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Default Re: Home Intruder Makes a Deadly Mistake

Adding some more details and finishing touches to the story, hoping you will all enjoy once it is finished!
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Default Re: Home Intruder Makes a Deadly Mistake

Can't wait
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Default Re: Home Intruder Makes a Deadly Mistake

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Old 20-Apr-24, 16:31
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Default Re: Home Intruder Makes a Deadly Mistake

Haley has been enjoying the new life she has created for herself since she killed that home intruder around 6 months ago. Not only did she save and invest the $1 million dollar reward that she received from the mayor of her city, but she took a job dancing for a more well-known ballet studio in her city, receiving a large raise in pay from her previous studio. Now making around $10,000 per month to fulfill her dream of being a a famous ballerina.

Another life change Haley made was moving out of her small 1 bedroom apartment that she ended John’s life in and moving to a nice large luxury high rise apartment in a much nicer part of the city. An apartment on the 30th floor with 3 bedrooms, a balcony, and much nicer amenities in the building. Including a luxurious gym, spa, sauna, and pool. It’s safe to say that Haley made the best of the situation and improved her life drastically after the home intruder situation.

Perhaps the biggest life change came about a month after the story broke of her beating up, torturing, and crushing a man’s neck between her thighs. Haley started receiving loads of emails, messages, and DMs on social media from men in her city hoping for a chance to feel her scissors or serve her in any way. Haley was shocked by the first couple of messages she received asking for scissor sessions, she ignored them “ew… just some internet weirdos hoping to get close to my ass” she thought to herself. Until a few more days went by and the messages kept coming. Over 100 submissive men begging for the chance to get headscissored by the Ballerina Vigilante. Some even going as far as offering hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the chance to be squeezed to sleep between her perfect thighs.

Haley sat and thought about it for a few minutes before thinking of an idea. She put the idea on social media and it spread quickly. The offer was that Haley “The Ballerina Vigilante” would be offering the opportunity for submissive men to be her slaves for a week at a time. Their duties would include living with her, serving her, and being crushed between her legs and smothered under her butt whenever she pleases. Haley set the price at $2,500 per slave per week, and set the limit at 10 men at a time.

Haley spent the next 2 hours setting up her 2 spare bedrooms as her subs living quarters, buying large dog cages for them to sleep in, ropes, chains, food, etc. Not knowing if anyone would even be interested in her offer. But to her surprise, when she checked her phone she had over 80 messages from men begging to be selected.

Haley was ecstatic! She has always been a feminist and a proponent of female empowerment, so the fact that she gets to dominate men and advance herself financially at the same time felt like a dream come true. She selected 10 men and told them to show up to her apartment at 10am the following day with $2,500 cash in hand. The next day came and she got right to business, the men paid her and entered her apartment and were told to strip down to their underwear.

Haley spent the next week living her regular routine, ballet rehearsal in the morning, followed by the gym before coming home. And from the time she came home to the time she went to sleep, she was being a domme to the 10 men in her apartment. Headscissors, facesitting, foot worship, leg worship, butt worship, wrestling, and more. The men were also doing her cooking, cleaning, laundry, and everything else around the house for her. Haley had never been more happy or empowered in her life.

The first week came and went and as the men left, Haley realized that she discovered a gold mine. She just made $25,000 to let a few pathetic guys worship her during her free time. She continued the service every week for the next 5 months. She even started vlogging the experience and posting videos and pictures of her sessions on tiktok and instagram, quickly becoming the largest female empowerment influencer in the country. Her videos encouraged girls around the world to be more confident, assertive, and bold.

In just 5 months, Haley amassed over 8 million followers combined between her tiktok, instagram, and twitter accounts. As well as making a total of $500,000 from her domme service. The world was at her feet and Haley truly felt on top of the world as she saw girls and women from all over starting to get more empowered, in charge, and starting to put men in their place more and more often.

While all of this was happening, there were still a large group of men who despised Haley and how she always pushed feminism and empowerment to her women followers.

Perhaps the biggest hater of her cause was a man named Chad, a recently retired 35 year old professional MMA fighter who ran multiple social media pages based on how men are the superior gender, the opposition of feminism, and men being in charge. Chad was very outspoken and confident and had a decent following himself, with almost 2 million followers between his tiktok and instagram accounts.

