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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Nice, enjoying your story!
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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Thanks james! I appreciate your comment.
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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Story: Risky Obsessions
Chapter #17: The Smother Girls

Earlier when Suzie said she was going to take a nap, she lied. She wanted to leave Bill alone with Sarah to see what they would do. They did not disappoint.

When Bill and Sarah went to the secret room, Suzie turned on the TV monitor to the cameras. From the split screen she could watch the action from four different angles.

Suzie was enjoying the show. She was happy to see that Sarah was no longer reluctant to smother Bill. In fact, she seemed to be having a great time.

“Poor Bill,” Suzie said to the monitor. “From now on you’re going to have two girls smothering you, maybe at the same time.”

When Sarah tied Bill up Suzie said, “You go girl! Way to take control.” She was even more impressed when Sarah started edging him, and kept it going for quite a while. Bill’s moans of frustration were music to Suzie’s ears.

When Bill said that he couldn’t take much more, Suzie laughed. “If you can’t handle what Sarah’s doing to you, wait until you see what I have planned.”

When Sarah started stroking harder to make Bill cum, Suzie turned off the monitor and rushed to stop her.

“I see you started without me,” said Suzie. Her comment startled Sarah. She released her scissors hold and the grip she had on Bill’s cock and got off of him.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Suzie said with a smile, as Sarah untied Bill.

Bill was still catching his breath. He said, “Your timing was less than perfect.”

His cock was still standing at attention. Suzie grabbed it through his shorts. “Don’t make yourself cum. I may have some use for this later,” she said, then winked at him. She released his cock then left the room.

Sarah could see how frustrated Bill was. “Sorry about that,” she said. “I had good intentions.”

“I know you did,” he said.

“Is there anything I can do?” she asked.

“Could you get me an ice pack out of the freezer? I need to cool something down,” he replied.

Sarah laughed. “Sure,” she said as she hopped off the bed and headed for the kitchen.

They all ended up back in the living room, eating pretzels and drinking wine. Suzie brought out a large carton of ice cream labeled ‘Death by Chocolate’. They each used large spoons to eat right out of the carton. Bill was surprised by how well chocolate ice cream went with red wine.

He didn’t stop eating until he was completely stuffed. When he put the spoon down he leaned back in his chair and started to doze off.

“You aren’t leaving us already are you Bill?” Suzie asked.

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “I guess I’m a little tired.”

“I’ve got just the thing for that,” she said. She left the room for a moment then returned with a small plastic container. She opened it. It was filled with bright- colored pills that looked like candy.

“What are those?” Bill asked.

“Ecstasy,” Suzie replied.

“Again?” Bill said. “I don’t know if I should be taking any more of that.”

“Oh c’mon Bill. It’ll pick you up,” she said.

Suzie put a pill in her mouth and washed it down with wine. Sarah did the same. “I guess I’m out-voted,” Bill said, then took a pill.

“You’ll start to feel the effects in about 30 minutes. Then we can play another game,” Suzie said.

“Another game? I dunno. I think I’ve had enough for one day,” he said.

“What are you, a hundred years old? It’s only nine thirty,” Suzie teased.

Suzie’s persistence paid off. Soon they were back in the secret room for another role-play game that she was directing. She had Bill dress up in a burglar costume. He put on a black wool hat, a black eye mask, a shirt with horizontal black and white stripes, and long black pants. He also was given a plastic gun.

The costumes for the girls weren’t as elaborate. They simply wore white eye masks to match their white bras and panties.

“The game is simple,” said Suzie. “Bill is a professional burglar. We are super-heroines known as The Smother Girls. We find him breaking into this house and subdue him.”

Bill looked at them nervously. “Both of you together?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Suzie. “If it gets to be too much just say Red Light.” She added, “Try not to say it too quickly though. I know that your deepest desire is to be smothered by girls. Go with that desire Bill. Try to last as long as you can.”

The game started with Bill alone in a darkened room. The girls entered the room and turned the lights on. They blocked the exit then put their hands on their hips. “Stop thief!” Suzie said. “Your life of crime is over!. We are The Smother Girls!”

The girls pushed him onto the bed, then leapt on top of him. His gun flew out of his hand. His wool cap and mask were then forcibly removed.

“Just as I suspected,” said Suzie. “It’s Bill the Burglar. Don’t let him get away!”

Bill saw his gun lying on the bed about 6 feet away. He crawled towards it with Suzie clinging to his back. Just as he reached for the gun Sarah sat on his hand, preventing him from reaching his weapon. She then tossed the gun out of reach.

Suzie flipped Bill onto his back. She got into a cowgirl position then said, “Sit on his face! Smother away his strength!”

Sarah followed her command. She pinned him down in a forward facesit. Bill was in heaven. He looked up at the incredible view. Sarah was looking down at him through the white mask. Her breasts towered above him. Her long, silky blonde hair was hanging down. She pulled her hair aside so she could see what she was doing to him.

Pinned down by the weight of both girls, he wasn’t able to throw them off. When he needed to breathe he started finding ways to push Sarah off of his face, just long enough to catch a breath from time to time. Every time he pushed her off she struggled to reposition herself on his face. She kept grabbing at his wrists to try to prevent him from pushing her off. He kept struggling to free his wrists, so he could push at her again to get one more breath of air.

