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Default A Squire Suffers (A Game of Thrones Story)

A Squire Suffers (A Game of Thrones Story)

This was a story request on the forum that I decided to take a stab at. It's my first attempt at fan fiction and probably my last. It will be a 4 part story and contains smothering, squashing, scissoring, choking and some light domination. If you aren't into fan fiction, I suggest you skip this one.

Part One: The Squire

Queen Margaery sighed out of boredom. She was sitting on one of her slave's faces and he was not even struggling. Granted he was strapped spread eagle on a table for her, but still. She expected someone to have a bit more fight for life. She could kill him right now and he wouldn't so much as whimper on his way out. She lifted off of him and pulled down her long green dress.

"That will be all for today. Megga will unshackle you and see that you are fed. I may have need of you tomorrow."

"Thank you your grace." He responded as the queen left her play room. Things had completely changed now that she was queen. Back when she was a lady, the boys used to put up at least some fight and that was always what made her happy. But now, they submitted to everything immediately and without question. Where is the fun in smothering someone if they just let it happen? It was no matter, she would have to make do with what she was provided.

Exiting her secret play area in the bowels of King's Landing she decided she could use some fresh air so she summoned 2 of her handmaidens and headed to the stables. The three of them mounted their horses and headed out to the woods, flanked by two of her queens guard.

As the 5 of them rode through the forest, they heard some whimpering. They rode towards the sounds of the crying and came upon a young boy in light armor, clutching a motionless man in heavy armor.

"Halt! State your name and your business!" One of the queens guard shouted.

"P-p-p- please sir... I'm just a squire. My name is..." The young boy stuttered and came to a stop when he saw Margaery on her horse. He was shaking and released his grip on the fallen knight.

"We demand your name squire! These are restricted woods!" Shouted the other member of the queens guard. Margaery couldn't help but notice the fear in the young squire's face and realized he could be the very thing she had been looking for.

"Silence!" Yelled the queen dismounting her horse.

"Your grace! Back on your horse! It's not safe!" One of the queens guard urged but he was met with an angry glare.

"I demanded silence and yet you still address me? Do I need to inform my husband, the king, of this incident?" She asked, staring at her guard. The poor guard meekly shook his head.

"Good. Now leave us. And be sure you speak nothing about what we happened upon here today. I shall be safe here with my hand maidens and this brave squire." The queen ordered. The two guards exchanged confused looks, but rode away anyways, leaving the three girls and the young squire.

Margaery approached the boy, who had to be about 15 years old. He was a scrawny thing, and rather short. He appeared to be the perfect specimen for what she had in mind.

"Do you know who I am boy?" She asked.

"Y-y-yes your grace. You're... the queen. Queen Margaery, your grace." He stammered back.

"Very good. These are my two handmaidens, Alla and Elinor. They are going to help you out of that soiled armor." Margaery said, admonishing her hand maidens. The two girls dismounted their horses and approached the boy who backed up a bit.

"W-what are you... to do with me... your grace?" He asked back.

"It's alright young squire, everything will be okay. The truth is, I've been looking for you."
The queen said as her handmaidens began removing the armor from the boy.

"M-m-me your grace?" He stammered, as he was stripped down to his tunic and small clothes.

"Why yes. How would you like the opportunity to become a knight?" Margaery asked.

"A knight? It would be an honor your grace... but... I am not of noble blood. Nor is my family loyal to the crown. The knight that had fallen here-" he began but was cut off.

"I do not need your life story boy, I'm not stupid. Clearly you and your knight were on some sort of secret mission to spy on Kings Landing and have failed. Now if you'd like, I can have my queens guard return and have you executed so that you can join him in the dirt. Or you can listen to what I have to say. I am, after all, a generous queen." Margaery proclaimed with a wicked grin.

"Yes your grace... Of course your grace. Please continue." The young squire responded.

"Good. Now would you like to become a knight or not?" The queen asked.

"More than anything in this world, your grace." The squire proclaimed, standing up straight and puffing his chest out.

"Then you shall have it... under one condition." She proclaimed.

"Anything your grace." He answered.

"If you are to be a true knight, you must fight for it." The queen announced.

"Of course your grace. And who shall I be fighting?" He asked.

"Why, me of course." Margaery responded with a smile.

"Your grace? I can not fight you. You are the queen! And a lady!" The squire responded.

"Don't you think I know that boy? I am sick of being treated differently just because I am queen. I thought you would be different but you are just like all the others. It's no matter. I'll just have my guards put you to death. It will be no trouble." Margaery stated, staring directly at the squire.

"No your grace. No need for that. I will do whatever is asked of me if it means becoming a knight." The squire stated firmly.

"Well that's good then. I warn you this won't be easy. There are three of us and you will wrestle each of us in hand to hand combat. No striking allowed. A winner will be determined by knockout only. If you manage to defeat one of us, we shall let you go and never speak of this again. You will be a free man. If you defeat 2 of us, I will allow you to become a squire in Kings Landing, a return to your old life except this time under the true King. And if you defeat all three of us, I will grant you the knighthood you so desperately crave. How does that sound?" The queen asked.

The squire looked back as he ran the options through his head. He didn't have much hand to hand combat experience, especially without the use of weapons but he assumed he had to be stronger than three ladies. And even if he somehow wasn't, even just rendering one unconscious ensured his freedom. On the other hand, he had a feeling that knocking the queen out wasn't exactly a great way to endear himself to the crown.

"Your grace. This sounds more than fair but I do have one quarrel. If I'm to become a knight in your service, how can I harm you and not assume there be repercussions?" The young squire asked.

"I will see to it that as long as no serious damage is done to me then no harm shall come to you. I am the queen and vow to protect your standing in any event. You have my word." The queen proclaimed.

