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Default Sheena Vs Tarzan

I've always had this fantasy fight in my mind between Sheena and Tarzan over who would rule the Jungle. I've even did some role playing on my own.
Here is an account of what happed when they squared off in a power struggle of who whould be supreme. I hope you enjoy this story

Who Will Rule The Jungle

Tarzan and Sheena Meet in Battle to Decide

A kingdom can have but one king, an empire one emperor. A tribe can have but one chief and a clan but one patriarch. Many may claim the title but only one can actually be the title. The others are just pretenders. It is no different in the jungle. We can no longer pay homage to two masters. The chief of the
Itu tribe was passionate as he addressed the gathering of tribes and clans that lived in the area of Central Africa often refered to as The Jungle.

The gathered chiefs and clan patriarchs roared their thunderous approvel as Tarzan and Sheena both glared at the assembled dignitaries.

We will not pay tribute to you both he continued. Tarzan cannot be Lord of the Jungle at the same time that Sheena is queen of the same jungle. They cannot both be supreme!. Only one can!

I am Lord of the Jungle and I shall have my tribute. All creatures must bow before me Interrupted Tarzan. What you do with the the female pretender is not my concern. As he spoke the six foot one inch tall two hundred and twenty five pound Lord of the Jungle threw out his thickly muscled chest and flexed his 19" biceps for the benefit of the assembled chieftans.. His black shoulder length mane of hair fluttered in the hot jungle breeze and his bronzed body glowed under the scorching sun.

He is the pretender yelled Sheena. I am the queen of the Jungle and all must pay tribute to me. I bow before no man and all bow before me. What you pay
this phony lord is not my problem. The five foot ten inch, one hundred and sixty pound beauty with the flowing blonde hair cascading down her back threw out her own glorious 38d chest and flexed her rock hard 16 inch biceps for the chieftans to marvel at. Then the jungle goddess with the golden tan pressed tight her abdomen so that all could see the perfect six pack of muscles that lay beneath her flawless skin.

The Itu chief stopped them both when he declared that the Chiefs had decided to make one single payment of tribute and that only one of the two of them could collect it. He held a key in his hand and pointed to a large chest in the center of the clearing. This key opens that chest he declared. Inside the chest is our tribute. The key will be left on top of the chest. It is for the two of you to decide how and if it is divided. We ask that you make that decision now so that we all may know who is truly master of this jungle. The assembled chieftans cheered as he finished speaking.

The key is mine roared the lord of the jungle. I will destroy any who dispute me. The muscles on his stomach tightening above his tiger skin loin cloth as
he bellowed. If the Blonde Bitch of the jungle makes one move towards it she will answer to me.

I am this jungles queen and I claim the tribute. Any who defy me will be crushed. Sheenas perfect breasts pushed proudly against the zebra skin top and her mscular legs tensed below the matching loin cloth as she spoke. The bored of the jungle would be well advised to withdraw before I am angered.
You will bow before me and beg that I take your body as tribute before this day is through Tarzan thundered as he turned to face the golden haired Sheena. You will grovel beneath me and beg that I take your face as my throne Sheena shot back as she faced her muscular foe..

The assembled Chieftains spread out and formed a large circle around the two rivals.as Tarzan and Sheena made ready for battle. This would be a jungle
fight, fought under the rules of the jungle. They would be allowed no weapons, they must fight hand to hand. No jewelry or foot wear. Each would be allowed their loin cloth and nothing more. They must fight until one either surrenders or dies.

A hush fell over the crowd as the bronzed skinned warriors approached each other. Not a sound was heard as they grasped each others arms under the
unrelenting African sun.

They were locked in each others embrace with each ones hands grasping the others biceps. Their muscles stood out on their backs as they strained against
each others power in the opening test of strength.

Surrender or I will crush you Tarzan demanded of his bare breasted foe through gritted teeth. You will be the one crushed beneath my feet was her defiant reply as the jungle goddesses muscular arms strained against her larger opponent.

