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Default The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)
This detailed story was originally written by some guy "oysterman" in a swedish on a swedish site. I've translated it with google translate and some own corrections + additions. Sorry for some not so perfect translation sometimes...

Melinda sat on her knees by the fireside, behind Fredrik, with his arms loosely around his neck. It was an pleasent summernight up in the fjäll, the swedish mountains. The flames cast shadows and light over the ten or so guests who had gathered around the crackling fire. There was talk about everything; hiking trails, backpacks, dry rations, wild animals ... pleasant experiences. Things that comes naturally when you're up in the mountains. The still early night silhouetted the tourist hotel, which was located higher up the slope, clearly against the leaden sky.

Fredrik felt the heat from the fire and from her. And her breath on his cheek. They had met by chance the day before and now they sat here together in the dawning night.

Frederick had gone up to Kautajokk alone, just to enjoy the tranquility. Relax, think, lazy, maybe do a short day trip or fishing in the river that flowed past the hotel and that it was possible to get an occasional trout or grayling in. Nothing special, just a few days of recreation for the weekend. She had stood and browsed through the maps and postcards when he arrived in the afternoon ... when he came with the backpack on the shoulder through the entrance. Their eyes had met across the spacious lobby and without thinking He asked: "Hi, may I help you with something?"

It had become a comic effect, she had laughed and so it had started. It is strange that some people get immediate contact without further notice. Maybe because when eyes meet transmitted a subtle signal of a specific wavelength, which sometimes is the same for both ... and then anything can happen.

After Frederick had checked in and carried the luggage to their rooms they had settled down in the restaurant, drank tea and talked, in certainly more than an hour. Her name was Melinda and was tall and blond and only here a few days with her friend Mirre to relax, hike and soak up the wilderness fragrance.

In the midst of a discussion about the shoes they were interrupted by Melinda hiking companion appeared, back from a walk in the village.
Unlike Melinda who was long and rather slender was Mirre example of opposites that attract each other. She was much shorter and had dark curly hair. If she had not been so strongly built and curvy one would think that she was doing sports or something like that because she was moving light-footed and smooth. Shoulders, compact hips and thighs round gave an athletic stance. Her buttocks were very striking that were crowded inside the jeans, which only barely looked like they could keep them in.

But the round butt suited her and felt necessary for the sake of balance. Because even if his new friend Melinda had ample bust, it was nothing compared to Mirre. Her breasts seemed unimaginable frustrate all natural laws, but despite the huge range floated they still loud and headstrong. Her tight yellow knitted jumper, who only further reinforced and emphasized the unlikely breasts. Frederick was struck by the thought that she liked to expose her gigantic bossom.

She stood and he sat, and her bust swayed dangerously close to his face, he could feel the faint smell of wool. Her hand was pleasant and kept his left a moment when they introduced themselves to each other. Mirre squinted at him; curiosity or possibly research. Frederick's gaze fell on her thick upper arms during the tight sweater and he wondered briefly if it was muscle or fat that built it? How would it be, for example breaking the arm of one like her?

Mirre smiled kindly. Frederick got the feeling that she either simply just please, or that she knew something he did not know or that she was trying to find out something. Difficult to know which, the two were the friends and in addition it was just a feeling, and only for a brief second.
Maybe she had seen him watching her because she asked with a smile jokingly exactly what he was thinking: "May I arm wrestle with you later, Frederick?"

Frederick was completely taken by surprise and blushed because it of course was exactly what he had in mind, and it took a moment before he came out to answer and the embarrassment meant that he found it difficult to express himself. There is nothing to be ashamed, losing in arm wrestling against a stronger person even though she's a girl, if it now would end so. He took new breath:
"Ehhh. Eh Yes ... yes, why not, though I do not know ... if I have any chance?"
Mirre laughed: "I hope you do not."

Since Mirre sat down the discussion became more generally, and they broke up pretty soon up because Melinda and Mirre would go on tour early the next day and needed to get to bed. Melinda joked with Frederick and gave him a warm close playful godnight hug when they parted and they agreed to meet next day after the hike and have dinner together.

It was as good as he hoped, a hilarious and enjoyable dinner at three. Mirre was fun and challenging, Melinda likewise and Frederick had a sense of humor so it had laughed and shouted a lot.

