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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Johnny ‘Whiskey’ Laurence vs Achara ‘The Viper’

“Light the fuse and run brother cause you ain’t got a lot of time…!”

The start of the southern rock song Johnny and his stepsister Tiffany shared rang out in the arena as the male half of the Texan team came out first, with his blonde partner bringing up the rear. (‘Waiting for the Thunder’ by Blackberry Smoke.) He was the one clad for action, clad in trunks sporting the American flag colors. On his upper body he wore a black leather jacket, with the logo of a running horse embroidered in white. The look was topped off by a white cowboy hat that covered his dark hair. Tiffany herself was clad in jeans and a black AC/DC t-shirt that was stretched tight trying to contain her large breasts. It might have once been comfortably up to the task, but Tiffany claimed that these ‘up north’ laundry machines had shrunk the garment. Still didn’t stop her from wearing it. She carried a small travelling cooler in her right hand.

“Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas he is one half of Southern Comfort, he is…..Whiskey!” the announcer called out.

The crowd cheered, making Johnny tip his hat to them as the two of them went to the ring.

“I still think we should ditch these stage names and go with our real ones.” Tiffany remarked.

“I share a name….full on both first and last names….with the bad guy of that Karate Kid movie!” he commented. “It was alright when the movie kind of fell off the radar, but now with the series being so popular everyone is going to make a comment about it!”

“Pfft. I think you’re the only one that has noticed that coincidence.” Tiffany shrugged.

“Do you mind? I need to focus up on my match.” he said as he stepped onto the ring apron, then went between the ropes into the ring. “This woman has got herself a rep here for being dangerous.”

“So what? Not like we haven’t faced ‘dangerous’ people before.” the blonde shrugged. “But alright, worry yourself sick if you want. Just don’t overthink things.”

Tiffany’s devil may care attitude was made apparent by her words before she walked around the ring, taking up a standing position a short distance from the commentators’ booth. In the ring, Johnny removed the hat and jacket, revealing his well toned physique, which drew cheers and whistles from those that appreciated it.

“The Texan team has gotten a fairly large following these days.” George commented. “I think Brandy’s win over the Beast might have the most to do with that, but Whiskey was impressive during the tag match against the tag champions.”

“Still, it’s his first outing in the singles division here in the SFL.” Kevin said. “I did some digging and my sources down south tell me that he and Brandy were holding down the tag belts in their old division for a good while. And that both were strong singles competitors.”

“That was in the SWSFA.” Caroline stated having her own sources, referring to the Southwest Sexfighting Association. “One of the bigger independent leagues but still, it’s not as big as the SFL. And it remains to be seen how he fares alone against high level competition. Achara was a hair’s breadth from claiming the IC title a year ago, and if it wasn’t for some interference there would probably be a tournament with the winner facing her instead of Mandy.”

“Mandy calls herself the Cutthroat for a reason. As gifted as a fighter as Achara is, she just didn’t have what it takes to dethrone Mandy.” Kevin shrugged.

“Sure, sure, she didn’t have a ‘bff’ willing to help her win, you mean.” George cut in.

Climbing to the second rope in the corner, Johnny held his right hand up in the ‘hook em horns’ hand sign, held high, then rotated his wrist, converting the gesture to the ‘let’s rock’ gesture, which got a bigger pop with them being outside of his home state. Pounding his chest twice to fire himself up, he hopped down, settling into his corner to wait as the referee stood near him.

“I bleed it out, digging deeper, just to throw it away!” the speakers blared out loudly as electric guitars blared. (‘Bleed It Out’ Linkin Park Metal Cover by Jonathon Young and Travis Carte) Standing at the top of the ramp was an Asian woman, clad in a bikini that was covered in greenish brown snakeskin style print. Her body, like Johnny’s, was well toned and muscled, both of them being lithe for their genders. However the most striking thing was the large snake she carried draped around her shoulders, part of it’s coils curled around her upper right arm.

