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Default Re: An Erotic Encounter

@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]: She's really something, all right!
@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]: Thank you for finding this for us
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Default Re: An Erotic Encounter

Nicole found her way down the hill and met James. He seemed like he was in a rush, eager to get his stuff and get back home.

"So?," He said, rubbing the back of his head with his palm.

"Ready to move out? Gonna miss this place!"

"Have the others left?," She spoke like she was distracted. He followed her eye line to the edge of the hill where she just was. A woman stood there now, her hard ebony skin shining under the sun. She was a tribal, part of the small settlement that lived there.

"Yeah they left a while ago..." James stared at the ground, working up courage to say something.

"So...If you want...you know...we could go together maybe? I could help you move stuff?"

He didn't expect her to say yes, women like her never fell for men like him. He had spent most of his life dedicated to research, to explore the unknown. The only problem was he never had anytime to explore anything else. He normally kept his beard unshaven and his hair unkempt. He never had a reason to dress up to impress someone until he met Nicole Reeves.

"Oh no, I'm fine...you go ahead..." She mumbled incoherently, her gaze fixed on the woman as she moved downward from the hill.

"In fact you know what? You guys go ahead, I have some work to attend too! See ya!"

She ran off following the woman. James just stood there looking at her. She hadn't even noticed that he had shaved or gelled his hair. He had put on his lucky shirt, the white formal he wore to his first interview.

She hadn't even seen him at all.

James shook his head and smiled, making his way back home.

Nicole ran as fast she could in her high heels and then decided to ditch them mid-way up the climb to the hill. She reached where the woman was and watched as she entered a cave some feet away. She smiled and followed her, taking off her formal jacket and throwing it on the ground. The next article of clothing that parted ways from her body was her shirt as she ripped it off, followed by her bra.

By the time she got to the entrance of the cave, her skirt was gone too. The only thing she had one now was a thong, held together by a thin strap that tied to her sides and some earrings. In the distance, the woman stood under an opening above the cave from which rich sunlight poured through.

Nicole walked to the tribal woman, breathing nervously. Her red hair trailed across the length of her back, swaying in rhythm with her hips. Nicole walked toward her with flamboyance, her back straight as an arrow and her toned legs moving in slow, long strides.

She approached and stood within an inch of her, the sunlight bathing their bodies in a warm afterglow. Nicole studied the woman from head to toe. Her wavy, black hair ran down the length of her muscular shoulders and bounced playfully off her toned back. Her proud breasts heaved as she took confident, full breaths, her blue eyes stern and locked onto Nicole. Her toned abs flexed and tightened.

She stood with her muscular feet spread, her biceps flexed and palms rolled into a fist. The only thing she wore was a red headband with an insignia of her tribe.

Nicole and the woman stood nose to nose, their nipples brushing against each other as neither flinched.

Then just out of the periphery of the light, a noise echoed through the cave. It was the sound of footsteps, bare feet marching on the barren rocks of the cave. Soon, they saw a man approach. He was tall, outdoing both women by at least a feet. His large muscular frame knitted together with hard muscle.

In his hands, he held a rope about the length of his arm. He smiled and threw it between the women and watched as it landed between their feet. Both women looked at the rope and then looked back at each other, smiling.

The women stared at each other as the man began to retreat into the dark, his arms outstretched and his fingers at ready for a snap. His body slowly disappeared until the only thing that remained was his wrist and then his hand and then...a loud snap echoed through the cave.

Both women dove at the rope pushing each other away. Nicole tried to shove the strong woman to the side but ended up on her back instead with the woman on top of her. The beautiful ebony spread Nicole's legs as far as they would go, as she pinned Nicole's arms to the top of her head with one arm.

With the other she reached for the rope, almost reaching it when Nicole flipped the woman on to her back. Nicole quickly straddled her chest, settling her tight apple bottoms on her sizable pears and pinned her arms underneath her legs.

Nicole bent her upper body back till her head dangled between the woman's legs, her arms outstretched as she reached for the ropes.

The dull sound of skin smacking against skin echoed through the cave as Nicole screamed. The gorgeous ebony had slammed her legs shut around Nicole's head. Showing immense strength, the woman turned her body around and flipped Nicole to her face. The woman slapped Nicole's shapely ass and then quickly maneuvered Nicole to her back.

She slammed one of her bare soles on Nicole's cheek and the other just below her arm socket and pulled Nicole's arm back as straight as she could. Nicole screamed in pain. It felt like her arm would be torn from her.

