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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Would like to see Mermain/Dan Danger alternative ending as well
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

Nikky had watched Dan Danger’s match with the Mermaid through her usual keen, veteran eyes.

Dressed to impress in a formfitting cocktail dress, the brunette thoroughly processed the match in real time while in the safety of her locker room.

Watching the highlights with the announcers’ commentary sprinkled in here and there, the tag champion had to admit: she was impressed.

He not only took her advice (not letting himself get too distracted), but also managed to ape just enough of her own polished and patented fingering technique to finish the long-legged brunette off.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for the Wildcat, it only gave her a sense of immense vindication.

Regardless of what Shock and Awe had in mind for him, everything was going according to-

Knock knock!

Her eyes cut irritably to her door, a rather loud banging interrupting her thinking.

Given her newly established association with the Miz and his wife, any sexfighter would think twice before knocking like that.

Except for three people.

And since Brad had a singles match with Sara Steele, that left only two other candidates.

Getting up off the sofa with a sigh, the slender woman put her title down on the cushion and padded over to the door.

Squeezing the knob, she pulled the door open revealing two visibly very pissed off blonde women.

“What’s up, girls?” Nikky greeted them with a casual smile.

“Did you see what Dan Danger did to us?” Awe complained to her angrily, brushing past their stable leader and stomping over to the refrigerator.

“Well, I’ve been cooped up here all night with the television on, so I didn’t have much of an alternative not to,” the Wildcat told her wryly, nodding at Jenny who was much more reserved as she entered.

Shock was always the rock of the two.

Grabbing an ice-cold Coke, Katie popped the cap open and took a very emotional swig of it, obviously still upset about the post-match altercation.

“He embarrassed us. Again, Nikky. And worst of all, that little punk managed to get me in a Sharpshooter. Please tell me you didn’t teach him that,” the blonde woman vented at the brunette.

As always, Nikky remained calm and composed in the face of Awe’s usual outbursts. “No, he seemed to pick that up on his own.”

Jenny spoke up now, “Katie’s hot, obviously. But at least he accepted the challenge, so it wasn’t a total bust.”

“Right, silver linings.” Nikky patted the blonde brawler on the shoulder.

Katie drank more of the soda in her still frustrated state before pointing out, “You know, you still haven’t explained your big endgame for why exactly you are training our bitch boy. With Hunter, you never keep us in the dark. But for him, all of a sudden, it’s ‘need-to-know’, and Jen and I apparently aren’t good enough to know what the master plan is.”

Nikky again tried to assure them both, “Girls, everything will be explained in due time. I am helping Daniel because it furthers my interests. Just as you two being in my inner circle furthers not only my interests, but yours as well. Nothing that I’m telling him is in any way sabotaging you.”

Jenny addressed her leader more directly, “Yeah, that’s how you pitched it to us last time. But we didn’t think you trained him to be that good. That Mermaid chick should’ve made bitch boy pop first, and she would’ve if you weren’t telling him some of your trade secrets.”

Trade secrets? Babe, you know I wouldn’t have taken nowhere near that long to make surfer girl cum. Daniel is just copying what he’s seen on television, nowhere near the standard I hold myself to even on my worse day. Remember he’s the student, not the master.”

“Whatever. Can you at least explain why you didn’t send Brad out there to beat on him?” Awe asked her in an exasperated tone.

“He’s got a match coming up and I want him to be fresh for that. Plus, next week he’s gonna have a qualifying match for that IC tournament against that blonde from the Texan team, Tiffany. He knows how disappointed I was last time when he got outfucked by that new girl, so this’ll be his way of making it up to me,” Nikky explained to them.

“Want us to give her an official welcome to the SFL?” Kate purred at her suggestively.

“No, I’m on a leash now and Mizanin and his wife are the ones on the other end of it. I’m supposed to be on my best behavior as is, and it wouldn’t be good optics to have people from my group beating on anyone, especially if it could jeopardize that tournament the Commissioner seems so in love with,” she refused, crossing her arms with a weary sigh.

“Okay, fine. Well hopefully you didn’t train him too good, because we’ve banking a lot on these ladies to come through for us. Especially the first one,” she told the Wildcat, with Jenny nodding in the background.