“And now, formerly from Chiang Mai, Thailand, now fighting out of Boulder, Colorado she is Achara, the Viper!” the announcer called out, getting a pop out of the crowd since they were in Denver.

She strode to the ring, her eyes intense as she ignored the cheers thrown her way by the crowd as she made her way down the ramp. For a moment she paused at the bottom, looking at the larger Tiffany as she remained standing outside the ring, before stepping onto the apron and then between the ropes to enter the ring. Once inside, the Thai woman locked her gaze on Johnny as she uncoiled the snake from her arm, kissing it lightly on the head. Then she handed it off to a ring assistant who placed it in a small glass case before leaving the ring. Her eyes remain coldly locked on her target.

“Oh here we go. Say what you will about her confidence in her martial skills, but Achara is intense.” Kevin said. “She’s playing those mind games right now, I bet, and there is a shiver of fear going down Whiskey’s back.”

“Oh...I wonder about that.” Caroline remarked nodding towards the Texan.

Johnny meanwhile, was bobbing his head in time to Achara’s music.

With a sneer, Achara launched into a quick striking routine, a flurry of slashing elbow strikes, followed up by a low roundhouse kick before she jumped straight up, launching into a knee strike that would have caught a man taller than the Texan! Landing in crouch, she tossed her hair back with a flick of her head as she watched his reaction.

“Holy fuck.” Johnny said in appreciation, clapping at the agile display.

“I’m starting to think that in the battle of wits, Whiskey here might be unarmed.” Caroline said disdainfully. “He’s either too friendly for his own good, or he’s not taking Achara seriously.”

The referee would move to the center of the ring, beckoning the two sexfighters to meet there. Face to face, Johnny was taller than Achara by half a foot, but the fact didn’t daunt the woman at all, who glared intensely at the man with the star spangled trunks before holding her hand out for a microphone.

“Look at you...big guy from the big south.” Achara snarled, her English slightly accented with her Thai background, although the ease with which she spoke it hinted at her long time residency in the US. “You walk in here, your big dick swinging in those made in America tights as if I’m supposed to take you seriously. Did that work in some backwater league?”

Johnny would motion to a tech to ask for a microphone. When one was brought to him, he shrugged at Achara and replied, “Well, from what you just said, you think I have a big dick, so that’s something.”

The crowd snickered as Achara let out a snort of disdain, shaking her head angrily.

“Hey you said it!” Johnny said as she stepped forward. “Whoa, whoa. I don’t even know you, and you’re coming at me all agitated. Did I do something to you? Tell you what, before we get this started, let’s shake hands, start at neutral and-”

He had started to put his hand out only to have Achara slap it away before stepping forward to get into his face. Or more accurately his chest, given their height difference.

“I know your kind. You think you can stroll in here, get title shots in your first match against the tag champions, and step right past the rest of us who have worked and fought here, without someone saying something?” she snarled. “I’m your reality check, cowboy. You think I’m wrong? Prove it. And if your blonde ‘stepsister’.....”

She held up her hands in quotes.

“...gets in the way because you’re too much of a coward to face me alone without hiding behind her, I will lay her out. Even if she did beat the Beast….”

“Shorty, you just wrote a check that ass can’t cash!” Tiffany yelled. “I’ma gonna-”

“Tiff, head to the back.” Johnny said quietly into the mic, a dark expression crossing over his features.

“What?!” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Leave the cooler by the announcers’ booth and go. I’ll see you in the back.” he said.

With a sigh, the blonde set down the cooler, then left the ringside area, heading back up the ramp to the back.

“There.” Johnny said in a deceptively calm tone, although his southern accent was a lot more pronounced, a sign of his own agitation. “Just you and me. And I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told others when they come at me with this shit. Management made that call….we didn’t. I sure as hell didn’t ask to be put against the tag champions as my first match. But if you think me or Tiff are all show and no go, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Oh no, not her.” Achara spoke. “She’s beaten the Beast. You? You’re just the one who happened to get into SFL with her. She has….go as you put it. It’s you that is….all show no go.”

