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Default Re: The Weakest Boy in School (Interactive)

After Erika had humiliated you, yesterday, you were determined not to get caught again today.

Now school was over and you needed to get home as soon as possible. The last thing you could afford to do was run into one of the girls who planned to make your life hell.

As you turn the corner and enter the rarely used hallway you hear what sounds like a struggle. You soon noticed Marie Hoffman, one of the worst bullies in the school shoving another girl into the lockers. You couldn’t make out who the other girl was as she was cowering under Marie.

“Come on Marie, leave me alone! I’m gonna be late for the bus.” you heard the smaller girl say in a panic as she was forced against the lockers by the bigger girl. She seemed desperate to get away but she couldn’t escape Marie’s grasp.

“Listen loser, I told you your options. You either agree to do my homework the rest of the year or you spend the rest of the year being my victim. Now I just have to show you what you're in for if you say no.” Marie warned the smaller girl. She made good on her threat by pushing her face first into the lockers and then grabbing her underpants and giving her a wedgie. The smaller girl yelped in pain. It was at this point you recognized the girl as Emmy Decker, the sophomore who had gotten the academic achievement award last year.

“Please someone help me!” Emmy shouted, desperate to avoid further punishment.

“Hey stop that!” You shout out, standing up for your underclassmen. You realize by doing so you have kind of blown your cover, but you can’t just sit back and watch this anymore. Startled, Marie lets go of Emmy who backs away from Marie but is too scared to run away.

“Hi I know you! You're that loser who finished last in the athletic competition. Why should I listen to a loser like you.”

“Because bullying is wrong! Why do you have to hurt Emmy?” You respond adamantly, standing your ground.

“You know what, I think you two are the biggest losers in the whole school. Sadly, there is only enough time in my schedule to make one of your lives hell. So you too are going to fight for me and I’ll let the winner go free.” Marie speaks down to you and Emmy like your lesser beings. It hurts to hear but maybe she has a point, after all you did come last in the contest. You look over at Emmy, she’s definitely one of the smallest girls in the grade below you, she can’t have done much better than you did. She looks scared and frail, you could probably win. But then what? Marie goes back to bullying Emmy? No, that’s not right.

“Listen Marie, Emmy and I don’t have to do what you say, c’mon Emmy, let's get out of here.” You stand up to Marie, defiantly refusing to fight. Unfortunately for you, Emmy isn’t as chivalrous as you are and she jumps you from behind. You fall in a heap as she tackles your legs. She doesn’t have very good technique or even much weight to throw around, but you are caught off guard and you lose your balance. You land hard on the ground and Emmy offers you no respite. You never expected this shy, quiet girl to be so aggressive, but she’s made the most of her advantage as she already climbs your prone body and is actively trying to pin down your shoulders. As you struggle against her you feel that her arms are soft, she doesn’t have the strength to pin you outright even with the leverage advantage. You look up at the girl you tried to save confused and she is unable to meet your eyes.

"Sorry Matt, I don’t want to hurt you, but if I don’t then Marie won’t leave me alone all year.” Emmy apologizes, but her apology would mean substantially more to you if she wasn’t trying to beat you up. You grab her arm that’s trying to pin your left shoulder down, but as soon as you do she bites your hand. You scream out in pain and let go of her hand as this desperate girl secures your shoulder under her knee. For a split second you see joy in her eyes, as she realizes she may just escape her bully after all, but then she snaps back, and she’s furiously attempting to pin your other arm. You try your best to stop her, but she now has both of her arms working against your one and in no time at all she’s completed her schoolgirl pin. The desperation finally leaves her face, but comes right into your own as you realize that you are about to be physically bested by one of the weakest girls in school. You push against her with all your strength, but you aren’t able to move her an inch, she’s simply too secure in this position for you to escape. You realize to your horror that you can’t unseat her.

“Please don’t do this Emmy, please I was trying to help you.” You plead with her, but she won’t meet your eyes, she’s looking right at Marie for guidance. How far you’d fallen from this morning, you wouldn’t have even talked to a loser like Emmy yesterday and now you were stuck underneath her, begging her to free you.

