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Default Sage's Hazing (Maledom)

This story was written for a commission. If you want a custom story of your own, please feel free to reach out over DMs

The bright-eyed blonde sat in the locker room, staring at the outfit she had picked for tonight. The 19-year-old had worked hard for this chance, and it was Sage Star's time to shine.

She sat clutching a towel to her bosom, taking in the chitter-chatter of the women behind her. An excited brunette named Candice spoke to a voluptuous redhead called Eva about the fight she had just had.

"Hmph.." said the big redhead. "Barely a challenge. I broke him on the mat and then used the little bitch to get myself off!"

Small pockets of conversation floated through the locker room as the women of the Intergender Sex Fight Company (ISFC) discussed their triumphs. Stories about men being abused and pegged featured prominently, with vivid details in the cold recollections.

The men of the ISFC had a miserable track record. Aside from a few stars, most of them seemed disposable.

Sage turned her attention back to the outfit in front of her. The black bikini top featured inlays of diamonds studded across the curves on the front of the garment, making it look like the diamonds were arranged in the shape of an infinity symbol.

Her black elbow and knee guards were similarly designed, studded with diamonds on the top and bottom rims. Sage's black boots were slick and shiny, but the centerpiece was the barely-there black string thong.

Sage had been apprehensive about the small patch of cloth barely enough to cover her intimates. Then she realized where she was heading.

Why did a promising 19-year-old with university grants in Olympic wrestling join a sex fight company? The same reason every other woman did, money, lots of it.

The federation wasn't at the cusp of stardom nor favored in the mainstream. Most women here would be moving on to bigger and better things. The ISFC provided a steady and comfortable income till they hit the big leagues.

"you STILL aren't ready?"

Sage smiled at the sound of the familiar voice. Then Roxanne's curvy frame floated into her view. The bubbly Latina had introduced Sage to the company.

"Just about..." beamed Sage.

"Don't tell me you are having second thoughts?" Roxanne raised one eyebrow with a snarky grin.

"Not a chance!" exclaimed Sage and jumped to her feet.

The women in the locker room whistled as Sage undid her towel.

"Now, would you look at that..." said Eva. "Grade A body right there!"

"I second that," smirked Candice. "Men are going to have a HARD time when they see that juicy badonkadonk in that itsy-bitsy thong!"

"All right, that's enough, ladies!" smiled Roxanne. "We don't want to haze the rookie too much!"

"Oh, she doesn't need to worry about that,"

"Gravure will give her a hazing she will never forget!"

"Who?" said a surprised Sage.

Candice took a step back and held back a laugh.

"You mean you don't know," Candice gave Roxanne a mocking look. "You haven't told her yet!"

"Told me what?"

Roxanne sighed. She wanted to ease Sage into telling her about the man called Gravure, but now these two idiots had ruined it.

Gravure's name caused a tingle in Sage's spine. Having him described only heightened the sensation. Her nervousness colluded with fear, and created a pit of anxiety, then a pocket of arousal filled the gap. It created a cocktail of emotions in her head, all varied voices pulling her in different directions.

"Let it go, Candice. You are scaring the rookie!" Roxanne sounded a little impatient.

She shook her head in disappointment. Sometimes, she felt so frustrated.

Unlike the other women, Roxanne did not believe Gravure was unbeatable. He was just as much flesh and bone as the rest of the men.

Roxanne Perez had been a regular for a few years now with an impressive record of 23 - 2 - 8. The 2 no-contests were because of DQs.

In one of them, Roxanne had pummeled her opponent to within an inch of his life. She prolonged his agony by refusing his humiliating orgasm to make him suffer. The ref finally DQ'ed her for introducing foreign objects in a non-hardcore match.

The second DQ was due to a wimp who refused to face her. He kept running away and finally got her counted out for staying too long outside the ring.

Interestingly, her 8 losses were all against one man. The lone male wrestler who had an unbeaten track record. His name was Gravure.

All 8 of Roxanne's fights with him were brutal. He was a sadistic torturer, a large man who wore an executioner sack on his face.

