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Wonder Woman tamed by the amazons

Warning very violent and unrealistic story ahead. i posted some of my old stories on here a while ago and everyone hated them. but i will try again hopefully this will be up to the very high standards of this refined gentlemen's site. at least people on deviant art seem to like it .

The year is 1750 Europeans have been exploring and colonizing South America for over 250 years By now. But a lot of the interior of the continent is still shrouded in mystery. There is a legend of an amazon kingdom that is ruled by very powerful women deep in the jungle. They have massive amounts of gold .

A group of explorers from the Dutch voc want to find this kingdom and colonize it. The plan is to first try to send a small group of elite explorers to contact the amazons and try to convert them to Christianity and trade with them. If they fail or donít return in 1 year they will send the full army.

The team consists of John Softheart, an explorer who is interested in learning about nature, history, science and culture. Adolf Gottmann is a Christian missionary who wants to convert everyone to Christianity no matter the risk. Richter sliverhammer, a man obsessed with making money .

And Paco el exiliado a man who is half amazon and half Spanish who will serve as their guide. He hates the amazons because they banished him for being mixed race. But he has never actually seen them since he was a baby. But he knows their location and the environment.

They get in a small boat and head upriver. The journey took days with many crocodiles and snakes and other venomous beasts almost killing them. But they reach the amazon lands and the environment just keeps getting rougher.

Paco tells them to be careful, everything can kill you here, even the plants. They get off the boat and wander the dense jungle. How could humans live here long term so many ways to die it's practically uninhabitable? We would have more luck surviving swimming in the open sea or on the north pole .

Paco spots something he says quiet They hide in a bush and then they see an amazoness. She was very tall and had very long legs dark skin her legs were hyper muscular its unlike anything these men had ever seen.

Rock hard diamond shaped calves that were as big as their heads. massive hamstrings an enormous muscular ass. She also had 10 pack abs and massive biceps as well as massive boobs and a beautiful face with war paint.

The men were in awe and tried not to moan. Adolf prayed god forgive me. I have sinned as he came in his pants never having touched his dick. He bites his tongue and cries tears of pleasure and fear as his body shakes .

The other men had not cummed yet but then she showed her strength. She pushed down a palm tree with no effort. Then she grabbed a coconut and she puts it between her thighs and crushes it between the thighs.

It explodes with a loud crack sound and She picks up the pieces and eats it. With coconut milk dripping from her massive thighs down her perfectly shaped calves. Like a river down to her feet that have been decorated with paints .

This sight caused the other men to cum too and Richter couldn't control himself and moaned loudly. oh no the amazon noticed them she yells. qíu!ckh? She gets closer and sniffs.

Ahh European come out of that bush now or i will catch you she puts her hands on her hips. John asks how do you know English ? I know a lot of languages. Richter loads gunpowder in his pistol and yells die savage and shoots her in her abs.

But to his utter shock the bullets get deflected off her tough abs. The amazon yawns and stretches. The men run off through the jungle clumsy, almost tripping and getting bitten by snakes.

Then suddenly the amazon appears in front of them. She manages to catch Paco and John between her biceps and Richter between her thighs and Adolf between her caves with a very quick move and starts squeezing them lightly, choking them out.

Richter is very afraid having seen what her thighs did to the coconut. But she is squeezing softly for her pushing the air out of his lungs. The other guys are also being knocked out.

They wake up a little later and all the men are in a bag being carried by her. John asks where are you bringing us ? She says i am bringing you guys to our city Amazonia. Richter asks what is your name .My name is au thar it means sunflower. We are almost at the city.

Richter whispers probably going to be some shit hole with mud huts where we will be beheaded. Adolf is praying and Paco is angry. The amazoness opens the bag and lets them out and they canít believe their eyes.

This city has huge buildings far bigger than anything in Europe in 1750. They look like they are over 100 years ahead. A lot of muscular amazon women walk around the city. It's very clean.

There are men too but they are much smaller than the women and usually donít go anywhere without their wives. John asks what are you going to do to us au thar smiles as a crowd of amazons surrounds them with lust in their eyes and she says. We are going to break you.

Her friend shows up, her name is mu tu it means bright moon. She was very tall, the tallest person they ever saw. had ten pack abs, long muscular legs and had blonde hair somehow and red eyes.

She looks down on these men and drools and her pussy drips. The men find out what is about to happen. and their fears get mixed with feelings of excitement and butterflies in their stomach as they cum just from thinking about it. Except for Adolf who is praying to god for forgiveness since he is about to have sex out of wedlock.

