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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Solid work by Dan this fall. Other than the momentary distraction between her legs that allowed Maya to trap him (totally forgivable), he was really in control of much of the round. Definitely feels like there's a skill gap here, but the Mermaid's still got plenty of time to try and bring the match into her wheelhouse. Dan better be on his guard.

Ah, and I'm always game for more alternative endings. The Charlotte one sounds, uh, especially enticing. But they're fun "what-if" scenarios, and I do appreciate you taking the time to write them for everybody.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

He could tell the first fall had shaken something within the Mermaid.

Something she previously thought was concrete, solid, impenetrable.

Now there was a palpable worry across her expression, a shadow that she just couldn’t seem to shake.

And then Daniel thought to himself, smiling subtly…...he did that to her.

Seconds later, the break ended, and he got back into the proper mindset.


Maya was still favoring her back as they both came out of the corner.

Daniel was quick not to let his confidence cloud his caution about her lethal long legs.

She had ensnared him in very painful positions before, and he definitely didn’t want to see what else was in her repertoire.

The brunette eventually went on her toes, bobbing her slender form from side to side with her pussy exposed, and her breasts concealed...for now, at least.

Keeping his distance, he followed her movements around the ring, and then…

“I bet you’re awfully disappointed you couldn’t finish me in the corner, aren’t you Daniel?’ she finally spoke up, a wry grin appearing on her face.

Daniel didn’t take the bait, but still entertained her remark with a confident shrug. “You tapped out the first fall, I’m make you cum the second. The order doesn’t really matter to me.”

“Hmmmmm.” Something apparently crossed her mind after he finished speaking.

A second or two later, she voiced her thoughts aloud with the same grin present, “How about we test that theory then, Danger. If you’re up for it, that is…?”

He paused in his step, intrigued by what she had just said. “Yeah?”

Stopping as well, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, removing the upper half of her bikini to reveal her breasts to a very positive response from the crowd.

Carelessly tossing the bra to the referee, she cocked one hip to the side before addressing him once more.

“Your fingers against mine,” she purred at him daringly, fully nude now. “Let’s not pussyfoot around any longer, and just get to what all these people came here to see...one of us being brought to one of the most pleasurable orgasms of our lives.”

Before responding, he recalled watching her earlier matches.

Relying upon memory, he only recalled her getting one handjob submission, with every other victory being either a full-on cowgirl or blowjob.

So, at least based on her record, he wasn’t facing a woman with God-tier sexual prowess with her hands.

That was the good news.

“What’s the catch?” he wanted to know, stalling for time.

“The catch is that we both come together, naked-” Her eyes glared sternly at his trunks before going back up to his expression. “-And also that there’s no part of our bodies off limits. We can do whatever we want to make each other cum.”

He liked the sound of that.

Not wanting to keep the fans waiting, he reluctantly nodded his head. “Alright, deal. Let’s do th-”

“Wait.” Her grin turned mischievous. “Just one more thing, Dan Danger.”

He almost sighed. Of course there was more to this.

If there was anything Sam taught him that’s stuck, it’s that nothing’s ever as simple as it seems in the SFL.


“After I make you cum and take this fall, you’ll start the next fall on your back,” she explained to him gleefully. “I think you know which position I’ll be assuming.”

Very grimly, he nodded his head, admitting candidly, “Guess that’s a risk I’m willing to take then.”

With that, he tugged on his trunks-

“No. Let me help you with that.” Sauntering over to him, Maya looked much more confident as she crossed into his personal space, staring up at him with those seductive dark eyes of hers.

The tension between them received a new level of intimacy as she took hold of his waistband, and slowly pulled down his briefs to reveal his cock to a crowd response that was distinctly feminine.

“Guess I’m stealing some of Justin’s fanbase,” Dan thought to himself bemusedly as she let his trunks drop down to his ankles.

Her eager breathing caressed his inner thighs as she teasingly rose back to full standing.

Brushing some stray strands out of her beautiful expression, she spoke to him in a husky whisper, “Ready, Daniel?”

One hand gently groped his cock.

“I’m ready to make you cum,” he shot back at her with gusto, his hand going between her legs in direct response.

There was no official start to the impromptu sexual clash, the two simply letting their sexual curiosities and libidos drive them forward.

Daniel glided his index and middle fingers up into her vagina, still moist from where his mouth had explored minutes before, drawing a pleasurable sigh from the California native.

At the same time, she started to stroke his manhood, long, slender fingers sliding up and down his flesh in obviously well-practiced flourishes.

Fluttering her fingertips along the crown of his cock, she studied his expression eagerly, keeping her own lust to herself (at least for the moment) as his fingers explored her own sex.

“Isn’t this so much better than wearing yourself out with all those suplexes?” she purred up at him.

“I’m not the one taking them,” he reminded her, sliding his fingers deeper inside her vaginal entrance. “But I understand if you didn’t want to play as rough from here on.”

Maya scoffed at him, “I’m a big girl, Daniel. I know my limits, and, much as I hate to admit it, you have a way of controlling your women. I’m sure your little Bunny would agree.”

He scoffed at that himself, the slight hesitation prompting the Mermaid to add two hands to her sexual assault of his manhood.

The newly introduced hand dropped down to his manly spheres, groping and caressing them with gentle affection.

“Believe me, for most of the women I’ve faced here, it’s the complete opposite. Ever hear of Chelsea Cheer?” As he spoke, his two fingers began to manipulate her pussy in ways both taught and observed by the Dangerous One.

He could see the flicker of naked arousal on her face as his individual digits curled inside her womanhood in a seductive ‘come here’ gesture.

Only hesitating a second or two, she brought herself close to him, attempting to block his hand with her thighs to restrict his sexual access to her.

“Everyone’s heard of that little bundle of crazy. You know, she’s really got a thing for you, Danger.” Ignoring his hand probing around inside her as much as she could, Maya continued to tease him, “She wants you bad, but I really don’t get the fuss.”

His dick reached full hardness now.

Tilting her head downwards, she looked at his rock-hard rod before going back up to his resilient expression.

“I’m getting a feel now, and you’re hardly the biggest cock I’ve had in this ring,” the Mermaid taunted him.

“Cheap shot,” he deadpanned at her, groaning out as her other hand playfully cupped his balls.

