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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Hallo wehre do i geht the alternative Ending of the cherry Kiss ans Dan danger Story
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Fifth post from the bottom on page 72. Downloadable PDF.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Devil's Favorite

The first shot captured within the ring post-commercial break was of a woman’s tattooed midriff, stylistic ink contrasting against the tanned Hispanic skin of its wearer.

And as the camera zoomed out, the body art became more pervasive, decorating not just her torso but her limbs too.

The woman standing in the ring didn’t just grab the audience’s attention with her tattoos; she also had the physique to further cement her profile.

Announced at the strong, impressive weight of 146 lbs., the well-built form of Mercedes “Blackheart” Morales graced the JumboTron for all to witness.

Raven hair came down her back in a single ponytail, contrasting against an orange bikini that did little to hide and everything to accentuate her busty exterior.

A standard alternative rock song had played her down the ramp and was now looping back into the main chorus as she looked out expectantly in front of her.


“We haven’t had many sexfighters from New Mexico grace the spaces of our squared circle, so Miss Mercedes is already standing out against the bunch with what she’s presented here. I can only imagine what kind of physicality this newcomer, a recently graduated trainer from our developmental camp, could bring to this sport.”

“She’ll need the physicality and sexuality if she wants to really leave a mark here,” Kevin reminded his partner, making his own observations now. “But yes, I do take your point. She has a unique look but looks only take you so far. Spots on the success train fill up fast, and if you can’t nail a solid impression before the fans, well, you get left behind. Tonight, she’ll be facing a real litmus test to see if she’s got that kind of staying power.”

“Oh, indeed. She’ll be taking on one half of the Ladies of Darkness in singles competition, so that’ll be plenty of opportunity for her. The Demon has not been summoned inside those ropes for quite some time, so that recency element might be in this young lady’s benefit.”

The lights suddenly darkened all around them, providing the atmosphere for the two dark-haired vixens about to come out.

Next, the starting growl of electric guitar riffs started up.


“Perfect by nature…”

Through the darkness, lit up that signature crimson hue upon the top of the entranceway.

An opening straight from Hell.

The nu metal acoustics of Evanescence ramped up, setting the proper ambience for their grand arrival.

“...and introducing her opponent, from Cancún, Mexico, and weighing in at 115 lbs., she is the Devil’s favorite señorita….THE DEMON!!!”

Sauntering into the bloodred spotlight, Lacey Navarro looked like she had only recently emerged from the deepest, darkest, and most depraved fiery pits of Hell itself.

Tanned skin, natural for someone south of the border, adorned her athletic form with a refined layer of muscle accentuating her upper and lower features.

A cascading mane of raven hair flows down her shoulders, framing a beautiful yet deadly face that stared out into the darkened sections of barely organized humanity before her.

The rock band started to kick into a higher musical gear as those dark eyes went from right to left, surveying the crowd after a long (too long) hibernation.

Lace decorated her chest in the form of a push-up bra, hugging rather enticingly against her supple set of busty breasts.

Down the midriff, a rather enticing black garter belt, matching the color scheme of her top, clipped onto a pair of sleek nylons and high heels that again did wonders to accentuate the toned flesh showcased by the Latina sexfighter.

“Look! Here she comes now….!” Spending an engrossing amount of detail just at those shapely legs, the cameraman eventually panned up her midsection….right as a pair of hands came up from behind to sensually grope Lacey’s breasts.

Bringing herself into the shot, Ashley’s smiling expression garnered a secondary reaction, right as the song started to bridge into another chorus.

Slender fingers felt up the tantalizing bust of the Demon, teasing the male (and female) eye with the busty delights just barely restrained by her top.

Touching her partner’s hand with her own, Lacey smiled and sauntered forward out of the spotlight and down the ramp.

From above, the lights went back to normal to fully illuminating the deliciously sinful dual struts of the Ladies of Darkness.

Wearing a pair of tight jeans, Ashley’s oriental features were poised with sultry menace as she leered at fan after fan lining up the side barricades.

The Succubus’ T-Shirt read in crimson, stylistic font, “When you fuck her, you think of me.”

Hands on her hip, the sexfighter dressed in civilian clothes watched her partner kick off her shoes at the bottom of the ramp, smoothly rolling her neck around with relish.

“It never was and never will be….” After sharing a high five with the Succubus, Lacey sauntered up the steel steps, her eyes locked and laser-focused on Mercedes now inside the ring.


“You don’t have to know about someone’s track record. You don’t need to know how long they’ve been off the show. All you need….is to look into those eyes and see a woman who is ready to re-establish her dominance between those ropes. On the other end, you’ve got Miss Morales- the “Blackheart”, and well, she has to establish herself at ground zero with the fans. Being honest here, I don’t know who has the higher hurdle to overcome,” Kevin observed, with the two black-haired women coming face-to-face in the middle of the ring.

Mercedes, even barefoot, towered over the Demon by a few visible inches, but the real point of contention for the spectators became the side-by-side comparison of their breast size.

George nodded with the referee prompting them to separate, allowing the ring announcer to exit the squared circle. “You’re right, we don’t know. And I’m excited to find out, just like all of our great fans, who is going to come out on top here. In more ways than one, of course.”

As the bell rang, Kevin nodded in agreement and settled back with the bout officially underway….


Both women started off by forming the standard, to-be expected circle of caution around one another.

Mercedes, no doubt aware of her slight size advantage over the busty Mexican woman, walked more assertively with feet planted flat on the mat, a subtle contrast to Lacey’s lighter approach.

Ashley remained at ringside, her voluptuous rear bent at a very suggestive angle to keep the fans on that particular side of the ring very interested in what was happening in front of them.

Smiling out, she clapped in support as the circle broke with the two competitors coming together to meet.

Lacey, being the veteran she was, used misdirection in her initial grapple to get around the tattooed brunette, and Mercedes, being the rookie in this dynamic, was caught by the feint.

Slipping right underneath the taller woman’s armpit, the Demon had a rear waistlock locked in immediately.

The initial squeeze garnered a grunt from the Blackheart, and the second...brought out a more physical reaction.

Clamping her hands down on Lacey’s interlocked fingers, Mercedes dropped down on her knees to hurl the Demon off of her in a textbook buck-and-throw.

Sailing overhead, the thrown woman landed cleanly on her shoulder, rising up right off the momentum of the toss.

Raven strands of hair did not hide the slight amusement on the Demon’s face.

Without exchanging a word, the two came together again for another tieup.

And again, it was the veteran who took the lead by twisting under Morales’ arm and capturing that same limb in a wristlock.

With her fingers gripping the joint tight, Lacey forcibly turned it away from the Blackheart, applying a generous amount of pressure to secure the wrist control.

More clapping from the Succubus accompanied the next few moments as the dark-haired rookie grimaced through the strain and pain of her arm being torqued against her will.

Smiling at her best friend’s support, the Demon decided to add a sexual element to the already painful hold by stepping over the captive arm with her front leg once she applied another degree of pressure.

Now facing away from Morales, Lacey kept on torquing the arm, just with her crotch brushing up above the woman’s forearm.

But that wasn’t all she had planned.

Grinning wryly, she grinded her hips sensually down on that same limb, rubbing up on Mercedes’ arm with her barely clothed pussy while still wearing it down at the same time.

This unique mixture of pain and pleasure posed different results for the two women.

It deepened the grimace on Mercedes’ face with her arm now used as a lewd sex toy, but seemed to arouse the Demon even more.

“Mmmmmm, make me wet already, eh chica?” she purred out, pumping her hips around that forearm for a second more….

…. before harshly ending it all by suddenly jumping up and coming down on her forearm crotchfirst!

Mercedes cried out immediately, slipping her arm free and retreating backwards out of range.

Turning around with a mocking leer, Lacey wore her confidence like a scarf just observing the tattooed woman tend to the limb in question.

Hands behind her back, the Demon sent another taunt her way, “No worries, chica. You make me even wetter when I hurt all those other pretty bones.”

And then, she lewdly ran her tongue over her lower lip to send another arousing implication, “Then, I make you wet. ¿Suena bien?

Straightening out her posture some, the lesser experienced woman shot back in their shared language, “Dale tu mejor, perra.

“Ohhhh….” Lacey clicked her lips together, lust growing in her eyes. “So la novata can talk, eh? Good. What else does she have to show me?”

“You’ll see.” Surging forward, she closed in the gap with a few purposeful bounds and together again they came.

This time, Morales was the one to secure the first advantage, squeezing the cunning Mexican woman into a side headlock.

Grunting out triumphantly, the rookie was able to force some grunts out of the Demon herself with her toned forearms bearing down on her.

“Hah!” Absorbing some light jabs to her midriff from the Demon, Mercedes started to muscle the woman over to a corner.

Dragging the woman step by step, she seemed ripe to force the woman over against the turnbuckle when something happened.

Something….in the form of Lacey’s fingers slithering down her waistband and teasing her shaved pussylips.

Mercedes stiffened up with those slender digits knowingly exploring those sensitive folds.

She felt the heated breath of Lacey pressed up against her breast, and at the same time, the mesmerizing sensation of fingertips probing inside of her womanhood.

The touch spread all over her enticing entrance, delving in deeper and deeper by the second.

“Fuck...fuck.” Mercedes grimaced, but not in pain. In pleasure.

Pleasure that relaxed her muscles, just as Lacey got a hand around her side and at the small of her back.

The Succubus watched on with gleaming eyes and a smug grin, watching her partner take the control back even under the rookie’s wrenching control.

A second or two of pussy plundering later….

“Whoaa!” A sudden push from the Demon brought Mercedes back up to speed...facefirst into the turnbuckle padding!

Exploiting her opponent’s distracted state, the satanic señorita threw her head back with a cawing laugh and then readied herself for more physical punishment on her end.

Her back sliding against the turnbuckle, Mercedes was hit by a sudden barrage of open-handed slaps and forearm shots all over her upper half, connecting anywhere from her face to her collarbone and lower abdomen.

And with each shot, the heavily tattooed woman was forced to cover up, arms going to shield her face from the more stinging blows.

It was brutal enough to require the referee’s intervention, and the official indeed struggled somewhat to remove the Mexican woman from continuing on the attack.

But eventually, Lacey held up her hands and stepped away, seemingly of her own free will.

Smirking at the stern look the woman in the striped uniform gave her, she waited for Mercedes to stand up fully.

And once she did, the Demon lunged forward to grab her- or rather, be grabbed in a sudden turn of events!

Breaking out of her stupor with a growl, Mercedes latched both arms around the neck of the tanned temptress, and then tossed her into the corner in her place.

Reversing the roles, the now energized Blackheart lashed out with her own combo of strikes: mainly a few swift gut punches intermixed with forearm shots right to Lacey’s face that nearly took the vet down to a knee.

Giving back as much physicality as she received first, the rookie stopped at the behest of the rookie, enjoying a welcome spurt of crowd applause in the process.

Smiling at their support, she further capitalized by bringing her opponent up fully to her feet and delivering a powerful knife edge chop.

The crowd whistled for a second Wooooo! as she took aim and connected with another chop that forced a cursing fit out of the Demon, one entirely in Spanish, naturally.

“Yeah...” Nodding, Mercedes lifted up the veteran by the chin as she started to come into her own confidence. “Look forward to more of that, chica.”

Grabbing her with her closest arm hooking underneath and behind Lacey’s armpit, Mercedes turned back towards the center of the ring and brought them both out of the corner.

Grunting under her breath, she lifted the Demon up with that same arm and threw her forward and to the mat in a mightily impressive hip toss!

Limbs flailing helplessly in the air, Lacey had no choice but to absorb the impact right on the tailbone.

And so she did, the pain expressly painted across her face and in her posture as she attempted to drag herself back up.

Mercedes beat her to it, seizing the brunette by her raven locks and then whipping her into the ropes.

Coming off them still in a slight daze, the Demon was picked up around Mercedes’ lower shoulder and dumped overhead in a back body drop!

Another tailbone landing forced a loud curse from the Hispanic seductress, who instinctively stumbled back up with the Blackheart bouncing off the ropes herself for some momentum.

The crowd cheered the heavier woman practically bulldoze right through her opposition with a running shoulder block.

Going flat on her back again, the attractive woman’s face became more frustrated with yet another knockdown.

That frustration quickly reverted right back to pain with the Blackheart tugging her up by the locks for perhaps another maneuver.

Positioning herself behind the Demon, she grabbed the waist and thigh of the woman, and then lifted her up in the air for a back suplex.

Mercedes controlled her ascent; however, Lacey secured her own landing by backflipping right out of the tattooed woman’s arms right in the nick of time.

Landing nimbly on her stockinged feet, the Demon retaliated first with a clubbing blow right to the spine of the Blackheart.

Tensing up as she blindly absorbed that vengeful shot right to her unprotected vertebrae, Mercedes’s foundation was threatened next as the more methodical, technical half of the LOD snapped off a low kick right into her right hamstring.

Another low kick threatened her stance again, but she held firm.

Gingerly tending to the upper leg with one hand, she tried for a clothesline with her free arm- one that unsurprisingly failed to connect with the Demon easily telegraphing and ducking underneath it.