After about 5 minutes of this both of them were tiring. Just when Sarah was about to give up her attempts to subdue him with a facesit, Suzie grabbed Bill’s wrists. She pinned his arms under his legs. Now Bill was in real trouble. He had no way to push Sarah off of him. Her legs were tight against both sides of his face, making it hard for him to turn his head. She gripped the top of his head with both of her hands. After a couple of minutes he couldn’t move his head at all.

Sarah gave him a chance to breathe. Bill said, “I can’t breathe! Please Smother Girls! Have mercy on me!” When Sarah sat back down on his face all that could be heard were muffled moans.

All of the struggling and smothering was taking a toll on Bill. He could actually feel his strength being slowly smothered away.

Sarah got off of his face. She stretched her legs out to the sides, doing a cheerleader split on his neck. Her crotch was choking him. He couldn’t use his hands to push at her legs and began to panic. He said, “Red light!” Both girls got off of him.

Suzie said, “You can’t say Red Light yet. We’ll count that as a Yellow Light.”

The girls removed their masks, giving Bill some hope that they might be taking a break. But then Suzie removed her bra. The girls weren’t through with him yet.

Suzie sat on Bill’s lap facing him while Sarah kneeled behind him. Sarah pushed Bill’s face into Suzie’s breasts while Suzie pressed her breasts together against Bill’s face. He was getting a little air so he didn’t fight to get away. Eventually Suzie and Sarah hugged, with Bill trapped in between. His breathing was cut off completely. A minute later Bill was forced to say, “Yellow Light!”

The girls switched positions. As Suzie held Bill’s arms behind his back, Sarah removed her bra, then pressed her breasts against his face. This was the first time Bill had seen Sarah’s breasts. They were magnificent. It didn’t matter how great they looked though when they were preventing him from breathing.

Bill started to feel strange. Being deprived of oxygen might be part of the reason for this, but he suspected that the pill he took was the real culprit. Time felt distorted. Everything seemed to be moving slower. The girl’s voices sounded more distant. He felt like he was entering into a dream state. He had the odd sense that what was happening to him wasn’t real, although he knew that it was.

He became so weak that it took no effort to keep him subdued. They were no longer struggling to keep him in holds. They were simply taking turns smothering him in various ways.

Everywhere Bill turned his breath was taken away. One moment breasts would cover his face. Then his face would be buried in pussy. Hands would cover his mouth and nose. Thighs would cover his face. Bellies were being pressed over his face. Butts kept descending from all directions. It got to the point where he thought he was hallucinating. It seemed like there were numerous girls smothering him. It felt like he was drowning in girl parts. He was starting to fear that it would never end.

Sarah put Bill in a reverse facesit. Suzie noticed that Bill was barely moving. Sarah had things under control, so Suzie said she was going to get a glass of water.

Sarah looked over her shoulder and said, “I’m assuming that you like this Bill. If you don’t, just say Red Light and I’ll stop.”

When Suzie left the room Bill decided to get Sarah off of him, to finally put an end to this round of non-stop smothering. He lifted his arms to push Sarah off of his face. She grabbed his wrists then leaned forward, pinning his arms down on the bed. He was shocked when he found out he was too weak to lift them.

He arched his back but she stayed firmly planted on his face. He twisted his body from side to side but it was useless. She had him pinned and there was nothing he could do. He moaned in frustration.

Not being able to escape from Sarah’s facesit was a huge blow to his pride. It was one thing to pretend that he couldn’t get away from a little girl. But to actually be subdued by a little girl? And in such a humiliating way? The last time Sarah had him at her mercy he could use the excuse that he was tied up. There was no excuse for what was happening to him now.

Having to submit to her would be the ultimate humiliation. It was almost more than he could bear. So there he remained, writhing on the bed, gasping for air with his face trapped in the panties of a teenage girl.
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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Story: Risky Obsessions
Chapter #18: Suzie Back in Control

Suzie drank her glass of water. She then got distracted checking out things on her phone. She didn’t return to the room until 30 minutes later. She was surprised to find Sarah and Bill in the exact same position.

“Jeez Bill,” Suzie said. “Are you still trapped under Sarah’s butt? She’s a 19-year old girl who weighs 110 pounds. How impotent do you feel right now?” She noticed the bulge in his pants then said, “Okay so, impotent might not be the right word. Let’s just say that you’re weak and pathetic.”

“That’s not nice,” said Sarah. “He’s letting me do this because he likes it.” Then she added, “And I’m 107 pounds.”

A few minutes later Sarah got off of Bill’s face voluntarily. She went to get a glass of water.

It took a while for Bill to recover. He felt so weak that he could barely move. “I don’t feel so good,” he said. “I think it’s because of that pill.”

“It’ll wear off,” said Suzie.

Bill slowly removed his costume. He took a few deep breaths and tried to relax. It seemed to help a little.

Suzie said, “The weekend is almost over Bill. Is there anything else that you would like to try?”

He thought about it. “Not really. This has been quite the adventure. Far more than I expected.”

“Are you sure there’s nothing else you would like me to do? Would you like me to smother you until you pass out?”

“Absolutely not!” he said.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “On that website you liked all the videos where guys got smothered out, and you kept saying how much you wished it would happen to you.”

“I know I did, but that was before I knew what it felt like,” he replied. He thought about it a little more then said, “I think some of my fantasies, like being raped by girls, would be every bit as incredible as I’ve imagined. But being smothered is different. I’ll always be turned on watching other men get smothered out, but I no longer want that to happen to me.”

