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Default Wonder Woman takes on Walter Echo

"Well, well. If it isn't the man of the hour!" Her voice echoed through the wrestling arena.

Walter Echo had the biggest smile, wider than a grinning Cheshire.

"Trust me, babe!" He taunted her back. "Ain't no way I'm missin' an opportunity to beat you up!"

"Getting a little ahead of yourself there," She said with a soft smile. "Why don't you start by getting in the ring first?"

"For your sake, you better pray that I don't!" He screamed back.

He took his time climbing up the steel steps, bathing in the vision of beauty that stood in the ring.

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She casually placed a foot on the rope, holding it wide for Echo to enter. Echo wiped his boots on the apron, taking his time to lazily plonk one foot in, then the other. Wonder Woman's eyes lit up at the sight of his package, flicking the ropes as he entered.

"I would thank you for accommodating my request on short notice..." Wonder Woman's finger pointed to the obvious. "But it doesn't look like I need to..." She completed her sentence with a lusty grin.

They circled around the center of the mat, eyeing each other's bodies as they gleamed in the light above.

"I see you are going au naturale' for the fight," Wonder Woman's lips took on a playful smile. "Probably not such a bright idea!"

"Believe me...right now...in my head...you are as naked as the day you were born," Echo cracked his knuckles and then gave his neck a quick snap.

"I just gotta work a little to make that a reality..." he smiled. "Or you could make it easy on yourself and strip now!"

"If you are as gifted as they tell me you are..." Wonder Woman bent forward and showed off her ample cleavage, smiling as Echo grew harder at the view. "Then you will have no problems achieving that, will you?"

"The ol' hard-to-get routine, eh?" Echo eyed his prey up and down. "All right, I can work with this."

Wonder Woman let out a short laugh, sneering at the thought of a mere mortal taunting her.

"Oh yes..." She held her hands above her head, spreading her fingers wide open and calling him for a test of strength. "I am going to enjoy destroying you!"

"We'll see about that!" Echo rushed in and met her advance, and they locked up in a test of strength.

Time stood still, and so did the fighters. Barring clenched teeth and loud grunts, they strained against each other's pressure. Their muscles flexed with power, the veins on their shoulders popping with intent.

"T-tougher than you l-look," grunted Wonder Woman.

"I-I told you, you were i-in for a beating," replied Echo.

"Y-yeah? Let's see how you handle this!"

Wonder Woman began pouring more of her strength, and Echo realized she had been holding back. His feet started to buckle, his legs trembling to keep steady on the mat. Soon, he fell to one knee and then to the other.

"A-ARGH!" Sweat ran down Echo's forehead. He looked up to see a beautiful smile on Wonder Woman's face, that cocky grin he was so used to seeing in women stronger than him.

"Hmph!" scoffed Wonder Woman. "So much for a challenge, I suppose..."

Echo blocked her out and concentrated. He willed strength into his muscles, making them bulge. He strained against the onslaught of pain as his muscles flexed. Then, he let out a loud war cry.

Wonder Woman struggled to hold him down, in awe of his strength. Undeterred, she poured even more into her muscles, sending a shotgun-like blast of sheer pressure on Echo's body. He began to tremble, and his breathing shortened.

Echo lost himself in his mind, willing himself on.

"GET THE FUCK UP!" He shouted at himself, and his eyes shot open.

With a loud cry, he began to rise. Wonder Woman's arms trembled, unable to withstand the pressure.


She grunted through clenched teeth while trying to hold on. She saw her legs trembling, shaking from the pressure. This fight was going to be a lot harder than she anticipated.


Wonder Woman's short cry stabbed the air, and she fell to one knee. He looked down to see the anger in her eyes, her cheeks red with rage. A snarky grin appeared on his face. He had her right where he wanted her. Or at least he thought he did. Wonder Woman had other plans. She let go of one arm and slingshot it right into his groin.

Echo teared up from the pain. His mouth hung open in a perpetual state of shock, and he slowly looked down to see Wonder Woman's muscular forearm squishing his balls. In one smooth motion, the powerful amazon extended her arm further, threading it between his legs, while using the other to grab his throat. She lifted him up overhead like he weighed nothing.

Echo couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen this angle of the mat before. He hovered in the air, a prisoner to the mighty amazon's will, and gulped as he thought of what was coming next.

As he expected, Wonder Woman slammed him into the mat with sadistic force. The impact made the ring shake, and the ropes fluttered in the aftershock.


Echo rolled around on his elbows, finding it too painful for his back to even touch the mat. He somehow rolled onto his face and wobbled his head to shake the cobwebs free. Somehow, Echo ignored the pain and pulled himself up to his feet. He shouldn't have bothered.