Whirling around, Morales finally went down to a swift superkick right to her ribcage, delivered with vindictive power.

Catching herself up on hands and knees, the New Mexico native swallowed that bitter pill of discomfort lining up her gut and went to get up.

Inadvertently playing right into Lacey’s hands.

Gripping the brunette woman with a fistful of hair the second she came up, Lacey partially turned so that her hip was level with Morales’ grimacing face.

“Mmmmm, hungry for some real Latina booty?” she cooed down at her mockingly.

Whatever response the rookie had was quickly muffled down her throat as the seductress suddenly forced her features right square against her shapely rear!

“Oh yes you are!” Burying the brunette’s face right against her infamous bottom, she tossed her head back and cackled with fervent delight at the way she was degrading the debuting sexfighter’s face.

The Blackheart’s hands came up to push frantically up against the waist of her more experienced opponent, but that resistance only fueled the punishing treatment that she was enduring.

“Oh yeah….mamí needs to feel real good,” the Demon breathed out, continuing to subject her to a demeaning fate that many people in the audience would certainly not be opposed to experiencing for themselves.

Focusing her hips next in a series of bouncing motions to further jar the Blackheart, Lacey kept that grip locked in, smothering the protesting woman against her glutes for a moment longer.

And then, she finally relented…. with the ass smothering at least.

Still smiling, the Demon brought herself forward and then thrusted her pelvis backwards right into Mercedes’ already groggy face.

Her weaponized ass connected even harsher against the Blackheart for a second hip attack, and then a third for greater effect.

Winding back for the fourth, the Demon made a show of rocking her hips erotically, mainly for the fans’ benefit.

And to that extent, she was more than successful, earning many interested whistles and cheers right as she went for-

“Unngghh!” Yet another hip thrust smashed into Mercedes’ face, this time connecting just above the eye to send her to the mat.

Leering over her shoulder at the downed rookie, Lacey further played it up by teasingly smacking her own bottom, feeling up her lower assets right as the cameraman zoomed in for a closer angle.

“Work it, babe!” Ashley called out in support, standing right next to the man holding the camera at ringside.

“Always.” Winking at her partner, she began pacing confidently around the groaning form of her opponent, searching for a new angle of attack.


“Wow, Morales just ate those hip strikes one after the other. We haven’t seen Lacey break those out in a while, but I suppose anything’s fair game to welcome a graduate of our development system to the main roster proper.”

“One thing I do know is Mercedes does not want to stay on the ground for too long. Trade blows with the Demon on your feet? Sure, anything’s possible. But she’s playing right into Lacey’s preferred realm of engagement just by staying down there,” Kevin also pointed out.

“She is...but not for long.” His colleague nodded towards the Blackheart slowly but surely bringing herself off the mat…


Nearly stumbling over herself, the novice sexfighter ultimately managed to get her feet under her just in time for “Holaaa niña grande!!”

Making moves at that taunting caw, Mercedes blindly swung at her periphery where she assumed Lacey was, but not only the arena breeze greeted her swinging forearm.

She twirled around a half-rotation to face the referee standing a few feet away, and the Demon’s hands suddenly came up under her arms from behind.

Moving decisively, Lacey took yet another lead in fondling the Blackheart’s breasts, exacting a precise, firm touch over those comely globes of feminine power.

“....y hola a las niñas pequeñas,” the Mexican beauty purred out in a softer tone, her breath caressing her opponent’s tensed upper half while those digits felt up her chest.

Fingertips moved inward to tease Mercedes’ nipples, spinning pleasurable little spirals against her sensitive spots to arouse the rookie even more.

And by the way her body remained tensed up, now with more relaxed breathing, the strategy was certainly effective.

“Mmmmm, muy bien.” Cooing approvingly, Lacey started to plant little, tempting kisses at the base of Morales’ neck.

Groping even more flesh, she leaned in so that her own breasts were pressed right up against her opponent’s back, giving her even more stimulation.

Sensually sucking and lavishing her way down the tattooed woman’s bare shoulders, her lips eventually found a new target to play with, right as her fingers slid underneath her orange top.

Right as the Demon started to cup the undersides of those breasts, Mercedes snapped out of it.

In a blur of motion, she broke away from the breast groping, arm swinging back in a hopeful yet unsurprisingly unsuccessful backfist that didn’t quite nail its mark.

But Lacey, with the strap of the rookie’s bra between her teeth, certainly nailed hers.

The sudden whoosh of arena air touching Morales’ now bare breasts quickly brought her up to speed.

Jerking back just at the right time, Lacey bolstered yet another advantage over the rookie with her top firmly in her possession.

“You like it when I play with your titties, huh gringa?” she mocked her, tossing the bra out of the ring while also noticing two star tattoos decorating those naked mounds of busty flesh.

Making no attempt to hide her half-nudity, the Blackheart kept her cool. “I play rough.”

“Rough?” Tilting her head to the side, Lacey gave a very menacing squeeze of her own rack, visibly intrigued by that retort. “I can do rough.”

With a cry, Mercedes went for a clothesline, inadvertently already telegraphing her intent in the process.

Ducking and dodging with ease, Lacey set herself up, and then sliced a cruel knife edge chop right across those already hardened nipples.

Another one followed in kind, sending the tattooed sexfighter up against the ropes.

Closing in quickly, the Demon attacked with another offensive combo, starting off with light slaps to the face before escalating into a spinning palm strike right to the jaw.

The rapid-fire bursts of open-handed strikes finally took Mercedes down to a knee….and the satanic señorita still wasn’t finished.

“Oh, it’s no siesta time yet, chica.” Raising her leg against the rookie’s groggy expression, she promptly smashed her knee right in Morales’ face once, twice, even three times!

Each one visibly rocked the rookie more and more, with an added layer of humiliation coming when Lacey stepped one leg over her shoulder and thrusted her pussy right in the face of the Blackheart.

Roughly massaging what surely was an already bruised nose with her crotch, the Demon gripped the top ropes to assist in her smothering maneuver.

Ashley continued to make her jeering presence known outside the ring with the novice’s hands going up to desperately push against the waistline now level with her forehead.

But there was almost nothing she could do to counter the added leverage Lacey gave herself by using the ropes.

Nothing except groan and grunt, increasingly in faded, unintelligible tones.

“Keep singing to me, chica bonita.” Closing her eyes, she grinded down for her own pleasure as well, getting off at those muffled protests at the same time.

“Fuck yeah…”

But that perverse euphoria would be fleeting with the referee once more asserting herself to enforce the rules of the match.

“Off her now, Lacey. 1....2....3-” A hiss of frustration came out of the Demon’s mouth as she reluctantly stepped that leg back to release Morales from the hold.

But there was little respite for the Blackheart.

Seconds later, she was seized by the hair and brought up to a standing position.

Turning her back partially to the rookie, Lacey grabbed her in a three-quarter facelock, and then flipped her forward into a Snapmare.

Subsequently, the Demon rolled right with her, somersaulting to the mat at the same time and then rising up to take further action.

Hitting the ropes in front of the brunette woman who was just sitting up, she jumped forward in a horizontal slingshot right across the Blackheart’s bare chest, landing a swift running crossbody to keep her down.

The impact, if it didn’t outright wind the rookie, stunned her enough for the Demon to remain over her in a lateral press.

And of course, every move had a purpose for someone as experienced as Navarro.

Fitting her body against Mercedes at just the right angle, she started to press and grind her busty frame down on the New Mexico woman, nipples sliding against each other!

Sensing weakness and a slowness to react just from Morales’ breathing patterns, she was able to focus fully on the breast-to-breast contact.

Her toned legs loosely scissored one of the rookie’s arms while she used the womanly texture of her own chest to arouse the rookie even more.

“....shit.” And if that grunting acknowledgment from the newcomer was any indication, it was a success in that regard.

Whipping her hair back some, Lacey exercised full control over her body to garner the best response from her opponent as well as the crowd.

The hardened points of her clothed nipples digging into Mercedes.

Her infamous ass sticking up in the air to mesmerize the onlookers.

Even the sinister smirk etched across her face that was now displayed on the JumboTron.

But as good as all that felt for the both of them….

…. Mercedes showed the fight still in her by kicking out with her legs to throw the Demon off of her.

The veteran’s smugness turned to annoyance very quickly with her lithe figure being unceremoniously tossed to the side.

Warily tucking her legs under her, she studied the groaning Blackheart with predatory interest, remaining within range to plan out her next attack.

Exchanging a bemused smirk with the other half of LOD at ringside, Lacey swooped in to resume control.

Tucking Mercedes’ lowered head right under her armpit, the Demon secured her in a front facelock.

Squeezing the forearm tight under the rookie’s chin, she poured on a different, much more painful type of pressure to ensure a favorable outcome in this first fall.

And there was nothing more disorienting and ultimately damaging to a sexfighter than the pressure applied right to the carotid artery, targeting the blood flow right to the brain.

Her posture was slightly bent over to jut her ass out while her arms interlocked together to tighten the chokehold.

Though certainly no expert on executing chokes, her control over the Blackheart’s head could not be denied.

Initial efforts of resistance from Morales were met with punishing forearm pulses in swift retaliation.

“Darse por vencido,” Lacey teased her in a cooing purr, repeating herself in English when those struggling efforts did not subside. “Make it easy for yourself, chica. Give your Mamí a little tap on the ass, show some appreciation. Or....quizás, you could give me plenty of kisses when I’m sitting on you.”

Mercedes didn’t choose any of those two options.

She made her own choice.

“Nnnnggghhh….” Grunting inwardly, the Blackheart conjured up the strength to withstand the intense pressure and get her feet under her.

The pressure was doubled, but that was only a momentary obstacle in the sudden ascent of the Blackheart.

Surprising even the Demon, she managed to rise upwards, establishing a vertical base while fighting back against the oppressive grip.

Eventually, that grip deteriorated entirely once Mercedes attacked her midsection with a few closed fists, alternating between arms to weaken the veteran.

As the fourth or fifth shot to her ribcage connected, she went to grab Lacey’s hair, but the Mexican woman fired back with a nasty knee thrust right to her midriff.

Stopping her momentum right there, she draped her arms around the woman’s neck once she doubled over to register the blow.

One grunt later, the more experienced sexfighter forcibly directed her towards a nearby corner.

Lunging right at her, Lacey made her stay with a running hip strike to her sternum to disorient her even more.

Turning her body at the right angle to connect soundly against that same area of flesh and bone, the delivered move nearly folded Mercedes Morales over like a chair.

It also dragged a sharp shriek out of the rookie, which no doubt brought a comparatively more cheerful grin to Lacey’s smug visage.

Teasingly grinding up against the slumped woman’s abdomen, the Demon used the ropes to bring herself out of the corner and now facing the novice sexfighters.

Her eyes were still poised with that predatory intent as she examined the woman’s posture, seeing that her work so far was certainly not in vain.

Lifting her up by the chin, she spared no sympathy with her next scathing remark, “Where I came from, chica, in the desert, they teach you how to be tough. How to show no mercy. What do they teach little gringas here in America, huh?”

Smirking, Lacey answered the question for her, “How to be soft, submissive little putas who need to be put in their place, right? Nod your head, por favor.”

Morales defied her with silence, which earned her a harsh slap across the face by the Demon.

Tsk-tsking with her lips, she grabbed her around the arm and shot the Blackheart off into the opposite end of the ring.

Mid-stride, the Irish whip was reversed by the rookie coming into enough awareness to use her core strength to manipulate that forward momentum for her own good.

Whipping the Demon into the corner instead, she spent a moment of hesitation to gather her bearings and then proceed on her advance.

And as a result of that hesitation….

“Ugghhh….” A raised foot lifted up to greet Mercedes right in the mouth, courtesy of Lacey’s veteran instincts right as the bigger woman bounded across the ring to attempt a running splash.

Nailing the defensive kick right on time, the Demon leaned back against the corner for a moment to see Mercedes stumble back towards the center of the ring.

Smirking at an opportunity presenting itself, she launched herself forward with a knockdown in mind.

And just as her hands started to close in around Morales’ hair, her feet suddenly left the canvas entirely.

Grunting out as she hoisted up the moving woman in a single motion, the Blackheart slammed her down just as quickly in a surprise spinebuster!

The form was raw, but the impact was solid, creating a satisfying thud of flesh against the mat that garnered a very positive crowd reaction.

Ashley’s smile froze right at the thudding impact, the sight of her tag partner slammed down with serious force bringing slight worry to her face.

Not to mention the serious pain that Lacey was personally experiencing, writhing slightly with discomfort running up her spine.

But then her eyes grew wide with a stark realization as Morales floated right back over and dropped her bare chest down on her face.

She went from staring up at the lights to smothering in tattooed flesh in very quick fashion.

Those twin melons came down on her with a vengeance, covering up her eyes and sealing her nose much to the delight of the crowd.

Positioned on the side of the struggling Demon, Mercedes cupped one hand behind her opponent’s head to keep her steady, with the other trying to keep a hold of the thrashing body she was now attempting to subdue with her tits.

