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Default Sylvia in Charge

Rico watched as Silvia took control of the room, as she always did. There were four boys, all of whom were Rico’s friends, plus Rico. Silvia was 13; the boys were 17 but for the purpose of their visit the girl’s age didn’t matter. She was funny and smart and incredibly beautiful. And Silvia knew it. She was too young to date any of the boys but she enjoyed the attention. Silvia lay on the top of a one-drawer cabinet. She wore a light, silky, purple sun dress that had some white in it. She had shoulder-length brown hair, incredible blue eyes set in a beautiful face and small, budding breasts. But her best feature were her shapely legs. Silvia kept changing her position, pointing her bare feet as the boys followed her every move. She knew the effect she had on guys. Rico knew it as well and he didn’t like it. But he also knew as soon as he and his friends left the house he would no longer be invisible.

It was a fun night. Rico had a great time hanging with his boys; laughing, scamming on girls, just being together. He wished things could be as great when he was at his home with his friends. But, thanks to Sylvia, it was not to be. At least not yet.

More than a couple of months ago Rico attempted to change the paradigm. He asked his little sister, quite nicely, to make herself scarce when he had friends over. Silvia refused. She enjoyed being the center of male attention, especially if the guys were cute and older. She knew Rico was bothered by it but her enjoyment outweighed his problem. Rico got a bit hot under the collar and became more adamant. And Sylvia had replied, “Make me.”

“Make me,” Rico thought. “Make me.” Those simple words were a BIG challenge. After mulling it over, the boy decided on a course of action. He would throw Sylvia on the floor and sit on her until she changed her mind. He didn’t want to hurt his sister but he needed to change her behavior. Rico wasn’t a big guy - about 5’8 and 145 pounds - but Sylvia was five feet and 100 pounds soaking wet. He needed to put a bit of a scare into her. Rico walked into the girl’s room and told Sylvia he would “make her.”

A fight started. More of a wrestling match than a fight. As he expected, Rico grabbed his sister and threw her down. But when he tried to get astride Sylvia, she resisted. She wasn’t an experienced wrestler. But she had enough intuition to use her legs. They were shapely, but pretty strong. Sylvia wrapped them around various parts of Rico as he tried to control her. The boy spent a lot of his time breaking her leg holds. He did manage a few times to get on top of his sister, but Rico couldn’t hold her. Sylvia was slippery and flexible and stronger than she looked. She continue to escape his pin attempts as she applied her scissors (which she didn’t know they were called).

It was weird. A high school senior boy was wrestling a much smaller middle school girl and the match was pretty even. Rico never would have expected this. He was happy none of his friends were watching. And it got worse. Rico’s energy waned. It took much more for him to break her holds than it did for Sylvia to break his. The girl wrapped her legs around her brother and was delighted that he couldn’t get away. Sylvia moved her leg hold until she was sitting on Rico’s chest. She released the hold, dug her knees into his biceps and worked on controlling his arms.

She was trying to pin him! Rico was beside himself. He couldn’t get out from under his little sister. As he got more tired, Sylvia became stronger than him. She got control of his arms and pinned them to the carpet. Rico fought temporarily like a tiger, almost escaping, but the little girl stayed on top and pinned his arms again. The boy had no more energy to fight. His little sister had beaten him.

Sylvia squealed as she felt Rico give up. She released his arms and bounced up and down laughing, showing her glee. She was surprised she could beat her big brother and wasn’t afraid to show it. Sylvia kept Rico pinned for several minutes until she finished celebrating. She finally got off him. He basically crawled out of the room.

After the beating, Rico had no answer to his sister monopolizing his friends. As far as he could tell, thankfully, Sylvia had told nobody. But each time Rico had to bite his tongue and keep his anger under wraps. His friends were too taken with Sylvia to notice how he felt. Because if any of them ever asked why Rico let his younger sister be with the older boys, how would he answer?