Nikky walked up to Awe, sensing an unusually high amount of worry and frustration coming from the big-breasted blonde.

This is when her words took on a whole new level of weight.

“You two used to be the most dominant, destructive tag team around here. When you were on top of the mountain, you kicked off any tag team that even came close to reaching the summit. That was the Shock and Awe I thought I was recruiting when I brought you two in.”

“Remind me of why I made that decision,” she challenged Katie face-to-face. “Give me the old Shock and Awe. Forget about Dan and me. Stop whining about what he did to you in the past and start focusing on what you can do to him in the future. Make him your bitch boy just like how I made Hunter mine.”

Jenny and Katie exchanged glances, and then, at the same time, they both wore grins of pure, rejuvenated evil.


“Joining me at this time, is Keiji Miura!”

The camera panned over to the Japanese sexfighter entering into frame with a gracious smile plastered across his youthful features.

Dressed in a white kimono, he stood with his hands clasped between his back as Missy Robinson started with her first question.

“Keiji, you made quite a noteworthy debut last week, taking on one half of one of our top ranking tag teams, Awe. And you very nearly came away with the upset victory. Please take us back to that night and the emotions you were feeling.”

The young man answered in a humbling tone, “I answered Katie’s challenge because I thought it would be the best possible introduction for the fans to get to know me and my very particular set of skills. Afterwards, I was told that the response was very welcoming, so I am appreciative mostly of that. As for the final outcome, it was frustrating for me, but ultimately acceptable. This American style is far more different than what I was accustomed to in Tokyo, so I will accept, as it is apparently known as around here, a ‘learning curve’.

Robinson brought up another point. “And you’ll have more time to adjust to that learning curve, as I have just learned that you’ve signed up for the Intercontinental Title tournament.”

He nodded in affirmation.

“And I have also learned that next week, you will be going one-on-one with the Succubus, a very seasoned sexfighter here in the SFL. She is of course one half of the Ladies of Darkness, another prominent tag team here. The winner of that match will qualify for the tournament. Any thoughts on your next opponent?”

“Based on the footage of her that I’ve seen, she is a very formidable opponent. Truly her name does her justice. I can’t make any promises, but I do intend on delivering another performance worthy of my reputation. Perhaps victory will truly be mine then,” he declared confidently.

“Well said. Good luck to you Keiji, and thanks so much for your time. Back to ringside!”


Dan Danger walked through the hallway weary and worn out, but ultimately satisfied from his time out in the squared circle.

He only grabbed a quick bite at catering, hoping to get a hot shower and hopefully enjoy some celebratory sex with Melanie, who was also triumphant on her big television return match.

For the moment, he didn’t mind receiving some respectful nods and beaming faces from some of the lower card competitors congregating around him.

“Alright, Danger!” He received a fist bump from The Alpha, a blonde guy with some decent mileage with the company, but perhaps more notably, someone who shared his same first name.

He also accepted a high five from Dynamite Dante, the SFL’s resident luchador.

ˇExcelente partido, Daniel!” the Latino man in civilian clothing smiled at him through his mask.

Gracias,” Daniel grinned back at him, that one word being one of the few things he actually remembered from about four years of college-level Spanish.

It was a good thing his athletic scholarship was a full-ride, because he definitely wasn’t as big into the academic side of-

“Hell of a job out there, Dan.”

The Dangerous One stopped mid-thought, somewhat recognizing the heavy Texan accent.

It had a somewhat more distinct twang than that redhead, Jesse Belle.

Turning around, Daniel came face to face with three of his biggest weaknesses all in one person: blonde hair, big tits, and a beautiful body.

Her expression was partially shrouded by the black cowboy hat she wore, but once she lifted the hem up, the young man got a better look at the attractive blonde.

Shiny white teeth illuminated an expression that was almost angelic in its heart-shaped visage.

A red flannel shirt, unbuttoned on top, clung to a statuesque womanly figure with a pair of blue jeans going down to her ankles, capped off by leather cowboy boots.

Just appearance-wise, she could probably give Catherine Bach from The Dukes of Hazzard a run for her money.

Her name was on the top of his tongue though, just barely eluding his reach.

“Thanks, I just barely came squeezed out a win out there,” he nodded.

“It must’ve been a tight squeeze. Maya almost had ya, didn’t she?” the Texan blonde smiled back at him.

