”

“The end of who, though?” George pointed out to him, seeing the Sexkitten to be the first of the two to really recover from the fall. “Like you said, she’s got one shot to pull out a miracle. One shot to potentially stamp her ticket for championship gold, potentially, but the same could be said for Gavin. Hell, it’s anybody’s game now….”


And indeed it was, as Emma first attempted to stagger up, before succumbing to her hurting back and collapsing back to the floor.

She would try again, only for the same thing to happen.

It would take the rousing voices of the fans to finally stabilize herself somewhat.

Securing her legs under her, she would finally make it up to both feet, but only just barely.

Moving sluggishly though, she leaned against the barricade for a few moments to catch her breath, or at least what was left of it.

Feeling her heart pounding rapidly against her chest, the Sexkitten took full advantage of the quick breather- and looked down to see Gavin staring up blankly at the lights.

She recognized that look in his eyes.

It meant that she was close to finally putting this all behind her.

A moment or so later, the brunette woman stumbled forwards to try and collect her around the hair.

But, as soon as she bent over, the visible grimace straining across her face told her exactly how much of a bad idea that was.

Wincing heavily as she favored her back, the Sexkitten took another moment to push through that momentary jolt of discomfort.

And then, she finally got her hands around his hair.

It took even more of a concentrated effort just to peel him off the floor, a continuous strain immediately put on her petite muscles.

The process was very slow, but the crowd was fully behind her every second of the way.

And she used their voices as sufficient enough motivation to-

“Need some help, sister?”

Then, she froze.

Emma didn’t dare look behind her.

She tried to clear out all emotions from her face, focusing on trying to haul the Great One’s groaning, groggy carcass up against the ring apron.

He wasn’t even resisting her by now, so she knew that crossbody must’ve knocked him sufficiently loopy enough-

“God, hauling up all that weight must put some kind of pressure on the back, huh? Not really a job for a little girl, if you ask me.” Megan’s snide, mockingly sympathetic voice touched her ears again.

The Sexkitten clenched her teeth.

“No, you really should let someone help you out with that. Someone who actually knows what they’re doing. I thought Justin would’ve stayed, but I guess even he was tired of watching you fail and fail over again.”

She twirled around with that anger bubbling right up to the surface.

Her hands clenched as she let go of Gavin’s hair and stormed right up to the leering Vixen who was leaning against the ringpost.

The smugness was simply radiant in her lithe figure.

“You really wanna fucking try me? Now?” Emma seethed at the taller brunette woman.

“Babe, you need to calm down and focus on winning the match. Has Hunter taught you nothing?” she tried to ‘advise’ the Sexkitten, but she wasn’t feeling very receptive at the moment.

“He taught me how to fucking shut you up,” she growled, mere inches away from the seductress.

By the tone in her voice alone, she was ripe to start letting those fists fly with reckless abandon.

And the crowd was already itching for that eruption of physicality.

“Emma, you really need to get a hold of yourself. Look…” She gestured at Gavin, who was practically slumped against the ring apron. “You’ve actually got him beat. All you have to do is roll him into the ring…”

But then, her lips curled into a derisive smile, “....and steal my moves once again to earn yourself a little shot in the tournament. Sounds good, doesn’t it?”

“Steal your moves? Are you really still gonna be a petty bitch?” she scoffed.

Megan’s glare hardened. “Kitten, I think it’s time you face reality. And the reality is that you have been a bootleg, less talented, less attractive version of me ever since you got here. I am everything that you wish you could be-”

She cut her off right there. “No, I’m everything you’re not, and will never be. Unlike you, I don’t need to try and steal other people’s boyfriends just to feel good about myself.”

The Vixen nearly burst out laughing. “Try to steal your boyfriend? Now, you’re just insulting me. Babe, I have stolen your boyfriend. I’ve got his super-sized cock locked up in my own personal chastity, and he knows it.”

“He beat you,” was Emma’s defiant retort.

“Yeah, once. But loverboy won’t get that privilege of seeing me in that kinda position again. You, on the other hand, well….”

