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Old 23-Jul-19, 22:48
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

One of the bests stories in this forum!!!
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Old 25-Jul-19, 12:50
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

I like the story. I have something in mind like this for a while and now you have written it I only don't like the part about the catfight very much. It's written very well but not my cup of tea. But that's my problem. I hope you will write more great stories like this.
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Old 27-Jul-19, 22:48
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Yeah, great stories, amazing ideas, but I would find it better, if you'd reduce the catfights, and let the women support each other against men, not even being neutral for too long but join the fight against the cocky males, to show them what real girl power is.
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Originally Posted by Young Amazon [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Yeah, great stories, amazing ideas, but I would find it better, if you'd reduce the catfights, and let the women support each other against men, not even being neutral for too long but join the fight against the cocky males, to show them what real girl power is.
Great idea
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Old 28-Jul-19, 15:35
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Originally Posted by Young Amazon [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Yeah, great stories, amazing ideas, but I would find it better, if you'd reduce the catfights, and let the women support each other against men, not even being neutral for too long but join the fight against the cocky males, to show them what real girl power is.
I agree, although since he's already built up how they're so antagonistic against each other, it should be kind of gradual. Like they're still skeptical but help each other, only to become totally on the same page in the end.
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Thanks for all the compliments and kind words! Unfortunately I was a bit busy and couldn't write any sequels. I'll try to write something as soon as possible.

Originally Posted by gmxalex [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Hi Amazonia,
your stories are awsome! I love them. Are you a female writer?
Hi! No, I'm a male. Thank you for your post and your praise. It's nice to hear that you like my stories.

I'll try to incorporate your ideas in the future.
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Groin kicks seem to be very effective in this series . Really well written, looking forward to more humiliation and maybe some scissorholds?
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Id love to See Emilia take over the (male Part of the) family! Shehad to work so Hard at such a young age, its time for her to get worshipped. The boys need to be put in their place for good and Start doing all her Chores and making her their supreme ruler, surrendering their lives, minds and money to the New queen
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Default Re: The Dominant Housemaid

Patrick ends up fighting with one of the maids as well! I'm really busy but after all the compliments and likes I got in this thread, I got really motivated to write a new chapter.

Part 6: Patrick Wants Revenge

The other maids were really happy for Emilia's victories over Daniel and Andreas. They were happy that she humbled the two arrogant rich boys whose family they had to clean for. Their older brother Patrick was now the only male from their family who hasn't been humbled yet.

Patrick looked more muscular than his brothers and worked out. He was a good looking 22-year-old man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 5'10'' tall and weighed around 190lbs with a muscular physique. He also had a macho attitude and liked to boast about how manly he was. He liked to mock and bully his younger brothers who were skinnier. Despite this, even he was starting to feel bad about their losses as he felt that his entire family got embarrassed because they lost to a young girl.

One of the maids, Marija, saw Patrick one day after Daniel lost to Emilia and decided to rub it in.

"Hey there, Patrick. Your brother had a little bit of a scuffle with Emilia yesterday. It didn't go well for him," said Marija and showed Patrick some pictures she took from their fight with Emilia being in dominant positions and ultimately doing a victory posed over a beaten and visibly embarrassed Daniel.

Patrick looked ashamed for his brother. He also didn't like how Marija rubbed it in like that. He was shocked that she didn't seem to have any respect for him as a man. He angrily pushed Marija away and said, "You pathetic maids are really going too far with this! How dare you fight with my brothers?! I will have your friend fired for this!"

Marija didn't expect such an aggressive reaction. She didn't expect that Patrick would be so insecure about it. Marija realized it wasn't wise to taunt Patrick as she could get Emilia and trouble. She quickly explained, "It was consensual. They agreed to the fight. Daniel wanted to fight Emilia and he lost. We maids have such contest of strengths often."

"I heard about your pathetic girly catfights there! I just didn't expect you will provoke my brothers into this. This has to stop!" said Patrick and furiously walked away.