Haley and Chad were always making reply videos against each other, and constantly having internet fights over instagram and twitter. Haley usually getting the better of him and angering Chad to no end, reminding him that half of his gender doesn’t even agree with him, and how most men are happiest when serving women.

While this always seemed like playful internet teasing to Haley, Chad slowly became infuriated that he was being publicly embarrassed in front of his followers by some dumb young girl.

Chad would sometimes say that he should pay her a visit to teach her a lesson, to which Haley always jokingly encouraged. Knowing he would never take a flight across the entire country just to fight someone he had an internet fight with.

But across the country, that is exactly what Chad was planning.

One sunny Sunday afternoon around 1pm. Haley is coming home from brunch with some of her girlfriends. She is dressed in a new flowy floral sundress. Her apartment is empty and she needs to prepare it for the next batch of submissive men who will be showing up tomorrow.

But when Haley gets to the door of her apartment, she stops and realizes something is off. Her door is cracked open, she stops to think if she could have forgotten to close it but she’s not fully sure. She enters slowly and starts walking around, hoping it’s just a silly mistake on her end.

Haley steps inside and closes the door and locks it behind her, she slides her shoes off and starts slowly walking through her apartment, going room to room looking for who or what may have broken in. Haley walks into her bedroom and starts to think it was just her forgetfulness and leaving the door open until she feels a large arm wrap around her neck from behind.

Haley tries to scream for help but a hand covers her mouth and silences her “don’t make a sound bitch” she heard a gruff voice say. Haley goes into defense mode and slams her lower body backwards, thrusting her hips and butt into her attackers groin. This loosens his grip enough for Haley to grab his arm and lean forward to flip him over her shoulder into the floor. She keeps a hold of his wrist and stomps her foot down on his throat and looks down to see who has broken in this time. She’s shocked to see it’s her internet rival, Chad, who actually flew across the country to try teaching her a lesson.

“Oh this is gonna be fun!” Haley says as she pushes her foot down harder on his throat as she twists his wrist up until it makes a high pitched *snap* as she breaks chads right wrist.

Chad groans and rips his hand away from her and shoots up to his feet “I told you I’d come and show you who’s boss, you little bitch” he says as he holds his wrist with his other hand, realizing it’s useless now.

Before he can recover from what just happened, Chad feels a swift kick planted between his legs and feels Haley’s foot crush up into his balls. Chads face goes pale and he looks down at his groin as Haley keeps her foot planted strongly between his legs.

Chad looks up at Haley’s smirking face as he realized that his plan to take her down and teach her that men are superior has already been foiled. He had gone over it a hundred times in his head on the flight over and I’d now humiliated that she turned the tables on him in under 2 minutes, using just one thrust of her butt and one emasculating kick to his balls.

“Ohh god-“ Chad whimpers as he can barely speak from the kick as he drops to his knees in front of Haley. Chad looks up in shock as Haley steps back and swings her leg and kicks him in the stomach, then the face without putting her foot down, letting out soft exhales with each powerful strike “hm hm!”

Chad falls back but Haley’s bed doesn’t allow him to fall flat onto the floor, instead Chad is propped up in a vulnerable position for Haley’s onslaught. Haley steps towards him and stands over Chad as he leans back against the bed. Chad weakly tries to push Haley’s hip to escape but he is met with a stinging slap to the face “oh jeez ow-“ and a quick combination of three punches to his exposed face “ha ha hah!” Followed by Haley running her fingers through chads hair as she pulls his head towards her as she swings her knee up into his jaw “huah!” Chad leans back into the bed as his world nearly went black from Haley’s strikes, in utter disbelief that a 23 year old ballerina brought him closer to unconsciousness than any of his professional MMA opponents.

Chads hand drops from Haley’s hip down to his side as he spits up a tooth and some blood “please… this was a mistake.. I’ll leave now” Chad begs as he looks up at the young domme standing over him. Haley giggles “but after all you said on the internet about beating me and making me submit? What happened to that?” She teases as she stays back and puts her hand under his chin to stand him up to his feet. Chad is disoriented and dazed from the punches, barely able to stand on his feet, he was never expecting a small ballerina to be able to inflict so much damage in such a short time.