Surely, the irony of one of her tried-and-true signature moves now being used on her was not lost on Lacey, but she was much more focused on trying to survive those smothering cushions weighing down on her grimacing features.

Her legs kicked out frantically, but every bucking motion she tried did not free herself from the Blackheart’s fleshy embrace.

Only the sound of her squirming and burning oxygen with every resisting movement was being produced now, and that did not bode well.

Her hands clawed and scratched blindly for anything in her upper body that could be scratched or clawed, but Mercedes held firm through it all.

“Tap- tap!” the rookie grunted at her, hoping that the sustained period of asphyxiation would trigger a panicked reaction from the usually composed and in-control vet.

And for a second there, it looked like Lacey was going to tap for her own self-preservation.

One hand hesitantly hovered above the mat, its master still contemplating surrender.

Right until she suddenly twisted her body around to face the Blackheart and lashed out with a desperate knee strike right to the gut.

Going methodical, Lacey attacked those same ribs that her hips had softened up earlier, this time punishing the lower abdomen of her opponent with the comparatively less enticing hard bone of her kneecap.

Morales didn’t have any time to defend herself, for her perpendicular positioning left that side flank exposed for the Demon’s knee thrusts to find their mark.

She cried out with every consecutive shot, trying to use that pain as fuel to bear down on the breast smother, but Navarro was just as desperate with her strikes.

Again and again and ag-

“Fuck!” Cursing out in a pain-stricken outburst, the rookie was forced to relinquish the breast smother and collapse to the side against the threat of further assault to her torso.

A fresh layer of pain spread across Mercedes’ face, prompting the rest of her body to keep rolling away from the prone form of her opponent.

Pushing with her legs to get to the other side of the ring, the Blackheart kept one arm wrapped around her midsection and the other stretching out for the ropes.


“Safe to say Lacey didn’t enjoy a prescription of her own medicine too much, huh?” George commented wryly.

Responding mainly to Ashley’s voice at ringside, Navarro roused and began dragging herself over to the ropes as well.

Kevin responded with his usual analysis. “The smother hold was effective, in theory. Maybe in execution, it could’ve won her the fall. But this is where the experience factor comes in. When you’ve got an opponent under your control, you need to secure as much of their body as you can at that moment. This is in no way a slight on Mercedes, but just stating the objective facts here: a more seasoned sexfighter would have secured a grapevine to prevent those knee strikes from coming into play.”

“Yes, and you can’t blame her too much for something that they don’t necessarily teach in our developmental system. But you know what they say, ‘pain is often the best teacher’…” Seeing both women get up, George also opined, “However, there is something to be said for the strength factor exhibited by the Blackheart. She’s not gonna be able to outsmart an adept competitor like Lacey, but maybe, that strength of hers could still force the door of opportunity open anyways.”


Leaning up against the ropes, the Demon still had a fair amount of cobwebs to shake in her eyes, and that process certainly didn’t get any easier with time.

Her path to recovery led her to a corner….and right into the next attack zone.

Stomping and then sprinting across the ring right across from her, the Blackheart was a charging bull looking to run through its target.

And Lacey- glossy-eyed and standing on wobbly legs, was seemingly prime right for the taking.

The distance between the two women closed in a heartbeat.

With a yell, Mercedes went all in on a running splash- perhaps too all in.

Falling to the side without hesitation, Lacey brought her legs into play, intertwining them with Morales’ ankles to trip the bigger woman up into a drop toehold.

Offbalancing the speeding brunette, the strategic sweep caused her to pitch face-forward into the middle turnbuckle instead of the intended target!

Flesh connected against vinyl, prompting the unceremonious collapse of her entire body.

“No cookie for you, babe,” Ashely taunted her on the outside, looking gleefully at the tattooed woman with her arms hanging limply on the outside and the rest of her body partially kneeling against the corner.

Observing the Blackheart slump down with a loud groan as her feigned show of weakness paid off, Navarro’s eyes became occupied with urgency.

Seizing her ankles, she pulled the New Mexico woman out of the corner and towards the center of the ring.

If a lesson was to be taken from that feign-and-fall sequence, it was certainly a very painful one for the Blackheart.

While Mercedes was still on her belly, the Mexican sexfighter crossed both her ankles together and then braced one foot against the back of her right calf.

Gripping her opponent’s foot with her hand, she whipped her hair back to preview a subtle look of pure malevolence and then leaned back….all the way back so that her back was now touching the mat at the same time.

Much to the shock of the crowd, Mercedes’ lower half was now torqued backwards in a sinister variation of the traditional Scorpion deathlock.

Though the setup was obviously different, the infliction of pain and suffering was very much still the same.

Arching the rookie’s body with her feet facing the back of her head, Lacey lifted her own back in an arching shape to accentuate the torque of the submission move even more.

“Fuuuuuckkkk!” Coming alive with a vividly painted look of agony, the Blackheart writhed in considerable agony as her spine felt that bend against its will.

Her abdomen was also stretched out at a very uncomfortable angle, the visible bruises all over her ribs plain to see.

And at the same time, Lacey still had a hold of her ankles, wrenching back to compress her lower back more and more.

The heart of the rookie was strong and still beating, but at the same time, purely survival instincts won out.

Only a few seconds of grunting and writhing later, she was made to tap out on the mat, her surrender quickly and mercifully registered by the kneeling referee.

The official called for the bell, prompting the crowd to react to the forced submission.

Navarro held on to the leglock for a moment longer and then released the Blackheart, again at the behest of the official.

Sitting up, she made a theatrical show of dusting off her hands, shooing away the concerned gestures of the ref as she bent down to check on the submitted sexfighter next to her.

Rolling away from her, the rookie felt the damage done (in more ways than one) as the ring announcer’s voice boomed out, “Winner of the first fall, with her “Devil’s Snare” Scorpion deathlock submission...THE DEMON!!!”

Crawling with noticeably less pained movement towards her corner, Navarro exchanged a high-five with the Succubus through the ropes.

Getting up on the ring apron, Ashley provided plenty of support for her partner as the JumboTron replayed the drop toehold counter that ultimately led to the Scorpion deathlock submission that ended the first fall of the match.


“The angle of that leglock, Jesus! We know there’s always that thin line between punishing your opponent and straight-up torture, and….suffice to say Lacey can really straddle that line sometimes with all the wicked variations that her mind can conceive,” George exclaimed.

“Cruel but necessary, one could argue,” Kevin posited, the rest period underway as they continued their dialogue. “This is her first match- singles, might I add, in over a month. Last time the fans saw her, she was not exactly presented in the most favorable light against The Goddess and Apollo in that tag match. So this is 100% sending the message to anyone who doubts her abilities as an overall competitor. She can bring the pleasure, but when the situation calls for it, she can bring the pain, too.”

“True, but I’ve got a feeling Mercedes won’t take this guinea pig role sitting down. Perhaps that same degree of pain awakened something within the Blackheart, something that could make the ultimate outcome of this match very interesting for the fans,” George also suggested.

“Wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. But if Morales wants any chance of an upset, she needs to stick to her bread and butter. We’ve seen her power in these fleeting moments, but now she needs to put more substance to her offense. Sustained periods of physical domination should be her strategy, followed up then- and only then, by some kind of standing submission move to remove that ground advantage. Abdominal stretch, sleeper, whatever. That should be her blueprint.” The former sexfighter-turned commentator gave the last word with the grace period officially at its conclusion.


Stepping out of the center, the referee ordered the bell keeper to officially start the second fall, prompting both sexfighters out of their respective corners.

Fresh from a relieving shoulder rub from the Succubus, Lacey Navarro was nothing but cool and confident with her starting stance reflecting as much.

Mercedes didn’t project that same level of confidence, but she nevertheless showed an admirable level of resilience just in coming forward at all.

One hand still on her back following the vicious torque of the Scorpion, the Blackheart nevertheless kept her wits intact while circling the Demon.

Keeping on the balls of her feet, the veteran sexfighter moved with almost catlike speed, the erotic bounce of her breasts against the bra obviously keeping the majority of eyes on her voluptuous form.

They circled each other for a moment, perhaps two without making contact.

But that was just the physical aspect; verbally, Navarro’s lips were already poised in that typical sneer.

“Going too fast for you, chica?” Lacey teased her. “Maybe I should slow down, fight you like una turtoga. What do you say about that?”

“I say you talk too much,” Mercedes claimed, knees bent in a grappling stance.

¿Es parte del juego, no?” Lacey almost laughed at that assertion, combing back her black hair bemusedly. “I talk to get in your head, you talk to get in mine. They taught you this, no?”

Exchanging a snicker with Ashley, she cocked a hip to the side. “Hmmmm. Maybe then, I can teach you a few things. Let’s see, I already taught you how to scream. So next, we move to-”

Morales had no intention of hearing the end of that statement, charging forward to attempt a frontal grapple.

A sudden lunge like that could’ve surprised many sexfighters, but unfortunately for her the satanic señorita was not in that category.

Ducking under the double handed grab with little difficulty, Lacey ended up with just one arm in her grasp once she reemerged on the tattooed woman’s blindside.

Some twisting of the limb later, she maneuvered Mercedes around and into a side headlock.

Applying the standard pressure to her neck, Navarro’s forearms firmly held the bigger yet still inexperienced woman’s head against her side for an extended moment of time.

“Good. You’re thinking with your head now, chica,” she complimented her, though it was hard for the Blackheart to appreciate the comment with the squeeze the Demon was still putting on her. “And what a pretty head it is.”

She would remedy that a second later by sticking one leg out in front of her opponent and tripping her to the ground in a modified takedown.

They both went down with Mercedes ending up on top, but not for long.

Sensing the mat underneath her, Navarro kicked out mightily with her legs to knock the Blackheart off before she could settle into any kind of submission or even facesit.

The two scrambled up at the same time, heading towards another collision course that saw the first strike be landed by-

Smack! The blurring motion of Lacey’s open-handed slap caught Mercedes right in the mouth, nearly sending the tattooed rookie back for a step.

Just as quickly, though, the bigger woman returned fire with a much more impactful double-leg takedown.

Navarro’s hands came up in a defensive shield over her face as the Blackheart hammered away with right and left hand shots.

Unable to execute a full mount, Mercedes made every punch count much to the delight of the crowd.

Raw emotions fed into every consecutive blow, seemingly building to a head, which unfortunately was cut short at the last second.

Getting her legs between them, Lacey shoved her off with a double kick right to the gut.

Flipping over on her belly as soon as the tattooed sexfighter was launched backwards and away from her, the Demon made a mad scramble upwards and to her feet.

Twirling around, she was due for yet another offensive burst in the form of a running forearm smashing right into her collarbone.

Ashley cursed on the outside, pacing close to the ring apron to see her tag partner stumble back up and get knocked down with a back elbow this time.

Seeing the tide of momentum favoring her now, Mercedes gave herself a brief refresh while waiting for the Demon to get up once more.

Taking the clothesline was bad enough, but it would seem that the elbow strike right after had her counting some stars in her eyes.

Right before she came down on her opponent, the rookie could hear stirring “Blackheart” chants coming from various pockets of the crowd.

They weren’t fully uniform with the entire arena, but the rising tempo of those in the chanting collective helped to energize her even more.

Wrapping hands around the flowing black hair of her adversary, the New Mexico woman helped her up to her feet with a forceful tug.

Facial expression fixed in determination, she reached one hand between the demonic temptress’ legs and effortlessly lifted the busty woman up into the air.

Hoisted up in an upside-down position, she turned towards the center of the ring and without hesitation dumped the Demon backfirst on the canvas.

Arching her back instantly upon impact, Lacey’s face became a painfully animated visual displayed on the JumboTron.

Displayed also was the focused grimace affixed on Mercedes Morales as she looked down at the downed woman and then turned to her right.

A plan set forth, she raced to the cables, bouncing off them to give herself a momentous boost.

Her arms and legs splayed out in all directions, Lacey still seemed sunken in a tangible daze with the racing footsteps going away and then right back towards her.

She remained perfectly prone on the mat, ignoring the alerting cries of the Succubus, right as the Blackheart took a leap into the air and came down with a leg drop.

A leg drop right into the canvas where her head formerly was.

Employing the possum game once more, the dark-haired seductress lured the perhaps overzealous rookie right into her own downfall, moving out of the way just in time to avoid the falling attack.

Hurting her own tailbone as a result, Mercedes cried and cursed out at the same time.

But the pain she felt at the moment was fleeting, gradually fading the more she kept moving up.

All the way into Lacey’s hands.

Stalking the recovering Blackheart on all fours, the Demon grabbed her around the ears and pulled her into a bent over position between her thighs.

First, she hooked the right arm, and then, made a crude throat-slitting gesture with her free hand to signal the audience.

Captivating many spectators in the crowd to stand, she completed a double underhook for the full setup, and went for the lift up.

Drawing upon her sizable upper body strength, the Mexican woman got the captured woman off her feet for a solid few seconds, but that was all for naught once the Blackheart began fighting back in mid-air.

Kicking with her legs, she threatened the Demon’s grip over her enough to force the woman to put her back down.

Avoiding a potential disaster there, Mercedes leveraged her own strength next, charging forward while her arms were still hooked by Navarro.