“Nothing to be ashamed of. Dicks of your size fit real good inside of me,” she breathed out, gasping out a little herself as his fingers probed and pumped away further at her womanhood, despite her best efforts to deter them.

“Sorry, ain’t gonna happen,” he grunted out, remaining cognizant of the preliminary layer of precum lathering his cock now.

With every stroke, he could hear those infamous squelching noises, filling him up with both arousal and dread at the same time.

“Mmmmm, I think you want me to fuck you, Daniel,” Maya threw right back at him, getting close to him.

In a move he should’ve anticipated but failed to prevent, she slid his cock just underneath the intimate triangle between her thighs, her wet pussy lips grinding up on the top of his member.

“I think you want it to be special, with a woman who’s going to take care of you,” she continued to breathe out, alluring words that appealed somewhat to the romantic in him.

“Or you just want to win the match,” he grunted back at her, not giving in fully to her verbal seduction.

Jerking him with firm, twerking motions, she spoke matter-of-factly, “Of course I want to win, sweetie. You beat The Goddess and Apollo. Imagine what it’s gonna do for me to be the girl who beats you.”

“Hell of a career boost,” he thought to himself, fighting a smaller war inside of him not to let the growing mass of ecstasy within his groin grow to unmanageable levels.

“But all because I want to win, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit,” she added, an almost pleading tone in her voice now as she kept stroking him. “I can make it so good, baby…”

He liked the sound of that.

But again, not as much as risking an early orgasm within the first few minutes of the next fall.

“For trying to sell me on losing a match, you’re doing a damn good job,” he admitted aloud, refocusing on his own sexual task.

Difficult as it was to steel himself with her womanhood so seamlessly grinding over him, his expression hardened.

“Just not good enough.” He renewed his efforts now, exploring deeper and deeper inside her sensual cave to the rewarding and immediate sound of her euphoric moans.

She nearly lost her balance (and simultaneously her grip over him) as his fingering motions deepened and deepened, intensifying in their strength and focus with her rapidly moistening snatch only serving as evidence to his reinvigorated sexual technique.

“Fuck, how are you this good?” she whined out.

He smirked and kept his answer only to himself, knowing that he had a certain Wildcat to thank for that.

All that the Mermaid needed to know, was that her time was coming, and coming fast!

Judging by the increasingly audible Danger chants coming from all sides of the ring, the fans knew that as well.

“Guess your big play backfired, huh Maya?” he taunted him, gaining just a little bit of confidence back.

She looked at him, first with a look of almost despair, before, out of nowhere…

“Fuck me, Daniel,” she almost begged him, her dark eyes piercing his with pure sexual longing.

Well, that didn’t take long.

As if to show just how much she wanted it, she grinded back down against his manhood even further, her lower lips practically inviting his cockhead inside.

Still fingering her, he tried to maintain his confident exterior. “Thought you said next fall-”

“Fuck that. I want you inside me now,” she moaned out, the desperation very apparent in her demeanor now.

He hesitated, retreating into the safety of his mind to contemplate how exactly to process what she’s asking of him.

On one hand, he’d be venturing into foreign territory sexfighting-wise, and leaving himself exposed in the worst possible way.

On the other, well, her legs were shaking, and she didn’t seem like she could take much more of his hand, much less his dick fully inside of her.

Even with no experience in that area, perhaps he could pull off another miracle…..

Both options were equally valid, but-

“Or I could let you fuck my feet,” she suddenly suggested in a husky purr.

Now that one, totally come out of left field.

“What are you-?”

She gave a firm squeeze of his balls, leaving him speechless for the moment while her fingers flicked and fluttered around the tip of his cock, getting an audible gasp out of him.

A throbbing sensation filled up his hardened member, one that simply wouldn’t go away.

“Let me finish you, Daniel, and next fall I’ll jerk you off with my cute feet. I know you’d just love that, wouldn’t you?” she teased him further, a feminine confidence returning to her breathy voice as she stroked him with increased vigor.

Morbid curiosity led his gaze downwards towards her bare feet, with all ten toes wriggling in their pedicured perfection.

“I learned how to give footjobs just for you, Daniel….” Leaning in, she kissed down his neck some, letting her pheromones up-close threaten to tempt the Dangerous One into some very bad decision-making.

“I’ll even fuck you after that, too. You get the best of both worlds,” she promised him sweetly.

He moved to respond- and then his right knee buckled underneath him.

Falling down to a kneel, he gasped out instead with widened eyes with Maya’s hand still jerking him, the brunette going down to his level without missing a beat.

Whipping her hair to the side, she revealed an encouraging smile.

“You’re close, baby. I can feel it. Just a few more strokes….” His cock was a trembling, quivering gun in her palm now, and, as she said, just one deft stroke in the right place could set it all off.

“No….no,” he sputtered out, steadily losing the advantage back to his opponent as she continued her two-handed assault on his manhood.

“Your cock wants me, Daniel. Don’t you?” she kept on cajoling him on, her forearm sliding nonstop up and down his member.

This bitch.

Remembering that he still had a hold of her, the male sexfighter let desperation fuel him, driving his fingers into her with stamina and strength not yet nullified by arousal and overwhelming ecstasy.

She acknowledged that with a loud moan, nearly losing her grip again.

But not quite.

“Just….give in, sweetie. No need...holding it all in now,” she told him.

Not buying the affection and understanding in her voice, he kept fingerfucking her, drawing moan after moan from the naked woman.

“God, you are so wet, Maya,” he teased her right back, mimicking her same hushed tone.

“I’ll...outlast you, sweetie,” she maintained staunchly, going for another squeeze of his dangling spheres.

Then, his index finger found her clit, just as he did last fall.

Massaging and rubbing up against her womanly pearl, he stared with determined slits of his eyes at her increasingly aroused, frantic expression.

Every woman was different, but he knew a sweet spot when he touched it, and Maya’s was giving her away completely.

“Fuck…..fuck, that’s so good,” she moaned out, increasing her strokes over his cock at the same time.

Daniel’s balls were tight with hot arousal , his dick visibly throbbing at the tip.

He worked her clitoris as much as he could before lust started to wear down his forearm muscles, a sudden orgasmic rush filling up his body from within his loins.

She gave an exasperated grin at that, stroking him even faster now while he looked down helplessly.

