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Default Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

story commin soon...

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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

My parents were in the city for the day and I was home taking care of my 13 year old younger sister. As a junior in high school they figured I could handle pretty much what came up for the day.
It was warm outside so Alyssa said she was going to hang out in the backyard and read so I settled down to play some video games. About a half hour later I heard my sister’s voice yelling at someone so I took a peek out the back window. Kassie, a girl from next door, was standing in front of Alyssa with her hands on her hips. I knew they didn’t really get along, but I’d never seen them face to face and arguing. Alyssa was a couple of inches taller and just slightly heavier than Kassie who had a stockier build. The neighbor girl looked much like her mother, short cut blond hair and pale white skin with freckles.
“So go home and play with your dolls you little creep,” Alyssa said. I was surprised at my sister, she wasn’t usually so angry. Kassie had told one my sister’s teachers a lie, that she had cheated on a test, and Alyssa had gotten into trouble for it even though she never cheated. She was a year younger than my sister so I couldn’t figure out why the teachers believed her instead of my sister.
Kassie obviously didn’t like being called a creep and pushed my sister. When Alyssa went to push her back the two girls locked hands and started to struggle. I was almost glad to see my sister stand up to her, to give the brat Kassie some much needed pay-back. Kassie pulled one hand free and slapped Alyssa across the face and then slid her arm around her neck pulling her into a tight headlock. She tried to pull her arm away, but wound up slapping at the girl’s arm instead. Kassie pulled her down to the ground and let go.
Alyssa started to sit up, but Kassie put her hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her back. My sister reached up with her arms and grabbed Kassie by the hair and they started to roll on the grass. My sister broke free and stood up. She started to run across the back yard to the house, but Kassie was right after her and grabbed her from behind.

They both fell to the grass again. Kassie pushed my sister onto her back and slid her leg over her, straddling her waist. She reached up to force the smaller girl off her and Kassie locked her fingers with my sisters and started to push down. Alyssa was kicking her legs and trying to fight back with her arms. Kassie pinned her left hand by her shoulder first and was struggling with her other hand. I could hear Alyssa whimpering as she strained to fight Kassie off. She didn’t last more than a few more seconds. Kassie had both her arms pinned over her head. Alyssa was looking up at her with a fearful expression.

“Ha, ha, I beat you up,” Kassie said in a sing-song voice, taunting her.

“Get off me, you’re hurting me,” my sister cried out.

“Awww, poor baby,” she said. “Are you going to cry?”

That seemed to make my sister mad and she squirmed hard, bucking and kicking. She tried to lift her arms up, but Kassie was definitely stronger than my sister. She rode her and kept her hands pinned down.

“I can take you any time I feel like it.”

“Get off or I’m going to tell my mother,” Alyssa said.

“Go ahead,” Kassie said. “My mother could beat up your mother anytime, and my daddy could pin your daddy down like a girl too.”

“No they couldn’t.”

“So tell them and see what happens.” Kassie moved up my sister’s body, sliding her knees over her arms. She squeezed her soft thighs tightly against my sister’s face. My sister started to squirm hard again, but it was useless. Kassie let go of her hands and made a flexing motion with her arms to show off her girly muscles and strengh. Alyssa reached around her legs and slapped weakly at her thighs while kicking her own legs. I could hear her muffled screams.

“I can beat you up, I can beat you up.” Kassie was singing it over and over.

“Do you give?”

There was no way for me to tell what my sister might have said, but apparently it wasn’t what Kassie wanted to hear. She cupped her hand over my sister’s nose and mouth and squeezed hard with her legs again. I could hear her scream again.

Damn, that little brat, i thought to myself!!
I figured I’d watched enough and that it was my responsibility to save my sister. I ran out back and pulled the girl off my sister. She started to yell at me to let go of her, but didn't fight back. Instead I took her wrist in my hand and started to pull her in the direction of her house.

“Alyssa, go inside and get cleaned up. I’ll deal with this,” I said. She jumped up and ran into the house and slammed the door.

“Your mother needs to know about your bad behavior.”