Mu tu picks John up and begins to suck his dick. John moans loudly as her strong mouth sucks him with great force and her tongue hits all the sensitive spots on his dick. overwhelming him with pleasure and emotion.

John sits on her shoulders enjoying the intense pleasure as she grabs richer by his skinny arm with her foot and she lifts him up. And she then she puts him in her hands and holds him as he fucks her pussy.. She is so tall that if he stands up he only reaches her abs.

Au thar is approaching Paco and richer. Richer is praying in a corner trying to close his eyes. but it gets too much and instinctively opens his eyes and looks upon her powerful body and cums. But it remains hard as rock. The lust is overwhelming.

Au thar grabs Paco and then sits on Adolf's lap and puts his dick in her ass while Paco fucks her in her pussy. Her strong ass grips Adolf's dick who is experiencing levels of pleasure that he canít comprehend. it is far greater than anything he ever felt.

Tears flow from his eyes as he holds on to her strong back muscles. She flexes her biceps meanwhile Paco is crying in her boobs as her strong wet pussy milks him with powerful vaginal contractions.

He cums and has primal screams of pleasure screaming like an animal harder than he ever did as pleasure overwhelms his body and mind his body shaking .

Mu tu carries the 2 other men around while fucking and sucking the men. But eventually she lays down and she starts titfucking John while Richter gets pushed upside down while her calves gently squeeze his head.

They keep on fucking for hours Adolf whimpers you are goddesses as he passes out so do the other men.

The next day they wake up in a huge bed. Mu tu and au thar enter their room and tell them. You will be our husbands now. We are a polygamous matriarchal society so we can have multiple husbands.

I see you guys are already falling in love with us, don't try to deny it. We will teach you our language and culture. Paco says but I thought foreigners were not allowed here. Au thar says that is not true as long as they follow our laws but most won't follow the laws and will be killed. We are going to execute some men tonight.

Paco asks but why was I banished from this place then for being mixed race. Au thar says you werenít. You got lost in a freak accident. Your mom was fishing in the river and there was a mudslide. We were looking for you but it seems like some Europeans found you downstream.

Paco says are my parents still alive? au thar says no they died in the mudslide your mom tried to hold it back but even amazons have limits compared to the earth goddesses. The amazons clean the men and they walk in the city looking at the amazing architecture.

It seems like something from over a century in the future. everything is so clean but also depraved with amazons fucking their husbands in public their value system is totally different how is are the Europeans planning to conquer this place anyway.

But John decides to spill the beans anyway and tells au thar about the invasion plan. Mu tu then laughs and says we will just kick their asses. Now we want to show you guys something impressive.

This is what we will do to the invaders: we have caught another expedition from a land called Denmark. But we won't be so kind to them they tried to steal one of our sacred goddess statues.

The amazons gather at the central temple arena. It looked similar to the roman colosseum but with a temple on the north side of the arena . The queen sits on her throne at the top of the temple.

She looks unreal blue eyes, big natural boobs, 10 pack abs, long legs, thighs bigger than a man's entire body and ripped diamond shaped calves bigger than a man's head. She was even taller than mu tu.

5 men are rounded up in the arena in chains. A tall red hair amazon with green eyes enters the arena. She is tall, has enormous thighs, 8 pack abs and big boobs her name is arr qua meaning the brutal tiger. She is also known as the butcher of men.

Arr qua yells these men will be crushed brutally however one man will receive a more merciful death. There was a 6th man called lars forraederen a short blonde haired man .he will be rewarded by being sacrificed to the goddess because he told us about their plan to steal the statue

Richter says how is that a reward ? au thar says you will see soon. The 5 men are huddled in a corner nude while lars is just watching in another corner. Arr qua grabs one manís head and puts it between her thighs and begins to squeeze she also wraps her calves around his cock.

The gentle flexing of her strong calves muscles make him cum so hard the cum shoots all across the arena into the crowd. But then the starts squeezing harder and her calves crush his dick into paste massive amounts of blood splashes on her feet while she begins to crush his head.

Her hard muscular thighs tense up and the muscles feel tougher than bone as his skull gets crushed, his face flattened as his skull bursts into pieces and his eyes and brain shoot out of his flat head, what a display of strength.

Then the next guy gets put in a sideways bodyscissor. her rock hard thighs totally pulverize his ribs with unstoppable force. totally flattening his torso, how is she so strong? The man pukes blood and guts and blood shoots from all his orifices and his spine snaps as all his organs get flattened between her powerful muscular thighs. As she squeezes with inhuman strength.