“Haha wow Emmy, you took him down like he was nothing. I guess he must be nothing. If you shut him up for me I’ll let you go.” Marie laughs at your plight. You aren’t sure what Marie means by shutting you up, but evidently Emmy got the message as she leaned down and covered your face with her stomach. Like her arms before her stomach was soft, lacking any kind of muscle definition. You felt her soft warm skin through her thin shirt and cursed yourself for your weakness, how could you be bested by her? Your panic renewed as you found yourself being smothered under the tummy of this geeky girl. You pushed and fought and struggled, but found no relief. You tried to shout out for help, but her belly muffled your cries. You had lost.

“Hehe, it kind of tickles.” Emmy giggled, for the first time her fear washing away as she now realized her victory was assured. You tapped out against the ground and against Emmy’s back but she kept on looking at Marie who shook her head and smiled, there would be no mercy from her. Finally, you lost your fight and resigned yourself to your fate. As your arms fell to your sides Emmy finally got off of you.

“And the loser is Matty! I guess we know who I’m gonna be torturing this year. You can leave now Emmy, or you’ll miss your bus. Matt and me are gonna hang out here and get to know each other a little better.” Marie dismissed Emmy. Emmy was overjoyed, she had won her freedom. She made a move to leave and then considered for a second, how even though she was terrified at first, she couldn’t help but get a little excited when she realized she could do whatever she wanted with you.

You really messed up this time. Emmy and you weren’t even friends and you stuck out your neck for her? What were you thinking? As you tried to recover from the beating you’d taken, you noticed Emmy walking away, obviously off to catch the bus. You wanted desperately for her to turn around and say something, to help you, hell even an apology would be nice. Emmy didn’t have time for it, she couldn’t miss the bus. Even with Emmy gone you weren’t lonely, you had Marie to keep you company.

“So I guess you’re the big loser. Have to say I’m a bit disappointed. I was planning on making Emmy do all my homework, but you’re too stupid for that. You must be stupid, getting involved in my business. Do you know who I am?” Marie towered over you, and she grabbed your chin as she finished berating you. While her question seemed rhetorical, her extended pause revealed she was expecting an answer. Meekly, you nodded your response. “Oh you do know me? Who am I?”

“...You’re Marie?” You responded in confusion, unclear what she wanted. Clearly you’d given the wrong answer, as she forced your face into the lockers.

“To everyone else I’m Marie, but to you I’m Mami!” Marie corrected you, while once again forcing you face first into the lockers. Marie reached into your pocket and pulled out your wallet. She callously took your money, like she was owed it, before throwing the wallet on the floor. “Thank god you’re rich, you're not totally useless. Actually for a wimp you’re kinda cute, in a helpless sort of way.” Even a compliment from Marie felt like an insult. “I have been looking for a rich boyfriend who will do whatever I say. What do you say? Are you hot for me?” You couldn’t remember a time in your life when you had been more nervous. It was bad enough being Marie’s victim and now she wanted to date you? You had to put a stop to this.

“Listen Marie I’m sorry…” you started to apologize but Marie punched you in the face and made you see stars.

“What’s my name?” Marie demanded respect.

“Mami. I’m sorry Mami, but I don’t…” A jab, and then another. You thought you might pass out if you took another.

“Yes or no question loser, are you hot for me?” Marie could’ve been cute if she wasn’t the scariest person in the world. In reality, you weren’t hot for anyone, especially her, but you were also barely conscious.

“...yes.” You whimpered. Marie smacked you once again, but this time with a kiss. She forced you up against the wall and proceeded to make out with you. For fear of further punishment you kissed her back, but upon doing so she bit your lip.

“No, it’s hotter when you squirm.” Marie whispered sensually, like she wasn’t a deranged monster holding you hostage. She kissed you on the neck, softly at first, but of course softness wasn’t in her nature. By the time she’d finished with your neck, you were a walking hickey. “There, now everyone will know you’re my property.” Marie failed to make property sound sexy, in fairness to her that’s not something anyone’s capable of. She licked your cheek and went back to biting your lip. At this point, you decided that dating Marie was not too dissimilar from fighting her, either way you were going to suffer some damage. As she forced her tongue into your mouth, you tried desperately to escape her grasp, but tragically that only served to elicit moans from your amorous attacker.