Roxanne took 8 brutal beatings at his hands. Each time, he left her sore and drenched in cum.

Despite that, she still clung to the hope that there was someone who could beat him. Right now, that hope looked strong.

Roxanne had picked Sage out in an exhibition match with a larger male opponent. The way Sage destroyed him brought her joy. If anyone could beat Gravure, she could. Roxanne sought her redemption with Sage's hands.

"Wow! It's pretty loud in here today!"

The entire mood in the locker room changed when a deep, bassy voice rumbled. Sage turned towards the door to see a large man standing at the entrance.

He was about 7 feet tall, with ebony skin darker than the night. On his head was an executioner mask with two small holes for his beady, little eyes. Gravure leaned against the door frame.

"Oh, don't stop on my accord!" His tone was calm and cold. "Please continue."

The women in the locker room all knelt down in respect to their master. All except two - Roxanne and Sage.

"I see you still haven't gotten with the program," The big brute walked right up to Roxanne's face. They stood chest to chest, bodies pressed against each other. Their eyes were locked in a fierce stare.

His ensemble was paired with big, black boots and white tape around his wrists. There was a tattoo of an upside-down cross on his shoulder.

"Oh!" he said with a curious gaze, noticing the timorous young blonde behind Roxanne, "And who might you be?"

Sage stood there nude, and her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

"S-Sage Star," she replied.

"Star!?" Gravure ran his hand down the front of his mask, tugging at the end as if it were a beard.

"Sta-r, st-ar...Now, where have I heard that name before?"

Gravure took a small stroll around the locker room, putting his thinking cap on and racking his brain. Then he stopped in his tracks and turned around with such velocity that it caused a collective gasp from the women.

"YOU MEAN..." Sage could see his eyes go wide under his mask.

"THE SAGE Star?"

He took a menacing step toward her, and a chill ran down her spine. She nodded quietly.

"Well, well...WELL...well...well!" His tone was menacing.

"Looks like we have a celebrity here with us today!"

The rest of the women kept quiet and bowed their heads.

"Amateur wrestling champion Sage Star!"

Gravure took another step, and Sage gulped. He pressed his chest against her breasts, and she could feel his thick phallus rub against her vulva.

Sage gulped at the sight of his iron abdomen. Then her eyes slowly went up to his broad chest. She had to crank her neck higher to meet his eyes. Her 5"3, 105-pound frame looked minuscule in comparison, and Sage's perfectly tanned skin clashed with his ebony exterior.

Gravure looked down at her worried blue eyes.

"Now tell me Mizz Star..." He leaned closer to her ear.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

The soft whisper sent a chill down Sage's spine, and she began stammering a response.



Gravure turned around to see Roxanne eyeing him with rage.

"That's right! I got her here to kick your ass!"

Sage couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Gravure took a minute and slowly broke out into a snicker. That snicker turned into a muffled laugh, then exploded into maniacal hysteria.

"So let me get his straight!" He spoke between fits. "Not only do you admit you cannot beat me...but you drag an innocent girl here for your petty revenge!"

Roxanne looked away with arms crossed on her chest.

"Poor...poor...Sage Star..." Sage gulped loudly. "I cannot even imagine what I'm going to do to you in the ring today."

Sage saw his eyes go wide beneath the mask.

"But I want you to know it wasn't my fault. You can blame it allllll..." He intentionally dragged out the word and pointed toward Roxanne.

"On that thick-ass bitch over there!"

Sage's body trembled from fear, but she kept herself composed. Gravure could tell from her roving eyes what she was feeling.

"Oh yeah!?" interrupted Roxanne.

"We'll see who's talking when she jerks you off to a humiliating release..." Roxanne got into Gravure's face.

"And then I take my nice little strap-on..." Roxanne bent over an imaginary friend.

"And shove it right up your ASS!"

Roxanne began humping the air as Sage looked at her in utter shock. Was this really her friend? Someone she had known for 6 years now? The rest of the locker room cringed, and Sage looked away.