Sarah returned. They spent the rest of the night relaxing on the bed. They talked a little, mostly about trivial things. The girls played on their phones. Eventually both girls fell asleep, cuddling up to Bill. He thought about all that happened to him today, replaying some of the highlights in his mind, before drifting off to sleep.

Bill woke to the smell of bacon frying. He slept 6 hours but it wasn’t a restful sleep. He kept having nightmares where he was being smothered.

He took a refreshing shower then joined the girls for breakfast. Everyone was in a good mood, although Sarah was nursing a bit of a hangover.

Bill thanked the girls for an incredible weekend, one he said he would never forget. He mentioned that he was getting ready to take off. The girls seemed disappointed that he was leaving.

Suzie asked, “Are you sure you have to go? I have some new ideas we could try out.”

“I’m sure,” Bill said. “Besides, I’m almost out of money.”

“You can owe me,” Suzie replied.

“I appreciate the offer, but I really do have to leave,” he said.

“If we let you leave,” Suzie replied. The girls then looked at each other and giggled.

Uh-oh, Bill thought. He didn’t like the sound of that. The girls were up to something.

Bill went to the secret room to gather his stuff. Suzie and Sarah followed him. The girls closed the door behind them, then leaned their backs against the door.

“You know that getting-raped-by-girls fantasy you have Bill?” Suzie asked. “It’s about to come true.”

The girls walked up to Bill. Each of them locked one of his arms with one of their arms and walked him backwards towards the bed. He was so excited about the possibility of one or both of these girls raping him that he had no will to resist.

Once they were on the bed the girls removed his shirt, then they positioned him in the middle of the bed near the headboard. They pulled out lengths of rope that were hidden between the mattress and the headboard. The ropes were already tied to the headboard. Suzie sat on his right arm while Sarah sat on his left arm. Any chance of escaping was now gone. He could see and feel both of his wrists being bound.

Once Bill was tied to the bed the girls continued undressing him. His shoes came off, then his socks. Suzie unbuckled his belt then they pulled his pants off, leaving just his silk boxers.

Now it was time for the girls to undress. They removed their shoes and socks. They helped each other remove their blouses and jeans. Suzie was wearing a black bra and panties. Sarah was wearing a light pink bra and thong.

The girls covered his body with theirs. They were rubbing their hands all over his chest and stomach. They took turns kissing his mouth aggressively. They were kissing, licking and nibbling on his neck and ears. Looking up at the ceiling mirror he could see himself being ravished by the girls. The pleasurable sensations were starting to overwhelm him.

“There’s no use trying to resist us Bill,” Suzie whispered in his ear. “There is no escape. You are going to be raped.”

Sarah whispered, “Now that we’ve got you, we’re never going to let you go. You’re going to be our slave forever.”

Suzie looked at Sarah and said, “We should invite the rest of the cheerleading squad over. We can take turns riding him.”

Their words were exciting him almost as much as their mouths and hands were.

Suzie pulled off Bill’s silk shorts. She then started stroking his cock with her left hand. He moaned in pleasure.

When Sarah looked back and saw that Bill was naked and Suzie was playing with his cock she asked, “Are you really going to rape him?”

“Yep,” Suzie said.

“Okay then. . . you two have fun,” Sarah said, as she gathered her clothes and left the room.

Suzie watched the door close then looked at Bill. “I knew that would get her to leave. Now it’s just you and me,” Suzie said with an ominous tone.

This sudden turn of events had Bill concerned. The last thing he wanted was to be alone with Suzie, while tied to the bed. He wondered if he was about to be smothered.

Suzie saw the worried look on his face. She played on his fears. She slowly removed her bra. She leaned over him so that her breasts were hovering just above his face. She stayed in that position until Bill quietly said, “Please Suzie. Don’t.”

Suzie stayed in that position for another 30 seconds. She started to lower her breasts onto his face. They brushed his face lightly, then she crawled over him on her hands and knees to the nightstand. There she opened the drawer and took out a condom and a tube of lubricant. She tossed them close to Bill’s waist.

With her panties still on, Suzie straddled Bill’s face. She then lowered herself onto his face. She wasn’t smothering him. She was making him smell her. She did a little light grinding on his face as she rubbed her clit with her hand.

She got off of him to remove her panties, then remounted his face. This time she sat harder. She said, “Lick if you want to breathe.”

Bill obeyed her command. She sat lightly on his face. As her arousal increased she began grinding on his face. He wasn’t used to servicing a girl orally from this position. His tongue was doing it’s best to keep up with her. The smell of her pussy and the taste of her juices were keeping him hard.

Suzie came on Bill’s face. While she was cumming she was grinding much harder, making breathing difficult. She was so lost in her orgasm that Bill worried she would forget he was under her.

Suzie collapsed next to Bill. She took a few minutes to recover. Neither of them spoke. She then sat up, kneeled close to Bill’s hips, and opened the lid to the tube of gel. She squeezed some of the gel into the palm of her left hand then started rubbing Bill’s cock. Bill closed his eyes as he quickly became erect. The smell of strawberries filled the air.

Suzie tore open the wrapper to the condom. She placed the condom on the tip of Bill’s cock, slowly rolling it down the length of his shaft. She then put more lubricant on her palm and resumed stroking.

At the same time she was keeping Bill aroused with her left hand she started pleasuring herself with her right hand. She moved her lubricated fingers all around the area of her clit, faster and faster.