“Just cum, Daniel. Just let it all out….”

He was definitely past the point of no return now, but so was she.

Not dedicating any energy towards a response, he gave it his all and ravaged her womanhood to the best of his ability, using all that he left, and then-


The referee dropped down to her knees as a surrendering cry erupted from the battling sexfighters.

She studied his shocked expression for a moment, her eyes starting to drift downwards…

…. right as Maya slumped forward right into Dan Danger’s awaiting arms.

Catching her without much of a thought, he wearily withdrew his fingers from her snatch and held them up in plain view.

Soaked in her cum.

The crowd exploded as the referee rang the bell, leaving it up to the announcer to make the official declaration.

“Winner of the second fall with a forced orgasm via fingering, and winner of the match…..DAN DANGER!!!”

Hell yeah.

He didn’t even know how, but something inside of him kept him in the game just long enough to sense her pussy quivering, and then promptly gush out her juices, most of which were now trickling down her thighs.

Luck. Determination. Maybe a bit of both, but one thing’s for sure….

The Mermaid more than lived up to expectations.

Holding her quivering, shaking form in his arms, the dark-haired young man took some deep breaths to calm down his own raging erection, which was still on the very precipice of orgasm.

She very nearly had him, but thankfully, he pulled the trigger on her first.

“You good?” he whispered into her ear, smiling outwardly with the cameraman at ringside capturing his fatigued expression before the JumboTron cut to highlights of the match.

It took a few seconds before Maya was calm enough to reply.

And when she did, it was more or less what he expected.

“You lucky son of a bitch,” she smirked at him, disappointment evident in her voice, but also, a begrudging respect for him pulling out the win.

“I’m the luckiest,” he shrugged, giving her a respectful pat on her back. “Nearly had me there.”

Pushing off of him, she wiped at her expression some, looking down appreciatively upon his still erect rod.

“Guess you really didn’t want me to fuck you tonight, huh?” she smirked at him bemusedly.

“Well if you did, I would’ve lost that battle. No doubt about it,” he admitted to her honestly.

“I know.” Feeling up her hardened nipples, she breathed through the rest of her orgasm, letting the pleasure gradually leave her body.

Then, with her head held high, she asked him, “How do you want me, Daniel?”

He nearly responded with a quizzical look before it finally hit him: the winner always gets a tribute after the match.

And, on this night, at least, he was the winner.

Standing up to his feet with her kneeling before him, he let the referee raise his arm in victory only for a moment, and then looked down on her.

“Mind finishing me?” he asked, gesturing towards his cock.

She didn’t even hesitate, impaling her mouth upon his manhood and sucking him with a ferocity that was perhaps influenced by her already horny state.

Bobbing her head up and down, the Mermaid gladly assumed the submissive stance between his legs with the crowd chanting from all directions at the triumphant male: Danger! Danger! Danger!

He could get used to that.

Fondling his balls for good measure, Maya orally serviced him for only a few more seconds until his cock surrendered fully to her.

Shooting his load right into his mouth, he enjoyed the rush of his own orgasm with the brunette taking his cum all over her lips and tongue.

Once his cock was drained, she stood up with a dignified smile on her face.

“You and I are not done, Dan Danger,” she told him with a slight grin.

“Get in line,” he shrugged, more than happy to add her name to the list of women he’ll see in the ring again, maybe sooner than later.

She nodded in affirmation, walking around him and promptly sliding underneath the bottom rope to an appreciative applause from the audience.

Looking over her shoulder as the nude brunette eventually returned backstage, he pulled up his trunks.

Flashing a thumbs-up to the fans, the Dangerous One walked over to a corner and braced a foot up against the middle rope to climb up and pose.

Right as Shock and Awe’s music hit.


Author's Note: Well, it wasn't exactly Daniel's 'first time', but it was his first clean sweep, so there's that!

- Maya had a really sound strategy here. She knew she couldn't beat him physically, so she bet on her sexual ability instead. To her credit, she came awfully close to making the Dangerous One come, and he knows that too. Guess he owes Nikky a thank-you after all that.

- Speaking of, the Mermaid may swim back around sometime.....

- Much love and appreciation to all the other SFL writers: @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. Thanks so much for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Was a hot match in general, really liked that it went a different way in round 2 than we usually see. Dan looking damn good.

The only problem I can have with it is...Mermaid dose't look really good. I don,t mean physicly, you chosed a BABE for her. But like, in the first round he needs like a spinebuster, a powerbomb, 2-3 suplex and a sharpshooter and that's it. So she's not really resilient to physical pain. Ok fine, she's all about sex. But in the 2nd round it's all sexual. It's her speciality. Dan is good at sex but it's not his bread and butter. There's not a single wrestling move in that round. And she lose. I'm not saying she looked terrible, I'm just saying that it's the first time we see her, we know she has had win before but we don't know against who so they have absolutely zero impact on the character and than we see her lose 2 rounds in a row in 2 different ways.

I think something that kind of hurted her is the fact you didn't have those commentators like you had done just before. If the two guys where all like ''Wow the Mermaid really got that hold tight, just like she did against Arron The Juggler (look I never said I was good at making up names) when she won before'' it could maybe make her look better. I'm just a bit,I don,t know I guess underwhelmed that she didn,t do better? Because you say that we might see her again, but against who? As Dan said he already has Shock And Awe in line and he probably want vengeance on that stripper girl. And outside of Hunter and The Gladiator, from what we see in all 3 fanfic theres not a single guy with momentum. So I don't know where her character can go from here.

So good match, really fun read, was entertaining and Dan look good. I'm just not quite sure why I'd want to see Mermaid again considering the lack of good male opponent to face right now and how it feel she was Dan easiest opponent ever. Obviously, everytime I've had doubts about any of the SFL stories I've been impressed, so I'm a big fan and you know it, so I'll wait and see what's next!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Awesome match! I'm loving following Daniel's progression through the SFL, definitely my favourite of the lot!

Out of curiosity, is there an alternate ending where Dan loses? If so, I'd LOVE to see it! Not sure if I'm on your mailing list for alternate endings or not, but this one would be a great one to read.

Also, food for though, but a dominatrix female character to fight Dan would be pretty epic... One that actually wants to enslave Dan both inside and outside of the ring!