Releasing one of her hands from her hold, the woman reached for the rope again now laying some inches above her head. Her fingers could feel the soft thread of the rope when suddenly she felt herself being pulled back and lifted off the ground.

The woman's striking blue eyes went wide with shock as she saw Nicole stand. Nicole willed her body up to one knee, the woman's cruel arm bar still locked on to her right arm. With clenched teeth and a loud grunt, she got up to her feet and slammed the woman's back against the jagged rocks of the cave walls.

The woman screamed and fell to her face, clinching her back. She watched as Nicole ran for the rope and at the right time, grabbed one of her ankles and tripped her. Nicole's face smashed against the hard floor of the cave, bloodying her nose. She squirmed on the ground, her body rolling left and right as she fought to overcome the pain.

The woman slowly got to her feet, her back still aching from the impact against the rocks. Her ebony skin had developed small cuts and a light bruise. With an angry grunt, she kicked Nicole hard in the stomach and picked up the rope.

She grabbed Nicole's left arm and tied a piece of the rope around her wrist and tried to do the same to her other wrist, when Nicole's sole connected in her hard stomach. The woman's belly flexed and caved, as she staggered back from the pain.

Jumping to her knees, Nicole rammed her shoulder into the woman's toned mid-section as a piece of tied rope still hung around her right wrist and slammed the brunette back on the ground. Nicole straddled her, threading her waist between her legs and laying her breasts on top of the woman's as she grabbed one of the brunette's arms and tied the remaining dangling rope to her wrist.

She smiled and raised her arms as the woman watched both of them united by the rope. She felt the pain of Nicole's punch crashing into her cheek as her head sprang left, her wavy black hair covering the sides of her face. The blow opened a small cut on her lips as blood dripped.

She blocked another attempted punch by Nicole and sent a stinging haymaker to her jaw snapping Nicole's head up, making her red hair fly. The woman sat up till her face was at Nicole's chest and with a wicked smile, twisted her nipples.

Nicole threw her head back in agony as her hands worked to free the woman's nasty grip. She sent her forehead crashing into the woman's face, bloodying her nose. The woman released the hold and Nicole followed up with a hard punch to the side of her face, sending her slumping to the ground.

The brunette grimaced and grunted in agony as Nicole grabbed a handful of her wavy hair and picked her up. As the woman reached her knee, she drilled a hard fist into the redhead's hard abs, sending her staggering back in pain. Nicole's body came to a sudden stop as she reached the end of the rope tied to her arm.

The woman smiled and pulled Nicole back towards her. Nicole's body stumbled forward, her feet unsteady. The brunette nailed her with a punch to her nose and as Nicole grabbed it in pain, the woman smashed a knee into her gut. Nicole bent over with a loud grunt, her green eyes closed and was greeted with a hard knee to the side of her head.

Nicole's face flew right, her red hair following along and flying through the air as blood escaped her mouth. Her cheek bruised instantly from the impact. Nicole fell sideways to the floor, her right arm still hanging in the air, attached to the woman.

Nicole lay there heaving and breathing hard as the woman smiled and pulled her towards the center of the cave. She felt her body being dragged across the surface, the small rocks pricking against her skin as she grunted and moaned.

Nicole's heavy breathing kicked up dirt in the air as the brunette positioned her legs around her head. She maneuvered herself to sitting down position, locking her thick, toned thighs around Nicole's head. The redhead's beautiful green eyes went wide with pain as the woman poured on the pressure.

Nicole's face shook as it turned red, veins in her forehead almost popping from the intense pressure. Her eyes went half way up her head as Nicole yelled and picked up the brunette in the air, her thighs still locked around her head.

With another loud yell she slammed the woman back on the floor before finding herself being dragged along by the rope and landing on top of her. Nicole straddled the woman's chest and caught the woman with two hard punches to her face, that sent her head flying left and right.

The woman blocked another attempted punch and pushed Nicole back to the floor, climbing on top of her and slamming her in the gut with a hard punch. Using her legs, Nicole flipped the woman over her head and heard her land next to her head.

Both of them flipped around and got their knees, rushing towards each other. They locked in a test of strength, their fingers entwined and their muscular arms flexing. Their sweaty bodies grinding against each other, neither giving an inch.

The woman slowly began pushing Nicole back until a sudden resurgence from the green-eyed beauty saw the ebony on the back foot. For several minutes they locked, straining their bodies to breaking point, neither giving an inch and neither giving up until finally, the woman buckled.

