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Old 28-Aug-15, 22:10
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Default World Model VS World champion

This story is a fiction one, with real people in it. These are not supposed to be them, but fictionalized versions of them.


Rocky Marcino, a famous man who was a boxing legend. Famous for never losing, he has gone from 49 fights, and 43 KOS. But, this story is about the only person that has ever defeated him in a boxing fight. Her name, was Marilyn Monroe.


"Come on Rocky, you have to do this."

"Okay okay okay... But it's idiotic."

"We all know, but it'll sell. You know that!"


Rocky moved across the hall, and took his shirt off. It revealed his huge bulging muscles, but he wasn't here for a fight. Just a fake one. He was to box for a magazine with Marilyn Monroe, a famous movie actress. The two were at the top of their careers, but Rocky felt pathetic. He was the Heavy Weight champion, and to make money, he had to box some brad. But, he swallowed his pride, and walked ahead. He left the hall, and saw the set. It was set like a boxing ring, and in the center was her. Marilyn Monroe herself. She was not skinny, but very curvy. Yet, she was wearing something that made Rocky get excited. A two piece bikini. He doesn't remember her wearing anything like that, but it caused him to have an erection. She was short, at 5'5 compared to Rocky's 5'11, but she looked great. Her skin was smooth, her hair was let down with curls, and her curvy body hugged her swimsuit. Her breast were huge, yet gravity didn't know that, and her butt was perfectly round. She was a sex icon, and Rocky knew it in an instant. Her Bikini was white, and his boxer briefs were black. His own pants, did hold the belt so people would know what he was. He breathed out, and jumped on the ring. Marilyn saw him, and she gave him a grin. A pearly white one. She giggled, and pulled her hand out.

"Hello Mister Rocky, I hope we have some fun."

Her voice made him remember what he was supposed to do, and he grunted. Yet, he did grab her hand. It would be not be gentlemanly to do so.

"Yeah, I guess."

"So, you know what the article is about?"


"That the most manly man and the most lady like women have similar interests. I heard men like that sort of stuff, powerful women."

"I guess."

The two looked at each other, and Rocky felt his trunks were getting tight. One of the men, handed the two a set of boxing gloves. Rocky was given black, and Marilyn was given white ones. Her's was much smaller, and showed her hands. Rocky looked around, and the cameraman put the camera down.

"Alright, let's set this up. Okay, Marilyn, get real close to him. I want people to see how big Rocky is!"

Marilyn did so, and with a big grin, she was practically touching him. Her chest, was touching Rocky's stomach, and he gulped. She felt smoother then he thought.

"Rocky, look down at her, and give her your meanest snarl."

Rocky, looked down, and snarled. The picture was taken, and Rocky thought what it looked like. A huge muscular man, who was a champion, defying a female fighter.

"Alright, Marilyn you punch Rocky on the chin, and Rocky look like your hurt."

Marilyn grinned, and she whispered something.

"I'll be soft."

She touched him, and he reacted with fake pain. Yet, her comment confused him. She must have been joking. He heard the flash, and people clapped. Marilyn bowed, and Rocky stood there confused of what the heck was happening. He didn't like photo shoots much.

-30 minutes later-


Rocky was on the floor, and Marilyn held his belt. Signifying that women were dominant, or something. Rocky didn't care, but he saw the flash, and he started to get up. Most of the people started to pack up, and the photographer grinned.

"Thank you two! Now, both your respective magazine fans will love this! Marilyn Monroe beating up Rocky Marcino, would be a great sight."

The camera man walked away, and Rocky went to the table, to get water. He heard
Marilyn punching something, and he turned around, to see her shadow boxing, he chuckled, and walked ahead.

"So, beating the champion makes you feel good?"

"Nope. I want to really do it."

"Do what?"

"Beat you."

Rocky, laughed out loud, and slapped his knee. He looked at Marilyn, and she gave him a toothy smile.

"Yeah, sure, why not? Next, cars start to fly, and we get a Negro President."

"Or a women one. But hey, things can be strange."

Rocky started to walk away, and Marilyn grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait, I know you might not like this, so I have a deal."


"Easy. Win or lose... I'll give you a great night."

This made Rocky raise his eyebrow, and he stopped walking away.

"Look, I'm not a..."

"Oh, I can handle myself. Besides, we all noticed that."

She pointed at his visible erection, and he licked his lips.

"Anyone watching?"


