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Default Hostile takeover comics

Hi all, I had written a script for a 20-page comic book. Please feel free to leave feedback and any recommendations about where I could find an artist or publisher who could make a nice comic book or hentai video out of it.

Comic Title: Hostile Takeover

Near future. A global bio-research corporation sends a group of dominant girls dressed in tight latex to retrieve a specimen Ė an octopus-like alien Ė that was stolen by a young male. Once they ambush him in his hotel room, they forcefully put the alien onto maleís genitals what leads to the alien taking full control over his genitals and later whole body turning him into a feminine latex doll. Once the process of feminisation is over, the doll wakes up at the corporationís research facility where the female staff dominates her by finding ways to manipulate the alien.

forced feminisation, female dominance, latex, sperm, tease and denial, slave training


Biocorp Ė a leading global bio-research corporation that is fully owned and operated only by females as per its values and mission statement. Rumours are saying that it achieved its success due to aggressive strategies such as hostile takeovers, sabotage, and blackmail. The corporation collaborates with its pharmaceutical partners and even the military through its research on extra-terrestrial life forms.

Excella Qubec (24) Ė a dominant smart girl from an aristocratic family. She uses aggressive strategies to climb the corporate ladder. She is from a rich family that has tight connections with the corporation and is friends with Rochelle Ė CEO of Biocorp Ė herself. She never accepts failure and always gets what she wants. She is good at threatening, blackmailing, and persuading. American background

Ms Rochelle Mayweather (32) Ė The current CEO of Biocorp. An emotionless and cold-blooded business woman. Favourite phrase ďSorry, nothing personal. Itís just businessĒ
Tomoyo Ai (26) Ė a lead bio-research scientist at the corporation. A true genius when it comes to bio-tech and research. Japanese background.
Ethelind Leloup (22) Ė a junior scientist within the department of bio-research. An assistant of Tomoyo. Although unknowingly restraining Tom with her controlling device, she feels empathy and pity for him. A potential best friend of Tom. French background

Newitt Miln (26) Ė a savant psychiatrist who managed to graduate from the Psychiatry School at the age of 21. Since the early ages, Newitt became interested in subconscious nature of human will. She researched methods of manipulating the will up until she graduated. This experience became handy during her early career in a Level 7 National Prison as a psychiatrist within the department of inner investigations. Newitt became famous for being able to easily read prisonersí intentions through psychological cues and, by doing so, solve the most challenging criminal cases. Excella hires Newitt to submit Tom to her will. German/Jewish background.

The Alien Retrieval Squad (ARS) (22): A group of 6 beautiful cruel female employees of Biocorp that were sent by Excella to punish Tom and make him a subject of her project. Members: Minerva, Kayla, Veda, Ivy, Trinity, Priscilla

Mary (18) Ė a Tomís crush girl. They met a week before that eventful night involving ARS and the alien

337-78b Ė a black in colour octopus-like alien with 6 long tentacles, 2 snake-like eyes on sides, and a round mouth with big lips. It was captured by Biocorp during their expedition to Galaxy Gamma 33 on April 21st. Ever since, a property of Biocorp. Alienís ability to symbiosis was confirmed when it gained control over Tomís genitals and his whole body with the help of Biocorp.

Tom (18) Ė before the symbiosis with specimen 337-78b and becoming Mia, Tom was an 18-year-old boy. He was naturally skinny and feminine looking, although being heterosexual. He moved from his parents who he was not in good relationships with once finished high-school and, until the last moment, was in financial hardship. He is insecure and feels shy and inferior around females. He has been having bad luck with girls up until present, hence a virgin. Only recently, right before the unfortunate events, he met a cute girl Ė Mary