Mirre was very direct and often touched Frederick when she came to a point or ending to something she told me. It felt intimate and natural. A little difficult Frederick had, however, to keep your eyes in the control when Mirre now and then leaned forward and exposed the gulf between their breasts that buckled under your shirt as today was blue striped and considerably more low-cut.

After all, it was Melinda which Frederick had its concentration directed against the so-special woman he stumbled across the day before and who imprisoned him in a way he could not quite get clear on. He felt a bond between them that made him yearn. However, he endeavored to behave politely and courteously, he divide attention equally between both of them.

What he possibly did not see was Mirre patterning eyes when he and Melinda were busy with each other. In contrast, he seemed in his eye feel that Melinda was watching him when he talked to Mirre, and when their eyes met, she held gladly left him. It was not easy to understand what she was thinking or what could be, by extension, to begin with in the extension of the dinner. He did not want to speculate, instead tried to be there and now. He did not really know what kind of friendshipy Melinda and Mirre had and how it would affect development. All he knew was that it would affect, in one way or another, it was always so with such things.

At dessert had Melinda wondered if Frederick wanted to follow them down to the fire a little later. She had looked him in the eyes sweet and straight. Frederick had despite her innocent way to present the proposal felt a thrill. He did not know why, just that it was there ... with her too ... and it was irresistible ... it with Melinda, that he so very much wanted to get more of.
So go along the girls to the fire or to the North Pole, yes, he wanted to, so he said so, but with restraint so as not to seem too eager. Dignity always comes with a price.

Mirre bumped into Melinda and asked her to come back to the lobby with her. They got up and staggered away from the tables hand in hand. Frederick heard they sounded happy, laughing and giggling about something ... just not at him, he hoped.
He could see them through the glass doors, close together, in intense conversation. They seemed to agree, but what? Melinda lay briefly arms around Mirre, hugged her and pressed a kiss on the mouth. Then she came back alone into the dining room.
"I'll go up with Mirre to the room briefly, we will fix one thing, are you waiting for me downstairs in the lobby so long?" She asked, nodding at the same time in the affirmative.
Frederick replied that yes, he would do.

It took a while but eventually came Melinda bouncing down the stairs again. Frederick looked at her to see her mood. Melinda looked happy and satisfied. Good, thought Frederick himself, they wasn't rivals or something of that sort. It's easy for someone to feel unneccisary when one is three persons, and in that case nothing he could do about it. He was just ... he was one, it was the girls' task to get along, not his. For his part would have been okay if Mirre also followed but he could not decide for them.

"Hey," said Melinda cheerfully, "what do you think of my nice sweater?"
Frederick had not thought that far, but now he saw that she had put on a thick patterned sweater. "Fine," he praised politely, it was thick, fluffy and long, all the way down over her butt, with polo collar and decorative cuffs that were upturned and finely framed her beautiful hands. It looked warm and comfortable out. "Maybe I should take and pick up my jacket," he continued with her sweater in mind, therefore, that it could get chilly towards the night.
"Nope, not needed," said Melinda quickly and showed a similar sweater that she had under her arm.
"Here!" She said and swung it over Frederick's shoulders.
"Well, i don't ..." persisted Frederick of habit, free and independent.
"No, I want you to have my sweater, we have approximately the same size, I want you in mine ... I want you in it."
"Okay then," gave Frederick ... tasted her words.
Melinda corrected the sweater, did a loose knot of the sweaters arms over his chest and then brought him then outside into the balmy evening.

On the path down to the campfire site, Fredrik asked Melinda.

"Why did not Mirre come with us?"

"Because she was so horny for you that she was not sure she could keep from grabbing you, and did not know if you would take offense if so," replied Melinda straightforward.

Frederick stopped. He felt he became red, he blushed, he became annoying embarrassed and had to swallow a few times while he was trying to recapitulate what she had actually said. Melinda watched him with interest smiled but said nothing more.
"But then ... she, you ... I" began Frederick, but gave up because he did not know how to responded to that.
"Is it really true, or are you kidding me?", He tried a new angle.
"Clearly it's true. She felt so very eager and horny and so we agreed that it was best that she stayed at home until further notice. " clarified Melinda.