She yanked her wrist free as I stepped up onto the back porch and knocked on the door. A few moments later, her mother Helen opened the door. She was wearing a pair of short white tennis shorts and a sleeveless turtleneck blouse.

“Hello, Alan, what do you want?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips just as her daughter had done before the fight started.

“Kassie started a fight with my sister and beat her up.”

Helen looked over my shoulder. “Is that true Kass?”

“She started it,” said Kassie. Her voice was whiney.

“No she didn’t, I saw you through the window, you pushed her first.”

“Are you calling my daughter a liar?” Helen asked, her eyes looked hard.

“Yes I am, just like the time she lied about the test at school,” I said. I was mad now.

“Step inside, both of you,” said Helen.

I went in thinking that she would scold Kassie, but she shut the door. We were standing in the family room.

“I want you to apologize to my daughter.”

“For what?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“For calling her a liar.”

“I will not, because she is a liar. And if you take her side you’re just as bad. I’m leaving.”

I turned to go, but Helen grabbed my arm and pulled me back inside.
“You need a lesson in respect,” she said.

“Let go of my arm.”

She grabbed my wrist with her other hand then and twisted it, forcing it high up behind my back. I yelled out in pain and leaned over to relieve some of the pressure, but she kept forcing it even higher.
“Ow, ow…”

“Apologize,” she said.

“But I didn’t do anything wrong, Kassie did.”

She pushed me from behind and I dropped to my knees. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me backwards so that I fell onto my back on the floor. Stepping over me, she planted a foot on either side of my waist and looked down at me, her hands back on her hips.

“Last chance,” she said.


Helen dropped down to her knees, straddling my stomach and put her hands on my shoulders.

“Get off or I’ll tell my parents.”

Kassie giggled. That’s what Alyssa said.
I hoped the threat would make Helen think twice, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Why don’t you, I’d love to tell your parents what a weak little boy you are. How does it feel to get beat up by a girl? Or are you used to this?”

“You didn’t beat me up, you just took me by surprise and pushed me down,” I said. I was feeling a little more scared than I sounded.

“You’re just afraid that I’m stronger than you are,” she said.

“You’re not stronger than me.”

“Let’s see then.” Helen grabbed my wrists and started to push my arms down. “Fight me off if you’re so strong then. Let’s see if you can force me over and pin me.”

I pushed up hard with my arms and got Helen almost to the point of teetering to one side, but she leaned forward and spread her knees a little wider to compensate. I looked at Helen’s arms. As she strained to push down, the bottom part of her upper arm jiggled slightly, just under a now very visible bicep. I turned my head quickly to one side as I tried to flex my own arms, but I realized that my muscles weren’t any bigger than hers. My arms looked a bit skinny compared to hers. I tensed, using everything I had, but Helen leaned forward and I felt my arms start to sink toward the floor.

“Come on mommy, you can do it,” Kassie yelled. “You can take him. Beat him up.”

I tried to buck her, but like her daughter on top of Alyssa, she just rode it out. I felt my arms weakening and then hit the floor. I only managed to push them an inch or so from the carpet, but she just pinned me back down.

“So who’s stronger?” she asked. “Me or you?” I didn’t say anything. I was too humiliated to answer her. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Please let me up,” I asked.

“Not until you admit I’m stronger than you are,” Helen said.

She was completely dominating me and my arms were so tired now I couldn’t even begin to lift them again. She slid one knee over my arm and let go with her hand. She slapped me lightly across the face.

“I’m waiting. If I have to slap you again, it’s going to get harder and harder.”
I looked over at Kassie, she was standing with her feet apart and her hands on her hips, a smug expression on her face. Helen slapped me again; as promised, it was harder. I looked up into her eyes. She was confident that she had me under control and I could tell she was actually enjoying it. She slapped me a third time and it stung.

“All right, all right. You’re stronger than me,” I blurted out.

“And now apologize to Kass.”

“But…” She slapped me hard this time.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Say her name.”

“I’m sorry Kassie.”

“That’s better,” she said. “Are you sorry you disobeyed me in the first place now?”

“Yes, I’m sorry I disobeyed you.”

“Good, because you know that I can beat you up now, just like Kass can beat up your sister.”