Page 1

Panel 1: Meeting between stakeholders and representatives of Biocorp corporation. Modern office boardroom. Sexy exec type women sit around large conference table. Pencil skirts high heels, etc.
Rochelle: Ladies, thank you for coming.
Rochelle: Iíd like to outline several ongoing projects that seem promising.
Panel 2: Closeup of Rochelle with a large electronic screen behind her that shows an image of one of the corporationís space rovers.
Rochelle: On April 21st, rover 6B returned from itís 11 month mission to Galaxy Gamma 33.
Rochelle: There were several very interesting specimens on boardÖ
Inset Panel: Electronic screen shows a picture of one of the specimens Ė an octopus like creature.
Panel 3: The meeting is breaking up.
Rochelle: Excella, may I have a word?
Excella: Of course.
Panel 4: Rochelle and Excella talk as the other ladies depart the conference room.
Rochelle: Iím putting you charge of this project, Excella.
Rochelle: If you are successful in this role, Iíll make you a head of the department.
Panel 5: Excella has a confident smirk on her face.
Rochelle (not seen): There might be an issue with finding a subject for the study
Excella: Donít worry, Rochelle. Consider it all sorted!

Page 2

Panel 1: Excella and Tomoyo are discussing the project in their modern bio-research lab at Biocorp
Excella: Tomoyo, Iíd like to take a look at what weíll be dealing with
Tomoyo: Sure. Please follow me into this room
Insert panel: Tomoyo is scanning her ID card near a high security futuristic sliding door
Panel 2: Tomoyo and Excella are inside the room standing in front of the glass tank with the specimen Ė bottom of the tank reads ďSpecimen 337-78bĒ
Tomoyo: Here it is. Specimen 337-78b. Class Ė Symbiont.
Excella: She is so gorgeous. Isnít she?
Panel 3: The tank with the alien is seen. The alien is swirling inside looking for a way out
Excella (not seen): Poor thing. Youíre so lonely, so hungry
Excella (not seen): Donít worry. Weíll find you your Valentine soon
Panel 4: Excella is speaking to Tomoyo while looking at the alien
Excella: We must find a way to control the specimen for safety reasons
Tomoyo: Fortunately, Ethelindís project might be of your interest
Panel 5: Same lab. Excella is speaking to Ethelind while studying a small microchip in her hands
Excella: What commands would it allow us to perform on the specimen
Ethelind: Once injected into its brain, opportunities are limitless
Excella: Initiate!

Page 3:

Panel 1: Same day. Evening. Tom enters his hotel room on the last floor of the skyscraper
Insert panel: Tom hides the container with the alien (that he just stole from Biocorp) in his closet
Insert panel: His phone rings
Panel 2: Tom is talking on the phone to a mysterious female
The female: Have you managed to retrieve the specimen?
Tom: It was easy. I disguised as a female scientist intern. They even didnít notice
The female: Excellent! At your place tomorrow morning. Bye!
Tom: Iíd like to double my reward for the risksÖ
The female: ďBeep, beep, beepĒ (hang up the phone)
Panel 3: Tom is sending a text message to Mary
Insert pane (closeup of Tomís phoneís screen): Tomís message reads: ďHey, Mary! What are you up to tonight? Ē
Panel 4: Mary is standing in her bathroom in front of a mirror wearing her sexy black underwear and applying makeup while replying to Tom
Insert panel (closeup of Maryís phone): Mary taps ďIgnoreĒ button near the notification about Tomís message
Mary (not seen): Sigh Ö later
Panel 5 Tom is taking shower and shaving his body in his shower room
Insert panel (closeup of Tomís doorís key reader): Someone wearing a black latex glove is seen swiping a key card

Page 4:

Panel 1: Tom has exited his bathroom after taking shower. Now, he is standing outside his bathroom naked feeling embarrassed and covering his genitals with his hands. Facing him, there are 6 beautiful girls wearing black shiny latex dresses with a nice breast cleavage. They are as beautiful, as tall, and as fit as top-models. They are standing in front of him in a dominant manner. Their dress code is (see pics below): a tight black shiny latex catsuit with a nice breast cleavage (has a red logo of Biocorp on the right side of the chest), a nicely fitting latex corset, black latex gloves, black latex high heel boots
Vega (speaking from the centre calmly): Hello, pet!

