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Old 27-Jan-21, 04:42
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Default Sinthia Bee reviews

Has anybody had a session with her yet and if so how would you rate her wrestling ability?
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Old 15-Jun-21, 16:42
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Default Re: Sinthia Bee

I am also interested, if anyone has met her please share. Her reviews look pretty good.
Sessions Iíve had:
Karly Salinas

Sessions I want :
(No particular order)

Riot Starter
Miss V (Ava)
Briella Jaden
Sarah Brooke
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Old 18-Jul-21, 12:10
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Default Re: Sinthia Bee

I saw her last month. She’s a lot of fun to wrestle and an incredibly nice person as well. By her own admission, she’s not an expert wrestler (she’s planning on taking some bjj classes to learn some technique) but she’s surprisingly strong for her size. Very strong scissors, great facesitting technique as well. I’d definitely recommend her if you want a semi-comp match with a very fun lady.
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Old 27-Aug-21, 16:43
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Default Re: Sinthia Bee reviews

I met Sinthia yesterday for a fantasy wrestling / domination / role play session. I was thinking this would be a nice treat, since it was my first session in about two years. It turned out to be way better than I could have hoped for. This is sort of a rehashed / expanded version of the review I posted on her SessionGirls page.

Making the arrangements was very easy. She was quick to reply to emails, and was open (and responsive) to requests. For example, she asked if I had any outfit requests, and when I arrived, she was wearing something that fit my request perfectly. She also seemed interested in hearing about my role play idea, read what I sent her, and seemed enthusiastic about doing it.

The trip was listed as "Boston", but she actually stayed outside the city. The location was perfect for me - an easy 20 minute drive, no city traffic. I sent her a text when I got there, and got a quick reply - "I'm ready for ya, come on up". I think I was her first session of the day (it was late morning), but she told me that she prefers to schedule a little free time between sessions to unwind, prepare for the next one, etc. When I opened the door, she was in a nice "business casual" outfit - short skirt, pantyhose, heels, and a flattering top with long, tight, stretchy sleeves. I thought she had looked good in the pictures I've seen, but she's much hotter in person - VERY attractive for my taste anyway.

After I changed, we discussed my role play idea in more detail. Essentially, it has to do with my ongoing fantasies about two very attractive co-workers. One of the two co-workers is a former office mate whose handshake was quite intimidating when I first met her, and the other is someone who has given off dominant vibes a number of times. The idea was for Sinthia to play therapist - either convince me that I'm off my rocker thinking these two ladies are stronger than me, or show me that I've been right all along, and show me exactly they could do with me. Obviously, there was really only one "right" answer here. :-) I also showed her a few pictures of the ladies in question (thanks to social media).

We started off with some arm wrestling, and she beat me easily multiple times with each arm. She's very fit, but not particular muscular, and I was surprised not just that she beat me, but how easily; it was no contest at all (she's a lot stronger than she looks). She really got right into the therapist role, and made it clear she was quite sure that both of my co-workers would beat me also. Then we got into the fantasy wrestling and domination. This was heavy on headscissors, facesitting, and forced foot worship (not that I really needed "forcing" - she has very nice feet). But she also did some nice breast smothering and a few other things. And she did a good amount of trash talking, incorporating a lot of the stuff I had told her about my co-workers. The trash talking sort of went back and forth between the two - sort of like the two ladies were taking turns kicking my butt. There was also a little body / muscle worship mixed in (legs and arms particularly) - again, she "forced" (hehe) me to do this, commenting on how strong her legs and arms are while I was admiring them.

I should mention that she's very respectful of your limits, and communicates well during the session. A couple of times, she asked if I was OK with certain holds that we hadn't specifically discussed (grapevine, for example - that was a "yes"). She also checked about whether she was going too hard on anything, particularly with the headscissors. Her scissors seemed quite strong, and I'm sure she could have easily gone way beyond my limit. As I commented above about the arm wrestling, she's a lot stronger than she looks.

Around halfway through, she changed into my second requested outfit - a nice, skimpy red, white, & blue bikini. There are a few really nice pictures of this on her Instagram page. It looked *really* hot in person. Then, it was pretty much more of the same - she continued to kick my butt, while taunting me and telling me how weak I am, etc. By the time we finished, I truly felt like my fantasy had come true, as if my co-workers had really put me in my place.

We also talked for maybe 10-15 minutes after we were done, not just about session related stuff. She's very nice - really pleasant and outgoing, and very down to earth.

So in summary, this was just an awesome time. I've done sessions with the same general role play theme a few times, but this was by far the best. She absolutely nailed it, and this was the first time I really felt like the whole thing came together perfectly. Among other things, it helped that she's right about the same size as the two ladies in question (5'6", and said she's about 125 lbs. now). It was also pretty cool to be overpowered by a very attractive lady her size (I'm about 6', 190). Of course, I wasn't really trying to resist, but I'm quite sure she'd beat me in a competitive match, and she definitely beat me easily / legit in the arm wrestling. It's also clear that she really wants you to have a good time, and makes a real effort to satisfy your desires and requests. She's now at the top of my list of ladies to session with in the future.
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