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Post A 2nd Climactic Showdown With Onee-san!

Hi guys! Been a while! Back with you with a sort of fanfic-style story for you guys today. It revolves around an arc in the anime series A Certain Magical Index, a series which actually involves a lot of male vs female fights, particularly involving the mc, Touma. But be warned, a lot of it results in the woman losing, as they are usually the antagonist, which I am totally fine with, but that may not be other people’s interest. This is essentially an alternate conclusion with the ending of the arc. The fight in the show’s pretty great, and if you have time, I would recommend checking it out. Liked writing this, so maybe later down the line, I might write more stories about a scenario in an anime involving MvF and expanding on it like I do here. For those who have actually watched the show or know more about the lore and mechanics of this world(it’s actually very deep and complicated in areas, the original source-material were light novels), you may notice I tweaked motivations and changed aspects of the story or keep things vague and surface-level as to focus on the part of the story I wanted to write. One more thing, because of how I have to literally jump us right at the climax of this fight in it's original form, there will be quite some exposition and build-up before the actual fight, as well as terms that came into play before. Without further adieu, enjoy!


Oriana Thompson stood before the mysterious boy named Touma Kamijou, a thorn that has been at her side for the entire day.

It all started this morning, when she arrived at the futuristic Academy City, home for the most high-tech inventions and studies are all in one place, as well as the annual Daihasei festival, a special weekend-long event where hundreds of tourists gather to witness a showcase of the city’s best.

But, it was also the place that a certain mercenary-for-hire had infiltrated on behalf of an organization to try and enact a plan to overthrow the city. Oriana, and the organization she worked for, were part of the magic-side of the conflict, whereas Academy City was the frontier of the science-side.

At the order of Lidvia Lorenzetti, Oriana was tasked with planting a weapon called the Croce di Pietro, that will help her organization take control of Academy City. This led them to their current location, in the outskirts of an airport in District 23, with the sun setting behind the city. And one to finish her duties no matter the cost, Oriana had been on the receiving end of a wild goose chase for the entire first day of the festival, chased by one Touma Kamijou and Stiyl, on the side of a magic faction themselves, but not seeing her plans to be a good solution. Well, while Stiyl was part of the faction, Touma moreso affiliated through a common interest–stopping Oriana.

He was a resident of Academy City, and has witnessed many of his friends and compatriots’ hard work to make this festival as best it could be, and Oriana’s order will make all of that for nothing and ruin what his city’s residents worked so hard to do. And with some of those he cared for harmed by Oriana through circumstances, he felt it personal to stop her plans and shatter her illusions.

However, he was about to lose to the mercenary, who rushed him and aimed to strike him one last time with her own hands after throwing a giant magic spell at him with her last talisman, and enact her organization’s plans.

He stood there, falling unconscious for a moment while barely on two feet with his roughed-up gym clothes that he still had one during one of his activities earlier in the day, watching through hazy vision his opponent charging at him with an intent to finish this battle. Memories of his close ones enjoying the festival while others he’s seen personally work their tail off to get it to work fueled the boy with enough remaining strength to grit his teeth, shake away the cobwebs in his head, fix his stance, and tighten his fist, revving it back with the intention of stopping Oriana with one last gambled right hook, one that has defeated many before her.

Like hell!

Oriana herself was already raising her fist and in mid-motion of throwing the punch, but her opponent’s sudden second wind caused her to stop her body for a millisecond in hesitation and surprise, fueled even more by his crying roar as he launched his attack at her.


W-what! How is this boy still– Crap! Realizing her mistake, she refocused quickly and fully committed to the attack, the two launching their fists at the other with so much veracity that you could hear a sound similar to jets flying.

Both fists hit their target, but one had more power in their punch, with the other’s brief hesitation costing her greatly.

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The force from the left side of her face being slammed to by Touma’s knuckle made Oriana’s mouth let out a grunt as she spun the other way backwards from him. Her body barely kept on her feet while she twisted around a full 360, finally the momentum of it coming to a halt, leaving her body to come crashing down to her side, losing consciousness before even hitting the ground.

A plane lifted off into the bellowing night sky, flying over the two combatants, Touma with his fist still in the air, and Oriana’s body lying motionless in front of him.

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-10 minutes later-

Whilst their main foe was still lying down across from them, Touma, through his belief in his friends of the city, was able to stop the remaining plans of Oriana’s organization to taking over Academy City, but more importantly to Touma, stop them from ruining the Daihasei Festival.

Stiyl, the man slightly older than Touma, got off the phone from someone from his organization. “So,” Touma asked, “What’d they say?”

Stiyl, pulling out the lighted cigarette from his mouth and blowing out the smoke, said “They said they’ll have reinforcements from the faction coming in to detain her and get her to spill out any viable information on the organization responsible for this.”

Touma made a face. “What are they gonna do to her if she doesn’t comply?”

Stiyl didn’t respond to that, huffing his cig before telling more. “All that matters is we need someone to watch her while the other goes to meet up and bring them here.”

Touma made another face, this one more exaggerated than the last. “Wait, you don’t mean–”

“--Well obviously I’m going to rendezvous with them,” Stiyl stated as he turned to leave the scene.

“W-wait!” Touma shouted. “Why the hell I gotta stay and watch over the freakin’ terrorist!? I wanna go home! Why can’t Motoharu do it?” he pleaded, bringing up his shade-eyed blond friend, who was also part of the three-man group chasing Oriana all day.

“Because he needs immediate medical attention,” Stiyl stopped and turned to say to Touma, pointing his thumb at the heavily injured Motoharu, laying down near the fence in front of them. He had taken the most of the damage of their chases, as he doesn’t possess proper scientific, nor magic capabilities.

“And I’m not?!” Touma shouted back. “I took a freakin’ magical fire ball to the face, dude!!! I’m only standing right now off pure adrenaline!”

Stiyl sighed, knowing his partner for today was slightly exaggerating. “We both know you’ve been through worse. And compared to the attacks me and Motoharu have taken, you’re in more of a state to watch her,” statement that he wasn’t necessarily wrong about, both he and Motoharu were currently bleeding. He turned to look at the woman on the floor. “Relax, I doubt she’s even getting back up any time soon with that holy of a punch you gave her. She’s probably going to be like that still by the time I arrive with backup.”

