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Default Things change - (armwrestling, wrestling, xxx, pegging)

I found this on an old board.

[female arm wrestlers] Things change

Date : Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:07:42 -0000

Julie sat silent on the drive home from the party, pondering over
what had just happened. Her husband, Bill was trying to concentrate
on the wet and dark road ahead, but was struggling given the
embarrassment he had just been put through.

Only 3 hours earlier, Julie and Bill had been enjoying themselves at
Becky's party. Becky was Julie's younger sister who had recently
moved in with her fiancé Malcolm. Becky was the typical `go-girl'.
Always out at the gym, or jogging, or doing the aerobics on the T.V.,
quite the opposite from her sister Julie.

It's hard to recall just how the subject ever came about, but as the
20 or so people at the party sat and made polite conversation,
somebody, somewhere had mentioned bodybuilding or the like and this
had lead to the embarrassment which was about to unfold.

It must have started on the subject of keep fit and slowly rolled out
of control, but before long the room was divided on a fairly heated
argument about the fact that men were the stronger sex. Bill was a
bit of a male chauvinist, and was certainly up there with the other
guys, arguing for the men's side, while Julie remained pretty quiet.
After all, she might be all for women's lib, but she was no fitness
girl and deep down probably agreed with what the men had to say.

"So how come male weightlifters can easily outlift the women" said
Frank, one of Bills workmates.

"Don't be silly, what I am saying is that a fit woman is stronger
than an average guy who doesn't workout". Becky had an answer for
everything. And by now she was getting angry. She hates women being
put down at anything, and was always willing to fight for the cause.
She probably would have been there burning her bra or padlocking
herself to gates if she had lived 100 years ago.

The debate continued and Bill had resorted to that annoying fake
laugh following every point that Becky made. Maybe he had run out of
valid points, or perhaps he was looking to wind Becky up. Either way
he was succeeding in doing just that.

"For Christ's Sake!!" Snapped Becky. "Do I have to go and prove it"?

Suddenly a hush fell over part of the room. Obviously some of the guy
debaters were regulars at the gym, they had nothing to fear, but for
others like Bill who didn't workout, they suddenly had reason to be
cautious. What if Becky was right?

"I know that there are about half of you guys here who wouldn't have
a chance against me in a test of strength" Becky boldly stated. A
chuckle from the bigger guys could be heard, but the laughter was now
more nervous from Bills side of the room.

Becky looked straight at Bill, then at Frank, then back at Bill as if
she were weighing them up.

"O.K then. You seemed to have a strong opinion Bill, lets see if your
arms are just as strong"? Becky was challenging Bill and he was

He had firmly believed what he was saying about men being stronger,
but what if Becky had been right. Maybe she had done this kind of
thing before. Bill looked at his wife Julie for support, but she
replied, "you started this, I just hope you aren't going to embarrass
yourself". Bill was even more concerned now. Even his wife seemed to
have doubts.

As Bill slowly made his way to the coffee table to join Becky, the
guys in the room started cheering, "Go on Son, shut her up", "Show em
who's boss".

Bill felt the pressure as he placed his arm to the table. Bill was
taller than Becky. She was maybe 5'9 to his 5'11 and weight wise he
must have had 20-30 pounds on her. This seemed to count for nothing
as they both knelt at the table.

Becky had big hands, and they seemed almost vascular as they locked
up on the table. Bill might not have worked out, but he wasn't a
wimp, he had arm wrestled before with the guys at the pub and had
mixed results.

Suddenly someone shouted Go, and they were off. Everyone in the room
was routing for one of the 2. The women for Becky, the guys for Bill,
but Julie remained tight lipped.

Bill had a bad feeling in his gut from the offset. He was giving his
all, and Becky was holding firm. The only time he had arm wrestled a
female before had been against his sister years ago in a one sided
victory lasting all of 5 seconds. This was different; he wasn't able
to budge her arm. Her biceps were hidden beneath her long sleeved
top, but the tops of her forearms suddenly became visible, and looked
incredible firm. Veins were visible too, and all the spectators saw
this, as Bill suddenly began to hit the wall. He was getting tired,
his arm was burning, but still he hadn't moved his position. Bill
knew he could do no more, and the movement finally started, but not
the way he was hoping for. The cheers form the guys began to grow
quite, while the women were now jumping up and down backing the fast
progressing Becky. Bill could do no more than slow the progress being
made by his female opponent. She had him and he knew it. So too did
the room of onlookers, including Julie.