She moved her knee off my arm and repinned my wrist with her hand. She sat further down on my tummy again. “I wonder if your mommy and daddy are as weak as you and your sister,” she said. “I bet they are.”
Kassie laughed out loud at her moms comment.

Helen let my wrists go and stood up. She reached down and grabbed my hair again, half pulling me up. Then she moved toward the door with me. She spun me around and shoved me against the wall. Grabbing my wrists once more she pinned them on the wall by my shoulders.

“Let’s hope you’ve learned your lesson today,” she said. “If you ever disobey me or disrespect me or Kass again, I will put you over my knees. And you know I can do it now, don’t you.”

“Yes,” I said, looking straight into her eyes, feelingn helpless as she pinned me to the wall.

“Now get out and run home to your mommy,” she said as she shoved me out the door.

End of part 1
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Default Re: Family Fights part 2 (wre,f-f, F-m)

The formate seems to work now.

So, here is part 2 of the story.
Hope you enjoy :-)

Family Fights part 2 (wre,f-f, F-m)

About an hour after I ran home from being beaten up by Kassie’s mother Helen I heard my mother pull into the driveway. No sooner did she walk through the front door than my sister Alyssa ran into her arms.

“Mommy, Kassie beat me up,” she said, pushing her face onto my mother’s shoulder. My mother embraced her and looked over at me.

“What happened?” she asked.

“She started pushing Alyssa around and overpowered her on the ground. I pulled her off.”

“I’m getting very tired of that little brat’s schemes,” said my mother. “She needs to be disciplined.

“Maybe we should just have Alyssa avoid her as much as possible,” I said. I didn’t want my mother to find out what had just happened to me.
“No way. Her mother needs to know the truth. I’ve had enough of this,” she moved away from my sister. “I’m going to change my clothes and then I’m going over there.”

Now I was really worried. The minute she went over, Helen would tell her about the fight. Then I realized it might be a good thing. Yes, it would hurt my pride, but it would make mom even madder. I’d love to see my mother beat her up to get even.

A few minutes later, mom came downstairs in a pair of running shorts, a tank top, and white tennis sneakers with no socks. I looked at her shoulders and arms. They weren’t fat, but rounded and soft. I was trying to guess if she would be stronger than Helen. Her legs were really nicely shaped and I could see why guys often turned to look at her as she passed by.

“Okay everyone, let’s go,” she said.

“No, mommy, I don’t want to go there. Kassie might beat me up again,” Alyssa said.

“Not while I’m there,” said mom.

“I’ll go with you. This way Alyssa can stay home and not feel threatened.”

“Okay, fine.”

I followed my mother out the back door and through the backyard. Mom went up the deck and knocked hard on the door frame. Helen answered the door with a smirk.

“Come on in,” she said. “Did you go home to your mommy and cry about being beaten up?”

“What are you talking about,” my mother asked. “Kassie beat up Alyssa, not Alan.”
“That’s right,” Helen said. “I beat up Alan.”
My mother looked at her and then at me. “Is that true?”
I nodded, feeling very sheepish and humiliated. “She pinned me down.”
“How dare you put a hand on my son?” my mother demanded. “You and your little brat Kassie.”
“Your son is a weak little boy and should be ashamed. You might as well raise him as a girl for god’s sake.”
My mother pulled her hand back and then slapped Helen across the face. Helen looked really pissed and lifted up her hand to slap her back. But mom stopped her by grabbing her wrist and soon they began to struggle against each other, pushing and tugging with full force.
Mom managed to yank and trip Helen and they both went down onto the floor and started rolling over each other. They wrapped their legs around each other and circled their arms behind each other’s backs.
Mom sort of ended up on top and braced her forearm against Helen’s throat and pushed down. She grabbed her left wrist and pinned her arm to the floor. Helen was kicking her legs and choking as she reached her free hand up into my mother’s hair. Mom yelped as her head was pulled to the side, but she was trying to resist the pain while trying to weaken her, pressing down on her throat as hard as she could.
“Mommy,” Kassie shouted. “Mommy, don’t let her beat you up.”