Rico had hatched a plan the day after his loss. The plan had two parts: one, he needed to get stronger. And, two, he needed to learn to wrestle. He began doing pushups, adding at least one a day and lifted weights at school. Pretty soon Rico was up to 50 pushups and had nearly doubled the weight he could lift. For part two, he was a little friendly with a boy on the wrestling team. Rico didn’t need to become a top-flight wrestler but he needed to learn some moves. He worked out once a week with his friend, who taught him some takedowns and escapes. Rico especially needed to learn how to escape Sylvia’s legs. His friend taught him a few ways to try to do it. The best advice he gave Rico was to not get into the leg hold in the first place.

It was three months after his loss and Rico was ready. He had gained nine pounds, all of it muscle and his arms were well-defined. He was getting more looks from the girls at school. Rico’s confidence soared as he felt stronger, tougher, better. He was more than ready for Sylvia.

It was a quiet Saturday morning. Rico’s parents were out. It was perfect. He lightly knocked on the door of his sister’s room. When there was no response he opened the door. Sylvia was sleeping. Rico looked down at his kid sister. She certainly was beautiful. He could see what the guys saw in her but she was his sister and she was his nemesis. He shook her roughly awake.

“Is the house burning down?” Sylvia asked, groggily.

Rico laughed. “No, it’s time to ‘make you’”.

That shook the girl awake. She knew her brother would eventually try again and was looking forward to it.

“Great!” Sylvia said, hopping up. “Where do you want to do this?”

Rico was wearing his favorite muscle tee. He flexed. “Are you sure you want to go through with it?”

Sylvia laughed. Her brother was trying to intimidate. “Put your muscles away, bro. They won’t do you any good.”

The boy sighed. “Mom and Dad are out. Why don’t we use the living room?”

In response the girl bounced out of her room as Rico followed.

He asked, “Don’t you want to change?”

Rico was dressed in shorts and the tee. Sylvia wore only the long nightshirt she slept in.

“No, this is fine.” She giggled. “It’s not like this is going to be competitive.”

“How right you are,” thought the boy as he faced the 13-year-old. “How right you are.”

Rico assumed a wrestling position as Sylvia bounced around on her pretty bare feet, emulating pro wrestling. The boy exploded, going for a single leg takedown. He got a good hold on one of the girl’s legs, shoved with his shoulder and easily took her down. Rico scrambled on top of Sylvia, controlling her arms, working on a pin. If it had been a sanctioned match, maybe it would have ended quickly. But it wasn’t. The girl kept moving under her brother until she saw an opening. Sylvia shot her legs out and wrapped them around Rico’s neck. She captured an arm in front of him with both of hers and locked her legs, pulling hard on the arm. The triangle choke was a painful move; a submission hold. Rico was lucky his sister was barely 100 pounds. As it was, he felt a lot of pain. But he didn’t panic. He used his free hand to create some space and he was able to use his strength to get to his feet. Sylvia kept the hold as long as she could but it was finally broken. She scrambled away before Rico could go after her.

The duo faced each other. Rico realized the hold his sister used was much more sophisticated than when they last fought. Maybe he wasn’t the only one who was training. He stared at the girl. Silvia was beautiful, that was true, but she was still a little girl. He was nearly a full-grown adult. He had to win; he just had to.

Rico went again for the single leg takedown. But Sylvia was ready this time. She shot her legs backwards as the boy hit the ground. Now on his back, the girl wrapped her arms around Rico. Her legs were in a perfect spot so she added a head scissors. Rico struggled a bit but he knew he had no leverage. He got his legs under him and got to his feet. Once there he was able to dislodge Sylvia, dropping her as hard as possible to the carpet. He followed after her but the girl was alert and caught his neck with her legs. Silvia twisted Rico’s head to get leverage and captured an arm. The arm-bar, fully applied, would have ended the match if Silvia was facing someone her own size. But Rico had 55 pounds on his sister. He followed his training and created space between the girl’s legs. This allowed some movement, which made it more difficult for Sylvia to keep her hold on his arm. She managed to stay in position until Rico was nearly upright but was eventually dislodged.