When she was close to cumming she straddled Bill. She guided his cock into her pussy, then closed her eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

Suzie started riding Bill slowly. She leaned a little forward, placing her hands on his sides. Bill was in heaven. He was being raped by a girl for the first time, a beautiful girl at that. He tugged on the ropes that were holding him, pretending he wanted to escape. “Please! Don’t do this! Let me go!” he cried out.

Suzie ignored his pleas. She leaned forward grabbing both of his forearms, pinning his arms down on the bed. This excited Bill even more. Between the ropes and Suzie’s tight grip his situation felt even more hopeless. It felt like he was doubly bound.

Suzie wasn’t saying anything. Her eyes were closed. She was deep in concentration. Bill watched her breasts sway with each thrust that she made.

He was close to cumming. His hips started started thrusting in rhythm with Suzie’s thrusts. Suzie opened her eyes, grabbed Bill roughly by the throat and said “Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to!”

She started riding him harder. He desperately tried not to cum. He wanted to focus on something other than the pleasure that Suzie was giving him, but she wasn’t making it easy for him. She leaned over until he could feel her breasts rubbing up and down on his chest, as she rode him even faster.

Suzie let out a cry as she came even harder than before. She stopped riding him and just collapsed on top of him. Bill was close to cumming but had managed to hold back. Even though Suzie had stopped fucking him, the walls of her vagina were repeatedly gripping and releasing his cock. He almost came from that sensation alone.

Once Suzie’s pleasure subsided she got off of Bill. She slowly removed his condom. She lubed up her left hand again and starting stroking his cock. In a short time he was close to cumming. He started to moan and thrust into her hand in an effort to cum. When he was on the brink Suzie let go. Bill moaned in frustration.

She repositioned herself, kneeling between Bill’s legs as she leaned over and started slowly licking the underside of his cock from the bottom to the tip. She made eye contact with him and maintained the eye contact while she continued to lick. He almost came this time. She had to stop licking and grip the bottom of his shaft tightly to prevent him from cumming.

Once again Bill moaned. He said, “Please Suzie! I need to cum!”

“Beg me,” she said, as she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking vigorously.

“Please Suzie! I’m begging you! Make me cum!”

Just as he was about to cum Suzie stopped sucking on him. She once again squeezed the bottom of his shaft to stop his impending orgasm.

“Your request is denied,” she said. “I said that I would rape you. I never said that I would let you cum.”

Suzie continued to edge him over and over.

She said, “I heard that you can drive a man insane this way. Do you think it’s true?” When he failed to answer she said, “I guess we’ll find out.”

Bill’s pleas kept getting louder and more desperate, to the point where Suzie said, “God, your annoying!”

She went to the dresser and pulled out a roll of duct tape. Then She hopped back onto the bed, and tore off a length of tape. Bill said, “No. Don’t!” as she taped his mouth shut. For good measure she tore off 2 more pieces of tape, placing them in an ‘X’ pattern over the tape she had already applied.

“That oughta shut you up!” she said.

She went back to sucking on his cock. She could barely hear his moans of despair.

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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Story: Risky Obsessions
Chapter #19: The Execution Clinic

Suzie decided to take a break from tease-torturing Bill. She joined Sarah in the living room. They sat on the couch drinking wine, even though it was still morning.

Sarah asked, “Did you ummm . . . ?”

“Yes, I did,” said Suzie. “I fucked him good. Didn’t let him cum though.”

“You didn’t?” Sarah asked.

“Nope,” said Suzie. “In fact, I’m edging the crap out of him!”

“What’s edging?” asked Sarah.

Suzie smiled when she asked that. The night before Sarah edged Bill repeatedly. She just didn’t know the term for what she was doing.

“It’s when you give a guy pleasure until he’s about to cum, but stop before he cums. If you do that over and over you can drive him crazy.”

“Did he ask you to do that?” Sarah asked.

“Nope,” said Suzie.

Sarah thought about it then said, “I think you’re being cruel.”

Suzie changed the topic. “He didn’t ask for that, but he did confess his deepest desire to me, and I need to talk with you about it.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

“He said that his ultimate fantasy is to have a girl sit on his face until he passes out, and he wants you to do it.”

“Me? Why me?” Sarah asked.

“I guess he’s worried that I won’t get off of him after he’s passed out,” said Suzie. “He’s right not to trust me. I do get carried away sometimes.”

“I don’t know,” said Sarah. “I don’t think I could do it.”

“He’s willing to pay you $300,” said Suzie.

“$300?” asked Sarah.

“Yep,” said Suzie. “Think about it. $300 for 10 minutes of work. Where else are you going to find a better gig?”

“Is that how long it would take?” asked Sarah.

Suzie shrugged her shoulders. “I guess we’ll find out.”

Sarah was still reluctant. “I just can’t believe he really wants this.”

“Don’t you remember how excited he got when you sat on his face? He was hard as a rock the whole time!” Suzie said.

To further prove how much Bill wanted this, Suzie picked up her phone and showed Sarah some of the videos he shared on the fighting website. One video after another where the woman smothered the man unconscious. In some of the videos the woman smothered the man to death. He especially liked the executrix videos.

“That’s just sick,” Sarah said. “Does he really want to die that way?”

“No,” Suzie said. “It’s just a fantasy. He’d want to survive so he could do it all over again the next day.”

Suzie searched a little more on her phone then said, “This is his favorite video. It would be an easy one to act out.” They watched the video together. When it finished playing Suzie asked, “So, will you do it?”