Finally satisfied that she’d explored every inch of your mouth, Marie ended the kiss, and she now looked deeply into your eyes, this was perhaps the least pleasant part of your afternoon so far. “Tell me you love me Matt.” Marie asked earnestly, for the first time not demanding, but really asking. This was now certainly the least pleasant part of your afternoon. You didn’t love Marie, you explicitly hated her. The only people who you hated as much as Marie were Emmy for leaving you in this mess and yourself for trying to be a good guy. Even though you didn’t love Marie, you were extremely aware that no one had walked by this hall during this entire time, seemingly days, and so you really only had one surefire way of making it out of this with your life.

“I love you Marie.” You lied plainly.

“God you’re a freak! You love me? After I kicked your ass? Ha I guess you're into that kinda thing. Well if you love me now you’re gonna love me even more after tonight.” Marie reached into your pocket again, this time pulling out your keys. “Drive me home loser, I wanna show you my room.” She shoved the keys into your left hand and dragged you off by your right. As Marie dragged you to the parking lot you could only imagine the night you were in for.
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Default Re: The Weakest Boy in School (Interactive)

You’d had a rough couple of days ever since people at school found out you’d come last in the athletics competition. If girls like Marie & Erika were trying to keep your recent encounters secret they were doing a pretty bad job of it. It seemed like everyone knew. The whole day at school girls were winking at you or blowing you kisses. You vowed it ended today, you weren’t going to be victimized anymore. Getting home safe would take sacrifices, but you weren’t too sore about skipping your last period math class.

As the day went on the looks you were getting were more intense, girls were reaching out and grabbing at your arm as you passed in the hall, it seemed many of them were hoping today would be the day they’d catch you after school. They didn’t know you’d be long gone by the time the last bell rang. As you snuck out of the backdoor and breathed the fresh air, you felt free for the first time all week. You’d be in your car in no time.

“Oh my god is that Matt?” You stopped in your tracks when you heard a voice call out, giggling as soon as they’d finished their question. You turned in horror to realize your way out wasn’t as foolproof as you once thought, and you feared you were just foolish enough to prove it. You recognized the girls as Victoria & Jaspreet, two of the school's most dedicated stoners, who were always a lock to skip at least one class a day to get high.

“We were just talking about how lonely we were and here comes a cute boy to keep us company.” Victoria once again giggled.

“Speak for yourself, he’s not my type.” Jaspreet responded coldly, clearly not as easily impressed as her compatriot.

“Listen girls, I don’t wanna disrupt you, enjoy your evening.” You started politely, intending to get away as soon as possible. While saying this you were already turning to leave when Jaspreet got in your way.

“Wow rude, just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean you can’t stay and entertain us for a while.” Jaspreet responded harshly, even if you weren’t running for your life you would’ve wanted to get out of this conversation.

“Yea c’mon Matt don’t go, we just wanna play a bit.” Victoria added, and as Jaspreet blocked your path of escape, Victoria came up behind you and rested her head on your shoulder. Things were going from bad to worse, but you didn’t want to panic.

“Look I’d love to get to know you girls better, but I have to get home. I have a really important-” You were probably going to think of a really good excuse, but before you got the chance Jaspreet grabbed your shoulder.

“Shut up Matt, you aren’t going anywhere.” Jaspreet ordered you around like she was a drill sergeant instead of a classmate who was at least as high as she was unpleasant.

“Oh my god Jaspreet you’re so mean! She is right though Matt, you can’t leave until we get to know each other better.” As Victoria chided her friend, while also confirming that you had absolutely zero permission to leave she snaked her arms around your remaining arm. Now you were ensnared, you couldn’t see yourself talking your way out of this one, but you weren’t going to let what happened with Erika happen again. You weren’t going to just give up and let them have their fun. Jaspreet & Victoria were always smoking and skipping class, they might not even have done the school athletics test. You bolted.

