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Old 02-Sep-20, 19:20
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Default My Sister, Paula (follow-up to 'Trying to Get Sat Upon For the First Time!')

I'm sorry to say that in the months following my first pin experience at the age of 14, I became even MORE obsessed with getting myself sat on than before. Needless to say, I was now in love with Janet Reid, the 17 year-old girl who had so obligingly sat on me earlier that year. But I was resigned to the sad fact that this would never be repeated by her, as she now had a boyfriend, and as a result saw very little of my sister, Paula.

Dawn Simmons (the other bully involved in my first incredible experience) only occasionally visited our house, and until our parents had reason to leave us alone again, she and my 17 year-old sister would have to do their underage drinking in the city's pubs and nightclubs. Paula was very fortunate to have parents like ours, who slept so soundly, that they never heard her noisy return to the house in the wee small hours.

And I must confess that this is where I got my desperate idea from, as I'm ashamed to say, it involved trying to get sat on by my own sister.

Now, I must stress at this point that there was no incestuous motive in this at all; the very thought of THAT made me feel quite ill. As I mentioned in the account of my earlier experience, Paula and I were always the best of enemies. In fact the last time we spoke was in the early hours of one Sunday morning a few weeks back, when she got home half drunk and in an annoyingly silly and chatty mood, and I had stayed up late to watch an old film on the telly.

Until then, the thought of getting her to sit on me while in this tipsy state had not even occurred to me. But once it was in my head, there was no way to get rid of it without at least trying it!

When Paula was in one of her many 'breaks' from her on/off relationship with her boyfriend, she would drink more, and when I heard her discussing with mum the latest quarrel they'd had, the coming weekend seemed my best hope.

I must point out that I also had a girlfriend at this time. But as her parents were quite strict, I only really saw her at school; and so any chance of getting a pin from her was many years away.

In the days leading up to the weekend, I actually came to my senses and put the whole ridiculous idea right out of my head. But early that Saturday evening, when Paula left the house in one of her shortest mini-dresses, I couldn't help but remember Janet Reid's lovely legs, and how I'd spent every waking moment dreaming of her sitting on me again.

So when mum and dad went to bed at 11.30pm, I settled down to watch some old movie on the telly. But no way could I concentrate on the film. Feeling like the weirdest, perviest kid in the whole world, my thoughts swung wildly from forgetting the whole damn thing, to imagining what it would feel like actually getting sat on by my own sister.

The time dragged slowly by as I nervously waited for Paula to turn up, until at almost 3am a slam of a car door outside had me jumping up to peep by the curtains.

It was her!

The taxi pulled away and Paula made her way along the path to the front door - and if anything, looking a little too sober for my wicked plan.

She wore a small bolero jacket over a red figure-hugging mini-dress, which proudly displayed her long and bare suntanned legs.

I still hated the stroppy cow, but I could also see why she attracted much male attention - and to anyone other than me, she would probably be seen as a real babe!

Paula then saw me peeping by the curtain and stuck two fingers up at me - and as she did, she gave a reassuring little stumble, almost tripping over her red stiletto shoes.

She was definitely tipsy!

After several failed attempts to get her keys in the lock, I decided to help her by opening the door.

"I don't need your help!" she slurred. "Get outta my way!"

I stood aside and let her stumble into the hallway, her heels clattering noisily on the hard floor.

"Ssshhh! You noisy sod!" she said, slapping me hard across my shoulder.

In her heels, Paula was a good five or six inches above my then height of around 5 feet 7. And looking up at her as she leant against the wall with a stupid smile on her face, I felt that getting her safely to her bed was the greatest 'brotherly' favour I could do for her right now. But Paula suddenly reached out and flicked the end of my nose.

"Ouch! That bloody hurt!" I protested.

Paula clasped her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"You're such a stupid little prick!" she giggled, and tried to flick my nose again.

This time I caught her hand, "Don't forget who's always been the strongest!" I said, hoping for a positive reaction.

"Yeah, me!" she said, pushing herself from the wall and standing in a belligerent pose over me.