Bill managed to hold is arm inches from defeat, for what seemed like
minutes, but eventually, the final 3 inches were made up in a swift
pushing motion. The hand was slammed down to which the women in the
room shrieked and cheered. The men looked on in total amazement,
almost embarrassed for Bill, but many grateful it hadn't been them
who were shown up.

"That prove my point huh"? said Becky, almost menacingly. Bill was
stunned, should he gracefully accept defeat or make his excuses?

Bill paused, what should he do. He glanced around the room. People
were laughing, others shook their heads, but Julie, she was looking
right down at the floor. He had to save face and fast.

"Look Becky", Bill started, "You might have me in the arms, but I
think we all know I would be stronger at most tasks"?

"Why don't you wrestle her?" some voice shouted out. Bill shrank as
he heard this, and shrank even more from the response of Becky.

"I'm game if you are," said Becky, with that menacing voice once more.

Just as Bill was about to jump at the chance for redemption, Becky
slowly removed her long sleeved jacket to reveal a pair of biceps
that brought a united gasp from the room. She laughed as she rose up
both her arms to form a double bicep pose. These were not gained from
simply doing aerobics, these were serious gym arms. Bill looked
carefully at the right bicep. It was peaked like nothing he had seen
before. 3 veins clearly ran over and down the muscle, like a network
of canals. She saw him staring and flexed a little harder, and the
muscle grew further still.

"Still wanna take me on" she said.

Bill knew that he had no chance against muscles like this. All he
would gain by taking her on, would be a few bruises and the further
loss of respect from all his friends.

"Erm, no thanks, its ok" sheepishly replied Bill.

After a brief fit of laughter, the conversation slowly ebbed back to
what had gone before, and the incident was forgotten. Forgotten,
except for by his wife.

This brings us to where we began. In the car heading home.

Julie and Bill arrived home, still nothing was said about what
happened, but it was so obviously on Julie's mind.

They began to change for bed, still nothing, so Bill had to break the
eerie silence. "For Christ's sake Julie, get it over with".

"What" she asked, pretending not to know.

"What Becky did back at the party, you want to say something, so just
get it over with".

Julie played it down, and laid the matter to rest, but not in her
head. She couldn't stop thinking of it. It had really turned her on
and she didn't know why.

For the next few days, she constantly thought about what had
happened, she would start to flex as she passed mirrors and while she
hadn't got biceps like Becky, they were pretty good sized, and she
liked what she saw.

A week later, the thrill of seeing her husband being overpowered was
still fresh in her mind. As she sat at the dinner table with Bill,
she played nervously with her wedding ring; it was obvious that her
mind was on something other than dinner.

She wanted to just come out with it, tell Bill how she felt, perhaps
have that arm wrestle with him, but she just couldn't bring herself
to say it.

Finally, Bill asked what was troubling her. But the moment had gone;
she bottled it and made some excuses about work related problems.

Another week had passed, when one evening, she was preparing a bath
and she found herself naked looking in the full-length bedroom
mirror. She stood there, flexing the various poses. She suddenly felt
so aroused, and began to touch herself. She couldn't help it. She so
much wanted to regain the feeling of overpowerment again, but what if
Bill was appalled. What if he hated it?

The weeks of mind games had finally gotten to her. To hell with it,
she suddenly thought, the obsession had become too much. She marched
into the study where Bill was typing up his reports. She pushed open
the door and stood there, naked and flexing. Bill open jawed dropped
the papers all over the floor. His wife had never shown any real
fitness tendency before, yet now was stood naked, flexing a fair old
pair of biceps.

"What do you think hun?" she asked.

Bill was astonished. He didn't know his wife had biceps of this
nature, come to think of it, she suddenly looked muscular all over.

"I….I.…I….. I'm working, erm what the hell"? He was so confused. But
she wasn't, she had come this far, she had to go all the way now.

"I think when Becky overpowered you, you liked it. I know I did. Now
I wanna try".

Bill was gobsmacked. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom,
where she started to unfasten his shirt. He was in too much shock to
do anything as she stripped him down naked.