Until further notice ... thought Frederick and thought about what Melinda said. Should he worry about Mirre? What did she want to do with him? and if so ... how would that work? He found it hard to get perspective on what it could mean.
"What is she doing now, instead comming here?", He asked to come up on neutral ground.
"I have bound her, so she does nothing right now," said Melinda quiet.

It started spinning in Frederick's head. She said things that were totally unreasonable and completely unexpected. And she said it as if she was talking about the weather. Melinda has tied up Mirre? He envisioned discord, fights ... but also ropes, knots ...

Melinda saw his confusion and smiled
"It's all right, she wants it so. She likes to be tied up to focus, think and dream ... relax and sensualise herself. You do not need to worry. I unleashes her later "
"Can not she get loose yourself?" Asked Frederick who was trying to take in what Melinda was talking about.
"No, she can't, it is not the intention." said Melinda with the same indifference as before, and turned and walked on. With a wave of her hand she let him understand that he would follow her.

They continued down the path in silence. Frederick tried to come to terms with the bluntness that Melinda was built by, come to terms with her obvious selfassurance... or was it a kind of sexuality? So that sex and sensuality seemed to be as natural as breathing to her. She waved in front of him with light steps into the sloping terrain, moving free and safe ... pleasurable, and it felt contagious. It struck him that she was probably taller than he thought, closer to one and eighty perhaps. (5'11'')

They found vacant place in the circle of people around the fire. Melinda slid down behind Frederick, against his back and put his arms loosely around his neck. Her breath steamed against his cheek. He enjoyed feeling her body so close to him.

Frederick could not get Mirre out of your head. He thought of her up there in the room, tied up ... because she wanted? It was for him a whole new aspect. He turned his head so he could see Melinda and whispered, "Can I ask you something?"
"Sure," said Melinda.
"How have you tied her?"
"Why do you ask?" She replied after thinking it over.
"I do not really know, I just can not stop thinking about it."
"It's a little hard to explain but if you want I can show you when we get home. Do you want to? ... see how I have done it? "
"Yes ..." replied Frederick questionable without being quite sure whether he wanted to or not. Did he dare to stick his nose farther into these two alluring woman than he already have done?

"But you ...", Melinda said, "... it is quite another thing I would like to talk to you about"
"Yes, what?"
"Do you think the idea of a strong woman feels threatening and dangerous to you?"
"Strong? How do you mean?"
"In every way, of course, but right now most physically I thought, wrestling and stuff like that, you know."

Frederick felt Melinda once again steered off them in somewhat unpredictable direction. But at she same time it was like a door deep inside of him was opened. He had always been a fascination in there with physical women. He admired female athletes. But at the same time also some hesitation, perhaps even fear, because your whole manhood after all was at stake when immersed himself in such thoughts. For what is a man who is weaker than his woman? Can such a relationship work? Womanhood was also at stake for that matter, as a woman who was stronger than her husband could indeed perceived as less feminine and might feel a little uncomfortable in being physically superior. The idea of a woman who, in the physical sense, was the stronger ... in relation to her husband, or at least equal ... the idea being tickled, but he did not know if he had the courage to admit it.

He chose to open carefully: "Do you mean you like to wrestle?"
"Yeees ..." she whispered and pulled quickly her arms around his neck. He resisted an reflex but didn't manage to resist when she pulled him down in her lap.
Melinda looked at him expectantly, "Yes, I would be happy to wrestle. I very much want to challenge you in a physical showdown ... if you dare?"
He looked up at her. Her tousled hair and sparkling bright eyes against the darkening sky was very attractive. She bent down and kissed him gently on the forehead, let him know her closeness.

"Well, have you decided?" She teased him kindly, "Do you dare accept a challenge from a girl who wants to wrestle you down?"
Frederik did not answer immediately, it looked as if he needed to think it through.
"Do you want to know what I think?" She asked quietly, so as not to disturb others who were more focused on mountain peaks and trails.
Frederick nodded.