Johnny stared at her.

“I see. And you’re the one who’s going to cut me from the herd, right?”

She nodded with a grin.

“You know some kind of martial arts, right? Cause after the shit you just talked, you’d better know somethin’.”

Achara’s eyes widened in anger at the threat.

With that, Johnny set the mic down, then used his foot to scoot it to the edge before heading to the corner to wait for the bell.

Achara tossed her mic out of the ring at a tech, with force before she went to the opposite corner.

“Holy hell…” George said. “This got real intense...real fast!”

“See, Achara and her mind games.” Kevin said. When George and Caroline looked at him, he explained. “In a short conversation, she got him to send away his partner, and the protection she would have given him, and has gotten him angry enough to be reckless.”

“Achara looked pretty ticked herself.” George said. “I honestly think she has a problem with Whiskey and his partner getting put up against the Wildcat and Beast one their first night.”

The bell rang kicking off the match. Sure enough, both wrestlers came out of their corners going right at each other!

Johnny pulled up short, and then moved to the side, dodging the lunging front kick Achara threw with a loud yell!

The woman didn’t pitch forward off balance like he thought she would. Instead, she came out of the move at a run, heading into the ropes. Running towards her as she came rebounding back, the Texan caught her arm, flipping her over with an arm drag!

Keeping a hold of the arm, Johnny was set on trying to lock her down, kneeling over her near her shoulders, about to apply an armbar. But Achara had other ideas. Her other arm came up, wrapping around his head dragging it down and then holding it as she showed off her flexibility and quickness, bringing her knee up to strike him on the top of his skull!

The strike lacked her full force, but it was enough to make the Texan wobble back to a standing position as Achara kipped back to her feet!

Shaking his head clear gave Achara enough time to dart inside, her hands on his triceps, locking him up in a clinch.

“Oh here we go…” George said.

“Hnnngh!” Johnny grunted out as a knee came crashing up into his ribs! Then another and another!

“Those Muay Thai style knees from the clench are devastating!” Caroline called out!

Achara adjusted her grip, grabbing the back of his head, holding it with one hand. Her other arm curled, then she slammed it’s elbow into the side of his face with a hook-like forward strike! It didn’t have much windup behind it, but it didn’t need it, as her power and weight focused behind the hard bone of her elbow!

“Her elbows are bad too! SFL outlaws closed fists, but people underestimate the damage an elbow strike can do and they can even open up-yeah there we go!” Caroline added. “He’s cut!”

Achara had struck three more times as the commentator had talked, and the last blow opened a gash on the side of the Texan’s face, on his cheekbone!

She paused, a grin on her face as she saw the wound.

“There we go…now you’re looking handsome-” the Thai woman began softly, but Johnny cut her off, exploding out of the clinch with a series of desperate body blows into Achara’s ribs that caused separation. Then Johnny tucked his leg to his body and thrust it forward, kicking the lighter woman solidly in the stomach, the force of the blow sending her stumbling back to rest against the ropes.

But Johnny didn’t pursue her. Instead, he backed away, arm extended in a warding guard as his other hand dabbed at the cut.

“Oh, it turns out you may also know a little something...some boxing maybe? Probably learned from some strip mall gym.” Achara said as she stepped away from the ropes, lightly patting her hard stomach. She raised an eyebrow as he studied his fingertips. “Haven’t seen the sight of your own blood?” she said with a giggle.

“Nah. Tiff busted my nose last week over the last shot of a bottle we were sharing.” he replied flippantly, trying to cover the dismay and unease he felt. “Just never got called handsome while having it on my face. You’re a special kind of twisted, aren't ya?”

“You left the small farm, cowboy. Now I’m going to eat you alive…” Achara said as she knotted her fists and raised them, assuming a Muay Thai stance as she licked her lips.

