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Default A Big New World

Hello everyone! After lurking about here for way too long, I've decided to try my hand at some writing of my own. I'm planning on a series of vignettes that will eventually merge together to become a cohesive story. That's enough blabbing from me, let's get to the story.


Episode 1 - Sisterly Love

For perhaps the hundredth time in the past six months, Scott found himself pondering the unfairness of the universe. Specifically, whatever part of the universe that had caused his cruel, manipulative bitch of a sister Rachel to become one of the Enhanced.

This particular evening, Scott was pondering the cruelties of fate by asking ‘Why Me?’ over and over as his head was slowly compacted between the iron mass of Rachel’s massive legs. A rhythmic pulse of her inner thighs forced a whimper from his lips.

“Now Scotty, you know I hate having to do this, but you didn’t leave me any choice.” Scott could barely hear her through the walls of female muscle that currently made up his entire world, but Scott could hear the smile in her words, and before he could stop himself, a sarcastic “Ha!” escaped his lips.

In response to this tiny flicker of resistance, Rachel increased the power of her vice-like grip to the point where he could literally feel the bones in his skull groan under the pressure. If he thought it would do the slightest good, Scott would have begged. Would have pleaded. Would have offered her anything, anything at all. Anything to stop this pain. But he knew that what she really wanted was his suffering, so there wasn’t any point.

“You see”, she went on, “that is exactly the kind of attitude I’m talking about.”

Rachel leaned back on the sofa, stretching out her long, powerful arms behind her head. At 6’2”, she was smaller than many of the Enhanced, but still much taller Scott’s 5’8” body, and many, many times stronger. She took some time to admire the diamond bracelet she had received from one of her wealthier admirers earlier in the day, enjoying the patterns the light made as it reflected off the gems. The man had originally hired her as a consultant for his Fortune 500 company, taking full advantage of the greatly increased intelligence and problem-solving abilities all Enhanced enjoyed. Within a week she had him completely wrapped around her finger, utterly infatuated with her beauty and charm.

So far she had simply strung him along, enjoying the attention and gifts, but she had decided this one was a keeper. She smiled to herself, thought of all the fun she would have, breaking his will completely. A weekend getaway to the country should give her plenty of time to finish the job. Even with most of her mind daydreaming about her upcoming conquest, she maintained the presence of mind to slightly relax her grip as she felt her brother begin to fade into unconsciousness.

Scott had been hoping for a knockout and the escape it would provide. When he felt his sister’s grip loosen slightly, he realized that his punishment session was just beginning. Rachel began to pulse her inner thighs again, the thick cables of muscle crushing his ears nearly cutting into his skull. Slowly, rhythmically, she flexed and released. Flexed and released.

Flexed and released.

Flexed and released.

Finally, after nearly 10 minutes of this new torture, Scott broke down.

“Please Rachel! It hurts, Oh god….it’s too much. PLEASE!”

Her grin only widened. He’d toughened up considerably in the past months, but hir body was capable of generating infinitely more pain than his could withstand. It was always only a matter of time before he broke.

“AHHH! Anything! Anything you want! Rachel! Goddess! Master! Please please please please just make it stop”

It didn’t stop. He knew, deep down, that it wouldn’t. Wouldn’t for at least an hour yet, but he could no more stop himself than he could stop his own heartbeat.

“Please oh please oh please…”

Rachel just smiled and picked up the book she had begun earlier, and tightened again. It was going to be a good night.
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