Neither Victoria, nor Jaspreet had expected you to run and you were able to escape their grasp. With Jaspreet in front of you and Victoria behind, your only option was to run out into the field. Of course as soon as you took off they were chasing after you. You needed to put some distance in between you and them, if you went straight for the car you wouldn’t have enough time to get the old thing started without them all over you. Luckily these girls weren’t fit, and while you didn’t think you could take them both in a fight you knew you could outrun them.

You put everything into each stride, driving yourself to run as fast as possible. All it would take was one success. You get away today and people start forgetting, little by little it would get easier and easier until it was totally forgotten. It’d be like a bad dream that never really happened. As you got to the middle of the field you prepared to turn for your car, knowing you’d created the space you needed. Finally, you turned to make that last sprint and there was Jaspreet. She’d gotten there just before you, and she looked pissed as hell. You turned around and of course, Victoria was there much more cheerful, but still terrifying. How had they been faster than you? How was that possible?

Your morale was devastated, and as you turned back to run towards the school you felt your energy depleting. A few more steps and they’d caught you, each one of your pursuers grabbing you by the arm. Of course you tried to break free once more, but now they were prepared and you were exhausted. They easily held you still.

“You little shit! Making me run!” Jaspreet scolded you, offended that you’d made her break a sweat. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

“Here Jas, let’s take him behind this shed.” Victoria suggested, still giggling, seemingly not tired at all from your mad dash. As your captors dragged you behind the shed where the school kept miscellaneous athletic supplies you felt that if they weren’t there holding you up you might faint. You couldn’t recall a time you had been more out of breath. Finally the girls got you behind the shed, out of anyone’s eyesight, and you fell back against the shed, trying to catch your breath.

“Poor guy, he’s exhausted.” Victoria looked concerned, but you doubted she’d let you go.

“Your right Tor, he needs to lie down.” Jaspreet agreed, as she did she shoved you over and you hit the grass hard. “And I need a seat.” she continued as she sat on your lower back. You struggled to get up but couldn’t muster the strength to rise with Jaspreet sitting on you.

“You got another joint?” Victoria asked as she sat on your upper back, tacitly accepting that this was a normal thing to do. Victoria was in luck, Jaspreet indeed had another and so the two friends lit up as you struggled underneath them.

“Can you let me go?” You asked desperately, but the two girls sitting on top of you just laughed.

“Don’t worry Matt, we’ll be with you in a minute.” Victoria cackled at her own joke. Even Jaspreet laughed with her friend.

“Don’t be so impatient Matt, you’ll get your kisses when we’re ready.” Jaspreet now joined Victoria in teasing you. Your heart sank, you’d had a pretty good idea of what you were in for, but now you knew you weren’t going to break this streak of being kissed. Finally the two girls got off you, but as soon as you rolled onto your back Victoria’s foot was on your chest, holding you down. Not wanting to feel left out Jaspreet had her foot threateningly close to your groin, almost daring you to make a move.

“We’re going to play a little game, Matty. Me and Jas are gonna put these lipsticks on and whoever can cover more of you in their colour wins. Get ready to be pretty in pink.” Victoria finished explaining the rules of what sounded more like torture than a game, as she applied her pink lipstick.

“Your going down Tor, I’m going to paint this boy red.” Jaspreet playfully trash talked her friend as she painted her ruby lips.

“Please you don’t even like him.” Victoria puckered her lips at you as she fired back at her friend.

“No but I like winning, now get ready because here we come.” Jaspreet warned, but there was of course nothing you could do. At once the two girls were on you peppering your face with their pink and red lips. Victoria’s strategy seemed to be as many soft quick kisses as possible, moving all over your face, while Jaspreet preferred long loud kisses that made the most of her full lips. You were overwhelmed by their kissing barrage, and soon your face was nearly completely covered with their lipstick, the only thing they left was your lips. After what seemed like an eternity they finally gave you space as they admired their work.

“It’s impossible! I have no idea who won.” Victoria resigned, dejected.

“We may not have a winner, but we sure have a loser.” Jaspreet gloated. “We were going to leave your lips for the winner, but I guess we can share that too.”