Sarah hesitated, then said “Okay.”

“Great!” Suzie said, “The outfit to wear is on my bed, along with a prop or two. I’ll help you come up with things to say.”

Sarah went to freshen up, then she followed Suzie into her bedroom.

“One more thing,” Suzie said. “He told me that he tried to live out this fantasy in the past but he’s always chickened out. This time he really wants it to happen. He doesn’t want to be able to stop it, so I’ve kept him tied up. I also put tape over his mouth, because he doesn’t want to be able to say Red Light.”

Suzie continued, “When you start smothering him he’s going to pretend that he doesn’t want it. He’s going to try desperately to escape. What you need to remember is that it’s just part of the act. He’s playing out his role.”

Sarah put the outfit on. Suzie said, “You look fantastic!” and hugged her. “Just let me have a few minutes alone with Bill, then it’s showtime!”

Suzie returned to the secret room to start another round of tease torture. As she stroked Bill’s cock she said, “Tell me Bill, did you really think that having Sarah here was going to save you? Well I have news for you. You are going to die today.”

Bill looked at the expression on Suzie’s face. She appeared to be dead serious. Alarm bells were going off in his head. He was starting to realize just how much trouble he was in. That didn’t stop him from getting aroused. Once again Suzie had to squeeze the base of his cock to prevent him from cumming.

She stroked him back to a full erection. Then she leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Sarah has a little surprise for you. She is going to weaken you, then I am going to finish you.”

Ten minutes after Suzie left, the door opened. Bill watched as Sarah entered the room. She was dressed up as a sexy nurse. She was carrying a pen, a clipboard and a hand towel.

She pretended to review the paperwork. Instead of medical forms she was using the papers as a cheat sheet, in case she got nervous and forgot her lines.

“I see that you have decided to end your life and have come here of your own free will. Thank you for choosing our clinic to perform this procedure. I can assure you that you are in the best of hands.”

She flipped the page. “And I see that you chose a reverse facesit as your preferred method of execution. An excellent choice. That is our most popular service.”

Bill did not like where this was going. He tried to talk through the tape but it was useless. He struggled against the ropes that were holding him to the bed.

Sarah watched his struggles. “My assistants have secured you to the bed so that you won’t be able to prevent your suffocation”, she said. “As much as you think you want this, once you need air you will struggle to survive. They all do.”

Bill’s left arm broke free of the rope. He instinctively reached over to untie his right arm. Sarah reacted quickly. She dropped the clipboard on the bed and dove on top of him, putting him in a cross body pin. With his right arm still secured she didn’t try to trap it between her legs. She grabbed his left wrist tightly with both hands, and kept most of her weight on top of his arm. Despite Sarah’s small size his arm was no match for her entire body. He fought like crazy but he knew it was over. She had him.

Bill realized that he made a critical mistake. When he got his arm free he should have torn the tape from his mouth. He could have told Sarah that Suzie was planning to kill him. Sarah would have freed him. This nightmare would be ending. He closed his eyes and let out a mournful moan, as he felt the rope once again being wrapped around his wrist.

Once Sarah had Bill subdued she said, ”I’m sorry sir but you have signed the contract and your money has been transferred to our account. Once that process is complete there is no turning back. You are going to be smothered.”

Sarah decided to get this over with quickly, before she lost her nerve. She turned around and straddled Bill, facing his feet. She lifted her skirt, revealing full cut white cotton panties. She felt they were a better match for the nurse’s uniform.

Sarah sat down on Bill’s face. She positioned herself so that his nose was between her butt cheeks. Bill noticed the change in the way Sarah was face-sitting him. She didn’t lower herself onto his face slowly to tease him. And she wasn’t lifting up to allow him to catch an occasional breath. With his mouth taped shut and his nose buried deep in Sarah’s ass, he was getting no air at all.

Sarah was lighter than Suzie, so he was able to turn his head a couple of times. In the mirror he could see a young, blonde-haired nurse sitting on his head, his mouth taped shut, his facing turning red. Part of his vision was obscured by her skirt.

He was only delaying the inevitable. Sarah would simply reposition his face, then bury his face in her panties again. Eventually he was too exhausted to turn his head. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t push her off. He couldn’t tap out or yell Red Light. He was in a dire situation.

Bill fought so hard for air that Sarah began to have doubts that he wanted to be smothered out. Those doubts were erased when his cock grew, then stayed fully erect without even being touched. Suzie was right, she thought. He really does want this.

She disagreed with Suzie on the non-stop edging. Seeing Bill’s hard-on and the tube of gel, she took matters into her own hands. She squeezed some of the gel onto his cock. Then she started gently stroking his cock with her right hand. Bill moaned, although he doubted he could be heard. He was feeling intense pleasure.

Smelling the lubricant reminded Sarah of how much she loved strawberries. She leaned over and started licking the underside of Bill’s cock. Then, for the first time ever, she put a man’s cock in her mouth. She pretended she was sucking on a fruit-flavored popsicle.

When Sarah leaned over Bill was able to breathe, but just barely. His focus was now on the incredible pleasure he was feeling. He prayed that this time Sarah would keep going. He desperately needed to cum.

Bill could feel his orgasm approaching. His body started writhing uncontrollably. Sarah stopped sucking on him then sat back up on his face. Once again his air was completely cut off.