“Still...” Touma looked over at his fallen opponent. Though he did defeat her, it was a gamble that just barely paid off. One wrong move and he would’ve lost for sure.

Stiyl took out an item from his cloak, “Here, it’s a binding tape that’ll keep her from doing anything drastic in the event she does awaken.” Noticing the boy’s gaze, he gives a snarky grin to Touma, “Hey, I know she’s the enemy, but don’t go caving into your horny temptations.”

“What kind of guy do you think I am?!”

Throwing Touma some magical binding tape, he turned away and left the scene with Motoharu on his back, leaving Touma alone with the unconscious Oriana Thompson.

“Dammit, me and my rotten luck!” Touma said his unintentional signature catchphrase to himself as he held the tape in his left hand. He could already tell what will happen when this is all said and done: he’ll be forced to admit to a certain hospital, be nagged to death by his parents, chewed on by his roommate and potentially electrocuted by an underclassman of his.

He gazed back at Oriana’s body, still lying on her side. Now that she was still and not moving all over the place, he could finally get a good look at her again.

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Saying she wasn’t an attractive woman was a downright lie. Even if she was the enemy, Touma couldn’t deny the fact he found Oriana sexy as hell. Though she only had a couple years, maybe three, on Touma, her looks made her look way older than she really was. Maybe it was that, mixed with her seductive nature that she'd refer to herself in the third-person as his Onee-san[the Japanese word for Big Sister-which has different meanings to the title in certain situations, specifically with unrelated relationships as an act of either platonic, teasing, or sexual intent], which made sense, considering she definitely looked the part. A tall, curvy figure, long locks of blonde hair she was nesting her gorgeous face on, with most of her bangs usually covering her right eye, blue irises, child-bearing hips, alluring legs. His gaze even caught a leftover used talisman stuck in between her two melon-sized breasts, probably a fallout to her fireball attack from before where she used them all at once. Touma probably became the first person in history to ever wish they were a sliver piece of paper than at that one moment.

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Trying not to get turned on by the woman’s near bare body in front of him, covered only by a small tube top and gypsy skirt, he clenched his right fist, “Dammit. Come on man, just wait it out for a little longer!” he said to himself, walking towards the body, and tossing it in her direction, watching the tape extend itself around her in a glowing light. Dimming down, the spiky-haired boy saw the woman now covered with tape surrounding her body like a mummy, leaving only her face and parts of her breast and thighs visible, as if her figure was a little too much for even the magical tape to cover up, which any that were, were closed in around all the curves of her figure, highlighting them anymore.

Is there anything she doesn’t look hot in...

Heavily inhaling air into his nose, Touma sat criss-cross on the floor beside the bound woman, waiting for Stiyl to return with backup to detain the criminal.

“Well, hopefully it won’t take that long...”

-20 minutes later-

--WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY!?” was what the slumbering woman heard as she slowly regained consciousness. Opening her left eye, she struggled to tilt her head, as if something was keeping her from moving too much, as saw her entire body covered in a wrap of some sort, and also saw the source of the yelling.

“Oh, you’re awake,” said Touma Kamijou, the guy who thwarted Oriana Thompson, the woman reawakening.

She felt a pain on her left cheek, probably from his punch that was the deciding factor in their brutal fight before. Noticing her surroundings, it had probably been nearly half an hour since she was last conscious, as the sun was still setting at the time. The airport looked abandoned, and she saw that it was just her and the boy alone, with neither the blonde or redhead from before.

Realizing what she suspected, Oriana laid her head back on the ground. “I take it our plan failed?” she asked, regarding her and her organization.

Touma sat in silence before answering “yes” and turning to look at the city, illuminating in the distance with bright city lights. “I wish you could’ve seen the fireworks. They were beautiful.”

Oriana chucked to herself. “I might’ve if you hadn’t hitten me as hard as you did,” she replied with sarcasm in her voice. Though, they both knew if he hadn’t, the fireworks might’ve never gone off.

A few quiet moments passed between the two, broken up by Oriana’s somber question: “My organization abandoned me, huh?” she said, already knowing the answer, and not waiting for a reply. “I knew what I was getting into when I took this job. I do whatever it takes to finish mine,” she stopped her talk, taking a chance to look as best she could in the eye of the boy beside her, “But I will say, I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused your people, Touma Kamijou.”

Touma stared back at her, looking into her one revealing blue eye.

Another moment passes, as the two former foes laid in silence. This time, Touma was the one to break the silence, revealing the truth to Oriana, “The faction is coming to bring you in.”

Oriana smiled to herself. “I know,” she said calmly. “Still, it would be a shame to do all sorts of things to this beautiful body of mine, would they do so!” she turned her smile to Touma, “Wouldn’t you agree, boy~”

Touma raised an eyebrow, “You say that like there’s a possibility you aren’t.”

Oriana chuckled cutely, making Touma feel something, but he shook away, staying focused. She continued to stare at the boy, still in his school gym clothes, somewhat charmed at the boy’s resolute spirit that fueled him into the very end, one that bested even her.

An idea popped into her mind, and she concocted a plan to get a way to escape.

“By the way,” she said again, “When we first met each other today, that was quite the first impression! Right, boy~?”

Touma’s mind flashbacked to earlier in the day, right when the festival kicked off. He was following his classmate, and class president, Fukiyose, to finish a task, when out of nowhere, he bumps into Oriana by not looking where he’s going. More specifically, he pushed his face into her chest. An awkward moment, both parties apologized to the other for not paying attention where they were looking, with Oriana surprisingly taking most of the blame. She even proposed a kiss on the lips as an apology, which Touma was happy to accept, finding her almost immediately attractive, but Fukiyose stopped the horny boy from going any further.

Face now turning red, Touma turned away in embarrassment. “Please don’t remind me of that regretful memory,” he said, covering his face, completely disappointed in his almost immediate compliance with her offering to him.

“You say that,” Oriana said, “But once you realized who I was, you immediately matured up and focused on stopping me, no matter how you felt about me prior.”