She came on in an almost bestial rush. Johnny was fast enough to take a step back and as she came in, using his reach to drive a punch home into her chest, hard enough to send her stumbling. But she recovered with a smile as she locked eyes with him again.

"Yeah that's it. Fight!" She called out before rushing back in.

Johnny tried to form a plan of defense, establish range, a perimeter….he had reach, and damn it that mattered! But panic was bubbling in his mind. Achara seemed like she was in a frenzy. The way she reacted to his blood was unsettling! Less like a snake and more like some kind of shark! He would strike and she would adjust, moving in at a crazy angle to tag him with a blow, a quick body jab here, a kick to the side of the leg there, and then dart away!

Then with a wild yell, she came on, and Johnny slipped away to the side, eluding her rush and moving behind her, thinking to grab her from behind.

But his Thai opponent suddenly threw herself up and and backwards, her foot lashing out to catch Johnny with a Pele kick to the head as she fell onto her back!

The Texan staggered about for a moment, weaving on his feet, before falling onto his back!

“Achara is just striking at will at this point! I’m telling you, no country hayseed is going to keep up with the Viper. He’s too slow, physically and mentally, for it.” Kevin said to his other two commentators.

Kipping up to her feet again, Achara turned towards the fallen Texan. She watched as he rolled onto his front and then got up to one knee, measuring her next move.

Readying herself she lashed out with a high kick, looking to score with another skull rattling kick! But the Texan blocked it, catching the leg and using it to spin the woman around with such intensity that she went full circle back to facing him.

When Achara was facing Johnny again, her vision was filled with the sight of two feet right before they plowed into her face, driving her to the canvas!

“Man, I know I saw it back when he and Brandy were taking on Beast and the Wildcat, but seeing it again, that guy has an almost textbook perfect dropkick…” George said.

“Standing dropkicks don’t win matches, George. And it’s not like he has to jump high to kick her face. ” Kevin replied, shaking his head. “Look, she is already back up.”

Sure enough the Viper rolled to her feet, calling out, “That’s it, make me feel it!”

Johnny went on the attack, catching her with a punch to the side of the ribs! Then he stepped in, striking with an elbow of his own that caught Achara in the side of the face!

“Ohhh! That looked vicious….” Caroline winced.

“Eh, sure it looked vicious. But Achara will shake it off.” Kevin shrugged.

The woman staggered into the nearby corner and Johnny came in after her. However, Achara’s striking speed was as quick as a strike from her serpentine namesake, and she used it to catch the oncoming Texan with a pair of quick punches, one to his own exposed ribs, and a follow up jab into his face that caught him between the eyes, dazing him!

The blow drew a warning from the referee, but Achara was still in motion, grabbing Johnny in a clinch position and turning around, putting his back against the corner! She fired a knee strike up into his stomach before she released his head, doubling him over. Then she brought her fist up in an uppercut-like motion, but her arm curled in, and instead of her closed hand striking under his chin, Achara’s elbow was the striking point, sending him back to standing upright, although wobbly legged.

Then, the Thai woman put a hand on his shoulder and then leaped up while pushing up with that hand. As she rose, she slammed her knee up in a brutal strike that caught him under the chin, sending him against the turnbuckles and then sliding down to land in an almost prone position in the corner, his head resting on the bottom turnbuckle as Achara landed.

“Now that’s vicious.” Kevin said to Caroline. “She calls that corner striking combination, well I can’t pronounce it in her native Thai, but her translation is Three Venoms’ Kiss!”

Licking her lips, Achara squatted down, grabbing a hold of Johnny’s trunks and pulling them down, stripping the battered man. With a grin, she tossed them out of the ring as she reached out, stroking his manhood. Despite being rendered nearly unconscious, his rod rose to it’s full length.

Di Mak….” she hissed in Thai. “Not bad, my lost little cowboy.”