Panel 2: The girls are surrounding Tom: Minerva is grabbing his right arm, Trinity is grabbing left arm, Vega is walking in front of him pushing him towards his bed, and Kayla is heading towards the bed carrying a gym bag. Tom is unwillingly walking backwards. The girls are giggling
Vega: We are going to have so much fun!
Minerva: I am so excited!
Panel 3: The girls are pushing Tom on the bed while surrounding him (the bed is now closer to the centre of the room and the bed cover has been changed to a black latex one).
Vega: Youíll make such a nice slut!
Panel 4: Tom is laid on the bed on his back in the following manner: His legs and arms are spread apart. Kayla lays on Tomís right leg and secures it with her hold and weight, Priscilla does the same with his left leg, Minerva and Trinity do the same with his arms, and Ivy positions herself behind the head of the bed gently holding Tomís head. Tomís penis is erected. Vega is standing in front of the bed in a dominating posture with her hands on her hips facing Tom.
Priscilla: I love that he is so submissive!
Trinity (laughing): Like, he has a choice!
Panel 5: The girls are still holding Tom on the bed. Vega is laying down on the bed near Tom starring into his eyes and holding a small bottle of 100 ml of Eromac drug (5 mg/10 ml concentration).
Insert panel (closeup): The label reads ďImproves erection and recovery after ejaculations. Allows multiple ejaculations. Increases a magnitude of orgasms and rate of sperm production. Note: Do not take more than 5 mg in a 24-hour periodĒ.

Page 5:

Panel 1: Tom is unwillingly consuming the whole bottle as Vega is forcing it into his mouth
Tom (gagging): Ughh ughh
Vega: You canít resist. Donít make it difficult to yourself
Panel 2: 10 minutes passed. Kayla, Priscilla, and Ivy are laughing at Tomís penis and the rest of the girls are laughing looking at Tomís facial reaction
Insert panel (Closeup of Tomís genitals): The penis is erect and swollen and the scrotum is mildly swollen from elevated sperm count
Kayla (not seen): Look at this! That would be a fucking volcano!
Priscilla (not seen): Good thing that we are wearing PPE
Panel 3: Vega is sliding her index finger across Tomís genitals starting from the base of the penis towards its tip
Insert panel (Tomís face closeup): Tom is grimacing from the pleasure
Tom: Oooohh
Panel 4 (closeup): As Vega reaches the tip (point G) of his penis, it releases a small viscous drop of seminal fluid that slowly drips down
Tom (not seen) (moans): Oooohh
Vega (not seen) (giggles): So ripe!
Panel 5: Ivy is digging through the clutter of Tomís closet
Ivy: Hurray! Here she is.
Insert panel (closeup): The alien is seen through the plastic container looking at Ivy with its eye/eyes
Ivy (not seen): Poor thing. You must be so hungry 
Page 6:
Panel 1: Vega is sitting on the bed near Tom holding the alien in her hands whose tentacles are swirling around Vegaís hands. The opened plastic container is seen to be laying on the floor. The rest of the girls are looking at the alien with loving and caring faces. Tomís face is full of regret
Priscilla: Awww!
Trinity: She is so gorgeous!
Panel 2: The girls are now looking at Tomís penis. Vega is speaking to Tom while holding the alien
Vega: It wasnít wise to go against Biocorp
Vega: And now, you will pay for it
Tom (moaning): Nooo
Panel 3: Vega grabs Tomís penis with her hand and directs it towards alienís mouth
Tom (moaning): Please... no!
Trinity: Shut the fuck up!