It was true. After being denied a sexy kiss by the busty blonde, they agreed to shake on it, which was actually when the two held hands that both Touma and Oriana knew they were enemies, as his special ability, Imagine Breaker–capable of canceling any supernatural power that came into contact–that remained in his right hand, canceled whatever spell she had at the time. From there, the chase was on.

Admiring his change from horny boy to focused man for a moment, Oriana tried to get a read on how she could turn the scales of his behavior in her favor.

“Sooo~” she said in a more sensual voice, “How about we resume our first meeting and introduce ourselves as originally intended?”

Touma’s eyes and ears perked up hearing that, and maybe another part of his body as well...

“Like what...?” he asked, acting innocent, but half-knowing, slash curious of her intentions.

“You know...” her body began to squirm around slowly on the floor, still covered in magical tape, “Kiss.

Touma nearly fell over after hearing that leave her lips. His eyes peering over at them, which were still very alluring even after the hard-fought fight they just had, he bit him and tried fighting away his urges. “T-that won’t work on me. Don’t think your foxy behavior will get me to drop my guard down against you!”

Oriana continued to grin at him very seductively. It is true that was her angle. In fact, that has always been a solid factor in her past encounters with men, able to use her seductive ways to get men to drop their guard, making them hesitant for even just a second, which allowed her to get the edge up and defeat them. It’s quite ironic, as the boy whom she was trying that out with all day did not bat an eye at her doing so to him besides their initial encounter. It was his fighting spirit at the end that caused her to grow hesitant in a different way than she does that cost her.

So that’s how it felt~ she thought to herself, hearing the boy’s excuses as she reminisced about getting punched in the face. She was actually quite happy seeing him react this way now, as she was beginning to think he didn’t find her that attractive to get him to act this way.

Returning back to the conversation, Oriana asked, “It’s fine, you can kiss me. Consider it a show of my sincerest apologies for causing you so much grief today.” She tilted her head at him, “If you don’t feel safe, you can keep me tied up~ Though, I can’t act as the initiator this time around, as you can probably guess.”

Touma’s head was rushing. In all honesty, it wasn’t just Oriana’s beauty that felt daunting to him, but to Touma, she was his type of woman: Slightly older, big chest, feel of a mature, older sister type character(no relation to him, obviously). It was only the factor that she was the enemy and trying to ruin the festival and take over the city that he was able to snap out of whatever horniness a growing boy has over her.

After a few moments of silence, awaiting a response from him, Touma spoke again, clearly going over the choice. “No; Sorry. Not happening. Just stay silent until the faction arrives if you feel so sorry.”

“Mmph~ Your refusal is getting me wet all over again!” she said in a much more provocative voice than before, squirming side to side with more force to. But her acts to get a reaction out of him fell through, seeing him not respond anymore, and turning his back to her.

“Hmmmm?” stopping her erratic behavior, Oriana’s face reverted back to expressionless, seeing that her first plan failed, much to her dismay, as she’s grown a rather fondness to the gallant boy that she wouldn’t have minded giving him a little something before obviously tricking him afterwards.

“You’re loss...” she said, before continuing, piggybacking off her previous wording, “Speaking of loss, it is my loss to you that I failed my mission, correct?”

Touma broke his silence for one word, “And?

Oriana smiled again, looking up at the stars, rolling completely on her back. “Well, my plan was on the line, and I was left out to dry by my organization. So when I lost, shouldn’t that be enough I should have to take?”

Touma got curious, much to her pleasure. “What do you mean?”

She held back her giddiness to continue her scheme. “Well, what I’m trying to say is, now, with powers out of my control, I’m being taken prisoner by an enemy organization, meaning they will most definitely torture me, using whatever methods they could to get me to talk, yeah?” she shut her eyes in solace. “Now that doesn’t seem fair, does it?”

The spiky-haired boy flinched. He was already questioning the validity and actions of the faction he was teaming with for some time now, but the thought of her torturing a third-party for info was clearly something he was suspicious of, thinking back to his interaction with Stiyl prior.

Still, he tried his best to reason with her, while also reasoning with himself. “Maybe, if you choose to cooperate from the get-go, you could be dealt a much softer punishment. After all, your organization abandoned you, so you have a good reason on your end to work with them,” he said, referring to Stiyl’s faction.

Oriana laughed in the face of his solution, “Ha! Aren’t you quite the optimist?” she relaxed back, gazing again at the stars. “Are you sure things will go that well? I am a terrorist by your accounts, after all. No matter how you see it, if they were to capture me, it would not end pretty for me!” said the pretty lady.

Touma winced at that comment, fighting back his inner thoughts. “So what? You want me to let you go? After all you’ve done?” he shouted at her.

She kept a calm look on her face, seeing the conflict on his. She smiled. “What I’m proposing is that you give me the chance to fight for my life!”

That comment left Touma silent for a second, trying to process it. “What do you mean ‘fight’ for it?”

The sexy mummy rolled to her side, resting her cheek on the concrete. “What I’m suggesting is, you remove these restraints, and let me battle you one more time. We’re both pretty banged up already, so it won’t last that long. Also, that last attack of mine left me with no more talismen from Shorthand, so it won’t involve magic in the slightest–just our bodies.” Finishing running down the rules of the fight, she then proposed the terms, “If I win, I get to run free and escape this city with my life.”

She wasn’t wrong. She had no way of activating any spells now that Shorthand, a notepad filled with talisman for a number of spells, was destroyed when she combined all of them together and threw it at Touma in the climax of their previous fight, which proved to have failed.

Touma bit his lip, unsure of what to say. Scratching his head, he looked in her eye, “And what if I win?”

Oriana smiled a little wider, knowing she succeeded in giving herself a shot at escaping. “If you win,” she said, with full confidence, “I’ll go with your plan and cooperate with the faction. I don’t know if that’s the right plan, but I respect you enough to accept that if I lose to you again.” That wasn’t a lie.

Touma contemplated, resting his hand under his chin, thinking of the logistics of the wager. Oriana could see the wheels turning in his head as he struggled to come to a conclusion.