“Almost. Guess she wasn’t ready for the Danger Zone,” he grinned confidently.

“That ya catchphrase?” she quipped at him bemusedly.

Daniel’s smile vanished once he realized the inherent lameness in what he just said.

Scrambling not to come off as a total geek, he added in, “It’s a work-in-progress.”

“That’s cool.” Stepping forward, she extended her hand out to him. “Name’s Tiffany Laurence. Friends call me Tiff, but you can call me whatever. I’m real loose like that.”

“Guess you know who I am, then.” He grasped her hand, slightly surprised by the fitness of her grip.

“Yep.” Nodding, she went on to say, “I’ve had my eye for you for a while now, Daniel.”

He chuckled at that. “Hopefully not in a stalking capacity, right? ‘Cause I already have someone else obsessed over me.”

“Nah, I’m much more upfront about what I want,” she told him, striking blue eyes glaring at him unmistakably.

“Oh…..” He didn’t even know how to react to that, with the slight bulge in his trunks telling him one thing and his brain telling him something else entirely.

“Well, what do you want?” he finally questioned her.

“What everyone else here seems to want,” she shrugged, listing off on one hand, “Main events, championships, someone to fuck here and there, such and such…”

His bulge grew slightly bigger.

On one level, he probably shouldn't be this hard for a complete stranger, but on the other, she was really hot.

“That also include flirting with your colleagues?” he finally teased her.

“Honey, I do all my real flirting out there.” Gesturing towards the ring area, Tiffany smiled back at him.

“If ya want to see something hot, you should check out me and Johnny’s debut against the tag champions. We really rocked the house on that one. Sucks that the Wildcat got the better of my stepbro, but I made her man give me a good load so it wasn’t all bad,” she boasted confidently.

“Sure. Maybe I’ll see you out there sometime,” he suggested.

“Ain’t no ‘maybe’, sweetness. I got a good feeling our paths are gonna cross again, Dan Danger,” she told him with complete confidence. “Some things are just meant to be. You and me, it’s just one of ‘em.”

He liked the confidence coming out of this Texan woman.

It reminded him almost of Melanie, except for the wonderfully sized breasts nearly poking him in the chest.

That reminded him of Kenzie, except of course Tiffany actually seemed to be a decent human being.

“You should talk to Shock and Awe, then. I’ve got a date with five different women for the next month and a half, and I'm sure they’d love to have you,” he proposed to her.

“Hell naw!” she exclaimed proudly, shaking her bosom around in a very cute way that he couldn’t help but notice. “I ain’t no one’s puppet, and I sure as hell ain’t taking orders from those bimbos. Believe me, I barely listen to my stepbrother as is.”

“But you’ve got some grapefruits for stepping up like that, Danger. Those two are just bad news,” she went on to tell him.

“They’re the worst, trust me.” Sighing, he confided in her, “But they’ve also got a point. There was a good chance I’d only be known as the fall guy for La Dama’s grand debut if I didn’t take up their challenge way back when. If playing their game means I get to move on to this tournament without any run-ins on their end, then I’ll do what I gotta do.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she grinned at him approvingly.

Daniel started to turn back towards the direction he was heading in. “Well, I better head back to my room. My trainer’s probably gonna chew me out for agreeing to have five weeks of booking decided by someone else without his okay.”

“I’ll be around, Daniel. And I’m sure we’ll get to know each other even better with our clothes off and the cameras on,” Tiffany purred at him, ending on, “That’s usually where I make my biggest impression on a fella.”

“Oh I bet it is,” he said to himself, wishing he could have Superman’s X-Ray vision to get a sneak glimpse through her flannel and jeans.

She waved him goodbye and went about on her way, leaving the Dangerous One still with a hard-on between his legs, and a sudden urge to watch her debut match.

Multiple times.

Oh, and also needing to see Melanie again.

He needed to do that first.


Author's Note: Just some character-building ahead of the rest of the action.

- Hope this answered some questions about the Nikky/Dan mentorship.

- Props to @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] for letting me use Tiffany. Check out the alluded to match on his story, SFL: The Return.

- Thanks for reading, as always! Alternative endings are on the way!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Man, you weren't kidding when you said you were hitting the ground running. You've been especially productive lately, even by your standards. As always, I can't complain though, ha!

