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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Tonight is the night.

That single thought ran through the head of Daniel Derrick as he finished tightening up the lacing circling his left wrestling boot.

As soon as his fingers finished manipulating the shoelace, he leaned back on his metal chair and simply stared ahead at the promotional poster plastered across the room.

Depicting two half-naked competitors, both male and female, charging forward at each other in the middle of a wrestling ring, the tagline at the bottom simply read, “Join the Sex Fighting League: Where your Fantasies Become Reality.”

Leaning forward, he examined his chosen footwear one last time: snow white boots with matching black stars stitched into the ankles.

Standing up to his full height just a few inches below six feet, he took another breath before strolling over to the examination mirror in the middle of the locker room to scrutinize his full attire for the upcoming ‘festivities.’

Piercing hazel eyes that could burn a hole in any chick’s pants, by his own admission anyways. Slicked back black hair with a youthful hairline. (Not to mention his trademark smile that could put John Cena to shame, if he could see it anyways )

All the ingredients of a bonafide superstar, and that’s not even including anything neck down.

While his physique wasn’t quite to the superhuman standards of the average professional wrestler in their physical prime, it was pretty damn close.

Owing to his collegiate background in wrestling, his upper body was a well-built, lean machine with more than enough muscle mass retained from his old NCAA days. Below the waist, his legs were equally as toned with calves that could lift more than half his body weight.

As he continuing to look into the mirror, he cracked his neck eagerly before doing one last mental check regarding his attire.

Simple sleeveless vest with the stylized ‘D’ sown in the back.


Black elbow pads.


Matching wrist tape.


Badass factor.


Pitch black wrestling trunks with his secret weapon locked and loaded.

Double Check.

Cocking a confident grin, he did one last preparatory stretch before a familiar sound entered his earwaves.

Knock Knock.

“Door’s open,” Daniel called out, slowly turning away from the mirror as a familiar presence filled the doorway.

“Dan my man!” Samuel Stillwater, his slightly older trainer and fellow SFL fighter, exclaimed proudly as he leaned against the door frame with a manila envelope in hand.

Dressed casually with a designer T-Shirt and torn jeans, the blonde twenty-seven year old veteran smiled with a relaxed confidence as he uttered the words Daniel had waited for weeks on end to hear.

“It’s showtime.”

* * *
Moments later, the two anxiously waded through a sea of humanity circulating around the backstage area of the arena.

Daniel’s curious eyes drifted from person to person as workers and crew alike rushed past them carrying production equipment or directing other SFL fighters to their destination.

“Big show, huh?” Daniel commented, observing a cameraman frantically setting up for a photo shoot with an impatient female sexfighter.

“They’re always big, just this one’s the biggest for you considering it’s your debut and all. Butterflies?” Stillwater replied, stepping to the side to allow a corporate suit with a clipboard to stalk past them intently.

“Not a chance, dude. You trained me for this, right?” Dan shot back confidently,

“I’ve trained you enough not to make an ass of yourself between the ropes,” Stillwater corrected him lightly, playfully nudging him on the shoulder before sighing. “Now actually winning the damn thing is something else entirely. You’ve definitely got the skills and talent to make a massive impression but take your eyes off the prize for just a second and before you know it you’re the one getting fucked and not the other way around. Remember what I told you about that match I had with that Mexican girl who snuck baby oil in her bra?”

“Didn’t you say it was the best han-?”

“Point being,” Stillwater interjected through gritted teeth, obviously still sore about that particular match result. “Always remember the golden rule.”

“Think with your big head, not your little one,” Daniel reiterated back to his mentor.

As the two turned around a corner and reached the staging area just behind the entrance curtains, Samuel stopped in his tracks and placed a reassuring hand on his protege’s shoulder. “Look man, I’m proud of you. Regardless of what happens out there, you’re a winner in my book for even going through with this in the first place.”

Grinning in appreciation, Dan then brought up his next point. “So, uh, do you know who I’ll be facing tonight?”

“Well, your opponent for this match…” Taking a dramatic breath, Samuel waited for the suspense to build before finally announcing, “...is Buxom Bunny.”

Daniel could barely hold in a snicker as the name of his opponent fully sunk in. “Her name’s…. Bux Bunny?”

“Yeah, and you’re Dan Danger,” his trainer pointed out sardonically, before scratching his chin in sudden contemplation, “You gotta admit the wordplay is pretty clever though.”

“So, what’s her win-loss record?”

Now, it was Sam's turn to smile. “Non-existent, just like yours. She’s a rookie too, and she’ll be more than happy to make a name for herself at your expense.”

“Anything you can tell me about her?”

Reluctantly, Stillwater told him, “I’ve seen a few of her tryout tapes, you know, trainer privilege and all that, so she isn’t a complete cum-fountain. From what I can tell, she’s a pretty versatile fighter. Her offense is mainly kicks and high-flying moves, basic stuff but it can come back and bite you on the ass if you let your guard down.” Sighing, the man crossed his arms. “As long as you pick your openings and don’t let her get in your head, you should be fine. She’s good, I’ll admit that, but I trained you to be better.”

“You trained me to be the best, Sam,” Daniel reminded him, prompting a gracious smile to cross Sam’s weary expression.

“Look, bottom line is just don’t underestimate her. When you hear the music, the girl walking down the ramp will be about 5’2 and about a buck-ten soaking wet. Everything about her will scream ‘pushover,’ but that is not the girl who’ll be in the ring with you. She may not have the record to back it up, but she wants this win just as bad as you do. Take your eye off that fact for just a second, and you’ll be seeing more of her than you would like before the match is over.”

“Roger that. See you on the other side,” Dan playfully saluted, before starting to enter the staging area.

But before he could, Stillwater leaned in closer to whisper into his ear, "Look, no pressure or anything but your whole career is kinda riding on this match. I pulled a few favors, and the Commissioner herself will be watching you out there.”

Daniel’s eyes instantly bulged in surprise as Samuel continued on, “I’m not saying that you need to win or anything, but uh, I need you to make me look really strong out there if you catch my drift.”

Stepping back, Daniel was most definitely feeling the pressure now. “Okay, umm anything else dude?”

“Yeah, one more thing…” Straightening up, Sam regained his confident composure as some of the production crew members started to head their way. “Have fun.”


Author's Note: First of all, thanks for reading so far! Obviously, this story is mainly inspired by Lac's Mixed Sexfight Match: Hunter vs. The Wildcat, so if you haven't already please check out his awesome series. I was also inspired by TConcord's Sex Wrestling League, so please check out that amazing series on Literotica as well. I'm hoping to roll out the other two parts of this match within the next week or so, but any feedback (positive and/or negative) always helps with the creative process.

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Thread approved.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

“Ladies and gentlemen, this exhibition sexfight is scheduled for three falls. Introducing first…”

As the ring announcer’s enthusiastic voice boomed from the center of the squared circle, the arena loudspeakers blared the familiar opening riffs from Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.

The heads of thousands of SFL fans immediately turned to the entrance ramp as the eager rookie made his way through the curtains.