Looking forward to seeing where the story goes next!
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

Here we go again.

Stepping away from the turnbuckle, Daniel eyed the top of the entrance ramp irritably as the tag team’s entrance music blared through the loudspeakers, the loud guitar riffs pounding at his eardrums.

Having a decent idea of their usual shtick, he reached between the ropes and received a microphone from one of the ring hands.

A parade of booing fell upon the two blondes emerging from the curtain….wait a second.

Daniel squinted his eyes, wanting to make sure of what he now saw.

Instead of two, there was only one woman who sauntered out.


Daniel froze mid-step as the slender blonde took a provocative pose onstage, mic in hand and no doubt some kind of dastardly trick in the other.

She wore a half tee cropped black T-Shirt with the bold lettering, Hotter than your girlfriend, stitched across the front, revealing her bare midriff, and then, a pair of cutoff dark blue jean shorts and high heels to complete the outfit.

Twirling the mic around in her hand, she waited ever so impatiently for the music to die down, only for the noise to be replaced by the booing voices of thousands in attendance.

Last week, the two had mentioned something about a ‘surprise’ for him, so he knew this was coming.

It was just….odd, that it was only Awe coming out, and not her partner as well.

He knew something was up.

“Ahem…” Loudly clearing her throat into the microphone, Katie’s exaggerated motion only further seemed to rile up the fans’ disdain for her.

But all of that outside noise eventually subsided once she began talking….

“First of all, congratulations on such a well-fought victory, bitch boy!” she both greeted and mocked him at the same time.

The sincerity in her voice was about as real as her tits.

But nonetheless, Daniel raised the mic up to his mouth and spoke simply, “Where’s your lesser half at?”

That comment visibly irked Awe, at least a little bit.

But not letting her condescending smile diminish too much, she replied in a sexy voice, “Oh, she’s backstage. Getting it on with a real man. You wouldn’t know much about being a real man, now would you, Danny?”

He narrowed his eyes.

“In all seriousness, Jenny's very busy and quite frankly, I don’t need her out with me at this point. I figured….” Her eyes stayed on him with sultry interest, “This should be between you and me, bitch boy. It’s so much more intimate that way, don’t you think?”

The Dangerous One didn’t respond, knowing that he couldn’t trust a word coming out of the blonde’s mouth.

Slowly, she proceeded down the ramp, ignoring the boos of the fans around her.

Eventually though, he had to say something, “If you want a match, no need to bullshit around, Kate. I didn’t back down from Shock, and I’m sure as shit not going to back down from you.”

“Oh sweetie, do I look like I’m ready to get in the ring with you?” she cooed at him playfully.

Daniel played right along, mainly for the crowd’s benefit. “Well, you look about ready to get on a pole and start twerking for some dollar bills, but what do I know, right?”

That got a huge laugh out of the crowd, and further put a crease on Katie’s gleaming expression.

“Now, I would totally pay to see that, but unfortunately I don’t have any money on me.” He patted his trunks for emphasis, before continuing to taunt her, “But I’m sure many of the fine gentlemen here would love to see a private show.”

That prompted an even bigger, mostly male-driven cheer from the fans.

In fact, some on the barricades parallel to the entrance ramp even started to wave some dollar bills right at her.

She stopped at ringside, retorting at him with equal snark, “Cute. For your sake, I really hope these lame ass jokes won your little girlfriend over, because based on what Jen’s told me, your little microdick sure as hell didn’t get the job done.”

He couldn’t help but notice his dick size all of a sudden being prime material for getting heat on him.

Part of him wondered whether he should’ve taken the chance with the Mermaid to show he could at least hang with the more well-endowed male specimens around, but then a much larger half came up with a good comeback.

“I’m a little above average, I’ll admit that. But at least I’m happy with my body, unlike you,” he shot back at the grinning blonde.

Now he definitely got to her.

Flaring her nostrils indignantly, she declared, “I am all-woman, little boy. More woman than you could possibly handle.”

“You’re all-woman, but you sure as hell aren’t all-natural,” Daniel taunted her. “Pretty sure someone could play drums on those medicine balls you’ve got on your chest.”

“Do you know how many people I’ve put to sleep with my girls?” she growled at him.

“No, but I know you’re gonna put me and all these people to sleep with your voice unless you tell me exactly what it is you want,” he cut right to it.

Bringing herself up on the ring apron, Awe leaned in over the top, giving him a look of pure venom, a pure disdain that’s clearly been building for quite some while now.

Lowering his mic, he stared right back at her, sensing the negative emotions pouring out of the busty blonde.

“I don’t think you’re as good as everyone says you are, Dan Danger,” she finally got around to saying.

“The past two weeks, all everyone’s been talking about is how you and Bux Bunny managed to, against all odds, beat the Goddess and Apollo. They talk about it like it’s this great moment in time, one that’ll be talked about for months and maybe even years to come. The underdogs who came from obscurity rose above it all and defeated the proud and powerful dynasty. Tale as old as time, right?”

She then added with a knowing grin, “But you didn’t really beat Kenzie and Jake, did you Danny?”

He clenched his teeth.

“I’ve seen the match. As have all of these idiots. And what we all saw...was Dan Danger tagging in his girlfriend so she could do all the work and let him share in the spotlight in the end.” Smiling from corner to corner, she tore into him with scathing precision, “You owe Melanie for keeping you relevant, bitch boy, just like you owe us for making you relevant in the first place. Let's not forget, bitch boy, that before you beat Shock, you were just another ‘flavor of the month’ rookie who got his teeth kicked down his throat by La Dama. You’re the same as every other bitch boy we’ve ever made an example of, except you got lucky once.”

He didn’t, or couldn’t, reply to anything she just said.

And she knew exactly why.

Grinning maliciously, she taunted him further, “You owe your entire career to us, Daniel. And now, it’s time for us to collect on what’s owed. And believe me, we’re gonna take more than just our pound of flesh from you.”

Slowly, taking his time to gather his composure, the Dangerous One offered his response, delivered calmly and carefully, “If you think I owe you something, you’re gonna have to beat it out of me. Either you, Shock, or hell, I’ll take you both on. Hunter already did that once and won, so I might as well give it a shot.”