His hope was replaced with despair. He never expected Sarah to be so cruel. But then he felt Sarah’s hand back on his cock. This time she was stroking him harder and faster, and she wasn’t stopping. Soon he was back on the brink. Then came that moment of inevitability. He was beyond the point of no return. He was going to cum.

All of the muscles in his body tensed up, and then it happened. He had the most intense and longest-lasting orgasm of his life. Waves of pleasure washed over him as streams of cum shot out of his cock. Sarah continue stroking until he had nothing left to spurt.

She had never seen a man cum that hard. What a mess, she thought, and smiled. She broke character for a moment when she said, “Don’t tell Suzie I did that.”

The earth-shattering orgasm and the lack of air put Bill in a lethargic state. His dizziness increased.

Sarah slid back into her role as a nurse at an execution clinic. “It’s almost over sir,” she said. “Don’t fight it. Let it take you.” These were the last words Bill heard as his consciousness slipped away.

Sarah used the towel to wipe the semen off of Bill’s chest and stomach. When he stopped moving she asked, “Bill? . . . Are you asleep?” She immediately got off of him and saw that he had passed out. She was relieved to see that he was breathing, and appeared to be resting peacefully.

She untied both of his wrists, then carefully removed the tape from his mouth. While he was still passed out she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, then playfully said, “You owe me 300 bucks.”

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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

( Author’s note: After today I won’t have time to write for a while, so I decided to pull an all-nighter to finish this story. This post is the final chapter of Risky Obsessions. )

Story: Risky Obsessions
Chapter #20: Going for the Kill

Suzie watched the execution role-play scene from the monitor. She was impressed when Sarah overpowered Bill, preventing his escape. She also admired the way Sarah improvised her lines after she got him back under control.

Suzie played with herself while watching. This was her kind of show: a live event of a woman smothering a man who did not want to be smothered.

Not everything went according to plan. Suzie was angry with Sarah for making Bill cum, and for untying him.

When Sarah left the room she started telling Suzie how it went. Suzie interrupted her to say that she was going to check up on Bill, to make sure that he was okay, and that she made sandwiches and put them in the fridge. She then entered the secret room and retied Bill’s arms.

Bill awoke to painful sensations coming from his cock. He opened his eyes and saw a naked Suzie sucking on his sensitive cock. “You’d better be able to get it up!” she said.

When she started using her teeth Bill yelled at her to stop. She placed the tape back over his mouth. “My Daddy loved using duct tape,” she said. “I guess he didn’t want his little girl to hear the sounds of women screaming.”

When Bill’s cock was hard enough Suzie rolled a condom onto it, mounted him and began riding him. He was still feeling mostly pain, but some pleasurable sensations were starting to mix in.

Suzie put her hands around Bill’s neck and began squeezing. Just gentle squeezing at first, but she squeezed harder as she rode him harder. It took 20 minutes to force him to cum. She reveled in the power she had over him. Just one more way his body was forced to surrender to hers. She whispered in his ear, “Pussy wins.”

She rode him a few minutes longer to continue the post-orgasm torture. Bill squirmed in agony. She kept a tight grip on his neck, squeezing so hard that he passed out.

Suzie put her clothes back on, then went to the dresser to take out the package she had received. She said, “Don’t go anywhere. Be right back.”

She found Sarah fast asleep on the couch, in a bright red halter top and faded blue jeans. On the coffee table was an empty wine glass, a half bottle of wine, and an empty plate.

Bill woke up to someone slapping his face. Suzie was sitting on the bed wearing a white silk robe. She had removed the tape from his mouth. She stood up then slowly removed her robe, revealing a pink plastic see-through bloomer. It had a sack with an opening at the bottom that was hanging down between her legs.

Suzie saw the fear in Bill’s eyes. “Do you like it Bill? It’s called a smother bloomer.” She crawled onto the bed, straddled his chest then said, “Guess where your head is about to go?”

“Please Suzie. I don’t want this,” Bill said.

“This isn’t about what you want,” she replied.

Suzie put Bill’s head in the sack, tightened the drawstring around his neck, then sat on his chest. “Most couples just use this thing as some sort of oral sex aid. On me it becomes a deadly weapon. I am going to smother you to death.”

“Why?” Bill asked. She did not answer. Through the sack he could see Suzie towering above him. At first there was enough oxygen, but soon it became stifling, and filled with Suzie’s scent.

As the oxygen in the sack ran out he struggled to breathe. “Suzie . . . Please. . . Why are you doing this?” Suzie looked down at him and said, “Did I ever tell you how much I hate men?”

Another minute passed. Bill was on the verge of tears. “Please!” he said. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.”

“This isn’t a game,” she replied.

Bill sensed that he was about to pass out. He started to panic. “Help me!” he yelled. “Sarah! Help me!”

“Sarah’s not here,” Suzie said. “No one is going to help you.”

Suzie didn’t want Bill’s suffering to end quickly. She pulled the waistband away from her belly to allow a fresh batch of air into the bloomer.

“I saw what Sarah did to you Bill. There are cameras in here. When she thwarted your pathetic little escape attempt it had me touching myself.” She slapped him on the forehead. “You’re such an idiot! When you got your hand free why didn’t you take the tape off of your mouth? Right now you would be home, safe and sound. Instead, here we are.”

“Please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this,” Bill said. “You’ll never get away with it.”

“Oh, I think I will,” Suzie replied. “I’ll just say we were playing some kinky games and that it was just a terrible accident.” She then mimicked a distraught woman making an emergency phone call. “Hello? 911? There’s a man at my house. He’s not breathing! Please hurry!” She looked back down at Bill. “They’ll believe it was an accident when they see all that stuff you posted about wanting to be smothered.”