Panel 4 (closeup): The alien sucks onto Tomís penis with its mouth
Tom (moaning): Aaah
Insert panel (closeup): As Vega removing her hand, Tomís whole penis is now sitting inside of the alien. The alien is engulfing Tomís testicles into its second orifice near its mouth
Tom (moaning): Oooh, please!
Panel 5: The alien, once attached itself on Tomís genitals, secures itself on Tomís body in a following manner: one tentacle around Tomís right leg, another around his left leg, the third around Tomís abdomen/trunk, the 4th and 5th ones from the groin area towards the back and trunk fully securing itself on his body
Kayla (not seen): Itís love from the first sight!
Ivy: Indeed, itís so romantic!

Page 7:

Panel 1: As Tom laying in bed immobilised by the girls and grimacing from the stimulation of his penis and scrotum by the alien, the girls are laughing and teasing him
Vega: Stop resisting! You wonít last too long anyway
Kayla: Ivy, itís your call
Alien: ďProducing sucking noisesĒ
Panel 2 (closeup): xRay view of what is happening to Tomís genitals Ė Tomís penis is sitting inside of the alienís mouth snuggly, his penisís tip is sitting in a receiving chamber snuggly, there are a number of muscles of alienís mouth stimulating Tomís penis as well as the tip, the scrotum is snuggly sitting in another compartment with alienís stimulating receptors growing on the scrotumís surface

Panel 3: Ivy jumps onto the alien and starts riding Tom (refer to pic below about her locking technique)

Ivy: Yeah! Letís ride that pussy!
Tom (screaming): Aaah!
Panel 4: As Tom is getting closer to the point where he cannot resist cumming, Mary calls and leaves a voice message that everyone in the room can hear
Mary: Hey there. Why are you not answering my messages? Would you like to meet for dinner tonight at Baluchi Dining? Mary
Panel 5: In response to the message, the girls start laughing and teasing Tom
Minerva: Awww what a pity!
Trinity: I donít think that you are leaving anywhere for tonight
Tom (thinking): Oh no Ö MaryÖ I am going to cum into this thing! Ö Nooo! Ö Aaaah!

Page 8:
Panel 1: Not being able to hold his urge anymore due to the intense stimulation by both Ivy and the alien, Tom finally releases a tremendous amount of pressure by ejaculating into the alien.
Ivy: Yeeha!
Insert panel (closeup): xRay view of what is happening to Tomís genitals Ė his sperm is flowing with high speed through his urethra into the receiving chamber of alienís mouth.
Insert panel (closeup): Alienís eyes are opening widely from the surprise
Panel 2: 10 minutes passed. Tom is still bound to the bed by the girls. Ivy is back to the original position near Tomís head. Tom is ejaculating into the alien non-stop due to its stimulation and effects of the drug. The girls are cheering and laughing
Tom (moaning): Ooooh, please Ö take it Ö off Ö oooohh
Ivy: Oh my God! He is still cumming!
Priscilla: I already counted 32 and it doesnít seem to stop any time soon!
Panel 3 (closeup xRay view of what is happening to Tomís genitals): his penis is expanded because of the increased vacuum inside of the alienís mouth, a few receptors are attached to the surface of the penisís tip letting the alien send signals forcing Tom to ejaculate, a few receptors are attached to Tomís testicles that stimulate increase in sperm production, exogenous hormones are being injected into Tomís urethra forcing him to become more submissive and feminine and orgasm with higher magnitude. Overall, Tomís genitals are being accommodated to alienís needs
Insert panel (closeup): Tomís face while he is orgasming with his eyes rolled
Ivy (not seen): I love how she is taking control over him
Panel 4: The alien evacuates a portion of Tomís sperm by squirting it out of its external orifice. The sperm lands on the latex surface of Vegaís catsuit who was standing in front of Tom at that moment.
Trinity: Vega, watch out!
Insert panel (closeup): The sperm laying on Vegaís suit is slowly flowing down her body, drying, and dripping on her boots
Insert panel (closeup): Vega is smiling looking down on her stained suit
Vega: No stress. She simply squirted out an excess of it
Panel 5: The alien squirts a bit more sperm, but Kayla and Priscilla manage to catch it with their hands
Insert panel (closeup): They start playing with it in their hands teasing Tom
Kayla: Mmm, I love the smell of sperm laying on latex. It drives me crazy
Priscilla: I know right, it smells so fucking delicious!