Emma was just about to eschew all caution and just start swinging when a masculine set of hands suddenly shoved against her back.

Skipping out of the way just in time, Megan watched on as Gallagher took advantage of opportunity, launching his opponent facefirst into the metal post with her back to him.

One second, she was seeing red, and the next, only darkness.

Hitting her forehead on the temple, she crumpled to the ground immediately.

The crowd booed him vociferously, but there was not one iota of care in the eyes of the Great One.

Leaning against the ring apron, he wiped his sweaty brow before wiping some imaginary dust off his shoulder, showing just how ‘conflicted’ he was about the surprise attack.

Seeing a chance to level the playing field, he did that, and then some.

The Sexkitten was barely stirring with his desperation shove paying off.

The Vixen returned to her role as the ‘neutral’ third party, observing the male sexfighter stumble around and seize a fistful of her hair.

Dragging her out without much difficulty, he hauled what was essentially dead weight up and then promptly rolled her back under the bottom rope.

One more unsympathetic shove against her side got her back into the squared circle fully.

He cast Megan one more glare before sliding back in after Emma, who barely moved at all after the ringpost collision.

What happened next was just needless cruelty.

Not wasting any time, Gavin brought her back up without any respite on her end, the grogginess from getting forcibly tattooed with the metallic cylinder still fresh on her.

Fitting her between his thighs, he lifted her up onto his shoulders in one last great effort…

… and then slammed her down with vicious finality as the powerbomb thundered from corner to corner!

She was still barely seeing through the veil of darkness clouding her vision after the events on the outside, but now, she was winded beyond any point of recovery.

Her back was on fire, and her head was a haze of blurry images and disorienting noises popping in all around her.

She was practically oblivious to the outside world now as the powerbomb rattled her at her very core.

Falling to his knees before her, Gavin folded both of her legs over her body so that her feet were pointed downwards toward her feet.

From there, the Great One buried his head between her naked thighs and aggressively lashed out with his tongue to enter her vagina.

Not at all taking his time to tease her, he began eating her out with an almost sloppy degree of lust, drilling his tongue in deep and swirling it about rapidly with little to no nuance at all.

Her inner folds were not just being lavished but lathered in his saliva as he worked her sex.

The booing didn’t stop, but neither did he.

Forcing her over on her shoulders even more so in the pinning combination, he just kept on doing what he was doing, utilizing his tongue like a vibrating, spinning rudder on a motorboat.

Again, there was no subtlety in his oral manipulations of her glistening feminine flower, just masculine determination to get the job done.

“Mmmmmm….” An aroused murmur built to an audible crescendo as she felt his tongue building up steam in her pussy, going from teasing here and there to a much more aggressive approach.

And once that happened, her legs practically went to jelly above her with his tongue lashings exciting her pussy despite her personal and professional dislike of the man himself.

“Fuuuuucckk…..fuck, fuck, fuck!” Shaking her head, she tried to will herself to stave off his advances, maybe even get to the ropes.

But at this point, she was so groggy all she saw were white lines all around her, and with his larger body stacked up on top of her, the heat of his presence had already permeated throughout her senses.

Digging his boots into the canvas behind her to further leverage his weight, Gavin kept on sliding and swirling his tongue inside her vagina, working it up more and more by virtue of pure, erotic persistence.

Sans the usual oral artistry, his technique was much more matter-of-fact and carnal, but it got the job done, nonetheless.

Emma hated him, but her pussy did not disagree with her sentiment long enough for her to try to rally back.

A few seconds later, she felt her juices gushing out to the surface, and then, the unthinkable happened.

She came.

“Nngghh! Fu-FUCK!” Shouting out in a shrieking voice, the Sexkitten kept on shaking her head, again and again, until her body quaked and erupted with palpable desire at his probing tongue.

Shooting out her girl-cum without restraint, she felt her lower half nearly fold in on her as her regrettable climax took her all the way.

The fans were shocked beyond relief now as her cum tainted the mat, but the exact opposite was true for the Vixen.