Bill stopped struggling. Suzie watched as he gasped for air until he passed out. “I guess we don’t need these ropes anymore,” she said, as she untied both of his arms.

This was Suzie’s moment of triumph, but she felt bored. Subduing Bill had been too easy. She longed for the struggle. She lifted the waistband to allow more fresh air into the sack.

Suzie grew impatient waiting for Bill to wake up. She bounced her butt on his chest until his eyes opened. “I’ll tell you what Bill. I’ll give you a chance. All you have to do is get off of the bed and I’ll let you go.” She lifted the waist band one more time to give him more air.

Even with his arms free Bill’s struggles were ineffective. He pulled at her waistband to get more air. Suzie crossed her arms over the waistband. He clawed at the sack trying to tear an opening but it would not break.

He stopped struggling, taking several deep breaths. Then he tried to surprise Suzie with a sudden burst of effort. It worked. He pushed her off of him and onto her back. He was on his knees with his head still trapped in the bloomer. He pulled at the drawstring that was tied around his neck but couldn’t figure out how to loosen it.

Suzie let him have this small victory. She waited to see what he would do next. He walked backwards on his hands and knees, causing the bloomer to slip off of Suzie’s hips down to her thighs. She countered by grabbing the waistband on both sides to prevent him from pulling it all the way down her legs. For the moment he was able to breathe fully. “Suzie, let me out of this thing!”, he demanded.

Bill kept trying to pull the bloomer down while Suzie kept trying to pull it back up. She then started scooching her butt towards Bill until the bloomer was back in place. She wrapped her thighs around his head, holding his face an inch from her pussy. Bill groaned in despair. Once again he was trapped in an air-tight seal.

Bill remembered that all he had to do was make it off the bed. He started dragging them both towards the side of the bed. Suzie responded by grabbing the back of his head, wrapping her thighs around his neck, and squeezing as tight as she could. This caused Bill to cry out in pain. She then twisted her hips, flipping Bill onto his side. Her thighs were now strangling his neck.

Despite Suzie’s efforts to hold him in place, Bill was still inching his way closer to the edge. Desperate to halt his progress, she flipped him onto his back, then sat hard on his face. Her pussy swallowed his nose. Her ass covered his mouth. She grabbed both of his wrists, pinning his arms down.

Even flat on his back with his face being sat on, Bill was able to push off with his legs to inch his way closer to the side of the bed. For the first time Suzie realized that he might actually make it. She redoubled her efforts to hold him in place.

Bill could feel his head reach the edge. Suzie readjusted her position so that she wouldn’t fall off of the bed. She switched to sitting on Bill’s neck. Her legs were now on both sides of his head, with her feet on the floor.

He made it a little farther. Most of his head was now off of the bed. This was where his strength ran out, completely. He couldn’t move another inch. When Suzie was certain that his struggles were over she said, “Aww Bill, that’s too bad. So close, and yet so far.”

In the wall mirror Bill could see his head hanging upside down, trapped in an airless pink prison. It looked like Suzie was giving birth to him. Under the circumstances, maybe it was more like she was unbirthing him. He watched helplessly as he was being slowly asphyxiated.

“It’s over,” Suzie said. “Just accept it. This is the end for you.”

Sarah awoke from a long nap. Not seeing Suzie or Bill, she wondered what they were up to. When she opened the door to the secret room she was horrified by what she saw.

“Suzie? What are you doing!? Let him out of there!”

“Mind your own business!” Suzie replied.

Bill heard the girls yelling at each other. When he opened his eyes he could see Sarah standing at the doorway. In a raspy voice he said, “Sarah, help me!”

“Suzie, I mean it! Let him go!” Sarah said as she approached them.

“No,” said Suzie.

Sarah tried to push Suzie onto her back but couldn’t budge her. She tugged on the waistband of the bloomer to help Bill get some air. Suzie grabbed her wrists. At first Suzie was simply annoyed at Sarah’s attempts to help Bill, but her patience soon ran out. She yelled, “Back off, or you’re next!” She pushed Sarah so hard that she fell and slid across the floor.

“Why are you doing this!?” Sarah cried. She saw Bill’s pleading eyes looking back at her from inside the bloomer. With a look of sorrow she said, “You should never have come here.” She stood up then fled the room.

Sarah was distraught. After a brief hesitation she gathered her stuff, ran out of the house and got into her car. She started the car, then shut it off. She couldn’t decide what to do. She didn’t want to call the police on her best friend, but she couldn’t just leave Bill like that. She sat in her car and cried.

“That was your last chance Bill,” said Suzie. “No one is going to save you now. Not very heroic was she? ‘Super Sarah’ she is not.”

Once again Bill passed out. The sack began to fog up, irritating Suzie. She wanted to be able to watch him die. She stood up then fumbled with the drawstring, loosening it enough to free his head. She then stepped out of the bloomer, leaving her completely naked.

Suzie dragged Bill back to the middle of the bed. She then sat on his face to begin the final smother. Bill’s eyes reopened. He weakly grabbed at her thighs. She held his hands down on top of her thighs.

“I wonder if Sarah feels bad about being my accomplice?” Suzie asked. “We all know she’s the reason you stayed. I saw the way you looked at her.”