Haley grabs the collar of chads shirt and walks him out of her bedroom and down the hall, dragging him as he stumbles along behind her a dog. Haley stops, swinging her foot back into chads balls one more time for good measure, and giggling at the high pitched noise he makes into her ear “I’ll never get tired of that!” She laughs.

Haley brings Chad to the living room, a big open space and she stands across from him as she props her phone up on the table and hits the record button. “Come on tough guy, you always said we should fight… here’s your chance!”

Chad looks at the phone and sees that Haley is recording a video of this and is instantly embarrassed, he sees himself and it’s a pitiful sight. Blood running down his shirt, barely able to stand up, one hand bent out of shape from his wrist being broken, just looking weakened and pathetic. But right there across from him Haley looks completely fresh and beautiful in her sundress, not even having broken a sweat so far.

Chad realizes that if he loses on video, Haley will post it on social media for the whole world to see, and that would be the end of him. He musters all his remaining strength and lunges at her, throwing multiple punches at her, the first few miss her as Haley dodges the strikes effortlessly and steps behind him “what the fuck?!” He thinks to himself as he turns around and is met by Haley’s toes snapping into his nose from a quick front kick, breaking his nose on impact. Haley giggles “cmon Mr. Pro Fighter, you can’t lose to a younger girl who’s never fought before!” She teases as she throws 3 more kicks in rapid succession to chads knee, body, and face, each kick landing perfectly on her opponent before Chad even knew what she was planning.

Chad responds with a slow, labored left hand punch that Haley catches in her hand, and holds as she punches up at his elbow to hyper extend his arm and dislocate it at the elbow, causing Chad to cry in pain as both of his arms have been rendered useless from the ballerinas strikes.

Haley grabs Chad by the throat and throws him against the wall. She lines him up and kicks him a few times in the body and legs to weaken him even more, like a lioness toying with her prey, all while lecturing him “see the reason why you never lost an MMA match is because you never fought a professional dancer” as she kicks him in the stomach again “ha!” “See we ballerinas have better body control than anyone else and my kicks can be deadly because of how toned and strong my hips, butt, and thighs are.” Haley says as she does 2 more swift kicks to his balls and liver “ha hah!”. “And another reason why you never lost is because you you only fought men, and there are a bunch of rules! If you fought a woman with no rules, you’d lose every time… this is exhibit A” she says as she punches Chad 3 times finishing off with a slap across his face that makes his ears ring “ha ha ha hah!”. Haley giggles “if you fought a girl in the real world, like you just tried to do, you’d lose every time. Because men have the biggest natural weakness” Haley says as she walks close to Chad “these little guys right here” she says as she cups chads balls in her hand “just a couple hits to these and I turned you into a weak, pathetic, begging, loser” Haley lets go of his balls as she steps back “say goodnight.” As she spins and swings her leg and throws a spinning heel kick, smashing her right heel into chads jaw, knocking him unconscious and pushing his head back with such force that his head flew back into the wall behind him and broke the drywall from the impact. Haley lets chads unconscious body drop to his knees and forward onto his face on the floor in front of her feet. She looks at her phone and blows a kiss to the camera before walking over and saving the video.

While Chad lays unconscious, Haley runs to her room and grabs some rope. She ties his arms behind his back, even though his arms are useless, more for added humiliation in her videos she will be making. Haley then tied chads ankles together and drags him over to the big living room couch and lays him on his back on the big sectional couch as she sets up her phone pointed towards Chad as she waits for him to wake up.

As Chad wakes up, he’s met with complete darkness for a few seconds until Haley flips up the back of her sundress skirt and looks back at him “you decide to wake up yet?” She teases as she looks over her shoulder to see chads eyes barely peeking out from underneath her butt cheeks.

Chad realizes he is in a compromising position and tries to escape until realizing he is tied up “wait, what’s going on? What the f-“ before he is cut off by Haley scooting her butt back to fully cover his face under her butt.