I don't think I ever really raised the issue of the whole Shock and Awe/Nikky/Dan relationship before, probably because I was waiting to see how it played out a little more. So, in that sense, this section was pretty illuminating. Maybe it's not surprising, given her nature, but it seems like Nikky is really playing both Shock/Awe and Daniel. His gauntlet is really a test for both sides; it's a contest between Dan's heart, skill, and grit and Shock/Awe's deviousness and desire for revenge. Nikky wants to see who proves stronger...and that party may be the only one she keeps under her wing.

The chessboard's set pretty nicely, and my God are there a lot of pieces! It's been pretty wild to see all the interaction between your story and Lac/Valen's lately. This is such an ambitious project, but I love it.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I have been waiting for more Tiffany to come about, in this type of league you gotta love a confident cowgirl and what you all have done with her character so far just makes her seem like her in ring stories are going to be some of the most entertaining. Also very much enjoyed getting that glimpse into what is going on in Nikky's head and we do mean the smallest of glimpses. I think the teaser for Vin Diesel's new Bloodshot gave me more insight. Though this still very much wet the appetite for what her grand scheme is. Can't wait to see what you all have coming down the pipe for us.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I tend to prefer brunettes to blondes, and I am more of a leg man than a breast guy, so Tiffany didn't have three of my weaknesses in hand, but I certainly dug her confidence. It didn't seem misplaced, either. She really does seem like a woman who sees what she wants, goes after it, and generally gets it. I might have to hunt through Valen's thread to familiarise myself with the Texan team and Tiffany in particular, but it looks like she has a match with Brad next week. I guess I will get to cop an eyeful of her, then.

You are really building the mystery around Nikki, and I love her enigmatic presence. She really has a menacing quality about her. I am eager to find out what her long term plans are, and how Dan factors into them.

Kaiji is just really cool. I like his self assurance and his innate politeness. He doesn't seem to have a boastful bone in his body, but at the same time he has a strong belief in his own worth and ability. It will be interesting to see how he fares against the Succubus.

Once again you have given us a lot to digest and speculate upon, mate. Thank you for all the work you put into continuing this epic storyline.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

Strands of crimson fell over the fatigued woman’s face in disheveled bangs.

Visible perspiration dotted at her forehead, but Sara Steele, true to her name, was not yet broken.

She was just getting started.

On the other side of the ring, a slightly huffing Beast pulled on the ropes behind him for support, getting his legs under him as he rose above the canvas.

Towering in front of the corner, Brad eyed down the redhead across the ring from him.

Her bra was gone, revealing her naked breasts, sizable in their outward thickness, bouncing up and down with every panting breath.

Of course, there were visible red blotches adorned on her womanly orbs and lower midriff, courtesy of a few knife edge chops here and there.

She still had her orange panties on, but that was a problem easily remedied when he got her hands on her again.

Observing from the middle, the referee ushered them to come together once more after the violent collision just moments earlier resulting from both of them having a clothesline in mind for their next move.

The Beast made the first move to close the distance, lunging at the leggy woman with predatory intent.

He went for a low tackle….that she effectively countered with a leapfrog seemingly out of nowhere, jumping right over his impending male form.

Whirling back around once he realized his big whiff, he went for a clothesline, again ducked by the tall woman.

He turned this time into a back-heel kick that caught him in the gut, her long leg easily stretching out to thump into his chiseled abdomen.

As the tag champion clutched at his stomach, Sara took off towards the ropes, bouncing off the cables.

Grabbing his lowered head in a front facelock with one arm and a dangling wrist with her free hand, she took the champion down to the canvas in a swinging neckbreaker.

Both competitors fell, but only Sara was the first to arise.

Staggering to her feet, she grabbed a hold of his hair and dragged the Beast up to his feet.

Keeping him from reaching his full height however, the redhead squeezed him in between her thighs, crossing her legs together and trapping him in a standing headscissors.

Her thigh muscles pulsed hard against his neck, a swift triangle of agony forming around Brad’s neck with his opponent strangling him on her feet.

Tossing her fiery locks back, she was locking in a standing variation of her Legs of Steele, her signature maneuver.

And the crowd recognized it too, cheering approvingly as the leggy choke was implemented.