Rocky cursed under his breath, and got on to the ring. He looked down at Marilyn, and she grinned. He was older, bigger, heavier, more skilled, and easily stronger. The only thing she may have is speed. He better be soft on her. Marilyn set up a clock, and set it down.

"5 minutes, so we can prepare before our 3 minute brawl."

She put her gloves on, and Rocky put his arms up.

"Okay, you know the rules?"

"Of course, I have been practicing for years."


"It's been an obsession. In fact, I'm the reason this whole thing was started. I wanted to see what you were made of."

Rocky smirked, and touched his gloves with hers. His gloves were massive, and she bumped into him. Her massive breasts smacked into his chest, and they felt like dough. He smiled, and felt his penis even get stiffer. Marilyn saw the sight, and looked at the clock.

"Half a minute. Take it out."


"Your dick. I promise no low blows. You do so, I'll take my top off."

Rocky, instantly did so, and his dick waved up. Marilyn saw it, and whistled. 10 inches, and 3 inches wide. It was easily the biggest she has ever seen. Even with boxing gloves, she grabbed her bra, and loosened it. It fell, and Rocky was glad his dick was out. Her breast, were even bigger. White, round, and her nipples were massive and erect. He was surprised, her bra hid that. She grinned, and had her boxing gloves touch her breast. Even with her boxing gloves, they barely covered it.

"You likey?"


Marilyn saw the clock, and giggled.

"Time to go."

Marilyn only walked ahead, and Rocky saw her slowly move. She moved her hips, causing her breast to jiggle. He licked his lips, but he wasn't a fool. He moved ahead, and lightly punched Marilyn in the stomach. She didn't even flinch, and looked at him.

"Come on, try a bit?"

He was shocked, and he felt her stomach. It wasn't even hard, it was like a normal woman's, but even smoother. Rocky was puzzled, and took a step back.

"Hit me. With everything you got."

Rocky scoffed at that, but decided to hit a little harder. He struck Marilyn in the stomach again, with more power, and Marilyn didn't even move. She started to grope herself, and give a sly smile towards Rocky.

"Come on Big Boy, we know you can do harder. Think you and me. I bet I'm sexier then Diana Dors."

She was, and Rocky felt his dick was at its full majesty, touching Marilyn. She playfully punched the dick down, and it sprung back up.

"Aww, how cute. Such a massive guy, and he can take a little force. Think how happy he would be, with me giving him a handshake."

Rocky, let in, and he pulled his right arm back. Time for a full heavy swing, strong enough to knock out Heavy Weight Boxers. He let out a silent prayer, and smashed his fist across Marilyn's stomach. She was pushed back, and even winced. She held her stomach, but looked at Rocky with a smile. Rocky was amazed, and he didn't think it was possible.

"Thanks, you're extremely powerful, Mr. Rocky, but now it's time for me."

She pulled her arm back, and jabbed Rocky. Jab, was not appropriate. Her fist crushed Rocky's face. He felt like a foreman grabbed a sledgehammer, and smashed it across his face. Rocky hit the floor, and he hit his head. He felt dazed, and was barely able to comprehend what happened.

"Aww, poor Rocky, I'll count slowly honey. 1...2..."

Rocky, was trying to understand what happened. He was able to see what happened, and looked up. He was on his back, and he saw Marilyn standing over him. Her breast covered her chin, and he saw her put her hands on her hips.


Rocky got scared, and tried to get up. That's when he heard the bell. It was up. Marlin, groaned, and walked away. Rocky got up, and walked slowly to his corner. He leaned on the pole, and looked at Marilyn. She was absolutely stunning. She bent down to fiddle with the clock, and his dick was enjoying every single second, but his mind was reminding him. She downed him, with one punch. She could act like a sweet little girl, but she was really a monster. She was done shaking her ass, and got up.

"We have 4 minutes, 1 for resting. Sorry that I don't have any chairs."

She was standing at her corner, and started to eye Rocky's dick.

"You know, when I was a little girl, I was in love with two things. Acting, and Boxing. So while I took classes in acting, I practiced Boxing. When I was 19, I boxed a boy who was considered the toughest guy in my hometown. I pounded him across the place, and I started to be a model. Funny huh, that such a cute little beauty can be a little strong."

Rocky, was breathing hard, and tried to rest himself up. It can't be possible, how could she be so strong, and yet so soft. He saw the bell, and saw that the resting time was over. But, he didn't go over there. He put his arms up, and shifted away, planning to drain her. Marilyn grinned with her toothy smile, and walked ahead slowly.