She seems calm and not even putting in much effort as she squeezes with a fraction of her force not caring about the dying man between her thighs. Eventually she squeezes so hard his body is literally cut in half and he finally dies.

Then She grabs the next man and puts him in a figure four headscissor. Her strong calves and thighs squeeze his head. Her calves are so hard and big it's totally crushes his jaw and pushes the rest of his head against her rock sold thighs. and then the the top of his skull collapses against her thigh crushing his brain and she squeezes so hard his head is practically liquefied blood and crushed brains flow from her legs.

The next man gets grabbed in a bear hug. She squeezes him between her powerful pumped up biceps. She squeezes so hard while his ribs get crushed into pieces and he starts puking out his guts as his spine snaps and his organs get crushed. As he gets crushed like a tube of toothpaste between her powerful muscular man killing biceps .His torso is turned into a thin mess of gore as he dies.

The next man is in a foetal position awaiting death. She picks him up and kisses him giving him just a moment of calm and he cums from the overwhelming emotions of fear and lust combined.

She pushes him against the wall very tightly. She keeps pushing like if she is trying to walk in the wall. Eventually his ribs also get crushed and his face is being crushed against her boobs. and his legs get crushed against her much bigger legs. As she pushes so hard every bone in his body gets pulverized and his entire body gets turned into mush as cracks appear in the wall. She finally gets off him covered in blood and gore while all that remains of the man is a splash of blood on the wall .

She then turns to lars she licks her lips. Lars was a little creeped out about this but he knows the awesome fate that awaits him. She picks him up gently and carries him to the temple and puts him on the altar. What is about to happen?

She begins to fuck him on the altar. The amazons start chanting as a storm cloud appears and candles are lit around him as she fucks him with a faster pace. Her pussy gripping him tightly contracted with great passion and force almost crushing his dick.

Lars feels the incredible pleasure as thunder begins to strike and his heart beats fast. The pleasure overwhelms him. He cums and screams hard as he has the most intense orgasm of his life that never seems to end.

Arr qua also screams she flexes her bicep and feels his heart and says goddess please give this good man a merciful afterlife as the man is shaking like a vibrator and his body turns red and he foams from the mouth.

The amazons are fingering and the men are jerking off and eventually the entire city devolves into an orgy as the women start to fuck the men roughly but with some gentility since they donít want to kill every man in the city like lars

The man on the altar starts having a mental breakdown as arr qua starts bouncing her pecs sweaty boobs shaking and muscles moving his mind is being destroyed with lust as endless streams of cum leave his body . and he starts screaming and crying and laughing like a madman in a state of limbo being destroyed by pure pleasure. and arr qua kisses him one more time as her heart explodes from the mind blowing sex. And the amazons continue to have their ritual orgies for the rest of the night .

The men continue to enjoy their lives with the amazons having sex many times a day and being assimilated into the culture learning the language customs and religion. Adolf no longer even believes in Christianity and now worships the Amazonian goddesses.

Richter is no longer greedy and is finally happy with what the amazons gave them. John is translating the many advanced concepts and knowledge into English and French. And Paco is happy that he finally learned the truth about his family and meets distant relatives.

All is great but then 2 men show up looking for them, they ride horses and managed to reach the city without getting killed. One of them is called Rolf van den bosch and the other one is called Otto bokkenbreker. they both have a moustache Otto is bald and Rolf has long blonde hair and they look tough

they are also in awe of the city but try to find the previous explorers to see what happened to them. They find the 4 European looking men on a terrace relaxing while their wives work out.

They walk up to john Rolf says are you john softheart. John says yeah i guess. My name is Otto. What happened to the expedition you were supposed to return after you made contact with them? They send us as your replacement. We had to come all the way from Siam. You guys are just sitting here acting like degenerates with the savages. Look at yourself you are not even wearing clothes.

Rolf walks up to Adolf who is kissing au tharís feet. Rolf yells Adolf what the fuck are you doing you are the last person i would expect to do this you were a man of god. Adolf says i donít believe in that shit anymore i have seen the power of the natural goddesses. What have these witches done to these poor gentlemen they have had their souls fucked out of them.

Rolf says to Otto we should probably leave. I got a bad feeling about these women. Otto says yes. But let me punish these traitors first. Otto attempts to decapitate John with his sword .But then au thar grabs his sword with her bare hands.