"Your grace, if I may... I have one more question." The squire suggested.

"Speak now as I'm growing weary from all this talk and would like to get our battle started." The queen stated rather firmly.

"Yes your grace. And what if I lose every fight? What will become of me?" He asked nervously.

"Why, you'll become my personal prisoner, never to see the light of day again unless I allow it of course. A life of servitude is better than no life at all young squire. Now if that is all, I'm eager to see how you fare against Elinor. She appears heavier than you and I've seen her defeat men twice your size. As stated before, this will not be easy." The queen proclaimed.

"Yes your grace. I'm ready at your command." The boy stated firmly, dropping into a fighter's stance as Elinor approached. It wasn't until this point that he realized a distinct size advantage. She was nearly 6 feet tall, practically 2 heads taller than him and had to weigh close to 170lbs, at least 40 pounds heavier than him.

She stood in front of him confidently as Alla untied the laces to Elinor's dress and yanked it over head, leaving her completely nude. The young squire's eyes immediately locked on the woman's massive breasts.

"What's the matter squire? Never seen a pair of tits before? Oh this ought to be great fun!" The queen proclaimed with a laugh as she took a seat on a nearby log to watch the action unfold. The squire was frozen in place as Elinor stepped towards him, her long dark hair flapping in the breeze, her tits jiggling with each step.

"P-please... my lady... I don't want to hurt you..." the squire whined, back pedaling with his hands up in defense.

"You won't." Elinor casually remarked and lunged towards him. She grabbed behind his head and pulled his face into her chest. The young squire flailed about as he smothered between Elinor's huge breasts. She hugged him tightly and actually lifted him off the ground, spun around and slammed him to the dirt, mashing her tits tighter against his face.

The back of the squire's head connected roughly against the ground knocking him loopy as he struggled to find air. He tried pushing against the larger woman's shoulders but she just straddled him and hugged him even tighter. His pushes became weaker until his arms finally fell out wide. At this point, Elinor released him and sat straddling his waist. The squire's eyes were still open and he sucked in oxygen desperately as Elinor looked to her queen.

"Looks like the boy is still conscious. The fight continues." Margaery announced and Elinor clapped in excitement that it was still her turn to enact punishment.

Elinor rose to her feet and looked down at the young boy. He was still catching his breath when she decided what to do next. She leapt in the air, kicking her heels out wide and landed full weight right on the poor squire's chest.

"OOOFFF!" The boy reacted as his arms and legs popped off the ground briefly from the impact before falling back down limply. The wind was knocked completely out of him as Elinor's weight bared down on his torso.

"Clever move Elinor! Do it again!" Raved Margaery, clapping at the high impact maneuver.

"As my queen demands!" Proclaimed Elinor as she planted her feet and lifted off of her opponent. She stood up straight for a brief moment before crashing back down again onto the squire, who was still wheezing desperately from the first butt drop. When the second one hit, his wheezes turned into uncontrollable coughing.

"Tough luck squire! You really should try to escape before gods forbid she does it again!" Margaery announced with great glee.

"... n-no... p-p-p-please..." he muttered between coughs, Elinor still sitting full weight atop his chest.

"Escape this pin squire and I'll show you mercy." Elinor proclaimed proudly, hands on her hips. The young squire squirmed beneath the larger woman, still sputtering from the giant weight on his chest.

"Five... four..." Elinor began counting down, causing the squire to struggle harder beneath her but couldn't budge her even an inch.

"Three...two..." she continued as the squire went into full blown panic mode, kicking and wiggling beneath her.

"One" She finished and raised off of her opponent. The squire attempted to sit up, but was met halfway by Elinor's huge ass crashing back down, sandwiching his chest between the forest floor and her weight.

The impact of being driven back to the ground almost knocked the poor boy out and truth be told, he almost wished it had, because he couldn't breathe at all beneath her. The whole world was spinning as his body heaved in desperate attempts to inhale. As he struggled to find his wind, the enormous weight on his chest lifted for a brief moment. Elinor had planted her hands in the dirt and lifted inches off of him, walked her way forward and then dropped full weight onto his face. The squire hands weakly pressed under her ass cheeks in a feeble attempt to ease the pressure.

"Oh my! Looks like you've been swallowed by ass my young squire! It was a valiant effort but there's certainly no escape from this!" Proclaimed the queen.

The squire's legs kicked uselessly beneath Elinor, who had now grabbed the boy's wrists and held them in her lap. She then planted her feet and lifted up an inch before crashing back down and stretching her legs out straight over his face. The last thing he saw was her dark pubic hair before being plunged into complete darkness.

"How sweet of you to give him a breath Elinor, but I do believe Alla has been waiting patiently. It's just about time you ended this battle." The queen remarked and Elinor responded with a nod. She released the boy's wrists and tossed them aside, allowing them to fall limply to the dirt. He had stopped struggling so she widened her legs to check on him but his eyes were still open. She then reached down and spread her pussy lips wide, locking them down over his nose.

"Won't be long now your grace." Elinor proclaimed, crossing her arms on top of her opponent. The poor squire's body began to shiver and spasm but the larger woman held her stance until all motion had ceased.

Once he had gone still, she held her perch, awaiting orders from her queen. Margaery raised up off the log and approached the two. She knelt beside them and reached towards the squire's closed eyes, pulling them open. She peered into them and then released the lids, allowing them to slam shut. She looked up at Elinor with a big grin.

"Looks like you win fair maiden. Now release him before you kill the poor boy. I'll see that you are greatly rewarded for your performance today." The queen proclaimed and Elinor smiled back and planted her feet. She took one last moment to look down at her unconscious prey before finally lifting off of him.

"Thank you your grace." She responded and walked away.
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