She watched as Gavin practically collapsed over her as the referee acknowledged the forced orgasm, calling for the bell.

Her smile had not diminished one bit.

“....fuuck….” Uttering that last word out of both frustration, anger, and disappointment, Emma was a heaving, wet mess as the musk of sexual combat filled her nostrils.

She couldn’t believe it, but the ring announcer’s booming voice signaled a reality check for both her and the crowd in attendance.

“Winner of the third fall and the match with a pussylick submission….and advancing to the Intercontinental Title Tournament….GAVIN THE GREAT!!!”


“Damn, guess he did have it in him all along,” George finally remarked, trying to fill the airtime with words as the booing from the crowd began pouring in from all directions.

The referee eventually raised the Great One’s hand while he straddled the brunette woman, an act that only seemed to get even more negative reception.

“He had it...with help,” Kevin reminded him, crossing his arms, “But, that seems to be the nature of the beast around here. You take it any way you can get it. And Gavin, even if he didn’t necessarily earn it the old-fashioned way, still emerged the winner anyways.”

“Mr. Gallagher won this match, admittedly against most expectations. We can debate the merits of how he came about it all night, but the Vixen, in all fairness, did not get involved physically in the match. Now, was she psychologically involved? Maybe. But the referee has to abide by SFL guidelines to the letter, and there’s nothing in the handbook that says you can’t be out there as long as you don’t lay hands on either competitor. Like it or not, folks, Gavin’s heading to that tournament.”

“Well, if anything, we won’t be hearing the end of this,” Kevin grumbled.


“Open up, cunt….”

Emma’s dazed and dreary eyes creaked open a few moments later to the ‘thrilling’ visual of Gavin’s dick being presented right in front of her mouth.

Straddling her face now, he impatiently tapped his throbbing flesh right against her lower lip.

The Sexkitten barely made out his facial expression, but she just knew there was nothing but arrogance outlining every inch of his features.

An arrogance that, at least for tonight, he had justified by winning against her.

As such, he was entitled to the spoils...

Reluctantly nodding without response, she slowly took his dick right into her mouth.

She hated this, but it was her duty to give him what he wanted.

Thus, sucking in its phallic shape like a lollipop, she began giving her a surprisingly enthusiastic blowjob.

Slow and steady it began, her lips already well used to balancing his girth as it only enlarged inside her oral cavern.

“Fuck, fuck yes…..” Grunting out loudly, he placed one hand behind her head, keeping her head stable while smugly facefucking the obviously superior sexual athlete, but, for tonight at least, the better sexfighter.

Annoyance built up within her, but she kept on seducing and stimulating his shaft in an enticing bobbing rhythm.....

“Who’s the fucking man now?” he breathed out, guiding his dick in and out of her again and again and again while she felt him pulsing already.

She could taste his precum already.

As Emma’s eyes held him, the male sexfighter pushed his hips forward, filling the Sexkitten’s mouth with more of his rod!

She would take more and more of his flesh in her mouth, sucking gently yet fervently on his foreskin.

“That’s right, bitch. Suck it, fucking suck….it.” He was certainly not subtle about it at all.

But, nevertheless, his smug posturing would finally be rewarded.

After a few more moments of Emma’s oral pleasuring, the Great One let out a wordless loud moan as he erupted in her devouring oral cavern!

Filling her mouth with his seed, she would be caught further in his ‘blast zone’ as he took his cock out and sprayed her face with the remaining ropes of erotic discharge.

Using his hand to coax every last demeaning drop out, Gavin enjoyed the high throes of certain ecstasy while she had to endure the humiliating lows of getting a facial in the public arena.

“Shiiiit…” Throwing his head back with a cocky smirk, the Great One looked down at his petite conquest, with her face now visibly showing the residual effects of his win.

“Damn straight.” Grinning from ear to ear, he began condescendingly rubbing his dick up against her cheeks while taunting her, “Good effort, kid. Really had me for a few...whew, seconds there.”

She held her tongue, the shame of losing to him of all people burning almost as much on the cum all over her face.