Posing stoically just below the gargantuan Jumbotron as the floodlights hovered brightly above him, he calmly took in the audience as the announcer continued his bombastic introduction.

“..... hailing from North Beach, California and weighing in at 165 pounds, he is the man they call…. DAN DANGER!”

Receiving a tepid yet still favorable reaction, Daniel takes a deep breath before walking intently down the ramp with the power chords of the classic rock song’s guitar getting him even more pumped up step by step.

To the barricades on his left and right, people offered him light applause as he eventually reached the steel steps leading up to the ring.

Slowly getting up to the ring apron, he smoothly stepped in through the top and middle ropes and climbed up the turnbuckle to pose.

Striking a confident two-handed pose as the cameras all around flashed at him, he took a moment to simply take in his overwhelming surroundings before dropping back down.

Taking off his decorative jacket and tossing it to a nearby ring hand, Daniel stretched his torso against the ropes as the referee quietly entered the ring as well.

Dressed in a bra-and-panties variant of the typical black-and-white standard, she combed her blonde hair back behind her ears and gave him a courteous nod before turning back to face the ramp.

Cracking his knuckles in deep anticipation with his music winding down, he skipped in place as the lights slowly dimmed.

All eyes, his included, fixed upon the entrance ramp as the announcer lifted the microphone up to his mouth again.

“Making her way down the ring now….”

A seductive chorus of laughter rippled throughout the arena, followed by a sultry saxophone to announce the arrival of his opponent.

Sauntering slowly out of the curtains with some generic pop music playing in the background, Buxom Bunny confidently strutted her stuff as she struck a sensual pose at the top of the ramp to much applause especially by the male portions of the crowd.

Despite being just a few inches above five feet, she certainly wasn’t short on confidence as she almost effortlessly played to the crowd.

Wearing some bunny ears over her cascading blonde hair to compliment her gimmick, the rookie’s emerald green eyes sparkled with excitement as they rested playfully upon her growing legion of male admirers.

Her match attire was naturally all white, with a silky white jacket that certainly accentuated her petite figure.

She wore a lacy bra, with peachy white skin trailing down her bare midriff all the way to her matching white panties that stretched comfortably around her lithe hips.

Her legs were bare, with her feet encased in a pair of stylish pumps that had ‘fuck me’ written all over them.

“..... Coming from Miami, Florida and weighing in at 115 pounds. She’s bad, she’s buxom, and she’s most definitely beautiful. Give it up for Buxom Bunny,” the announcer enthused in his usual dramatic flair.

Pausing for just a moment longer to soak in the applause, she flashed the crowd a sultry grin before starting forward.

With both hands on her hips, Bux Bunny sauntered down the ramp at a bold yet effortlessly graceful pace that captivated more than a few members in the audience.

Daniel’s eyes were certainly locked on the petite yet potent fighter as she gingerly made her way up the stairs and draped one slender leg across the middle rope.

Pausing mid-step, she gave her shapely posterior a cute little wriggle for the crowd’s enjoyment before finally entering inside the sexual arena.

She blew the camera one last, seductive kiss before slinking out of her jacket and kicking off her shoes.

Walking forward to meet his opponent in the middle as the referee quietly discarded of their entrance attire, Daniel warily sized her up.

Matching his scrutinizing glare with one of her own, she cocked one hip to the side and yawned in a dismissive yet totally cutesy manner.

“She’s definitely hotter up close,” he thought to himself with a slight smirk, shamelessly ogling down her lean physique for just a moment longer before getting to business.

“Big match, huh?” she suddenly breathed out, genuinely surprising Daniel who had expected some trash talk to really get things heated.

Welcoming the nice bit of candor nonetheless, he shrugged in return, “First of many, if we do a good enough job hopefully. I’m uh, Daniel by the way.”

“Yeah, I got that from your ring name,” she giggled, nodding towards his gear. “Cute outfit, by the way.”

“Thanks.” Before he could get too comfortable, Daniel quickly shot back, “I’d say the same to you, but in a few minutes, you won’t be wearing much of anything, Bux.”

“Call me Melanie,” she smiled at him bemusedly, before offering him her hand in good sportsmanship.

Accepting it firmly, he was just about to turn away when she suddenly stood on her tiptoes to whisper tauntingly into his ear, “I hope you remember my name, because you’re gonna be screaming it by the time I get finished with you.”

Her taunting words did little to deter Daniel, who stepped back with a look that simply read, Try me.

Before any more ‘pleasantries’ could be exchanged, the referee stepped in to formally lay down the rules of the match.

“Just to be clear, this match will go three falls to a finish. The only way to win a fall is either by submission, domination, or KO. A submission will only be recognized either by a verbal surrender or a physical tap out, and a domination point can only be achieved via orgasm that must be recognized by me. Low blows are allowed but try to use them sparingly. Any and all sex toys or foreign objects are not allowed, and if used will result in an immediate disqualification. Am I understood?”

Both competitors nodded.

“Okay. Wait for the bell, and good luck!”

Retreating slowly back into his corner, Dan Danger cleared his mind of any stray thoughts besides the task at hand.

On the other hand, Melanie was as confident as ever as she waited impatiently for the timekeeper.

With the crowd settling down to watch the sexual clash about to unfold, another tense second passed before the opening bell finally rang.


Author's Note: Following in Lac's lead, I've included some images of the model who I've chosen as visual inspiration for Buxom Bunny: Elsa Jean. The match in its entirety will come soon, so stay tuned!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Post approved.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Great start - love the detail. Looking forward to reading more.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Looking forward to reading this bout and others.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

With the match now underway, Dan Danger charged out of his corner with intent as his petite opponent pranced forward to meet him.

They immediately locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, with both fighters straining for control.

Digging her heels in despite being the shorter fighter, Melanie showed surprising resilience against Daniel’s forearms, at least for now.

Feeling her slender fingers starting to dig into his shoulders, Daniel pushed forward with a single grunt of exertion and managed to capture her in a side headlock.

Now with his hips touching her pelvis, he squeezed ever so tightly to fully cinch it in leaving the blonde beauty little if any wriggle room to escape.

Ignoring her writhing protests against his forearm, he was just about to transition to a ground takedown when her dainty hand suddenly shot up towards his trunks and-

“Oh!” Before he could stop what was happening, her sneaky fingers slid underneath his waistband and without warning began softly fondling his manhood.

Instinctively stiffening up as her hand threatened to coax his member to an early rise, Daniel quickly released the hold and backed away much to Bux Bunny’s amusement.

Smartly creating some distance, he cursed under his breath as a sly grin painted her youthful features.

“No need to be shy, Daniel. I’m gonna be real nice to that cock of yours soon enough,” she playfully chided him, making a pumping motion with her fingers for emphasis.

Gritting his teeth together in response, he assumed a grappling stance as she flashed him yet another distracting grin.

As he circled his scantily-clad opponent warily, he couldn’t help but notice the French tips on her rather cute toes as she skipped around the ring no doubt searching for an opening of her own.