Her hands are so strong she is not harmed She then bends and snaps his sword in half .Otto is in shock how is this possible how is she so strong. Au thar then puts her hand on Otto's head and squeezes so hard his skull cracks and his brains get crushed.

Rolf tries to flee. But au thar jumps on him and puts him in a rear naked choke her powerful thighs squeeze him with overwhelming power. While her powerful bicep compresses his skull and jaw soon his ribs pop between her strong thighs she licks his teases as he cums one more time before she squeezes harder and his spine snaps as her thighs bulge with incredible power and the man's guts get liquefied.

She flexes her strong hard biceps and his jaw collapses and soon his entire skull explodes between her biceps while her thighs cut this man in half causing a bloody mess of blood and guts on the ground. Au thar says let it be known that any invaders will meet this man's fate or even worse.

A few more months pass and back at the shore they are building a massive army lead by the noble man baron Ludwig von Limburg. The army is made up out of over 100.000 mercenaries from Switzerland and Prussia.

Baron Ludwig has a speech where he says gentlemen after over 250 years of exploring the new world we have finally found the amazon kingdom. There we will of course go there to civilize these ladies and spread the good word of Jesus. And for the glory of king and country

One of the mercenaries yells and gold. Ludwig smiles yes of course but donít say that out loud. Gentleman these ladies are so savage they donít even wear clothes they are not even human. This will be an easy victory but brute strength won't win against our guns and cannons not like they have much strength anyway; these are still women anyway.

Let's start marching because they killed our explorers and we want revenge. In the name of god and the king western civilization shall rule the world forwards march left right left right. The army clumsily marches in the jungle. A lot of soldiers end up getting bitten by snakes and die from other stupid things and they are 2 days late. But most of the army makes it to the Amazonian capital intact.

They arrive at the gates and get in position a small army of about 300 amazons await them. au thar and mu tu get ready for battle they tell the men to stay back and watch the show. They are led by the queen herself.

They are all fully nude and the queen stands out appearing super human in terms of height and muscularity. She was almost 3 meters tall. How is this possible? The other amazons were around 2 meters tall give or take. Enormous but still within normal human limits.

The amazons are approaching the European army. The men line up and the amazons charge at them. The European soldiers are shaking and canít focus because the beauty of these powerful nude sweaty amazons is overwhelming them. they have a pose down they flex their muscular bodies they roll their abs bounce their pecs flex their quads and lick their biceps.

Some men fall on their knees because they cum so hard they can't even stand up straight. Many drop their gunpowder and bullets on accident. Ludwig yells open fire the soldiers open fire and to their shock the bullets literally bounce off the amazons hard muscular bodies it's like they are not even harmed.

They fire cannons and one amazoness gets hit in her abs and she gets pushed back and almost falls over. But the cannon ball falls on the ground and the amazoness is unharmed. She feels her abs have a minor bruise, she looks at the soldiers and has a smug smile. Her powerful 10 pack abs took the impact.

The soldiers are afraid and want to surrender or retreat. But the general will not give up or consider new tactics. He yells charge. The soldiers charge trying to stab the amazons with their Bayonet. But the amazons just beat them all to death.

Au thar punches one man in the Face so hard his head explodes like a tomato .And then kicks another man in the stomach his guts liquefied as he flies into the distance

Mu tu grabs two men between her biceps and effortlessly crushed their heads like eggs, their skulls bursting open blood and brains splashing into the distance; she then stomps on a hiding man's head, his head explodes like a tomato.

Arr qua runs from soldier to soldier breaking their necks like twigs she kills a man like this every few seconds. in just a few minutes she killed 100s like this.

The queen wanders around the battlefield yelling orders and using elegant hand signs to signal orders too. Most of the men are too intimidated by her massive stature to even attack. A man tries to charge her and she stares into his eyes. The man stops cums and screams as his mind is being broken just by looking upon her and his heart explodes just from looking at her perfect body.

And then 2 very brave men try to climb her back and stab her neck but then one man gets his head trapped between her rhomboid muscles while the other man gets his head stuck between her glutes.

She crushes them she moves her shoulders back and squeezes her rhomboid muscles together against his head. Her strong back muscles flatten the man's head cracking his skull with ease just like she would with her thighs or bicep blood flowing down from her back.

The man between her glutes gets crushed even quicker. The head bursts open from the overwhelming force of her rock hard perfectly shaped flawless smooth muscular asscheeks blood Dripping down her legs.