"So, you're awful nice, talented, fun, mature, attractive and everything kind I like in a man ... and have good distance both to yourself and the world. It weighs very heavy for me when I look at you as a man. So if I happen to be stronger than you, it's nothing that takes away your manhood, especially if you are emotionally also could accept it ... accept that a woman may be stronger than a man ... stronger than you, for example, is not that kind of big deal? You would raise yet another notch in my eyes if you do so. A real man can accept the fact a woman can be strong. If you accept my challenge, you risk nothing ... Well, you could be losing the challange, but not to lose your prestige or your attractiveness for me. You see, fjuttis? "She said, and pushed at him playfully.

"Mmm ... I think I understand what you mean," replied Frederick thoughtfully, "But why are you anxious to challenge me? Is it important for you to be stronger, is it relevant? "

"In my world, I want to be strong, it is just that. We have all of us things we do not really know where we got them from or how ... they are just there; inclinations, desires, wishes ... inside ... runs and stirs us. And for me control is important, i like to be in control. I want it ... especially when I meet someone who is safe and sound in himself, secure in their values and beliefs ... then I want very much to test the thing. He is confident in himself - I might be stronger than him physically ... in such cases 1-1 as well, you know? I want him to know that against me, he might not have a chance when it comes to the physical ... because then I take him and then he can try and talk all he wants, but he's mine and thats a matter that he can't talk away himself from, just persuade himself out, for it is me who decides when he will be out and if so. When I want I can just grab him and feast on him and he knows he can not get away. It's just so cozy simply, sensually so it whistles on it, do you understad? Can you believe that I need to challenge you to try to create just such a balance, the balance I need and want? Though I do not know how it will go, it could go wrong also, from my perspective seen ... but what if I win, would not it be really exciting ... right? "

Frederick jumped up. Not so much for her blunt wording that because she bit him in the ear simultaneously. Melinda asked for forgiveness but he could see her smile that she did not mean it.
"Exciting ...?", He felt at her words.

"Yes, really exciting to see how it ends, don't you see? ... If you dare? If you want to? But beware, if I would be the strongest of the two of us, I can do whatever I want with you if I wanted to, and I guess I would like to do that. Though you need not worry, I will be quite nice in that case ... I think so anyway. The most important thing in that case is that you know that I could take you at any time, and you are unable to stop me. "

Fredrik looked up at her. She looked very feminine and yet she talked about how she wanted to dominate him physicly. Her confidence and frankness both scared and attracted him.
"You mean that we should wrestle about who is the strongest and you want me to think it is a good idea and that it's okay if you win?" Summed Frederik challenge of thoughtful skepticism.
"Exactly!" Said Melinda enthusiastically, "But we should not wrestle, that's not the way it goes. Well, I really love to wrestle anytime, I like that, but it is not so this showdown goes ... it's a showdown over who is strongest person, in different physical aspects. "

Frederick was again surprised by her bluntness. Her unpredictability teased him but it was obviously her meaning also. It was her way, he had begun to get used to it.

"Okay, a showdown to see which of us is stronger? OK, I accept your challange ... and I'm prepared that it may be you who is the stronger of the two of us. But ... have you thought about that I'm as big as you, and about as heavy as you, and I am guy and even though I'm not super strong so I'm not really weak either. I'm probably stronger than you. Have you thought about that? "

"Oh yes," she replied quickly, "I've thought about that ever since you step through the door yesterday. But you should watch a little more carefully yourself, for I am actually a little taller than you, and when it comes to weight, you should not be so sure that you are as heavy as me, but we don't need to talk about that now, this will be fun, you'll see. Do not forget either, that I really REALLY wants to win, and i am perhaps more stubborn than you ever could think ... im super-subborn even, because I love the idea of winning over you, while you are more thinking about not losing against me ...
Isn't it so? So watch out, honey. I really want to win this now. "

He looked a little closer at her and it struck him that she was quite large and solid built. She was very attractive, with an angel face and long blonde hair. She was possibly right in saying that she was a little taller than him ... she was furthermore pretty broad across the shoulders, and had a steadily built ... Certainly helped the thick sweater to make her richer but still ... and long smooth legs and not too small hands, though her wrists were relatively narrow, as his size roughly. His wrists was pretty narrow for a guy ... so her wrists was perhaps not so narrow anyway, compared to his, anyways.

"But wait a moment ..." he interrupted himself out of his thoughts, "What kind of different ways of testing strenght?.. and when?"