For the recipient, it was a painful hold, but, unfortunately for Sara Steele, also one that the tag champion had endured before.

With a cry of exertion, he gripped her around the knees and suddenly lifted the redheaded woman up, flipping her overhead in a desperate back body drop.

Up she went….and down she crashed on the bare canvas with Brad stumbling free in the process.

Leaning against the ropes for support, he waited until the woman, grabbing at her back, stumbled up before nearly decapitating her with a powerful clothesline.

Sara Steele went down, and this time, didn’t get back up.

A chorus of boos fell upon the Beast as he slowly turned around on his momentum, gazing down upon his downed opponent.

Her eyes were staring seemingly up into space, and seemingly had no inkling of what was happening on earth.

Brad didn’t hesitate in grabbing her around the neck and hoisting the near lifeless redhead up off the ground.

With a roaring growl, he shoved her up against the ropes, setting her up for his signature move.

Launching her up into the air, he grabbed her by the hips and mercilessly drove her down backfirst into the mat with a popup powerbomb!

Dropping to his knees before her sprawled out, barely stirring body, the Beast immediately took his cock out of his trunks, giving it a few deft strokes to prepare it for the impending invasion of femininity to come.

Then, he took a special relish in tearing off her bottoms to reveal a pussy that was about to be claimed for his own.

Getting his cock nice and hard, he scooted forward and made the initial thrust into her vaginal folds, penetrating Sara Steele with a determined grunt.

She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, keeping him in her guard, but there was no strength to be found in her calves.

He began fucking her at a medium-paced tempo, not slow enough for her to really enjoy it but not fast enough to drain away at his own energy.

A perfect middle-ground for an experienced sexfighter like himself.

Controlling his breathing, he methodically worked his rod through and into her womb, navigating the tight passageway with a dampness quickly lubricating each invasive thrust.

Leaning in, he began massaging her chest as he thrusted into her bare womanhood, rough hands squeezing her firm, hardened tits in purely dominant motions.

The sounds of flesh conquering flesh were picked up by the ring mics, giving the male fans all the more reason to boo the Beast, perhaps out of association with the Wildcat, or simply of envy.

Either way, the noise hitting his ears was quickly shut out as he plundered his opponent’s pussy with aplomb!

Gasping out, then moaning deeply, Sara Steele could barely hold in her arousal after the one-minute-mark.

She didn’t even make it past a minute-thirty into the sexhold.

Within seconds, Sara climaxed over his conquering sex pillar, shrieking out her surrender as her lower half now reflected the same.

Ringing the bell, the referee went to collect a towel and the Beast’s tag title.

Pulling out of her, Brad only had one thing to say: “Thanks for the exercise.”

Rising up, he rolled his neck in weary triumph, hearing his and Nikky’s entrance music blast through the arena.

Leaving the writhing woman, the dark-haired man accepted the title from the official, then let his other arm be raised in recognition of his victory.

“Winner of the second fall with a fuckpin, and winner of the match with a clean sweep…..THE BEAST!!”


“A valiant, admirable effort from Sara Steele, but the winner is who he is, folks. Brad picks up a singles win, his first in a long time, might I add, ahead of his qualifying match next week against one half of SFL newcomer team, Brandy! I’m sure that cowgirl watched this bout very, very closely.”

The other announcer only added to his observations, “She’s watching, but let’s not forget that she got the better of Brad in their debut match against the tag champions. There are just some things you don’t forget in the SFL, and getting outfucked by someone, especially a new recruit, is no doubt in his head. But he’ll have plenty of time to rectify it next week against-Wait a second. Who’s that?!”


Brad was just about to kneel over the defeated woman’s body with his dick still out for a post-match tribute, when his eyes caught something, or rather someone, moving visibly through the crowd.

It was distinctly a male, and the man in question rivaled him in terms of size and muscle definition.

Jumping over the crowd barricade on the right corner, he marched up the steel steps boldly and without hesitation at all.

His blonde hair was unkempt and shaggy like a lumberjack, with a visible beard going around his lower jaw and mouth.

A loose motorcycle jacket clung to his otherwise bare chest, with ripped jeans and combat boots completing the rest of his look.

“...the fuck?” Eyeing this male intruder, Brad took a few steps closer to get a better look at him.