Awe scoffed dismissively at the last part of his response, but ultimately sneered at him, “Don’t you worry, Daniel. You’ll deal with the girls very soon. Why don’t you ask Hunter, by the way, what happens when you get on their bad side? I’m sure he’ll be happy to tell you how it felt waking up in an arena barely knowing your own name after being unconscious for the better part of twenty minutes.”

Looking involuntarily down at those malevolent orbs jutting out of her chest, he suddenly started to dread what it would be like up close and personal with them.

“But enough about that overrated loser. I have a proposal for you, bitch boy. And it’s a good one.”

“Jenny and I have just been enamored with the new management. You’ve heard of him, right? The Miz,” she grinned at him.

He reluctantly nodded his head, also dreading where this was going.

“Michael is just such a team player, always wanting to make us girls happy. After a little prodding here and there, he showed us your match schedule for the rest of the month. And I gotta tell you, bitch boy, it was just...so...boring.”

Giving an exaggerated sigh, she continued on, “I mean, you were facing some real bottom-of-the-barrel bitches. So, we decided to spice things up a little.”

“I hate the Miz, already,” Daniel thought to himself, something he always said watching the other wrestling program, not in the SFL.

“I’m going to offer you a deal, Daniel, where you can prove all of us wrong. It’s simple, but you’re gonna wanna listen really closely, okay?”

Smiling as his attention was to her, she explained to him with an eager smile, “If you accept my offer, then you agree to have five matches over the course of the next five weeks. Against opponents of our choosing. The stipulation and type of match...also will be determined by yours truly.”

Daniel almost expected to hear all of that.

Fighting with all the cards stacked against him was practically his gimmick at this point, so he could work with that.

“Oh but wait, there’s more.” Her grin grew devious. “You need to win at least three of those five matches, Daniel. No matter who the opponent is, if your hand isn’t raised in the end, that’s one strike against you, tiger.”

“Now, if you lose half of these matches, meaning three of them, which, given the caliber of women we’ve personally selected, is pretty damn likely, then you’ll really be fucked.” Her expression took on a look of pure sadism.

“Jenny’s been looking forward to getting her hands on you again, bitch boy, and trust me, she is one twisted bitch when she wants to be. So when you lose, because let’s face it babe, that’s what you do best, we’re going to have you all to ourselves. What that entails exactly depends on our mood that night, but I can give you some broad strokes…” Smiling, she began rattling off, “First, Jen and I are going to beat the shit out of you. Then, we’re going to fuck the shit out of you. Just like Mantaur, except we’ll enjoy this so much more. It’ll be therapeutic for us, really.”

She continued on casually, as if the things she was listing off weren’t the very epitome of sexual depravity, “Then, we’re going to put a cute dog collar on you, and walk you through the curtains, so everyone can see you. Only you won’t be Dan Danger, rookie extraordinaire or whatever. No, you’ll be Shock and Awe’s backstage bitch boy for the night.”

He only listened on, his expression stoic.

“From then on, you’re going to summon whatever strength you have left and service us all night long. Behind closed doors,” she quickly added much to the disappointment of the fans. “And in addition to all of that goodness….”

She took an excited breath, revealing to him, “You’re going to relinquish your spot in that little tournament to us. Between Jen and me, we’ll decide who goes in your place. The Miz figured that would add enough stakes to this little game of ours, and I completely agree with him. You wouldn’t make it far in there anyways, so we’d really be doing you a favor taking that off your shoulders.”

He took all that in, word after word, and then stated, “What if I win?”

She scoffed at the sheer audacity of him to ask that, but told him anyways, “If you can handle our handpicked women, then you’ll get everything you ever wanted, Daniel. For one, we’ll leave you alone, to let you get back to growing your mediocre little career. No more interference in any of your matches, so at least you can fail on your own merit or whatever. And, to dangle one more carrot in front of you, I will even give you the honor of facing me one-on-one in this ring. And if you’re victorious in that match, I’ll let you fuck me any way you want post-match. No strings attached.”

He nodded, factoring all of that into his decision making here.

“Looks like you’ve got a choice to make, bitch boy. Accept my challenge and face women far and above your rank or be a coward and prove just how inferior you really are. In a way, I guess you’d be proving Kenzie right, too.”

Daniel looked up at her smug expression.

Katie knew she touched a still raw nerve with that comment.

“If you thought Kenzie was a bitch, dear, you’re looking at the two biggest, baddest bitches around. And trust me, we’ll be a whole hell of a lot meaner than she ever was to you,” Awe continued on. “The choice is yours, bitch boy. What’s it gonna be?”

Everything she had said over the last few minutes had been deliberated and debated in his head.

He weighed the pros and cons of his ultimate decision as best as he could.

But in the end, the choice was obvious.

Taking a breath, Daniel walked up to the grinning blonde standing up on the ring apron.

He raised his microphone to speak….

…. and then promptly grabbed her by the hair and hip tossed her inside the ring!

The fans cheered madly as Awe was catapulted to the canvas with a surprised yelp, landing right on her tailbone.

“Fuck, you motherfucker!” she cried out, her back arching achingly as Daniel looked down on her, the same assertive look in his eyes.

Without hesitation, he answered her directly, “You’re on, bitch.”

Dropping the mic at his booted feet, he went around to her legs, seizing them and twisting her shins around his outstretched right knee.

Then, with a wry grin, he turned her over on her belly for the infamous Sharpshooter position.

Katie felt the torque on her spine almost immediately, her anguished cries amplified by her dropped mic right next to her mouth.

“Fuck fuck fuck, you’re so dead!” she yelled out in unbelievable agony, scratching and clawing at the mat as he really leaned in on the hold.

“Thought you were one of the toughest bitches around!” he mocked her, reefing back on her captured legs to great effect.

A sudden roar of acknowledgment to his periphery, however, alerted him to Katie’s contingency plan.

Letting go of the Sharpshooter, he lunged forward and leveled Shock with a swift clothesline before she could even anticipate his forearm coming at her.

She had apparently come out of the crowd, dressed in her ring gear, perhaps as the ‘surprise’ that Awe had alluded to last week.

But whatever the case, it wasn’t much of a surprise now.

Awe agonizingly felt up her lower belt as Daniel switched his attention to her downed partner, now the unsuspecting recipient of a surprise attack.

Grabbing the blonde brawler by her hair, he promptly dragged her back up to her feet and tossed her over the top rope.