Melinda came quickly to his feet: "Now, of course!" She said, "Come, I'll show you where and what we should do, and do not worry, i'll tell you absolutely everything you need to know."

She took him by the hand and together they left the campfire and the others. Melinda knew where she was going, led him without hesitation in the gloom, between the trees, away from the fire and the other guests.

They had gone a few hundred meters approximately when the forest opened and they came to a grassy glade that looked as if it was just waiting for someone to come and visit. It was still relatively bright and the moon was nearly full and the soft glow lit up, cozy and homely. Melinda made a sweeping motion with his hand. Frederick knew this was the place for their challange.

Part two will be posted soon.
All feedback is welcome.
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Awesome! Can't wait for the rest.
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

That was a GREAT start! When is part 2 out? Did this oyster dude write any more? He seems to be quite an adept writer.
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Originally Posted by warthog [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
That was a GREAT start! When is part 2 out? Did this oyster dude write any more? He seems to be quite an adept writer.
Thanks for the feedback.
I'm sorry to say i havnt found any more stories by this Oyster guy.

I like mixed wrestlign stories, but many are very alike, clearly taking inspiration from another.

Therefore its great to find a story who is completely diffrent, and i think this story is so in many ways.

Part two commin really soon
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Go ahead man. Great story here.
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Thanks for feedback. Here is part 2:

Melinda took Frederick to the middle of the open glade, which may measured ten times ten meters and was more uneven round than rectangular. There, she sat down on his knees and begged him to do the same.

"Come on, give me a hug. We have to feel each other's energies before we start, "she said and put his arms around and pulled him to her.
He did as she said and for a while they sat there on their knees and held each other. Tightly, tightly against one another they felt the other persons heat. Fredrik enjoyed the close feeling.

It was Melinda who then interrupted, made it clear that it was enough, and it was time to get started.

"You smell good, Fredrik," she said, and carried away a strand of her hair from her face.
He did not answer. He was a bit nervous about what would happened next.

"So, here's how to do.", she began to explain while she undid sweater he had over his shoulders and tossed it aside.
"We'll see how strong we are in relation to each other in different ways; arms and legs and all that. There is some competitive events we shall do and one points to the winner of each one.

In total there are nine points to play for and the one who gets the most points is the winner of course. And remember, it's just for fun ... but we compare our physical strength and get a kind of checklist of the strength status between you and me! Do you understand? " she explained.

Frederick nodded, it sounded logical, nine points ... five to win. Logical albeit a little complicated. But he was fascinated by this driven beautiful woman in front of him and was curious where her road would lead him. He suspected that the most'd competed in the things that she was good at but it was her race so he was okay with it.

"And what we begin with?", He could not keep from asking.
"Just take it easy, you see," said Melinda, "but before we get started there are two things, two rules, which you must accept."
"Okay ... what is these rules?" Asked Frederick
"First. You may not win the first challenge, you can only get a draw in it, "she said, looking seriously at him.
"Why is that? Then I can only win eight points and you nine!" protested Frederick mathematically correct.
"Because it is so! And because I could not bear to lose in the first challenge, and because that's my competition! Therefore, you can only, at best, get a draw in the first challenge! Understood? " She said firmly.

He understood that Melinda was serious about this, she really meant what she said. "Well, it's okay for me."
"Good, and it's one more thing ... You have to win at least one challenge, and get at least one point, otherwise I will not like to be with you anymore, then slip you out of my life."
"Why? What's the reason you have such a rule?" Asked Frederick honestly surprised.
"Because even if I enjoy winning over men, I must have good resistance and a worthy opponent. And that's why you must simply be so good, so strong or clever, you manage to win over me in at least one challenge, otherwise the thrill of this challenge disappear. I must have resistance. Besides, you could otherwise let me win to make me happy and I can absolutely not accept that, it must be a struggle in which both give everything we have. Even if it's for fun, it must be serious." "

Frederick said nothing, he melted her warning that he would go out of her life if he had not managed to salvage at least a point. Damn, he was really excited about her now and he really must get these pins so he didn't loose her.