Sending the dark-haired temptress back against her will, the forward dash ended up with the veteran sexfighter blindly crashing into the corner turnbuckle behind them.

Held up against the upper torso of the Blackheart, Lacey’s grimacing look amplified twofold when Mercedes pulled off of her midsection, aiming with her shoulder and then driving it into the Demon once more seconds later.

She grunted out at the first shoulder thrust, but actually cried out as the second one hit home.

Her arms seemed to hang down limply from then on.

Sensing that weakness, Morales gathered up the requisite amount of strength to pick the slumping woman up over one shoulder.

Her legs held up the added weight after some slightly shuffling of her feet, the Demon’s stirring struggles barely seeming to slow down the rookie’s efforts.


“And the pendulum has swung back to favor the Blackheart in what looks like….Kev, what do you think?”

Getting a closer look at Navarro, held up almost in a belly-to-back, upside down position with her head facing downwards, he suggested, “Looks like she’s setting up for an Alabama Slam. And if that one hits, the whiplash might take Lacey out for the rest of the fall.”


That seemingly was in the books for Morales as she turned to face the center of the ring, her hands closing in around the calves of her opponent.

Steeling herself, she went to throw the woman forwards for the overhead slam….

… coming right up against an invisible wall of resistance by the Demon.

Livening up her body with thrashing motions right at the tipping point, Navarro’s keen sense of awareness allowed her to grab onto Mercedes’ waist and not let go.

Wriggling and worming her body against the Blackheart’s subsequent efforts to keep her restrained, the end result ultimately saw the veteran winning out, barely.

Slipping her ankles free, she jumped into a forward roll upon hitting the mat, still clinging on to the rookie’s waist while she ended up in a seated position.

Yelping with surprise, Morales was snatched backwards with the same flow of momentum, the back of her head painfully crashing into the bottom turnbuckle pad.

Ashley let out a sigh of relief with the rest of the crowd collectively wincing at the sick impact that nearly rendered the Blackheart completely limp.

When the cameraman went for a closer look from the outside, the zoom-in captured a groggy, glossed over glint in her eyes, locks of hair obscuring her face.

She was clearly stunned by the counter, but someone who was considerably less stunned...

Picking herself up, the Demon didn’t waste any unnecessary time.

Latching on to the bigger woman’s ankle, she dragged the woman’s body out of the corner and back towards the center with a straining grunt.

Still out of it, the Blackheart felt the arena air caress her thighs as Lacey yanked her panties off, baring her womanhood to completely unclothe the novice sexfighter.

Eyes focused and lips curled with savoring relish, she circled the groaning Blackheart with fierce pumps of her hips, commanding the crowd to her totally now.

Whipping her hair back, Navarro finally bent down to grab Morales around the neck, propping the tattooed woman up in a sitting position.

Stepping both legs over on either side of her head, she paused to drink in the moment with a seductive hip swivel, hands on the back of her head to let her curvaceous showcase entertain the fans for a moment.

And then, she twisted downwards and unleashed a more personal kind of entertainment.

Taken right along to the mat with her, Mercedes gave an initial gasp of shock and realization with those silky, still sleeved legs constricting around her neck in a smoothly applied headscissors.

Laying on her side, the Demon pulsed squeeze after squeeze at the rookie, her ankles crossed to strengthen leg integrity while a sadistic smile emerged across her face.

There were many things that turned on Lacey, but very few rank up with the sensation of feeling her opponent’s struggling head between her legs, giving off resilient energy that would ultimately be absorbed right into her rock-solid thighs.

“Not to worry, chica. You already tapped to me, remember?” Lacey laughed at her, applying a twisting motion with her hips to further intensify the pressure funnel that Morales was trapped within. “I just need you to be a good little puta for a while, let me get between those nice, strong legs you have there….”

Her tone danced into a crooning, disarming purr, “Oh, it’s gonna feel so damn good in a minute, gringa. So just relaxxxx…..”

The Blackheart’s feet kicked wildly against the mat as her head felt that crushing pressure bearing down like a metal nutcracker against a walnut.

She writhed left to right, then right to left with her hips, trying to buck the Demon off of her.

But every time, Navarro held firm, the strength of her legs already tested by many sexfighters on the roster, both past and current.

After all, it was one of her more infamous submission moves...


“...El Degüello,” Kevin finished on a grim note, having finished informing the home viewers on the particulars of that maneuver.

“We haven’t seen that one in a while.”

“We haven’t seen this Lacey in a while, either,” the former sexfighter pointed out to him. “It gets hidden some as she usually comes in a package deal with Ashley, but for any new fans just joining us, there’s a lot more to her technique than the standard breast smother varieties. She could’ve gone for that, granted, but as we talked about, this is about showing her range, a more accurate showcase of what she’s capable of.”


Mercedes’ struggles lessened and lessened by the second, her last-ditch efforts to reach the ropes even with an outstretched toe, failing to achieve its goal.

Dragging them around the ring in a half-circle, she had done all she could to escape the headscissors.

But every option was met by more squeezing, and more suffering on her end.

So that just left her with the only possible choice: to succumb.

The Blackheart’s body went limp in the Demon’s leggy grasp seconds later.

Her face was already colored with purplish tones of asphyxiation, the straining lines of endurance evident under her fluttering eyes.

To anyone looking in, it was obvious that she was out, or at least damn close to it.

Aside from some sporadic spurts of life from her limbs, Morales had no more fight left to give.

But of course, there was something inside of her that could still be taken.

Gently extricating her legs from around the groggy, barely cognizant rookie’s face, Lacey floated over to her legs again with that deft quickness.

Sliding down to put herself in the ideal position, she casually spread Mercedes’ legs, unveiling the open expanse of the rookie’s unprotected loins.

A proper meal to satiate a Demon’s true appetite.

“Still awake for me?” Lacey teasingly ran a finger up the inside of her thigh, tracing a straight line right towards her crotch.

Nothing intelligible came out of the tattooed woman’s mouth, but her breathing did change with that introduced touch.

Widening her grin, the Mexican woman bent down and planted a sensual kiss on her knee, then up the upper leg, wetting that trail some with her tongue dragging along the skin.

A visible shudder rippled through her body with every kiss drawing closer, building and building and building until finally, she felt the Devil’s Kiss.

Sucking in an excited breath, Mercedes felt that pleasure crawl down her heaving chest and dampen right in her womanly mound.

The Demon’s fervent, fearless tongue entered her feminine cove, and within seconds the Blackheart was moaning against her will.

Lashing out at those swelling folds, Navarro dipped her tongue in and out with rhythmic pulses, lewdly and loudly seducing the rookie with every oral motion.

Already on the very precipice of unconsciousness from the headscissors, there was literally nothing that Morales could do to deny the ecstasy that was being seeded within her.

Her body tensed and lightly twisted against the probing mouth of her opponent, but her arms and legs were virtually powerless to stop it.

Sustaining a loud “Fuuuccckkk!” with the veteran’s smiling face pressing deeper into her mouth, she only managed a twitch of her fingers here and there.

Her flower was being serenaded with devilish joy at almost every angle, every petal kissed and pampered in ways that kept her in that inescapable zone of euphoria.

And once her hips started jerking, that’s when Lacey’s lips caught her clitoris.

Furiously battering her clit with her soft, almost snakelike organ, the Demon tasted the initial tinge of her nectar, and without pause sucked on the bud for the full tidal wave.

The more urgently she sucked on that aroused, heated up bud, the more Mercedes’ hips jerked at the speeding tempo.

“Fuck...fuck, ah ah fuuuckk!” The whine of realization came next, and then, so did the Blackheart.

What could’ve easily been drawn out by a full minute ended up culminating within seconds as the novice sexfighter climaxed.

Spilling out her nectary surrender, her entire body was overwhelmed with throbbing sensation.

Her pussy spasmed and spasmed all around Lacey’s expert tongue, ceding all of the girl-cum that she could muster at that moment.

The ringing of the bell didn’t totally cease her cumming, only serving to officially end the match as a whole.

Smiling lasciviously against the leaking snatch of her defeated opponent, Navarro slowly rose up after giving one last teasing lick all the way up to her pubic hairs.

“Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the second fall with a pussylick submission….and winner of the match in a clean sweep….THE DEMON!!!”

Entering the ring in an excited bound, Ashley immediately wrapped her arms around the triumphant woman, beaming happily in one ear while Mercedes writhed in the bittersweet afterglow of sexual defeat.

Letting the referee raise her hand, she remained in a kneeling position to take the real reward.

Before the crowd could even begin to offer a respectful chorus of applause for either competitor, Navarro had already straddled the defeated woman’s face with her panties stretched to the side, pressing her untouched womanhood right up against Morales’ face.

“You did good, chica,” Lacey paid her a somewhat genuine compliment, though her actions in grinding her naked crotch down on her features quickly brought that sadistic side back to the surface. “Now, do a better job on my pussy now.”

Seconds later, she felt tongue in her cunt, and her smile grew even more.


“Props should be given to both ladies here. We knew Lacey was coming in with a serious chip on her shoulder, and her performance tonight has put some of her contemporaries on notice. We saw versatility on all fronts from her, from the submissions to her always excellent tongue work. On the other side, it was a hell of a debut effort from the Blackheart. For lasting as last as she did against one half of a great tag team that usually ranks near top of their division, one shouldn’t underplay her accomplishments here tonight.”

George concurred, “Absolutely! And I definitely hope that no one sleeps on that young woman because the potential is there. She’s not fully assembled yet, but give it some time, some more diverse opponents, and who knows?”

“Who knows, indeed. Alright, we’ll let the fans enjoy the usual festivities happening right now. Tell me about what else they can look forward to….”


Author's Note: Hey, hope everyone's been doing good!

- Finally have some free time now, so I'll see if I can manage a somewhat consistent schedule of getting matches up. No definite timetable on the next drop, but just know it's coming.

- I am nearly finished with the Hunter/Kendra vs Mandy/Kim alt ending, so definitely keep an eye out for that. The Cherry Kiss/Dan Danger alternate ending is in PDF form on the previous page if you want to check that out.

- Gracious to @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] as always, and I hope you enjoyed the return of the Demon. I can't give too much of a spoiler, but rest assured that the LOD has not been forgotten. And who knows? Maybe you'll see them again in this story, or maybe another one set in this same universe...?

- Lacey's model is (naturally) the pornstar, Honey Demon. For Mercedes Morales, it's Tori Avano.

- Tell me what you think of Lacey's return, as well as any opponents you'd like to see her against. Suggestions always taken into consideration!

- One more thing: alot of old faces are coming back on this show. So, if you have the time- and believe me, I know it's a huge ask given the length of this story lol, feel free to kinda refresh on some or most of the sexfighters already introduced. Again, it's a huge ask (and I am planning on solving that in the future), but familiarity does help. Thanks for reading!!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], I thought there is a match for La Dama ,what happened ?,maybe I missed something as honestly I am into a muscular females, or f v f , hence I didn't read those chapters including the backstage ,I only take a snap look. hey I am not judging or anything it's only that you took awhile as you're busy and when you back I didn't saw what what I anticipated.
finally I've a suggestions (porn star models ) if you would add a new female sex fighters such as Tori black, Dani denials ,Holly Michaels , they are extremely hot , flexible , have a lot of stamina and energy .
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Another great section! I have to say I originally felt like the LOD took a sort of jobber role in the story but that has definitely changed and with some extreme hotness to boot! Definitely looking forward to more returning characters!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I am extremly glad to see a bit more of the LOD and esspecially on the wining side too. While I do agree jobbers have their place and that itis ok for some characters to lose often, theese two where so well presented at first and with so much potential it really would have been a shame to just see them lose and get put on the shelf. Was really nice seeing the one who had even les spotlight get a win and in ssuch fashion too.

And wiith all the good stuff buildiing up and match announced, I know whenever you get more time it's gonna be great too.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Rebuild

“I love her.”

“She did good.”

“Not just good, babe, c’mon. Lacey killed it. She absolutely- no, wait, I’ve got the perfect word: she was….awesome! See what I did there?”

Jenny almost groaned. “Really Kate? Again?”

Her ample-breasted bestie didn’t walk that pun back, shooting her a daring look in response. “Yeah, I did it again. Because you are such a total killjoy who doesn’t like having any fun.”

“I have fun when we beat up people,” Jen commented dryly, her arms folded into her chest.

“Mmmmm….” Katie turned away from the hanging monitor in the hallway to face her best friend now, excitement in her eyes. “We do have fun with that, don’t we?”

“Not all the fun,” Jen reminded her in a somewhat suggestive tone.

Katie licked her lips. “God, you are such a tea-”

“Ladies!” From nowhere, seemingly, came Missy Robinson, accompanied by her cameraman.

Both Shock and Awe reacted with somewhat distinct reactions to the brunette interview’s sudden appearance.

For Jenny, it was the usual par for the course: mean-mugging right off the bat, a shift to more guarded body language, etc.

But for Katie, well, she was unusually cheerful as the cameraman set up in front of them with the brunette woman armed with her microphone.

A smile that dripped with the sincerity of a wild hyena.