The queen then goes around and kicks and stops many more men to death. It's like these men are made of pudding. She kicks them all into a bloody mush. General Ludwig sees this and is starting to panic.

they send in the cavalry they charge at the amazons. but they literally grab the horses and toss them around. The queen yells with a defining roar causing all the horses to instinctively run away in fear and a lot of the men too.

The queen yells surrender now and we will show mercy. most of the soldiers surrender and kneel down. Ludwig tries to flee on his horse but au thar follows him. she swing from vine to vine like Tarzan and and grabs a vine and swings towards Ludwig.

She wraps her powerful killer thighs around him and begins to crush him to death between her thighs. She snaps his ribs as he screams and coughs blood and screams in even more pain as she snaps his spine between her long strong muscular ripped killer thighs as he leaves a trail of blood across the jungle.

But she decides to not kill him yet and she takes him to the battle field and unlocks her thighs and drops him to the ground. Were a bunch of amazons await him. They grab his arms and legs.

They grip him so hard his wrist and ankle bones break and they start pulling. He screams in pain as he is being quartered and his legs and arms get lowly pulled apart, muscles tearing and bones snapping as he falls on the ground as a limb-less crying thing that was once a man.

Au thar then rips his nose off and pokes his eyes out and his ears too and even his cock gets gripped so hard she crushes it into paste balls popped as he now loses all will to live.

Mu tu walks up and puts him in a sideways bodyscissor while au thar puts his head in a figure four and they begin to squeeze. Au thar crushes his jaw with her strong rock hard calf and the tip of his head begins to crumble against her thigh. While mu tu slowly crushes his already broken ribs trying to elongate his suffering as he feels as fragile as a water balloon between her thighs.

Au thar then squeezes even harder the man's skull implodes and gets almost liquefied between her powerful tight hold between her calves and thighs. A stream of blood that was once his head flowed down her legs while mu tu flexes her thighs with great force bursting his body open it pretty much explodes into a gory mess. Nothing remains of this man now.

A lot of the men surrender and are rounded up and forced to march to the city and get to the arena. However the arena has been altered, it is now covered with pillows and carpet and mattresses and it looks lovely now. 1000s of men get rounded up and many amazons from the city also enter the arena with lust in their eyes and they storm the men.

The men are scared and aroused having no idea what will happen. The queen stands on the top of the pyramid and speaks with a loud voice causing many of the men to cum just from hearing her and she says.

You will be sacrificed to our goddesses. She then flexes her bicep and bounces her pecs. Many of the men cum again and faint. You will experience the greatest pleasure possible as you will be sent to the after life it's your reward for surrendering. If only your fallen comrades had made the same decision you made they could have experienced this greatness.

The amazons jump in the arena and grab many men. Au thar jumps on one man orders another one to fuck her ass and gives someone else a hand job. The men scream in passion as au thar unleashes her full potential on them.

her pussy and ass clench on their cocks squeezing them tightly causing great pleasure and the men shake and drool. Au thar gives the other man the most incredible hand job ever hitting all the sweet spots making him cum over and over and sucks another mans dick. She sucks so hard she drains the cum out of him as she drives these men insane and they shake and drool and then scream in passion as their hearts explode from the passion.

Mu tu is laying against a huge pillow one man is fucking her ass as she sits on him. Another man is getting a blow job two men get hand jobs from her one man is fucking her pussy 2 men are getting foot jobs.

The man fucking her pussy is going mad grabbing her boobs and licking her sweaty abs. The guy fucking her ass is pressed between her back and ass and the pillow and is experiencing intense pleasure as her ass flexes. He is losing his mind as he drifts into a world of pleasure and his brain melts and he dies peacefully .

The men getting hand jobs are going crazy as her perfect hands stroke and hit every sweet spot. As they spasm against the pillow drooling and screaming as their minds melt and they fall down cumming and spasming as they die happy.

The men getting foot jobs are cumming so hard the cum shoots high in the sky covering her with cum as they die from cumming so much their organs stop working. The man fucking her pussy loses it. As he screams with primal passion and fucking her with beast like passion as his body turns red and he foams from the mouth.

mu tu cums and clenches her pussy giving the man so much pleasure he cums in a cluster orgasm. Cumming 100s of times in a few seconds overwhelming his body causing him to literally explode into a bloody mess.

The guy getting a blow job is also spazzing out and screaming until his voice gives out as his body turns red and overheats so much steam starts appearing and his heart explodes as he experiences insane levels of pleasure. and then he gets dropped to the ground, his broken body explodes like a fragile water balloon because it was so worn out from the sex.