The man didn’t just stand his ground, he walked right up to the champion.

Both men being at equal height, they stared each other down with a palpable intensity.

No words were exchanged, no fists thrown (yet).

The mysterious man eventually let his eyes drop slowly to the Beast’s right arm, going down until they fixated upon the title he was holding by the strap.

Brad also let his gaze drop some to the belt he was holding.

Then, a pair of high heels clicking up the steel steps caught Brad’s attention as well.

Keeping one eye on the rugged-looking male, he turned slightly to see a very beautiful, Victoria’s Secret-worthy woman ducking underneath the middle rope and entering the ring.

She too was a blonde, and a very attractive woman at that.

Nearly at Brad’s height of six feet flat, her curvaceous figure was hidden away underneath a Slipknot T-shirt, black booty shorts, and a pair of heeled boots contrasting her tanned bare legs.

She first glimpsed at his title belt, before drifting very excitedly towards the downed Sara Steele.

A look of illuminated evil adorned her slender features at that.

Reading her expression, the blonde man gave one last harrowing look at the Beast before rolling underneath the ring and going under the ring apron.

From there, he grabbed on to something rectangular, and pulled and pulled….

…… until he brandished a wooden table!

Not wanting any part of this, Brad quickly brushed past the blonde woman and exited the ring as the man re-entered with the table in tow.

Pulling its legs up, he set it up right in front of a turnbuckle corner.

The blonde woman pointed very ominously at the writhing redhead still on the canvas, her grin almost Joker-ish.

Nodding, he stomped over, grabbing a fistful of fiery hair, and unceremoniously dragged Sara like a dead animal corpse across the ring to the turnbuckle in question.

On the ramp now, Brad looked on in both worry yet intrigue, not knowing what to make of this.

And the crowd didn’t either.

But yet, as if it was a practiced, regular occurrence, the blonde man yanked Sara up to her feet cruelly.

Propping himself up on the middle turnbuckle, he picked her up by the armpits, hoisting the tall woman up into the air with him.

Working his hands down until he had her by the hips, the man then lifted Steele up onto his shoulders.

All the while, his blonde acquaintance was still smiling.

Extending to his full height, he gave a great grunt before launching off the turnbuckle and driving Sara Steele backfirst through the table!

Crashing with a horrific sound, the redheaded woman barely gave so much as a twitch with the blonde man standing over her.

Marching around the human destruction he had just caused, the male flanked the blonde woman, who stared a hole into the Beast.

She then pointed to him, and mouthed out two haunting words, You’re next.


Author's Note: Few things....

- I'm really thankful I was able to get all of these installments out rapid-fire, even moreso for the constant flow and supply of feedback. I've recently finished alternate endings for the matches up to this point, which are all in PDF format a few posts down. Unfortunately, I can't cover every single match in its entirety (this world Lac's created is so big and beautiful you often want to linger on a specific matchup and get engrossed in the shared history and antics of both competitors, but unfortunately the real world doesn't allow for such indulgences), but I am appreciative enough to include snippets here and there to give some idea of what the entire locker room, not just Dan Danger, deals with.

- Think Nikky and Brad might have some new competition.....

- For Sara Steele, her lovely model is Jayden Cole. For the rugged man, his is Charlie Hunnam. Of course, for his female partner is the always incomparable Stacy Keibler.

- Next week's qualifying matches: Keiji/Ashley, Tiffany/Beast, and......Serena Siren/Magnum OP/Jane "The Swann" in a triple threat match. Any predictions?

- Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I didn't get much of a feel for Sara Steele other than a pain soaking ragdoll, but the Beast demonstrated why he is one half of the tag champions with Nicky. The new tagteam who announced themselves by driving Sara backfirst from the top rope through a table certainly made a strong first impression. A woman with legs like Stacy Keibler DEFINITELY has a place in the SFL and I can't wait to learn more about her.

As for predictions for the qualifying matches next week, I am afraid I can't approach them with anything like discerning assessment. I do know who I WANT to win, so I might just throw those out there. Nothing against Ashley, but I would love to see Keiji emerge with the victory in his match, though I feel she will earn at least one fall before he takes the win. After reading back through Valen's thread I am very much rooting for Tiffany to take down the Beast in their match, hopefully with her stunning ass all over his face at some point. My money will be on Jane "The Swann" in the triple threat match as she has been very impressive in every encounter I have read of hers.