Stopping a few steps later, he surged forward like a bullet and caught Melanie with a stiff kick to her midsection.

Wincing lightly as the toe of his boot buried itself firmly in her toned midsection, the blonde staggered forward directly into Daniel’s next attack.

Cocking his left arm in a backhand motion, he attacked her unsuspecting chest with a swift knife-edge chop.

“Wooooo!” As the crowd collectively chanted its tribute to the classic attack, Melanie howled in pain as his forearm slapped noisily against her right breast.

Rearing back, he quickly delivered another savage knife-edge chop that equally hit its mark as well, disorienting his blonde adversary even further.

Just as she started to stagger out of striking range, Daniel quickly grabbed one of her wrists and Irish whipped her into the corner on the opposite side of the ring.

Breaking into a focused sprint as she collided backfirst against the turnbuckle, he went for a running clothesline only to be greeted by her raised foot at the very last second.

Recovering just in time, Melanie successfully stopped his advances with a defensive kick that landed right on his unprepared chin.

Nearly tripping over his own momentum, Daniel instinctively staggered back to create distance giving his blonde opponent plenty of time to recover.

As he stumbled back to the middle of the squared circle, Melanie came out of the corner seeking to capitalize.

But before she could do so, he quickly snapped out of his brief stupor and aimed a sudden clothesline at her.

Sensing the move, she instinctively ducked underneath his arced forearm and bounced back off the ropes.

Twirling back around to anticipate her next move, Daniel’s eyes then widened in shock as she slammed her outstretched torso against his.

The momentum from the ropes along with her powerful running splash sent both competitors to the mat, with Daniel obviously taking the brunt of the impact.

Rolling off his downed body, Melanie clambered up to her feet with her overly anxious opponent now slightly winded.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting tired already, Daniel? We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet,” she mocked him haughtily, prompting an infuriated grunt for the rookie who of course took the bait.

Staggering back up to his feet, he threw a wild haymaker that she naturally dodged then followed up with another punch that hit the air instead of her taunting expression.

She responded by delivering a surprisingly powerful knee to his midsection that took him down to a knee almost immediately.

His face distorted into a pained grimace as he remained in the kneeling position, but rather than fight back and risk further injury Daniel decided to use her own confidence against her.

Remaining in his vulnerable state with one arm clutching his stomach, he noticed her fighting stance starting to relax as a result.

Sensing victory, Melanie took her time circling around to face his periphery.

Then, with a cocky smirk, the blonde beauty then coiled one forearm around his neck to hold him while letting the other wander teasingly down his chest.

Feeling her warm flesh against his back, Daniel instinctively tensed up as she practically cooed in his ear, “You’re going to give me everything I want now, right Dan?”

As those confident words oozed out of her mouth, he felt her slender fingers teasingly tracing the growing bulge in his wrestling briefs.

Melanie rested her head playfully on his shoulder, so assured in her victory that she loosely draped her right leg around his bent knee.

With a smirk, she continued to softly fondle him with one hand, purring with delight as she felt his manhood harden to her feminine touch.

Exactly as planned.

“You know Daniel, it's a shame this thing has to be in the way, don’t you think?” she purred at him playfully, lowering her flirtatious gaze down to his briefs which had done a poor job of hiding his obvious arousal. “Why don’t you slip those off, baby? Then, we can have some real fun.”

Feigning compliance, he started to tug at his waistband, revealing a few tantalizing inches of his growing erection much to Bux Bunny’s utter delight.

Then, not even a second later Daniel suddenly clamped the same hand around her wrist, trapping her!

She barely got out a surprised yelp before he lifted her up over his shoulder and judo flipped her to the mat in front of him.

Landing with a high-pitched shriek, Melanie groggily fought the daze now forming in her head while her opponent quickly claimed the upper hand.

Trapping her right forearm underneath his, Daniel took just a second to recover from her teasing fingers before promptly “returning the favor.”

Gliding his hand along her toned stomach, a confident smirk adorned his face as his index and middle fingers slid underneath her panties and……

“Oh fuck!” the blonde gasped out, a flicker of both surprise and pleasure flickering across her petite features as Daniel started to work his way through her feminine folds right into her inviting womanhood.

Feeling his probing digits start to moisten with her arousal, he braced his knee against her shoulder as her body started to writhe against his pleasurable touch.

“What goes around goes around, Melanie!” he taunted her, ignoring her legs kicking in the air and instead focusing on ending this round in his favor.

Breathing loudly with his fingers exploring her moist femininity, the previously self-assured sexfighter frantically lashed out as the panic finally began to set in.

Grinning from ear to ear as he continued fingering her, Daniel was just about to insert a third finger inside when Melanie snapped a desperate kick in his direction.

“Ow!” Wincing in pain as the top of her foot caught him square between the eyes, he involuntarily lurched backwards, releasing the sexhold he had over Melanie’s womanhood.

Groaning inwardly as his fingers slipped out of her pussy, the rookie fighter rolled over on his side to examine his hopefully not broken nose granting Melanie a few moment’s respite.

Reaching for the ropes as Daniel gingerly rose to his feet, the blonde beauty took a few moments to center herself just as he turned around to face her.

Taking the initiative, she aimed a low kick aimed at his midsection, only for her foot to be caught in mid-air before it could hit its mark.

Hopping almost comically with her free foot still on the mat, her jade eyes widen in shock at this unexpected turnaround.

Now grasping her ankle firmly with both hands, Daniel was about to press his advantage when Melanie kicked off the ground with her other foot, twisting her body around in mid-air to level an impressive enziguri kick straight at his face!

And it would’ve been even more impressive….. had it connected.

Just before it could connect, Daniel let his instincts take over and ducked just in time to avoid certain catastrophe.

Her determined expression quickly morphs into a surprised yelp as her foot sails harmlessly above his head, with the ground suddenly rising up to meet her gaping face.

Not even waiting until she fully faceplanted, the ever opportunistic Dan Danger went on the offensive.

Dropping down after the downed Melanie, he assumed a dominant position with both legs now straddling her sides.

With Melanie still none the wiser, he reached around her neck with both arms and smoothly interlaced his fingers underneath her chin.

Remembering his training, Daniel braced his right knee against her lower back, and then with a slight grunt wrenched back for the full effect.

With the chinlock now firmly locked in, the upstart sexfighter only had to lean back and wait for the inevitable.

Melanie was barely able to bite back a pained shriek as the full weight of her much larger, male opponent bore down on her spine, alone with the added leverage of him applying pressure to her neck from behind.

The referee strategically slid into position as Melanie desperately scratched and clawed for the ropes, only to wince loudly as the vice intensified.

Keeping the chinlock cinched in despite her desperate attempts to pry his forearms off, Daniel merely gritted his teeth in and continued forcefully arching her back.

He knew he had her, and after a few more seconds of resistance, Melanie reluctantly came to that same realization.

With a defeated whimper, she pounded her palm against the mat to signal her submission!

Immediately relinquishing the hold, Daniel rolled off of the deflated Bux Bunny as the point-buzzer sounded.