“She helped me wrestle and smother you to exhaustion. She helped capture you and tie you up. She prevented you from escaping. She even sat on your face until you passed out!” She laughed and said, “I told her that you wanted to pass out, and that you would pay her $300 for it.”

Suzie released Bill’s hands. His arms dropped onto the bed. He could no longer lift them. She lifted up to give him a little air. She had waited so long for this moment. She wanted it to last.

“Do you believe in the afterlife Bill? Where do you think you’ll go when you die? Maybe you’ll find yourself on a bed just like this one. And maybe you’ll be surrounded by beautiful women who will smother you and arouse you for all of eternity. Never letting you breathe, and never letting you cum. That seems like the proper fate for you. And I am the one who is sending you there!”

Suzie looked down at Bill’s tear-filled eyes. Her mind flashed back to the night she sat on the face of her bear body pillow. It had all come together. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She was sitting on a man’s face, watching the life leave his eyes.

She knew that killing Bill was not a smart move. Sarah would know it wasn’t an accident. Suzie knew she could get in serious trouble with the law. She just didn’t care. Her passion had taken over. She wanted this so badly that she refused to give it up.

Bill could feel his body shutting down. He thought about his life and how much of it he had wasted. He was a loner, living a purposeless, pleasure-seeking life. He wasn’t a religious man, but in this moment he pleaded with God to save him. He told God that he would change his ways and give up his bizarre obsessions, if only his life could be spared. Those were his last thoughts as his eyes closed and he lost his battle to stay conscious.

Suzie watched his eyes close. “Goodbye Bill,” she said quietly.

There was a sudden commotion in the living area. Suzie heard multiple voices and Sarah yelling, “In here guys!”

Suzie got off of Bill and put on her robe just as the door burst open. Sarah was there with three of the guys from next door.

Suzie yelled, “Get the fuck out of my house! All of you!”

“Not until we know that he’s okay,” said Sarah, as she rushed over to Bill.

Suzie left the room in a huff. She made a sudden move at the guy she had knocked out the day before. He backed up so fast he lost his balance and fell, causing his friends to laugh.

While Sarah tended to Bill the guys stood there awkwardly. They looked at all the mirrors and made goofy comments about the room. They were in a joking mood until they got a closer look at the unconscious guy on the bed, and the blonde girl’s desperate attempts to wake him.

Sarah shook Bill and slapped his face. “Bill, wake up! Please wake up!” She saw the dark bruises and fingernail indents on his neck then yelled toward the door, “What the hell did you do to him!?”

One of the guys asked, “Should we call 911?” just as Bill’s eyes started to open. At first he looked straight up at the ceiling. He was struggling to breathe. One of his eyes was filled with blood, causing another guy to say, “Whoa! That dude is messed up.”

With tears in her eyes Sarah asked, “Bill, are you okay?” Bill struggled to speak. In a voice that made it sound like he had a severe case of laryngitis he said, “Four.”

“What?” Sarah asked. Bill slowly turned his head and said, “Two plus two equals four.”

Sarah laughed and cried at the same time. She said, “Help me get him up.” The guys helped get Bill into a sitting position, then Sarah helped him get dressed. Two guys helped Bill walk to his car, while Sarah gathered his stuff.

Sarah sat with Bill inside his car. He was grateful for the cool breeze on his face. He was surprised to see that the sun was setting.

“I should drive you to the emergency room,” Sarah said. “I’m fine,” Bill said. “You don’t look fine,” Sarah said.

Bill told Sarah how nice it was to have met her. He started awkwardly asking her if they could get together sometime, with a similar agreement to what he had with Suzie.

Sarah was stunned. “After all you’ve been through you still want a girl to wrestle with you and smother you?”

“Yes, but just with you, not her,” he replied.

Sarah leaned over Bill, pulled down the sun visor and opened the vanity mirror. She made Bill look at his face. She then lifted his chin so he could see his neck. “This isn’t normal, Bill. You need to get some help.”

Bill sighed and said, “Maybe you’re right.”

A few moments of awkward silence, then Sarah said, “Oh, I almost forgot, you owe me $300.”

Bill laughed, then coughed when the laughing hurt his throat.

“What’s so funny?” Sarah asked.

“Suzie tricked you into thinking that I wanted to be smothered out,” Bill replied.

“Oh,” she said. Then she said, “Oh! My God! Bill! I’m so sorry!” She started crying again.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know,” Bill said. “No, it’s not okay!” Sarah said.

“I can’t be mad at you. You saved my life.“ Hearing that calmed her down.

Sarah pretended to pout and said, “Does this mean I don’t get my $300?”

“I’ll give it to you the next time we meet,” Bill replied. Sarah shook her head. “Get help Bill. Seriously.”

Sarah gave Bill a hug and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodbye Bill. Take care of yourself.”

Bill watched Sarah as she walked to her car in the fading light. He stared at the cute butt that had smothered him out. Then he stared at the delicate hand that had gently stroked his cock, giving him the most incredible orgasm of his life.

Four weeks later . . .

Suzie sat on the couch in her cheerleader outfit. The doorbell rang. She opened the door and said, “Hi Greg. It’s nice to finally meet you.” She took his hand and guided him into the living room. “Would you like something to drink?”

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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

I just 'found' this story and this is an absolute gem of a story. Thank you subdued10 for the great writing of this detailed story.

Loved it!
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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Thank you snow_presto. It did take some time and effort to write this story. To have people read the whole story, thank me for it, and comment on it is greatly appreciated!
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