She fell to her knees, sapped of her strength and her arms limp by her side. Her head sprang up, sending sweat and blood through the air as Nicole connected with a brutal knee to the brunette's chin. Nicole grabbed her hair and shoved her head between her toned thighs. Nicole wrapped her arms around the woman's waist and picked her up till her legs pointed straight up in the air.

The woman felt the top of her head hit the floor. She was out cold before her feet even hit the ground.

When she regained her senses, she found herself lying face down. The ebony realized her hands were tied behind her back as she squirmed struggling to free herself when she heard Nicole approach.

She saw her as Nicole's sweaty body glistened in the sunlight, her feet taking confident strides with a naughty smile on her face. She grabbed the brunette's hair and pulled her to her knees till the ebony's face met Nicole's crotch.

Smiling, Nicole undid the straps of her thong and threw it away. With her fingers, she grabbed the brunette's tongue and guided it between her legs. She slowly began grinding her hips, moving them in a circle and then a straight line and picked up the pace as she facefucked the ebony hard.

At the entrance of the cave, a pair of shocked eyes could not believe what they had just seen. He wiped the sweat from his brow and audibly gulped before James' face slowly broke into a smile.
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Default Re: An Erotic Encounter

The small arena erupted with applause as Nicole Reeves walked down the ramp. It was clear that her glitter-laden, one piece, blue thong leotard was a hit. She smiled and flexed her muscles as the crowd went wild. Bright flashes erupted from the photographers corner as she turned around and blew a kiss toward them. Her green eyes winking.

Her white boots slammed down on the ramp as she ran towards the ring. She jumped up on the apron and vaulted herself over using the top rope. She flung her long red hair back over the top rope and sat her perfect behind down the second as the men in the front row nearly fainted.

"NICOLE! NICOLE! NICOLE!," The chants filled the arena as she limbered up in the center, waiting for her opponent.

It wasn't long before Austin 'Loco' Sullivan walked down the ramp. He was a foot taller than Nicole and combed his slick, black hair as he walked down. A toothpick rested on one side of his mouth, his half-rotten denticles biting it down like a snack, as stray pieces of wood lay stuck between his teeth.

He smiled as the crowd booed, sticking a fan the finger as he threw his comb at him. He walked down bare-chested wearing a pair of rugged jeans and white sports shoes. His broad chest was adorned with a tattoo of a large dragon and his right shoulder flashed an image of a knife. Around the length of his back were three large knife scars, courtesy of an altercation in his drug-dealing past.

He flashed Nicole a sinister smile as he climbed up the steps, mockingly wiping his feet on the apron before climbing in through the second rope.

"What do you think, chicky," he said as he mocked Nicole with a grin.

"Like what you see?"

Nicole stood in the corner, her arms resting on the top rope. Her toned right leg was bent back at the knee, the sole of her white boot resting on the second turnbuckle.

"I like what I see," She said with a sarcastic smile.

"It's your head under my feet."

"Oooooh...A chicka with a mouth on her! This..." He said as he punched a fist into his hand.

"I am going to enjoy!"

Both walked to the center of the ring, staring each other in the eyes. They stood nose to nose, neither backing down as they smiled.

They had agreed to a no-referee, no-dq match with a knockout the only acceptable condition of victory. Their fierce rivalry to be settled once and for all. All that remained is for someone to ring the bell.

As it rang, they rushed at each other locking up in a test of strength. To Nicole's surprise, Loco was down to one knee almost as soon as it began. Her fingers twisting his as he screamed in pain. He hammed it up like an actor would, throwing incredibly exaggerated reactions of pain if she even moved a muscle.

She stood there stunned at what had just happened.

With a loud grunt, she grabbed his slick hair and shoved his head between her right bicep. Her arm curling around the sides. Luco winced and cried if Nicole even put a little pressure. Something wasn't right.

Ignoring her instincts, she shoved Loco into one corner and pounded on his stomach till he went down. His body lay out sprawled on the mat, his head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. He coughed and winced in pain as Nicole stomped his chest and scraped him off the mat.

"Ooooo...that tingles!," Loco said with a mock grin as Nicole threaded her arm between his legs till her palms rested on the small of his back. She wrapped her other arm over his shoulder and picked him up sideways before slamming him back down on the mat.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The pain..." cried Loco as he sat up, once again exaggerating his reactions as Nicole just looked at him stunned.