Slowly the muscular Tarzan began to move forward as Sheena gave ground grudgingly. As he pushed forward Sheena suddenly dropped to the ground and put her foot in Tarzans stomach. The mighty ape man was toppled forward and over Sheena, landing on his back. The lithe jungle queen then back rolled over his head and landed on his chest, their arms still locked. As they continued to struggle Sheena began to inch her way up Tarzans chest trying to get to his shoulders. Tarzan pushed back and rolled to his side, pulling her off him. The two warriors rolled over each other several times and then scurried to their feet.

They began circling and Tarzan rushed forward tackling Sheena around the waist.. As he bulled her backwards Sheena leaned over his back and grasped him around the middle. She then stood straight and hoisted him to her shoulder. Tarzan found himself with his feet dangling by her back and the back of his head by her stomach. The lord of the jungle screamed in pain as the Amazon jungle queen jumped up and down with him on her shoulder.

In desperation Tarzan reached down for her leg and pulled it from beneath her toppling them both to the ground. He rolled atop Sheenas back and grasped her in a powerful full nelson. Now you will feel the crushing might of the Jungles Lord he thundered at the golden goddess beneath him as he pressured her in his hold.

Sheena pushed herself slowly to her knees with Tarzan on her back. Slowly and with great difficulty she stood as the ape man pushed down on her neck. Now they were standing and the muscles on both their bodies strained as he tried to force her back down and she attempted to escape the hold. Inch by tortured inch she forced her powerful arms forward as Tarzans finger slowly pulled apart. The blazing sun beat down and the combatants were bathed in their own sweat

With a final heave she was free. She reached down between her legs and grabbed Tarzans foot. She lifted it and he dropped to the ground on his back. Your mighty jungle lord cannot even hold a woman in his grasp she yelled as she dropped backwards on Tarzan driving her elbow into his chest as she fell.
Tarzan sat up as the air rushed from him and grabbed his sweaty opponent around her neck. His mighty forearm squeezed her regal neck as she sat between his legs.

The bitch of the jungle will soon be lifeless Tarzan proclaimed to the assembled. I will squeeze lifes breath from her body and dance on the corpse.
Again Sheena forced herself to her feet, this time with Tarzan choking her from behind. When she was standing she twisted to her right and drove her
right elbow into his ribs. Over and over she struck him with her elbows until he released her neck. When he did she turned and punched him, first with her
left fist and then her right one. Both punches landed on Tarzans jaw and he stumbled back. She stood facing him with her fists raised and waited for his

Come and get me if you dare she taunted as Tarzan raised his own fists. He moved towards her and the two began to circle as each looked for a target to
strike. I will beat this woman to a fine pulp Tarzan thought to himself as they circled. This clumsy ape will be putty in my hands were the thoughts of
his determined adversary as she awaited his first blow.

Tarzan threw a ferocious right straight at her jaw and Sheena moved her head to avoid the punch. He threw a vicious round house left which she ducked under. As she ducked she threw her own right fist into his stomach. His stomach was hard and the punch had little effect. She straightened and the two continued circling.

Your puny blows have no effect on the mighty Tarzan he bellowed as he threw two more roundhouse punches above her ducking head. See if you feel this one Sheena answered as she ripped a right into his nose. The blood spattered and the jungle lord stumbled back. She drove forward and buried four more quick punches into his stomach. Again his stomach held and he punched her in the chin driving her back. Once again they began circling with their fists raised. The sweat glistened on their muscles and dripped to the ground below them. Their loin cloths were heavy with perspiration and sweat ran down their legs. Drops of water clung to Sheenas golden breasts and dripped from her erect nipples.

Tarzan abandoned his futile head hunting and drove his right fist into her stomach, holding her behind the head with his left hand as he did. He punched
her repeatedly in the stomach as she punched over his arm at the side of his head. Sheenas stomach was also rock hard and held against the blows. She
punched back at his jaw with short vicious hooks until he released her head and stepped back. As Tarzan stepped back Sheena came forward and jabbed twice to his face and then threw a thunderous overhand right that exploded on his already bloodied nose..

The jungle lord stumbled back and Sheena pursued again firing away at his midsection. When he finally doubled over she hit him with a tremendous
uppercut. Tarzan fell over backwards as if shot. As he lay on the ground the jungle queen flexed her biceps above him and asked if her puny blows were felt or was Tarzan simply resting.