Robinson opened first, “My producer told me to record some wrestler interviews during the commercial break for play later in the show, and I saw that you two had just finished watching the opening match. So, I was wondering if I could borrow just two minutes- maybe less, for an upcoming segment….?”

“Missy! Always an honor to be tracked down by our absolute favorite stalker!” Katie enthused, in a tone that muddled between sarcasm and jovialness. “Of course you can give my girls some more airtime for all the wannabe bitch boys watching all over the world.”

Nodding, Missy turned to Shock for her permission, receiving only a harrowing stare in return.

“Jen’s cool with it too,” Awe quickly spoke up for her partner, giving a disarming shoulder rub to somewhat calm her scowling partner.

“Great!” Cuing the cameraman to start rolling, Missy adopted a more professional tone, “Folks, I am here live and thrilled to be interviewing former SFL Tag Team Champions, Shock and Awe. I want to ask them just a few questions about their activities tonight, but before doing so, a much-deserved round of applause is due for the newest member to the main roster, Mercedes Morales…”

Jenny visibly took exception to the “former” part of their introduction, but otherwise left the responding to Awe as the interviewer got around to asking her first question, “In the first match of the night, we saw Dan Danger take on “The Machine”, another debuting star that’s joined the ranks. Now, you two personally introduced her, which certainly gives the impression that you had a little to do with her making such an impactful first impression on our screens-”

“By a little, you mean we had everything to do with it, right?” Katie smiled at her brightly.

“Oh? Would you mind giving the fans a little backstory behind that statement?”

Awe feigned a humble sigh, “Oh Missy. You have no idea how long we looked for someone. America’s Got Talent, fuck that noise, am I right? We were putting in the real work, watching tape after tape, and then…. there was only one special little flower that caught our eye. We took one look at that sexy body, and- Bam! We found the money. Didn’t we, Jen?”

Shock rolled her neck around. “Yep.”

The gloating tilt of Awe’s voice never ceased. “We knew she was good, just from her tryout. And now, the whole world knows it. All because of us. You’re welcome, world!”

“Indeed. And the Machine- I believe, Nia is her real name but, in any case, she was very impressive out there. Surely, we could spend the next few moments praising her performance, and there is a lot to touch upon there. But my next question is regarding the ultimate outcome of the match, which saw Dan Danger picking up another consecutive win against one of your handpicked opponents. What was going through your mind when the match ended, and the referee officially recognized him over Nia?”

“What was going through our minds...such a good question….” Bouncing some in place, not unintentionally accentuating her jutting cleavage some, Katie offered up a candid-ish reply, “We were a little disappointed, but only because she came sooooo close. Let’s be real, she lost by a cunt hair. Missy, do you know how long a cunt hair is?”

“Um no, I do not have that exact measurement at hand.”

“Well, it’s pretty small. As in, the size of Daniel’s little dicklet.” Both blondes shared a lewd snicker at that before Awe continued on, “Listen, Nia didn’t quite rise up to the level tonight, but that’s okay. We all gotta start somewhere and eating a little humble pie now and then never killed anyone. Certainly didn’t turn us off in the beginning and look at the total badasses we became. But I bet Danny Dipshit sure choked on his slice of the pie, huh? I mean, when was the last time that Mr. All-American got thrown around like a bitch for a change? Now that, was quality entertainment. Right Jen?”

“Damn straight,” Jenny echoed that sentiment with a slight grin.

Katie clasped her hands together with beaming delight. “So if the fans want more of Dan Danger getting his ass kicked, not to worry. Next week, we’ll have more bang for your buck. And we do mean….bang. So if he thought what we put him through up to now was a real bitch, he has no idea what kind of hell he’s in for. I don’t want to spoil things, but let’s just say we’ve already taken preemptive measures to ensure that he doesn’t get any more happy endings. How’s that for a tease?”

Missy nodded. “It works, thanks for giving us that preview. I have just one more thing to bring up, and that’s your match tonight with Tristan Twisted, Katie.”

Katie tilted her head with a quizzical look on her face. “Sorry, who’s that?”

“Tristan Twisted, your opponent for tonight?” Robinson repeated herself, only to be waived off by Awe, “Yeah yeah, I get that he has a stupid as fuck name he probably stole from some wannabe edgelord account. But again, who is he?”

Robinson once more had no adequate response, “Umm….?”

“Exactly!” Katie asserted herself with a haughty statement, “He’s nobody, I’m somebody. We are former, soon to be current tag team champions. Connecting the dots here, I don’t lose to nobodies. And later on, once I’m damn ready to go back out there, my girls will make sure he stays a nobody. How’s that for a stinger?”

The interviewer nodded her head in the affirmative.

“Good girl! Now that we’ve given you enough of an inside scoop, why don’t you and Mr. Cameraman kindly go stalk some of our lesser endowed colleagues?” Awe bid her off smilingly.

Offering the mic to Shock, who declined to give any parting words, Missy ultimately thanked them for their time with the camera feed transitioning back into the arena proper.


“Uggghh….fuck- fuuuck!”

The anguished cry of the Duchess was heard by just about every ear in the arena, courtesy of the built-in ring mics amplifying her currently miserable state.

Her legs kicked futilely in the air, a good foot or so off the mat while her arms were in a similarly helpless manner.

Wrapped across her naked midriff were a pair of strong, masculine forearms squeezing away at the taut contours of her stomach.

It was as effective a bearhug as there could ever be, executed by a sexfighter quite known for his upper body strength.

The Thriller.

“Fucckkk!” An agonizingly candid cry escaped her lips once more with the exerted pressure compressing around her ribcage.

“Hell. Yeah!” With every word, Greg squeezed against her more and more to maximize his strength advantage.

This had been the story for the first few minutes of the current fall: Kendra’s resilience pitted up against Greg’s persistence.

And so far, there wasn’t a clear-cut winner between them.

The Englishwoman was clearly nowhere near close to submitting, while her opponent was pouring on the pressure nonetheless in an effort to keep wearing her down.

But that stalemate would only last so long.

Gritting her teeth, the former Intercontinental Champion finally fought back with a blind elbow shot right to his face.

Landing the sharp point of her forearm right against his temple, she lashed out with a second elbow that also connected just above the eye.

A third blow stumbled the Thriller some, loosening up his grip somewhat for the Duchess to seize the reins of control.

Her first move was to reach down her midriff and grab at his interlaced fingers, weaving her own slender digits in between them and then pulling them apart.

Very painfully testing his joint flexibility, she began peeling back at his tensed digits, not showing much sympathy breaking apart his grip finger after-

“Fuck!” A grunting outburst from her opponent validated her strategy almost immediately as the male sexfighter was forced to release her from the rear body lock.

Landing on her feet, Kendra barely had to look over her shoulder to see Greg taking a step back to inspect his fingers, massaging the joints sorely while his eyes were so woefully off the ball.

With her back still to him, she made him pay by lifting her leg upwards and then extending it back in a back thrust kick.

His toned abs soundly absorbed the impact of her sole imprinting itself against his skin, nearly doubling the dark-haired man over regardless.

Smiling, the Duchess sprinted forward towards the ropes while Greg, grunting and grabbing at his stomach, was left to clamber up in her wake.

Rebounding right back into the fray, she easily dodged a fairly telegraphed clothesline from the bigger athlete, her lean, fit form ducking under the forearm and bouncing off the ropes behind him with even more building speed.

Growling in frustration, the Thriller whirled around and went to grab his foreign foe, but unfortunately for him there was nothing to grab.

Executing an effortless baseball slide, she smoothly skirted right between his legs far below his grappling reach, though her grounded evasion ended up being the least of his worries, though.

Seizing his right leg at the same time, Kendra yanked the limb out from under him to bring the male sexfighter down to her level.

Flailing down, Greg hit the mat first with his face, a disorienting impact that gave the Brit a perfect window of time to put into motion her next move.

Inserting her leg in the backside of his knee, she grabbed his ankle and promptly bent the limb back, compressing his calf much to his immediate displeasure.

“Fuck- you fucking- SHIT!” The Thriller nearly went haywire as Kendra expertly began pressing his calf against her inserted shin, now serving as a fulcrum to better concentrate the pressure.

Whatever momentary pain came from the faceplant was fastly replaced by the more searing source of pain now spreading through his lower limb.

His first move was to lift himself up off the ground and try to power out of it, a strategy that was instantly nullified by the Englishwoman simply pulling back even harsher on his compressed leg to force him back down to the mat.

Pain continued to occupy his face as she leaned back even more into the calf crusher, no doubt inflicting wave after wave of invisible agony to his knee joint with every passing second.

Bare-chested but still wearing her raven black bottoms, Kendra’s body perfectly showcased her poised, concentrated composure throughout.

Ignoring his writhing, his wild curses and sweeping arms, she was in complete control, whereas Greg found his own degree of self-control to be much thinner than he realized.

“Fuck….Fuck….. no, you bitch!” Indecision rippled through his face as he contemplated an early surrender, tentatively bringing up an open hand to smack against the mat against yet another agonizing bend of his calf against her shin.

But he stared ahead of him, and suddenly found the strength necessary to drag them both forwards.

Digging into the mat surface with his hands, he used that same strength to carry himself across the mat, covering that stretch of canvas necessary to finally reach the ropes.

And he would grip the bottom rope, albeit not before biting down a yell as Kendra looked to keep compressing his limb.

The referee made a move to step in, but the Duchess relinquished the leglock with an impatient huff.

Rising to her feet, she was already swinging one leg between the ropes and to the outside not one moment later.

Stepping onto the ring apron next, she reached back into the rope and grabbed the Thriller by the hair, guiding his head and upper body in between the top and center cables in just the ideal position for her.

His lower half was just above a crouch inside the ring when she struck.

Shouting out in a familiar cry, she rattled his jaw with a series of knee strikes, connecting just under the chin with every successive thrust of her leg.

Keeping one hand on the ropes the whole time, her form was purely methodical, raising her thigh just at the right moment where his head snapped back from the last blow to absorb even more impact.

Stopping after what seemed like the fifth or sixth consecutive blow, she took a step back to allow the Thriller to crumple back inside the ring, much worse from wear.

Wearing a solid layer of determination still, she did take a second of pause to look down on the outside to see the dark-haired woman currently giving her a death stare.


Otherwise known as the Chiller, Greg’s sporadic tag partner and full-time girlfriend, the female sexfighter was dressed in some conservative civilian attire with her long hair barely disguising the disdainful sneer painted across her features.

Kendra smirked at her. “Enjoying the show, luv?”

“Greg’s gonna fuck your skinny ass up,” Celia mocked her with crossed arms.

“Yes, he’s certainly doing a real bang-up job of it, isn’t he?” the Duchess dryly stated, stepping back inside the ring with that same subtle smirk on her face.

Getting up to his feet with his right leg obviously still bothering him, Greg’s recovery time was interrupted once the slim Brit sauntered back into range.

“Clipped your wings too soon, have I Gregory?” Kendra mocked him, knowingly baiting the Thriller into making the first move.

“I’ll fucking clip you!” Playing right into it, Greg swung for the fences with an arcing clothesline, casting a wide net but ultimately not catching anything except the air.

But Kendra more than ran with it, sidestepping it slightly while seizing his forearm with both hands for her own use.

With one hand, she clamped around his wrist and twisted sharply in a counterclockwise motion while the other hand pushed against his armpit.

Both applied a certain amount of pressure that forced the taller and stronger man down to a knee, allowing her to keep torquing the arm away from his torso at a very uncomfortable angle.

“I’ve been awfully indecisive with my decision-making tonight, Gregory. Perhaps I could solicit an opinion from you.” She torqued back harder on the short armbar, testing his limits even more.

“...you...fuck, that fucking hurts….”

Kendra posited aloud, “See, with this particular hold, I could really do some damage to your shoulder. If you know the right pressure points, as I do…” She twisted his wrist away from him even more to demonstrate this. “Well, it would be very unpleasant for you. But I’m not a total sadist, at least for a poor bloke like you.”

Initiating another smooth transition, she folded his arm back towards his body, sliding it against the small of his back to subject him to a hammerlock.

Clasping her hand around his wrist still, she kept the pressure up on the shoulder joint but in a new but no less cruel angle, again keeping the Thriller in a kneeling position before her.

But with this little armlock, however, it left her other arm free to do as it pleased, including…

“No, I can be quite the people-pleaser when I want.” Reaching around his side, she slithered her potent digits into his trunks and felt his manhood.

Allowing herself a few seconds to grow familiar with his dormant sleep, she promptly fished it out into the open much to the delight of many of the female fans in attendance.

“So tell me Gregory, do you enjoy just the pain, the horrible agony only I am capable of giving you? Or…” Her smile grew sly as she began stroking his cock with her dominant hand, pumping up and down his stalk with gliding, well-practiced motions. “Do you prefer a little wank for your troubles?”

He stiffened up at the continued fondling of his manhood, for him a welcome contrast to the harsh manner in which his right arm was currently being treated.

Kendra’s soft grasp over his cock was only complimented by her hot breath caressing the back of his neck, giving him even more womanly stimulation.