As if to sweeten the deal, Oriana added another stipulation, “Also, should you beat me again, I’ll give you a kiss~ Heck, I’ll do anything you request... Ma-ster~

Touma’s face turned beet red again. “W-wh-what!?!? What makes you think..... Really?” he caved in.

Oriana bit her lip in front of Touma’s eyes. “A~ny~thing~!

Seeing the curves on her body, Touma couldn’t help himself from feeling something.

Balling his fist, he let out a breath to calm himself down. “Okay then. Deal.” He made his way to Oriana, positioning himself to be right on top of her as she laid on her back, still binded. “Just so you know, I’m doing this because I would rather not see you be forced into complying with the faction on their terms. I feel much safer with mine, so beating you means you gotta do as I say, and I promise–I’ll do whatever I can to keep you from getting hurt!”

Oriana gave a subtle look of shock from beneath Touma. Reverting quickly to her previous demeanor, she gave a sarcastic remark, “You sure have a way with words–and women–Touma Kamijou. You sure you’re not just saying that and you really just want another chance to wrestle me down yourself and get me to do whatever you command, noble or not~?”

Touma blushed, barely keeping his composure. “S-shut it! Don’t make me change my mind!” Even saying that, he still extended his right hand, dwelling Imagine Breaker, towards Oriana’s binds[particularly her chest region]. “So, you’re sure you wanna do this again?”

Oriana smiled up at the man above her. “Yes. But I promise it won’t be the same ending as before, my enemy~”

Touma smiled a bit himself, before planting his hand on her chest, contacting with the magical tape. In an instant, an odd sound came from the touch, then suddenly, the tape keeping Oriana captive dissipated, coming loose and falling away from her body.

Immediately feeling the freedom already, Oriana lifted her legs to launch Touma off her, kicking him to the ground a few feet away.


Rising her upper body from the ground, Oriana popped her joints and cracked her back, loosening her jawline, fixing her hair and clothes, and dusting herself off.

Finishing her check-up on her appearance, she turned to see Touma, the boy she just kicked, starting to get back up.

There was quite a bit of distance, while maybe not too far, was enough for if she chose to make a break for it, Oriana could’ve very well turned tail and run from the promised fight-actually, that was her intended goal.

But, seeing the earnest boy get back up, trusting her to keep her word, left Oriana to not cave in herself to her desires, deciding to stay and really fight for her freedom. Win or lose, it’s all up to her and her trust in her abilities as a fighter.

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Turning in to be completely at Touma’s direction, Oriana put on the behavior she’s had on before, “The second those binds came off, the fight was on, sweetheart!”

Touma wiped his area that got kicked, one eye tightly closed. “That’s one hell of a cheapshot!”

Oriana gave a pretend-shy look, blushing, and smiling as she looked away in fake-embarrassment. “T-that’s your fault for taking advantage of my situation and groping my chest~” she said, pretending to be offended. If anything, him groping her turned her on a bit. “You’ll have to come over and play with me and take responsibility for your actions!”

The boy bought into the woman’s act despite knowing her personality, perhaps because he didn’t realize he actually grabbed a handful of her large chest when freeing her. “T-that wasn’t on purpose!” he said, face red.

His brief embarrassment was put on hold when he noticed the woman before him standing completely straight, not running, and welcoming him to come and fight her once more.

“Now, get over here, Touma Kamijou. Once I crush you, I will honor my loss to you–And win back my freedom!

The boy smiled as he got back up on two feet. “You’ll have to truly earn it, Onee~san!” he retorted, before charging his healing body at hers, the two colliding once more.

While the fight might not last too long, time was still of the essence for Oriana. Around 30+ minutes have passed, so maybe 5-10 minutes tops is the time limit she has to defeat the boy in front of her before reinforcements arrive to detain her.

Knowing that, she knew to go for a head strike to knock the boy out as soon as possible–also, for cathartic reasoning, as that was how he disposed of her before.

While for most mages and witches in this world who rely mostly on their magic, spells, and incantations to fight off their enemies, Oriana had nothing to worry about. While she did have no more talisman, she did have her fists. Though a mage, she was also skilled in melee combat, mix that in with her distracting seductions and great strategic thinking, made for a devilish, and dangerous combination.

Seeing the boy about to pounce on her, the woman threw on an act of bashfulness and a more feminine voice than her usually sultry, as the straps of her top(coincidentally) fell down her shoulder, and her bare chest was revealed to the teenage boy.



Touma immediately stopped what he was doing to shield his eyes from the (un)holy sight in front of him, halting right in front of the bare-chested woman, as she herself played along and covered her chest.

While trying to stop a nosebleed from coming out and exposing his inner thoughts, Touma noticed the woman going quiet in front of him, though he could not see her current form, he could still see in his mind the vision most men would’ve killed for.

Though, he was honestly better off shielding his body instead of his sight, because he would’ve been able to see the incoming hook and be able to block it.

“Ggh!!” The impact made Touma stumble back, removing his hands from his eyes. He saw that Oriana had not yet made herself look decent, instead using the chance to get another good shot in at the beginning of their fight. She had a wide grin on her face as she forced her fist into his.

Catching himself before he fell on his back, Touma shook away the pain and dizziness he was already feeling from the attack, which meant he couldn’t really get another good look at Oriana’s half-exposed form(sadly).

“Fufuuu~” Oriana laughed as she slid the strings of her top back over her bare shoulder. “It’s honestly quite adorable to see even the fearest of foes fall into bashfulness over the sight of a woman’s body!” She pulled her top back up over her chest, at least over the important parts. “It reminds me you are all still boys at the end of the day!”

Touma growled, knowing he had already been played. Still, he wasn’t going to let her take the advantage. Running again, he throws a big right, but she’s able to scout it, turning her body away from his attack, with a smile, and lifting her leg up to hit him in the gut.

“Hrgh!” His eyes and mouth widened, he quickly pulled back before she could hit him again. For Touma, he had no magical abilities, so his only way to win is get close enough to his opponents to hit them with his fist–usually his right. The real trick was getting close enough without taking sufficient damage or losing to their magic or powers. With this experience, he’s trained his body to be mobile and have good reacting time to jump out of the way or run past their tricks, and the same goes for Oriana.