Stumbling up to his feet, he pumped his fist into the air triumphantly as Melanie massaged her now sore vertebrae.

“Winner of this fall with a chinlock submission…. Dan Danger!” the ring announcer called out.

Satisfied immensely with securing the first fall of the match, the rookie took a moment to catch his breath as his blonde opponent sorely pulled herself up using the ropes.

Despite still feeling the effects of his vice grip, Melanie nonetheless gave him a look of begrudging respect as she recovered against the corner.

He of course returned the favor, nodding in acknowledgment of her tenacity and resilience.

The mutual display of respect, however, ended with the bell signaling the beginning of the second round.


Author's Note: Firstly, apologies for the delay. The past week or two has blindsided me, but rest assured that I'm still working on this story. At least for now, I've decided to break this match up into three parts (one for each fall). Anyways, feedback/constructive criticism is always welcome and I hope to have the next two done sooner than later. Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Melanie took the initiative this time, rushing forward just as Daniel started to settle into a grappling stance.

Using her nimble statue to her advantage, the blonde managed to duck underneath his outstretched forearms, reappearing on his blindside.

Before he could even register her sudden blur of movement, Melanie lashed out with a swift kick to the back of his back knee.

A pained grimace registered across Daniel’s face before he swung back blindly towards the fighter who was already gone.

Bouncing off the ropes to his right, she feigned another running body splash prompting Daniel to instinctively brace for impact with his arms outstretched to catch her.

Only instead of throwing herself at him, the petite blonde slid right between his legs leaving only the wind from her sprint to graze his chest.

Gritting his teeth irritably at being outmaneuvered yet again, the rookie sexfighter twirled around only to be greeted by a familiar sight: her bare feet hurtling towards his unsuspecting face.

Before he could even think to throw up a defensive block, Melanie floored him with an almost effortless dropkick straight to the chin.

As her petite frame shot gracefully through the air like a trained gymnast, Daniel’s fall was much more unceremonious and clumsier.

Landing backfirst with his lower jaw still smarting from her surprise move, he instinctively rolled over on his sides as the grinning Bux Bunny slowly got up.

“Oh, I bet that hurt,” she taunted him, taking her time sauntering towards the prone Dan Danger with the crowd now starting to get behind her after that show of athleticism.

“Not as much as what I do to you next,” he thought to himself angrily, bringing himself up to a knee.

He started to raise his determined glare at the blonde only for his world to suddenly be consumed by her slender thighs.

Wrapping both legs around his bent neck, Melanie flashed a playful wink at the nearby cameras before locking her ankles together and letting gravity do the rest.

Falling back into a headscissors with Daniel now trapped squarely between her legs, she reclined back on her elbows and relied on her lower body strength to secure her this round’s fall.

A pained grunt escaped his lips as he strained and struggled against her vice grip, a stark contrast to Melanie’s relaxed and smug expression.

Now on the receiving end of a submission maneuver, the rookie’s face turned an uncomfortable shade of crimson as her powerful thighs continued to squeeze harshly against his neck, leaving him little if any breathing room.

“My trainer says I’ve got some of the best legs in the league. What do you think, Daniel?” she smiled at him, constricting her legs even tighter around his neck for emphasis.

Naturally, his first instinct was to dig into her calves and pry her legs loose, but that display of resistance was rewarded by yet another pulsating squeeze that nearly had him wheezing for air.

“I think…. you’re gonna...have to do... better than this,” Daniel finally retorted defiantly, forcing the words out as her powerful chokehold continued to disorient and ultimately drain him of his remaining willpower.

Answering his challenging words with a cocky smirk, Melanie cinched the headscissors even tighter by arching her back and bringing her ankles even closer to his throat.

Daniel winced heavily into her inner thigh as she continued to squeeze him, panic started to set in with the creeping realization that he was slowly but surely being overpowered by a girl nearly half his size.

Now adding additional leverage to his windpipe, she playfully tussled with his raven locks with one hand while the other pulled back on her ankle to increase the pressure.

“You were saying?” she mocked him yet again, letting her blonde hair spill down over her slightly panting chest as he continued struggling like an unruly housepet caught in her seemingly ironclad grip.

Unable to respond with words, he tried one last time to break free only for her thighs to once again constrict around his neck, further limiting his window to freedom.

Pawing weakly at her toned calves as the hold finally began to take its toll over him, his head finally slumped over into Melanie’s awaiting lap.

Noticing his eyes beginning to flutter groggily, the blonde leaned in to softly whisper into his ear, “That’s it, Daniel. Just take a little nap…..”

And he was tempted to do just that, with the crushing pressure on either side of his head causing his world to slowly darken.

In fact, he could barely register the referee hovering above them with her eyes fervently studying his fading expression or even the shrieking voices of the crowd rooting for him to fight back.

‘She’s good, I’ll admit that, but I trained you to be better.’ Sam’s motivating words from earlier pushed through his mental fog just in time, giving him that much-needed push away from the brink and right back in the fight.

Summoning a quick burst of strength just as he felt his limbs slackening, Daniel fought through the pain just enough to pull himself up to a knee.

Letting out a surprised yelp at his expected resilience, Melanie nonetheless kept her legs wrapped around him even as he twisted his neck around to face her.

Instead of trying to crowbar her legs apart, Daniel latched onto her thighs, and, with a strained grunt lifted her off the mat with the headscissors still locked in.

Even in his weakened state, he managed to lift his petite opponent up about three feet in the air despite her bodily protests.

The crowd enthusiastically cheered as Daniel kept her hoisted up for just a moment longer, before emphatically slamming her right back down.

Eliciting a sickening thud as the back of her head cracked loudly against the ring mat, Melanie instantly lost focus over the headscissors, leaving her legs now limply draped across his shoulders.

Taking a moment to regain his bearings, Daniel took in some much-needed air before gingerly untangling himself from Melanie’s groggy form.

Rejuvenated by a second round of adrenaline through his muscles, he quickly flipped her over on her back, seeking to gain an advantage.

With great relish, he grabbed her panties and began sliding them off her hips before she even knew what was happening.

Still stunned from the slam, she only had time to fix him a quizzical look as he finished tugging them off of her ankles.

“Looking good, Mel!” Daniel taunted her as he mockingly brandished her skimpy undergarments much to the delight of the raucous crowd, and also much to her utter horror.

Scurrying backwards with her femininity forcibly unveiled before the whole audience, Melanie shot him a look of pure venom before getting up, now visibly flustered.

Remembering his mentor’s advice about gaining psychological advantages, he took a few steps to the left before tossing it straight into the front rows.

An overly enthusiastic fan caught Melanie's panties, holding it up with a look of pure glee much to its owner’s chagrin.

“Like I said, you’re gonna have to do better than that,” Daniel taunted her yet again.

Predictably, she responded with a feral snarl, and not even a second later, lunged towards him with her emotions clearly getting the better of her.

Timing his counter just right, Daniel waited until she was within striking range before ducking her initial volley of offense and scooping her up to deliver a powerful spinebuster.