“Oh! Me first!” Victoria said, and that was all the warning you got. She was once again on top of you, now both of her hands brought your face to hers as she sealed your lips. She kissed you sweetly as you squirmed underneath her. When she got off of you, it wasn’t long until Jaspreet had taken her place.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, you’re still not my type.” Jaspreet informed you, but her actions betrayed her words as she pulled you into a passionate kiss. Even as you were pressed together Jaspreet seemed to try to pull you closer, to keep you in her arms. When she finally finished kissing you she gave you a quick look of tenderness, before snapping back to the cold girl you knew.

Having used you to their content, the two girls left you lying on the ground and went back about there business. You figured you had to get up and move quickly to get back to your car before the last bell rang but you were having trouble regaining your composure. As the girls walked away you heard one of them say.

"I can't believe it's true, he's really as weak as she said."

"Wait till all the girls hear about this."
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Default Re: The Weakest Boy in School (Interactive)

Great story and great variety of dominating damsels
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Default Re: The Weakest Boy in School (Interactive)

Things had gone from bad to worse. You’d only been at school for a few hours today and already there were multiple girls promising you a romantic encounter after school, and you didn’t know what to do. Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, your old enemy Erika came over to you just before third period started. You had half a mind to take off in the other direction, but the last thing you wanted to start was another chase after how poorly you’d fared against Victoria & Jaspreet.

“Don’t worry cutie, I’m not going to hurt you.” Erika informed you gleefully, you knew anything that could make her this happy was sure to mean trouble for you. “I just wanted to let you know that Violet is looking for you.” Erika couldn’t hold back her laughter when she saw the look of panic on your face when you heard Violet’s name. Violet was possibly the only girl in school who hated you more than Erika.

While you had never dated any of the girls in your school Violet was the only one you’d ever liked. She had the long dark hair and full lips look that you couldn’t get enough of. You’d flirted with her for a while and you knew she liked you too, but then one day she came to school and was totally different. She’d become a goth! Immediately this turned you off of her, and you were quite callous in cutting off any kind of connection the two of you could have had. From that point on she had stared daggers into you whenever you’d had the misfortune of sharing a class. Worst of all, before going goth Violet had been one of the best athletes in the school, a member of both the cheerleading and track team, and since she had ears she’d probably heard about your recent troubles.

Much to Erika’s continued glee, you bolted for the nearest exit. You got to the door fast, but were stopped in your tracks when you noticed Victoria & Jaspreet outside smoking once again. You were in no mood for another round of their games. As you turned around to head towards the other exit you spotted Marie and her friends making fun of some freshmen girls. You were running out of options fast and so you did the only thing you could think of. You ducked into the boys washroom. If there was any sanctuary that could be found from the girls in the school it had to be here. You took a brief moment to catch your breath and wash your face. As you glanced up at the mirror your heart skipped a beat. You thought you’d seen a ghost. Then you realized it was Violet and your heart nearly stopped then and there.

“I knew you were weak, but I had no idea you were this stupid.” Violet scolded you. You were used to Violet looking at you with disdain, but there was something new today in her eyes as she looked straight through you. Like for the first time she had realized just how pathetic you really were. It had all been a trap, of course Erika was in on it, what were you thinking trusting her? It didn’t matter now, all that mattered was getting out of that bathroom, by any means necessary.

“Look Violet…I’m really sorry…”You tried to stammer out an apology, but with each word Violet closed on you and you got more and more nervous. Finally as she backed you into the bathroom wall you lost your nerve and tried to make a break for it. Of course Violet was too quick for you and snatched at your hair before you could pass her. She pulled it cruelly as you whimpered, realizing how precarious a situation you were in.

“Where do you think you’re going, you piece of shit? Are you apologizing to me or are you too much of a pussy to even do that?” Violet demanded, she held you close and looked right into your eyes as she tugged harshly on your hair.. You’d been scared of her before any of this stuff with the contest had happened and now that she had a handful of your hair you were terrified.

“No you are right you deserve an apology, I never should have treat-” You tried your best to get out of this, but she interrupted your apology with a swift knee to your groin. You collapsed at her feet and she planted her heel on your back.

“You aren’t good enough to look me in the eye. Apologize from the ground like the worm you are.” Violet grinded her heel into you as she made her feelings clear. You felt worthless as this girl you once liked treated you like dirt.

“I’m so sorry Violet.” You gave in immediately, day after day of this had worn down your resistance.