She sat up him up and wrapped an arm around his neck positioning herself by his back, her biceps curling against his chin. Nicole poured on the pressure as Loco winced and went wide-eyed. He reached for something invisible in the air with his hands.

"Your'e choking me!," He gasped between exaggerated coughs and mocking pleads towards Nicole.

The crowd however, was loving this. The red haired goddess had ruled a thousand hearts since she broke out on the independent scene.

"What are you doing?," She whispered into his ear, frustrated at his antics.

"Asking you out on a date," smiled Loco as he mockingly made a jerk off motion.

"Yeah?," Nicole whispered "I don't date bitches!"

With a loud thud, Nicole clamped on her iron thighs across his waist. She poured her entire strength in her thighs as they squeezed his waist small.

"Woah!..." Loco laughed as he coughed for real this time.

"Felt that one a little..." He said smiling towards her.

He laughed as she grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him up to his feet. She picked him up and held him upside down, Nicole's head between his legs and his in between Nicole's.

"Oh, I definitely like it here," Loco said mockingly and slapped her ass as Nicole smashed the top of his head on the mat with furious power. His body bounced up a little before he finally settled on his back.

He lay on the mat laughing as Nicole approached him, surprised to see him enjoying this.

With an angry grunt she stomped his stomach. Loco just clutched his gut in laughter and rolled over to one side.

Nicole stomped him in anger again before jumping on top of him raining wild blows to his face and gut. Loco just kept laughing. She spread his legs as far as they would go with hers and choked him with her hands expecting a reaction of genuine pain.

Instead all she got from him was wink and a smile. It pissed her off.

Enraged, she picked him up and threw him to the outside by sending his body flying through the second rope. Nicole ran forward and vaulted herself in the air using the second rope as a base. In the air, she bent her arm, aiming an elbow on Loco's back who lay on his face.

"Oooooo...FUCK YEAH!," Loco threw his head up with a smile as Nicole's elbow landed on his back. His body convulsed as he dry humped the floor, sending the crowd in a tizzy with rapturous laughter.

Her face red with anger, Nicole picked him up again before trapping his face to her side, her arm wrapped around his head. Nicole jumped backward and watched with a smile as his face crashed into the floor, his nose compressing from the impact.

She licked her lips with a sinister grin as Nicole looked at him sprawled out on the floor. She noticed his head moving. Nicole moved to see his face and stared in horror as he laughed, blood running from his nose.

"That was great..." he said barely able to contain his laughter as Nicole stared at him.

It was as if something broke in her mind as Nicole let out a violent yell and sent his forehead crashing into the metal security rails, opening up a wound on the top of his head. Blood dripped down the side of his head as he threw it back and laughed.

Nicole couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to do.

"Come on chicka, let's go..." He said mockingly motioning her with his palms to 'bring it' as he lay on the floor. Nicole shook her head before grabbing him and throwing him back into the ring.

She rolled him under the bottom rope and followed him in before sitting him up and putting him in another headlock from behind.

"Why do you keep laughing?," She said as she poured on the pressure as Loco coughed and laughed.

"Why do you...think they...call me Loco?," He said taking pauses each time Nicole squeezed more pressure into the headlock.

"Yeah? Well..." Nicole jumped back to her ass and shot her awesome legs out in front of her, locking her feet on his back. With her arms, she pulled his all the way back to her chest.

"Laugh at this!"

"Woah Mama!," Loco said with a grin. "Keep going...this is great!"

The sound of his laughing bore into her skull as Nicole poured on as much pressure as she could almost ripping his arms out from his body. Loco threw his head up and laughed, mockingly arching his back and dry humping the air.

With an angry grunt, Nicole let go and kicked him in the back as she stood up. As he slumped over, Nicole grabbed his hair and sent him face-first into the top turnbuckle in the corner. She flipped him around, wrapping her hand across his throat.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!" She screamed on his face as he smiled.

"I already told you..." Loco spoke calmly now.

"I want a date," He said with snarky grin.

"And why the fuck would I agree to that?," Nicole moved closer, her face now up against his. Her arms still choking him.

"Well...what do all guys want?," He shrugged caught in her choke.

"We go to a place...We sit..we eat..we go back to yours..." Loco eyed her intently.

It was now his turn to be surprised as Nicole let go of the hold and took a step back. She laughed.

Within an instant she was back upon him, her body pressed against his as she grinded her hips on his pelvis.