Darting underneath her swinging forearm, he slammed his right shoulder into her flat belly before lifting her off the mat and then just like all things that must go down....

BAM! Her womanly frame nearly crumpled in half as he slammed her backfirst against the mat, the resulting impact resonating like a gunshot throughout the arena.

Springing back up off her limp form, he couldn’t help but cock a sly grin as her now bulging eyes gazed up at him in shock.

Towering above her with pure adrenaline coursing through his slightly fatigued muscles, Daniel briefly hesitated to let the moment fully sink in before crouching down.

Grabbing a handful of her golden locks, the ever determined rookie stalked intently towards the closest turnbuckle while dragging the still groggy Bux Bunny along for the ride.

Her feet futilely kick out in protest, but the once cocky woman was now completely at the mercy of Dan Danger, at least for now.

Upon reaching the corner, he paused only to forcibly pick her up by the hair before roughly shoving her against the turnbuckle.

Still dazed and confused from the spinebuster, Melanie remains slumped against the turnbuckle padding with her forearms barely clinging on to the ropes and her legs just as wobbly.

His hazel eyes first studied her near glazed over expression, before trailing down her (for now) clothed chest, then slowly down to her….


Licking his lips hungrily as his eyes drank in the quite enticing sight of her unguarded sex, Daniel took a knee to better position himself before draping her right leg over his shoulder.

Rising back up with Melanie’s awaiting pussy just inches away from his lips, he took a small, calming breath before plunging his tongue directly in her womanhood!

“Oh…. wow!” Her eyes shot open in surprise as he began sensually teasing her clitoris with much gusto, causing her to nearly swoon in response.

Squirming lightly against his intruding tongue, she started to push away only to release a loud moan as his tongue lapped and lavished at her other womanly folds.

Expertly working his tongue around and eventually into her naked pussy, Daniel gleefully savored her erotic flavor for just a split second before continuing to eat out Bux Bunny.

As he continued exploring her rapidly moistening vagina, her initial struggles quickly dissipated as she gave in to her bodily urges.

Pleasuring her lower lips with his upper ones had ultimately rocked his opponent to her very core, and by the looks of the crowd they were just as engrossed in it as she was!

“Fuck... fuck…. Oh, right there baby! Right... oh!” she gasped out in between fits of ecstasy.

Moaning pleasurably, she roughly grabbed the back of his head to hold him in place while simultaneously bucking her hips against his bobbing neck.

Arching her back against the top turnbuckle pad, Melanie looked to be in an orgasmic trance as his oral stimulation continued, while Daniel could quite literally and figuratively taste victory.

Grinning from ear to ear as he continued eating her out like there was no tomorrow, the rookie took just a moment to look up as her intense breathing tickled the nape of his neck.

Her emerald eyes were staring right back at him, pure ecstasy evident in each pupil, but as he searched her other features he noticed her lips curling together to form a smile.

Barely able to steady her quivering lip with an orgasm near certain to rock her body at any moment, she wore a grin not of impending submission to his exploring tongue.

Rather, it was one of triumph.

“Gotcha!” she grinned in a voice no louder than a soft whisper, before suddenly clamping her legs shut around his neck.

His eyes bulged with horror as her oppressive thighs once again squeezed against his neck, but before he could detach from her damp crotch she pushed off the turnbuckle with one hand sending Daniel staggering backwards, unbalanced and woefully unprepared for what was about to happen next.

His tongue continued flicking up and down her lower lips for all it was worth, but another wordless cry of ecstasy was all he could squeeze out of the petite blonde before she suddenly twisted downwards in a stunning backflip with her legs still wrapped around his neck.

Using every bit of strength she still had left to topple her opponent, Melanie performed a momentous hurricanrana that sent Daniel flying to the ground with a tremendous impact.

Landing with a loud oomph, the now winded Dan Danger was now disoriented beyond belief as the equally fatigued Bux remained on top of him, ostensibly now with the upper hand.

Grunting loudly with her moist pussy still pressed against his wincing face, he again cursed himself for letting his guard down and once again underestimating the feisty and unexpectedly crafty sexfighter.

On the other hand, Melanie was just as disoriented as him, just barely able to tear herself away from the edge of orgasm thanks to the euphoric effects of his nearly successful cunnilingus.

Daniel was at least thankful that the desperation move didn’t outright knock him unconscious to give Bux too much of an advantage, but unfortunately he was still too dazed by the fall to push her off of his torso.

The two fighters remained on top of each other as the audience chanted their approval for this surprisingly competitive match, even beginning to choose sides.





The dueling chants roused Melanie out of her stupor first, who groggily lifted up her head only to spot a golden opportunity.

A cunning look quickly spread across her face as her womanly frame slowly crawled down his chest, stopping to face his unprotected groin.

Still wincing inwardly from the impact of the throw, Daniel was just about to sit up when he felt Bux Bunny’s slender fingers wriggle their way into his wrestling briefs.

Turning back towards his petrified, panic-stricken expression, Melanie flashed him a seductive grin. “Now, where were we?”

Grinning from ear to ear as her thumbs hooked his waistband, she wasted no time in peeling his trunks all the way down to his ankles baring his cock for the entire arena to see.

Taking a second to simply marvel at his hanging appendage while dismissively tossing his briefs through the ropes, she let out a sultry coo before wrapping her dainty hands around his shaft and getting down to business.

Groping his base with her left hand, she began sensually gliding her right hand down his entire length, settling into a familiar yet undeniably sexy rhythm: up and down, up and down, up and down until….

“Whoa….” Daniel finally breathed out, unable to hide the arousal in his shaking voice as she continued to stroke him.

“Oh yeah, I think he likes it,” she giggled mischievously, noticing his cock reacting positively to her first initial caresses.

Now fully straddling his waist, she loosely scissored both thighs around his neck for good measure while continuing to jerk him off.

Mere words couldn’t describe the waves of pleasure pulsating through his body as her soft palm continued to pump up and down his length until it became fully engorged.

With her other hand massaging his dangling testicles, Melanie had not only physically regained control over the match but was also dominating him sexually as well.

In other words: oh shit!

"I told you I’d take care of you, Daniel. After all that fighting we just did, doesn’t it feel better to just lay back and enjoy all of this nice...attention?” Her seductive words were just as arousing as her hands, smoothly rolling off her tongue at the same time that her fingers sent electric spasms surging through his lower body. “I know your cock likes it, at least.”

Tightly hugging his foreskin, she cooed excitedly as his cock continued to throb at her womanly touch, further proving her point.

Completely paralyzed in pleasure, his once defiant eyes finally rolled back in a glazed over expression, the remaining resistance left in the rookie quickly eroding away thanks to her skillful fingers.

Stealing his breath away with every sensual stroke, he involuntarily stiffened up as she teased his bulging tip.

“You like that, don’t you Daniel?” she taunted him in between strokes, her heavy breathing indicating that she was just as turned on as he was. "You like my hands on this big cock of yours...."