Haley looks back and giggles at Chad “I hope you don’t mind I took off my panties, I was just soooo tired of wearing them after brunch” she says as she shimmies and wiggles her perfectly round butt onto chads face, digging his nose up between her cheeks and smothering his mouth with her pussy. Haley enjoys herself and gently and slowly rides chads face as he slowly loses air under her “you would be a pretty good sub if you wanted… you have a comfy face” haley teases as chads face gets red from the lack of air. Haley leans forward just a tiny bit to allow Chad to sniff some air from between Haley’s butt before sliding back and cutting his air off again.

Chad lays under the ballerinas butt, struggling to breathe and hoping for any kind of escape, he starts to tear up after realizing that his biggest fear came true. The girl he planned on beating up ended up turning the tables on him, kicking his ass, knocking him out, tying him up, now she’s using him as her own personal throne and recording it for everyone to watch and see. Tears start to swell in his eyes as he’s forced to take in Haley’s natural feminine scent and swallow her damp juices from her pussy, realizing that she’s getting slightly wet the longer she smothers him underneath her ass.

Tears begin falling down the sides of chads face and Haley looks back and notices “Aw what’s wrong, struggling to breathe down there?” She teases as she leans forward to let him get a small sniff of air in her butt before she leans right back and continues suffocating him. Haley reaches forward and slaps Chads balls, eliciting a muffled moan of pain under her butt as she giggles on top of him. She lowers her skirt and covers chads head as she looks into the camera and smiles “you better get comfortable down there, it’s gonna be a while”

The following 60 minutes consisted of Haley using her masterful facesitting skills to make Chad suffer underneath her, keeping him on the verge of passing out before letting him get a small sniff of her butt air to buy himself some more time once she leaned back and got right back to smothering him. A swift slap to the balls every couple minutes to remind Chad that his manhood is now owned by a 23 year old ballerina girl. As well as Haley marking her territory by dampening Chads face with her juices as she became visibly excited from the fact that she is in charge of the man who has discredited her as a domme. She was enjoying using his face as a chair a little bit extra and she was having no mercy on him.

After 30 minutes, Haley leans and feels chad sniffing his nose hard in her butt to get whatever air he is allowed. Haley looks back and sees his tear filled eyes “I’m gonna keep you down here for so long that you’re gonna forget what fresh air smells like!” She teases as she sits back to cover his face right as he tries to plea for mercy “hmh-“
And that is where Haley stayed for the remaining 30 minutes, seated perfectly on Chad’s face, putting him to sleep at least 3 times during her extended seat on his face.
At one point Haley notices a bulge growing in chads shorts and she gives his groin a quick smack “ha!… bad boy, but that means you’ve accepted your place beneath me so that’s great!” She says as she lets Chad have some air. She looks down at him “even your member has accepted defeat and wants to serve me.” Haley says as she leans back and gives one last wiggle on chads face, leaving it wet as she stands up and collects herself.

Haley grabs chad and pulls him off the couch, making a loud *thud* as he hits the floor. She rolls him to his stomach and slides him to the edge of the couch and she takes a seat on the couch, placing her feet on top of chads head and smushing his face into the hardwood floor “so here’s the deal… I’m within my full legal right to kill you just how I killed the last intruder…” Chad hears this and stutters “no p-please let me.. let me go I’m sorry” but Haley cuts him off, “you have 10 minutes to convince me that you would be more use to me as a full time slave to me if I let you live… now get to worshipping my feet”

Chad hears this and is shocked, he feels Haley take her feet off the back of his head and place them in front of his face, and he sees her phone set up to record the whole thing. Chad is humiliated but has no choice, he begins eagerly kissing and licking the ballerinas feet and sucking her toes as if his life depends on it, because it does.

10 minutes goes by and chads dignity is completely gone but he doesn’t care, he knows he is helpless and his life is in the hands/legs of the sadistic young woman. He heard stories of her killing John in a reverse headscissor but he never truly believed it, but now that he was in this position after feeling her power first hand… he knew Haley’s legs were deadly.

Chad feels Haley pull her feet away as Chad is still eagerly worshipping. She reached down and grabs his head and pulls his head up between her legs and rests his chin on her pussy as he starts begging for his life “did it do good enough? Please let me g-“ until he is cut off by Haley snapping her legs around his neck and locking Chad in a tight front headscissor. Chad looks up Haley’s body into her eyes and tries to plead with her, thinking this can’t be the way he goes out. He’s a grown man, former pro fighter, and a known anti feminist, he can’t have his life ended between the thighs of a young 23 year old ballerina girl who’s never fought before. But, that’s the exact position he is in, tied up, helpless, and forced to endure headscissors from the cruel dancer.