Regardless of who wins, though, I will be an eager spectator to every fall of every match, mate. Thank you so much for building this into such an epic League.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I’m hoping for a Keiji victory (definitely one of my favorite guys) and Tiffany/Brandy victory. Tiffany was incredibly impressive for her debut match, and was a bit overlooked because she lost (she didn’t take the fall, though). I love her confidence, strength, and of course big breasted beauty. She both overpowered The Beast (one of the physically strongest fighters in the league) in a test of strength, and rode him into sexual submission (though unofficially). Can’t wait to see what happens when the two powerhouses meet 1 on 1, but I’m hoping the cowgirl officially tames the beast and it really gives her career a huge boost by defeating a huge name as a rookie.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Alternate Endings

Here are the alternate endings for: Silk vs Awe, Charlotte vs Rescue, and Dan Danger vs The Mermaid.

Hope you enjoy them, and thanks so much for reading!
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

From the ring to backstage, the camera panned back to the interview area, with Missy Robinson getting the proper signal to begin her segment.

Smiling brightly, the brunette woman spoke, “And my next guest, who will be a participant in the upcoming Intercontinental Title tournament, is none other than…Bux Bunny!!”

A slightly fatigued yet always friendly Melanie stepped into frame, a loose white robe wrapped around her lithe figure.

“How are you, Missy?” the petite blonde grinned in an amicable tone.

“Good, thanks for asking!” She then got down to business, “Firstly, I’d like to say congratulations on not only your victory tonight against Brandon Beefcake, but also on the Summer of Sin PPV. I’m sure defeating the Goddess and Apollo in your PPV debut alongside Dan Danger must’ve been so satisfying not only on a professional level, but a personal one as well considering how those two have...let’s say complicated the initial period of your SFL career. In your own words, how have the last few weeks been for you?”

“It feels good to be standing here, but it felt even better to prove Kenzie wrong because I do belong here. I proved it in the ring with her, and I’ll be glad to prove it against anyone else who doubts me,” she stated confidently.

“Right. And I’m sure your number of doubters will only decrease with the very impressive clean sweep performance tonight, and especially in the IC tournament which you have already qualified for. Now Melanie, the full lineup has not yet taken full shape, but what we do know for a fact is that your PPV tag team partner, Dan Danger, will be a participant, and potentially...also an opponent for you. How do you feel about that?”

She nodded in understanding, taking a second to prepare her response before responding, “Dan and I are close. That’s no secret. What also isn’t a secret is that we’re both young, passionate, and hungry for even more success here in the SFL. Being in this tournament with him means that I have to separate our personal relationship from our professional one. It also means that if we are in the same ring again as opponents, then I have to treat him as such. And I think that feeling’s pretty mutual from Daniel’s end as well.”

Missy smiled graciously at her response, wrapping up, “Well again, thank you for your ti-”

“Please tell me this is not what passes for our competition.”

A feminine, foreign-sounding voice rang out from outside the set, catching Melanie's emerald eyes.

Sauntering elegantly into the view of the cameraman was a slice of delicate yet well-shaped feminine perfection, with her exotic features purely aristocratic and her curvature thick and very easy on the eyes.

Dressed in a sari-styled dress with vibrant blue and gold colors, the woman, distinguished in her golden earrings and expensive-looking bracelets on her wrists, towered above the American blonde even in flat sandals.

Her skin complexion was tanned, olive-colored to imply a Middle Eastern nationality.

Melanie was not impressed with the visual grandeur of this woman at all, but she was somewhat taken aback by the introduction of her male partner.

A very handsome man with similar ethnic features to her, he wore a more standard black, buttoned robe with modern touches on the front of the suit.

He also wore his black hair in a confident mane, complimented by a thick beard.

“Yes, it would seem standards here in the West are much lower than we expected,” he answered the woman in a distinctly eastern accented voice.

Melanie sized up both of them, their facial features leering down on her already with a degree of both condescension and superiority.

“Can’t be that low if you’re snobbing on a girl who just beat a guy in two straight falls,” Melanie finally replied back, a feistiness in her voice.