Gravure gave her miserable performance a merciful end with a headbutt that threw Roxanne to her ass and knocked her out cold.

He walked towards Sage and covered the distance in two massive steps. She let out an audible gasp as he got close.

"As for you..." He pointed his finger at her eye. "Put on your stupid little outfit and meet me in the ring!"

Sage saw him step on Roxanne's stomach as he walked away, causing her to sit up and exhale air before passing out again.

Sage stood there wondering what the fuck she had signed up for.


Her music hit and Sage Star ran out to do a big, flashy entrance. The way her outfit was designed made the sparkling diamonds stand out.

She hit her marks and posed just like she had practiced in front of the mirror. Then she waited for the inevitable applause with a beaming smile.

Crickets echoed in her ears, and a lone clap from a gentleman far away joined it in its loneliness. Sage was shocked to see the arena almost empty. She could count the number of heads on her hands.

She looked over at the ring to see Gravure stand there and laugh. He called for a microphone.

"Where the fuck do you think are Star?" His loud laugh caused a high-pitched wail from the speakers.

"Look around you! This is cum town for pervs! Did you really think they would come out to see you live when they can jack off in the comfort of their homes?"

For the first time, Sage felt rage build up inside her. Maybe it was her destiny to rip this edgy has-been a new asshole.

"Now, get your cute little butt in this ring, so I can beat you up and make you look reallll gooood for the cameras!"

"FUCK YOU!" Yelled Sage and ran towards the ring.

Backstage, Roxanne watched the fight intently on tv. She had big hopes for Sage. A victory would knock Gravure down a peg and give her the revenge she craved.

Meanwhile, Sage rolled into the ring. She knew she couldn't control the cards that had been dealt, but she wanted to make her debut count. Sage had worked all year on her pro wrestling moves, shaping them after her hero Kurt Angle.

In her mind, she could see Gravure tapping out to her version of the ankle lock, and it made her smile. She had to admit she liked the look of the man as well. His face was buried under the mask, but his body was big and muscular. Sage noted his impressive package as well.

She would relish making him cum.

Gravure lazily sauntered off the ropes, pushing his body off them, and took his time walking to the center of the ring. The rules were simple, deliver a humiliating beating and make your opponent cum.

Sage felt a tinge of excitement run through her body when they pressed their chest together. The symbol of Gravure's carnal lust threatened to invade her thong, but she did not flinch.

Sage felt adrenaline shoot through her veins, and a false sense of confidence emboldened her.

"Hope you like the smell of the mat..." Sage couldn't believe she was talking smack.

"Coz I'm gonna stick your nose in it while I jerk you off..." She pressed her chest in further, letting her nose touch his.

"And when I'm done draining that last drop of cum," Sage jerked off an imaginary friend while she spoke.

"I'm gonna turn you around..." Sage whispered into Gravure's ear. "And MAKE...YOU...lick it!"

Sage felt proud of herself, confident she would kick this man's ass. She wasn't expecting the cruel silence that followed, and she certainly wasn't expecting his palm to suddenly cover her face.

For a second, Sage couldn't see anything. His hand was like an eclipse, blocking out her vision and turning it black.


Sage gulped in fear when her feet left the mat. Her hands shot out to either side as if trying to balance the sudden shift in gravity. She felt her body sailing through the air and come crashing down.

Her head struck first, bouncing off the mat with a sickening thud. The muscles in her back spasmed when it hit next, then her legs dropped to the mat limp.

Fearing an attack, Sage rolled towards the ropes and pulled herself up to her knees. What the fuck just happened? Her head felt light, and there was a dull throb on the back of her skull.

She looked up to see Gravure standing with his hand outstretched, with his fingers still holding the shape of her face. That's when Sage realized that all he had done was push her.

She considered jumping through the ropes and legging it, but a false sense of pride stopped her. Sage convinced herself she had this. She was an Olympic champion, after all.

"That little voice in the back of your head," Gravure finally spoke, standing calm and composed.