Rico stood catching his breath as he allowed Silvia to rise. He was none-too-pleased. The little girl had the better of the action and it galled him. Silvia was smiling, enjoying the match, enjoying the roughhousing. The boy moved to his sister, feinted, got an arm around her waist and flipped Silvia over his hip. Rico moved to gain an advantage but the girl tangled her feet with his and tripped him. With her brother momentarily disoriented, Sylvia hopped onto his chest. Rico realized she was trying to pin him. But he was still pretty fresh, still strong. He thought it was a bad move on the girl’s part. Rico met his sister with his arms as he worked at throwing her off.

Silvia had other ideas. She had proven, at least to herself, that she could beat Rico using her legs. Sylvia was certain if she kept applying leg holds, she would easily win. But she had decided after seeing Rico flex that she wanted to beat him with her strength. Sylvia would use her legs for leverage, of course, but would not try to apply any further holds with them. She wanted her brother to still feel strong when she pinned him. That would make her victory even sweeter.

Rico’s light wrestling training wasn’t helping him. Silvia was still on top of him. She couldn’t control his arms but was able to maintain her position on Rico’s upper chest. The boy pushed at her with his arms, pushed off the ground with his legs and his butt but couldn’t toss off the 100-pound 13-year-old. It was crazy. Rico finally turned one way, then another and back in the first direction and flipped Silvia off. He quickly mounted the girl on her upper chest and shoulders. The boy took control and was going to pin his sister. It felt great, much better than it should have to finally beat a younger girl.

The match wasn’t over. Silvia wouldn’t stop moving. She was able to slide under her brother so Rico needed to keep adjusting. How the small girl could do that with 150 pounds on her Rico didn’t know or understand. And he couldn’t control her arms. Rico was nearly twice as strong as he was three months ago but, even below him, Sylvia kept his arms at bay. Rico had the advantage and kept working but his little sister was indefatigable. And she was f…ing strong. The boy tried to remain resolute and confident but it was starting to wane in the face of Sylvia’s resolve.

It started to happen. Rico didn’t understand why, as he was on top and, as such, had the easier time. But, as in their last match, the boy weakened. His arms turned to jelly. Recognizing this, Silvia simply pushed against them as she lifted her butt. She turned the boy onto his back as she scrambled back on his shoulders. Sylvia grabbed Rico’s wrists and easily pushed them to the carpet. He tried but he couldn’t stop her and he couldn’t move his arms once they were down. Once Sylvia proved she could outmuscle her brother, she released his arms and simply sat on his shoulders. Rico moved and bucked and temporarily succeeded in dislodging the girl. But Rico could not stop Sylvia from mounting him again and sitting on his shoulders. His arms were already gone and the rest of him was starting to weaken. Rico was fully aware he was about to again lose to the little girl. He continued to fight but was totally ineffective.

Sylvia sat on her perch, reveling. She smiled down at the unhappy boy. He realized he had felt strong and had still been pinned by the young, slender girl. Thinking about it, Rico considered if he’d ever get over it. He was so ashamed.

“I’m smarter than you, funnier and more popular,” Sylvia laughed. “And I’m stronger than you. I’m better than you in every way.” Sylvia giggled delightedly like a little girl, making Rico feel even worse, if that was possible.

Rico didn’t think Sylvia was stronger than him but wasn’t about to argue. His little sister had overpowered him. He had nothing to say.

Silvia got off her brother and put a bare foot on his chest, flexing. She enjoyed her victory pose and left him with his thoughts. They weren’t printable.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

Another good story with a fairly big size difference, the younger sister somehow once again showing that girls are no longer the "weaker sex", always fun to read of that kind of thing, the brother having a significant height and weight advantage but that doesn't help them at all because the sister is just too good a wrestler, too fast, too agile, and really strong for their size. Always looking forward to more from you, mbp.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

I agree with Iceman. Your stories are always amazing, MBP. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

Fantastic! Thank you.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

She needs to strip him naked, for total humiliation. Maybe in their next match, she brings her girlfriends to watch.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

What about a continuation?
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

This guy is a great author.
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

Great story.I hope u continue it.
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Lightbulb Re: Sylvia in Charge

Originally Posted by Mehrab [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story.I hope u continue it.
Yeah as soon as he reads your comment he will come continue this 5 years later
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Default Re: Sylvia in Charge

Ha! Good point Rockwave, but nonetheless I hope he does...
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