She moves like a snake and like the snake must be strangled thought Tarzan as he struggled to his feet. His eyes traveled the length of his tormentors body, As he glanced down from her heaving breasts to the flat hard stomach he could see his blood dripping from her right fist. The sight of his blood enraged the ape man. He beat on his chest and roared that she would die. He grabbed at her neck with his powerful hands to choke the life from her..

As quick as the cheetahs that she raced with Sheena punched between his outstretched arms again at his nose. When he brought his hands back to his
broken nose she fired a five punch barrage into his stomach. Right, left, right, left and right again the the punches came like lightening. The first
three softened the ab walls and the fourth finally penetrated. The fifth drove the air from his lungs and he sagged against his beautiful rival. As he held
her for support she wrapped her hands around him in a bearhug and squeezed with all the might she possessed. Her knuckles dug into his spine. as her
nipples poked deep into his chest. He screamed in agony and she threw him to the ground.

He struggled to his knees. She grabbed his long hair and pulled him to his feet. As he stood swaying in front of her trying to focus his eyes and get his
hands up she hit him under the chin with an uppercut. Before he could fall back she hit him twice more in the stomach and again he leaned against her.
She stepped slightly back and brought another uppercut up, this one from her knees that nailed him flush on the chin. His head flew back and his knees
buckled. He fell back against her and slowly sank to his knees. His blood left a trail in her sweat as his face dragged between her breasts and came to rest
against her loin cloth.

She grabbed two hands full of hair and pulled him to his feet. She drove her knee twice into his groin and Tarzan groaned in pain. She released his hair
and again punched his nose. He toppled over and fell on his back. She leaped on his chest and began driving punches into his face.

She stood and challenged him to stand back up and fight. He couldnt't focus his eyes, they were swollen and closing. He couldn't breath and he had no
strength left to get up or the spirit to fight.. He was beaten and he new it .He raised his right hand in surrender.

She grabbed it and squeezed. He cried out in pain that he had had enough. She ignored his pleas and pulled him to his knees. She grabbed his hair and turned his face up to hers.

Who rules the jungle she asked. Sheena does the once mighty Tarzan mumbled through his swollen lips. She pulled him a last time to his feet and let loose a final powerful right to his jaw. The former lord of the jungle fell back flat on his back, panting and moaning beneath his amazon conquerer.

Sheena placed her foot upon the chest of her beaten rival and raised her fists above her head so that all might see her victory and Her sweat mingled with the blood on his face as it ran from her breasts and stomach, down her leg and dripped on the prostrate ape king. She flexed her mighty arms and decreed that all in attendance must spread the word of Sheena's victory over her new slave Tarzan.

Tarzan lay beaten beneath her feet. Her body was alive from thrill of battle, the heat had began building in her as she felt her adversary weakening. It had
risen as he crumbled. She ordered the assembled to leave so that she might take her tribute in private.

She sat upon her new throne, the face of her vanquished foe, and began rotating her hips as the heat inside her rose. She watched as the semi
conscious Tarzan,s loin cloth began to grow. She turrned over and brought her breasts to her new slaves face and commanded he lick. Tarzan began to lick, weakly at first, but then with ever more passion, His erection was now
bursting through his loin cloth.

Sheena had found the only part of him that could still stand. She stood and ripped off their loin cloths. She turned so that her back was to Tarzan and
settled down upon this other new thrown.. She reached behind her for his wrists and pulled him to a sitting position. She brought his hands around her
body and pressed them to her breasts. Sheena rode her new throne with, Tarzans chest against her back and his head resting on her shoulder The ape
man moaned beneath her as she slid up and down. He hung unto her breasts for dear life as she galloped in his lap. His cries were heard by the chieftains
miles away.

When there was no longer any part at all of Tarzan that could stand Sheena settled back on the first new throne and slowly counted her tribute.

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Default Re: Sheena Vs Tarzan

Better late than never? Just discovered your fantasy story. Lots to like about the battle. Appreciated the realistic approach and more than a few elements (versus the usual over-the-top scenarios). Jungle king fan here, though I prefer him to be the victor. Have you crafted more? Big thanks.
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Default Re: Sheena Vs Tarzan

Wonderful story.
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