From there, he twirled around and returned to Katie, sans one shoe now, who was gingerly crawling towards the ring apron, seeking a desperate escape.

Not letting her get away, he grabbed hold of her waist from behind and deadlifted the slender blonde off the mat.

Ignoring her flailing arms and legs, the Dangerous One delivered a powerful German suplex that knocked her other high heel clear of her body.

Rolling over on her belly in an arched position, she continued rolling in a groggy stupor until finally ending up underneath the bottom rope where her partner was there to collect her.

Dragging Katie out of the ring, Jenny stared daggers up at Daniel as she slung a protective arm around her partner.

The male sexfighter met her gaze as well, not backing away for an instant as he stared at them both without fear or flinch.

Katie was too busy tending to her back to even conjure up a threat, but Jenny’s eyes were stone cold focused upon the dark-haired male.

She didn’t say anything, but he knew what he started.

It was a war, and Dan Danger was going to win it.

But for now, he would settle for a little long-overdue payback on them costing him against Cherry Kiss.

As the triumphant chords of Danger Zone blared throughout the arena, the young man watched them stumble up the entrance ramp and through the curtains.

He looked briefly at the fans, who were still cheering him on.

As long as they're on my side, I might just have a chance, after all.

Seconds later, he decided to take his cue and leave the ring for the next match.

Exiting the squared circle, he initiated a few high fives on the way up the walkway and towards the back…

…. just as Mandy’s entrance music drowned out his own.

Pausing halfway up the ramp, Daniel looked on as the leggy blonde sauntered out to a very loud ovation, despite her villainous antics.

She was dressed in a blue bikini, one that showed off her toned curves while proudly displaying the Intercontinental Title over one shoulder.

Walking next to her was the Assassin, the Asian-American temptress also dressed in a slim blue bikini to show off her lithe figure.

They both walked past the male sexfighter without even stopping to look at him, high heels click-clacking together as they headed towards the ring.

Daniel looked over his shoulder, his eyes lingering for just a few seconds on the championship belt the blonde woman was carrying around.

He let his imagination get the better of him for only a moment, before turning around and walking the rest of the way backstage.


Author's Note: The gauntlet has been set, and accepted.

- As Awe just explained, the Dangerous One's bookings for the next month and a half are about to take a wild turn. He's putting a lot on the line, but if it'll get those two out of his hair, well, perhaps some risks are worth taking. We'll see if it pays off.

- Next up is The Duchess vs The Assassin.

- Thanks for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

looks like things just got even more interesting. wondering if they took inspiration from Nikky and what she did with Hunter or did she take a more direct role, there’s also why she’s training Dan at all and what larger plan for him. either way can’t wait to see how things play out
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I am all in, mate. I can't wait to see the list of women Dan is going to have to face in his gauntlet. There are some awesome female fighters in the SFL and the stakes are sky high. Thanks for the fantastic tease for what is to come.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

The announcer had just finished introducing Kim as the show came back from another commercial.

Strutting around the ring with her blonde bestie at ringside clapping in approval, the petite Californian woman from Fresno wore a gloating grin in confident anticipation of her opponent.

Meanwhile, over on the announcer’s table….


“You think Mandy goes to bed with her title snuggled up next to her?” one of them suddenly asked his broadcast colleague, observing the way that the tall blonde cradled her championship outside of the ring.

His partner shrugged. “Probably. She’s like Gollum cradling his precious whenever I see her, so it wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Well, what surprises me is her actually agreeing to a non-title match if Kendra can overcome Kim tonight. I mean, we both called the championship bout last year where Mandy won, and I don’t think time’s done anything to calm the bad blood between the two.”

“It didn’t help when they ambushed the Duchess last week 2-on-1. Kendra’s a tough cookie; that’s the way they make ‘em across the pond, but she’s gotta be careful here. She’s running hot on emotions, and if there’s one thing Mandy and Kim are good at, it’s psyching out their opponents.”

“Yeah, you nailed that exact-”

Cutting off his response was the sound of Kendra’s music sounding.


Kim stared smugly at the top of the entrance ramp as the raven-haired former champion made her presence known to a very favorable reaction.

Dressed in her signature loose jacket, she gave a fierce toss of her hair as the announcer rushed to say his usual spiel, “....and introducing her opponent, from Liverpool, England, and weighing at 120 pounds, she is...THE DUCHESS!!!”

As the sustained cheer continued for the Englishwoman, Kendra locked eyes with the Assassin.

Her mouth didn’t move at all, but her eyes were like heat-vision that pierced through the petite woman’s skull.

To the crowd watching, the message conveyed through her nonverbal body language was plainly apparent: this match had long superseded the usual professional parameters of a sexfight.

It was personal.

Without losing eye contact, she shrugged off her jacket, revealing her toned stomach and bare breasts.

Letting the jacket fall at her feet, she briefly adjusted her black briefs clinging around her hips and then started down the ramp with a determined pace.

Storming past the cheering fans, the topless woman didn’t hesitate for a moment, walking at a straight beeline towards the ring.

Kim couldn’t be any cockier, her arms crossed against her chest as the British sexfighter slid underneath the bottom rope and entered her general vicinity.

“Ready for your second ass-kicking, bi-ugghh!” Kim never finished her taunt before Kendra shot her hand out and slapped her straight across the mouth.

Ignoring the referee, the Duchess grabbed a fistful of the Assassin’s hair and slammed a forearm into her face.

Followed by another one. And then another one.

Pummeling her into the corner, she went absolutely haywire on the now flailing brunette woman, striking at every inch of her opponent’s upper body as she possibly could.

“Ring the bell!” she ordered the referee without even looking over her shoulder, grabbing on to the top rope and stomping down ferociously on the cowering woman now.

Knowing better to get involved with fists and feet flying with such reckless abandon, the striped woman officially started the match with Mandy watching on with a helpless, horrified look on her face.

The Duchess’ breasts bounced up and down as she mercilessly kicked the woman until her body was level with the bottom rope.

And she didn’t stop there.

Stopping only to wind back with her far leg, she slammed an especially powerful punt kick right against Kim’s abdomen, relishing the pained whimper that was dragged out of the Asian American’s mouth.