His eyes took a second to come into focus, slowly turning clear. The first vision he saw was Wonder Woman bouncing off the ropes and sprinting towards him at full speed.

Her arm shot out to the side, and her hard bicep rocked his nose. Echo's head went first, his nostrils shooting blood through the air as his neck snapped back. His torso bent next. His arms went limp by his side while his feet left the mat.

His body twirled in the air, completing a 360 before gravity took over and he crashed into the mat. Wonder Woman slowly circled her prey with her hands placed on her hips and a wry smile on her face.

"Is that it?" She said with a mock grin. "Is that all you have got? Is this the best 'Walter Echo' can do?" She taunted him by using her fingers to quote his name.

Echo coughed on the mat, his body shivering from pain. Wonder Woman did not wait for him to get up.

She flipped him over with her leg and plonked her shapely glutes down on his ass.


The golden lasso became a noose around his neck, filling his mind with voices. Voices urging him to tell the truth.

Wonder Woman pulled him up in a camel clutch, keeping the lasso steady around his neck.

"Let's see now...what can I ask you?" She said with a devious smile.

"O-oh s-shit!" grunted Echo.

"I know..." She beamed.

She lowered her head by his ear, playfully nibbling at it.

"Do you feel turned on right now?" She whispered.

Echo felt an instant hard-on engulf his appendage, every muscle in his body wanted to scream yes, but he fought it. The voices grew louder in his head, showing him shocking visions, unanimous and in one voice...urging him to tell the truth.

"Acting tough, I see..." smiled Wonder Woman. "Perhaps you need a little push!"


The noose tightened, and every muscle in his body with it. The voices were louder now, screaming in his ear, repeating the one phrase endlessly.


"NO!" screamed Echo and pushed himself to get up.

"Woah...what the," said a surprised Wonder Woman as she struggled to hold on.

Echo wrapped his arms around her legs, then slowly began getting up.

"Shit!" cried Wonder Woman.

With the golden lasso still around his neck and the weight of Wonder Woman on his back, Echo got to his feet. He backpedaled into the corner, slamming her back into the turnbuckles.


Wonder Woman threw her head up and screamed as pain shot through her back. Echo breathed a sigh of relief as the noose loosened.


She screamed again when Echo struck her hard stomach. He buried his fist deep, pouring every bit of rage that he felt. He followed up with another, then another before he pulled her top down.

"OHHHH FUCKKKK!" screamed Wonder Woman when he gave her nipples a vile twist.

Enraged, Wonder Woman's fingers shot out and grabbed his nipples, twisting them like knobs and making Echo cry in pain. They stood there, twisting and turning, waiting for the other to buckle. Moments passed before Echo realized he was done for, and Wonder Woman flipped him around in the corner.


Drool hung from the side of his lips, his eyes wandering down to see Wonder Woman's fist buried deep into his stomach. She was relentless. Her hands sped like lightning, striking and bruising his skin. Echo stood there taking it, diverting his mind from the pain, cooking up wild imaginations of the punishment he would wreak when he got free.

He screamed in rage and grabbed Wonder Woman's shoulders, shoving her back into the corner.


Echo eyed the perkiness of her breasts with a lustful gaze as they bounced. He gave her back every inch, throwing in a few extra as interest.
Unfortunately, Wonder Woman had noticed him eyeing her globes and deliberately slowed her movements. She threw her head up seductively when he punched her, making her tits bounce just that bit extra to catch Echo's attention. She moaned loudly and smiled when she watched him go hard.

Distracted, Echo found himself flung back into the corner. Wonder Woman gave him a large chop to the chest. It made him scream in agony, his skin turning red. Another hard chop flung his sweat in the air, and one more rattled his rib cage. Echo ignored the pain, grabbing her arm mid-strike. It was now her turn in the corner again.


Her scream echoed through the arena. Echo's large hands squished her breasts, pressing them back into her skin. He gave her hard chops to the chest, following up with extra spicy belly punches for added flavor.

Having had enough of the corner, Wonder Woman rammed her forehead into his nose, busting it open. Echo clutched his nose and backed away in shock, giving her enough time for a well-aimed strike.

"AIEEE!" screamed Echo, and looked down to see her foot buried deep in his balls. A hard right soon rattled his teeth, pushing him away from the corner. Wonder Woman balanced her hands on the rope, jumping up and wrapping her muscular thighs around his head.

Echo panicked. He could feel the pressure compressing the side of his head and knew he had to do something to get out of it. He took a step back and swung his leg, connecting the tip of his boot to Wonder Woman's tailbone, making her scream.