He shook his head with an anguished noise as she massaged his growing hardness even more, her tempo refined and in tune with her wrist motions.

“I think you prefer this option,” she whispered at him, starting to focus on his tip now with her fingertips.

While Greg had managed to endure her sliding her palm from tip to base, he was giving quite a telling reaction as she rubbed knowingly at the sensitive underside of his cock.

“...shit, not in front of C,” he grunted to himself, the focused stimulation of his prick obviously drawing his lover’s ire towards both of them.

But Kendra went along with it. “Oh, why not? A good wank here and there never hurt anyone, quite the opposite, really. And I’m sure Celia wouldn’t mind learning a few pro tricks for home use.”

She gave a teasing kiss along the nape of his neck while her hand continued stroking down his rigid length with a level of mastery expected for someone so experienced in the craft.

And for the Thriller, who was noticeably less experienced than the foreigner, this left him with very few options, most of them undesirable, while others…

“....off me!” Greg suddenly reached behind him to snatch her around the hair, employing a frantic burst of energy to yank her forwards and toss her to the ground with his libido starting to really respond to her erotic massage.

But he ended it right there with the impromptu hair pull freeing his body from her control, at least for the moment.

Rolling over on her shoulder, the Duchess rose to her feet without much fuss.

Honing back towards her still kneeling opponent, she reached down to grab him by the hair when the Thriller surprised the UK-born sexfighter with a sudden shoulder thrust right to her stomach.

Catching her at the exact right angle, Greg sorely stretched out his right arm while Kendra nearly had to take a knee herself after walking right into his possum play.

But she would endure a far more devastating attack as the Thriller reached between her legs with one hand while slipping his other against her neck.

Scooping the woman up off the mat so that she was horizontal with his chest, he briefly stood up at his full height before finally dropping her stomachfirst right over his outstretched knee.

The Duchess immediately cried out following the gutbuster, rolling off his exposed kneecap and clutching at her midriff while Greg fell back at the same time to recover.

Scooting back, he retreated to a corner where he could safely tuck his cock back inside his trunks while watching the Brit reach another corner on the opposite side of the ring.

The crowd of course booed, but the Thriller was far more attuned to hearing one distinct voice above them all.

Stalking over to his position at ringside, Celia hissed urgently at him, “Clobber the fuck out of her, now babe!”

Using the ropes to pull himself up, Greg complained, “Bitch almost broke my fingers. Is that shit even legal?”

“Screw what’s legal. Fuck her shit up,” Celia ordered him, her commanding tone ultimately forcing Greg to ignore his current woes and refocus on the task at hand.

Seeing the Duchess bring herself up, he got up to his feet and cleared his head before takeoff.

Launching out of the corner, he made a mad dash towards the Englishwoman, all caution put aside as he ramped up the speed….

… ultimately running into her bare foot instead of his true, intended target.

Anticipating his charge from the second he got up, she also played possum to lure him right into a defensive kick that connected her heel against his chin.

Staggered in place, Greg fought off the dizzy spell but not much else with his opponent easily able to secure the same wrist once more.

Leaning back against the turnbuckle, she raised herself up on the middle rope with a simple push, twisting his arm to force his compliance in her sudden ascent.

Having also secured the interest of the crowd, she continued to rise up, eventually balancing one foot up on the top rope.

A very precarious place to be in, but one that Kendra was going to travel to nonetheless.

Keeping all the eyes on her, the Duchess started to place some weight up on that raised leg but the Thriller showed his quick thinking by throwing his own weight against the cable she was halfway standing on.

Thrown offbalance with a yelp, the Brit ended up crotched on the turnbuckle pad right at the most delicate part of the setup.

Celia was certainly pleased to see her boyfriend acting fast there, encouraging him with positive words as he freed his wrist with no resistance by the Englishwoman.

Touching his mouth where her foot had impacted, he ended up bracing a boot up on the bottom rope while roughly grabbing her by the head.

Forcing the British sexfighter into a front facelock, he positioned his other foot on the second rope for better stability before lifting the Duchess up into a vertical position.

Not even needing to go up fully, Greg managed with the leverage he had, falling back down to the mat with Kendra going with him.

The ring registered the sizable thud of bodies as the Thriller delivered an elevated vertical suplex right out of the corner.

Greg, the only one of the two in control over his landing, was quick to roll over on his back and crawl towards the ropes for support while Kendra took noticeably longer to get beyond her initial writhing and wincing phase.

Feeling up against her spine, her suffering expression was prime for viewing up on the JumboTron as the Thriller made his way over to where his girlfriend was at ringside.

“Was that fucking cool or what?” he beamed at her, on his hands and knees now as he leaned his head outside the ropes.

“C’mere and I’ll show you.” Leaning in to caress his cheeks with both hands, Celia started making out with her tag partner to even more boos from the crowd, as well as drawing an annoyed look from the referee before she went to check up on the Duchess.


“Ah, young love. Nothing brings together two souls more than like watching your beloved inflict pain and suffering upon someone else.”

“Hey, every couple’s got their thing. And if it helps to improve Greg’s performance especially after the clean sweep he lost last week to Chelsea Cheer, well, more to him,” Kevin admitted.

“True, that young man’s definitely looking for a course-correction tonight. But for his sake I hope he’s focused less on his girlfriend and more so on the woman he’s actually got a date with here and now,” George pointed out to him. “Kendra is tough as they come, but she also knows the human body like very few do in this industry. If he gets a little lax on defense, maybe a little too presumptive with his offensive beats, the Duchess is going to seriously mess him up.”

Nodding as the Duchess finally started to rouse and roll over on her belly, his partner remarked, “Don’t forget the incentive. Last week, Kendra and Hunter did defeat Mandy and Kim- albeit by DQ but still- to secure her spot in the Intercontinental Title Tournament. The lineup has officially been updated on the website to include her, but it will not reflect well on her if she comes out of this match the loser and gives that shine to the Thriller.”

“It wouldn’t, but I’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention her stamina. This is just the first fall, remember. So even if Greg is tight with his attacks and manages to either submit or coax an orgasm out of her, he’s gonna have to keep operating at that same level to get the job done for a second time, and a third if necessary….”


Standing up following his mid-match smooch with the Chiller, Greg felt a new wave of confidence wash over him.

Flexing out his fingers some, he sauntered over towards the crawling Duchess, speeding up his final steps to cut her off from reaching the ropes.

“Don’t know what you were planning up there in the corner, but I got one word for you, Kendra.” Seizing a fistful of hair once more, he dragged her towards him in a rising kneel. “Suplex.”

Squeezing her head under his armpit again, he slung one of her arms over his shoulder and launched her up and over in a vertical suplex.

Her lower back painfully felt the mat first as they both landed, causing her to cry and kick her heels against the canvas following the impact.

“And…..again.” Forcing her up so that he was behind her, the Thriller placed one of her arms in a half nelson while the other grabbed around her waist.

Falling backwards, he tossed her overhead with such force that Kendra actually flipped over mid-air to land on her belly instead of her neck.

The mat registered the thudding impact as the Brit’s sternum was cushioned by the unsympathetic mat.

Continuing to grab at her stomach, she groaned agonizingly against the mat as Greg sat up, a wide smile carved across his face at the audible damage he was inflicting thus far on the former Intercontinental Champion.

But despite how pleased he was currently, his girlfriend continued to push him on the outside, “Stay on her, Greggy. I want that bitch tapping before you fuck her.”

He leered over his shoulder at the stirring brunette. “Can’t argue with that.”

Pulling himself up, he hooked his arms around hers to peel the Duchess off the ground as well.

Getting her into a single underhook to hold her upright, he pumped a combination of swift knee thrusts of his own into her exposed belly.

Sinking in one after the other, Greg only seemed content with the distribution of pain when the Duchess collapsed down to a kneeling position, reeling from the torso abuse.

Glad to show off even more to his lover, he effortlessly hauled the slim woman up to her feet and gave a dismissive shove backwards to put her up against the corner.

Taking a step or two back to set himself up, he waited until she was at least partially standing against the turnbuckle before charging forwards to deliver a running shoulder thrust just to cap it all off.

Charging her like a football player plowing his way into the end-zone, he threw himself fully into the move once he was close enough to connect- only he didn’t connect against flesh and bone.

Using the ropes to throw herself out of harm’s way, she successfully avoided contact as his shoulder instead rammed right into the metal ringpost!

The momentum worked against him, and moreover in Kendra’s favor as she staggered around to his blindside.

“Shit! Shit Greg, get the fuck out of there!” Celia screamed at him with urgency, though in her warning she failed to disclose what would happen when he did in fact extricate himself from the corner.

Pulling his upper body clear, he was taken off his feet almost immediately by a swift chop block right to the back of his right knee.

Crying out at the violent manner the foreign sexfighter took him from behind, the Thriller had no choice but to buckle and ultimately collapse down at his severed foundation.

And now, the crowd was voicing their support for the Duchess as she grabbed him around the ankle and relied upon a surprising degree of upper body strength to drag the male sexfighter a few good feet away from the ropes.

“Fuck! Fuck…” His tag partner already had her hands on her hair just watching Kendra kick him over on his back before resuming her in-ring dissection.

“Do you have another word for me, luv, or will ‘ouch’ be the standard going forward?” Smirking at her own mirthless humor, the Brit lashed out with a kick right to the back of his right knee, and then came down on that same leg with an elbow drop right on his calf muscle!

Greg’s face contorted into pure agony as she came back up with a renewed grip over his ankle.

Tucking it under her arm, she now committed to turning the bigger man over on his belly to implement a single-leg Boston crab!

Wincing heavily at the way she was already adding slight pressure to his limb, he fought the movement by flailing his arms and twisting his hips against her.

“I appreciate you making this more competitive for me but I really do insist!” Kendra laughed at him, almost exhilarated at his defiance.

But she stomped out that defiance quite literally by bringing her other foot down on his sternum a good three or four times to properly wind him.

Gasping out as the stomps briefly got the better of him, his now wheezing state allowed the submission specialist to turn the Thriller over more easily on his back for full effect.

Though he greatly outweighed her either way, the female sexfighter was able to negate this advantage by kneeling her shin down over his bent knee, still torquing back but with her own weight added to the leglock.

“SHIT!!” Greg shouted out with almost surreal realization at this new wave of pain spreading up his spine and even hamstring.

Pushing up on his palms, he immediately made a beeline towards the ropes, once again dragging Kendra with him on his agonizing journey towards freedom.

With his upper body doing almost all of the work, he seemed to be making decent headway despite the considerable amount of pressure she was still putting on his lower half.

The more and more that Kendra leaned back, the more he shouted and cursed and otherwise twisted in physical anguish.

“C’mon Greggy, get there! You’re so close, so fucking close!” Celia pleaded with him, fitting nicely in a minority of people at that arena that didn’t want to see the Thriller tap out.

By far, the majority of fans were screaming for it, and their wish was almost granted a few times as Greg sporadically raised his hand as if to tap.

However, all those gestures were ultimately all for naught once the male sexfighter reached the rope again, resulting in a resounding round of disappointment with the referee tasked with breaking up the submission.

Out of respect for the rules, the Englishwoman obliged, letting go of his leg and subsequently allowing him a mandated few seconds’ respite.

A few seconds too many, in her eyes.

Circling back to him with her hips conveying her narrowed focus, the Duchess ignored the rather petulant shouts of his girlfriend while reaching down to cup him around the chin.

Bringing the Thriller up and to his feet, she turned to the side and sliced across his chest first with a swift, blink-and-miss-it knife edge chop.

The crowd responded accordingly as Greg lurched back against the ropes, his right pectoral immediately showing her blistering handprint.

Lining him up, she struck him again with the same open-handed chop to a similar result before finally gripping his wrist tight.

Pushing off of his reeling form, she went to Irish whip him into the ropes, but her launchoff was immediately countered by Greg looping his other arm around the cables to keep his anchor.

Shaking his head in defiance, he succumbed to a gut kick in swift retaliation that loosened his grip enough for Kendra to operate.

Able to finally launch him forwards, she sent him forwards only for the Thriller to loop right back around and yank her to him using the same momentum.

She expected a reversal, but the male sexfighter bucked that expectation and simply lifted her up by the legs.

Turning quickly to put his back to the ropes, he fell backwards to throw the Duchess neckfirst into the top strand.

Celia cheered enthusiastically as her boyfriend delivered a modified flapjack that instantly dropped the Englishwoman in a coughing fit.

Grabbing at her windpipe, she went level with the mat with her feet furiously beating against the mat.

Cruel tactics, perhaps, but one needed a degree of cruelty in order to stand toe-to-toe with the at-times ruthless Brit.

Finding himself limping on the leg she had just torqued for a solid minute or so, he stumbled around the ring but eventually came back to finish the job.

“Gotcha now….” Seizing her by the neck, he secured a single underhook to help bring the topless woman up fully to a standing position.

Bending his knees slightly, he hoisted her up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, again sparking much applause from the Chiller.


… though a much different response from the announcers.

“Going right to the silver bullet in his chamber right in Fall 1. I would’ve figured he’d have saved that for later on but do what you gotta do to keep the vet down, I suppose.”