She had that whiny voice again, like she was going to cry. She started to rush forward, but I grabbed her from behind, i could not let her help her mom.
Kassie surprised me by sending her elbow like a battering ram and shoved it hard into my stomach. I doubled over and then she pushed me back, forcing me to fall sitting on the couch. The wind was knocked out of me and I struggled to catch my breath.
Helen started to push her left hand up from the floor while continuing to pull mom’s hair and she slowly forced mom over so that she was sliding off. You could see the tension in Helen’s arms, the visible bicep straining like it had when she was struggling with me. Mom didn’t show that kind of strength in her arms, and i began to feel bad about this.
Mom quickly rolled to the side to get to a better position, but Helen reached out and caught her pulling her back into her and wrapping her legs around mom’s waist from behind.
She wrapped her arms around mom’s neck and chest and started to squeeze. Her arms were trapped at her sides and she wriggled trying to break free. Helen pulled her down and rolled on top of her so mom was face down on the carpet. She slid her arms up trying crawl along the carpet, but Helen held her arms to the floor.
“Get off me,” my mom said, grunting from Helen’s weight on top of her.
“I don’t think so,” she said. “You’re mine.”
Helen sat up on her knees, straddling mom’s lower back and then stood. She reached down and pulled her up hard by the hair. Mom staggered, but found her footing and stood up, reaching for Helen’s wrists to try easing the grip.
Helen pushed her away and mom turned to face her. I was surprised that Helen let her go.
Then she stepped forward and both women locked hands. They both had hard determined looks on their faces as they strained to overpower each other. Mom’s arms wavered in the air; Helen seemed to put up the greater force. Helens arms looked more powerful than moms now.
She bent mom’s wrists backward and I could see her pushing down adding more and more pressure. Mom’s legs buckled and she dropped to her knees in front of Helen.
“That’s better,” said Helen. “That’s more where you belong. Better get used to it. I'm the stronger woman here, haha.”
Mom’s expression turned from anger to fear as her eyes got wider. Helen pushed down hard again and mom collapsed onto her bottom and then onto her back. Helen straddled her waist and finished the move by forcing her hands over her head and pinning her down.
Kassie was clapping. “Yeah, mommy. I knew you could do it.”
“Shut up, Kassie,” I said.
I was still sitting on the couch, feeling disappointed that Helen was beating up my mother.
“What did you say?”
“I said shut up.”
Kassie balled her hand and punched me before I even know to block. Then she jumped on top of me, slapping around my face and shoulders. Her sudden weight drove me down onto the couch. My arms were still tired from fighting her mother so when she took my wrists and pushed down, I couldn’t keep her from pinning me under her. I fell to my side and Kassie managed to straddle me as i now was laying down on my back on the sofa while the little girl was pinning my hands above my head on the sofa.
I was in total disbelif! I was struggling, but I couldn’t fight the twelve year old girl off me. This was too much.
I wanted to call for help but Helen was completely dominating my mother. Mom was kicking her legs and trying to buck her off, but Helen just smirked and rode it out.
“Mommy, look. I have Alan pinned down.” Kassie said and beamed with joy and glee.
"Haha, Great work Kassie. Thats my girl. Dont let him go."
Helen laughed looking down at my mother. “See what a weak wimp your son is? What is he, sixteen? And he’s pinned down by a thirteen year old girl?”
Mom looked at us, and i could see her chock to see the little cute gremlin pinning me down.
I renewed my effort to get the little brat off me, but it was impossible for me to mover her off me. I could not belive how this feisty little girl could pin me down, but she could somehow. Mom looked at me with shame in her eyes and i felt soo embarrased.
“Get off me, Helen. Enough!” mom said.
“No, I think I’ll stay here for awhile until you learn your place.”
Mom whimpered as she tried to push her arms up. Helen moved up her body and slid her knees over mom’s arms. She squeezed her thighs closed. Mom gave a muffled scream and kicked her legs hard trying to hook Helen from behind. She seemed to get tired quickly and the fight seemed to be running out. Mom was moaning from between Helen’s legs.
“Do you give?” Helen asked, looking down at my mother.
No matter how mom squirmed, she couldn’t budge Helen. Her fighting got weaker and weaker until her body relaxed fully. I thought she might have even passed out.
“Do you give?” Helen repeated.
“Yes, yes, I give, I give. Please let me go.” Mom pleaded.
“I think you need to remember who your superior is. Kassie, get off Alan and come here.”
I was relieved when she climbed off me and went to her mother. Helen had moved to one side so that she was kneeling next to my mother but without having let go of her wrists.
“Straddle her and take her wrists,” she said. “When I let go, I want to see if you can hold her down without any help from me.”
Kassie giggled. Then Helen lifted her hands away. Mom started to push up hard and got her arms into the air, but Kassie grunted and sucked in a breath, pushing down.