Squat walking up to straddle his waist, she guided his cock into her, gasping in pleasure as it slid into her. Her hands took hold of his, looping his arms under the bottom rope as he groaned at the sensation. She took some time to adjust to the dimensions to the hard cock inside her, giving a groan as she felt it settle into her.

“Mmm, this is nice….but I need you with me.” she said as she began to raise and lower herself along the length of his manhood, resting her weight on the balls of her feet.

Taking one of her hands, she put it to the gash along his cheek and then pushed! Johnny gasped in shock and pain as his eyes flew open. His arms caught in the ropes, he thrashed in panic as Achara grabbed a hold of his wrists again, using the leverage of his looped arms to keep him trapped.

“There we go, fully awake now.” she said. “Ohhnnn, yes..” she groaned as she felt his body’s panicked motions move the cock about inside her!

Her eyes locked on his as she leaned forward.

“Mmnn...look at me. That’s it…” she cooed in a voice that was soothing, but also made Johnny’s hair stand on end. The Texan groaned as her sex squeezed his cock, her hips moving that tight cavern up and down.

Her dark eyes held his own wide eyed gaze as she continued to ride him.

“Ahhhh that’s the look. Fear, and desire all rolled into one.” she breathed. “No quips, no jokes? That’s ok, they’d just be in the way now…”

Her hips then shifted motions, grinding about in circular motion, her lower spine weaving about to aid the motion.

“Mnnnhh….oh god….” Johnny moaned out. “Nnngh, no…!”

His arms pulled against hers, and even with the leverage disadvantage he was threatening to pull free!

“Shhh, no.” Achara breathed, her hips picking up pace. “You’re mine now, do you hear me? Your fear, your desire, they belong to me!”

“Oh fuck, this is crazy, you’re crazy….ohhhh god….!” Johnny groaned out loudly. “Ohhhhh my god!”

“Yes, yes that’s it, cum!” Achara encouraged as she felt him losing control. The look of it was plain on his face, and the Asian ran her tongue along her lips of at the sight of it.

Then, with a final slithering motion of her hips and back, she slammed her pussy down on his cock as she felt him start to spurt inside of her!

“Ahhh holy….gawd...damn...it!” he cried out as he erupted inside her!

The referee called for the bell, signaling the fall in Achara’s favor. However the Thai woman kept moving, grinding her pussy along the fading vestiges of Johnny’s cock. Reaching down, she rubbed her fingers briskly over the pearl of her clitoris, sending herself into a shuddering climax, crying out in a rapid burst of Thai before breathing out “Yes….yes!” as the bell continued to ring!

After her climax finished Achara rose to her feet, giving Johnny a smirk as she tossed her hair back over her shoulders.

“And the winner of the fall, with a cowgirl position forced orgasm after her Three Venoms’ Kiss, the Viper!”

“Not bad….I hope you don’t just fold in the next round. That would be so disappointing.” she said as she walked back to her corner.

“Jesus Christ….” Johnny muttered in disbelief as he dragged himself to his feet, eyes on his foe as he retreated to his corner.

“And Achara takes this fall. What’s amazing is that how she can just brutalize foes bigger than her. She truly is one of the better strikers in the SFL, for sure.” Caroline commented to her fellow broadcasters. “And really, what do you do if you’re Whiskey, after going through a fall like that?”

“I’d pray that Achara wants to takes the next fall the same way.” George replied. “I mean, talk about her being hot aside, she is fully capable of delivering knockout strikes with her knees and feet. Whiskey was barely above conscious after that corner attack. The man from Texas may have to head to concussion watch if he takes too many shots like that tonight.”

“I’m kind of with George at this point. I mean, this guy, Whiskey, maybe he’s a decent tag partner for Brandy. But here, alone? No backup, nobody to tag out to, against someone who nearly took that belt off of Mandy?” Kevin shook his head. “Like she said, Achara is going to eat him alive.”