Page 9:

Panel 1: As Tom orgasming ejaculating, the alien is growing on his body. Now, its tentacles are longer Ė they have reached Tomís feet, hands, and neck
Insert panel: Vega is coming back from another room smiling and holding Tomís mobile phone and his diary
Vega: Oopsie!
Panel 2: Vega is leaning closer to Tomís face starring into his eyes and waving his diary
Vega: Oh, by the way, why didnít you tell us that you were a virgin?
Trinity (not seen): No fucking way!
Ivy (not seen): Awww, the alien - she is his first one!
Minerva (not seen): And last one!
Panel 3: As Tom is laying on the bed orgasming with his eyes rolled, the girls are releasing him from their grip and move away from the bed
Vega: Alrighty, girls, you need to stretch a bit
Panel 4: Tomís limbs are now free and he is now laying on the bed alone with the alien attached to his body, while all 6 girls are standing in front of his bed in a dominant manner with their arms folded on their chest and smiling. Their suits are covered in stains of Tomís sperm. Tom grabs on the alien with his hands and tries to pull it out, but it doesnít like it
Minerva: Weíre done playing, feel free to take her off
Panel 5: Tom is standing off the bed on his knees in front of the girls and screaming tapping gently by his fingers on the alien begging it to stop the punishing orgasm
Tom (screaming): Aaaah, she didnít like it!
Minerva (laughing): Yup, I lied to you, she wonít let you go no matter what!
Insert panel (closeup): The alien is making an angry look with its eyes

Page 10:

Panel 1: Vega is holding Tomís phone that shows a photo of Mary. She is looking at it with a laughing smirk
Insert panel: Vega drops the phone. It lands near Tom so that he sees the image of Mary
Insert panel: Vega crushes the phone with one hit of her heel and Tom sees it (her boot has stains of Tomís sperm as well)
Panel 2: The alien is starting its final phase of taking over Tom. It releases a few long tentacles that drag him back to bed.
Tom (moans): Ooooohh, pleaseÖ
Panel 3: Once Tom is on the bed, the tentacles from arms and legs extend and locks him on the bed in similar manner how the girls did it
Panel 4: A small octopus-like creature latches from the alien and leaps onto Tomís face. During the ďbirthĒ, Tomís sperm is spraying all over the place from the site of the ďbirthĒ
Kayla (not seen): Damn, look at that!
Ivy (not seen): Haha
Panel 5: The creature sucks onto his face forming a mask (similar to Asari race faces from Mass Effect video game) making Tomís face unrecognizable Ė more feminine

Page 11:
Panel 1: Once Tomís face was transformed, the alien sprays more sperm on Tom himself and releases thousands of black thin threads that flash with electrical charges and whirl around his body
Trinity (not seen): Oh, nasty!
Panel 2: The threads flash with the mist of sperm transforming the shape of Tomís body making it more feminine Ė he becomes looking like a fit latex doll with nice breasts and hips
Vega (not seen): Magic!
Panel 3: Tom is laying on the bed mildly convulsing from the electrical charges and orgasms. His whole bed is covered in sperm
Tom (moaning): Ooooohh
Priscilla (not seen): Although the fun is almost over, we got a final gift for you
Panel 4: Tom briefly looks at the girls who are smiling and holding a black latex catsuit, black latex high heel above the knee boots, a black latex corset, and black latex long gloves (each girl is holding one item)
Vega: Since you cross-dressed in our lab earlier today, we decided that you might like this one too
Tom (moaning): PleaseÖ
Panel 5: The girls have moved onto Tomís bed and are forcefully putting the latex dress on him (each girl puts a separate item on)
Kayla: Stop bitching!