" Please mom, get that little pesty girl off you" I whispered to myself.
I could see Kassie’s small but strong arm muscles straining. Mom’s arms started to sink and to my chock, in moments she was repinned, her chest heaving from the exertion. I felt how my heart sunk as i stood watching them by she sofa.

" I've got her now, mom. I can pin her down without help. This is soo great!" Kassie said and beamed with with excitement and pride.
" - I wished Alyssa could see me now, pinning down her bitch mother!"
Mom was furious and desperate now, twisting her body, throwing her head from side to side, but her desperate struggle only seemed to amuse the young bully girl who was pinning her down and Kassie was laughing out loud at her singing
"- You cant get free, you cant get free, you cant get free" over and over again.
Helen leaned over mom’s face and chest. “I think you’d better remember that you’re no match for any member of the family so be on your best behavior. It’s too bad,” she said. “My mother is on her way over, I wish she’d been here to see us beat you up. She’s 59 and I would bet she could take you too.”

Helen was tapping her hand against mom’s cheeks in light slapping motions. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, I understand,” mom said, her voice little more than a whisper.
“Good, now take your girly boy and get out.”

As soon as Kassie got off mom, she was up and walking quickly for the door. I followed behind, my hopes of seeing Helen and Kassie punished dashed and hoping even more that Kassie wouldn’t tell everyone at school that she’d been able to hold me down.

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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

Great story thus far! Would enjoy seeing some facesitting as well
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

Originally Posted by matheny34 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story thus far! Would enjoy seeing some facesitting as well
Thanks .
Part 3 commin soon where dad joins the action.

Some good facesitting will be included.
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

I remember when these came out on the Schoolgirls Pin web site, waiting for each successive installment. I love part three in which dad tries to wrestle the neighbor lady. I have been longing for a part 4, in which I hope the grandmother will be involved, or maybe the mom and dad will settle things at home. Thanks for reposting them here, Deepkick.
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

Well, these are the modified Deepkick versions of the story...

All parts are a bit edited and extended, the part 1 not so much, but then more and more...

Helens grandmother is involved in Part 3.
Do you want more with her?

There will be at least 5 parts, part 4 is with Alan and his girlfriend.

PS. You can use the "thanks" botton on the right if you like the story.
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

Great Story , please post part 3 ....and more.....
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

Helen's grandmother? I do love to see older women beating, overpowering and dominating much younger women and possibly men, so I'll definitely be looking forward to chapter 3.
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Default Re: Family Fights part 1 (wre,f-f, F-m)

OK, i had some truble on the text format from the mobile. Here is the full third part of the story, here the dad come into action...

Neighbor Family Fights - Part 3

When my dad got home after a few rounds of racquetball with his friends, we were all quiet. It was finally Alyssa who spilled the beans again.
She told him that Kassie, the girl next door, had beaten her up which started my dad asking questions. It soon came out that mom and I had also been beaten up by Helen.
“She was able to overpower you too?” he asked me.

“She’s really strong, dad,” I said.

It was just as humiliating having to admit being a 16 year old boy and unable to handle a woman in her late thirties as it was to have been pinned under her. When it came out that Kassie, who was only 12 had successfully held me down on the couch, he just shook his head.

“I suggest you all stay out of their way,” he said.
“I will go over and speak to her.”
“What are you going to say?” mom asked.
“I’m going to tell her that if she or anyone in her family ever pulls a stunt like that again, I will file a restraining order against her.”