Well... it did, at least until now. With her talisman, Touma knew he had to anticipate her spells and evade or cancel them with his right hand. But with her talismen gone, Oriana had to resort to using her body as a weapon, and that might spell trouble for Touma, since if she was better than him at fist-fighting, then it would be his loss.

While still mobile, Touma unfortunately was not as taller than Oriana, meaning when he gets closer to her to throw a strike, he’d had to double his speed to make it land before she blocks, dodges, or even hits her own attack at him, and with her inches over the boy, she had the better shot of landing a blow. It was only his burst of energy that shook Oriana enough that allowed him to land his strike perfectly on her before.

But now, the tables were turning, and Touma was feeling it, getting striked again in the face by her long arm, and then kicked at the side by her even longer leg.

Damn! If I don’t do something soon, this fight will be over before I know it!!

And that’s exactly what Oriana wanted, trying to dispose of the boy before his help arrived.

As much as I'd like to continue with this foreplay, I have to escape this place!

Scooting back, Touma winced his eyes after the strikes, but saw through them that Oriana was rounding up her leg to give him a wicked kick to the head, for surely putting him away.

Crap! Touma thought, before barrel-rolling away, making Oriana miss her target and spin back around, throwing her off. Rising up from the ground, Touma took the chance and quickly threw his fist in Oriana’s direction as she turned around to finally catch him in her sight, but ended up getting a fist in the mouth for her troubles.

“Urgh!!” Oriana’s head swung back, in fact her whole topside of her body swung in the direction with Touma landing his first real blow in the fight, quickly reminding her that when Touma striked, it was the definition of hard-hitting.

Not letting her recover, Touma threw another fist at Oriana, this time to her exposed stomach that she was showing off to him with her upper-body upheld. She immediately registered the punch, arching her back forward, with her mouth letting out a yelp of pain, with her one eye wide.

“Aargh!” Oriana let her head down, clutching her stomach, but not protecting herself from getting socked in the face by Touma, swinging her head in the opposite direction. She rotated her body away, turning back to see the boy rush and tackle her to the ground like a football player.

She grunted with her near-bareback scraping against the concrete floor, and with the boy on top of her. The front of her was getting hurt too, Touma throwing fist after fist on her chest like a beat drum.

“Gah! Guhagh!” Oriana’s head and chest jolted up and down with each strike to her exposed body parts, now showing visible bruising on her usually silk-smooth skin. She leaned her head over to see the eyes of Touma, who kept wearing her down. He was doing everything he could to take her out.

And she wasn’t about to be one-upped.

Tch! I’ll show you a thing or two, you little porcupine!!! Oriana growled in her mind, throwing her slender legs upward around Touma’s neck and under one armpit, and pulling him on her.

“G-grgh!!!!” Touma, feeling pressure from the triangle-choke, his neck being pushed on both sides between the hot woman’s thighs, gripped at them, trying to pry it off and get relief back.

Oriana felt this, and thrusted her hips more, squeezing Touma even harder as she pulled him closer and in place with his hand forced on her chest. “Ohoho~ no, Onii-chan![Japanese word for Little Brother-same meaning in this context as Onee-san] Just relax and enjoy~ this once-in-a-lifetime experience: Courtesy of your busty, beautiful Onee-san!” she wiggled on the ground in her playful, seductive voice while she had him in the hold on top of her.

Touma used his free hand to try and escape the hold, pulling at her from all areas, panting away and touching all over her, including down the side of her gypsy skirt, which was revealing what lurked below.

“Hooooohhh~~!” Orian exclaimed, “You that excited to see the color thong I’m wearing underneath–or if I’m wearing anything at all~?” she said, biting her bottom lip.

Touma’s face blew up red.

Inching his way back off her and on two feet, he prepared himself, and was beginning to deadlift the both of them off the concrete.

“What! Impossible!!” Oriana was in disbelief at his willpower. Crap. I let this continue, I’m about to be heading head-first on the pavement!

Quickly responding to the incoming threat, Oriana released the hold on Touma, flexibly getting off safely from him before he could do anything that’ll spell disaster for herself.

Feeling the pressure leave, Touma got a mouthful of air and caught himself from swinging his body too far back from the amount of strength he was putting into it before. But the sudden weight lifted off his shoulders and positioning made him unable to capture Oriana’s intentions before she already got him again.

Touma grunted, with the feeling of his neck again given more of the pressure of a choke hold. This time, Oriana went up behind Touma as he was recovering from her last hold, and not wanting to waste all the pressure she was building up, put him in another one, this time a standing RNC.

“Gagh– Again!!!” Touma yelled through fainted breaths while Oriana continued to apply the hold.

“Hehe~! I apologize for the amount of cheapshots I’m dealing with, Kamijou-san! But I always do what it takes to get the upper-hand on my foes,” she said, licking his ear, playing with his hormones while he struggled for air.

The spiky-haired boy struggled in her arms, saliva leaving his lips. But, ever the fighter, Touma refused to stop here.

“Funny...” he grunted, “I’m the same way!!!

Opening his mouth, he bit down hard onto Oriana’s forearm, making her bleed and cry out in pain.

Aargh–!” Her arm weakened, Touma removed himself from Oriana’s clutches, balling his fists together as one, and rocking back, smacking her in the jawline and chin area.


Stepping back, Oriana spun her head back into facing her smaller opponent, but not seeing him. That was because he ducked down, amping his body, before glancing upwards and uppercutting her again in the chin, forcing her to look up at the stars as she spewed out blood, flying up in the air and falling back onto her face and staining down her chest.

Now officially rocked, Oriana couldn’t even dodge the mean gut punch she received from Touma, using his right again, and causing her to cough out more of her bodily fluids. Going down on one knee, she felt her bangs being gripped,r revealing right eye and rest of her face as she was pulled up, right into position for Touma to cock his fist back, and send it directly into her face, blood spilling out of her nose now, staining his fist.

A good hit on the nose can make one force tears out, which exactly happened to Oriana, who heaved on the floor, hunched over on the boy, barely keeping herself completely off the ground. Her face was mashed up on his white shirt, leaving a patch of her blood on his shirt. Pushing her off, Touma gripped her up by the hair again, this time pulling her back up on two feet. Revving his fist to strike her again, Oriana thought quickly, and thrusted her leg high up in his direction, hitting him on his chin and bouncing him away from her.