Patrick decided to have a word with his mother Rafaela. He walked into her room and explained everything he heard from Daniel losing to Emilia to maids having catfights in their private house.

Rafaela didn't know what to think about the whole situation. She couldn't help not to find Daniel's loss amusing given the attitude he display.

Ever since her husband died, Rafaela noticed that her sons were acting really arrogant and macho and challenged her authority. It seemed like there was a subtle struggle for dominance and authority between Rafaela and her three sons. While she wouldn't want to see her sons completely humiliated, she was glad that Emilia took Daniel and Andreas down a notch and humbled them.

Patrick suddenly demanded that Rafaela fired Emilia. "You have to fire this brat Emilia for what she did to Daniel and Andreas and you should give these maids a clear message that their behavior won't be tolerated!"

Rafaela didn't like how Patrick was ordering her. She knew that Patrick considered himself as the man of his family and she didn't like it. She decided to ignore his demands. "I'm not going to do anything! You don't make demands here. Daniel and Andreas started those fights and they got humbled. I don't mind if the maids have their wrestling matches in their private time as long as nobody gets seriously hurt and as long as they do their job right."

Patrick decided to voice his displeasure immediately. "Emilia embarrassed this family! She needs to be put in her place!"

"I won't punish Emilia for defending herself. Daniel and Andreas embarrassed themselves with their behavior. In fact, it's a good think that they got humbled a little bit. Maybe you should start showing some humility too, Patrick! You're not the boss of this house. You're still my son and you should respect me," said Rafaela.

"It's clear that this family needs a real man in charge. Daniel and Andreas are turning into sissies! It seems like you're not doing a good job as a mother," Patrick mocked Rafaela.

Rafaela couldn't believe that Patrick openly questioned her parenting method and started shouting at him, "Don't talk to me like this! Get out now!"

Patrick left with a defiant smirk on his face. He decided to have a work with his brothers.

Patrick looked for Daniel all over the big mansion and eventually found him as he cleaned one of the bathrooms. Daniel didn't see him coming.

Patrick walked behind him and slapped him on his ass. It was a very hard slap. Patrick liked to bully his younger brothers like this. Daniel groaned in pain and turned around to see who slapped him.

"Hey there, you sissy!" Patrick immediately taunted Daniel about his loss.

"Ah, it's you," said Daniel and looked away in shame. "Please don't rub it in too much, the loss is already embarrassing too much," Daniel said submissively and continued mopping the floor.

"I know," said Patrick. "I'm not here to make fun out of you. I think we need to stick together and show these pathetic maids that we men are in charge here after all! This is getting embarrassing for this entire family. You and Andreas need to man up!"

Daniel was glad that Patrick was on his side. At the same time, he was demoralized about the losses and didn't see any solution. "I don't think there's much we can do. I tried to teach Emilia a lesson but I ended up losing to her. It's very humiliating but I have to accept my loss now."

"I tried to get Emilia fired but mom won't do it. It would look weird if I tried to pick a fight with her myself, I'm much bigger than her." Patrick was frustrated about the situation as well.

"Mom likes Emilia. To be honest, I don't see why she should be fired. Andreas and I challenged her. Unfortunately we lost but it was a fair contest," said Daniel.

"Look at you wuss, trying to rationalize this! These maids are now showing pictures of how she was beating you up. They are making a mockery out of all of our family! I bet half of town already knows about this. This is now affecting me as well, it makes it look as if we can't even handle a bunch of maids. We need to put them in their place and show them that men from this family run things after all!" Patrick was determined to get back at Emilia.

Daniel didn't say anything. He didn't want to get his older brother even more angry. He continued to mop the floor in silence.

Patrick left and went to the private gym inside their big mansion to work out. He had a particularly long work out that day. Just as he was finishing, one of the maids entered in her maid uniform to clean the gym. It was Irina, a 25-year-old maid of Russian ancestry. Irina was a tall woman with the height of 5'10''. She had blue eyes and liked to have her long dark hair in a ponytail. She looked athletic and was actually one of the strongest maids. In the past, she used to almost always win the catfights against other maids.