Kevin’s eyes were keenly watching the Thriller’s obvious limp as he marched back towards the center of the ring.

“I can appreciate the can-do attitude, but I question his logic going all-out when his foundation seems compromised. You take risks with just about every move you throw in there, but well, I dunno. Guess we’ll see.”


That sentiment was not shared by the male sexfighter now beginning the initial rotations of his signature airplane spin.

Stabilizing his stance somewhat, the Thriller focused simply on putting the ultimate spin of disorientation on the Duchess to last the entirety of the fall.

What started off well enough….

… almost immediately took a nosedive as Kendra maneuvered her body around in mid-air to wriggle right out of his grasp.

With the agility of a circus acrobat, the slim Brit slithered down his back with both arms seizing his thighs on the way down.

Greg yelped out with surprise as her sensual yet sharp fingernails dug deep into his flesh, driving him backwards to the mat in spite of his flailing arms.

Celia’s proud, borderline haughty attitude unraveled right before her very eyes as the Duchess popped up from the sunset flip, once more in possession of her opponent’s right leg.

And the glint in her eyes now was like a big game hunter finally closing in on his prey.

Performing a spinning toe hold around his caught leg, she grasped his other ankle and crossed it together into a “4” formation.

Then, she fell to the mat in a controlled manner, pressing down on his calf beneath her kneecap to cinch in her signature submission hold: the figure 4.

“Fuck- fuuuck!” Greg immediately broke into a writhing fit as Kendra leaned back to watch his reaction.

A reaction she had seen in a hundred previous sexfighters to fall to her leglock.

Even better now with another sexfighter to witness it at ringside.

Pursing her lips together, she levered the pressure even more by lifting her hips, quickly cranking the pain levels past any reasonable pain threshold for the Thriller.

And he recognized that fact with grimacing acknowledgment, tapping out with a frantic hand just as the referee took a knee beside him.

Releasing him from the devastating submission, the Duchess coolly rose up with a cocky toss of her hair.

Turning on her heel, she was already halfway back to her corner as the ring announcer boomed out, “Winner of the first fall with a figure 4 leglock submission...THE DUCHESS!!”

Grabbing at his knees, the Thriller couldn’t retreat fast enough towards the ropes, prompting his girlfriend to stalk over to him with plenty on her mind, no doubt.

And while he received an earful, the commentators weighed in accordingly.


“Man, Kendra sure pumped the emergency brakes on that Thrill Ride before it could even get going. You can’t blame him too much; Greg had the right idea but was trying to execute it at the wrong time, ultimately to his own detriment. That flapjack off the ropes wasn’t quite the strong leadin that it needed to be, and well, we see now why,” George gave his input first.

“We also see why ring psychology is so freakin’ important here. The size of the opponent is important, but his ability to protect his bases is even more critical. And unfortunately for Thriller, once the Duchess started focusing in on his lower body, every big move he wanted to pull out was doomed from the start. I don’t anticipate him changing styles completely with some ground game, but then again, maybe he’s got an advantage against Kendra if he’s smart enough to utilize it.”

While the Brit was calmly and almost leisurely enjoying the rest period with her back to the turnbuckle, her two adversaries- one official and the other unofficial, were exchanging words on the opposite side of the ring.

George could take a guess at that. “His partner?”

“Two heads is always better than one, especially when one of them is probably half-concussed from all those knee strikes,” Kevin confirmed with a nod. “Celia can feed him strategy, new angles to come at the former IC Champ. But that’s all contingent on him actually putting all that advice into good practice, and I have my doubts based on his performance thus far.”

“That I can agree with. No matter how this match turns out, though, I think it’s in both competitors’ best interest to give it their all and hold nothing back. For Kendra, we know that the champ’s watching, and probably taking lots of notes. But for Thriller, well, who knows what doors might open with a potential upset…”


Fortunately, the suspense built up in the air would be paid off by the ringing of the bell for a second time.

The subtle differences between them became more pronounced as the two competitors were drawn back together by the referee.

Kendra’s composure- calm and calculated with barely a hint of fatigue, was even more obvious to the fans when captured in the same camera frame as Greg’s almost wounded posture.

The damage done to his right leg had not yet subsided, forcing him to walk forth with a limp and a recurring grimace on his face seemingly with every step he took.

Celia was continuously shouting encouragement at her dark-haired lover, but her verbal motivation could only help so much against the physical damage already inflicted.

The two circled each other again, the banter between them relatively understated for the time being, and for good reason.

Kendra was firmly rooted in her ring confidence, bordering on cockiness the more she honed in on his limping leg like an apex predator eyeing her prey.

The Thriller, though usually very brash and outspoken, kept his lips sealed, and his stance open to grapple.

Edging closer, they tightened the circle until finally they were close enough to initiate contact.

Briefly dipping down, Greg went for a tackle to sweep the Duchess off her feet, though his lunging surge was easily countered by the veteran sidestepping him with a swift, evasive movement.

Tumbling through the air in a stumbling misfire, Greg came in contact with the turnbuckle instead.

Reeling back as his sternum hit the padding first, he turned around just in time to receive another dazing blow in the form of a high knee right to the chin!

Building up an amazing amount of speed within a relatively short distance, Kendra’s raised strike struck true, knocking him back against the corner.

Coming down from leveraging one foot on the bottom rope to secure her elevation on the blow, she grabbed his neck in a headlock formation.

Facing the center of the ring, she started forward to go for a bulldog, launching herself into the air for the momentum- only her feet never came back down to earth.

Instead, her opponent revealed his strength and wrapped his arms around her waist to regain control of the exchange.

And while he was in control, that control was nowhere near set in stone.

Immediately, Kendra kicked out with her legs as he outmuscled her attempted bulldog and now seemed prime to deliver a back suplex.

But with his lower half far from stable, he couldn’t quite come through on the delivery while withstanding her resisting mid-air movements.

So instead, he staggered back a few unsteady steps before he went to dump her over the top rope and to the outside.

A surprised grunt from the Duchess followed next, but the brunette woman didn’t fall to a painful landing down on the padded floor.

Whether it was luck or pure instinct, one of her hands snagged the middle rope, negating most of the intended impact while keeping her at least partially tethered to the ring.

A wave of relief rippled through the arena as the slim sexfighter reaffirmed her grip on the cables by placing both hands on the strand to lift herself up.

Rising up on the ring apron, she saved herself from one particular nasty fate, but that didn’t make the Englishwoman home free just yet.

While she was recovering, Greg hit the opposite set of ropes, building an adequate speed up to forcefully knock her to the outside.

His strategy was sound enough, though the execution was yet another misfire.

Throwing herself to the side just as he thrust his shoulder between the top and middle ropes, she evaded danger by the slimmest of margins.

And the Thriller did not, however, evade his fair share of it when the Duchess rallied back with an emphatic step-up knee thrust that connected right under the jawline.

Catching him right as he stuck his head out in the vulnerable space outside the ring, it sent him groggily backtracking inside the squared circle with his footing even more wobbly.

Going from staggering to tumbling over on his back, he sorely felt up his jawline, sparking another supportive burst of applause in favor of the former Intercontinental Champion.

Rubbing the smooth, pale skin of her kneecap, she leered down at Celia who was none too happy at the developments so far.

“....fucking cunt,” the Chiller growled up at her, her expression cross and hostile.

Swinging one leg back inside the ring, Kendra told her with a shrug, “The successful ones usually are around here. But not to worry, luv. I’ll show him plenty of lover-like treatment before this is all over.”

That didn’t do much to calm the nerves of the American sexfighter, but it did bring a slight smirk to the face of the Duchess now that she was inside the ring and stalking intently back towards the regrouping, kneeling Thriller.

Coming upon him a second later, she seized him first by the chin, rearing back with her other hand to deliver a-

“Uggghh…!” What happened next was a sudden and desperate headbutt by Greg that hit her right in the stomach, the top of his skull containing just enough hard, disorienting force to nearly double over the Englishwoman.

Gasping out sharply as the unblocked shot to her windbags registered more like a hammer to the gut, she nearly flirted with taking a knee while the Thriller rose now and took the reins.

Seizing her around the neck, he forced the slim woman first into a gutwrench position, and then lifted her up high before she could collect herself.

Positioning her overhead on his right shoulder so that her head was pointing in the direction was currently facing, Greg linked his arms around her face-up torso.

Her limbs became active with thrashing resistance once the setup was completed, and the period of searing agony began.

Celia was nearly beside herself in delight as the Thriller pressed down on her stomach with his interlocked fingers, compressing the toned flesh of her stomach while the broad surface of his shoulder jarred her spine at the same time.

She let out an excruciating cry as the pressure mounted, putting a hyperextending bend on her vertebrae once the male sexfighter started bouncing slightly up and down as an added element to the bodily torture.

Her long legs kicked out, but she couldn’t buck her weight enough to escape the backbreaker rack.

She could only remain painfully draped over his shoulder, and writhe around the longer and longer her back endured the unnatural contortion of his maneuver.

But thankfully, the hold was not thoroughly sustainable.

Making sure his fingers were clenched tightly around her belly button, the Thriller finally dropped down on his knees, flexing her spine with the impact of the drop as one final measure of punishment.

Flopping off his shoulder with a sharp cry, she immediately went facedown on the mat with her feet furiously kicking into the mat.

He winced out at the mutual pain they both shared as a result of pulling the move off.

For Kendra, the discomfort was clearly spread over her spinal cord, while he had to massage the shoulder that just dealt said damage.

Rolling around the shoulder joint, he pulled himself up with one hand bracing on the small of her back.

Eventually, that hand moved up to grip the back of her raven locks, slowly summoning the pain-wracked Brit off of the mat.

“C’mon, c’mon…” Mentally psyching himself up, he got both hands around her slender wrist, and, after one peering glance over his shoulder, suddenly whipped her to the corner turnbuckle with a reinforced push of momentum.

Nearly going down to a knee, he shot her off like a rocket, and then stood by to watch the explosion from a safe distance.

Hurtled into the corner with no way to slow her acceleration, Kendra instinctively turned to take the impact of the turnbuckle padding on her back, but that mid-stride repositioning hurt just as much, if not more, than a frontal collision.

Crashing into the corner, she collapsed facefirst into the canvas as soon as the ringpost gave a violent buckling sound against her exposed sound.

Her dark hair concealed whatever agonizing mask was no doubt twisting her facial expression, accentuated by her still kicking feet.

On his knees, the Thriller crawled towards the downed Duchess with a growing smile etching across his face.

“Get her, babe. Fuck her up!” the Chiller cawed approvingly, practically salivating at the Englishwoman’s audible misery.

“Oh I’m gonna fuck her, alright….” Latching on to her wrist once more, he dragged her back towards the middle of the ring, away from the ropes.

Crouching on her side, he ran his masculine hand over the slim curvature of her lower back, eventually slipping his fingers underneath her waistband. “I’m gonna fuck her real good.”

Without any further ado, he stripped the slim Brit of her traditional black bottoms, unveiling her pale posterior much to the roaring applause of the spectators.

Tossing it aside, he quickly followed suit, reaching into his trunks and fishing out his manhood for its “official” in-ring use.

Kendra was still recovering from the consecutive attacks on her back, but now she felt a different kind of tingle run up her spine.

Namely the phallic blade of his cock teasing down her exposed buttcheeks, teasing its way into the rear entry of her womanhood.

“Feel that?” Greg breathed down with a raunchy smirk, stroking his dick while taunting her. “That’s 8 inches, solid. No fucking pills, all natural.”

He rolled his neck around in smug anticipation, masturbating himself until he was satisfied that he could sustain his cock’s hardened shape.

“Oh, I thought I felt a little bit of a knob back there,” came her coy response.

“Yeah, you thought, skinny bitch. Now guess what?” Reaching down, he seized her by the hair and yanked her up ruthlessly so that they were nearly level with each other.

“You’re about to get railed, Kendra. And when I’m done, you’re gonna be so fucking horny you’ll never want to get off this ride,” he promised her with renewed confidence, continuing to intertwine his fingers with her raven locks while positioning his lower half in the best way to properly take her.

“Teach her how it gets done, babe,” Celia leered at ringside.

He smirked, “Oh yeah, you’re gonna learn tonight, you flat-chested, bony little cu-Uggghh!!”

The sharp end of Kendra’s elbow entered his mouth from the right side, interrupting his smug declaration and promptly ruining the mood right then and there.

Recoiling at her back elbow, he fell back by the wayside, granting the Duchess a very convenient get-out card from whatever rear pounding he had in mind.

Rolling over on her stomach, she blew locks of hair out of her vision, both ears intentionally deaf to the incessant shouting of his girlfriend.

“Word of advice, teacher.” Sitting up, she got one leg under her and started to push up. “When you’re about to fuck someone, don’t tell them. Just do it.”

Scoffing at her ever-present sarcastic wit, Greg seemed more concerned at the moment. on the line of crimson trickling down his lower lip.

“Fuck, you made me bleed,” he snarled out, getting his legs under him as well.

“Yes, I tend to do that to people,” she drawled right back at him, her eyes subtly locking on his cock, still hanging out of his trunks and in desperate need of something to hold it in place.