Frozen in both embarrassment and arousal, his body answered her with a euphoric whimper that told her all she needed to know.

Grinning wickedly, she gradually began speeding up the process, fervently milking his cock with an aggressive yet sensual intensity.

In response to her blur of a right-hand racing up and down his throbbing shaft, Daniel’s hips began bucking and writhing pleasurably against her wrist.

He tried in vain to contain the orgasm building within him, but the determined Bux Bunny simply wouldn't be denied.

“Don’t fight it baby. I know you’re almost there.” Coaxing him on with her seductive string of words, Melanie knew exactly what she was doing.

Whipping her mane of golden locks over her shoulder, she looked her now whimpering opponent dead in the eye as she brought him closer and closer to climax.

“Oh yeah…. that’s it, baby! Just give it to me!” she breathed out, her eyes transfixed upon his bulging cock just it (and Dan Danger) finally reached the point of no return.

“I….I….” Almost at a loss for words, Daniel bit his tongue out of pride but after just a few more sensual pumps his body finally betrayed him.

With a shameful cry, he exploded directly in her palm, pumping out white spurts of his seed much to the glee of his now victorious opponent.

Daniel’s orgasm rocked his body for another moment or two before it finally abated, leaving Melanie to gaze proudly at the fruits of her erotic labor.

Frustration and embarrassment took hold of Daniel as he felt his traitorous cock give her exactly what she wanted.

Upon witnessing his sexual surrender, the referee instantly called for the bell, mercifully bringing this round to a close.

“Winner of the second fall with a forced orgasm via handjob....Bux Bunny!" came the ring announcer's voice once again.

Playfully rubbing the tip of his still twitching cock, she brandished her skillful, now slick fingers for the audience before taking a moment to lick each one clean.

“Mmmmm, now that was fun!” she remarked cheerfully, plopping off his waist with her prior confidence fully restored.

Leering down on him haughtily, Melanie cocked one hip to the side as she playfully chided him, "I hope you're not getting tired yet, Daniel."

With a wicked grin, she lifted up her right leg and softly ran her bare foot against his drained cock, giggling as she felt his manhood start to stiffen yet again.

Daniel instinctively flinched as he felt her pedicured toes playfully prodding and teasing his manhood, the hint of scarlet red on his cheeks thankfully not noticed by the smug Bux Bunny.

Removing her foot with a satisfied sigh, she finally tells him with a knowing grin, "Just wait to see what else I've got in store for that beautiful cock of yours."

Too embarrassed and demoralized to offer a counter response, he merely steeled his glare as she stepped over him and practically skipped back to her corner.

Slowly picking himself up, Daniel frantically racked his mind for a new game plan as the third, and final round was about to commence.


Author's Note: Okay, so now both fighters are tied as we go into the final round. Who will win?

As always, all feedback is welcome and thanks so much for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

The crowd was on their feet as the bell sounded for the final round of the match.

Dan Danger, now the one with a chip on a shoulder, warily emerged out of the turnbuckle with his hands raised defensively.

On the opposite side of things, Melanie was all smiles as she launched out of her corner, walking with a surefire confidence obviously stemming from her dominant victory just moments earlier.

As the two circled each other for the last time, a sense of urgency began building within Daniel who could no longer afford to give her any leeway.

Any mistake he made now could very well be his last, and his blonde opponent knew that as well judging by the smug expression still painted across her face.

It certainly didn’t help that she had already disarmed him of his trunks, essentially painting a big red target on his exposed member that she could exploit at any given moment.

Just as he was about to dart into grappling range, she suddenly stopped paused, striking a cutesy pose with her hands on her naked hips.

Stroking her chin in contemplation, she fixed him with a curious glare. “You know what, I was thinking…”

“That’s a surprise,” Daniel scoffed back at her, not letting his guard down for a second.

Ignoring his snarky response, she continued on to say, “I was thinking…. that we should keep things even.”

On that note, she slowly reached behind her back and undid the knot to her bra, removing the upper half of her ring attire to much applause by the audience.

A second later, she carelessly flung her top over to the outside, freeing her pert breasts that were now displayed enchantingly over her toned chest.

“What do you think, Dan? You like?” she asked with a coy smirk, softly groping her womanly flesh with one hand while awaiting his response.

Though initially shocked by her self-liberation, Daniel eventually saw through her mind games, simply replying with a dismissive, “I’ve seen better.”

An irritable wrinkle formed in her distracting grin, but she quickly shrugged it off and surged forward to face him head-on.

Standing his ground, Daniel anticipated another collar-and-elbow tie up but was surprised when Melanie instead swooped down low underneath his forearms.

With a cry, the smaller fighter managed to knock Dan Danger off his feet with a single leg takedown, driving her shoulder directly against his front leg before he could regain his balance.

Once again assuming the dominant position, she kept one arm hooked around his muscled calf, and then with the other….

“Ugggghh…” Daniel grunted under his breath as her dangerous fingers once again snaked around his shaft, returning to her now patented stroking pattern.

Rapidly jerking his cock, a determined fire lit up her jade eyes as she fixed upon on his throbbing member once again.

His fingers and toes instinctively curled up as she furiously stroked him, the usual playfulness in her face replaced by a fierce scowl.

As expected, the tingling sensation of arousal once again threatened to overwhelm him, and with every agonizing second that her dainty hand remained on his crotch he found it harder and harder to deny it.

Noticing his conflicted expression, the assured Bux Bunny mockingly purred at him, “Don’t act like you’re not enjoying this, Daniel. Just be a good little boy, and this’ll be over before you-”

Before she could finish her smug diatribe, Daniel suddenly lashed out with his free foot and caught her right in the stomach.

With a surprised whimper, she flew backwards towards the mat, freeing his cock of her feminine grasp at least for the moment.

Silently thanking his natural instinct for reacting just in time, he rolled over on his belly to regain his bearings before crawling on all fours towards the ropes.

Landing with an angry Ow, a now frustrated Bux rolled up to her feet with her naked breasts bouncing enticingly with every movement.

Stalking him from behind, she narrowed her eyes in concentration as her next opening soon presented itself: his unprotected back.

Wrapping his left forearm around the middle rope, the ever-oblivious Daniel had just brought himself up to a knee when Melanie raced towards him with evil intent.

“Hah!” A running dropkick courtesy of the petite sexfighter exploded right between his shoulderblades, knocking him flat on his face.

A pained groan escaped from underneath him as Melanie sprang back up to her feet, granting herself a moment’s respite to catch her breath.

“Nothing…..personal, Daniel,” she panted somewhat apologetically, brushing a few stray strands of hair out of her face as Dan Danger struggled to endure her unrelenting assault on him.

“Sure feels that way,” he grumbled to himself, wincing slightly as he sorely felt the bruised blotch of skin on his spine.

“But...I need this win,” she told him matter-of-factly, readying herself for another string of offense as Daniel forced himself back on a knee.

She punctuated her point by slamming a powerful roundhouse into his torso, nearly knocking the wind (and fight) out of him in one single blow.