"Hello, Patrick. I'm just here to clean," said Irina.

Patrick was sitting on one of the benches in the gym, wearing just a pair of white boxer briefs and a white tank top. He looked at Irina. Ever since hearing about Emilia beating his brothers he couldn't help himself not to size up the maids and imagining him fighting against them. He eventually commented on Irina's tall and athletic physique, "How did a tall girl like you end up doing this lousy job? Shouldn't you be playing some sport instead?" Patrick subtly taunted Irina. He had little respect for maids.

"I tried to be a volleyball player but things didn't work out. Now I have a one and a half year old daughter daughter and I have to work to help provide for her," said Irina.

"I see. Did some handsome German boy knock you up here?" said Patrick.

Irina didn't like Patrick's disrespectful attitude but wasn't surprised by it. She knew that the males of the family she was working for were all full of themselves. They were rich boys and considered working class maids like her to be beneath them. "That's none of your business!" she responded confidently. "Besides, didn't your mother teach you to be respectful to ladies?"

"You're just a maid," Patrick taunted Irina. "Why should I respect you?"

Irina wasn't too upset by Patrick's taunts and taunted him back. "Maybe your two brothers should explain to you then why maids should be respected as well. I heard they got humbled by one."

Patrick didn't like Irina's taunt but expected it and didn't get too angry. "My brothers are weak sissies who don't know how to fight."

Irina thought about ignoring Patrick but he was starting to annoy her too much to let it go. "I doubt you are much better. Were you ever even in a real fight, you rich boy?"

This remark irritated Patrick a bit. Irina was right, he was never in a fight before. "I wasn't," he admitted in shame.

"Well, you see. You're a virgin when it comes to fights so you shouldn't act so tough. You can't possibly know how well you would do in a fight. At least your brothers were brave enough to fight," said Irina.

"Oh, please. Those silly catfights you maids have are not real fights and my two brothers fight like women too," Patrick continued to be dismissive.

"If we fight like women, why were some of us maids able to beat up t men in fights? I'm not just talking about your two brothers but also in general. Some of us grew up in tough environment and got in scuffles with men too," said Irina. "You shouldn't act so cocky. Anything can happen in a fight," she added.

Patrick didn't like Irina bragging about beating a man. Part of him felt embarrassed for his gender that these maids like Irina kept humiliating men in fights and refused to believe it. "I doubt you really beat up a man unless he was a total wuss," Patrick kept being dismissive and in denial.

"I beat up a man in some club. He acted tough and had an expensive car, but I rejected him. He acted like he was above an immigrant girl like me. I ended up in a heated argument with him. He slapped me but I overpowered him, held him down and gave him a nice ass whooping! He ended up begging me for mercy after I got through with him!" Irina bragged.

Patrick took another good look at Irina. Given her athletic physique, her story seemed plausible, but Patrick still didn't want to look impressed. "Whatever, you're still just a maid who mops the floor! Keep working and shut up while you're doing it!" Patrick kept degrading Irina.

Irina looked at Patrick and sized him up. He was really getting on her nerves with his attitude. She would really love nothing more than teach him a lesson. Part of her felt confident that she could beat him up despite his muscular physique. They were of equal height and Irina was very athletic herself and had some fighting experience. After her fellow maid Emilia humbled Patrick and Andreas, Irina was confident that Patrick couldn't be much better than them. She also felt that she was much stronger than Emilia herself as she was taller and older than her.

"I will mop the floor with you if you will keep insulting me like this!" Irina taunted Patrick back.

Patrick couldn't believe how brash Irina was in front of him. He realized that his two brothers losing to Emilia emboldened all the maids. He started feeling that Irina was seriously thinking she could handle him in a fight. It was making him feel very frustrated and angry. He felt that his brothers really embarrassed and emasculated the image of their family.

"I can say whatever I want to you! You work for my family. If you don't like it, you can leave!" Patrick finally reacted. He decided to go even further with his insults, "You can always earn money with prostitution like many other Russians sluts do," said Patrick and got up from his chair as he finished his work out.