"You know, Joe divorced me because of that. Being so strong, you should have seen his face. He was doing push-ups, and I asked to join him. In 10 minutes, he did 350. I did 1,300 one handed. I actually held back, wanting him to have some pride, but he was so slow, I barely could. But you actually hurt me Rocky, and no man has done that ever. Go all out, baby."

Rocky stopped, and thought of what he was doing. He, a world heavy weight champion, was running from a woman. He decided to finish this quick. Rocky rushed at Marilyn, and threw a left jab at her. She dodged it, and punched him in the gut. He buckled, and his knees failed him. He fell down, but Marilyn caught him, and held his face with her gloves.

"You know, you have a little sweet face."

She pushed his head to her breast, and she rubbed his head against it. He was being suffocated, but felt good for the first time. She dropped him, and he hit the floor.

"Now, you have some motivation. Get up. 1..."

Rocky, was humiliated. He was down, but his dick was still high. It thought it was champ, still, but he had to get up. He got on his knee, and started to get up.

"4...5... Oh, good."

Rocky was on his feet, and put his arms up. He should be careful, and he hated to say it, but he had too. She was stronger then him. She could hit harder with a jab, then he could with a full right hook. He spit up blood, and he decided what to do. He had to hit her fast, and dodge what he could. He instantly sprinted, and struck at Marilyn with a jab. She blocked it with her arm, and with his other arm, he hit Marilyn in the face. She was pushed back, but didn't look bad. But, Rocky wasn't done. He pulled his arm back, and with a full swing, he hit Marilyn right in the face. She was pushed back, and he started to wail on her. After a short while, he uppercutted her, and with her head shot back, he slammed his right arm in her stomach, sending her crashing. He looked down at her, and put his arms down.


In an instant she got, and gave him an award winning smile, with no injuries showing, and she looked fine.

"Wow, you really are strong... But no one ever defeated me, and you won't."

The bell went off, and Marilyn was surprised.

"That thing goes quick, doesn't it?"

She walked off, and Rocky nearly fell down. He was terrified, of a woman! No one ever dominated him so easy, so he was completely flabbergasted. How could she, be so good. She was done tinkering with the clock, and set it down. She looked at Rocky, and walked ahead. She was close to him, and flexed her right arm.

"Feel it."

It was small, barely a bump, and Rocky did so. What he felt shocked him. It, was smooth. It didn't even feel strong, it was like a normal woman. She put her arm down, and touched Rocky's chest.

"You are such a muscular man... Fourth round."


"I'll KO you in the fourth round."

Rocky, gulped, and wanted to run away. She was scarier then he could imagine. Stronger then he could possibly be, and she was going to just play with him. She looked down at his dick, that was touching her bikini bottom. She giggled, and grabbed the string, and loosened it, causing it to fall. Rocky gulped, and he looked down. She was a shaver. She giggled, and turned around, walking away. Her ass was enormous, and white, causing Rocky to start to salivate. He wanted to be with her, but he knew what would happen. She would crush him. She looked at the clock, and turned around.

"Let's have a good, fair match."

She slowly walked up to him, and he was frightened. He took a step back, but Marilyn sprinted at him. She punched him, and he was sent flying, hitting the pole. With his head against it, Marilyn grinned, and walked up to him. She got close, and lifted his head. With one arm, she moved his entire body, and his back hit the pole.

"What are you doing?!"

His voice nearly cracked, and he was starting to sweat heavily. Marilyn giggled, and turned around.

"Easy, I decided to kick your ass. But, then I thought... Maybe my ass is stronger then you."

Marilyn crashed her ass against Rocky's face. Rocky, was being smothered, and yet he felt hormonal joy. Her ass was plump, and extremely soft against his face, causing him to feel his dick grow again. Marilyn, moved around, and her ass was crushing Rocky's face, but he didn't feel bad. Marilyn, knew that he was enjoying it, and waiting. Most people don't know, but Marilyn had bowel syndrome. She was a huge farter, and she knew it. A few days after beating up that boy, when she was 19, she humiliated him again by outfarting him in a fart contest with his friends. She felt her stomach rumble, and grinned.

"Oh Rocky boy... Sorry."

She let it rip. The fart surprised Rocky, and he started to gag. This wasn't some typical fart, this was a bad one. It was like a horse let it rip, at full force. Like multiple men let one go, after a bean eating party. Like, if death was placed in a smell. Marilyn's fart was all this, and more.