She laughed again before staring at him with a seductive smile.

"You know this is the part where I normally call men big boys," She ran her finger down his face.

"But we can't do that with you...can we?" She whispered as Nicole bit his lower lip.

Loco moved with a flash and flipped around, pinning Nicole into the corner, the top of her back thudding into the top turnbuckle. He chopped her hard on the chest and watched as Nicole slumped over coughing. He pinned her back into the corner and slammed a hard fist in her gut, doubling her over on the mat.

Loco grabbed her red hair and locked her face around his sides, wrapping his giant arm around his head.

"Seems like..." Nicole said grunting before her face broke out a smile.

"I've touched a nerve!"

Loco kneed her in the abs and pushed her face down to the mat. He jumped up and landed a brutal elbow on her back before wrapping his large legs around her right arm, holding it straight before locking the back of his hands across her face, pulling her head back.

"It ain't gotta be like this..." He said as he lent over and licked the side of her face with a grin.

"You drop me, we go to your place and we fuck...end of story! but..." He said as he poured more pressure on Nicole's neck.

"Don't think for a second..." He knelt forward and smelt her hair.

"I won't fuck you up to get what I want!"

Nicole grunted as he bent her neck back further.

"Now I am going to let go and you are going to do...whatever that spiny thing is that you do..." Loco said moving one of his fingers around in a circle.

"I am going to lie down. KO and then we fuck, now..." he said as he poured on more pressure.

"Do we have a deal?," He asked sternly, watching as Nicole nodded and he let go.

He was shocked to hear her laugh and flipped her around. She rolled around laughing on the mat as Loco watched, his face turning red with anger.

Nicole slowly got up to her feet and got in his face.

"What makes you think that I..." Nicole bit the side of his neck and laughed as he stumbled backward, grabbing it in pain.

"Would ever go out anywhere with you?," Nicole pointed at him mockingly, her fingers moving up and down as she laughed. Nicole smiled seeing his face flush with anger.

"Now that I have your attention..." Nicole said, her face stern and one of her arms raised in the air, her palm open and fingers wide. Loco met her palm with his and stretched out his other arm on top of his head.

Nicole smiled and locked her fingers with his.

"Let's dance!" She screamed and her muscles flexed as she poured strength in her arms to push him down to the mat. Loco matched her muscles with his as they stood straining against each other. Neither moving an inch.

Letting go of her arms, Loco wrapped his around Nicole's waist and picked her up. Nicole's legs kicked out helplessly as she punched and kicked him anywhere she could. She threw her head back and cried in pain as Loco squeezed her back more till their bodies grinded against each other.

"Any minute now chicka," quipped Loco as he watched Nicole's arms fruitlessly flail.

"I can't feel pain..." He said as he squeezed her more, watching with glee as Nicole wailed in agony.

"But I sure as hell can inflict it!"

The sound of his laughter echoed through Nicole's ears as he dropped her to the ground and straddled her. He positioned his pelvis on her chest and pinned her arms with his knees. He punched her hard in the face as the crowd booed.


The chants started as Loco punched her again, drawing a small line of blood from the side of her lips. As the people lost themselves chanting for their hero, willing her up to her feet, there was one voice that stood out.


Screamed Paul Bestoph as the people around him flipped him the finger. He hated Nicole with a passion, applauding each time Loco attacked her.

Nicole felt herself being dragged to her feet and slammed headfirst into the top turnbuckle in the corner. Her red hair flew back as Nicole clutched her forehead, momentarily stunned at the sudden impact to her brain.

Loco flipped her around till the top of her back rested on the top turnbuckle. With a wicked smile, he grabbed her arm and flung her into the opposite corner. Nicole's chest thudded against the top turnbuckle and before she could get a reprieve, she felt Loco's chest collide into her back compressing her body in between the turnbuckles and his large frame.

He laughed as Nicole slumped to her knees, winded from the impact. Her forehead now resting on the middle turnbuckle as Loco kicked her hard in the center of her back. She threw her head back and screamed in pain before Loco flashed another kick into her back.

As Nicole lay trapped in the corner. Loco laughed and sat on her head. The rough fabric of his denim rubbing against the side of her face as she squirmed beneath him. With a grin, he grabbed Nicole's hair and rubbed his now hard bulge on her cheek as Nicole grunted and cursed with anger.

With a loud laugh, he got off her and moved back. Raising his hands in the air and smiling.