Irina got really angry at Patrick's insult. As Patrick intended to leave, Irina picked up the bucket of water she used for cleaning and splashed it on him.

Patrick was in shock as he was suddenly completely wet.

Irina laughed at him and taunted him. "This is what you get for insulting me! Emilia told me this is a good method to cool down you disrespectful men around here!"

Patrick was still in shock and looked angrily at Irina. "You bitch!" he shouted out of frustration. In a moment of anger, he charged at Irina and grabbed her.

Irina tried to shake Patrick off of her but his grip was too strong. "Let me go!" she shouted.

Patrick ignored her and kept pushing her towards the wall. He wanted to restrain her and show her who the boss was by overpowering her. He wanted to demonstrate his manly strength to her.

Patrick managed to eventually pin Irina's arm against the wall. However as Irina started resisting with more strength, she managed to get her left arm free and slapped Patrick with it. Patrick tried to control Irina's left arm but she was really elusive and pugnacious. Irina put her left hand on Patrick's face and blocked his vision a bit as she covered his eyes with it.

Patrick instinctively let go of Irina's right arm as well and pushed Irina's hand from his face. Irina responded by slapping Patrick with his right hand that was now free.

Patrick was surprised at how frustrating it was to fight Irina. He tried to get his composure back. While he felt that he was clearly stronger than Irina, she found her slaps and her tenacity really annoying. He considered slapping her back but felt that this was beneath him and tried one more time to subdue her. He put both of his hands on Irina's shoulders and pushed her back towards the wall.

Irina put her hands on Patrick's shoulders and tried to engage in this contest of strength but Patrick managed to overpower her and she found herself pinned against the wall.

"Stop resisting, you bitch!" Patrick shouted.

Irina didn't listen to him and extended her hand towards Patrick's face again and poked him in the eye. Patrick moaned in pain and retaliated with a hard slap. He had enough of trying to go easy on Irina and gave her another slap before she could recover.

Irina moaned in pain. Patrick's slaps felt quite hard. She lost her composure for a moment and grabbed Patrick and tried to take him down to the floor. Patrick however managed to easily trip her over and Irina ended on the floor that was still wet from the water she spilled earlier. She on her back with Patrick towering over her.

"There you go, you Russian bitch! So much about you being strong enough to beat up men," Patrick taunted Irina who was lying on the floor beneath him and kicked her a few times to put her in further pain.

Irina kept lying on her back and tried to think what to do. Patrick's strength surprised her. She started thinking that maybe she was overconfident challenging a muscular man like him after all. She took some time to rethink her situation.

Meanwhile, Patrick picked up a bottle of water that he had for training and started spilling water on Irina to retaliate for her splashing water on him earlier. "I think you are the one who needs to cool down, girl!" Patrick taunted as he was splashing water on Irina's maid uniform.

Irina was getting more and more irritated as Patrick kept splashing her with water. Her maid uniform was slowly getting completely wet. Out of anger, she started kicking towards Patrick with her legs. "Stop with this, you idiot!"

"You started it!" Patrick responded. He then picked up his protein shake and splashed it on Irina as well. "You're going to have to clean this up like the good servant that you are! A nice lesson for you, you maid!"

"You asshole!" Irina was furious. She decided to try to fight with Patrick again as she didn't want to let herself be degraded like that. She stood up and took few steps back to keep her distance from Patrick.

Patrick charged at Irina and tried to take her down again but he slipped on the wet floor and fell down to his knees. Irina saw an opportunity and jumped on Patrick and tried to overpower him. She had good leverage as Patrick was on his knees while she was standing. She managed to briefly push Patrick to the floor but after a while, Patrick managed to get up and pushed her back.

Irina responded with a kick and kicked Patrick in the torso. Patrick felt some pain being kicked by Irina's strong athletic legs but kept walking towards her. Irina then threw some punches at him and managed to hit him hard with her right hand. Patrick was stunned a bit. Irina had some power in her arms from training volleyball. Patrick tried to retaliate with a punch of his own but Irina was quicker and wall all over him slapping him and punching him.