(Phew, managed to finish this fall that I had been working on for awhile. So I hope you guys like Achara, who is represented by former MMA fighter Grace Cleveland! Anyway, as a note on the brief bit of Thai that is in this, I didn't use Thai lettering, choosing instead to have it appear as it appeared spelled in Western lettering. I don't think I'll be able to continue this rapid pace, but I had some days off from work, and no errands to run, so here we are! As always do check out @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] and @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]'s SFL stories. The sheer volume and quality of their work is amazing! Thank you for reading, and I hope you're all well out there!)
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Objection: After watching the Cobra Kai I don't think Johnny is the bad guy

Achara is a very interesting and a dangereous character. Very good addition to SFL fold. It looks that the boy is in trouble.

Thanks for the continuation.
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

As he settled into the corner, Johnny looked at the approaching ring tech who was bringing him a towel.

“Can you bring me my cooler?” he asked the man.

“You can’t eat or drink anything from it, and you can’t have anything from it on your person when the round starts.” the tech replied, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Ice, man. I just need some ice….” Johnny sighed, motioning at the gasp on his cheek.

Nodding, the tech brought him the cooler Tiffany left. Although he stood on the apron, and kept a hold of it, he opened it, letting Johnny take a handful of ice that he promptly wrapped in the towel.

The Texan would nod in appreciation as he pressed the cold compress against his face, after he used it to wipe away the blood.

After a few minutes, the commentators were talking amongst themselves.

“Well, he’s doing a good job of self doctoring himself during the rest period. But that doesn’t solve his problem of dealing with Achara when the round starts.” Caroline commented.

“Yeah. Whiskey has shown himself to be quicker than the Beast, and the Wildcat for that matter. But so far, Achara has taken the edge on speed here.” George said. “And she hits hard. The guy may be bigger than her, but when she gets a hard elbow or kick in, she absolutely rocks him!”

“We’ll see how much more the cowboy is willing to take before he decides to throw in the towel. Speaking of towels though, the ringside attendant is asking for Whiskey to give up the one he’s using, which means we must be close to starting the next fall.”

Handing over the towel, which now had spots of red on it, to be disposed of, Johnny would bounce up and down lightly on the balls of his feet, getting his blood moving faster as the second fall grew near. His lips were pressed tight together, brow furrowed in thought as studied his opponent.

In her corner, Achara would bring herself to a full standing position, throwing a few practice punches before raising her knee up to slap loudly against the cupped palm of her hand, her eyes on the taller man across the ring.

The bell rang, and Johnny came out of his corner more warily. He and Achara circled each other, until the Texan suddenly attacked! He came in with a looping right hook. The Thai woman knew that such a slow strike had to be a feint. She lunged in, getting inside his reach before he could launch whatever real attack he had in mind!

The Asian would strike with a close range kick that aimed low, at the side of his ankle, making him grunt in pain as it struck. Smiling Achara struck at the limb again and again, then again, a rapid fire burst of blows that sent him stumbling back.

“I bet you think you’re tough, don’t you?” she said. “You hit the gym, got some muscle, a little pro wrestling training and you think you’re big and bad. News flash, you’re not. Ryaahh!”

She came in at a run, leg swinging in a low slashing kick at the same leg she had battered, striking with enough force to kick it out from under him! The Texan reeled on one leg and Achara followed it up by stepping in and slamming an elbow into the side of his head.

However, Johnny got his guard up, blocking the strike! Then he grabbed her, holding with his hands in a clinching position behind her head slamming a knee up into her stomach!

Holding onto her, he suddenly pivoted, using his greater mass to yank her about so her back was to the ropes! A second knee kept her staggering before he put two hands to her chest and pushed hard and sent her stumbling a few steps into the ropes and then bouncing back! When she came back, she was greeted by the Texan exploding up from a crouching position he had assumed, striking her with the heel of his palm in an upperwards, thrusting motion, under her jaw! The force of the blow blasted Achara up before she landed on her back, making the crowd gasp in shock!