Arr qua is fucking 4 men as she stands up one man fucks her strong calves while one man fucks her pussy as he holds on to her .while another man fucks her ass while holding on her strong back while another man sits on her shoulders as he gets an intense blow job.

The guy fucking her calves is experiencing epic pleasure. Her powerful smooth hard calves gently flex with great precise muscle control around the tip of his dick as he cums from feeling the strong but exact force of her calves muscles.

He cums over and over covering her feet with a puddle of cum he cums hard as he grabs her hard solid muscular man killing thighs with great passion as he screams and worships her as a goddess. His last words are thank you thank you as he cries and he has a heart attack.

While the guy fucking her pussy cries in her boobs has her strong pussy clenches him and pumps him with powerful contractions almost crushing his dick. He drools and foams from the mouth as his body shakes like a vibrator as he screams with intense passion as his heart also explodes.

The guy fucking his ass holds on her strong back as her powerful glutes gently squeeze his cock. He cums and cums he is shaking and vibrating as he worships her strong back. She flexes her bicep and the man worships it.

The solid strength of her bicep shocks him and he is overwhelmed by feelings of love and submission. his body is shaking, he moans as he cums so much he canít take it anymore and breaks down as his mind melts and dies upon feeling so much power and pleasure.

The guy getting a blowjob is freaking out shaking like a mad man as orgasms hit his body like a machine gun. And her tongue hits all the best spots moving around his cock like a snake. The man cries i love you as his body shuts down and his heart explodes and she drops him on the ground and his body falls down.

But the real spectacle is the queen. She walks to the orgy many men die just from looking upon her in all her glory. Foaming from the mouth and shooting all their cum out of their body in one massive orgasm as they die.

But there are ďstrongerĒ men in the crowd that can at least handle touching her for a few minutes before dying. The queen lays on one of the mega pillows and orders the ďstrongestĒ men in the orgy to fuck her.

They storm her like possessed mad men. Eyes wide open, not even blinking. But many get heart attacks before they even get to her. The men that could handle it crawl over her huge body and massage her as they cum over and over covering her body with cum.

2 men suck her nipples while she also titfucks multiple men since her boobs are so big they fit in. Other men get bicep jobs, hand jobs and foot jobs. 2 men fuck her huge calves while a whopping 5 men are lined up against her thighs laying sideways so there is room.

And she manages to get 3 men to simultaneously fuck her pussy 3 cocks enter her powerful pussy shaking knowing they wont make it out of there alive but not caring anyway and not having any fear or doubts or regrets

2 men fuck her ass also all at the same time as they are pressed against the pillow while they worship her upper ass and lower back. Even more men fuck her thighs from behind pushed between her hamstring and pillows they put their cocks between her thighs not even realising 5 more men are doing the same thing on the other side. Even more men are humping her legs, back abs and so on.

She manages to catch one man's cock between her abs and squeezes all the cum out of it. Trying to hold back so she doesnít crush the cock on accident .Not like it matters because the sensation overwhelmed his body and mind causing his heart to explode quickly like so many others.

The men seem totally possessed almost not human anymore. Doing everything they can to satisfy these women who they worship as goddesses as their only life goal. The men fucking the queens legs erupt as endless amounts of cum over her thigs as these men die happy from the pleasure.

The men fucking her pussy and ass are possessed like demons or beast. Their bodies are red as they trust with all their force. They feel the incredible tightness. They bump into each other getting injured but it doesnít matter.

These men will not stop fucking until they are death. Their bodies run on pure instinct as they look at the divine body of the amazon queen. Shiny and muscular she flexes her biceps as dozens of men fall down totally drained with smiles on their faces. Knowing they had the best deaths possible and not a single regret.

Adolf John Richter and Paco are in the spectator seats in the colosseum. They have blindfolded them because just looking at this scene of hyper sexuality could probably kill them or drive them insane. But the blindfold is thin so they can still see the shadows. And the sound of men screaming and the overwhelming smell of cum and pheromones makes them so horney they cum every few seconds and pass out from the overwhelming sexual stimulation .

The orgy lasts about 36 hours until every man is dead and the amazons then sleep for a while in the colosseum and after that they clean up the mess. After this the four explorers and their wives live a long and happy life.

The Europeans would never be able to colonize the amazons. But over the centuries they had more western influence and are officially part of Brazil but in practice are still independent .

Nowadays the amazons are still powerful but they appear more westernized at first and their city seems to be typical for the region. However the matriarchal structures are still there. And if men mess within them and step out of line things will be similar to what happened in 1750.

by yotv 2023
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