Page 12:

Panel 1: Trinity and Minerva are holding Tomís arms assisting him in standing dressed in his new outfit. Tom is standing unconfidently on his feet wearing the high heels (leaning a bit forward due to exhaustion and legs a bit spread apart due to the alien still sucking him)
Trinity: Look at our baby making first steps!
Minerva: And she is so gorgeous!
Panel 2: Kayla is giving Tom a nice slap on his right latex butt pushing Tom to walk forward independently creating clicking sounds with his heels
Insert panel (closeup): Kayla is giving Tom the slap
Panel 3: Tom manages to make only 8 small steps before tripping over and leaning with his hands onto a big mirror in his room
Panel 4: Tom is standing in front of the mirror gazing at his reflection. He looks like a beautiful doll wearing a latex outfit
Tom (moaning): Nooo!
Panel 5: Tom is standing on his knees, bent, exhausted, drooling, and his eyes are rolled. The girls are standing opposite to him in a victorious/dominant manner
Vega (smiling): Itís time for our baby to get back home 
Page 13:
Panel 1: 5:00 AM for the same day. Tom briefly awakens (view from his eyes) Ė he is being moved on a trolley/stretcher across a corridor within some modern research facility. He is looking up and is seeing two females wearing white gowns, surgical masks, and goggles looking at him while moving him across the hallway.
Ethelind: Poor thing. How could it even happen?
Tomoyo: Weíve been told that the specimen attacked the host while he was asleep
Insert panel: Tom is losing his consciousness (everything goes blurry)
Panel 2: Midday of same day. Tom awakens briefly (view from his eyes) in a research lab. He is facing a computer station. Ethelind is standing in front of the computer typing something. Excella is standing to her right and staring at Tom. Excella is wearing her executive outfit, and Ethelind is wearing her lab gown
Ethelind: Thanks to my microchip, the retrieval of the specimen is still possible
Ethelind: Retrieving the specimen in 5, 4, 3, 2, Ö
Insert panel (closeup): Excella grabs Ethelindís hand restricting her from tapping the ďRETRIEVEĒ button on the touchscreen
Panel 3: Ethelind is looking at Excella with a surprised face as Excella is moving away Ethelindís hand from the keyboard
Excella: It would be too big loss to our corporation. Leave it on
Ethelind: But there was no consent and he is still a virginÖ
Insert panel (closeup): Excellaís hand is tapping the ďLOCKĒ button
Panel 4: Unclear how much time passed. Tom is having a dream about Mary sucking his cock closeup (a view from his eyes). She is looking at him with her loving eyes while holding his cock tightly and sucking it.
Insert panel (closeup): Tom is screaming opening his eyes
Tom (screaming): Aaaahh
Panel 5: Tom wakes up laying on a big black latex bed in a big, round, bright, and completely white room (view from his eyes).
Tom (thinking): Where am I?

Page 14:

Panel 1: Tom is standing in front of his roomís mirror. He resembles a tall fit young girl in a tight black latex catsuit. The suit completely covers her whole body below the chin. Long black latex gloves are on as well as tight high heel black latex boots above the knees. There is a grey logo of Biocorp printed on the suit on the area of right chest as well as a serial number 337-78b-A. There is a mask on (the Asari mask) that has a small metal socket in the centre of its forehead. The eyes colour is changed to bright blue. (For this panel, Tomís image and curious face are seen through the opposite side of the mirror as somebody is watching him from there)
A female scientist (not seen): Quick, everyone! She woke up
Panel 2: Tom looks at his latex hands (view from his eyes)
Tom (thinking): My mind is blank. Who am I?
Panel 3: Tom bends slightly and grabs onto his groin area rolling his eyes from pleasure
Panel 4: While standing in this position, Tom is having a few flashbacks (a view from his eyes)
Insert panel: Love Angels are pushing him onto his bed
Insert panel: Vega is attaching the alien to his penis while the other girls are holding his legs
Insert panel: The alien squirts a portion of Tomís sperm onto Vegaís suit
Panel 5: Tom wakes up from his flashbacks terrified holding his had head with both hands
Tom (in distress): Oh, what happened to me?