"If that's the best you got, you're in serious trouble!"

Nicole got up to her feet slowly, she rested her aching back on the turnbuckles as she took a deep breath and pulled herself back together. She saw Loco standing in the middle of the ring, cracking his knuckles with a wide smile on his face.

Nicole smiled back and walked to the center. They tied up again, their arms straining in another test of strength. She didn't waste time competing on strength this time around, she already knew that was a lost cause. Instead she hit the deck and tripped Loco to his face by wrapping her feet around his ankles and giving them a little push.

As Loco fell, Nicole jumped up. She got the maximum possible height in the air before prepping an elbow and sending it crashing into the center of his back.

Loco laughed and lifted his face up, grinning ear to ear as he coughed up blood.

She flipped him over and straddled his chest. Nicole grabbed Loco's hair, propping his head up before sending it back down again with a brutal punch that bruised his cheek.

"Maybe you can't feel pain," Nicole said as she clobbered him with a hard right just below his left eye. It left a small bump.

"But you sure as shit can bleed!" Nicole smiled and punched him in the mouth. As her knuckles crashed into his teeth, two of his front ones broke instantly. They flew out of his mouth, with a trail of blood enveloping them in the air.

With a loud laugh, Loco grabbed onto her waist and stood up. Nicole sat on his shoulders and winced as Loco buried his face between her legs, smiling. When she responded with a hard elbow to the top of his head that left a purple mark, Loco just smiled and threw her over the top rope. He grinned as he saw Nicole's body crash into the concrete floor.

She arched her back and screamed in agony, flipping her body around slightly to see if that would help with the pain. Nicole shouldn't have bothered because soon she felt Loco's size 10 shoes slam into her gut. Loco had jumped off the top rope behind her, positioning his body like an arrow and smiling as both his feet sailed deep into her stomach.

Nicole's body bent at the point of impact, wrapping around Loco's feet in a 'U'. As he smiled and got off her, he watched Nicole clutch her stomach and roll around in pain before laughing and sending her face-first into the security rail.

The blow opened up a small cut on the side of her forehead. She lay there, on her face as Loco approached her and flipped her over with his feet only to find an empty beer can rattle across his forehead. Distracted, he couldn't stop Nicole from ramming a shoulder into his stomach and slamming him back against the apron, the small of his back colliding hard against the edge.

He grabbed his back and bent over down to his knees, laughing.

"COME ON LOCO!," screamed Paul from the front row. "KICK HER ASS!"

Nicole looked at where Paul was and a nasty idea filled her head. She grabbed Loco by the hair and sent him running into the guardrail. Paul watched wide-eyed as he saw Loco's waist slam into the steel, his upper body overcompensating for the impact and bending, Loco's forehead slamming into Paul's nose.

Loco laughed as he watched Paul grab his nose and writhe on the floor and for a brief moment, Nicole joined in.


A couple of fans screamed as they beat Paul senseless. Meanwhile, Nicole was thinking up delicious new ways of senseless aggression as Loco laughed and rested against with his back on the guard rail. Nicole kicked him hard him in the thigh and watched as Loco went down to one knee, still kneeling against the guard rail.

Using his hunched over frame as leverage, Nicole jumped up in the air, Loco's back in her cross hair and a bent knee itching to find its mark. Instead Loco stood up, grabbed Nicole in the air and slammed her ab first into the security rail.

Nicole's body bent around the metal rail as she cried in pain. Loco smiled and kicked her hard on the side of her head and watched as she crumpled down to the floor. Loco stomped her hard in the stomach and as she sat up from the pain, smashed a knee into her nose, bloodying it.

A sea of boos filled the arena as Loco picked Nicole up by her hair. He positioned himself behind her, bending down and sticking his head between Nicole's legs as her dazed form stood unsteady. Wrapping his hands across her thighs, he picked her up on his shoulders in a seated position, Nicole's crotch rubbing against the back of his head.

"N-N-NOOOOO!" Nicole screamed furiously punching his head in desperation but it was already too late. She soon found herself being slammed chest first on top of the steel steps. Loco laughed as Nicole slowly rolled off the steps and onto the ground, writing in agony, her hands holding on to her chest. Using the steel steps as leverage she got to her knees and rested her back against the steel, breathing and panting.

She watched as Loco stood some distance from her, lining up her toned frame with his hands taking a mock photograph. He laughed and ran towards her, jumping in the air with a punch aimed at her face.