Agony ran through her body when he did it again, but she held on. No matter how many times he kicked, she kept the pressure on. Echo started to fade, falling to one knee and slowly succumbing to the pressure. He knew he had to do something, and a faint glimmer of an idea sparkled in his head. The problem was the execution.

He began to get up slowly, tightening his arms around her legs and then shaking her loose off the ropes with one violent yank. Wonder Woman screamed in shock, suddenly finding herself in the air and sitting on Echo's shoulders. He power bombed her in the corner.

Wonder Woman bounced off the turnbuckles awkwardly, one of her feet getting caught on the ropes on the way down. Her cheek slammed into the mat hard, while the rest of her body hung by one leg in the corner. Echo did not waste any time and ran towards the ropes. Then he jumped in the air with a giant leap and extended his feet forward.


He dropkicked her hard in the back, his boots pressing into her skin full force, leaving dirt and footprints in their wake. She cried in agony as her body pressed into the turnbuckles, and the impact shook her foot loose. Her body spilled like water on the mat.

Echo looked at her rage-filled eyes when he grabbed her hair. It was turning him on. He pulled her up to her feet and wrapped his arms around her waist. Echo lifted her up in a bearhug, crushing her spine, and Wonder Woman let out a cry of pain.

Echo had turned out to be much stronger than she had anticipated. Wonder Woman wasn't a stranger to the wrestling ring and had been in her fair share of battles. She had dominated all of them, but this mere mortal was going toe to toe with her.

There was something to admire in that. Wonder Woman ignored her praise for the moment. For now, she decided to play smart.

She decided to use his lust against him, ignoring the pain and moaning as seductively as she could. Echo grew hard when her glutes stroked his erection. He tried to battle his lust but eventually gave in. The price for his regression was a mouthful of her luscious mammilla.


Echo struggled to breathe, loosening his bearhug and allowing the amazon to wrap her legs around his waist.


Wonder Woman moaned as his spit lined her cleavage. She squeezed harder, flexing her thighs into his waist and slowly taking him down to the mat. Soon, she was on her back, Echo's face still buried between her breasts, and her legs tapering his waist down to size.

His hands struck out all over her body in the vain hope that it would be enough to break her stranglehold, but Wonder Woman absorbed his strikes with nary a grunt. She threw her head up to the ceiling with a soft bite on her lips.

Echo knew he didn't have much time. He was already starting to fade. He pried at her hands that locked his face in and then attempted to free himself from her python-like legs. Nothing worked. Struggling to breathe, drooling, Echo panicked, trying to think of a way to break free. Then a bulb lit up over his head. He let his arms slack by his side and embraced the dark.

"Over so soon?" cooed Wonder Woman, looking at Echo's beady little closed eyes and feeling his soft breath tingling her skin. She removed him from the prison, letting his cheek lay on the mat.

Standing up, Wonder Woman patted herself down while staring at Echo with a snarky grin. He lay unmoving on the mat, his eyes closed and drool hanging from the side of his lips. She smiled at a job well done.

A couple of days ago, the women of the league reached out to the heroine, telling her about the tyranny of Walter Echo - The man everyone loved to hate. His tales sparked her interest, and a quick fight request later, she now stood over him.

She flipped him over, placing a shapely foot on his chest, and began the count.


This victory would send a message to the locker room - Echo can be beaten!


Her smile widened as the count approached its conclusion.


Pain stabbed her lower body, stinging like knives all over her legs, and a shock ran up her thighs. She could feel Echo's fingers mangle flesh and looked down at his hand that clawed her crotch.


Echo grabbed a handful, squeezing like pulling juice from a fruit, making her scream at the top of her lungs, making her scream...in agony! She scowled as he got up, getting to his feet at staring at her angry eyes. He squeezed some more, and made her close them.


The other hand wrapped around Wonder Woman's throat, and he lifted the amazon over his head. Like a seven foot swan dive, her head splashed into the mat, and her body lingered for a split second, completely still and balanced on her head. Eventually, she tipped over.

"Got you now, babe!" Echo cracked his knuckles and limbered up. Enjoying the sight of the writhing amazon on the mat.

"F-FUCK YOU!" She muttered when he pulled her up by the hair.

Echo rolled to her back, pressing his ass against her's and hooking his hands under her armpit. He lifted her up and spread Wonder Woman's arms wide, like being strung up on a cross and walked towards the ropes.

"N-N-NOOOO, L-let's talk about this!"

Wonder Woman did not like where this was going. Echo calculated her flight path in his head, then took a few steps back. He sprinted towards the ropes, letting Wonder Woman fly at the peak of his stride, like an arrow let loose from a bow.