"Right Bill, I want to see you defend yourself against your wife", "I
want to prove that I can overpower you".

Before Bill had time to answer, she lunged at him, sending him
sprawling to the floor. He managed to roll over to get on top of
Julie and tried to pin her hands down by grabbing her wrists.

"Look Julie, stop this nonsense. Becky got lucky that's all. You
aren't a bodybuilder, and you aren't as strong as me, now please just
stop before you get hurt."

She had waited too long for this to be ruined now, so she mustered
all her strength. Slowly, she started to push her arms up against her
husbands efforts and weight. He was trying but failing to hold her
arms down. Her entire arm was now pumped into a sea of veins as the
adrenalin flowed.

With one mighty push, she broke free and sent him sprawling once
more. This time, she leapt on top of him, and pinned down HIS arms.
Bill was shocked but now in panic. He wriggled and tried to free
himself, but his wife was stronger than he gave credit for, she was
pinning him helplessly.

"So dear, am I stronger", she quizzed.

Bill refused to give in. His macho pride couldn't take this. Julie by
now was in heaven. She had dreamed about the day she overpowered her
husband and now she was. It was just a matter of how far she could
take it. Slowly but surely, she started to inch her way up his
horizontal body.

Bill was frightened, "Wwwwhat are you doing?"

Julie, still pinning Bills arms down, maneuvered her behind onto
Bills face. She sat down on his face.

"I am stronger Bill, and you are gonna pleasure me" she demanded.

Bill was trying to protest, but his complaints were muffled from
beneath her naked backside.

Again she demanded, "Pleasure me".

Bill by now feared that he may suffocate, and knowing that she was
too strong to dislodge, he had no choice but to extend his tongue and
pleasure his wife.

Julie laughed uncontrollably, and glanced round to see her naked
husband now had a gigantic erection. He may be complaining,
protesting and fighting, but he was enjoying this too.

She moved back down to sit on his chest, as he gasped for air.

"Christ, Julie, how did you get so strong"? Bill asked.

"So I am stronger"? She asked.

Bill nodded, "Yes, yes you are"

Julie laughed as she had longed for Bill to admit it out loud. She
flexed her bicep and reached back with her other hand to grab his
swelling penis.

"You like it don't you Bill?" she asked.

Bill smiled and nodded, as Julie moved her body once more, this time
to allow the erect penis inside her. It was the most wonderful
feeling either of them had ever experienced as she rode her aroused
After we awoke from a short doze I opened the second beer, took some, handed
it to him. He drank most of it.

"You really liked beeing used by your strong wife, dont you?" I asked
provocatively, liking the way Bill blushed because now I knew that despite
himself and despite whatever he thought about himself he was turned on.

"I'm just let you have some fun, but it's not going to be a habit. I'm still
the boss in this house." he blustered, sitting up and I countered by leaning
my head down and biting his nipple gently. He bucked like before and I saw his cock stiffening.

"I know you aren't" I told him matter-of factly.
Meanwhile my hand took his cock and massaged it and I began sucking his right nipple, the
more sensitive of the two.

When he was well aroused I said wickedly
"Remember how fast i beat you. Just relax and enjoy that your strong wife can do
you, you cannot stop me anyway."

The idea began to work, along with the beer and carefully I stroked around the rim
of his anus, paused to lubricate my finger with by own juice, then inserted it.

I had always tought Bill had a sexy butt and enjoyed playing with it. He lay back,
panting and moaning, didn't dare to resist my penetration. After a minute I felt him
pushing down on my finger, let him grind a bit to realize how much he needed and liked
it then withdrew it almost entirely making him follow it, then withdrew it altogether.

"Julie," he moaned, "please." He was hooked and i smiled as i saw how he loved the anal
stimulation i gave him.
"Roll over onto your front."

He didn't want to. Time to dominate again. I grabbed his naked body and pushed him
around the bed.

"Do it. Or i force you face down." I told im.
"You know you want it like that. Do it!"
I pushed him over onto his belly with force, and even if he resisted i could overpower
him and he went over.

"Open your legs!" They opened abruptly, involuntarily, closed again. I grabbed him
by the ankles and forced them to open while he was facedown.