Haley sticks her phone in chads face “anything to say? Begging for mercy might buy you a few extra minutes of life… just sayin” As Chad can be seen getting visibly weaker between her legs. The video shows Haley’s thighs wrapped snug around chads neck, engulfing his neck and his jaw at the same time. Her thick calves rubbing together behind his head and her pretty feet crossed at the ankles not allowing any chance of escape.

A few tears fall from chads eyes as he starts begging, coming to terms with the fact that Haley got the better of him and beat him worse than any man ever has “please Haley… have mercy… I-I was wrong” Haley pulses her thighs a little bit “keep going… talk about how you broke into my home and attacked me! And how I should’ve killed you a long time ago! this is great content!” She giggles, Chad chokes and gags “y-you win… I broke in and I thought you’d be… an ea-easy target” Haley slaps him across the face “but I taught you a valuable lesson didn’t I? Have we learned who’s the stronger gender? Haley asks in a stern voice, making Chad agree reluctantly “y-yes ma’am, women are better… you’re right and I’m w-wrong”

Haley exclaims in happiness and flips the phone to record her face “y’all heard it here! The debate is over and I think I’ve shown that women rule!” She says as she flips the phone back to chads face as she tightens her thighs and makes his face turn red from the pressure. Her adductors and quads flex and contract masterfully as Chad moans in pain and pleads with his eyes as Haley gives a soft smile “oh hush up, I’m not gonna kill you yet, I’m still having fun with you” she says as she sees chads eyes slowly close and roll back in his head as he falls into a deep sleep. Haley opens her legs and stands up “wow I’m getting really good at that!”

While Chad is unconscious, Haley grabs him and lays him on his back flat on the floor and walks into her room and changes. She walks out as Chad is waking up and he looks up and sees her wearing her famous green camouflage leotard and short flowy white ballet skirt. The exact outfit she was said to be wearing when she killed her last home intruder. Chads face goes pale as he sees Haley walking towards him in this outfit, realizing that his time has come. There’s nothing he can do but hope she has some mercy and makes it quick and painless for him, but he expects the worst from the sadistic young dancer.

Haley slowly drops down and sits on chads chest facing him and she looks down at him as she runs her fingers through his hair and along his face, seeming sympathetic for him for the first time as she looks down at him. Haley speaks softly, almost trying to comfort the man “I think by now you’ve realized that I don’t take any prisoners, I have to finish you off okay?” She whispers as Chad starts to beg for mercy “no ple-“ but Haley stops him and puts her finger on his mouth to shush him “just hush, I’ve made up my mind… you’ll be okay” Chad accepts his fate and looks up at the beautiful girl who is in full control of him, knowing that she’s made up her mind and it’s over for him. Tears start to fill his eyes as Haley looks down at him, shad starts to apologize “I’m sorry I tried to attack you, I should’ve known better..” he says as Haley leans down “it’s okay, at least I was able to teach you a lesson” and she smiles as she gives him a soft kiss before turning around and sitting on chads throat. Haley notices chads manhood is stiff as a board just from one quick kiss. She looks back at him “it’s peach lip balm, that’s why my sips taste so sweet!” She says kindly as she slides her legs around chads neck to transition into a reverse headscissor “hey it’s not the worse way to go out right?” Haley teases as she locks her perfectly toned legs around Chad’s weakened neck.

Haley sets up her phone and presses record, she looks back at Chad and smiles “ready?” She teases as she watches her reflection in the camera. Haley looks perfectly fresh and beautiful, as if she just finished a relaxing spa day, meanwhile Chad looks like a total mess. His eyes are black, his nose is crooked and broken, he is missing multiple teeth, his body is bruised and his arms are both broken in some way from the ballerinas beat down. And Haley laying on top of him looking like the ideal feminine beauty just shows the skill difference between the two.