Her body floated through the air, passing over the concrete floor and into the empty seats of the arena. She landed in the first row close to the barricade, crashing into a pool of cold steel and laying in a heap with chairs strewn over her body.

Echo jumped down from the apron, smiling wide as he thought of things he could do to her. He jumped over the barricade and grabbed her hair, pulling the beaten amazon to her feet, but then stood still.

His eyes went wide, and a scream reverberated deep in his mind. He felt the blood run down the side of his forehead and cold blue steel filled his vision again. The chair shot echoed around the arena, and the seat bent in the shape of his head. Wonder Woman flung it to one side and grabbed another one.

"I've had my tits mauled by the fury of Ares!"

Another chair shot dropped Echo to one knee.

"My stomach punched by the might of Hercules!"

Another strike rang out like a gunshot through the arena and nearly tore a hole in his head.

"And my cunt busted at the lightning hands of MOTHERFUCKIN' ZEUS HIMSELF!"

One more chair shot to the head dropped Echo on the floor.


For a few moments, Echo knew what pure terror was like. It felt like absolute zero, cold and merciless, unforgiving.

He finally knew what his opponents felt when they faced him and smiled. His vision now crimson red, Wonder Woman lifted his head up, and snarled at his face. Like every other bitch who thought she could beat him, just like every other bitch...who was about to be put down.

Echo gazed at her body in amazement, not a scratch on her. He had tossed her from pillar to post, rammed her head in the canvas, threw her in a bed of chairs, but here she stood, as fresh as the moment he saw her. He was going to change that.

"UNGHH..." yelped Wonder Woman in shock. "AHHHHHH!" then she followed up with a piercing, shrill scream. Echo buried another punch in the fork between her legs and got up.

A sickening thud rattled her jaw from the impact, and another punch swerved her head to the other side. A line of spit flew out of Wonder Woman's mouth, and she swayed on her feet.

"Y-you are g-going to have to do better than that!"

Echo obliged. A loud whoosh escaped her lips when he buried his fist into her abdomen, and a loud wail of agony erupted when he struck her bare breasts. He flung her into the steel barricade by her hair.

Wonder Woman's back struck the unforgiving steel sideways and slid down to the floor. She lay whimpering and groaning, in agony at the pain that consumed her back.

"W-weak shit!"

Echo stared at her in awe. She was strong. The strongest he had fought. Her skin still without a single blemish.


He rammed his knee into the center of her chest, making her drool.

"I-is t-that the best you got!?"

Echo's rage grew. He tossed Wonder Woman over the barricade and got to work.


Wonder Woman went through a table, power bombed into the wood with wild abandon. Echo rummaged through the wreckage, and stared in shock when he found her laughing.

"W-Weak as a p-pathetic kitten!"

Her taunts were unceasing. Her words...stinging like knives. In a blind rage and with her arm in tow, Echo pulled Wonder Woman to her feet and then sent her running into the steel ring post.


Her skull bounced off the post, and Wonder Woman stood there for a few moments at the precipice of her impact. Soon, she folded like a deck of cards, spreading over the floor with silent affliction.

Echo stood over, huffing smoke from his nose, breathing hard. He stared in awe at the woman beneath his feet, whose face still cracked a wry smile.

"Y-you hit l-like a little girl!"

Echo brought Wonder Woman to her feet and wrapped his burly hands around her waist. Picking her up, he ran towards the ringpost.


Her back cracked on the post with sickening impact, but Echo wasn't done yet. He flipped her around, positioning his hands below her glutes and spread her legs wide.


He flung the amazon crotch first into the steel pole. Her body wrapped around it like a tree, her hands the only thing keeping her from falling. Her head rested on the post, soft breaths blowing on her hair. But she still laughed.

"W-was that s-supposed to h-hurt!?"

Besides himself with rage, he stripped off the rest of her outfit, leaving her nude, and then grabbed a chair.


Hard chair shots rang in the arena, Echo conducting a furious assault of steel on her back. Her muscles ached but flexed. Her body reeled but also repaired. Soon, she was limp on the post, breathing hard, her body covered in sweat, and chest heaving for air.

"E-exactly what I w-would e-expect from a w-weak mortal!"

Echo screamed with fury, and his eyes turned red. Cold sweat ran down Wonder Woman's forehead. She had finally pushed him too far. Echo pulled her off the steel post, throwing her violently to the ground and stomping her hard in the chest.

While she writhed in agony, Echo grabbed her golden lasso and pulled on her hair.


He tied her hands behind the ringpost, opening up on her abdomen with savage, hate-fueled fists. He rained fury like a maniac, pounding her belly like raw meat and Wonder Woman nearly retched from the torture.