"Open your legs, slut. You know you've got to have it."
I let him lie there a moment with legs open, waiting, anticipating, wanting. He looked over
his shoulder, a confused submissive look. I lay my body full length over his and put my strong
arms around his chest, found his nipples and swiped and worked them as I ground my wet pussy
against his butt till I felt myself getting hot.

"How's that feel?"
As if I needed ask. Reaching around his front I felt his cock. Rock hard. His butt was pushing
back against me, pushing up, searching.

"What do you want?" I asked him and when he didn't reply asked again as he pushed
up against my mound.

"I don't know" he moaned.

"I know what you, you want to be fucked like this."


But still he was pushing back, hips raising from the bed and moving in little circles as my
pussy pressed his cheeks apart and found his anus.
Without moving from his back I reached out to the drawer and took a slim dildo whose cute
curves performed wonders. Quickly lubricated it. And while one hand reached around pinching
his nipples, I carefully insinuated it inside him. As I suspected, he took to it. This dildo
was an expensive job of work, near $100 and worth it. He was rubbing his cock into the bed
while trying at the same time to arch his hips up to meet me, rotating his butt with actions
that came natural to him. He didn't know what all he was doing now. This was new territory, new
sensations and desires for him, I'd seen it before and gradually I teased the dildo up out
of him making him follow it as I twirled and plunged it, but always withdrew it further
till it was right out.
As he looked around over his shoulder at me with panicky hunger I told him

"Let's get your butt raised up high like a good slutboy" and took two pillows and a towel, pushed
them under his belly and got his pussy up and open for me. I parted his cheeks, looked at the
cute pink cherry waiting to be taken.

"Legs open, my little weak man." I made my voice deep like a man.

"I'm gonna fuck you. What shall we call you? Tina. How about Tina? Open your legs Tina."

A whimper - the legs opened and I slapped the gorgeous taut round white curves. Lightly at
first, then harder.

"Tell me what you want" I demanded.
"What do you want, Tina?"

My boy-girl yelped and I kept slapping and pinching while he would push his cock into the
pillow and then not finding what he now needed, kind of raise his butt, searching for what
part of him wanted in there and the other part of him knew nothing about. I slapped,
pinched, rubbed and stroked and finally he begged for it.

"I want that in me."
"What? Say what it is you want."

He really didn't want to put it into words and make it real.

"Jenny, please, give it me...."
I had mercy and insinuated that viciously wonderful dildo into him, twirling and dipping.

"What is it you really want?"
I lay my full weight onto my prey and with my hand on the back of his head pushed his face
down into the bed, thrusting and grinding my clit onto the dildo's rounded end. The dildo
pushed deep into him and I began fucking him with steady strokes like a man. Pounding, hearing
him groan and pant. I was beginning to come and I pushed down hard and came, feeling him jerk
and hearing him cry as he came too. I scarcely let his body finish jerking before I rolled
him off the pillow. He'd shot a good load into the towel.

"How did that feel?"
"Good." He had a glazed, dazed expression.
"You liked coming like a woman while a man fucked you, didn't you Tina?"
He bit his lip and didn't say anything. Time for some more motherly reassurance. I gave him a hug, pressing my tits against his chest so he'd feel like a man again.
"Don't worry about it." I laughed, nicely. "Kinky is fun, kinky is good. It's even normal only not everyone knows it. You're a bigger person when you do."
He lay there with I can imagine what a whirl of conlicting thoughts going through his mind. I'd had a really deep orgasm, deeper than others with him and we both fell asleep.