I couldn’t help smiling. That would put Helen in her place, I thought. She wouldn’t dare cross my dad.

“Really?” my mom asked. She seemed relieved that he would take care of the situation as always.
“Of course. I don’t want you to worry about it anymore.”
“Okay, I will come with you,” mom said.

“I want to see the look on her face when she backs down from you.”

“I think you deserve to see her humbled,” dad said.
Dad was still in his gym shorts and a short sleeved tee shirt. He pulled his terrycloth wristbands off and tossed them on the table as he and my mom went out the back door to their house.

I watched out the window and saw Helen step out onto the back porch. She looked really annoyed and started waving her hand and pointing at our house. My dad finally put his hand on her shoulder and guided her inside. My mother followed.

I waited a minute or two and then ran across the back yard and peeked into the window to Helens house. My dad was a foot in front of Helen who was four inches shorter. They where both in shorts and sleeveless shirts. My mom was standing a few feet behind dad and an older woman was sitting on the couch. It was Helen’s mother.

Dad and Helen were arguing and swinging their arms and pointing in different directions. I heard dad say something about having a restraining order issued and then Helen slapped him. My dad staggered back a step and then Helen slapped at him again. He grabbed at her wrists and they started to struggle. She stuck a leg in between dad’s and tripped him; they both went down on the floor.

Helen rolled on top of dad, but he quickly flipped her back over. He laid on her body and took her wrists, forcing her arms down over her head. She started to fight like a wild cat, bucking and pushing her arms up. Dad was having a hard time controlling her.

He tried to push
her arms back down and I could see him straining to overpower her
and he doesnt seemed to manage to pin her down.

Helen closed her legs around dad's waist and locked her ankles and started to squeeze.

Dad's eyes closed tight and his back arched. I could teel by his face that he was in pain. She pushed to one side with her legs and forced dad on to his side. Her legs looked strong and was hurting dad.

He hadn’t let go of her wrists and she was pulling hard to free her arms. Helen unhooked her ankles and yanked her arm free, then pushed him further around on his back and got on top so that she was sitting on him.

She had reversed his hold.

She leaned forward and braced her forearm over his throat and grabbed one of his wrists. She kept him from using his one hand and he was slapping at her shoulder to get her to stop choking him.
I was shocked! I thougt it would be very easy for my dad to overpower a woman, but now i wasnt so sure anymore!

My mother started to move slowly toward him, she was hesitant, obviously afraid to confront Helen in any way.
Before she could take another step, Helens mother was off the couch and moving behind her. She sneaked her arm around moms neck and dragged her backward and down on the floor on her back!

Her mother sat on my surprised mom and quickly seized mom’s wrists. The woman had fleshy arms and pushed down. Mom tried to resist but the older woman pinned mom easily*. Mom struggled underneath the older woman, but for no use. She looked helpless under the older woman who grinned at her struggles.

Dad reached up finally and grabbed Helen by the hair and pulled the surprised woman to the side.

- Hey , thats cheating! You are fighting like a girl, pulling my hair. Helen complained

Using his weight advantage he rolled on top of her once more. He was straddling her waist and started to push her wrists down again.

I did a fist pump in the air.- Yes, my dad is gonna put her in her place now. Show her whis the boss! " i said to myself.

He was having a really hard time getting her arms down and keeping them down. He was breathing heavily.

Mom was on the floor though and her mother had her fully under her control and completely pinned down, her chest smothering mom’s face. Damn it, she seemed to be no match for the older woman.

I looked back at dad. He was still straddling Helen and their arms was locked in some sort of powerstruggle where Helen slowly lifted up both her arms from the floor. She looked very determinated and when she started to push dads wrists behind his head she could force him to rollover.

I one quick move she rolled him over and before he could react she straddled him again and started slapping him. This is gonna be tougher than i thought.

He held his hands in front of his face so she simply grabbed his wrists and leaned forward, pushing down. When his arms hit the carpet, I could see his upper arms jiggle. I knew he spent a lot more time behind a desk than exercising and at that moment it showed. The sleeves of his tee shirt had ridden up to his shoulder and his arms looked softer than I thought
Helens arms looked about the same size, but you could see her muscles popping up in her arms as they where straining while dads looked soft and showed no visible muscle as he was struggling. I couldnt help notice Helens arms looked more powerful now.