“You were never good enough for me. Admit it, I’m so much better than you.” Violet wasn’t satisfied with your apology as she continued needling you.

“You are Violet, you’re so much better than me.” Again, surrender was your best and only option.

“Prove it dick, kiss my shoe.” Violet instructed. She lifted her shoe off your back and now held it in front of your face. You paused for a second but one look into Violet’s face and you knew she was absolutely serious.

“If I kiss your shoe will you let me go.” You were desperate to escape, you’d even demean yourself if it meant getting out of there without further damage.

“Haha, already accepting your place at my feet? If you show your contrition and devotion to me properly, then I’ll set you free.” You didn’t know what contrition meant, but you heard the word free and that was enough for you. Even though the idea repulsed you, you demeaned yourself by kissing the black shoes of the goth girl you’d once rejected. Still Violet was unsatisfied.

“If that’s the best you can kiss then maybe you did me a favour by not dating me. God you're pathetic, you can’t even grovel right.” Violet demeaned you to no end. You just kept kissing as she humiliated you. “Maybe when the whole school sees this video of you kissing my shoes then you won’t be so conceited.” Violet threatened. At that moment you looked up and realized she’d filmed the whole thing. For the first time in years you saw Violet smile.

Immediately you burst to your feet. You’d already been driven crazy by all the girls in school blowing you kisses or looking right at you when they were putting on lipstick, if this video went out then you could only imagine what they’d come up with. Violet seemed surprised that you had this much fight in you, and you hoped to make the most out of the element of surprise. You reached out to grab her phone, but just as you did she once again drove her knee into your balls. There was nothing in the world you wanted more than the strength to fight back, but it simply wasn’t there as you fell back against the wall. Violet showed no mercy, as she now used her heel to hold you still against the wall.

“You liar. You say you're sorry? You’re not sorry. But you will be.” Violet threatened. She left you no time to imagine what she meant as she swiftly turned around and shoved her firm, curvy ass into your face. Again, you were helpless to defend yourself against one of your classmates while they smothered you with their butt. Violet laughed at your weakness as she rubbed it in your face.

"Please Violet...please!" You managed to beg from underneath your tormentor.

"Haha your such a loser. Fine, I'll give you a second chance. Kiss my ass and I'll let you go." Before Violet could even finish you were kissing her ass, you were more desperate for air then you were to keep your pride. Violet laughed at how easily she was able to force you to submit for her, and then she continued moving around, ensuring you kissed every inch of her behind.

Only after she was completely satisfied did Violet finally move away and give you some air. You were hoping, praying that she'd just leave. But of course she didn't. She stood there expectantly as you struggled to return to your feet.

"You know what's next?" Violet asked with a smirk. She answered her own question by reapplying her lipstick. You groaned, as she forced you into one of the bathroom stalls.

You did all you could to protect yourself but Violet was determined to paint your whole face with her lips. "See what you missed out on?" Violet teased as she forced your lips together. Those full lips of her that had originally attracted you to her proved to be your undoing as she kissed you into submission.

After what had to be half of an hour of Violet's kiss torture she finally got off of you. You went to the mirror to see the damage and of course you'd been mauled. Worse still, when you tried to wash your face the lipstick refused to wear off.

"Sorry, looks like everyone's going to know about our little tryst." Violet laughed again and blew you a kiss as she left the bathroom.

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Default Re: The Weakest Boy in School (Interactive)

No more kisses. That was the vow you took as you looked in the mirror at your lipstick covered face after Violet had her way with you. It had been four days since the day the world found out your weakness and you knew if you didn’t put a stop to it things would only continue to get worse. You weren’t taking any more chances, you’d stay home from school today, stay home for as long as it took for people to move on to some other story. It had been easy to convince your mom, you usually loved going to school and had no reason to fake being sick before so she believed you when you said you couldn’t make it today.