"If I do not accept this challenge ... then I can not lose, right?", Frederick tried to bend the rules.
"True, but then you're also out there. Because in my life i want absolute measurement of who is the strongest, especially against men, it does not work for me otherwise. And i want a man who accepts my urge for this. The game, the measure of the state between us, the main drive junction when it comes to my sensuality ... the craving, my sexuality ... so you can not opt out of the challenge. Well, you can, but then we go home now and it's nothing more to it, cut and finish between us. "

"I like you, Melinda, you're both exciting and cool ... I love to explore all of you and your challenges. So... let's do it! But i have to warn you, i'm pretty strong guy and even if you like to win, so do i, i will probably win most strength tests against you. " replied Frederick sincerely.
"Good! And i like that you are so sure you are stronger than me also. It makes the challenge more fun." Said Melinda and buffed him friendly in the chest with the palms, before getting up
"Let's get started."
She stood up and he too.

"The first event is a very ordinary little strength test to see who has the strongest hands," explained Melinda when they had brushed off pants and knees. "We hold hands together at chest height, wrap our fingers and tries to break down the other in this mercy game. I break and you tries to hold against me. If I break you down, if you can't manage to resist me and I get you down on your knees, I win. But if you resist and stop me from succeed in bringing you to your knees, there will be a draw. Something seems unclear? "

"No, I get it. This could be interesting." said Fredrik and stood ready, soft in the knees with your feet slightly apart.
Melinda did the same. They lifted their hands, measured its sizes, palms against the palms. It differed not so much, Melinda's fingers were longer than Frederick's, his palms on the other hand, a little wider than her.

The intertwined fingers in silence and then looked at each other. Her eyes where beautiful, but very determined. He was curious if this blunt and cute woman was strong for real or if she just talked big. But as he looked at her feminine and curvy body and cute face, it was very hard for him to see how she could beat him in this. Frederick was awaiting her starting signal.
She nodded, he felt the pressure, gently but firmly and he was holding up. Only the moon and the silence observed them.

"Ready, darling?" Teased Melinda him.
"Oh yeah, sweetheart ... show me what you got!" Replied Frederik.
Melinda increased pressure and Fredrik did as he promised ... He didn't go on offensive but was just holding her up. It hurt a little in his knuckles but he did not really know what that meant because he never competed in this sport before. He saw that she gritted. There were glow in her eyes now.

She increased the pressure further, he felt that it became tougher to keep her at bar, the tendons on the back of his hands began to pain and fingers ached. He took a breath, maintaining balance and smiled to show that he was there and resisted her.

Melinda looked at him but said nothing, did not seem to give full power yet, for he felt that she put into another gear that made it very hard for him to keep her away and he was forced to bend his knees ... if ever so slightly ... so little anyway and had to struggle to come to equilibrium again. He hoped it would be enough, if she gave all her power now, then he could do it and not lose this challenge.

But she had perhaps not given anything yet? He needed to go a little on the offensive to get even again, but met stiff resistance unpredictably. There was more power there, and she met his offensive. Frederick now gave all he was worth to break her back but he did not succeed and the pain forced him instead to give in. There was no other choice, he must drop away to relieve the pain in the finger joints and her female hands slowly overpowered his. Melinda broke him methodically down, down ...

Frederick tried for all he was worth to stop her, it felt incredibly humiliating to give in but he just couldn't resist her power anymore ... he had to give way ... all the way ... and soon she had him on his knees ... but didn't let go of him and forcing him to curve backwards as she took a half step forward so she had his body between her legs and face at the height of her womb. There, she held him and he could not get anywhere, just ask her to stop. He could not believe how he was overpowered by a beautiful woman, but he was.

"I give up ..." you could hear in his voice that he was in pain ... "you win."
"Okay," said Melinda but not stop the pressure but rather increased with the result that Frederick was forced back even further ... and fell backwards ... on his back ... and Melinda tumbled over, ended up astride on top of Frederik.
"Oops" she giggled, " I didn' mean that at all... I was just so happy, you know ..."
"You were breaking the bones of me," groaned Frederick.
"Oh, poor you ... I promise to be more careful in the future." she teased him as she quickly jumped off him.

Frederick smiled slightly embarrassed when he stood up. "Congratulations, well done ... you were stronger than I thought," he admitted without prevarication and massaged his fingers.
She smiled, not in triumph, just contentedly, threw away her hair and commented: "1-0 to me. Come on now so we continue. "


Melinda lay down on the ground, on her stomach: "Come on, time to armwrestle!" she ordered the standing Frederick.
Frederick lay down in front of her while he asked what special rules that possibly would apply in this challenge. Melinda looked insulted and stated that there were no special rules at all when it came to arm wrestling.