“But they don’t call me the Great One for nothing.” After one last tap of his crown on her lips, he stood up, stroking himself back down from his peak of arousal with one hand.

“Anytime you want a rematch, or hell, anytime you want this dick back in that hot mouth of yours, just let me know.” Putting his trunks back on, Gallagher made his exit with his entrance music drowned by the jeers of the audience.

Walking much more gingerly than how he had entered the ring, the brash and now victorious young man ducked through the ropes and proceeded to make his way up with the ramp.

One last middle finger salute to the crowd capped up his victorious limp backstage.

But as his footsteps faded, someone else approached.

Someone she, unsurprisingly, hated even more.

“God, he is just so annoying, isn’t he….?”

She almost wanted to avert her eyes, but the smug visage of the Vixen was upon her faster than her eyes could look away.

In the ring, now, Megan looked around as the crowd began to turn their attention back towards them.

Leisurely taking her time, she slowly bent down, going down on her knees right next to Emma’s stoic expression.

“Just between us girls, I was really rooting for you. That blowjob you were giving him earlier….perfection.” Flicking a damp strand of hair out of Emma’s right eye, she would amend her ‘compliment’ snidely, “Just like how I taught you.”

“You didn’t….teach me...shit.”

“No, but you’ve been aping my winning formula since fucking forever, babe, so I kinda did,” Megan pointed out to her with a shrug. “Obviously, it’s not much of a ‘winning’ formula if you can’t actually close out the deal.”

Grinning seductively, the big-breasted brunette ran her manicured finger against Emma’s cum-stained cheeks, feeling Gavin’s discharge along her fingertip.

Regarding her nemesis with a renewed sense of condescension, she tutted her lips tauntingly while wiping Gavin’s cum off on Emma’s naked chest.

“Man, just think what the boys must be thinking right now. Justin- well, ol’ loverboy’s probably having a fit right now. Or maybe, he’s jerking that big dick off, probably wishing he could’ve seen the ‘Great Turd’ ejaculate all over that cute face in person. Then, there’s Hunter….” Her lips curled into something of a resentful leer, but she kept wondering aloud, “Man, to be a fly on his wall right now- wow! He’s probably regretting all that time he put into training you, trying to make you out to be better than you are, like you’re somehow on my level.”

She firmly cupped Emma’s chin, holding her eyes captive with her own cruel stare.

“I wish this could’ve gone differently, Kitten, but orders are orders. And I am a professional... sometimes, at least. So for now....” Letting her words taper off, she tugged ever so suggestively at her top, before finishing with a relishing grin, “Tell Justin I can’t wait to have his dick inside me again. He’s improved his technique some, unlike you, but, once I get on top of him, well, let’s just say he’ll find out just how small he still is in the grand scheme of things around here.”

Getting up, the Vixen casually stepped over the Sexkitten’s cum-tainted body, exiting the ring with smug satisfaction outlining her every feature.

For her, it was indeed: Mission Accomplished.


Author's Note: Finally done!

- Really proud of how this match turned out! I hope you enjoyed it, and aren't too disappointed with the match result.

- So, to update the lineup for the IC Tournament: Dan Danger, The Phenom, Gavin the Great, Bux Bunny, La Dama, Keiji Miura, Tiffany, Jesse Belle, and The Swann.

- If you haven't, already, I'd highly suggest you check out @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]'s IC qualifier also on this show: Ruby Ryder vs The Tigress. There will be spoilers for that particular match going forward, so there is your warning.

- As always, thanks to @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for allowing me usage of his characters.

- Up next, the match you've all been looking forward to: Dan Danger vs Cherry Kiss!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

These little distractions by said nemesis' detract from the great writing in my opinion. I mean how many times can somebody get distracted verbally by someone outside the ring and not learn, and especially multiple times in one match. It is really great writing but these turn of events seem to almost take away from the great matches.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I watch with a critical eye as Emma again moves in on “The Great One.” God I can practically see the air quotes around his name.

“Emma’s moving slow.”

