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Default The Drow tales

Here is a start of some Drow tales.
I will do some short and long tales about the drow, with both fighting and Female vs male elements.(warning for some sexual stuff also :-)


The traditional Negeemi drow society was a female dominated society, the female drow was typicly larger and more agressive than the male drow. Both the female and male drow was infamous around all over arda for their high sexual drive, and sexuality was a inportant status maker in their society. It's very important for Drow to be and dress sexual, showing off much of their bodies to show other Drow their sexual power and abilities. Sexual intercourse is often seen in public in Drow villages and cities. There is no taboo for Drow to have sex or do sexual favors in public or in front of their families. Femlale drows often make lower class drow, male or females, serve them sexually in public to gain status. Especially female drows who are "Acolytes of Negeé, the goddess of war". Almost half of the Drow girls had to go to the academy of Negeé to become Acolytes then they got their first period showing they there female now. At the academy of Negeé they got to learn how to fight, wrestle, and much more.

The role of the traditional Negeemi drow male was to take care of the house and raise their children, and due the Drow females bigger size and agressivness, often combined with the Acolyte fight training, the traditional role for the drow husband was to be submissive to the matron of the house.

Some more pictures ontopic here also
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Drow tale No1 : "Honey , i'm home!"

Daff was a male Drow. He married Qui-Quilintha when he was 18 years old, and took her surname. She was sweet and kind to him, but she was an Acolytes of Negeé and had to go to their fight camp often. About a year ago she was sent away by the queen for the second time to fight in the war against the goblin in Kardya. But over the last 6 month he have heard nothing about her and he feared she had been killed over there.
But one day as Daff walked back home from the pond -he was buying some algae... it have been so long since he could buy some fish!-, he couldn't but notice that many of his neighbors where looking at him, with grins on her face, and several of the women of the neighborhood blinked at him mischievously, but he couldn't hear the jokes they said to each other.

While he opened the door, he wondered what happened, and if somebody had said what kind of rumour about him.

As he opened the door and entered in his house, suddendly a shadow jumped over him, pinning him to the floor. He struggle to escape, but the stranger was really strong and soon pinned his wrist to the floor so he couldn't move them an inch.

"Honey: I'm home!" said the dark elven woman, smiling.

"Qui-Quilintha?!!!!" he said surprised.

"sush. Not now. By the goddessm you are way more cute than I remember! A Drow lady have needs! So let's do drow things! Lets do drow things NOW!!!"

"But how is this possible?!! They said you were dead! You dissapeared a year ago! No one had news of you from years!"

"Yeah, long story. But no time for story now. DROW LADY NEEDS! To the Room, NOW!"


"Or you prefeer it there? For all them to see? " She smiled and looked back towards the door.
He followed her gaze and saw how half the women from the naighborhood was standing their, laughing and giggling, at least eight persons.
"- Ok, we should go into the bedroom instead." Daff said
" - Haha, i didn't remeber my Daff beeing so shy, but its maybe a good idea for you today, as i have been waiting a year to handle you again!"
She jumped off him and dragged him to his feet, and quickly dragged him to their bedroom.

Meanwhile, looking from the door, all the neighborhood began to laugh and cheer. Qui-Quilintha waved for them before she closed the door.
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