“Gaghh!” Touma tilted away, able to stand, but felt blood in his mouth. He turned to face Oriana, who put a thump on one side of her nose, exhaling hard, and sending a chug of blood out the other end. She still looked ready to continue.

Not wanting to be outshone, Touma spit out a chunk of blood from his mouth, close to her batch on the floor. He rushed in with a fist at the ready, but was met with another kick, this time to his gut.

“G-grrck!!!” his body forced out saliva, walking backwards, he wasn't able to move out in time of Oriana’s left hook, making him spin away on floppy feet again. Before he could refocus, his moving target was too fast to get a read on, and attacked him again with a kick across the face.

Dazed and confused, he just barely sees her figure run up on him and throw a fist towards his face again. But, cunningly, he lowers his head, making her collide with his forehead. While it hurt him, it paled towards the pain in her right hand.

“Gah! Damn!” she grunted, shaking her throbbing hand.

Touma kept his head lowered, with his bad posture, getting a chance to breathe. “Heh, had enough yet?”

Oriana’s expressionless look turned whimsical. “Hmph! Onee-san loves this kind of creativity from her favorite boy-toy~ However...” she gave a more maniacal face to Touma. “I should be asking you the same thing!

A crack in Touma’s confidence was shown on his face, Oriana could see she was correct at deciphering. He’s exhausted too much energy today. He’s at his limit~! She focused on her target, getting into a stance. Though, I must still proceed with caution. I once thought as much before, and that cost me!

Remembering her previous mistake, Oriana rushed forward, not giving Touma a chance to recuperate any lost energy, sending a kick directly into his stomach, making him fly back. Tumbling on the ground, he manages to roll back into facing her while prone on the floor, but has a look of horror as his enemy was already an inch away with a knee to his chest, not wasting any time or giving him any room to breathe.

And the lack of breathing he did, the knee to the chest was enough to make him fall back on the ground, grabbing at his pearls, trying to regain his breath. But that was a chance for Oriana to come over and straddle him down, raining fists upon him.

First attacking his gut, then his chest, Oriana moved to the most vital area to make Touma lose consciousness: His head.

Beating down on him, Oriana felt her fists begin to bleed over the pressure she put on them in beating on Touma’s hard body, his head knocking the opposite way each time she hit him. Still, she numbed the pain away, acting like her usual self. “What’s the matter, Onii~chan? Can’t handle being straddled by your beautiful big sister?” she said with a grin, smiling through the pain, hoping one of these next few hits will be the end of it. Come on, fall unconscious already!

Touma felt himself beginning to slip away, but he shook that all away and pushed one of Oriana’s fists away, throwing his own at her while using his left hand to grip at her tube top revealing some of her chest, but ignoring that to pummel her from below.


His fist now getting damaged, Touma saw the previously cocky Oriana now swaying side to side on top of him, clearly stunned and unable to put up any barriers, salvia trickling down the slide of her alluring lips as a sign she was a hit or two away from coming to.

Pulling his back off the ground, Touma clenched his fist so tight, blood was dripping because of his nails, and went to hit Oriana one more time.

Oriana saw that punch in slow motion, and knew it was all over if she got hit with that fist.

No. No matter what... Oriana thought, I will not stop fighting!

Biting down, she pulls her head to the side as hard as she could, feeling a sharp pain but fighting through it, much to the shock of Touma, who was now closer to her due to the power of his attack. With him close to her, Oriana noticed her boobs slipping out with Touma’s grip on her top. Another idea formed.

“Wanna touch them so bad...” she said, pulling him by his collar, and diving his face into her chest. “Then get all up in there then~~~!!!!!” Immediately, she felt a arousing sensation in putting the boy’s face in between her breasts, but fought through it, in fact, fueling her even more into pulling him in, in an act to keep it going, but also eventually wear him out.

Touma also immediately felt a sensation, as any boy would at having a face-full of a woman’s chest. However, said chest was so large, that he couldn’t breathe! He never thought he’d think this, but he was trying to figure out a way to get his face out of this woman’s chest.

The two wiggled around and squirted on top of each other, each making noises at the other’s actions, both tired, yet desperate to keep going.

Exhausting all other avenues, Touma resorted to pulling at the locks of Oriana, causing her to scream out, "AAARRHH!!!" while her head and neck to hand at her side being pulled. This was enough to get him out of her chest and gain air again.

“Finally!” Full of air again, Touma kept his grip on her hair, making her wince in pain at her roots being forcibly pulled, he used it to an advantage, hitting her right in the solar plexus, which was unprotected due to her situation.

Oriana got silent for a second, face exuding pain, before letting out a hurt-filled groan, holding her area below her breasts with wide eyes. She looked up at Touma, not aware enough in time to put up her guard again and avoid the right hook he gave her, causing her to go tumbling away from him, landing on her back, head facing away from himself, as she didn’t move.

Touma kept himself together, trying not to fall down. His body just barely on two feet, he stumbled to Oriana’s body, not able to see if she was truly defeated again.

As he got close to the body, he heard groaning, signaling she was indeed still awake. He sighed. He was way past his limit at this point, her too, in all honesty.

Yet, he saw the woman pull herself back up, battered and bruised, struggling to breathe, yet refusing to lose. Her top sagged, barely able to keep her chest up, much like herself, only just able to support herself from falling.

She looked over at Touma, the two hunched over on two feet, and pushed her hair back, revealing her other eye and rest of face, smiling. “That all you got?”

Touma gritted his teeth, running up, and socking her again in the face, and again, she stumbled on her feet, this time just barely able to keep herself from collapsing. He was astonished, he had never faced a foe so determined to not lose, even breaking past their own limits and giving it their all.

Still, this frustrated him, enough to make him growl and hit her again, and again, she stumbled backwards, just on instinct able to remain on her feet, as she knew she would not get back up from another fall.

On the other side of the spectrum, Oriana was still trying to wait for the right moment to launch her own attack. Her body was too compromised to move out of the way of Touma’s attacks, but she was at least aware and mobile enough to move her body in the direction of his fists to throw off some of the power of his punches, at least enough to stay conscious, barely.