I spare an appraising glance for my companion, her taut, nude form on full display as she pulls her very, very brief trunks up over her thighs, snapping the waistband of the thin material over her hips as she straightens up. My tag team partner for the evening, Kendra, settles onto the couch next to me, her still topless body leaning into my shoulder as she keeps her eye on the match.

“That’s not all her back either,” she continues.

“No, no it’s not.” I concede as I watch Gavin slice his hand across Emma’s chest as she wails in protest. Her wrestling game has improved tremendously, but she’s fallen into the trap a lot of young competitors do. She’s doubling down with flashy moves, wanting the roar of the crowd’s approval, her expanding skills prompting her to stretch and reach…and promptly gassing herself by the time she gets to the third fall.

“I think someone’s got a lot of cardio in her future,” Kendra sing-songed, practically bubbling with barely suppressed mirth at the thought of the long hours Emma’s going to be putting in. She’s not at all wrong though. Emma needs to learn to pace herself for three falls in wrestling as well as she paces herself with her sexual attacks. It will come…

“Well, isn’t that interesting?” Kendra purrs as the camera just happens to focus on Megan for a moment as Emma writhes from another cruel backbreaker.

I can’t help the surge of excitement that tingles along my body as Megan tilts her head back, her expression and the position of her long, probing fingers leaving no doubt just how much she’s enjoying the match. Kendra licks her lips as I get another confirmation of just how interested the Vixen is in Emma.


“YES!” I cry out enthusiastically as Emma and Gavin crash to the floor. It hurt Emma too, (we will definitely be working on that) but Gavin took the worst of it. All Emma needs to do is get him back in the ring. I know from experience how hard that seemingly simple act can be sometimes, but Emma can do it.


No do not turn around and look at Megan! Eyes on your opponent!

"Damn it Emma, you’ve got him!" I burst out. "Don’t let Megan distract you again!"


“Wow, she is really in Emma’s head isn’t she?” Kendra observes, running her fingers down my side and distracting me from my growing agitation. She stops as Gavin recovers, moving behind the oblivious Sexkitten.

I tilt my head down, leaning forward as Gavin shoves, launching Emma face first into the metal post! The steel steps in round one, the rakes to the eyes, the opportunistic shove as Emma once again allows Megan to distract her. I lightly suck in the right side of my cheek as the camera takes in Emma’s dazed, unseeing eyes. It’s over as Gavin shoves her back into the ring all he has to do is….


Did he really just power bomb Emma nearly through the ring when she was practically out? I breathe out slowly, leaning back into the couch as Gavin sloppily licks his way to a finish. His technique or lack thereof is practically offensive, a small, detached part of my brain notes.

“Well, Vixen never laid a hand on her…looks like Gavin the Great just won a spot in the tournament, wonders never cease.” Kendra observes. She turns her head to me when I don’t have a comment.

“James?” Kendra asks as the match draws to its now inevitable close, Gavin claiming his spoils from the defeated Sexkitten. Tribute sessions can be rough, but Emma always gives it her all. Gavin’s probably getting the best blowjob he’s had in his life right in the middle of the ring. Enjoy it while you can, “Great One.”

I have a lot on my mind tonight, and a match to get ready for. Emma and I will need to have a talk, but after Kendra and I have finished giving Mandy and Kim a little reminder of what happens when you let your mouth run away with you in the SFL. I think Megan and I will need to get to know each other a little better once I return full time too, especially if she’s going to keep name dropping me. In the meantime…

“Kendra, love,” I begin, staring straight into the screen as Gavin makes his way toward the back. Her eyes snap toward me, seemingly nonplused by my tone. “As I’m only back for tonight, would you do me a tremendous favor if you happen to encounter Gavin the Great in the ring?” Her head tilts to the side, one eyebrow raised quizzically.

“Make him hurt.”

I don’t take my eyes of the screen, but a soft intake of breath accompanies her widening eyes. I turn my head toward her, taking in the way her lips up quirk in wicked mirth and her eyes and nose crinkle.