He nearly collapsed on his hands following the massive move, but something within him possessed him to get back up.

Gritting her teeth together irritably, she delivered a second kick that hit its mark, rocking his masculine frame backwards before he just barely managed to catch himself.

Righting himself just as she reared back for another powerful kick, Daniel ignored the blistering discomfort growing in his chest and focused on one, solitary impulse that’s been building for quite a while: revenge.

Cocking a smug grin as she lined him up to finish her trifecta, Melanie waited just a moment longer before snapping a third roundhouse towards him.

Snapping out of his groggy state, Daniel surprised them both by catching her foot in mid-air, hooking his armpit around her ankle to keep her anchored to him.

Her confidence dissipated, replaced by uncertainty as her battered but not yet beaten opponent slowly rose to his feet with her leg still in his grasp.

“My turn,” he snarled back at her, lunging forward and capturing her neck with his other arm.

Then, with a strained grunt he lifted her off her feet and tossed her overhead in an impressive exploder suplex.

Flailing wildly over his head, Melanie had little if any time to brace herself before flopping down unceremoniously on the mat behind him.

Adrenaline flowed through his muscles as he shot back up with a raging fire in his eyes.

Stalking back over to the prone Bux now in a daze of her own, he planted himself firmly on either side of her before bending down to continue his attack.

Grabbing her by the waist with both forearms, he effortlessly scooped her up off the ground. Then, with a strained grunt he fell backwards with the squirming Melanie still in his grasp.

“Ugh….” The base of her neck took the brunt of the German suplex, with the rest of her limply flopping down to the mat soon after.

Releasing her as soon as he felt the initial impact, Daniel gingerly got up and pondered on his next move.

Upon observing her limp, barely stirring form, he figured that she had been worn down enough having just endured two massive suplexes back-to-back.
So, what else could he do to her?

Amidst his internal strategizing, he couldn’t help but notice the crowd now fully behind him as the tide of the match seemed to be completely on his side.

“Danger! Danger! Danger!” Again, and again, the fans enthusiastically chanted his name, visibly impressed with his performance thus far.

Figuring he might as well go all out, Daniel bent down, grabbing the nude sexfighter by the hair and performing a raised fist gesture with his other hand.

Realizing that he was signaling for his finisher maneuver, the already captivated spectators grew even louder as he picked up Melanie now with an almost glassy expression on her face.

With her legs still wobbly from being dumped on her back at least twice, certain defeat seemed to be inevitable for Bux Bunny while the opposite was almost guaranteed for Daniel.

Bending slightly, he grabbed hold of her left leg while securing her dangling wrist, before hefting her up over his shoulders with ease.

Sporting a weary but confident smile, he took a breath to center himself before hoisting Bux up in the air much to the audience’s shock and awe.

Collective oohs and ahhs swept across the stadium as he stood up with his blonde rival draped dominantly across his shoulders, a Herculean-esque visual to say the very least.

With the backbreaker rack now fully set up, Daniel took a moment to calm himself before performing the final coup de grace on Melanie.

As his fingers crawled up her outstretched thigh towards her vulnerable pussy, he anxiously savored the moment that would snare him his first victory in the SFL.

But, unfortunately for the overzealous rookie, it was also the exact moment that Melanie’s eyes shot open in stark realization.

Exploding into action like a feral animal, her previously dangling limbs suddenly gained new life and exercised their violent autonomy in a multitude of directions.

Unprepared for this sudden burst of resilience, Daniel attempted to restrain her wrists with one arm only to earn a wild elbow to the nose for his trouble.

Fighting like her life (and more specifically career) depended on it, Melanie scratched and clawed at her opponent relentlessly until she was finally able to wriggle free of his torture rack.

Freeing herself by sheer desperation, she dropped down in a flailing heap behind him much to his (and the audience’s) chagrin.

Landing somewhat awkwardly on her ass, the blonde beauty frantically shook off the cobwebs as Daniel turned to grab hold of her again.

Only this time, Melanie beat him to the punch.

Just as he was about to grab another handful of hair, Melanie’s right hand shot up right between his legs, grabbing him right by his balls!

“Shit,” he blurted out, as her dainty hand squeezed his testicles tightly, the unexpected jolt of discomfort enough to halt his current action.

Whipping her hair back over her shoulders as she regained control, a downright sadistic grin played across her face as she continued to grope him roughly.

Keeping her unorthodox yet effective grip over him as she slowly got up, Melanie glided her other hand delicately up his back before resting it on his shoulder.

Barely able to hold back a pained yelp as she continued to torture his balls, Daniel grinded his teeth together as she hissed those seemingly fateful words at him.

“Time to go home, baby.”

Letting go of his crotch at the same time, Daniel started to lurch forward only to nearly topple over as Bux lept into the air using his broad physique for support.

Hopping right onto his shoulders, she took a moment to steady herself before clamping her thighs together in another crushing headscissors!

The rookie immediately panicked as the pressure from her athletic calves closed in around his neck, mercilessly choking him.

With her blonde locks obscuring the dangerous glint in her eyes, Melanie dug her fingers into the back of his neck for added leverage and continued to twist and pull with her legs until the hold formed a tight triangle grip.

Audibly gagging with her left calf now compressed against his windpipe, Daniel tried in vain to fling her off only to be punished by yet another squeeze of her thighs.

With the panic now fully setting in across his powerless expression, he did the only other thing he could and reached desperately for the nearby ropes to force a break.

Teetering from left to right on legs threatening to buckle at any moment, he only managed to take a few wobbly steps forward before the darkness began to overwhelm him.

Now seeing stars with her deceptively petite thighs cutting off vital blood flow to his brain, Dan Danger’s protests became noticeably more sluggish and feebler with every excruciating second.

With an increasingly blurred vision and a general loss of equilibrium, the rookie was reluctantly beginning to succumb to her powerful legs.

“Somebody’s getting sleepy,” came Melanie’s taunting voice just above him.

Fighting futilely against her surprisingly calming voice, he clawed at her thighs desperately, but even his fingers were beginning to fail him at this point.

A few more forceful pulses of her legs later, and he felt his legs starting to give out from underneath him.

“That’s it Daniel...just fall back and let me take it from here….” Her soothing words only amplified the drowsy cloud spreading through his mind and even into his joints, lulling him into unconsciousness.

Yet despite his world closing in around him, Daniel felt one last rebellious impulse course through his fatigued muscles.

Defying her bulging thighs for just a second more, he stumbled blindly towards the nearest turnbuckle just as the pressure became too much for him.

Tripping over his buckling knees, Dan Danger collapsed limply to the canvas taking the surprised Melanie with him.

However, her landing wasn’t quite as graceful.

The victorious grin on her face immediately dissipated as she fell headfirst into the top turnbuckle, resulting in an audible smack that nearly snapped her neck back as a result.

Surprising him just as much as it did her, the impromptu counter to her headscissors instantly slackened the hold, allowing for him to crawl free of her legs just in the nick of time.

His coughing quickly subsided as he hungrily gulped in some much-needed air, restoring his purplish facial features to their normal, healthy shade.