"I hate this guy!" Nicole muttered under breath and picked up a piece of the steel steps and threw at Loco while he was in mid-air. The step collided with Loco's chest and he coughed up more blood as his body was knocked away, twisting and rolling to a stop on the base of the steel steps opposite to Nicole's, the back of his head crashing against the unforgiving steel.

While he was in the air, Nicole had already started running with a steel step in hand and as he fell, Nicole slammed the steel on Loco's face, breaking his nose, sending blood flying everywhere. He laughed as he held on to his nose and rolled, squirming on the floor.

Nicole took a breather herself, resting her back against the apron, heaving and panting, seeking reprieve for her battered form. She watched as Loco got to his knees, pulling himself up by leaning on the guard rail. Nicole waited till he got to his feet and Loco turned around.

Both of them looked at each other and smiled before Nicole broke out into a sprint, looking to send him over on the other side towards the crowd with a clothesline. Except Loco bent down at the last second and Nicole felt his shoulder brush against her stomach as he flipped her over his head and collapsed back down as Nicole's back hit the concrete with a dull thud.

As she winced in pain, arching her back, Nicole was horrified to see a score of her fans approach.


She heard them chant as at least 50 men mobbed her and she felt rough hands grope every part of her body, clawing at her outfit, tearing it off.

"Get off me, you pieces of shit!," Nicole yelled as she tried to fight off the men. She finally found herself being held down by four men, each grabbing a limb and pinning her back to the floor. Nicole looked up to see Paul approach her with an evil smile.

"Who'll save you now bitch?!," Paul screamed as he took off his pants.

He had nearly entered her when he felt a knuckle explode on his face, breaking every teeth he had, leaving his mouth, a fountain of blood. He grabbed at it and staggered back to the ground, rolling away in agony.

The rest of the men heard a laugh.

"No one messes with my chicka..." He said with a smile as Loco cracked his knuckles.


Loco smashed one of the men holding Nicole with a hard kick to the side of his head and another with a devastating punch to the face. Her legs now free, Nicole took care of two more with a double rising knee, delivered from her position on the floor.

She kipped up to her feet as she watched 10 more men approach, standing side to side with Loco. Both of them looked at each other and smiled as they fought off scores of men. Eventually, they were overwhelmed and got the mud-hole stomped in them before being thrown back to the other side, lying on the floor and laughing.

They slowly got up to their feet and stood. Nicole clutched her stomach as she breathed hard, her red hair now a mess. Her nude, sweaty body glistening under the house lights. Loco stood leaning against the security rail.

Both of them slowly rolled into the ring under the bottom rope. They stood up eyeing each other and circling slowly, looking for an opening. Nicole moved first, trying to take Loco down with a tackle. He swerved out of the way and wrapped his arm on her neck as Nicole passed him.

Nicole found it hard to breath, Loco's bicep burying into her throat, choking her out. She soon found herself on her knees as Loco poured on the pressure. In a last ditch effort, Nicole willed herself up and wrapped her palms around the top of his head and hit the mat on her ass, snapping Loco's chin on the top of her head.

Loco's body sprang up before slamming down as blood poured from his mouth. Nicole collapsed to her back, staring at the ceiling breathing hard. After about a minute of lying on the mat, both of them rolled over looking each other in the eye. They got to their knees as they exchanged hard forearms to the side of the head. They kept hitting each other as they got up, their feet swaying and their bodies exhausted.

With a loud yell, Loco charged her with a clothesline, his wrist connecting on her chest as her body spun in the air before coming back down face-first on the mat. Nicole lay there, her arms by her side, palms facing upwards as her green eyes fluttered to stay open.

Nicole felt Loco's rough hands grab a handful of her hair and pull her up. Her body complied begrudgingly as it stood unsteady. Loco jumped up and delivered a dropkick to the side of her face, knocking her down to her back.

She lay there spread eagle, her legs spread and her arms stretched across as her chest heaved up and down, still not out.

Loco shook his head and laughed before picking her up again. He grabbed a handful of her red hair and scrapped his thumb across his throat giving the crowd a signal as they booed in unison. He snapped his legs shut around the back of her head and wrapped his arms around her waist, sitting her up on his shoulders, Nicole's crotch rubbing in his face.

He mockingly ate her out and jumped up, grabbing Nicole's ass to lift her body a little higher before spreading his legs and slamming his ass down on the mat and slamming Nicole's body right through the ring. Loco collapsed on the mat and laughed, sure the redhead was now knocked out and he had won.