Meanwhile, Touma saw the lifeless look in her eyes, as if she was moving on autopilot. He again, balled his fist and ran up on her, this time putting even more power into the attack. “Go. To. Bed!!!” he shouted, smacking her again.

She spun around away from Touma, in a similar motion to how she lost before in their last fight. It was over.



Touma couldn't believe his eyes.

Before she could fall down, Oriana planted her foot at her side, keeping her from falling down. Even if she was up, her body was slouched down, facing the floor as her arms dropped at her side, while legs bent in angles to keep herself up, yet had no life in them.

He couldn’t see her face, if she was unconscious while standing up, which could happen, evident of him. Still, at this point, with all the damage she’s taken, it had to be it for Oriana Thompson.

But just to be sure, Touma Kamijou readied his fist, for what he felt was for the final time in the fight. He lifted his foot off the ground, and ran towards the still Oriana, lifting his arm to his chest, ready to finish her off.

But, as he got within a few feet of her, he witnessed sudden movement.

Her left arm contorting, going down her hand, it balled into a fist.


Her body anchored back, as he saw her face again, one that was full of undeterred aggression, followed by an animalistic roar from the lioness, throwing her left fist at Touma.


This caused Touma to get hesitant. Crap! Him stopping his fist for second made him curse himself as he threw it back on track, aiming at her face.

The two collided fists one more time.

A loud thud rang out in the area.

Both hit their targets. Each stared at each other with fire, gritting hard, and smashing their restrictive fist at the other’s face, aiming for the jaw–only one got a good hit, while the other didn’t get all of it.

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Touma’s face melted away into nothing, along with his consciousness, as his head gave into the fist hitting it, he let out a groan, followed by silence.

While Oriana remained her stance, her body angled to Touma’s, he stumbled back, unable to catch himself, and fell to the ground beneath him, dust bouncing off the area he fell on. The pupils of his nearly shut eyes rolled up at his head. He was knocked out.

Oriana stood over the boy, still posing with her fist in the air, barely breathing, her chest bouncing up and down, almost unconcealed, she stared at the spiky-haired boy, with it dawning on her she had just defeated him.

Letting her arm fall to her side, her knees buckled under the pressure her body was in, with one of her shoulder straps falling off her shoulder. She did not fall unconscious, however. Instead, she used this positioning of hers to bow her head at her unconscious enemy.

“Thank you, Touma Kamijou. You let such a dishonorable woman gain what she thought was lost to her.”

As the slightly older woman had her head down at the boy, she heard rustling coming from his direction, then mumbling.

“What... are you... saying?”

Oriana turned her up quickly, the hairs in the back of her neck nearly going up, with the thought crossing her mind that maybe, somehow, her opponent was somehow still in the fight.

But alas, he wasn’t.

Though he was conscious, Touma was not in a state to continue. His body battered, bleeding, and damaged to the point he had to be taken to receive medical treatment to heal from his injuries if he wished not to die.

Still, the boy refused to give up, forcing his body up, bleeding from several areas, but able to push himself off the ground, hobbling on one foot at a time, looking properly through one eye, with the other half-closed with a bump the size of a golf ball. “Come on...” the half-dead boy said in a raspy voice, “This fight isn’t over...!”

Oriana’s eyes filled with horror–not for the fear of losing had the fight continued on any more–but for the spiky-haired boy’s unhealthy determination to stop whoever's in his path, even at the cost of his own health.

Should the fight continue, he will most certainly die.

Letting out a sigh, Oriana pulled herself off the ground, fixing her loose top strap, and staring into Touma’s bloody face with stoicness.

“If we must!” she said with a booming voice, remaining firm like a stature, awaiting the boy to get close enough to continue.

As he got closer, Touma weakly put his right arm up, readying to throw one more right.

Oriana saw this, and did not put up her defenses–she was going to see this through to the end.

After a slow, painful walk over just a yard that must’ve felt like a mile, Touma finally reached towards the taller woman, who didn’t move.

With even the slightest of actions causing him to lose his breath at this point, he stared up at her with a hunch, unable to keep a good posture in his condition, looking at her with eyes full of determination, ones she’s seen all day.

Raising his fist, he launched his attack once more.

She did not move.

His weak, bloodied fist barely made it to implant itself onto the left side of her chest, where her heart was.

She did not budge.

He looked up into her one revealing blue eye, seeing her not breaking away from his eye-contact.

Seeing his last attack completed, Oriana spoke again, with a smile and a face full of empathy, “Amazing, Touma Kamijou, Onee-san loves this level of will and passion!”

Touma looked up at her, and his tense face relaxed. He could only chuckle.

He felt one of her soft hands grasp at his cheek, with the other holding the back of his head, before she went down to his level, closing at his face. “Here, let Onee-saan~ let you down easy!”

With that comment, Oriana followed through on her proposal on rewarding him with a kiss. Though the two’s lips were bloodied, it still felt elevating, and relieving.

After a long 10 seconds, Oriana released her mouth, allowing herself to breathe, staring at the boy’s face while her’s felt flushed.

She watched the spiky-haired boy’s tired eyes go from slightly widened, to shutting completely, as he finally lost all remaining adrenaline from his body, his fist dropping down while his body fell forward–it was lucky Oriana and her large chest were there to cushion his landing before he sustained anymore injuries.

Oriana smiled, holding the boy up at her chest like one would with a stuffed doll, making sure he doesn’t collapse to the floor dangerously, “Good thing my magical smooches did the trick in causing you to slumber upon experiencing it!” she said, jokingly, as a spell like that did not exist, or if it did, she had no access to it. She simply wanted to express her gratitude, while hoping this would stop him for enough time to relax and let his mind and body give in, which it did.

Hugging the boy tight, she bent down to the ground, laying him gently like a mom putting her sleeping baby to bed.

“That was quite the stimulating~ experience, boy! You almost had me at the climax–unfortunately for you, this slightly older woman has a bit more experience,” she said, sliding her hand up the side of his sleeping face, “Wish we had more time to play, but your Onee~san has to go away now!” Before letting go of his face, she slid her thumb to feel around the boy’s lips she’s just touched with hers.