He allowed himself a small smirk, replying back patronizingly, “Yes, you certainly did enjoy victory tonight, little rabbit. You’ve truly started to blossom…impressive for such a tiny, tiny thing.”

Melanie had to check her ears to see if she heard him right. Little rabbit?

Enjoying a chuckle as well, the woman purred at her, “It was an impressive victory, but I must admit surprise that someone of your opponent’s stature could fall to someone as small and non-threatening as you. Are you eating well?”

Melanie didn’t say anything, just clenching her teeth in a very passively aggressive look.

“Did you forget, my love? In America, the standards of beauty are the thinner, the better,” he playfully reminded her.

“Ah, yes. That makes sense now. Well, in that case, you must be quite the prized pet to the Western audience, then. Nothing compared to us, of course. You are standing before two Devas, after all.”

“Does she even know what a Deva is, love?” the woman went on to ask her apparent lover smugly.

“No, Americans are rarely educated in outside cultures. She is truly oblivious to who she is talking to. Truly a shame,” he smiled, staring right into Melanie's expression.

“It’s a shame you’re not challenging for any titles, if you’re as good as you think you are,” the blonde woman finally retorted back at them.

The dark-haired woman only laughed. “All good things come in due time, little one. We will contend with the true warriors of the SFL soon enough. They will be more on our level.”

“Well, if I’m too skinny for you, I happen to know a guy who could probably twist those pretty arms and legs of yours in all kinds of fun shapes.”

Melanie’s lips curled into a proud smile. “His name’s Dan Danger. He and I just finished beating two conceited veterans who thought they were too good for us, so there’s an opening there for you both if you were interested.”

“The Goddess and Apollo,” the man spoke with a barely hidden level of disdain.

“Yeah, they kinda sorta used to be big deals around here. Not anymore, though,” Melanie smiled at them.

“Their arrogance was their undoing. Letting their ego cloud their judgment. Nothing but naďve Americans making a mockery of our beloved art form,” the woman told her irritably.

But her lover at least had some praise for Bux Bunny, even if it was delivered in a backhanded way. “However, I do commend your efforts, little rabbit. You vanquished Apollo, and it was certainly your moment...but wasn't it your partner who had to deal with the Goddess? The true titan of that team….?”

They both exchanged amused looks, before the thick woman replied coolly, “That woman calls herself a Goddess, but she knows nothing of what that actually means. We have been worshiped by millions in lands you have never even heard of. And unlike her, we have championship gold from our past careers proving our greatness.”

“I’ll take your word for it, ummmmm….” Melanie had seen them in the ring before, but their actual names escaped her at the moment.

“Sunetra,” she replied curtly, not even extending a hand in basic Western courtesy to the smaller woman.

But she did place a loving hand on the male sexfighter flanking her. “And this is my husband, Ajit Arslan. Truly a man worthy of my affections and love.”

“Many thanks, my love. Your words are too kind.” Taking her hand, he placed a loving, dutiful kiss on her knuckles.

“Cool, so Ajit and Sunetra. Good to have names to put to the faces I’ll be kicking in next time I see you out there,” Melanie mocked them both, crossing her arms.

Sunetra wasn’t smiling as much anymore, making a threatening step forward when Ajit instead stepped into the blonde woman’s personal vicinity.

Looking down at her with a hint of anger laden in his bearded expression, he faced down an equally defiant Bux Bunny who didn’t back down in the slightest.

“We will see each other soon, little rabbit. And you will surrender your body to me as others far better than you have already,” he spoke to her in a calm yet menacing tone.

The words lingered in the air as he slowly backed off, along with Sunetra who only fixed Melanie with a knowing grin.

She watched with wary eyes as the Turkish couple departed, heading off into one of the many hallways backstage.

Once they had disappeared from sight entirely, she let out a visible sigh.

“Way to keep making enemies, Mel,” she muttered to herself in a bit of self-deprecating honesty, before heading towards Daniel’s locker room.


Author's Note: Preview of things to come...

- Plenty of qualifying matches on the next show. Lots of old and new faces mixing up with each other.

- The alternate endings are out in PDF form on the post before this one, so please check them out if you haven't already.

- Ajit and Sunetra are @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]'s creations, so a great thanks to him for allowing me to use them in my story.

- Thanks for reading!

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