Of course there were texts and tweets and messages you had to ignore. More than one girl had messaged you they’d come to kiss you better, but you just ignored it, you knew that responding would only encourage them. With that mindset you put all your energy into having a good relaxing day, one just for you to enjoy. With all the stress of the week you’d fallen behind on your gaming so today would be perfect for that. Just as you were finally getting into the game you heard a knock on the door. Probably just someone delivering mail or something, you’d let your mom get it when she got home. Except…they knocked again, and again. They wouldn’t stop knocking. You started to get nervous, you’d had enough trauma in one week that it didn’t take much to get you nervous. However you realized it was fine, you were in your home, and no matter what it was they weren’t going to be able to get in. Suddenly you were at peace, and not too long after the knocking stopped. You caught your breath, things were going to be okay. Then you heard a click and the door opened. Your heart stopped as you heard a set of footsteps from the floor above. You were looking for somewhere to hide when the door to the basement opened and you realized it was too late!

“Hey there handsome!” The voice called out, and for a second you considered your life over, but then you realized you recognized the voice. You were going to be fine! The voice belonged to your friend Nora, the only girl in your grade you got along with. You’d been friends since the start of high school and she was always making jokes about pretending to be into you, just because she knew you hated all the attention you got from girls. Of course it was her, she was the only friend you’d given a key to.

“Oh my god Nora you scared me, what are you doing here?” you asked with a smile, making sure she knew you were actually overjoyed to see her. She sat down on the couch beside you and picked up a controller. She was way too good at video games and was constantly beating you at games she was playing for the first time.

“You know I heard you were skipping school and I figured you probably were only doing it so we’d have time to make out before your mom gets back.” Nora said sweetly as she pretended to move in to kiss you . You laughed at her joke, but as you now saw her up close you noticed she was wearing lipstick, she almost never wore any lipstick unless it was a dance or some big party. It shouldn’t be a big deal, you didn’t care anyway, it’s not like you were slowly becoming terrified of any and all girls lips.

“So what’s with the lipstick, you got a hot date after this?” Okay so maybe you cared a little so what.

“Haha no I’m already on a hot date, I don’t have the energy for two men. Besides, I just borrowed this from Erika.” Nora explained as she effortlessly killed your character in the fighting game you were playing. Alarm bells going off in your head you spoke without thinking.

“Since when are you hanging out with Erika?” Now you officially did care, and you paused the game to get your answer.

“I don’t know dude, who cares. She’s cool or whatever.” Nora casually moved on, unpausing your controller so she could resume kicking your ass. That wasn’t going to fly.

“She’s not cool Nora, don’t you know what she did to me?” You went to pause the game again but Nora had already kicked your character’s head clean off his shoulders.

“Yes Matt, everyone knows what Erika did to you. And what Marie did. And Victoria & Jaspreet and Violet. You're making too big a deal of all of this.” You couldn’t help but feel Nora was belittling you. She selected the last of the three scantily clad women available in the fighting game, clearly looking to finish off your character with all three of them, but you stood up and walked away from the couch. “Oh my god Matt, seriously what is the big deal, some girls like you?”

“I’m sorry, what is the big deal? I can’t do anything without being jumped, everyone’s making fun of me, this is awful.” You really couldn’t believe Nora wasn’t empathetic to your cause. Nora now stood up too and moved closer to comfort you.

“Look your right, I’m sure this is hard for you. I just think maybe these girls would leave you alone if you had a girlfriend.” The room was spinning, how was this supposed to be comforting?

“What?!? You think all this has me feeling less correct about being single? Every single girl in school is a monster, they are disgusting and I wouldn’t date a single one of them.” Without realizing it you were shouting, you couldn’t remember a time you’d been so mad. You’d never yelled at Nora and you felt bad for doing so but you were soon to feel worse. Before you could apologize or do anything Nora slapped you hard across the face. You were ill-prepared for this and it was all you could manage to stay on your feet.

“Don’t you get it you idiot? I’ve loved you for so long and you say shit like that, how do you think it makes me feel? I’m a monster? I’m disgusting? You’d never be with me?” Nora yelled back at you through tears. “You know I told Erika. The day after she humiliated you I told her that I loved you and it killed me to know that she did that to you. You know what she told me? She said you were too selfish, too conceited to ever understand my feelings, and since I was never going to be with you, I should at least get to have some fun with you.” Nora finished, she had wiped her tears away and now smiled at you gently.