Patrick was surprised at this attack as Irina's speed and power overwhelmed him for a moment. He instinctively covered up and took some steps back. He realized he needed to think things through as Irina put up more resistance than he expected.

Both of them knew that there was no going back. There was just too much animosity between them. This fight had to end with one of them humbled by the other.

Irina kept hitting Patrick with her slaps and it didn't look like she would stop. Patrick decided to fight back and stopped covering up. He threw some punches and slaps back.

Patrick and Irina were now engaging in a wild exchange of punches and slaps. While Patrick was bigger and stronger, it looked like he was getting a bit fatigued. He just finished a very tiring work out and his muscles were sore. Irina, on the other hand, was completely fresh. She was in good shape and was athletic from training volleyball in her youth.

Patrick was slowly feeling more and more tired. He was starting to realize that picking a fight just after he lifted weights for two hours wasn't a good idea. His muscles were sore and he lacked strength that he normally had.

For the first time in the fight, Patrick started to panic a bit. He grabbed Irina and used all his strength he had left to forcefully take her down. Irina was taken by surprise as she didn't expect Patrick to wrestle her. She ended on her back with Patrick on top of her. However to Irina's luck Patrick was tired and didn't follow with any attacks but just rested on top of Irina a bit to catch some breath. Irina didn't want to give him time to recover and hit him hard with some punches and slaps.

Irina kept her composure and didn't panic at all. She was starting to notice that Patrick was tiring as well. Irina was used to fighting dirty and instinctively grabbed Patrick's hair. Patrick had shoulder-length long hair and Irina used full advantage of that. As she pulled Patrick's hair, Patrick started to moan and shout.

"You bitch!" Patrick cried out of anger and frustration. He tried to retaliate by doing the same to Irina but her hair was in a ponytail and he couldn't reach it. Irina kept holding Patrick's hair and used her hips to turn the distracted Patrick over so that he wasn't on top of her anymore.

Patrick was now desperate and used his both arms to try to move Irina's right arm from his hair. However as he was doing that he exposed himself. Irina noticed another opportunity and grabbed Patrick's testicles with her left hand and squeezed them hard.

"Arrrghhhhh!!" Patrick suddenly moaned even harder. Irina's dirty fighting techniques were causing him much more pain than he imagined.

Irina kept squeezing Patrick's balls. "What's the matter, young boy?" she taunted with a smirk on her face.

Patrick was in agony. He instinctively grabbed Irina's arm and tried to make her release his testicles. Irina released her hold and used Patrick's pain and distraction to climb on top of him. For the first time in the fight, she now had a dominant position as she straddled on top of Patrick.

Patrick couldn't believe that Irina managed to get on top of him and used his brute strength to furiously shake her off. He succeeded but exerted even more energy doing that. He felt like his muscles were really exhausted at that point. His cardio was really bad as well as he barely ever did any cardio exercises.

Irina didn't want to let Patrick have any rest and continued to fight dirty. She scratched Patrick's face with her fingers and forced him to posture up and cover his face. Irina then used her hips to shake Patrick off of her one more time and tripped him over again.

Irina and Patrick kept rolling on the wet and dirty floor and wrestling each other. Patrick still had a strength advantage and managed to found himself in dominant position more often than not. However, Irina's dirty fighting was really irritating him and causing him a lot of pain. It was very tiring for him as well as he had to be constantly concentrated and on guard to prevent Irina using any dirty tricks. He realized that maids like Irina had a lot of experience with catfights and didn't hold back.

Patrick was getting more and more frustrated the longer the fight went as he couldn't get decisive advantage over Irina. He felt like he couldn't go on for much longer while Irina still looked fresh.

To Patrick's shame and humiliation, Irina was slowly but surely starting to get the better of him. Eventually, she managed to get on top of Patrick again and this time, Patrick didn't resist right away but tried to get some seconds to catch some air and so that his muscles could recover a little bit. This let Irina some time to plan her attacks from the top position. She started punching and slapping Patrick who covered up and looked for an opportunity to really hurt him.