“What in the world!?” George exclaimed as the Viper scrambled into the ropes for safety. “Whiskey comes back, firing his knees to the midsection while holding Achara, but transitions into an uppercut when he pushes her into the ropes!”

“That was a closed fist! Ref!” Kevin yelled.

“That was delivered with the palm, totally legal. I’ve seen blows like it come from wrestlers who’ve seen some form of martial arts training.” Caroline said.

Achara used the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Turning about, she regarded Johnny with an even expression as he stood in the center of the ring, waiting for her to come off the ropes. Then smiled, showing her teeth.

“Oooh….cowboy….” she said in a breathy tone. “Think you’ve got more in you?”

She came in with an odd rush, moving off to the side before lunging in at a diagonal angle. Slipping inside, she struck with a solid blow to Johnny ribs! However, at the same time, Achara’s head rocked back as struck by another, thrusting palm strike to the point of her chin.

The two stumbled away from each other, Achara shaking her head dazedly.

Johnny recovered first, and lunged at Achara, grabbing her and pulling her head down as he raised his leg, blasting her with a knee lift! Wobbly legged, Achara stumbled as the Texan spun around, delivering a spinning heel kick that drove his heel into the side of the Asian’s jaw. Achara whirled with the force of the blow as she went down, rolling out of the ring!

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Kevin called out. “What is this!? What kind of country western redneck does martial arts? Hitting with spinning kicks and crap!”*

“Walker, Texas Ranger.” George replied with a straight face, which made Kevin give a snarl of disgust as he went on. “Did you not see the enzuigiri Johnny hit the Beast with?”

“Well trading with Achara there must have hurt Whiskey as well.” Caroline commented as Johnny neglected to pursue the Thai woman, instead waiting in the ring as he held his ribs for a moment.

In the back, Johnny's partner Tiffany was watching on a TV mounted on the wall.

"Come on, Johnny. Why are you trying to beat this bitch at her game?" She muttered.

Back in the ring, Johnny would straighten up,* looked for Achara as the count to twenty went on. At ten, suddenly her head popped up over the apron like some kind of jack in the box, as she smiled at the Texan in the ring. Then, she slithered back in the ring.

“You do know something." she said with a smile as she stood up. "What is it? Oh no don't tell me, don't spoil the surprise."

She raised her fists.

"Xô phracêā! It's been so long since I've had a stand up fight!"

With that she advanced with a rapid patter of bare feet on canvas! John responded by sidestepping but she moved with him, swinging a kick in from the direction he tried to retreat to, cutting off his escape while striking him in the ribs, which was the same side he was favoring!

He staggered away from the Asian, getting an arm down low to protect his ribs, leaving his head exposed looking down at the mat.

Licking her lips in anticipation of landing a devastating strike, Achara would take a few steps back, then moved in with more pattering of her feet on the mat, running forward then leaping up! Curling her arm back, she would bring her elbow slashing down as she descended!

However, her eyes widened as, right after her jump, as the Texan exploded forward, his leg lashing out with a superkick! Johnny had heard the slap of her feet against the mat, and counted the steps, and interpreted the suddenly ending of them as Achara's jump!

The crowd let out a loud roar of surprise as Johnny's foot crashed full on into her face!

Driven to the mat, Achara rolled onto her side, a dazed look in her eyes. Johnny would quickly tear off her bikini bottoms, which she had only moved to the side to expose her pussy to fuck him in the first fall, then throw them into the crowd. The fans roared in anticipation of him getting erotic payback, which Johnny had every intent of doing.

But at the last moment he changed his mind. Achara demonstrated an ability to rally back after hard impacts, and he didn't really want to be exposed trying to perform cunnilingus or something else sexual on her when she came to.

But they were in the middle of the ring...and for all her toughness….she was still a small woman.

So instead he rolled her onto her front and knelt over her. Taking her right leg, the Texan tucked it under his arm and braced the bare foot against his chest. Leaning forward, he laced his fingers together under her chin, then pulled back, finishing applying a leg hook camel clutch!