Page 15:

Panel 1: Tom grabs onto his mask in a desperate attempt to take it off
Tom: Itís not taking off!
Insert panel: The opposite sideís door opens, and silhouettes of Elsa and two junior scientists are seen entering the room
Panel 2: Tom and the females are facing each other
Tom (begging): Where am I? Who are you?
Excella (smiling): You are a property of our corporation
Panel 3: Tom is walking away from the females towards the exit door as the scientists chase after him
Tom: It canít be. I need to meet with someone Ö Mary
Excella (smiling): You are not going anywhere. Activate the chip!
Insert panel (closeup): Two beeping sounds are emitted from Tomís groin area
Panel 4: Tom is falling on his knees holding onto his groin screaming
Tom (screaming): Aaaahh
Excella: You are our slave. We are your mistresses
Panel 5: Tom is standing on his knees recovering from the punishment
Excella: Your destiny is to please and serve the corporation
Tom: Yes Ö my mistress
Excella: Good girl

Page 16:

Panel 1: Tom is laying on his bed submissively listening to Excella and looking up at the socket on his forehead that now has a small silver pearl sitting in it
Excella (not seen): Simply speaking, your job is to cum making the pearl grow
Excella (not seen): It has a huge financial value
Panel 2: As the two junior scientists are leaving the room, 4 attractive and fit girls wearing red latex outfit (catsuit, boots, corset, gloves) are entering the room
Excella: Before we begin, I would like to introduce you to your nurses
Excella (commanding): Activate protocol ďHoneymoonĒ
Panel 3: Tom is grabbing onto his groin moaning from a mild pleasure
Tom (moaning): Nooo, pleaseÖ
Excella (commanding): My mistress!
Tom (moaning): Please, my mistressÖ
Panel 4: xRay view of Tomís genitalia that is hidden under the latex and is trapped in the alienís flesh. Tomís penis is seen ejaculating the first dose of his sperm
Tom (not seen): Ooooh
Excella (not seen): We found that the alien is best stimulated when you are teased and then denied
Panel 5: Tom is orgasming on his bed as the pearl on his forehead is growing
Tom (moaning): Oooh
Excella (smiling): By the way, we decided to name you Love

Page 17:
Panel 1: Tom is laying on the bed orgasming in a missionary pose humping the bed as he was a bunny in hopes to relieve the stimulation of his penis. His nurses are posing in front of him teasing him with their perfect latex bodies
Tom (moaning): Aaahh
Nurses (laughing): We canít imagine how badly you want us
Insert panel (closeup): Tom is grabbing an ass of one of his nurses (view from Tomís eyes)
Nurses (not seen): Wrong move!
Panel 2: Tom is grabbing onto his groin with his hands screaming from the punishment
Tom (screaming): Aaaah
Nurses: Our security system is smart
Nurses: You are not allowed to touch your mistresses at all!
Insert panel: xRay view of Tomís genitals where his penis is being gently electricuted
Panel 3: Ethelind and Tomoyo are seen standing behind the mirror. Ethelind is looking at her computerís monitor showing xRay view of Tomís genitals. Tomoyo is looking at Tomís orgasming performances
Ethelind (upset): Growth of the pearl is complete. Can we finally end this?
Tomoyo: Hopefully its quality will satisfy Excella. Cease the process
Panel 4: Tom is laying on the bed exhausted as one of the nurses is extracting the pearl from his forehead
The nurse: Easy job
Excella: Our stakeholders will be happy
Panel 5: Tom is seeing a dream where he is escaping the girls from ARS (running out from the bed leaving surprised girls behind)
Insert panel: Tom is successfully pulling out the alien from his penis
Insert panel (closeup): Mary is passionately sucking Tomís cock (view from his eyes)
Tom (not seen): Oooh, Mary, yes!