Patrick tried to defend for a while, but eventually Irina hit him hard with an elbow and bloodied his nose. Irina followed up with some punches as Patrick groaned in agony and instinctively used what little energy he had left for another explosive burst of strength to get Irina off of him. He managed to create just enough space for himself so that he could get up. He felt like getting the fight back to standing position would be better for him as wrestling was really sucking the wind out of him.

However as Patrick was trying to get up, Irina grabbed him by his tank top and pulled him back down again. Patrick was tired and lost his balance on the wet floor. He was unable to resist Irina dragging him down. Irina kept pulling him towards her and tore his top while doing so, leaving Patrick wearing just his briefs.

Patrick was angry and tried to retaliate by tearing Irina's uniform apart as well. He grabbed Irina by her clothes and pulled, but her uniform proved to be much too durable for that. It only made Patrick lose even more energy for no practical purpose. In a quick explosive burst, Irina jumped on top of Patrick, straddled on his back and pushed him down face first.

Patrick was now in a desperate and embarrassing position with Irina basically sitting on him and subduing him from behind while he was pinned down face first. On top of that, his face was scratched, his top was torn apart and he was all wet and dirty, wearing just his briefs. He realized Irina managed to turn this fight into a dirty messy catfight. He felt ashamed that he was losing to a woman and felt panic all over his body thinking that he might not be able to beat Irina after all.

Irina, on the other hand, felt really confident in her victory and decided to do some risky moves just to degrade Patrick some more. She grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them. She tore them just as easily as she tore Patrick's top. Patrick was now stripped naked underneath Irina who slapped him on his bare ass and started taunting him, "Nice butt we have here, boy." As she said that she restrained Patrick's arms from behind and leaned down to his face. "I told you I will mop the floor with you," she whispered in Patrick's ear which enraged him even further.

Patrick was furious and tried to resist with everything he had, but he was too exhausted at this point to resist Irina womanhandling him at will with her athletic body. He was fuming out of anger and frustration as Irina kept holding him down like a child and subduing him and punching him at will.

After some desperate attempts to free himself, Patrick eventually stopped resisting. He was too tired and had no choice but to let Irina do whatever she wanted to him. He suddenly started feeling completely weak and vulnerable, yet he was still defiant and aggressive. "You bitch! Let me go!" he shouted.

Irina was amused at how weak and pathetic Patrick looked. "Why should I? You started this fight! I just splashed some water on you to cool you down after you were insulting a lady like me," Irina responded. She inserted fingers in Patrick's mouth and fish-hooked him to torment him even further.

Irina laughed while she listened to Patrick's stifled moaned as she was fish-hooking him. She kept taunting, "You need to learn to stop acting tough, you rich pansy!"

Irina then started gently slapping Patrick to degrade him some more.

Patrick was exhausted and felt completely humiliated. His adrenaline was now fading and with it his defiance. He was now starting to get desperate and submissive as he realized that he lost the fight and was completely at Irina's mercy at this point. "Let me go!" He pleaded one more time, but this time his voice was more submissive than demanding.

"I need to make sure you learned your lesson!" said Irina. She grabbed Patrick's testicles and squeezed them again.

Patrick screamed in pain and agony. At this point, he was hoping someone would hear him even if that meant other people would witness his humiliation. Unfortunately for him, the gym was in a very isolated part of the mansion and no one could hear him.

"Please, stop! I give up! You won!" Patrick shouted.

Irina released her hold. She leaned down to Patrick and demanded, "Admit that you're Irina's bitch!"

Patrick refused to say anything at first so Irina gave him a couple of hard punches just to remind him what she could do to him.

"I'm Irina's bitch!" Patrick responded in shame and embarrassment.

"Where is this tough man that was here before talking crap to me?" Irina gloated. She postured up and put her hands her hips.

