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Default Lust

A long week of hard-fought battles had exhausted Princess Jessica. A sole survivor of a freak plane crash over the Nanach forest, Jessica had learned to adapt to her new life in the wild.

She learned her tribe's ways, trained in the art of battle, and soon became one of the sworn protectors of the Elnabu tribe. Her travels had taken her to Tamba, where the brutes had tested her abdominal strength.

Then she weathered the lustful fixation on her bust by the savages of Hali. Worse still were the lowlifes of Azima, who stretched and probed her body to the breaking point. Yet the young princess persevered, standing tall over her fallen opponents.

All she could think about now was the calming springs of Nanach and its warm embrace that would soothe her body. It wouldn't be long now, just a few minutes more. She could already see her village from the clearing, and a bright smile beamed on her face.

Her reverie was interrupted when she heard distant voices ahead. Jessica's mind immediately shifted to danger, her senses tingling with fear as the voices grew clearer. The unmistakable shriek of a woman echoed in the air, followed closely by a hoarse submittal of a man in danger. The village was under attack.

Jessica abandoned her casual stroll and ran, wading through bushes and leaves in her path with urgency. Her long, swole legs bulged with defined muscle, pumping strength into her limbs and giving her blinding speed.

The tiny, non-descript piece of loin cloth that hung by a rope around her waist fluttered in the wind, failing her modesty. Her voluminous bare chest heaved and swayed, glistening with sweat. Jessica's glutes tightened as she ran, and her taut, muscular abdomen tensed in anticipation of battle.

The sudden surge of adrenaline steeled her arms, making her ivory skin ripple with intent, and her blonde hair flowed gracefully in the air. Her blue eyes zeroed in on the entrance to the village.

When she arrived, shock gripped Jessica. She stared wide-eyed at the ensuing carnage. Little pockets of fights had broken out all over the village.

In one corner, she could see the village's war chief Tabia being brutalized by a man. She was pinned against the wall, sweat glistening on her ebony skin as she weathered hard blows to her stomach and breasts. In another corner, Kibwe, son of the village elder, fell on his knees, accepting defeat and the embrace of a woman's hips who rode his face. The men and women of Elnabu indulged in a cacophony of violence and sex, leaving Jessica speechless. What had happened to them?

A soft rustling of leaves caught Jessica's attention, and she flipped around, ready for an attack. An old, frail man stood in attention, leering at Jessica's body with carnal lust. She recognized him immediately.

"Baku? What's wrong? What happened here?"

The man stood in silence, seemingly bewildered by the woman before him. It made no sense. She had known Baku for years, but he had never behaved like this. That's when she noticed there was something wrong with his eyes.

His eyelids were open wide as they would go, his retinas fixed on his target. A crude smile appeared on his face. He stared unblinkingly, his watering red eyes not breaking contact. Jessica noticed something twirling like a spiral, spinning like a carousel in his retina. The pattern grew till it was the shape of his pupils. It made Jessica uneasy, and a strange feeling began to form in the pit of her stomach.

She felt drawn toward Baku, almost forced to leer at his frail body. Jessica stared into his eyes, losing herself in the colorful spiral circling inside his pupils.

"No! I must resist-"

Jessica fought her mind for control, looking away from his eyes and breaking free.

"Talk to me, Baku. Please say something," she pleaded.

The frail man lunged at her with a savage step, pinning Jessica to the floor. She tried to throw him off, but something drained her strength. It was those eyes again. They were telling her to stay down, to accept submission. A sensation of strange pleasure shot through her body.

She moaned when Baku's chest squished her breasts, his high protrusion rubbing between her legs. His fingers entwined with Jessica's, and her legs slowly spread to welcome his hips.

"NO!" She screamed, throwing the man off her. Jessica let out a loud scream of rage and advanced toward him, then stopped in her tracks.

Baku rolled up in a ball, covering his ears with his hands like he was trying to keep voices away. His lips trembled with fear, but his eyes were still fixed on her. The spiral bloomed, spinning intently, but this time it felt different.

It was like an invitation to conquer the frail, beaten man...to make him subservient, to use him for pleasure. Her hands moved on their own accord, snapping the loincloth off her waist and throwing it away. Her legs obeyed an unknown calling taking Jessica over to Baku.

She flipped him over, letting her toes run across his chest. She felt warmth radiate over her body. Having Baku cower beneath her made Jessica feel invincible. A sudden rush of power shot through her head.

Her foot maneuvered down his torso, skillfully unbinding his garment. A sickening grin lit up on her face when his protrusion sprang into view. She pressed it into his stomach, rubbing its length, deriving pleasure in a man's complete subjugation. Jessica's fingers worked her into a frenzy of moans and sinful delight. She lost herself in the moment but then looked at his face.

Baku begged for release, his watering eyes pleading to let him go, his trembling lips trying to form words but failing. His body had shut down, betraying him. His face seemed to contort into different shapes. It was a broken man that lay at her feet. A man with fear in his eyes who cried for help.