"You should listen to it..." His eyes met hers with a menacing stare.

"Oh yeah?" Sage spoke as she got to her feet.

"FUCK..." She got up in his face again. "YOU!"

Sage didn't even get a chance to scream. Gravure wrapped his hands around her throat and lifted the little blonde in the air.


Her eyes went wide as Gravure choked her. Her limbs flailed in the air,
her legs kicking while her arms tried desperately to break his grasp.

Sage choked on her spit, and her eyes started to flutter.

"Your funeral!"

Gravure's soft whisper sent a chill down her spine. The big man jumped in the air with Sage in tow, choking her while twisting her body back. He spread his legs in the air, propping his ass up to take the impact.

He slammed Sage's back into the mat, and her body bounced from the impact. Sage flipped in the air and fell to her face.

The modified sit-down powerbomb knocked the wind out of her lithe body. A few strands of her golden hair moved out of the way when she blew on them, and her eyelids felt heavy.

"You know you really should learn to pick your friends..."

Sage winced as he pulled on her hair and slowly lifted her head.

"Cause I'm not the one beating you up today..."

She let out weak moans of protest as Gravure pulled her up. Her limbs felt heavy.

"Your dumb-ass thick booty friend is!"

Sage let out a surprised shriek as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Their chests collided again, and her perky, attentive nipples rubbed against his. She could feel the thickness of his girth between her legs.

For a second, she stood confused, her eyes starstruck and eyebrows raised with concern. Then it all became clear. Gravure yanked her up in the air and gave her a vile hug.

His wrists dug into her tailbone, and Sage's legs were forced to lock weakly on his waist for support.


Sage threw her head up and screamed when squeezed. He crushed his spine with unrelenting pressure, and her hands punched his shoulders in protest.

Another squeeze and Sage threw her head up again. She was getting desperate. Her spine felt like it was being ground into dust.

Sage began headbutting the big man, hoping it would end the torture, but all that did was make him give her another squeeze.


Her eyes began to flutter, and her body slowly arched back. Sage's hands shot out to either side, deathly still in the air. Her head was upside down when her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Sage's torso went limp in the air, almost like she was floating on water. She was unconscious in the shape of a cross.

Backstage Roxanne bit her nails. She cursed herself for believing in Sage and slowly realized it wasn't her friend's fault. It was hers.

In the ring, Sage woke with a frightened yelp when Gravure dumped her on the mat. Her fingers dug into the canvas, slowly pulling her body as she crawled to the ropes.

"Up, are we?"

Sage quickened her pace when she heard Garvure's voice.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"Oh, shit... n-n-nooo!"

Her hands reached desperately for the rope, but they seemed so far. Soft grunts came from her lips when Gravure wrapped his fingers around her hair.


She screamed at the intensity of the yank, nearly tearing her golden mane from her scalp. Gravure slowly pulled Sage to her feet. One of her breasts had come loose from her skimpy top. It put a glint in his eye and gave him an idea.


Sage gulped as she saw his hands reach over and grab her breasts. Gravure pressed his chest against her back and slotted his oversized schlong in her butt crack.


The words seemed to come out of her mouth in an arc. Sage screamed in shock when she found herself yanked off the mat. She could see her feet float in front of her and felt Gravure's rough fingers dig into her breasts.


Her cheeks puffed as the air left her lungs. Sage's back struck the mat with a mean thud, and her torso folded from the impact. The boob plex shook the ring and left Sage staring at her own ass.

Gravure took his time to admire her bubbly glutes. Her knees rested and the side of her face, leaving her ass pointing in the air. Perfectly framed between the "V" of her fork was Sage knocked out cold. Her head rested to one side, and shallow breaths escaped her lips.

He felt up her ass cheeks and gave them a tight spank, shaking Sage out of her daze. It took a second for the world to fade back in, but when it did, she shrieked from fear and quickly rolled to her knees.

She wanted to run for it but couldn't even get off her knees. Gravure's shin collided with her chest, squishing her breasts and making her scream. The impact shook them loose from her top.