"Dang, just a toot."

Rocky gaged, and Marilyn placed her ass out. Rocky hit the floor, and he was gagging. The ding went off, and Marilyn walked away. She felt her stomach, and cursed herself. She could have farted louder and stinker then that. Rocky hit the floor, and was thinking of throwing up. He looked at his body, and he knew it was like a cold shower. He got up, but slowly, and saw Marilyn drop the clock.

"Last round, lover boy. Honestly, I expected more from the heavy weight champion, so, this time... No boxing, just wrestling."

She started to take her gloves off, and Rocky thought of it. Should he? He decided if she was doing it already, he should. He dropped his gloves, and Marilyn giggled.

"Aww, it seems our little champion decided to hide."

Rocky looked down, and saw his dick was flaccid. Of course it would, a fart in the face would do that. But, Marilyn walked ahead, and slightly punched the flaccid dick.

"Wakey Wakey."

The dick, started to grow again, and Marilyn laughed.

"He likes it, doesn't he... I hope he likes what comes next."

The clock set to three, and Rocky and Marilyn tackled each other. Despite Rocky's far bigger muscles, and height, Marilyn was easily pushing him back.

"What the hell!"

"Too weak!"

She soon hit him at the ropes, and put her arms around his back. In an instant, Marilyn lifted Rocky, overhead, and his chest was at her face. Rocky, looked panicked, and looked down.

"Aww, wanna go down? Okay."

She dropped Rocky, and slammed him against the floor. She dropped herself, and her butt was on Rocky's chest.

"Ooh, time to count. 1..."

Rocky tried his best to get up, but Marilyn laughed at it.

"What a little man. Can't even defeat a woman! Champion of the world?! More like a pussy! 2...3..."

Rocky, started to use all his physical force, and Marilyn just stared to laugh.

"Ooh, I feel something... No, wait, it's my imagination. 4..."

Rocky was starting to flail his arms, and was unsure of how she could do this, even though she weighed about less then he could easily benchpress.

"5..., Aww, come on, try your best, unless your best is my shit. 6..."

Rocky was using every single muscle in his body, and he was starting to get up, but Marilyn slammed her ass against Rocky's chest, and he screamed.

"Bad Rocky! 7...8...9...10!"

Rocky, was on the floor, breathing hard and disappointed. He was just Koed, by a woman. Marilyn Monroe, kicked his ass. Marilyn, smirked, and stood up. She grabbed Rocky by his stomach, and lifted him. She lifted him overhead, and he was looking down, causing him to scream.

"Let me down!"

"Now now now, we need to fix something."

Marilyn, holding Rocky over her head, walked ahead, stepping over the rope, and heading to the hall. She saw a trash can, and slammed Rocky's head in. She walked away, and tied his belt across his hips, and put his trunks next to him. She was putting her bikini back on, and was giggling.

"How pathetic. Just when I thought I met a real man, he was just a pussy. Even the best Heavy Weight champions are just too weak, to handle girls like me. Sorry, you don't get much of a prize."

Marilyn walked away, and walked out of the hall. Rocky, with his head in a trash can and naked, was crying. He was sobbing, when he heard footsteps.

"Rocky, I have one last thing."

He heard Marilyn's voice, and stopped. Marilyn, was holding a marker, and wrote something all over Rocky's chest, and around his crotch.

'I am M.M's bitch."


Ever since then, Rocky was never the same. His coach found him like that, and Rocky told his coach everything. His coach decided Rocky should quit, and the secret was only held by three people. Diana Dors, Rocky's lover, stated that Rocky was always scared of seeing anything connected to Marilyn Monroe, and would be silent when talking about that shoot. Marilyn, kept it a secret, and only said one thing about the event.

"He was fun."
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Default Re: World Model VS World champion

i love this story ....expecially the fart scene !
can you write more ?
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Default Re: World Model VS World champion

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Would love to see Jane Russell featured next ..here she
is limbering up
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Default Re: World Model VS World champion

Well if she wins, she'll get her chance. If you want more however, just check Deviant Art! That's my home base!
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Default Re: World Model VS World champion

i will for sure....but do you have any other stories with face fart scenes??
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Default Re: World Model VS World champion


I only added that because when looking up MM, I learned she apparently had bowel problems. Makes the whole skirt flying scene have a whole new meaning. Eh?
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domination, femdom, humilation, mixed boxing

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