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Old 19-Jun-23, 20:05
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Default Childhood Mistake

Growing up I was friends with the girl next door and like a lot of other children we would wrestle around every now and then. Well expectedly, she hit puberty before me and started to win more and more of our little matches. She would really rub it in my face at this point about my inability to beat a little girl like her. Well fortunately for me, I hit my growth spurt not too long after and regained my pride as a male. Now I am too proud of this but I started to take my winning a little too far and would sit and grind myself into her face after I had her pinned down. I just really wanted her to realize that I was a guy. Understandably, she didnít like this that I did this and got more and more angry with me, but no matter what she did she just couldn't beat me anymore. This went along for a little bit before her parents ended up getting divorced and she went and lived with her mom who moved out of the state. Years went by and I eventually forgot about her and out matches.

Fast forward to today, I had just gotten home for summer break after my Junior year in college when I see someone I had completely forgotten about getting out of a car next door. Sure enough, my childhood friend Laura was there. We met eyes so I walked over to see how sheís been. She let me know that she had been good and was going to spend a week with her dad over the summer. She also told me that she had a friend visiting and wanted to know if I wanted to come over tomorrow and hang out at the pool with them and catch up. Of course I agreed.

So the next day I headed over and walk into the backyard and my jaw just about hit the floor. Laura was an absolute smokeshow, she was so attractive. Around 5í6 full well shaped B cups that seemed bigger with the bikini she was wearing and probably the best ass I have ever seen. So I head over and start chatting with some basic small talk, how we have been, what we have been up to, simple things like that. Eventually, our conversation ends up about how we used to wrestle. Now I havenít really done any wrestling since we were kids but of course I felt confident and bragged how I used to kick her ass. At this point her friend Sam walks over and she hears me bragging and with a smirk says that if Iím so confident in my wrestling, why donít me and her wrestle. Now Sam is cute, not anywhere as hot as Laura but she Is definitely very cute. While I would have loved to roll around with Sam, I didnít want Laura to think poorly of me for beating up her friend. Seemingly reading my mind, Laura suggests that instead of wrestling how about I just let Sam put me in a hold and if I can get out in 5 minutes I win. Whatever, that seemed fine and I might as well have some fun while Iím over there.
So we head inside and clear the couches out of the way, but I notice that they are both still in bikinis and asked if she wanted to change. She told me that since we werenít actually wrestling that a bikini would be fine. Even better for me I guess. She then asked me to lay on my back and kinda lift my head up. Now Iím not an expert on wrestling, but I couldnít really think of a hold that fit that particular pose. Whatever, I got on my back and lifted my head. At this point same climbs on top of me facing me feet and lays down in what feels like is a 69 as she moves back toward my head. Before I can ask what sheís doing, Sam closes her legs around my neck as she reaches back and pulls my hair so I was even further into her ass. Instantly, I feel the pressure and seconds latter start to feel lightheaded. So of course I start tapping out. Unfortunately, Sam just giggles at me as she reminds me that the competition only was if I could get out, we never discussed giving up. So I slowly lose consciousness as all I see is Samís ass in front of my face. As I woke up I still felt some pressure, I then realized that I was still in the same position as I was before my quick nap. Sam then told me that I still had around 4 minutes left to get out of her hold to win as she started to increase the pressure again. I did not get out. She put me to sleep at least 5 times in those minutes but at least I knew that the next time I woke up it would be over and I could just go home and forget about this humiliation.

When I woke up again, I finally didnít feel any pressure on my neck but I did feel some on my stomach. Opening my eyes, I see the angel of a woman sitting on me. Laura smiles while looking down at me and says tells me that she had so much fun watching, that she felt like she should get a chance to wrestle me. As she slowly starts scooting up my chest eventually straddling my neck with my chin firmly pressed against the small fabric of her tiny bikini. She looks down into my eyes and tells me, ďDo you remember what you used to do when you pinned me when we were kids?Ē She then slowly moves forward as she rests herself on top of my mouth. Grabs the back of my head and pulls me tight into her, while she started to grind herself on top of me saying, ďdo you understand that youíre getting pinned by a girl? Can you feel that I am a girl?Ē Of course I could but currently where my mouth was there was no way to give her a proper answers. So Laura continued to grind herself on me until she was fully satisfied with herself.

After I eventually was let up and allowed to leave, I was determined to just stay in my room for the next week to avoid Sam and Laura, I get a text from an unknown number with a couple videos. The first is a video of my head between Samís legs as she repeatedly knocked me out over and over again and the second was of Laura using my face for her own satisfaction. The next text just said, ďwe had so much fun hanging out with you today, we wanted to know if you wanted to stop by tomorrow as well? We would hate if somehow those videos were to somehow get sent to all your friends.Ē

What should I do?!?
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Default Re: Childhood Mistake

First of all, you should forward those videos onto me, and then you should stop by with the girls tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing this story with us, mate. It is a really good start to an interesting scenario.
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