“What are you saying Nora? You want to try and beat me up like Erika and all the others?” You were appalled, this whole thing was too much for you.

“I’m going to do more than try Matt. I’m sorry but I refuse to be the only girl in school who doesn’t get to kiss you, when I’m the only one who should.” This was all the warning you got. Suddenly you were fighting for your life, struggling to stay standing as the girl you’d thought of as your best friend tried to drag you to the ground. “Give up Matt, you know I’m stronger than you.” She was right, you'd fought many times in the past and Nora always ended up on top, and she wouldn’t let you up until you said that you loved her which you now understood probably wasn’t just the funny joke you thought it was.

Still you weren't about to give up, you had made a vow and you were going to see it through. No matter how hard Nora tried to take you down you stood firm, you felt great, this was the first time since this whole thing started that you weren't immediately overpowered. Nora seemed desperate and was making mistakes, usually she was so tricky she'd find a way to beat you but today was your chance to get an important victory. You were able to control her arms and pin them to her sides in a bearhug, if only you could keep Nora like this, and just talk some sense into her. Nora had other ideas though, as she saw an opening and rather than try to get away from you she leaned in for a kiss. Both your arms were busy and so your only defense was leaning back but as soon as you did she pushed forward and her momentum forced you to lose your balance. You hit the ground hard and she landed on top of you, although still not in a position to control you.

"Come on stop fighting, just let me kiss you." Nora demanded as she tried to dart in to plant one on you. You used your hands to guard your face while you tried to scramble up to your feet, but Nora kept her weight on your hip so you were pinned down. You realized this was going to be a problem and you tried to use your arms to dislodge her, but this just allowed her to trap your left arm between her thigh and your hip. "Yes! I'm winning, I always win! Now give me my kiss!"

"Please Nora, don't do this." You pleaded with your former friend, but it was no use, she had come to far to give up her goal now. She used her right arm to pin your remaining arm over your head and held your head steady with her left. As she leaned in you could feel her hot breath on your face, you saw those ruby lips and once again cursed Erika. Finally you stopped struggling and Nora had a look of pure bliss on her face, she'd beaten you once again. Unfortunately she wasn't content with the victory as she claimed her prize from you.

It was different with Nora then with the other girls, they were all trying to tease and torment you. Nora had genuine feelings and you could feel her passion. In this moment, that just made it worse, knowing you shared none of the same feelings for her. You felt nothing but humiliation as she held you in her arms and kissed you sweetly. Finally she broke the kiss and looked down at you lovingly.

"I knew it, I always knew it would be like this. That we'd be together one day." Nora sang.

"Are you kidding me Nora, nothing's changed, I will never be with you." You spat back.

"You're so stupid Matt, we already are together, you just haven't accepted it yet. But don't worry, we have all day." Nora punctuated her point by giving you another kiss you were helpless to defend yourself against.

"Stop it, I don't like that." You protested, fighting meekly to get her off of you.

"Yes you do, you love it." Nora kissed you again, you most certainly did not love it.

"I'm serious, get the hell off of me." You shouted, you couldn't believe you had once called her a friend. Nora look dejected by your rejection, but then a light seemed to go off in her head.

"You know Erika told me something interesting about your time together. She said you kissed her ass, and she even had pictures to prove it. Maybe you need to spend some time kissing my ass so you can learn how lucky you are to kiss my lips." Nora said maybe but there was really no maybe about it. You had no defense for her as she easily pinned you under her, forcing her ass onto your face. She didn't work out nearly as much as Erika and so her ass wasn't nearly as large, but it was big enough to smother you. As soon as you were under her you felt the panic you'd felt underneath Erika, and you'd do anything to end your suffering. In this case, that meant giving in and kissing Nora's ass. "Haha yes! Keep kissing my butt. I guess you just have a weakness for big beautiful asses." Nora teased, shaking her hips as she said weakness. At this point you had no choice but to do what she said and continued worshipping her. Finally, thankfully Nora had enough and she let you breath again, although you got little reprieve as she returned to kissing you.

"Nora, please let me go." The anger was gone, all you had left was desperation.

"Okay Matt, I will. Just tell me you love me." What choice did you have?

"I love you Nora."
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