“...yeah, well fuck that!” Lunging at her with fire in his eyes, the Thriller went for an ambitious grab- perhaps too ambitious, on second thought.

Spotting his body shift from a mile away, Kendra had already darted around him and had initiated a counter just as he gripped a handful of nothing.

Going down on one knee, she slipped one arm between his legs and pulled him backwards so that he fell over her and flat on his back.

Floating on top to stack his legs up in a leveraged pinning position, the Duchess already had one hand gripping his cock and the other wrapped around the inside of his thigh before he even knew what was happening.

And now that he could look up and see, well, the Thriller’s words weren’t coming to him as easily as before.

“I can also do this…” Her voice rang out like smooth honey as it was accompanied by her resumed wanking of his manhood, massaging it firmly yet with those flirty, fluttering motions that only came naturally with time.

Greg’s eyes bulged open as she had his sexual extension aimed right back at him, the cannon now turned against its master.

Keeping her palm in a tight shape as it pumped his meat from root to tip, she added in the appropriate cooing sound effects with his groin warming quickly to her expert touch.

“Has little Willie been jealous of all the attention I’ve been giving your other body parts?” she purred at him, seeing and definitely hearing the precum slicked across his foreskin. “Oh yes, he’s quite excitable now. I think he fancies my hand just gliding up and down, like this…”

Greg stiffened up at the way her thumb teased at his crown, making the veins on his foreskin grow even more visible as they strained to hold back his load.

“...or maybe he wants me to feel just how big his bollocks are.” Pursing her lips together, Kendra tilted her chin downwards to plant a tender kiss on his testicles, teasing him with more oral exploration just with her sultry eyes alone.

But as tantalizing as all that sounded, the Thriller wasn’t quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.

With a sudden cry, he kicked out with both legs to free himself from her handjob-infused rollup pin.

The disappointment of the crowd couldn’t be measured with the bare-chested man scrambling, or at least trying, to scramble up to his feet.

Smirking at the cameras, Kendra kept her professional composure as she rose up to follow her crawling, audibly winded opponent.

Of course, a sizable reason for his reeling demeanor was still hanging erect between his legs, flapping around with every movement taken much to the amusement (and even arousal) of many members in the crowd.

“Don’t tell me Willie has gotten a sudden case of shyness. That would be unfortunate.” Now Kendra was just playing with him. “But not as unfortunate as the look your lover is giving you right now, Gregory. I suspect she’s none too pleased with your performance so far.”

Gripping the middle rope, the Thriller felt a surge of emotions run through him.

That last jab provoked an immediate reaction from him, one that Kendra anticipated without even uttering a word more.

“Babe, don’t let her talk to you like that,” his partner admonished him, the final straw broken.

Rounding back on her, the male sexfighter swung for the fences in an emotionally charged lariat.

The veteran dodged the blow with a simple sidestep, barely registering anything past the rushed breeze of air that caressed her face.

Spinning around almost in a daze, he tried for yet another clothesline once he estimated her to be in his sights once more.

And again, Kendra ducked with ease and a Plan B already in motion.

Keeping on his blindside until he finally turned to face her, the Duchess struck and struck hard with yet another knife edge chop to the sternum.

A followup strike commanded an even louder Woooo! from the crowd, sending him careening back into the ropes.

Intensifying her glare with a concentrated toss of her hair, she went up on her toes to rock him with a solid European uppercut to the jaw for finality.

His feet nearly went first, a potential pratfall through the ropes only avoided when Kendra reached out to grab his wrist.

Keeping him inside the ring wasn’t just for his benefit; it was wholly necessary for her grand finale.

“Babe, snap out of it! Snap...snap out of it! Babe!?” Celia was calling, but no one seemed to be home for the Thriller as he was guided out of the ropes and towards a nearby corner.

Twisting under his arm to subject him to another wristlock mid-walk, Kendra was in complete dominion over that limb as she felt her back up against the turnbuckle, prompting her to start climbing up without hesitation.


“Wow, she really sunk that last forearm in. And now we have- oh, this is a real oldie, folks. Something I don’t think she’s busted out I don’t think since…..well, Kev, your brain isn’t as old as mine. When was the last time Kendra went up high like that?” George pointed at the almost astounding image of the naked woman scaling up to the top rope, still holding on to Greg’s arm as her leveraging tool.

“Your guess is as good as mine, but I can tell you it wasn’t recent. She must have a reason for this little callback to unleash it now and in the thick of battle. And I’m pretty sure that reason has blonde hair and a shoe closet bigger than most people’s apartments…”


Celia’s shouting barely did anything to penetrate Greg’s groggy demeanor as his arm was still held by the Duchess who was not only balanced perfectly on the top rope, but now chanced fate even more by actually walking on the cable itself.

Mimicking a trapeze artist on a tightrope, her nimble feet didn’t slip once as they crossed one after the other along the thick line of metal beneath her.

Collective awes swept through the crowd as she finally stopped halfway across, turned to face the Thriller, and then brought down Late Night in Liverpool.

Leaping off the cable, she delivered a punishing elbow to his shoulder, landing impactfully across his deltoid muscle.

He cried out sharply before crumpling down to the ground just as suddenly.

She landed on her feet; he landed facefirst on the mat with his upper body wracked in too much pain and misery to adequately manage.

Kendra barely even lost her breath during the entire ascent and climatic descent.

Celia, however, was nearly screaming herself hoarse trying to coax a last-second comeback out of her boyfriend.

But there was no comeback left in him, especially seeing how he was grabbing painfully at his shoulder.

He had nothing….except of course what Kendra could still take from him.

“Still want to get up and have a go at me?” She leered down, tilting her head to the side.

Finding that he didn’t- or at least couldn’t, at the moment, rise to her challenge, she let out a satisfied breath and turned him over on his back.

Greg gave an anguished, obviously angry grunt as she planted one foot over his sternum, painting a pretty dominant picture right there for everyone to see.

“You…you broke my shoulder,” he vented at her angrily.

“They always think that...” Her hands on her hips, she addressed him in a leering tonne, “Please, luv, I’m not that careless. The only thing I needed broken, Gregory, was your spirits. And since I don’t envision an 11th hour resurgence out of you, well…”

Descending down on him, Kendra sat her naked crotch down on his waistline, facing his legs. “Let’s finish off Willie, shall we?”

Playfully flicking his hardened shaft about with a curious finger, she applied more serious strokes to get it at the right stage and then scooted up.

“Ah fuck, fuck me!” The Thriller’s defeated grunt turned to an even more defeated moan as she slid her pussy down over his cock without sheathing it at all within her feminine warmth.

Deciding on a more...cinematic end to the contest, the Duchess stimulated the erotic gyrations of a reverse cowgirl mount while her pussy lips grinded against his already weak dick.

Conquering him using the friction caused by their two bodies coming together, she had a perfect read on his sexual pulse just by the way his cock throbbed up against her wet cunt.

“I hate to disappoint you, luv, but I don’t hand out pussy like free ice cream. Some privileges must be earned here….” Rocking her hips back and forth at an increasing rate, she turned to lock eyes with him. “But you did show promise tonight, and a competitive rival makes for an even more rewarding victory. So I’ll let you indulge in what I’m giving you.”


“Oh you’re quite welcome!” Swiveling down on his captive manhood, Kendra gave his girlfriend one last cheeky wink before her opponent climaxed.

A generous eruption of cum drenched her bottom and dripped down her thighs with buck after buck of his hips.

The crowd was already cheering the visible show of Greg’s orgasmic surrender on the big screen, and the ringing of the bell only made it official.

One last, drawn out pelvic slide against his slick and thoroughly milked cock was the final beat of satisfaction before the Duchess rose up off of him.

Celia’s expression was, to say the absolute minimum, not happy at all.

But the official’s decision was final, and it was immediately relayed by the ring announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the second fall with a pussygrind submission….and winner of the match…”

The referee raised the slim Brit’s hand in recognized victory. “....THE DUCHESS!!!”

Greg dejectedly rolled over on his stomach, the gravity of yet another loss setting in while of course his girlfriend dealt with it in her own way.

Namely petulant shouting and slamming her palm against the ring apron in frustration.

Reaching behind her back to massage some of her lower discs, she saw the referee go and fetch a towel, which then brought the matter of her post-match tribute to the forefront.

“....did we have fun tonight, luv?” Kendra turned with a smile at the now kneeling Thriller, his hand almost sheepishly stroking at his dick as he was caught right in the act of checking out her bare ass from behind.

His cheeks were almost as red as the crimson blotches her chops had left across his sternum.

“Whatever.” He tried to come off dismissive yet accepting of his fate, something that only amused the Duchess even more.

“I commend you on the effort, Gregory. You almost made me sweat for a second there.” Sauntering towards him, she touched his cheek with one hand, fingers tracing his jawline while she draped one slender yet deceptively strong leg over his shoulder.

“Now that I’ve said something nice, why don’t you get that lovely tongue out, and give me something nicer in return,” Kendra commanded him in a softer, huskier purr.

He could huff all he wanted, but she only had to shoot him a single glare potent enough to melt a steel beam before he leaned forward between her legs and nuzzled his mouth up against her feminine maw.

Kendra threw back her hair and drank in the moment like a cool, refreshing beverage as his tongue adoringly ran up the flavored sweetness of her pussy.

Gripping his hair with a somewhat firm hand, she stabilized herself as his wet, lapping organ danced against her fluttering folds before delving even deeper into her dewy pleasure hole.

“Mmmm! Yes, now we’re getting somewhere….” A slight quiver trembled her articulate tone, causing the rest of her statements to come out in a sustained and satisfied hum.

As the cameraman took in Greg’s POV kneeling down before her, the crowd could see how she was becoming more demanding of her oral attention, riding his face to feel more of his diligent tongue.

Celia wore her dissatisfaction vividly as the growing moans of the Duchess filled the ring.

“Yes….yes….” Kendra enjoyed her climax a few moments later, a few deft licks and suckles on her clitoris more than enough to momentarily override her usually very guarded libido, lowered only for this special occasion.

Approvingly ruffling up his locks, she stepped off of his body, unsealing his mouth from her womanly entrance.

Easing off of her sexual high, she patted the same cheek before turning to leave. “Nicely done, luv.”

Ducking under the top rope, she was still purposefully ignorant of the Chiller’s irritable gaze, dropping down to the floor as Greg’s girlfriend crawled into the ring to properly chew him out.


“And so we have it, folks. Kendra takes another critical step in her rebuilding phase by overtaking a very game Thriller in this match to score victory. I’m sure this loss is going to really sting for Greg and co., but the tale is as old as time, folks: The Duchess wrestled the better match on her end, and thus, got the outcome she worked towards. He’ll definitely need to broaden his skillset and gain more experiences as a singles fighter before trying to step up to a former champion again.”

“Yes, all that may be true, but can you really lose when Kendra just invites you in like that?” George commented ever shrewdly towards his partner as the oral tribute session wrapped up.

“True, that is very true. Well, he’s gonna get plenty to chew on with his girl tonight. If training doesn’t make you a more successful sexfighter, well, outside motivation usually gets it done,” Kevin went on to say...


Smiling at the couple’s bickering, the Duchess sauntered up the elevating ramp with the empowering taste of victory in her mouth, a renewed surge of confidence in her breast, and not to mention- the interrupting opening hook of someone else’s entrance music, apparently.

The Englishwoman stopped right in her tracks as the crowd, previously cheering her exit, now reacted to another woman sauntering out of the curtains.

A woman she had history with.

Painful history.

The Swann was out and about for the next match on the card already, wearing her standard black ring attire while her face was a painting colored in smugness and overflowing confidence.

Walking down to an ovation all her own, Jane paused to meet Kendra’s cool gaze.

Their eyes locked on for a tense moment.

No words were exchanged, but the shorter American woman did cock a slight grin at her once and perhaps future rival.

Kendra didn’t take her eyes off the also-former IC Champion, but Jane did turn her back to her, walking forwards as the ring announcer retooled for the next contest.


Author's Note: Thanks as always for the support.

- Things have been a bit slow on the creative front, but I'm hopefully forecasting some very free days ahead to think.

- The model for Kendra is Keira Knightly; for The Thriller, it's Trey Griley. And for The Chiller, well, hehe, let's put a "to be continued" on her for now.

- Great establishing win for the Duchess I'd say. Her technical prowess sure raises some very interesting parallels I'd say amongst the class of sexfighters she's now joining to potentially challenge for the IC Title. Suffice to say, Mandy probably wasn't the only one watching this match...

- The Tournament Lineup as of now: Dan Danger, Bux Bunny, The Phenom, The Tigress, Gavin the Great, Jesse Belle, La Dama, Tiffany Laurence, Keiji Miura, The Swann, The Duchess.

- Don't forget we have the upcoming debut of Mastodon to look forward to. Along with faces that you know and faces that you don't know (but will, soon enough).

- Feedback is always appreciated!! Stay blessed!!!
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Great stuff as always. Looking forward to more action from the swan, especially given her love of breath play!
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That was great match as always ,I am looking forward to the next .
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