He stopped laughing when he heard laughter coming from the large hole in the center of the ring. He slowly rolled over and crawled to the center to see Nicole's body lying in between metallic debris and laughing.

"What the fuck?," He thought to himself and dragged his body into the hole. He saw Nicole's body lay stuck on broken metal panels as she laughed.

"It shouldn't have been like this..." He panted as he straddled her chest, pinning her arms under his knees.

"We could have had so much fun!" He smiled as he cracked his knuckles.

He fired a punch at Nicole's nose but looked shocked when she freed one of her arms from under his knees and caught the fist with her hand. Now freeing her other hand, Nicole grabbed a piece of metal rebar and placed it under his elbow. With a loud snap, she broke his arm by bending it over violently over the rebar and laughed as Loco staggered back, grabbing at his broken arm.

He didn't laugh. He screamed in pain as tears of joy rolled down his eyes, the first time he had felt pain in years. Nicole pulled herself out of the hole and lay in the center of the ring, battered, bruised and exhausted. Loco had won her respect, it had been awhile since she had been in a match like this.

Nicole grabbed Loco's hair and pulled him out of the debris, depositing him in the center of the ring and collapsing beside him. Both of them stared at ceiling, almost out of it.

"So..." said Loco with a smile, grabbing at his now limp arm.

"Who do you think goes out first?"

"Oh...definitely you! The whole broken arm thing...not good for staying in your senses" Nicole replied with smile, breathing hard.

"Thank you for the save, by the way!," Nicole said as she rolled over to look at his face.

"Your ass is only mine to ride!," Loco laughed as Nicole shook her head and sighed.

"At least ask a girl out first, I don't know buy her something to eat maybe!" Nicole smiled biting her lower lip.

"Are you a parking ticket?," Loco asked as he smiled.

"What?," Nicole looked at him confused.

"Coz you got fine written all over you!"

They both stared at each other in awkward silence for awhile before they started laughing.

Loco looked nervous as he stood outside the restaurant. His right arm was in a sling, the plaster driving an overwhelming sensation to itch that he had to control. His suit seemed a size too small, he hadn't broken out the good stuff in a while.

His jaw dropped to the floor when he saw Nicole walk towards him. She wore a long red dress and sparkling green diamond earrings to match her eyes.

Loco instinctively shot out his right arm to extend a greeting before remembering the plaster and yelping in pain as Nicole laughed.

"Sorry about that by the way..." Nicole said with polite smile. Her arms were crisscrossed over her waist, holding a small clutch.

"Are you kidding? That's the most pain I have felt in a while, you practically gave me an orgas--" Loco caught himself as he cupped his mouth as Nicole stared in horror.

"That's just a figure of speech..." Loco said rubbing the back of his head.

"I didn't actually you know...it would have been very sticky and surprisingly dry afterwards!"

"Whoa!" Nicole said putting up an open palm.

"I get it! It's okay"

Nicole's fingers ran down the length of his suit as Loco stiffened up.

"Oh my!," Nicole said as her hands reached between his legs.

"Guess you are a big boy after all! What do you say we head straight to my place?"

Loco laughed as Nicole grabbed his coat and shoved him in the car. They made love for hours on the couch and lay nestled in each other's arms as Nicole softly kissed him on the cheek. She climbed on top of him and rode his throbbing erection to an earth shattering climax.

She playfully nestled her head on his chest, kissing him down the length of his neck, then down to his shoulders and then finally, between his legs, her lips playing with the tip of his large erection. Nicole sucked his soul dry with an oral performance that had Loco reeling for more before he finally unleashed into her mouth.

"Wouldn't have it been easier to just ask me out on a date without holding me hostage? I wouldn't have broken your hand!" Nicole whispered in his ear and kissed him deeply.

"And miss all the fun!?" Loco quipped as they both laughed.

"You know, this feels like a dream!" Nicole whispered into his ear, Loco's arms softly wrapped around her back.

"Really? What makes you think you are awake?," Loco whispered into her ear as she burst out laughing.

They laughed for a while, giggling in each others arms before something strange began to happen. Nicole watched the world around her fade. It started with Loco, his form slowly disappearing into ether. The house went next, each panel ripping outward and being pulled apart by an unseen force.

Nicole screamed in horror as the world around her fell and soon when the last fabric of the couch dissolved, she fell too. Her body floating in darkness, waiting to be revived.
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