"We start with the right, first a trial game and it gives no points. Then we break again for real. If the same person win both rounds, it receives a point. If the other win the second try, it will be a draw, no points to anyone. Those rules should be okay? " She asked, Frederick agreed with it.

They corrected they themselves, searched comfortable support in the grass on his elbows and then took each other's hands. In the distance you could see them hardly in it pretty high greenery of the hidden little glade far away from everything ... a nocturnal mirage, a trifle, a delusion.

Maybe it was in just arm wrestling he had a good chance to pinch points and anyway there was no reason to wait winning points. This is about armstrength and Fredrik thought he should win this. He wanted that point as quickly as possible to not risk losing her for that very reason.

He studied her again and she suddenly looked robust to him as they lay stretched out on the grass, she grew somehow ... her shoulders looked ... solid.

They started to armwrestle. To begin with, Fredrik held her off. He made an effort tp break the equilibrium position but she was surprisingly strong. He put his head to the side and looked down into the grass to focus, and made his real effort to press her down... Melinda could see in his face how he strained ow ... but it didn't affect her hand much ... not yet anyway. Melinda watched him, judged ... analyzed.

Then she decided herself. There was a ripple through the long body, she bowed her head slightly and let the power propagate out into the arm. For a while he managed to resist. She looked up, saw that he wavered. She smiled at him, took a deep breath and then calmly began to force down his hand. He never got hold of her, could not slow her down! Melinda forced down his arm in one smooth movement. Then it's done. She had won!

Frederick rolled over on his back and breathed deep breaths.
"Do not give up," said Melinda, "you've got another chance, take it!"

Again, they were prepared. Melinda nodded to Frederick that he could start when he felt like it. She had won the first, no more than fair with the small favor.

Frederick concentrated, he must win this one. Melinda looked at him with attentiveness and interest while he wondered how he would tackle her, what tactics he would use. But it is difficult to have tactics in arm wrestling because it mostly involves strength and a certain level of technique.

Frederick could possibly create an advantage by surprise her. He therefore began abruptly, without warning, put into full force immediately. A feeling of helplessness traveled through him when he realized that although he took in everything he was worth ... he didn't manage to move her arm back ... Melinda was resisting... decisively. How was it possible?

The tough the situation of Frederick was not knowing if it just needed a little more, or much more effort to get her to fall. He took a chance and put everything he had into the next attack. Melinda still held him off, and when his power ebbed, she turned things around and broke him down just as she had done the first time.

There was not much to talk about, Melinda had won, easier than Frederick thought was possible. She smiled and tousle his hair to encourage him to go on, before they changed arm.

With the left arm, it was just the same song as the right. Frederick could just not resist her strong arm. Melinda broke him down both times without much difficulty. Now she had three points, Fredrik so far none at all.

She sat down beside him in the grass, lifted his chin so she could look him in the eyes.
"Too bad for you, but fine for me," she said smiling, " All three points to me and none to you." She teased him.
Frederick could not keep from smiling, too. " Oh, it's OK, Armwrestling is much technique. I'm gonna win the next event. Is it so very important for you to win?"
"Absolutely, of course ... it's just so wonderful. Especially to win against a cute and handsome man like you."

A little disheartened Fredrik felt after arm-wrestling, he had not expected that she would win so easily. And even if he did not know what to expect in the next events, it was bad news that she was so strong in the arms, it could give him problems in the next events. He had to tell himself armwrestling is more technique than strength.

Melinda looked unconcerned and satisfied. Perhaps he had misjudged her power. When he looked a little closer at her, now with different eyes, she was actually quite powerfully built. It was hard to see muscles as her body was covered up with a thick sweater, but she looked solid but still curvy. She was very attractive but he should not have underestimated her ... anyway he told himself that it could be the reason she won everything so far, he had underestimated her.

"Come on ... come and help me!" Said Melinda who had moved to the edge of the glade, she was looking for something among the trees. Frederick joined her and got a long stick to hold for while she was looking around after another.