“I’ll get the tall cunt next week, but for now, you will suffice as a nice substitute,” the Duchess growled, grabbing a fistful of Kim’s hair and dragging her out of the corner, practically on all fours.

Bringing her up at least partly off the mat, she flung the brunette across the ring using only her short hair.

The crowd welcomed the violent start to the match, but the blonde champion did not share in their enthusiasm.

Stalking over to the writhing Assassin, the Duchess grabbed her off the canvas again and then slammed her down headfirst, again and again and again.

Mandy, out of concern, grabbed the bottom rope….

…. prompting the English woman to stare at her from across the ring, stopping the blonde woman cold in her tracks.

“Want what she’s having, luv?” Kendra mocked her, tauntingly holding up Kim’s groggy head above the mat.

The tall woman only clung tighter to her belt, not answering her.

Returning her ire back to her partner, she hauled Kim back up to her feet once more for punishment.

This time, it involved reaching between her legs, lifting her off the mat and then viciously driving her back down in a scoop slam.

Dropping a knee down on Kim’s belly, Kendra angrily ripped off her opponent’s top, baring the Assassin's modest bust.

“You really are the sidekick in the unit, aren’t you?” the Brit mocked her, going to straddle the woman across her waist.

“Fuck you, slut,” Kim shot back at her, the snap in her voice somewhat diluted thanks to the repeated blows to the head she had already been inflicted with.

“How rude of you.” Kendra suddenly dug her fingernails into both of the Assassin's tits, clawing at her flesh with pure hate in every movement.

Kim arched her back painfully as she felt her feminine extensions being tortured ravenously by the slender Brit.

“But don’t worry, luv. I’ll make a respectful woman of you yet,” she snarled, ravaging her chest even further.

The struggling brunette beat her heels against the mat, but the pain seemingly was nonstop, concentrated purely on her naked torso with Mandy nearly beside herself in worry at ringside.

“What happened to fighting fair?” the champion finally cried out, an obvious attempt to distract the Duchess.

But without taking her eyes off the woman underneath her, Kendra replied simply, “Don’t worry, champ. I’ll do much worse to you next week.”

Kim kept whimpering out until finally…..

“Too easy.” Relenting all of a sudden, the Duchess brought the whimpering woman to her feet once more.

Facing her opponent’s side, Kendra first straddled Kim’s leg, reaching over with her near arm to secure the arm closest to the Assassin’s back.

Locking it, she then twisted painfully to the side, forcibly flexing Kim’s petite stature into an excruciating abdominal stretch.

Wrenching back hard on the petite woman's captured limb, the Englishwoman wore a vengeful scowl on her face as she stretched the lower torso of the Fresno girl.

Shrieking out, Kim’s previously smug features conveyed pure hell as her entire chest felt like it was on fire.

“This is more worthy a hold for me to punish you in,” Kendra taunted her, torquing back even further to expose the Assassin's abs.

By the sounds of the fans all around them, the arena seemed to agree with that as well.

“Ngggghhhhh- Fuck you fucking bitch!” Kim cried out at the top of her voice, wracked in so much agony she couldn’t even contemplate an escape strategy.

“Well, if you’re going to continue using such harsh language…” Following the playfully reprimanding tone in her voice, she used her free hand to return to Kim’s tortured tits, mashing and squeezing them firmly.

“I’ll continue to have my way with you,” she hissed into the wincing, wailing woman’s ear, torturing both her breasts and abdomen at the same time.


“We haven’t seen this fire from the Duchess for a long time. And the fans are loving it!”

“She’s been out of the title hunt a long time, my friend. This tournament is a real golden opportunity to get her back in that scene, and she’s going to make every appearance count. Especially right in front of the champ herself.” The other commentator agreed with him, observing as the abdominal stretch remained firmly and maliciously applied to the Assassin.

“If this is how the match is gonna go, she’s gonna make one hell of an impression on Mandy. That’s for sure…”


“Fuck, FUCK!” Kim whimpered out, barely able to concentrate at this point.

Her expression was a rictus of pain, and her torso reflected her tortured, trembling state of mind.

Firmly grabbing at her right breast, the Duchess sneered down at her, “Do you yield?”

Despite remaining in the body stretch, the Assassin reluctantly spat back at her, “I’m not yielding shit, bitch!”

“Very well.” Kendra’s fingers left her chest, walking a slow path across her midriff towards her panties.

“No!” the tortured woman cried out, sensing those experienced digits drawing nearer to her pussy.

“Ah, I remember.” The Duchess’ grin grew sly. “Your pussy is especially sensitive, isn’t it Kim? Hunter had no problem exploiting that…”

The Assassin didn’t even respond, actually shivering now in fearful anticipation of what she was about to do.

Shrugging, Kendra slipped her fingers underneath her opponent’s waistband and started to-

“Ugghhhh!” Out of nowhere, a blunt object from behind smashed into the back of the English sexfighter’s head, knocking her to the ground with the Assassin still tangled up underneath her.

That blunt object ended up being the Intercontinental Title, with Mandy clutching it closely to her chest as she hastily broke up the abdominal stretch/fingering combo before it could be carried out to completion.

She was met by widespread booing as the referee called for the bell, but that meant little to nothing to the champion.

Her focus was squarely on the woman she just assaulted from behind.

“Ladies and gentlemen, winner of the match via disqualification...THE DUCHESS!”

A faint moan could be heard underneath the downed form of the British woman as she grabbed groggily at the back of her head.

Kicking off her heels, Mandy circled around the former champion with a seething expression, emotions getting the better of her.

Her partner had crawled out from underneath the Duchess, grabbing at her shoulders sorely while seeking refuge against the nearby turnbuckle corner.

“We’ve been here before, haven’t we bitch?” the tall blonde insulted her sneeringly.

She lashed out with a sharp kick that landed soundly against Kendra’s ribcage, nearly prompting her to curl up into the fetal position.

“Yeah, this is where I put you back in your place.” Another kick to the groaning woman’s midsection.

And then another one.


“This is just reprehensible! The match isn’t even one fall in, and Mandy once again shows what kind of a champion she is,” one of the commentators exclaimed in disgust.

But his partner begged to differ, “No this is smart. Mandy knows Kendra on a level much more personal than any of the other potential contenders to her title. She can’t affect the outcome of the tournament itself, but she can sure as hell affect how healthy the Duchess is going into it.”