"I CAN'T GIVE IN!" screamed Jessica and pulled away.

It took a moment for the feeling to subside, but it was something that she had never felt before. That strange insatiable bonding of lust, the barbaric carnal desire for control. She couldn't let herself be swept up again.

A hushed, sharp moan escaped her lips when she felt someone bind her from behind. Two muscular limbs held Jessica's arms over her head, and a hard erection fit snugly into the cleft of her glutes. She threw her head back, looking to the skies with an agonizing whimper. Distracted, the young princess had left herself open to an attack.


Jessica's feet left the ground, and her body shot through the air, lifted with ease by her unknown assailant, who deposited it on the floor with a vicious slam that drove the air out of her lungs.

She expected to feel pain when her back touched the floor, but all she felt was that sudden urge again. The devious sensation had morphed its design. It prompted her to submit, to accept the leering advance of her attacker. Jessica looked up to see a large man standing above, his wide girth nearly blocking the sun. Even in his silhouette, Jessica knew who it was. Igwe, the champion pit fighter of the tribe.

The bald champion ogled his prize, wiping the drool from his lips at the sight of her nude body. Like Baku, his eyes were red, watering in torment from forcing his eyelids to stay open. He let his intentions be known by breaking his erection free from its bonds.

Jessica knew she was in trouble, but her body shuddered in arousal. She fought to regain control of her senses, but they weighed her down and told her to accept his will. Her mind was detached in awe at the swirling spiral in Igwe's eyes.


A shameful croon of excitement left her lips when Igwe squashed her breasts beneath his foot. She tried to move her arms, but they refused to listen. Her legs refused to save her from his next attack. She screamed at the skies when Igwe stomped her stomach, and excitement lit up her nerves. Jessica wanted to escape, but her body wanted more.

An excited yelp emerged from her lips when Igwe wrapped his fingers around Jessica's hair. He pulled her up and dragged her toward the stables.

With a hand on her throat and another around her crotch, Igwe lifted Jessica overhead and threw her into a stack of hay. He jumped on her, trying to force his way in as she attempted to resist his advances. She tried to clear her mind and fought for control.

Their fingers were entwined, their muscles bulging as Igwe tried to pin her down. Jessica slowly poured pressure into her arms, giving them strength to hold the large man at bay. She could feel his erection rub against the opening of her vulva, tracing its circumference, trying to find a way in.

"Y-you must fight Igwe, don't give in...AHHHH!"

She tried to reason with him, but it was clear that the madness had control of his mind. Jessica did not want to fight, but it was impossible to make Igwe see the lack of sound judgment. Realizing there was no other way, Jessica flipped the big man over her head, and he landed a few meters away on the grime and dirt. She sprang to her feet with fists at the ready for a fight.

"You want me?" She asked Igwe. "Then earn it! Defeat me in battle!"

Jessica knew these were the ramblings of an irrational mind, but she couldn't think of any other way to stop Igwe in his tracks. He would prove to be far too dangerous if left in play. She had no choice but to fight one of her own.

The two nude warriors circled. Jessica tried not to look into his eyes, but those beautiful, colorful swirls felt inviting. She could tell Igwe was no longer in control of his mind. Like Baku, his lips trembled as if he was trying to speak.

The young princess threw the first blow, a ferocious straight aimed at Igwe's face. The pit fighter sidestepped to avoid it and responded by hurtling a fist toward her stomach. Jessica blocked his charge and aimed a punch at his face, but the wily pit fighter had the same idea.

"AHHHHH!" She cried as they both fists at the same time. Igwe's blow opened up a cut on her lip, while her strike left a bruise on his cheek.

Igwe stumbled back from the blow, and Jessica followed to try and gain an advantage. Igwe stopped her advance with a knee to the crotch that left her hobbling.

"OOOOH!" She let out a pain-filled groan as Igwe struck her stomach.

The pain from the blow felt strangely subdued. Ecstacy soon took over, causing adrenaline to surge through her body. Driven by her desire, she made no attempt to block another blow.

"AHHHHHH!" She cried as Igwe ravaged her stomach with a meaty strike. It left a bruise in its wake.

His swirling pupils distracted her again, letting him get in another hard strike that had her wincing. Jessica fought her mind and regained control of her arms, interrupting him amid another strike with one of her own.

Blood erupted from Igwe's mouth, and he stumbled back to a wooden barricade. Jessica quickly threw his arms over the wooden beam and began a thorough reconstruction of Igwe's face with violent strikes.

A renegade blow busted open the big man's nostrils, and another sent one of his teeth flying through the air. Fist after steel fist sent blood and spit through the air, and that strange feeling re-emerged in Jessica's body.

She felt exalted to be in control, to have this man at her mercy. Then her mind began to drift as arousal sunk in. She wanted him to kneel before her, and she reveled in the power she exerted. Jessica looked into his eyes again. The spiral swirled, draping its beauty in multicolored patterns that made her feel calm, at ease, and distracted enough to not see Igwe's fist flying to her face.