Back in the glade marked Melinda a center point by making a mark with the heel on the ground, then stepped a few feet to one side and then the other side and placed the sticks as two baselines, facing each other, about 8 meters away from each other.

Once finished she told Frederick that it was time to see who had the strongest legs.
"It's too easy," she explained in her forthright way, "We start in the middle and those who manage to get the other backward over the line ...this stick , wins."
"Wins what?" Asked Frederick.
"The point, of course, the fourth," replied Melinda.
"And then there are five left to fight for?" said Frederick to show mathematics.
"Exactly", held Melinda agree without objection.

"How do we do, how do we start?" Asked Frederick who still wasn't sure about the rules in this event.
"Easier than you think," said Melinda, "came to me and you will see. "
She put her arms around the waist of Frederick and pulled him to her.
"Your cheek against mine. Thats right! And then your arms around me ... precisely, one above and one below so it will be fair fight."

They stood over the bodies tightly pressed against each other, cheek to cheek, each with a stick as baseline two or three meters behind their back.

"When I say "go!" we start!" continued Melinda, "Whoever moves ... pushing press ... the other backward over the stick wins. You may only use your legs, not lift or so ... just hold on and press ...It's a good way to compare who have the strongest legs. Are you ready? "

Frederick understood what she meant. He held firmly around her waist and back and took proper support with his feet on the ground, important not to slip.

"Now ..." whispered Melinda, tighten her body and closed his grip harder around him.

They stood still, just feet moved tentatively and cautiously to seek and maintain grip. Frederick knew that she was a little taller, she could lean over him alittle, it felt like and he must stretch to get level with her. She pushed immediately heavily against him, buried her chin on his shoulder and the pressure on his legs made him get out of balance. He had to take a quick step back and look for a new foothold. And he managed to win back lost ground but no more, she was stodgy and heavy to move. Again she managed to topple him and he must take another short step backward. It had cost him nearly a meter in total. He lowered his arms a little to find a better hold on her but unfortunately got the result that she could force him back further. "Shit, this is not good " Fredrik thought to himself.

He felt her breath in his ear, she didn't pant, her short inhalations and exhalations were balanced and focused and he knew that he would not get anything for free. Her aggressiveness and power shocked him again, it felt impossible for him to push her back. He hoped she was not aware of his despair.

"Is this all you have? You better start pushing now, darling," she whispered between short breaths.
"Calm ... I have a plan," hissed Fredrik back.
"Do not wait too long only, then it may be too late."
"You'll just have to see ..."
"I'm not so sure about that ... Im gonna win this score too. i can feel my legs are stronger than yours. You can't stop me."

She flexed her legs, Frederick knew it was now or not at all. He tried counter her, but her increased force made him instead lose his balance. "Damn, her legs are really strong." He thought. They struggled against each other ... she still had advantage, just so much that he could not recover the balance ... she had him on close the the stick on the ground now. .. then she decided ... and attacked ... got Fredrik to lose his foothold again and then she forced him relentlessly backward, backward ... and he could not stop her.

Melinda swept him away ... he felt stick on the ground strike the heel of his shoe, then he was over on the other side, stumbled and fell backwards with her on top of him.

She lay still on top him, panting from their struggle. She put down her elbows on either side of his head ... pinned his head down by putting her hands on his forehead and looked at him with interest and joy.
"- Ha! I knew a man like you couldn't beat an alphafemale like me!"

He had never been overpowered like this by an woman before and he couldn't help to admire her strength and competitiveness. This woman was both beating and turning him on at the same time and he hoped she didn't feel his hardon as she laid on top of him.
"Are you aware that I have won one event more! ... 4-0. Not so bad for a girl, right? "
"I have not had time to think, but i'm afraid you are right." replied Frederick a bit irritated and tried to push her off him. She got off him slowly and looked very pleased with herself. He was again amazed my her beauty.


End of part two.
Part three commin soon
Feedback is always welcome.
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Well, is there a part 3 or what?
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

I'm still hoping for part3
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Default Re: The swedish mountain challange (strength comparison, mixed wrestling)

Originally Posted by xao01 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I'm still hoping for part3

I forgot this one.
And there is a third part who is really great.

Sorry, i kept you waiting for three years!

Part 3 comming soon...
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