I woke up a couple of hours later and saw him still asleep. He looked so cute. He'd rolled back partly on the pillows, butt raised invitingly high. I looked into his face. Mouth open slightly. Must be having a dream the way his mouth pursed. What could he be dreaming, Tony-Tina? A natural submissive, unconscious of it till today. Just as I was a natural dominant.
My little sleep had made me really horny and this was always my best time of day for sex anyway so I slid gently off the bed, not to awaken sleeping beauty, and padded softly around the other side to reach my bedside table and took out my pride and joy, a realistic double-sided dong I rarely got the pleasure of using. Black purple color with veins and super mushroom heads, one end twice the thickness and half as long again as the other. I strapped it on, went round the bed again, slid on behind him and very gently began to stroke his butt round and round. Those cheeks so smooth and round and taut great under my hand I was aroused in a moment, stiff and hard. Couldn't resist running my finger down the crack. My groin was so hot and throbbing I just had to move in and rub my prick into the crack a little, kneeding the cheeks with both hands, but very very gently and sensuously. Didn't want him to waken too soon.
He stirred, groaned, his cheeks beginning to press back against my hands. Still he wasn't fully awake as I slid off the bed and went round the other side to look at his face. Mouth open. I just had to... Knealt on the bed and touched the tip of the prick on his lips, inserted it slightly. Still asleep he took it in, sucking like a baby, and I began to slide back and forth gently. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and he tried to move back but I put my hand on the back of his head firmly and held it in.
"Suck" I told him gently but firmly. "You like it. Suck it."
He did. Dazed and uncertain, lightly at first but soon getting into it, a hunger rising that must have layen dormant, maybe been supressed but in the back of his mind. As I moved back to an easier position he raised onto his hands and knees. It just came naturally to him.
"That's right, that's a good girl, Tina" I said taking his head in both hands and sliding it in and out. "Take it in. Breath through your nose. Relax your throat and take it in. Practise so you can take the big ones."
I was coming off and thrusting hard. He gagged but kept trying and I was fucking his mouth and coming, shooting a load. Suddenly I pulled out leaving him gasping, reached out and slapped his ass hard a few times making him yelp.
"What do you say?" I demanded.
"What?" he gasped, not understanding.
"Say thank you, Sir." I kept slapping his cheeks hard, watching them redden delightfully. Though it hurt he was aroused and it was a pleasant pain. I ducked my head and looked. His penis had thickened but hung curved, not up against his belly hard and erect like a man. This was Tina, my woman. Stopping slapping I rubbed cold cream on the hot stinging cheeks, rubbing round and round, caressing, squeezing while on all fours he wriggled and gasped. It was getting so he couldn't stand it any more.
"Oh" he kept gasping. "Oh, Jenny, don't. Oh, please Jenny..."
I slapped him abruptly, hard, a long swinging blow. "Call me Sir. Now. Say Sorry, Sir!"
"I'm sorry Sir." He moaned submissively, loving the strange new emotions and sensations. I stroked his cheeks some more till he began begging again:
"Oh, Sir, please, oh, do it."
I wasn't going to make it that easy for him. "What is it you want?"
He still didn't want to articulate it. Until he did he wasn't getting what he needed.
"Say what it is you want?"
Finally he gave in.
"Fuck me, please fuck me, Sir."
"You want prick, don't you? Say it. Say Put your prick in me, Sir."
"Oh....Put your prick in me Sir. Please please put your prick in and fuck me."
ubricating the veined prick, lubricating his hole with my gloved finger, I pushed it gently in. Paused and let it get used to something bigger than ever entered before. But it was sliding in easily. Tina-Tony was hot and open. In and out, side to side, twirling, finding spots never imagined. Then I was getting to hot to hold it. Fuck being gentle. I pounded in, pushing so hard Tina collapsed forward and I went with her grasping her lovely hips in each hand and thrusting deep. As I came I saw the body beneath me writhing and straighten in orgasm. Tina's first real orgasm, starting in the butt and spreading through the entire body in a warm tingling rush. Though I'd shot my load it felt good as I kept myself pushed hard and tight against the sweet round cheeks, prick buried deep as Tina went on coming and coming in a complete bodyrush.
It was probably five minutes before I slid out and went to wash. When I came back Tina-Tony was lying curled up, looking vulnerable. Turned to look at me as I slid under the covers.
"That was great." Still slightly shame-faced yet coming to accept it.
"You accept that you like it?"
Tina-Tony nodded. Blushing madly but nodding. I was turning this one into an insatiable bitch.
"But first, lots of practise with me. Say Yes Sir." I held either side of his mouth in my hand, forcing his lips into a girlie pout.
"Yes, Sir."
I kissed the lips.
"Now, turn over, raise your butt and open your legs..."

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Default Re: Things change - (armwrestling, wrestling, xxx, pegging)

I think, i'm in love! *___*
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Default Re: Things change - (armwrestling, wrestling, xxx, pegging)

muhteşem bir hikaye bayıldım özellikle strapon harika
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