Patrick looked devastated and embarrassed. Irina was sitting on top of him in a dominant fashion while he was stripped completely naked on the wet and dirty floor with his torn clothes laying around him. He put his hands on his head to cover his face in shame. He had no will to resist anymore.

Irina noticed that Patrick completely submitted to her and rubbed it in by spanking him on his naked ass again. "You're all mine now! I get to play with your nice manly butt! Do you like this?"

Patrick felt degraded and humiliated. He was a muscular man and now a woman was spanking him on his ass like a bitch. "Let me go, please! You won! I won't bother you again! I'm sorry if I insulted you," Patrick pleaded again.

Irina grabbed Patrick and turned him around so that he was now looking at her. She straddled on top of him and sat on his belly. She looked at Patrick with a cocky and triumphant smirk on her face. "When we maids have catfights, the winner gets to do whatever to the loser."

Patrick became worried that Irina will keep degrading him. He kept pleading and hoping to please her so that she would let him go, "You maids are tough. I learned my lesson! I admit that I lost."

Irina smiled at Patrick. She liked seeing him so vulnerable and submissive. After he was humbled, he started looking attractive to her. Patrick was a good looking blonde and blue-eyed man after all. "Awww, look at this poor boy pleading for mercy! You look cute when you're humble like this!" Irina teased him and carressed him.

Irina decided to assert her dominance even further and suddenly forcefully kissed Patrick.

Patrick was shocked and tried to resist the kiss but couldn't as Irina held his head and gave him a passionate kiss. Despite his hate for Irina, he got really turned on after the kiss and his cock popped up in a big erection.

Irina turned around and noticed it. "It looks like you like being dominated like this!" She taunted and poked Patrick's erect cock. "It looks like you are an even bigger sissy than your brothers!"

Patrick didn't know how to react. He felt violated as Irina kept groping him and forcefully kissing him. Irina kept mocking the defeated and humiliated Patrick, "Too bad your cock is too small for me otherwise I might have just taken you as my price and fuck you! It's not like you could stop me." Patrick listened in shame while Irina kept going on, "You men in this family really have small cocks! Emilia stripped Daniel and his cock was even smaller than yours!"

Patrick listened to Irina's taunts feeling completely emasculated. He was too demoralized to answer back with anything and just hoped Irina would let him go as soon as possible.

"What's the matter, don't you have anything to say anymore?" Irina gloated as she noticed Patrick looked totally demoralized and defeated.

"You won, I lost. What more do you expect me to say? Please, just stop tormenting me."

Irina laughed. "It looks like your big muscles turned out to be completely useless! They only slowed you down." She said and poked Patrick's biceps.

"I underestimated you," Patrick admitted.

"You sure did! You wuss!" Irina said and gave Patrick a hard slap. She then got up and victoriously placed her foot on Patrick's chest. "Unfortunately I don't have any more time to play with you. I need to go back to work."

Patrick felt relieved that Irina finally stopped tormenting him. As he tried to get up, however, Irina pushed him down one more time. "I wasted too much time with you, you pansy. You will have to clean this gym instead of me now! You better do a good job or else I will spank you again! This time in front of your mom!"

Patrick picked up the mop and started cleaning the gym while still being naked. Irina watched him and taunted him. "You servant!" she shouted to remind him of his previous insults to her. She went back to the maid's house to find a clean uniform while Patrick kept cleaning. She also took her mobile phones and when she returned, she took a picture of Patrick and mocked him, "This will be a nice memory of how I made you my bitch!"

She then left Patrick alone in his misery. He was in pain and exhausted. Worst that the physical pain, however, was the feeling of humiliation he was experiencing. Irina really humbled him and left him devastated. As his defeat was starting to really sink in, he was in total disbelief at what just happened. He was a muscular man who worked out and yet a female maid trashed him in a fight. He couldn't even believe how humiliating and crushing this was for his male ego.

To be continued...

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Thank you for voting this as the top story of the month. This gives me a nice motivation to continue this story.

Please, feel free to post your ideas who should fight next.
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