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Old 11-Jun-14, 13:17
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Default Are there any non-session wrestling/fantasy women on this forum?

I'm just curious! I've been wanting to expand on mixed wrestling for a while now. One of the main things I'm thinking of is a mixed wrestling meetup group.... but I'd feel dumb if only guys join lol. Which is kinda the impression I get will happen based on this forum. I'm not sure how many women are into this kinda thing simply for the fun of it. Obviously there are plenty of women out there who you can pay to wrestle with, but A) I don't want to do that and B) That's not as fun as just playfully wrestling with a girl friend, where you know each other and can mess with each other. Paying someone basically drops it down to buying a hooker in my opinion. No offense to session wrestlers! I'm not saying that to start a fight or call session wrestlers hookers! But it is, at it's very basic level, paying for a woman's company.

I've got a girlfriend that I play wrestle all the time with (and love it), but it's just different from having a platonic girl friend to wrestle with. Do any of you have an opinion on that? With the girlfriend, there's always that sexual aspect of it in some way or another. And I love that! But I also miss the feeling with just a girl friend, where it's like "Ha, I got you! Now I'm gonna mess with you!" with, at the most, a LITTLE sexual tension that can't be avoided when you and a girl are rolling around on top of each other and putting each other in holds that could be easily turned into some kind of erotic something. And I'll admit, there's a high probability I'd get hard lol. But I wouldn't want to do anything with it until I got back to the girlfriend.

Maybe it's just a throwback to the innocence of youth that can't be brought back lol. If I get a pretty good response I'll try to create a group and go for it and report back here with the results. The meetup, I imagine, would have someone host, then people would come over and hang out, maybe drink some beers, and eventually pair off for fun matches. In a group environment it would make it even less likely to go in a fantasy/exotic direction, as people won't try something when there's 6 other people around watching. But it seems tough for most people after puberty to view mixed wrestling in a non-sexual way lol.

Anyway, discuss!
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Old 11-Jun-14, 14:14
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Default Re: Are there any non-session wrestling/fantasy women on this forum?

I find it very difficult to meet women that would try wrestling. I supose I'm not the only one and that makes it a good niche for business. I also presume that hiring someone to wrestle is not the same. You're bound to a schedule, which means you shall last for the agreed time or the time may run out on you. With a friend or a gf you may snuggle, rest, take your time, etc.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] with a platonic wrestler, but there wasn't a rematch and I still dream of it. She was not a girl I would take as a gf, but my sex life would have been complete just by wrestling her from time to time. She was cool with the fact I would come into my pants and had even agreed that in our next fight she would put me into a breast smother and let me masturbate before having a 'real' fight.
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