Backing up some, the blonde woman hefted her title up over her shoulder, waiting impatiently for the brunette to get up.

“C’mon Mary Poppins…” Her mocking voice cajoled the Duchess on, a sinister smile stretching across her attractive features as she watched the woman struggle to push herself off the canvas.

Kendra’s right hand still hadn’t left the back of her head, but slowly yet surely, she did emerge from the mat to face the champ.

Measuring her up as she staggered to her feet, Mandy charged forward, going to hit the British woman with her belt, only to swing and miss at the last possible splitsecond.

Instinctively ducking the attempted belt bashing, Kendra twirled around and leveled the blonde woman with a fierce open-handed chop to the chest.

Not just stopping at that, she landed a hard kick right to Mandy’s gut, doubling the taller woman over to facilitate her next move.

Teetering slightly on her feet, the Duchess grabbed hold of her rival’s golden locks to both keep herself steady and also to drag the woman over to the far corner.

From there, she smashed Mandy’s face unapologetically up against the top pad, eliciting a roar of approval from the spectators as the blonde woman crumpled backwards.

Seeing the champ drop her title while falling to the mat, Kendra seized it for her own.

Holding it with both hands, the Duchess steadied herself in position as its official holder was now on the ground, clutching at her nose with her back to her.

The roles had reversed in just a matter of seconds, and the fans were all about it.

“I’ve waited too long for this, you insufferable little shit!” the Duchess snarled, keeping it together inside for the moment just to let it all out on the now reeling champ.

Reaching for the ropes, Mandy started to pull herself up as Kendra measured her up, about to deliver the ultimate poetic blow to the overconfident American woman that had stolen the title from her to begin with.

Then, as the blonde woman turned out, Kendra started forward….

…. and then suddenly cried out as Kim’s shoulder clipped the back of her left leg in a desperate chop block.

Losing her foundation, she fell to her knees just as Mandy spun around to face her.

There was only a flicker of grogginess in the blonde woman’s eyes, but that was quickly replaced by an opportunistic glimmer as she saw the Duchess now in prime position.

With a cry, Mandy made use of her long legs and delivered a powerful superkick right to Kendra’s exposed head, her heel drilling into the side of the brunette’s face with a nasty smack!

Her body went limp, leading the brunette to collapse on her side.

Falling back to the ropes for support, Mandy remained on-guard for anything.

Seconds went by, and Kendra didn’t get back up. Or make much, if any, movement at all.

Kim clambered up to her feet, about to lay her hands (or rather, feet) on the Duchess when the referee suddenly rushed to the downed woman’s aid, checking her pulse.

“She’s had enough,” the official told them both off, checking Kendra, who at the moment seemed to be barely conscious.

Mandy quickly snatched up her title, leering down at the fallen former titleholder.

Then, without any care or concern, she planted her bare foot firmly over Kendra’s head, holding up her title above her shoulder.

Kim wore a Cheshire grin watching her partner ‘pose’ triumphantly over the barely stirring brunette, boos raining down hard all around them.

Looking down at the official, she simply told her, “Now she’s had enough.”

“Do you feel like a winner now, bitch?” Kim cawed down at the unresponsive Duchess, still favoring her shoulder.

“I don’t think she’s feeling like anything, bae,” Mandy smirked at her partner, “Except the loser she's always been.”

With that, the two joyfully left the ring, proud of what they had done.


Author's Note:

- There will be an alternate ending for Dan/Mermaid. The second and third falls will be covered.

- The model for Kim is Yumiko Shaku. For Kendra, it is Keira Knightley.

- Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Whoa, didn't expect to see two new sections by the time I got back online, guess you were really getting into a groove, huh? Either way, can't complain. Just so you know, I'll address both of the latest sections here. [Note: I noticed you posted another new section as I'm writing this comment, I'll reply to that separately.]

Thought that you made an interesting choice with the second fall against the Mermaid. Nearly every fall involves wrestling or physical combat in some way, so you did kind of break from your tradition. Not a bad thing, either, a purely sexual duel wasn't really a way that Dan had been tested. It was refreshing, and as you say in your A/N, it does make sense that Maya would go with that strategy. Ultimately, she wants to ride Dan, so drawing him into that sexual contest was also a way of tempting Dan to take it to fucking straight-on as well.

Now, I understand that the Mermaid doesn't look the strongest coming off of that match, but I think I get what you were trying to say despite her loss. This was Maya's third match, and Dan's ninth, so he not only has the wrestling edge, but the experience edge against her. It's not really an advantage that Dan often enjoys, but he used it to its full effect here. There was also only one major thing that Maya had over him (the cowgirl position) and so, if Dan could prevent that one thing from affecting the match, he had a good shot at winning. As you say, she could always show up again down the line, a more experienced and versatile sexfighter, but for now, I think that match went appropriately given how you've drawn each of them.

On a final note about Dan's match, I thought it was cute that it sort of mirrored Melanie's from this same show. They both won clean sweeps, with one fall coming via submission, and the other through forcing an orgasm with their fingers.

And as for the second section, I can say that Dan doesn't always make the smartest plays, huh? But that's the appeal at the same time...getting Dan into these crazy situations and seeing how (or if) he claws his way out of them. Definitely think that Shock and Awe took some inspiration from Nikky (when she forced Hunter through some "punishment matches") in crafting this gauntlet for Dan. It's a pretty lopsided deal that he accepted, but for us, the readers, it should produce some pretty good matches.

Can see why this is getting its own arc, there's a lot of players and pieces in motion now. Impressed by how you've laid it all down, eager to see how you navigate it.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

First of all, yes please for the Mermaid/Dan Danger alternate ending. I would love to read about that hot woman owning our protagonist in the ring.

The match with Kim and Kendra was very good from a rivalry building perspective. The Duchess is in a bad way after the double beat down on her, but she did win her match and therefore gets her non title match with Mandy. Hopefully she will be in a physical state where she can bring her best to that fight.

Damn, Yumiko Shaku is a good looking woman. I would love to wrestle with her.

Thank you for the two rapidfire installments, mate. You are really sucking us into the SFL world.
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Tales of Amazonia - Preview Pupstar Wrestling & Fighting Art 13 13-Sep-12 13:27

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