Standing back up, she had her hands at her hips, now with a more serious expression, scavenging the airport for any sign of the backup. To her luck, they hadn’t yet arrived, so she can still make a break for it.

“Right, better leave while I still can,” she turned to flee, but stopping in her tracks as the sleeping boy caught her eye again. She wished she could wait for him to awaken like he did her, but time was of the essence, and she couldn’t afford to waste anymore.

With that being said, she felt as though she should at least leave him something to remember her by, since this was going to be the last time they see each other, at least for a long time.

-The next morning-

“Hey, you finally up?” was what the slumbering boy heard as he was beginning to open his eyes up. He looked and saw it was Stiyl, standing at his side.

“Huh, where am I–” was what Touma was beginning to say, but he then realized, “Oh not again!”

Touma wasn’t unfamiliar with having to take visits to the hospital, what with all the crazy adventures he gets roped into and the levels of danger he’s put in. And looking down, he saw he was again engulfed in bandage wraps and casts all over himself, with a hospital gown over them.

The magician ignored his complaining, lighting his cigarette. “Quit whining, you’re lucky to be alive after the state we found you in,” he let out a smoke while continuing onto a much more important topic, one that perked Touma’s ears.

“I’m guessing she somehow escaped and attacked you while you weren’t looking, huh?” Stiyl asked, which caused Touma’s damaged body to tense up underneath the casts.

He shifted his eyes away, sweat-dropping. “Y-yeah, guess she really did! I’m not sure myself how, but she found a way past it like Houdini or something. You know how cunning she was!” he said, playing along with the idea she got out herself and blindsided him, not willing to reveal the truth of how her escape really played out.

Stiyl was none the wiser, or at this point, didn’t feel like pushing any further. “Well, whatever the cause, we weren’t able to retrieve her, meaning she’s probably left town by now, maybe even past the other side of the world.”

Touma stared at the hospital window, seeing the sun rising back up, burning away at the night sky from before.

“What do you think she’s planning next?” Stiyl asked, “Think she’s gonna run back to her organization after they ditched her for failing the mission?”

Touma didn’t break his gaze at the rising sun, speaking in a more calm voice than before, “No.”

Stiyl looked up at the boy, who still was turned away. “What makes you think that?”

The boy continued to stare at the glowing sky. “I don’t know–just a hunch.”


Wearing a big, stylish fur coat to conceal her figure, Oriana Thompson walked up the stairs to a plane, about ready to take off at the airport. She stopped to take notice of the rising sun lighting up the city which her mission was to aid in taking control of. But now, she took a chance to actually marvel at the beautiful architecture.

“Wow, to think I almost helped ruin this place!” she said, laughing to herself, her body covered up in bandages and tape over her battle wounds.

Well, now that I, as of now, am currently unemployed, might as well look for other work. Maybe use my skills as a thief, or even an informant. Have to be careful what clients to work for, though...

Thinking about her future, she took another gander at the city, knowing that somewhere in that large body of futuristic technology, a certain boy, hopefully getting treated at a hospital, is there.

That thought in her head, Oriana expressed a beautiful smile.

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“Farewell, Touma Kamijou. Maybe we’ll meet again one day–hopefully not as enemies this time,” she said to herself, holding the part of her chest his bloodied fist imprinted itself on, before turning away from the city and entering her plane.

-A little while later-

Stiyl long gone, Touma remained lying down, now with a grim look, having been literally chewed out by a certain roommate of his and shocked by a underclassmen a few minutes prior, them visiting him after learning he was admitted in, but were taken off-guard when they found a talisman in the chest pocket from his shirt on his desk. And things escalated when he poorly explained where/who the talisman came from, and more importantly, why.

That damn Oriana! Not here anymore and yet she’s still causing me pain, Touma cursed in his mind, Me and my rotten luck!

Looking back at the window, the sun having fully-risen for some time now, he noticed a plane flying up into the sky and over the city, leaving it behind.

For some reason, he had a feeling a certain busty blonde who referred to herself as his ‘Onee-san’ was onboard that flight.

Though he was looking grim before, his face changed into a more soft smile as he watched it, or more specifically–her–leave the city.

Hi guys, and thank you for reading until the end of this story! This was a pretty long one compared to my prior, which was probably due to me opting to just release it as one post instead of braking it into parts. I felt with all the terms that I put in, including a whole ton of exposition at the start, that it would be better to just release it as one whole part. Had fun writing this, but it did take a while to edit, since it was all one piece, instead of my usual parts, which help my workload break more sparingly. This one was the first of my stories where I used images for my story, and also rewriting and expanding a scene from a show, which was why I had enough images to use. Oriana Thompson just fit perfectly with these stories, with her looks, seductions, speech, fighting, and overall as a character. If I get more ideas, I may write another story involving her and her new adventures, considering how I wrote her ending. Until then, I plan on continuing my other series.

Thanks again for reading!
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Thanks again to everyone for the likes and for reading! Love seeing the support for these stories of mine. It pleases me to see people liking the stories I put out. I return with an update/reminder I completely forgot to mention until just today that I was supposed to bring attention to when I uploaded the story at first.

So first off: It has become, as of last month, officially three years since I've joined the site(Yay)! And to commemorate it, I wanted to let everyone here know of a project I worked on for a good part of the first half of the year.

And that is--I released my very first book on Amazon! It was a few months ago, and I wanted to let you all know sooner, but I wanted to release a free story here in conjunction with it. The book is called [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], and it's about two people conversating with each other with equal interest, which transitions to several competitions between them in the morning while no one is around, with the main attraction being an epic, competitive fight, which ends in very sexy fashion! I am super proud of the story, and ask if you can to go check it out on Amazon. It's $2.99 or free if you have Kindle Unlimited! If you do happen to check it out, please leave a review for feedback. Thanks again, guys. I always appreciate being part of this community!
Currently Open For Commissions!
Want a custom story mixed with my writing style? DM me on here or email me with a request at [email protected] so we can further discuss story, length, and pricing! Also, check out my very first book, Early Morning Challenge: Mark vs Lisa, over at Amazon
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