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Old 12-Apr-14, 18:24
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Default Session with Samantha (from Atlanta) 2/20/14

I've been meaning to get this session review up for a while, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I saw that Samantha was coming by my neck of the woods and sent her an inquiry email. She was easy and pleasant to communicate with and I booked a session with her. We made it semi comp.

I asked her to wear some lycra biker shorts and a sports bra, and she happily complied. I asked if she did facesitting, because I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars if I'm not going to get my face sat on (Samantha's rates are as good as they come, by the way, but let's face it: this can be an expensive hobby). She said she did, and as I was to discover later, she meant it!

Samantha is a fit, attractive Georgia girl with a sweet personality. I am discovering that about all the girls on the wrestling scene. After four sessions, I have not met anyone who wasn't charming and could put you at ease right away.

Samantha stands out from the others in her enthusiasm for facesitting. The other girls were perfectly happy to do it, but Samantha does it like she won't get paid if you don't get blue balls. You could say the same thing about her headscissors, too.

We rolled around on the bed together, and it being semi comp I left my head in vulnerable positions on multiple occasions. She never missed a chance to wrap those thighs around my head, and fellas, the lady is not squeamish. She tucked my face in deep, and I mean deep. And she doesn't just lie there and squeeze, either. She'll wiggle and grind and rub your nose all up in it. Front head scissors, reverse head scissors, me on top, her on top, on our sides, figure fours... she found just about every face-in-the-crotch headscissor position you can think of and rubbed it in. Did she intuit exactly the kind of headscissors I wanted, or is that what she always does? I don't know, but I was loving it.

Even better than her headscissors is her facesitting. Everyone has there own thing, but I don't want my face ravaged to death by an aggressive amazon. I like something a little more comfortable, and I enjoy breathing too. In fact, the smell of the lady is part of the attraction. Not that Samantha has a strong smell, mind you, but when you're that close and breathing through lycra, even the cleanest of ladies is going to be faintly detectable.

Again, I can't say whether Samantha read my mind or if she always does it that way, but she gave me facesitting like I dream about. She rubs, she grinds, she wiggles, she dances, she gently bounces. She shifts back to put her crotch on your mouth, then forward to put your nose in between her cheeks. She does it in front and reverse.

And you know what? She reaches back and puts a hand on top of your head sometimes while she's doing it. That's hot. I don't know why, but it's just fucking hot.

At one point during the match, things morphed into an extended facesitting session. I stopped pretending to struggle and she just kept sitting and rubbing away. I'll bet it lasted ten minutes. All I had told her was that I was into headscissors and facesitting, but she made it special.

Towards the end, after I was already completely delighted with what I had been given. She got up off my face, got off the bed, grabbed my wrists and tugged me over to the edge so that my head was just hanging over.

Was I really going to get that lucky? Yes, I was.

She straddled my face, front and reverse, tucked my nose in deep, and did a fucking number on me that still gets me excited weeks later just thinking about it. Oh my God was that hot!

She's got a nice sense of humor, too. At one point, after her crotch had finished attacking my nose and mouth, she sat back on my chest. "I can feel your heart beating," she said. "Ooh, make it beat faster!"

One last point I'll bring up, especially for the inexperienced who are nervous about setting up a session, is Samantha's professionalism. After what she did to me, I was pitching a tent through most of the hour. Samantha I'm sure is used to that, and she never mentioned it. Never changed her wrestling style to avoid it either. A couple girls I have been with seemed to take some measures to avoid rubbing up against me when I was showing signs of arousal. I don't blame them, but Samantha doesn't seem bothered. She grapevined and bearhugged me just the same.

All in all, I highly, highly recommend Samantha. She's not as much into competitive wrestling, at least not with a guy of my size, but she is the best facesitter I've had. She's amazing. Any time that Georgia Peach wants to come north and plant her Georgia Peach on my face, I'll be buying. Can't wait to see her again!
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