" Great work Helen. Looks loke you got him good now. See, didnt i tell you most men are much weaker than they look, Helen? You can kick his ass!" Her mom told her still smothering mom underneath her.

" They think they are so tough but most men today havent got the physical power to back it up. And dont you worry about his slutty wife. Im kicking her snotty ass easily here. "

With a smug smile, she moved up and slid her knees over his arms this tume, and pressed her bottom over his face! Dad started kicking and using his legs, but Helen just kept ducking out of the way. His arm where pinned down by her legs and she could put her hands to her side as she was smiling at his futile efforts to free himself from her ass who was now right on his face.

* He was fighting less and less like he was being smothered. Finally his body went limp.

"Please Helen. Stop it. Let me up please. " I heard dad pleaded from under her ass.

" Did you hear mom! This man want me to let him go. Do you think i should let him go? " she asked her 59 y old mother.

" No! You should punish him more now when you got him. Teach him not to ever disrespect our family again."

Her mother had moved up on mom also and was sitting almost same position as Helen did on dad. My Mom looked as she was about to cry.

" ok mom, why stop the fun? " Helen said and started to bumping her ass up and down on his face. She hurt him and he was whining in pain begging her to stop.


Helen stood up, a foot on either side of his chest and looked down at him.

He was tirally passive and beaten now.
She was pointing her finger at him as if lecturing him. Dad looked up at her and either shaking his head or nodding. I could tell he was afraid of her. He started to sit up and she put her foot on his chest and pushed him back.

She seemed to change her mind, dropped back down, and straddled him again, repinning his arms. Dad hardly struggled this time. I read his lips as he looked up at her. He said, "-You are" I knew she was making him admit she was stronger like she had made me do earlier. It was humiliating to realize that my dad couldnt defend himself against a woman who was smaller than he was either, and mom was weaker than a woman who could almost be my grandmother. I looked back to where she was on the floor under Helen’s mother. She had shifted her grip and was holding both mom’s wrists in one hand while she slapped her face a few times. Mom’s soft arms were straining to pull free of her hand, but she could only writhe on the floor helplessly.

Helen stood up and pulled dad up by the hair. Dad stood up in front of her on trembling legs.
- Look how weak and soft you look, Helen taunted him and flexed her arm in front of him. She was no bodybuilder, but you could see a muscle on her firm upperarm.
" Come on, flex your arm for me, stong man, or i kick your ass again. " Dad flexed his arm and Helen looked at it, then laughed at him.
" Thats really pathetic, there is nothing there, just soft jelly. Even my mucles are bigger and ive never been to the gym!
Let's show this to your snobbish wife so she understands!"
She turned to my mom, standing in front of her, while she still
was under Helens mom, who was still sitting on her. She pulled my dad by his shirt in front of mom and said

" Good, now flex your muscles again for your wife."
Dad did as Helen told her again. Then Helen put her arm besides dads and flexed next to him.

"- Now Allison , i want you to honestly tell me, who got the biggest muscles, me or your husband?! I want you to tell us!"

Mom looked deeply distress when looking at them, and said:

" It looks like you have more muscles, Helen." She said quiet.
I could see even from where i was, it was true. It was clear when bot arms was close like that, their arms where close at size, but while nothing happend when dad tried to make a muscle, helens arms showed a clear muscle when she flexed her solid arm.

Helens mom laughed at dad.
"- My god Helen, hes a wuss. His arm is soft like cheese, no wonder you kicked his weak male ass. I told you , most men today are just wusses, sitting watching tv all day."

" - haha, I know, mom. Now i finally showed them whos the boss around here, and dont you ever dare to tell me or Kassie what to do again. You dont want me to beat you in front of your family, dont you?"

"No! Please not, Helen. " Dad said in panic.

"Good to see you are obedient now. Now it time your weak asses to
get out of my house!" Helen said.

I thought she was going to force mom and dad out from the house now, so i ran back home. About 10 minutes later, they came back to the house and immediately went upstairs.
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