Gravure ran to the ropes, eyeing Sage's back as she sat dazed with her hands limp by her side. On the rebound, he slid to her left. Gravure grabbed Sage's hair and rammed her head into the canvas. The move forced her body to bend in obedience and snap back into position.

She sat there with her palms limp on her thighs, with a blank stare fixed to a distant point only she could see. Gravure ran to the ropes again.

Roxanne winced as she saw Gravure's boot hit with the intensity of a whip's crack. Sage's head turned to one side, her eyes squinting from the impact and her cheek caving to the shape of his big boot.

She lay to one side with her mouth open in a big "O" and her eyes wide from the pain. Sage stared in disbelief, in protest of the man's brutality. Then she realized he wasn't done yet.

Thinking fast, Sage rolled under his legs and attempted to flee. Gravure laughed and dropped his ass on Sage while she tried to scamper. His glutes crushed her back and squished her small breasts into the mat.

She fluttered her limbs and threw her head up with a scream from her throat. Gravure turned himself around and repositioned himself on her back.

Sage tried hard to break her hands-free, but Gravure slowly lifted them over his knees.


Her pleas fell on deaf ears, and Gravure slowly placed his palms under her chin and lifted her head. He cranked her neck till their eyes met and saw the look of fear and subjugation.

Gravure relaxed one hand and cupped a handful of her breast. Sage screamed as he gave her a tight squeeze.

Backstage, Roxanne looked away as Gravure dribbled Sage's head like a basketball on the mat. She was racked with guilt and realized she may need to do something to stop this one-sided beatdown.

In the ring, Sage found her head buried between Gravure's legs. She was on her legs and bent over. She let out a surprised yelp when he ripped off her thong.


Sage shrieked as Gravure began spanking her ass. His palm smacked ripples into her springy glutes, turning them red. Then he grabbed her waist and lifted her upside down.


Gravure lifted his mask halfway, and his tongue danced around Sage's vulva. She moaned in ecstasy as his tongue went into overdrive.

Roxanne rushed out to the entrance ramp, watching her friend tripping in ecstasy, her eyes fluttering, with a big smile on her face, dangerously close to a humiliating defeat. She wasn't going to let that happen.

Roxanne rushed down the ramp, only to be blindsided by two men out of nowhere. The double clothesline knocked Roxanne to her ass and the wind out of her.

Sage watched upside down, her body shaking from arousal as the two men destroyed Roxanne. She recognized the larger one as The Shiekh, a submission specialist whose painful holds had made many women scream.

The other was Rough Davey, the pit fighter turned wrestler who preferred to bruise his opponents. He power-bombed Roxanne into the hard concrete, and Sage's eyes rolled up as she got close to an orgasm.

Gaining control of herself for the sake of her friend, Sage tried hard to block the orgasm. She saw Roxanne hanging in the air, bent in the shape of a "U" and rocking back and forth between the two men's legs.

After a few minutes of torture, Davey gave her a piledriver that ended her rescue attempt.

Sage orgasmed just as her friend's head bounced off the concrete, and Roxanne went limp in Davey's arms. He held on to her as he stood up, unzipping his pants and giving Roxanne a mouthful.

In the ring, Gravure put Sage's lights out with a piledriver. When he let her body go, she stayed still on her head for a few seconds before tipping over.

She lay spread eagle on the mat, her limbs wide and the evidence of a losing orgasm between her legs. Gravure slapped her awake and raised her head to make her watch Roxanne get stripped. The two men rolled her into the ring.

Gravure grabbed Roxanne's hair and lifted her to her feet.

"The next time I see you..." He stared into her scared eyes. "You better get with the program!"

He lifted her up and dropped her crotch-first onto his knee with a vile atomic drop. Roxanne cradled her aching pussy and screamed. Gravure gave her a hard clothesline.

It flipped Roxanne around in the air, and she landed facefirst onto the mat.

The three men left them there, naked and out cold.
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