Echo grabbed her hair and lifted her head up, staring her right in the eyes and smiling when he saw the tough demeanor disappear. In it's place were nervous, fidgeting eyes that betrayed her true feelings.

He wrapped a hand around her throat, and got up close.

"Do you give up?" He whispered in her ear.

Compelled by the lasso, Wonder Woman fought her mind for control. She would not give the answer. She would not give up.


Echo set his sights on her breasts, giving her hard chop after hard chop, burning her skin with simmering pain. He stopped to ask her again.

"How about now?" A sinister smile formed on his face.

She battled the voices in her head. Too proud to loose to a mortal. But the truth betrayed her mind.


Echo applied a claw hold to her bare pussy, mangling her tender flesh under his fingers. The pain finally broke through Wonder Woman's barrier.


He stopped. Echo pulled her head up to face him, satisfied at her tired eyes. He gave her bare body a quick once over and grunted in anger.

"W-What are you d-doing?" Wonder Woman stammered in terror. "I-I said I g-give...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

She soon swallowed her words when Echo began the assault anew. There still wasn't a scratch on her. He was going to change that.

He began raining precision strikes on her body, determined to see what he wanted to. He kept striking with intensity, with passion. With a wild fire raging in his heart, he struck with power and ambition until finally! Finally, a tiny speck of blood, ran down the side of her lips. It fell silent and unassuming to the floor.

Wonder Woman's head went limp, and her body slacked. Echo finally smiled and undid her ropes. She fell into his arms limp, her hair draping over his shoulder and her cheek resting on his chest. He moved a few strands of stray hair from her face and hoisted her nude body on his shoulders. He gave her ass a loud spank and walked away with his prize.

Some time later...

Paisley Weaves sat brooding at the dinner table. The food had gone cold and untouched. On the opposite side Big Brenda Powers' stomach grumbled with hunger.

"Can I at least take a bite?" She said with nervous grin.

"NO! No one's eating till that son of a bitch shows up, NO ONE!"

It was Paisley's 25th birthday, and Walter Echo was late.

"Oh I am gonna give him a piece of my mind...when that bastard shows up!"

Walter Echo was nervous, driving down the street as fast he could to the restaurant where he had booked the table. It was a VIP room, with access limited to only the three of them, but he had to run a few favors when his party suddenly increased by one.

He parked the car, ran into the kitchen and made sure everything was set up before heading for the table. He took a few breaths and cleared his throat. Then he opened the door.


He was immediately assaulted by Paisley's spit when she ran screaming at him from the table. Brenda had to hold her down. When she calmed down, Echo finally worked up some courage to speak.

"All right!" He announced. "Who's ready for a surprise?"

Paisley wiggled her nose and looked the other way but managed to eek out a small smile.

The sound of rolling wheels caught her attention, and her eyes opened wide when she turned around.

In front of her eyes was a shaven, immaculate vulva attached to a pair of muscular thighs. She lay on her knees upon the table, her hands bound by golden rope tied at her ankles and her shiny, oiled ass pointing to the air.

He flipped the table around, and Paisley nearly lost her mind when she saw who it was. With her cheek flush on the table, Wonder Woman looked at her with a seductive smile.

"You must be Paisley," She beamed. "Happy Birthday!" A lusty grin formed on her face.

With a big smile on her face, Paisley got up and ran towards Echo, giving him a warm hug and showering him with kisses. Their tongues danced when their lips met.

"Happy Birthday!" He whispered in her ear.


Brenda's loud, expensive cough caught Echo's attention, and he pulled her into his arms, and gave her a warm kiss. Leaving their side for a moment, Echo walked over to the table and lifted the lid off two plates, revealing rather large strap-on's.

"Shall we begin?" He said with a smile. The ladies undressed, and Wonder Woman moaned as the three of them walked towards her.

A few weeks later...

"Hot damn!" said Power Girl.

She could hardly believe the footage that played on the laptop.

"An impressive fight, but why would you do this? Challenge random guys to wrestling matches?"

Wonder Woman smiled and got up from her seat. She kept a pen drive in Power Girl's hand and closed it.

"Watch this when no one's around."

She began to leave the room, stopping at the door and turned around.

"We all need our personal villains. You should try it sometime. It will keep you humble!"

Power Girl stared at the pen drive in her hand while Wonder Woman walked away.
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Default Re: Wonder Woman takes on Walter Echo

Really good one,it's always great to read a wonder woman wrestling story,thanks
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Default Re: Wonder Woman takes on Walter Echo

Thank you for checking out the story
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