"That's just stupid, you know I would always be stronger than you in a fight!" I challenged. "Anyway, I'm off to bed now before I teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

I turned as if to start climbing the staircase.

"Where do you think you're going, you wimp!" said Paula, clumsily grabbing the neck of my T-shirt. "You can make me a coffee first, idiot! Now get in that kitchen!"

"Make your own bloody coffee," I retorted. "I'm turning the telly off and going straight to bed!"

I yanked my shirt from Paula's grasp, and went into the living room. As I turned off the TV, I realised Paula had followed me in.

"Coffee - NOW!" she demanded.

"Goodnight, drunkard," I said, and moved towards the doorway in which she stood defiantly with her hands on her hips.

Paula closed the door behind her and steadied herself by leaning against it. I was well and truly trapped, and my chances of getting sat on by her seemed better than I could have planned!

"Open the door, Paula!" I demanded.


"Do you want to wake mum and dad, you pisshead?" I whispered.

"You make me sick, you little jerk!" she stammered. "You've always been a jerk since you were born, did you know that?"

I stepped up to her and reached for the door handle. Paula put her hand on my head and pushed me back. I reached again for the handle. This time she grabbed my shoulders and pushed a little harder.

Thankfully, she was drunk enough not to question how easily I stumbled backwards into the middle of the room and landed flat on my back.

It's now or never, I decided.

"You know your problem," I said as angrily as I could fake, "You think you're as strong as Janet Reid - but you're nothing compared to her!"

This, I hoped would trigger her memory about what happened earlier that year, when she'd happily watched her friend 'punish' me by sitting on me in such a bullying manner.

"I'm easily as strong as Janet," she said huffily.

"There's no way you could get away with doing what she did to me," I goaded. "You're just too weak. Now get away from the door and let me go to bed!"

I slowly attempted to get to my feet, hoping I had done enough to seal my fate.

And I had!

As I got up to a sitting position, I saw the red shoes striding over towards me. I looked up at Paula, who now stood towering high above me.

"You wanna say sorry for that remark, freak!" she scowled.

"Get lost, pisshead!" I said, and with that, Paula's hands were once again on my shoulders, and responding to her attempt to push me down again - I dutifully laid flat on my back.

My heart leapt for joy at what happened next.

Paula clumsily placed her left foot over me so that she now stood astride me. Not wishing to look at the black panties clearly on display, I kept my eyes fixed to hers. And as she teetered precariously high over me, I really thought I was in danger of her collapsing on me in a drunken heap!

But Paula was fired up enough to keep herself focused on teaching her brat of a brother a lesson in manners, so I lay between her endlessly long legs, and just hoped for all the world she would choose to sit down on me.

"I really think you should get to bed before you fall down!" I lied.

"Not before you say sorry to your big sister!"

And with that, Paula took off her jacket, threw it over onto the sofa, and ruthlessly plonked herself down hard on my stomach, producing a loud guttural noise from my throat that I feared would wake mum and dad.

(Sorry, but I could never fully describe this experience to you no matter how hard I tried. Here was I getting sat on for only the second time in my straddle-obsessed life, but it was by the one female (other than my mum) who I couldn't feel less attracted to!

But there is something about being in this position beneath a female that transcends any sexual desire, and because you are reading this, my guess is you already know it to be true.

I allowed my sister's bottom to sink deep down into my tummy; her weight both painfully and wonderfully squeezing all my abdominal organs hard against the carpet; her soft inner thighs firmly enclosing my sides; her knees placed painfully on my upper arms, holding them down tight to the floor. She sat cross-armed and gazed sternly down at me through those big bleary blue eyes, and said as steadily as she could:

"What you got to say now, dickhead?"

For a long moment, I lay motionless beneath her, just pondering how unreal this weird situation was! For as long as I could recall, getting sat on always involved a girl (or woman) I fantasized about. And trust me, my sister never once featured in any of those thoughts.

Yet here I was, getting straddled by her through my own devious actions. But for now, I selfishly put these thoughts right to the back of my mind.

All those essential feelings of helplessness returned to the whole of my body - just as they had when Janet Reid sat on me. And again, they filled me with a curious sense of relief; that all decisions were being taken from me by being totally controlled - not even able to effectively fight against this most basic and primitive position of dominance.