His fist hit her jaw like crackling thunder, knocking her head up to the sky and leaving her vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Blood erupted from her mouth as Igwe's black knuckles bruised her cheek. She stood in place, her arms limp by her side as Igwe bloodied her nostrils and gave her a nasty cut over the left eye.

She stumbled back from the blows, but Igwe grabbed her by the hair and sent her into the wooden barricade. He draped her arms over the beam and slapped her tits to an excited moan from Jessica's lips. The feeling in the pit of her stomach started to turn.


Igwe's balled-up fists attacked her body without mercy. He mixed up his blows between her stomach and tits, making them sway to his will and bruising her abdomen. Once again, the pain was soon masked by arousal. She wanted more. Jessica did nothing to thwart his strikes, reveling in the ecstasy of the beating. She knew she wasn't in control, and Jessica fought her will to regain the use of her limbs.

She weathered the pain of two more blows before surprising Igwe with a punch that broke his nose. He stood there looking at the blood that pooled in his hand, staring at the red crimson dripping onto the grimy floor.

She pressed her advantage with another blow that swelled up his cheek, but instead of screaming in pain, he let out a violent shriek of rage and wrapped his big arms around her waist. Jessica tried to resist, but Igwe reeled her in till her bodies pressed.


Jessica screamed as Igwe gave her a big squeeze, crushing her tailbone with unmerciful wrists that ground against her skin. In desperation, she began punching his face, but all it did was enrage Igwe.

His loud cry sent a chill down her spine, and a tingling current passed through her nerves. She looked into his eyes and knew he would have her, and arousal flooded her body.


After another squeeze, Igwe lowered her crotch onto the tip of his knee with a violent drop that sent shockwaves through her pubic bone. As she sat there cradling her aching modesty, Igwe unleashed a barrage of punches to her breasts, turning her chest purple with fist-shaped indents on her ivory skin.

Jessica sat there, unwilling to defend herself, now fully aware of her submission. It seemed like there was nothing she could do. An uppercut to her jaw finally sent her hurtling to the floor.

Igwe circled her bare, battered body eyeing his prize with delight. Jessica made no attempt to thwart his gaze. Her fingers went into overdrive, taking her to the brink of an orgasm till Igwe worked them free. She writhed on the floor, cooing and moaning at a denied orgasm, pleading with the big man to break her. He obliged.

Igwe sat down on her chest, working his throbbing erection between her tits as he opened up with strikes to her face.


She screamed in ecstasy as Igwe bloodied her face, giving her new bruises and making spit fly from her mouth. Jessica was beside herself while his erection rubbed against the cleft of her breasts. He began to cry in ecstasy, but his eyes rained tears of torment. His cries grew louder and louder, ringing in the sky with Jessica's moans till finally he could control himself no longer and released on her face.

Jessica smiled and bit her lips. Now fully aware of the sensation that invaded her body, she reveled in the ecstasy, the strange arousal that drove her mad and nearly to another orgasm. Jessica was so close, achingly close, but to her chagrin, Igwe's blows stopped.

Jessica looked up and was petrified at what she saw. Igwe sat there with his hands by his side, squirting the last seed from his aching erection, but something was wrong with his eyes. His teeth started to clatter, his lips trembling with fear.

Blood dripped from his pupils, and she saw a different expression on his face. A look of misery, pain, as his eyelids seemed to melt, of pure terror. Jessica couldn't look away, staring into his eyes as if compelled by an unknown force.

His pupils started to wither away as something pushed against the membrane. Jessica could see something bulge, trying it push itself out from his eye socket. Then it tore a hole through his eye.

A centipede emerged behind the membrane, its tiny legs marching like a machine. Its body glowed in spectacular colors, everchanging and unstable. The worm poked its head out and looked at Jessica, who stared wide-eyed at the creature.

It was like she was in a trance. She didn't even notice Igwe's limp body falling away. The worm crawled on her torso, making its way around her neck and onto her face. It seemed to force Jessica to hold her eyes open till they were red and watering.

The worm prepared for his new home, crawling up to her eyes. Jessica stared in disbelief, in sheer terror. Her body went cold, and she had no agency in her limbs.

Suddenly, a feminine hand plucked the worm and threw it to the floor, squishing it beneath her foot and collapsing on the floor. It was Tabia, the battered and bruised war chief of the tribe. Jessica slowly passed out.

Some hours later...

The men and women who survived stood distraught at the pyre. A pile of bodies had been clubbed together in a single file and burnt. The flames seemed to reach the sky.

Jessica stood with Tabia, standing hand in hand as they wondered what to do. A small worm had made them feel weak and took control of their minds. It had jumped from one body to another, draining its hosts of life. They could not risk any more of them being alive.

As the tribals stood in despair, wondering how they would pick up the pieces of their lives, a worm wiggled in the stables. Half squished, it dragged its body and burrowed a hole into the ground, content at waiting for its next victim.
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Default Re: Lust

Great story , well written and really good character descriptions. Had me on the edge of my seat not really knowing what was coming next, hope to read another from you soon .
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