Haley looks back at him as she crosses her ankles and straightens her legs, bringing chads face into her perfect butt, hearing him moan “oh my go-“ before his windpipe is crushed between her legs. Haley looks into the camera as she crushes the poor man’s neck between her perfectly trained thighs, pulsing and contracting her muscles on and off. Keeping him at the very edge of blacking out but not allowing him to pass out quite yet. “See headscissoring is a very precise art, you need lots of practice to keep your victim on the edge without letting him fall asleep too soon.” She says as she loosens and lets him get some air before tightening back up “see if you knock him out right away, he won’t understand what your legs are truly capable of! These men need to know the power us women have in our thighs.” She says as she squeezes on and off, over and over, torturing Chad with no mercy whatsoever as he gets weaker and weaker between her thighs. The lifetime of ballet training showing very obviously as Haley is able to control him however she wants and has perfect body control and stamina to squeeze her thighs, quads, adductors, hamstrings, and glute muscles around his neck and head. Almost as if she is a lethal weapon specifically designed to crush men to death.

Meanwhile Chad is literally fighting for his life as Haley essentially seems to be relaxed and having fun. All Chad can see is the rounded mounds of Haley’s butt cheeks smothering his face as he feels her thighs go from buttery smooth and soft to rock hard over and over and over. Seemingly never ending torture to the point where being put to sleep would almost be a relief at this point. Chad tries to beg to her but her legs are so dominating that the only sound he can make is a muffled “hm-“ between her flexes. Chad can’t help but be embarrassed, knowing his death will be posted for millions to see, he can already see the headlines “Former professional fighter taken out by the Ballerina Vigilante” and he can’t stop the humiliation. Chad can’t help but think I’m any other situation he would love to be in this position, face pressed up against the beautiful butt of a gorgeous 23 year old ballet dancer, inhaling her natural feminine scents along with her lavender body spray and coconut scented body lotion, all filling his senses and making him aroused against his will. Feeling her buttery soft skin against his neck and face, it’s almost like a dream, but given the specific circumstances, and knowing that she is going to end his life, it’s more of a nightmare.

Haley looks to the camera, “so it’s been about 30 minutes of torture for him between my thighs, I think he gets the message…time to end his suffering.” She says as she tightens her legs a little more “that whole time I never squeezed more that 20% power, I’m gonna increase it to about 50% and that should be plenty to finish him off in just a minute or so.” Haley says sweetly as chads face goes dark red and his eyes start to bulge from his head. Never knowing this level of strength or pain could exist, he starts choking out some muffled begs and pleas for mercy to Haley, all of which get completely ignored “augh holy sh-….oh god ple-…h-help..me-“ he groans out as his face turns a dark shade of purple between her beautiful thighs, Haley just giggles and says softly to the camera “this is where they start to panic and hope for a release of any kind, most guys never experience real girl power like this” she says as she looks back at Chad and winks at him and blows him a kiss, the last thing he sees before he’s squeezed into a deep state of unconsciousness.

Haley giggles “now right now he’s unconscious but he’s still alive, so I’m gonna keep my legs tight and increase the pressure up to about 75%… luckily he’s not awake or he would be feeling the most pain he’s ever felt” Haley tightens her legs some more and looks to the camera “ready? 3..2..1” and she quickly thrusts and snaps her hips to the right, extending chads neck and twisting his head as she crushes and breaks his neck in multiple places between her thighs as she lets out a soft exhale “hmh!” Killing him in the sexiest way possible.

Haley slowly opens her legs and stands up. Striking a victory pose over chads defeated dead body. Placing her bare foot on his face and raising her arms with a big smile on her face, creating a great photo that she will post all over the internet. Her standing over the battered and beaten man she just finished between her thighs as she looks like the perfect feminine beauty who didn’t even have to use much effort to beat him.

Haley sits on chads chest as she saves the pictures and videos and posts them all over instagram, twitter, and tiktok for millions to see before she calls the police to let them know she has taken out another home invader.

When the police arrive they again commend her for taking down another criminal and they ask her if she has ever thought of getting into bounty hunting or helping them catch and take down criminals, because she is obviously very good at it. And this gets Haley thinking “hmm maybe I should get into something like that.”
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Default Re: Home Intruder Makes a Deadly Mistake

Loved it, will we see part 3?
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