(once again, I think you will understand this as members of this group)

Even in Paula's tipsy state, she clearly wore an expression of victory on her face, and proved this by prodding me hard in the middle of my chest.

"This'll teach you to disrespect your big sister!" she slurred, and made her point by leaning forward until her eyes were over mine, her straight brown hair hanging loose around her face.

The smell of alcohol on her breath was almost enough to make me feel drunk myself!

"Don't make me throw you off onto the carpet," I threatened. "And without my help you'd be left lying there all night!"

"Shut up, idiot!" she retorted. "I'll sit here as long as I want, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

If Paula had been sober, then I was loathe to have to agree with her; all my life she had been bigger and stronger than me. But in her inebriated state tonight, I reckoned we were more evenly matched - so perhaps I could provoke her into a full schoolgirl pin!

"You think sitting on my stomach has beaten me?" I challenged. "That just shows you're not in Janet Reid's class as a fighter!"

I then twisted my upper body as hard as I could to the right, and then to the left - but was very pleased and surprised that Paula rode out these actions with little effort.

"What the hell are you trying to do, you little shit?" she sniggered, and bounced her bum up and down on my tummy, as if wanting me to try again.

So I tried the same manoeuvre, but this time with more conviction.

But Paula just instinctively rolled her hips side-to-side and back-and-forth and stayed firmly in position astride me. Once again I totally relaxed my body beneath her heavy weight - only this time it was from genuine exhaustion!

My sister seemed to sense my need to regain strength, and perhaps recalling Janet Reid's final 'humiliation' of me, she took this opportunity to rise up onto her knees and shuffle higher up over me.

Once again I had to appropriately avoid looking up her mini-dress as she briefly knelt astride my face.

She then dropped herself down heavily on my chest, and with no guidance from me, took hold of my wrists and thrust them firmly onto the carpet above my head, obviously copying her friend's total subjugation of me.

"You look so stupid down there!" she chided. "You've always been weaker than me! Ha! Ha! Weaker than a girl - what a loser!"

Of course, only while she was sitting on my chest could Paula say exactly what she wanted to me. And I kept her there as long as was humanly possible, shamefully enjoying her warm inner thighs as they cradled my face, her body faintly rising and falling on each restricted breath that my lungs fought to take in.

But Paula being Paula, she soon tired of her stupid brother and his role as a comfy seat, and suddenly staggered to her feet saying, "You're too easy little brother, anyway I need my bed!"

As she lifted her weight from my crushed chest, and blood was again allowed to travel around my body, there was no denying the sense of relief this brought - albeit an unwelcome one!

Paula then struggled to stand up straight, steadying herself before attempting to take her left leg from astride of me. Somehow she was able to get herself safely up to her bedroom without my help - which was just as well, because I happily lay still where she left me, while also vowing to never repeat this devious deed.

For reasons you will surely understand, this experience is something I rarely allow back into my thoughts - and if I do, it is only to ask myself, "What the bloody hell was I thinking of?"
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Default Re: My Sister, Paula (follow-up to 'Trying to Get Sat Upon For the First Time!')

Nice one!
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Default Re: My Sister, Paula (follow-up to 'Trying to Get Sat Upon For the First Time!')

Originally Posted by Marveen [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
For reasons you will surely understand, this experience is something I rarely allow back into my thoughts - and if I do, it is only to ask myself, "What the bloody hell was I thinking of?"
There is no mystery here. You were thinking of having an attractive female sit on top of you. I get that it makes it uncomfortable that it was your sister in this situation, but honestly, sometimes the fetish just wants what it wants. I can fully understand it, and if my sister looked anything like Paula I might have entertained the same thought in my own life. Unfortunately, she doesn't look like your gorgeous sister, so here I am living vicariously through your pindown exploits. Thank you so much for this second tale, mate.
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Default Re: My Sister, Paula (follow-up to 'Trying to Get Sat Upon For the First Time!')

Thanks Mixfightor, you're absolutely right that "sometimes the fetish just wants what it wants". Thanks for this reassuring thought
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