“Anything for you, luv.”
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Another top notch entry in this series. Loved the match, hated the result! Damn Gavin! I hope Kendra gets him in the first round and picks him apart!

I have been holding my breath in anticipation of the Cherry/Dan match and I can't wait to see what happens. I'm hoping Dan loses to Cherry putting his confidence at an all time low. The against all the odds he pulls it back from the brink to win the tournament. That turn of events would raise Cherry up to be this bogeyman-like figure to Dan, someone who wasn't just an antagonist but someone he feared getting in the ring with.

Thanks again for this story B4L and good luck with law school.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Thank you so much for concluding this particular match, mate. I would like to congratulate Gavin, but in reality I am eagerly hoping you offer an alternate version of this when the opportunity allows. Emma is getting a lot better as an in-ring performer, but as Hunter opined above, she has to learn to pace herself and to avoid the needlessly flashy moves that tend to drain her energy reserves too much. I liked Hunter asking Kendra to make Gavin hurt if the opportunity presents itself, and her enthusiastic promise to do so.

As you also stated above; Dan Danger vs Cherry Kiss! I have a feeling that this one is going to be extraordinary.

Thanks again, mate.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

You said you were proud of how this one turned out, and I do think there's a lot to be proud of here. I've said before that writing somebody else's characters can be pretty tricky, but I think your take on Emma came out well. She was really aggressive, but that fits with how she usually is when somebody (especially Megan) gets under her skin badly. I love the teasing, nympho side of Emma, but I understand why we didn't see it as much in this match.

When it comes to the fight itself, I do have to (begrudgingly) give props to Gavin. Even though I'm chalking up an assist to Megan, he did manage to keep the fight really rough and draw Emma into extended physical/wrestling exchanges instead of sexual ones. He made Emma work hard to claim the sexual initiative (if I could call it that), and was able to push her away multiple times before she could finish him off. Basically, as trash as he was during that Kanami Honda match, he was the exact opposite tonight. He fought much smarter, and (largely) kept the match where he could handle it. That being said...he still needed multiple assists from Vixen to pull it off, and without those, I don't think he gets his hand raised. Despite having a good game plan, Emma's just better than him on paper. She's trained and fought with some of the best in the League, she's got top-notch sexual skills, and has been said to have championship-level potential. Gavin though, well, he's an alright enough wrestler, but his sexual talents are...just bare-bones, mechanical. You (and Lac in his follow-up) establish Gavin's faults very nicely, and I think it makes sense; even in a world of professional sexfighters, there's a huge range in their sexual skills. In a way, it works for his character too; he's a conceited, self-absorbed guy who only thinks of his own success and pleasure, and so, his ability to pleasure others is compromised. I'll enjoy his future loss in the tournament.

As for Emma, she hung in there considering all that Gavin put her through, but she was really undone (again) by her Achilles' heel—Megan. It is frustrating to see her get distracted again and again by Vixen, but at the same time I know Emma probably can't help herself. Megan lives in Emma's head, and the struggle to free herself from her has been a part of Emma's character for a long time. This next bit I'll say to Lac as much as to you: Megan gets off on not only seeing Emma fail, but on holding her down, making Emma feel like she's a cheap copy of a much better sexfighter...so what will Emma do about it? Even beyond improving her skills generally, I think she has to ask herself: what can she do, that Megan can't do? Much of the Sexkitten/Vixen story has been told in Hunter vs Wildcat and will continue to be told there, but I love seeing it get advanced even more in Tales too. I think you captured the dynamic between the two girls really well, and it made this chapter more fun as a result.

As a final comment, I did want to note something Megan said at the end. She mentioned something about "orders are orders," and I thought that was weird. She did have a brief semi-alliance with Nikky when she first showed up (that quickly fell through), but Vixen's been a lone wolf for a long time...who would she be taking orders from? I assume it's a secret for now so I don't expect an answer, but just thought I would point it out.

All in all, a fun chapter that gets me more excited for the IC tournament. I feel like Dan Danger/Cherry Kiss II has the potential to be even better, though.
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