Rolling ceremoniously off his back, the roles seemed to be reversed for the now dazed and disoriented Bux Bunny.

Somehow conjuring up just enough strength to pull himself back up using the ropes, Daniel ignored his wheezing and bruised throat for just a moment to see Melanie struggling to get back up.

Obviously not expecting such a random turnaround at this point of the match, the blonde was almost seeing double now as she groggily staggered up.

Pushing off the ropes with whatever strength he still had left in his legs, Daniel fought through the dizziness just enough to capitalize on the sudden turnaround.

Though visibly still wobbly, he locked on to his groggy target as the crowd continued to chant his name, fueling his first initial steps before-

“Hah!” With a cry, he exploded into Melanie with an ferocious clothesline, knocking her down to the mat before she even registered his forearm.

Falling to a knee upon delivering such a powerful move, he slowly whirled back around to face the now motionless Bux Bunny.

Willing himself back up one last time, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the middle of the ring thankfully without much, if any resistance on her part.

Hoisting her back up her waist, Daniel paused just to plant himself before lifting her up in the torture rack position for the second, and final time.

Fighting back another dizzy spell, he grabbed hold of her flowing blonde hair with one hand and with the other clasped around her inner thigh before working its way inward.

Still groggy from his clothesline, Melanie soon came to realize was about to happen, but it was already too late.

Daniel’s hands worked in tandem to execute his finishing move: one tugging sharply at her hair while the other probed and teased its way into her moist femininity.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, her previously confidence drawl now a surprised whimper as he inserted two fingers inside of her.

Furiously attacking her pussy with everything he still had left, Daniel further added to Melanie’s bodily plight by bouncing up and down on his heels to flex her back.

Yet simultaneously at the same time, his masculine digits intensely stimulated her clitoris, adding an electrifying tinge of pleasure to the agonizing wave tearing through her petite frame.

Bouncing her up and down to keep the pressure up on her lower back, he continued his two-pronged assault for just a few moments longer before Melanie finally began to succumb.

Her slender calves pedaled through the air in circles of both pleasure and pain as his fingers coaxed her towards the edge of orgasm, ironically subjecting her to the same sensual rhythm that she had used to defeat him just a round earlier.

Though vestiges of defiance remained in Melanie, her body ultimately betrayed her once Daniel’s probing digits found her coveted G-spot, and within a split second her toes and fingers were flexing in orgasmic bliss.

Her hips writhed and wriggled pleasurably against his now moist fingers, with smaller, invisible tremors ravaging the rest of her body.

“Oh...fuck...oh....no….no,” she whimpered pathetically, barely able to string together coherent words against the orgasmic spasms threatening to explode inside of her at any moment.

Grinning at her submissive moans, Daniel sped up in response, hell-bent on pushing her fully over the edge.

Completely surrendering to her sexual urges, Melanie’s eyes fluttered shut as an orgasmic wail escaped her lips.

And only seconds later….

“I’M…...CUMMING!” she shrieked, announcing her orgasm just as she erupted against his awaiting hand.

She continued to cry out in ecstasy as her feminine juices flowed down her inner thighs, the blonde's glistening pussy visibly gushing its arousal to signal her own sexual surrender.

A swell of triumph immediately rejuvenated the weary rookie as her cum erotically trickled down his shoulder.

The referee called for the bell, and with it the end of the match.

Dropping down to a knee, he released the hot and certainly bothered Bux down on the mat beside him, who had been reduced to a gasping mess thanks to his powerful fingering.

“Winner of the final fall with a forced orgasm via fingering/torture rack combo, and winner of the match…. DAN DANGER!”

The pure exhaustion and fatigue would set in at any moment, but at least for now, he was elated beyond belief to simply hear those words from the announcer.

Daniel could barely even hear his own entrance music over the crowd cheering his victory.

Waiting until he rose up, the referee respectfully raised his arm to even more applause by the fans.

Climbing the ropes, he mustered just enough energy to pose before the crowd as his blonde opponent regained her bearings, with the orgasmic high finally wearing off.

A look of disappointment adorned Melanie’s face as she silently came to terms with her first defeat.

Obviously saddened that her own debut didn’t go as planned, she nonetheless took the final outcome with grace and slowly stood up to softly applaud.

The rookie struck another confident pose with both fists raised for the cameras, before heading back to face his defeated opponent.

“Good match, Daniel. You earned it,” she told him with a gracious smile, offering him her hand.

Accepting it with a grateful nod, he reminded her, “Yeah, but you made me work for it. Rematch?”

Flashing him a coy grin, she replied with a hint of her usual playfulness, “Don’t you worry, babe. I’m not even close to being finished with you yet.”

Standing on her tiptoes, she gave him a respectful peck on his cheeks before whispering so that only the two of them could hear, “And next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Stepping back, she sized him up one last time, her emerald eyes lingering a bit on his imposing manhood before drifting towards the audience.

The crowd naturally gave her a cheerful reception as she took a humble bow before gracefully exiting the ring.

Daniel's eyes shamelessly admired her shapely ass as she sauntered back up the entrance ramp, casually flaunting her petite feminine form in all its naked glory.

Smiling to himself as he pondered the future possibilities (and naked women) he could wrestle with next, Dan Danger faced the crowd one last time as the flashing cameras captured his victorious pose.

Tonight was indeed the night.


Author's Note: And thus ends the tale of Dan Danger's debut in the SFL.

As always, thanks so much for sticking with this story until the very end. Special thanks go out to: Valen, Silnafawn, mixfightor, and especially Lac for allowing me to use his established template and also giving me some ideas regarding Bux Bunny's finishing maneuver. Now, in terms of the match outcome....

I was torn between who would win for a long time, and after weighing some pros and cons Daniel just barely edged out Bunny. Now, within the context of the match Bunny had the match pretty much won when she had locked in her headscissors for the second time. Had he not fallen down and inadvertently knocked her silly against the turnbuckle, she would've completed her maneuver and won. Basically, Daniel just got lucky which could set up a rematch between the two if any of you guys are interested.

Edit: I have written an alternative ending where Bunny does indeed win the match, and let's just say has her way with Dan . Just to be clear, the original ending (where Dan wins) is the canon one, and will be the one that I'll defer to going forward in the series. So, if you're interested, please PM me and I'll send you the ending. Either that, or just comment down below.

Otherwise, please free free to either leave feedback here or send a PM regarding: the match outcome, the match in general, or even just future matches/sexfighters you'd like to see. I had alot of fun writing this, and wouldn't mind continuing the story of Dan Danger climbing up the ranks of the SFL. So if there's any interest, please let me know and thanks again for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Debut

Count me on the list for the alternate ending. I prefer the canon one (especially since I haven't read the alternate) because it sets up future matches.

Also I noticed the similarities with the Erotic Combat League on chyoa. Melanie reminded me of the Cowgirl but of course much more petite (my preference is with the cowgirl between the two, but that's fine).

It's probably better to just do official canon stories rather than a cyoa format.
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