Page 18:

Panel 1: Tom is waking up sitting on a chair. Dr Newitt is sitting opposite to Tom facing him. She is dressed in a corporate uniform
Newitt: Hello. My name is Dr Newitt. I am your psychologist
Newitt: I will help you to forget about your past and accept who you are
Newitt: Have you ever heard of a stimulated hypnosis?
Panel 2: Dr Newitt leans closer to Tomís face and starts staring into his eyes
Newitt (commands): Activate protocol ďApple PieĒ
Insert panel: Two vibrating sounds are emitted from Tomís groin
Panel 3 (closeup): Dr Newitt is starring at Tom with her hypnotising gaze (view from Tomís eyes)
Newitt: You are trapped. There is no escape
Newitt: You must submit completely
Insert panel (closeup): Tomís hypnotised eyes are staring into Newittís
Panel 4 (closeup): Some time passed. Dr Newitt is still starring at Tom with her hypnotising gaze (view from Tomís eyes)
Newitt: Now, repeat what I have just told you
Tom (not seen): My name is Love. My mission is to serve Biocorp
Tom (not seen): I belong to the corporation. I am an obedient latex slut
Newitt: Good girl
Panel 5: Tom is seen walking down the hallway of the corporation as the scientists and nurses are looking at him with surprised faces. His stare is blank
Excella: Are you sure we can let her off the leash?
Newitt: Within the research facility only

Page 19:

Panel 1: Two weeks passed. Tom is seen humping a dummy of a latex girl from behind on his bed. His nurses are standing around his bed and teasing him
The nurses: She really enjoys her new toy
Panel 2: xRay Tomís genitals while he is humping the doll. His penis is seen ejaculating
Tom (not seen): Aaaahh
The nurses (not seen): The pearl is almost ready
Panel 3: Tom is laying on his bed on his back near his doll exhausted from the work. His nurses have left
Insert panel: Tom is seen exiting his room
Panel 4: As Tom is walking down the hallway, somebody calls him, and he turns his head
Ethelind (not seen): Tom, stop and look at me!
Panel 5: Now, in front of him, Tom sees Ethelind handing over him an access card
Ethelind: If not for my microchip, you wouldnít be here
Ethelind: Excella took away the control over the chip from me. Just run as far as you can!
Insert panel (closeup): Tom takes the card in his hand
Tom (not seen): Thank you, my mistress
Ethelind (not seen): Ö

Page 20:

Panel 1: Evening. Tom is seen driving away from the research facility in a Biocorp sedan
Panel 2: Night. Mary is unlocking her houseís door coming back from a party. She is wearing a sexy party outfit
Tom (not seen): Mary, you are so beautiful
Panel 3: Mary is facing Tom terrified
Mary: Who are you? I thought that Halloween was over months ago!
Mary: And you are a bit early to the Fetish Parade!
Tom: Itís me Ė Tom. Please help me!
Panel 4: Mary is angrily preaching Tom pointing her finger at him as girls from Biocorp are seen running towards them from far away
Mary: Are you fucking kidding me!? You must be that girl who he was fucking with!
Mary: Look at you! What a slut he has chosen!
Insert panel: Two vibrations are emitted from Tomís groin
Panel 5: Excella is standing in front of Mary apologising to her as Tom is gagged and is being escorted away by his nurses. Buzzing sounds are coming from his groin indicating activated punishing protocol. Excella is wearing a black latex outfit (similar to the nursesí)
Excella: I am very sorry for our girlfriend. I told them not to pour her too much at our fetish party
Excella: I promise that it will never happen again
Insert panel (closeup): Mary is making a suspicious look
Mary: WeirdÖ
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