"Nnnyyaaaahhhh!" The Viper screamed out as she felt pain jolting through her back and trapped leg! The agony burned away the dazed haze she had found herself in after taking the superkick! "Oh you bastard!"

That was followed by a rapid burst of Thai that Johnny could only guess was more of the same in her own language.

"Oh wow! Look at that! Her foot is on her own shoulder!" George pointed out.

"No matter how flexible you are, having someone bend your back while contorting your leg cannot be good for you!" Caroline added.

"No, no way, Achara can take it!" Kevin objected.

The Thai woman's face was a mask of agony. She tried to push herself up with her arms to take pressure off her back to no avail!

Still she would scream "No!" when the ref asked if she wanted to submit!

Pressing in closer, Johnny was aware of his cock rubbing against the swell of Achara's ass. The Asian woman felt it too, but to his surprise, she rocked her hips, as if trying to find a way to take his rod into her. Deciding against that, he angled his cock away from her, and cranked back with his arms and while leaning way back!

"Auuughh! Fucker...oh you fucking bastard...!" Achara cursed as she began to try to get her free leg under her to try and push and drag her way to the ropes. But she couldn't budge her weight and his combined!

She reached up and back her fingers desperately seeking the Texan's face and eyes.

"Holy Christ!" He exclaimed as he barely avoided having a hooked finger slash across his eye!

Then Johnny adjusted his grip on her head, and shoved it downwards, roughly slamming her face into the mat, once, then twice!

"Auugghn…!" She grunted in pain with each thump of her features against the canvas!

He then put his hands under her chin, lifting her head back up, bending her back and spine again. But what worried Achara was she could also feel the muscles in her thigh starting to stretch and give, as well as pressure building in her knee!

"Give up!" Johnny yelled into her ear. "I can and will break you in half you crazy bitch!"

Knowing that the Texan could do more lasting damage to her if she stayed in this hold, and her chances of escape were dwindling fast!

Reaching out, she tapped her hand against the mat, submitting the fall to her opponent!

"There it is! The Viper tapped out!" George cried out!

"Indeed. And with a wicked twist on the old school camel clutch!" Caroline added as Kevin just shook his head. "The Viper couldn't fight her way out of it!"

"The winner of the second fall with a leg trap camel clutch….Whiskey!" The announcer called.

Letting go of the Asian woman and breaking the hold, Johnny rose to his feet!

Achara rolled onto her side, holding her leg as Johnny stood looking down on her.

"Yeah? What were you were saying? That I didn't belong, that Tiff was my meal ticket to staying around these parts,:" he said, throwing her earlier statements back at her before squatting down, speaking to her directly. "When I beat you- and I will beat you, we'll see who belongs. Think on that for a sec while I go freshen up."

With that he stood up and went to his corner, leaving Achara to pull herself up and retreat to her own….

"Whiskey gets the tapout to take this fall. This guy, I'm tellin' you, he's starting to impress me." George said. "When paired with Brandy, his quicker speed stands as the counterpoint to her strength. But here in singles we get to see him use a lot more of his skillset and I've gotta say, the cowboy is surprising me."

Kevin shook his head.

"Yeah he got a flash of greatness here. But we'll see how it goes the next fall. He poked the snake, now he's about to get the fangs." He said.

"The Viper is already a highly aggressive competitor. She'll be out to reassert herself in the next fall."

In the back, Johnny's partner and stepsister Tiffany shook her head.

"Well, I'll be damned. You caught the bitch looking with that damn superkick. Betcha she won't let that happen again." She said, as if she were there and her partner could hear her. "You'd better break out the black hat for the next round…."

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Default Re: SFL: The Return

Originally Posted by Valen [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
"The winner of the match with a leg trap camel clutch….Whiskey!" The announcer called
I am confused. Isn't it 1-1?
Let The Dragon Ride Again On The Winds Of Time!
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Default Re: SFL: The Return

You're right! Totally missed that mistake >.>
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